Wheat & Dairy: Big Business for the Love of Money

by JJ, Australia

‘For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, in their eagerness to get rich, have wandered away from the faith and caused themselves a lot of pain.’ [1 Timothy 6:10 – International Standard Version ©2008]

Whether or not you read the Bible or have a religious affiliation, the phrase ‘Money is the root of all evil’ is no doubt a familiar one – and one most of us have heard.

How true does this stand when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, industry, the media and big business? History has shown us that companies with vested interests or investors’ money riding on the profits the company makes, look out for the money, and not for the true well-being of their fellow human beings. Wide ranging publicity is always given to medical discoveries when there are profits to be made, yet if the discovery is about simple changes people can make for themselves to enjoy better health (with no monetary profits involved for big business), there will be no fanfare and the general public usually doesn’t get to hear about it.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have, and continue to present many simple ways we can choose (or not) to look after ourselves. Many of us have chosen to come to a stop and deeply consider what has been presented at these workshops and courses. Many have been inspired to start truly caring for themselves and are seeing which foods are affecting their bodies. As a result, a sizeable group of people can attest to the increase in vitality and clarity they live with because they have eliminated dairy and gluten from their diets. The benefits are wide-ranging and vary between individuals. Many report increased vitality and loss of ‘brain fog’, fewer challenging stomach and bowel conditions and a lessening of arthritic conditions, to name just a few. Many have also enjoyed losing excess weight – without the effort of going on a diet!

The dairy and wheat industries profit greatly from our typical western diet, as almost every meal or snack features one or both of these food groups. These two industries have much to lose if word of our discoveries is shared far and wide in the public domain. Their profits would drop and the investors would start complaining, so the prevention of this scenario is put well ahead of the wellbeing of those in the general public whose health is unknowingly affected by eating gluten and dairy. These people are being denied the facts and the opportunity to try for themselves what we have discovered.

Because of these simple dietary changes, we now enjoy better health and vitality. Many of us have also experienced that we are also now less likely to need as much pharmaceutical and vitamin supplementation that society is conditioned to think it needs to get through life. If word of the health benefits so many of us have now discovered got out into the public arena, profit margins of these huge industries would drop, much to the displeasure of the investors. So once again the monetary health of the company and its investors is considered more important than the best interests of the people they claim to support, and therefore denying the latter the opportunity to live with true health.

No wonder every trick in the book is being used by these big corporations to prevent the rest of humanity from getting a chance to hear and try what we have discovered works for us in supporting our bodies and true health. There are so many vested interests and much money to lose if the majority of humanity is allowed to discover, then choose, these simple ways of improving the quality of their lives. It would mean the end of life the way it currently is – run by big corporations dictating how things are to be – as they chase the ‘almighty dollar’.

Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.

116 thoughts on “Wheat & Dairy: Big Business for the Love of Money

  1. I totally agree with this blog, but I feel the food industry in general is trillion’s dollar business. So, they will do everything they can to keep that a float.

    Wheat and dairy is in most products and they have this tiny shelf with the “health” foods, often expensive, and sometimes containing ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

    If the world came to its senses, then many industries will be severely affected. But in the meantime, if the demand is there, the supplier will continue to supply.

    Our responsibility is to continue to reflect that there is another way, whilst the others will one day awaken to this realisation.

  2. Well said Elizabeth – we can momentarily forget our connection with our heart and in that moment we forfeit all others and can make choices that do not place everyone at an equal importance. But that moment is thus a learning – a learning to come back to ourselves and our connection so that we can then make a choice from the heart considering all.

  3. Dietary changes no matter how subtle or how small or how big, can have lasting effects and long terms effects. But what it is really asking of us is to tune into how the body feels and then from there make a decision on what to have or what not to have – because in the end the body speaks quite loudly. This may not always be as obvious as a choice to make, but as we tune into the messages it is easier to hear them if we actually are willing to hear them of course. There are times when I choose not to hear things for a while until the body starts communication very loudly about being unhappy with my choices, but other times I pick up on this sooner and sooner and so I find it is a constant work in progress and constant learning experience.

    1. Henrietta, spot on. I can only attest to this from a personal experience. I (and many others) are the research engine that scientist need to be focusing on as to how our bodies are responding to what we consume, not only with foods but our emotions too.

      The body continually communicates, and as rightly so, loudly when it isn’t heard.

  4. Interestingly there are a lot of industries that are backed by the government with funding, and these same industries are ones that have been shown on many levels to not be supportive for people. It does make one question what the real intent is behind these decisions…money? greed? or perhaps even control?

  5. When money is the motivating factor, then there is no space for considering people and care of people. On the other hand, when people come first, there is much success on all levels that can come from this.

  6. The ‘free from’ industry has grown in the last few years and continues to do so, companies like Warburton’s (a bakers in the UK) has their own gluten free range now. So people going gluten and dairy free isn’t an issue for them. What doesn’t sell or make money is listening to your body, thats were the true health benefits come from, the change in diet is secondary.

  7. The real problem is being told what to eat rather than exploring what foods best support our bodies. Food marketing and supply is a huge business and profits rather than well-being of consumers the main driver. We have given away our power and this article shows the value of taking back control of what we eat.

  8. I was never obviously allergic or intolerant to gluten or dairy but was surprised when I did cut them out of my diet how much more energy and vitality I had – there was no going back!

  9. Lets Love money in a way that is confirming us, because it can do True Good and understand that the energy we are in when earning it all-so plays a significant role on how we feel about money and thus our subsequent energy levels or kidney energy.

    Adding to our dietary considerations sugar can be added to gluten and dairy as an industry that has no regard for people’s health and is all about profits.

  10. Like, how do you explain a situation where the same company produces and sells both the alcohol and as well as something prevent the potential hangover, if it weren’t for greed? And on top of that, many people a happy to buy them both, most probably at the same time.

  11. When you put profit before people, the whole world misses out on a model of business that is absolutely possible, and Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have clearly demonstrated that model for more than 19 years. But as you say, big business wants to keep its profits rolling in and will do anything to make sure that happens. One thing to remember though, is that without humanity demanding the supply from these businesses, they would have no business, whatsoever.

    1. Are we a truly caring society, who wish to support our fellow brothers return to their fullness and glory, or are we about looking after self, protection and greed?

    1. We can get so caught up in thinking and treating a person as evil and all that evil is when actually the baseline is that they are a person first a foremost. Someone with an essence that is not the energy of evil.

  12. Corporations and businesses are made up by people. The CEO, the investors the employees and everyone else are people first. But the energy they work in, that money hungry, cold, calculating and security-in-material-wealth seeking is the energy that has been allowed to run business. Energy can turn people into something other than a person even though that’s what they still are. Addressing the energy that twists the person into a dragon needs to be the focus.

  13. It’s ironic isn’t it how cheap life is when we place money before people. We definitely need to care about human beings, whether they are in our family or not we are a one brotherhood, one huge human family, and we all know how it feels to suffer, to experience pain, or to have love and joy. As individuals and as businesses we could easily change our purpose to support the true wellbeing of people, and produce services and products that reflect this purpose.

  14. Money is not the root of all evil. We all ask money to do something for us. What we ask varies and is very much related to how we move in life, how we feel about ourselves and how we want the others to feel about us and about themselves..

    1. I agree Eduardo, that “money is not the root of all evil” , but it is how we use it, that can be. If we use money to line our own pockets, with not even a moment of consideration as to the consequences to others, that to me is definitely evil.

  15. Yes, Elizabeth that is actually the world upside down. Companies have as the biggest responsibility that their employees evolve and learn in the working together and profit is fine as the consequence of that not as the sole purpose.

  16. I often find this a chicken and egg situation. Yes the companies provide us with all these unhealthy foods, but it is also people on a very large scale asking for these type of foods and more specifically for what that food offers us, whether that is stimulation and lack of your ability to read or dampness and comfort, we ask for it by buying it. I share with most of my coaching clients and colleagues how and what I eat and some are interested, inspired and start experimenting themselves, but most find it too difficult and don’t want to take care of their body.

    1. Monika one of the things companies could do is be truthful about their products, and at least then if people want to buy it they do know the true effects of their purchase. For example the sugar industry has been exposed as suppressing research about the negative impacts of sugar on our health. I grew up being told sugar helps you to think and gives the brain energy, it was promoted as a positive thing and this lack of transparency about products is very irresponsible by industry.

  17. One of the vested interests is ourselves and the choices we make. What we do and don’t eat; will and won’t eat. Really at the end of the day it does come back to us. Yes companies have a responsibility to ensure that they are producing a product that is of high quality (whatever that may mean) but is is also up to us to feed ourselves in the most nutritious way possible and this will be different for everyone.

    1. So true Jennifer, we tend to leave the gate open so anything can be a consideration for us to eat but once we understand that all the cards are on our table, and we can choose which ones to play with, our whole life can become one of nourishing our body to eat in a responsible way, so we are eating to live and not living to eat.

  18. According to economic theory, the relationship between a customer and an industry is market-like. There is more to it though. Beyond the brand we buy, wheat and diary are products that we use in a particular way, with specific purposes in mind. This is why we buy them. There is a supply side as much as there is a demand side to it.

  19. I haven’t eaten gluten or diary products for several years now and I can certainly say that it works for me. It is my body that tells me what feels harmonious to eat, not my head, magazine articles or TV adverts and cooking shows. Perhaps this is the way forward for us all – to pay heed to the communication from our bodies not from those who have a vested interest in our choices.

  20. There are so many opinions and theories regarding what is considered a healthy diet today that can contradict each other and confuse the consumer – all amongst the fact that we also are experiencing an obesity epidemic, this is all an irony we cannot ignore.

  21. We all play a part in this game, and it starts with us, in how we are with money, with our work and how we live … do we make it about quality and people first or about the thing be it work or money. It’s easy to demonise corporations and their greed, (and it’s true, they are greedy and they do abuse their power) but they are the suppliers meeting a demand, one which asked by humanity which says I want to be numbed and / or comforted and wheat and dairy will do nicely please …. so our corporations reflect us as a humanity and where we are at. So the question becomes are we willing to see what we’re doing? And are we willing to take responsibility for our part in it all?

  22. Money is only a problem when greed is involved. If we make everything about people first we would see great changes in the world and this has to start at home with us.

    1. Greed is so endemic in our society and when we watch the latest Robin Hood movie produced by Otto Bathurst we get a deeper understand of how endemic the greedy-ness is. For more on Robin Hood go to;
      ‪#RobinHoodMovie‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‪ ‬

  23. Money is the driver for many companies, never about the consumer but all about the profit, it would be great if a company’s success was based not on the profit they make but the care they have for humanity itself, making the customer the driver of how the business evolves.

  24. If we do not take responsibility over our own life and body we will be always determined by what the world offers us. Only we can know and thus change what is truly good for us and what is not.

    1. Wow – wise words Esther – there is so much on offer and so it is for us to discern what is on offer and from there make choices that truly support ourselves and all others equally.

  25. Corruption is something I never thought about until a few years ago. I was oblivious to what was really going on in the world, in my backyard, on my doorstep! I’m amazed at how open my eyes are now to it all. It’s never ending. It’s everywhere and the lies we’ve been sold to trust companies who supposedly have our interests at heart is sickening. I often wonder how things have gotten so out of hand, and just watch how stuck we are as a society in this cycle of lies and deceit.

  26. There are some very simple answers to the woes that besiege humanity but, as you say, they are about putting people before profit and by the looks of it, greed and security have a bit more to go before we collectively come to our senses.

  27. It feels like it’s too obvious to be true, and I think that’s why it’s denied or avoided by so many, apart from the huge fact that people don’t want to feel for themselves, they want to be told what to do and what to eat so that when it does all go pair-shaped, they have something or someone to blame. It’s the lack of self responsibility approach to life that is the root of all dis-ease and illness.

  28. I am one of the many that can attest to the increase in clarity I experience from constantly refining my diet over the last 8 years. What I’ve learnt, is that we are constantly evolving, and so what works for me now, might not in the future…so working to let go of ideas I have about what I should and shouldn’t eat is a constant because the reality is, it’s not one size fits all, and the more I allow the clarity, the easier it is to discern for myself what is and isn’t true for me and my body.

  29. We fight for so many causes in the world but when it comes to food it seems the majority of us turns a blind eye. Food is a very tempting matter and we like to have it the way we want it without having to look at the consequences it entails. But whether we are willing to see it or not we are not immune to the effect food has on us.

  30. All that you have shared is so very true and is precisely how these industries operate, fuelled by the greed and investment. However, at the end of the day the reason that these industries operate with such a huge force is that we have created a demand for their existence. We have needed to numb and dull ourselves more and more as we have chosen to lessen living in connection to our Soul, as such we are supplied with more and more options to do so. And so true change will come the more we live what we know and feel is true, guided by our connection to our bodies and being, as we then will need less reason to seek dulling our senses, as such rendering these products being no longer of value. This is where our true power lies, this is how true and foundational change will arise.

    1. This is a beautiful offering Carola, how to dissolve all that what is so obviously not right in this world, not by taking it on full frontal in a fight but by looking at ourselves and heal the hurts that have us contribute to all that what we do not like in this world.

    2. Yes well said Carola and Doug. We are not so much victims of this situation but its creators. If we want to change it, we can make some different choices.

  31. I agree, ‘Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.’ Love, not greed.

  32. This blog exposes another area of corruption in our world; how money, profit, and self are placed above love, connection and brotherhood.

  33. The word is getting out there about the non-health benefits of dairy and wheat but I’m not sure people want the more awareness when they eliminate them? Or why do they not feel this in the body already? Eliminating these foods has supported me to give up so much more like sugar and fruit (because of the sugar). Once you start feeling great in the body you go for more..

  34. Everyone needs to read this blog. It’s truly educational and healing. I’m not sure that the unknown is a bad thing. It beats any pictures or ideals.

  35. Well said JJ, as I revisit your blog I am reminded of how much clearer, lighter and healthier I feel since dropping dairy, wheat, and gluten from my diet. Sugar is another addictive and harming substance that was difficult to give up at first but I am feeling the positive benefits of making this choice. One only needs to take a common sense approach and eliminate these things from their diet for a few weeks to feel the changes this makes to your overall health, well being and energy levels.

  36. It is great to call it out how many big companies are not about people but about gaining money which is by the way never going to be enough so it goes on.

  37. The consciousness of not having enough money is a deeply rooted behaviour that I have not yet mastered and therefore contributes to the greed in the world. It is through the choices I make in letting go of this behaviour in every moment I place money before me and humanity that can make a difference in the world. Placing money first is exhausting, abusive and time consuming and can easily take me out from being with me which is something I am observing more and more in my day… is it really worth it?!

  38. Money is not the root of all evil. When we say that it is we’re actually avoiding the responsibility of considering the fact that it is our choice to live in separation that is the root of all evil. Separate ourselves from our magnificence and the tantalisation of things outside of us swoons us to the hilt. But it is not the money itself that causes the harm. It is our relationship with it which is an extension of the abusive relationship we have with ourselves when we have disconnected to the divinity we are within.

    1. Very true Katerina, money is not evil it is how we use it and deal with it that can be evil but as you said it never is the root. In essence we would never put money before the well-being of another person so it makes sense it is the disconnection from our true selves that is causing a pain we trying to not feel in many different ways.

  39. It shows how much money is in foods that make us ill when you read the ingredients on most packaged food. Dairy, wheat, sugar and salt are in most made foods… it’s actually crazy when you start to look. We need to open our eyes to what is truly going on and how much we are being played by greed and control. If we became honest about how our bodies felt when we digested certain foods and drinks, many companies would no longer exist… but this is not happening, instead many companies are showing their true colours when it comes to what their intention behind promoting certain foods are by how loud they get when people prove otherwise.

  40. If self care and well being would be fully adopted by humanity, this would be an entire new industry by itself, reducing the size of pharmaceutical industry. As history shows, industries emerge and some go down. Time for the pharmaceutical industry to face that there time is up, and that it is about people now.

  41. Corruption is out of control these days where people live at the expense of others and not from a true purpose for the benefit of the all. Taking responsability of the way we live is the only way forth as we can offer a true reflection of health and vitality for all.

  42. It is pure corruption and a should be a crime that people are denied the truth and therefore the opportunity to experience a level of well being and vitality that is only a few educated and self aware choices away. The focus on money is to the detriment of all… who are in truth craving to be cared about all else. We have a long way to go when we don’t make the health and well being of people a priority.

  43. What we will understand one day is that everybody wins if we make it about health and wellbeing instead of money. Illness and disease cost us – and that includes these companies – billions – it is very short sighted to just look at the immediate profit.

  44. Great article JJ on the corrupt behaviour of the wheat and dairy industries. Business these days is all about profits, but also keeping the share holders happy, who are often everyday people like you and me, if the share holders were open to the truth then companies would have to rethink their stand. I love Universal Medicine’s approach to make life all about people first, this is true profit.

  45. What a brilliant blog about how we have made life not about our well being and love for each other but about profit and gain. If we understood that we are all in the same boat we might be able to let go of this self and security driven frantic we are in and stop the destructive machinery we have created. As there is no true gain and success unless it holds all equally i.e. not harming anyone in the process. Ss absolutely, “Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.”

  46. J.J. it was a great joy to read your exposing blog about the behavior of most of our current industries. It would be awesome if they would chose this slogan for them: “Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.” I am sure this change will come – when most of us are so ill that our current health industry can only collapse . . .

  47. I have found that Wheat and Dairy is getting into more and more of our foods, over the last few months both wheat and dairy have started to appear on the ingredients list of items that before were free of them, I pondered on this for a while and came to the conclusion that wheat is being used as a cheap filler and dairy as a sweetener making bigger margins of profit for the companies.

  48. Perhaps it is not the money that is the root of all evil but the way we use money that is the problem. When we use money to support the whole community then it is working for all but when money is used for the vested interest of the few then it causes jealousy, comparison and unequalness.

  49. If there is big money involved it seems to change the very core nature of us a human beings! It is not that money is the problem but we who are greedy and putting our own wants ahead of our equally deserving Brothers. It is time for us to really see what is going on and speak up for one and all.

  50. people being all about people sounds like an ideal world. Having everyone’s best interests and best health at heart is something that would be so lovely. It is something we expect when we put ourselves in the hands of the medical profession. It is an awful thought to consider that profits might be considered before the true wellbeing of people. I have improved my health in many ways that has cost me no money and have increased my spending in other areas. There is balance to be had within all industries and focusing on producing healthy options that address the market is a wise idea.

  51. What’s in it for me? Heard the world over – and not always conscious. The ‘me first’ attitude is rife in society today – with big corporations leading the way with the desire for profit for their CEOs and shareholders before the public they gain their profit from.

  52. “There are so many vested interests and much money to lose if the majority of humanity is allowed to discover, then choose, these simple ways of improving the quality of their lives.” So true JJ as big corporations have currently lobbied to try to prevent the new poison – sugar – from being reduced/removed from sugary drinks in the UK and other processed foods.

  53. When money, self-gain and security are at the core of our motivation then the good of humanity gets bypassed. Perhaps it will take a totally bankrupt health service and higher rate taxes to get the full attention of those who profit from the very things that are contributing to our ills.

  54. ‘Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money’. Beautifully said JJ as this way of thinking allows a totally different foundation to life to build from.

  55. When we invest in anything we always want a profit, a return of more than what we put in. However, for some this constant need to profit can become insatiable and fed and motivated by excessive greed… and I feel that greed is a glutenous monster that will never be satisfied.

  56. Great article, JJ, saying it as it really is. Money first, humanity and conscience later. Industrial strength brings with it one of the biggest conspiracies of the modern age and yet people continue to outsource responsibility for their intake to food manufacturers. The irony is that those wielding the perceived power are on track to be hoisted by their own petard when illness and disease from the poor diet and lifestyle they have been sponsoring eventually and inevitably creeps up on them. Maybe then they’ll look to the truth but I doubt it, for money is seen to fix everything, even down to the best hospice.

  57. Great blog JJ. There is a giant need for more honest discussion about this topic world wide as people are so ready to believe what they are being told. People readily defend something because it is ‘scientifically proven’. Yet there is no consideration or understanding of how something might be widely accepted as accurate and what the vested interests might be behind such information. Greed is definitely a common driving factor. No wonder many people are puzzled as to how Universal Medicine can run so successfully without all the advertising, joining fees etc and usual hype that goes with operating a business!

  58. ‘Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.’ – Beautifully said JJ, the more people express how much healthier and lighter they feel without dairy and gluten in their diets the more humanity gets to trust and feel there may be a different way to eat that supports their body in many ways.

  59. How strange it is, that a company would go into food production for human beings and not have human beings’ best interests at heart. No wonder people are reacting to so many foods when they come laced with the energy of greed. How are we supposed to accept that in our bodies?

  60. ‘For the love of money’ this is the mission statement for nearly every company on the stock market.
    It is true that main stream media isn’t our friend to constitute real and sustaining change.
    Instead it is up to individuals like JJ and ourselves to voice and express ourselves in every domain we have at our finger tips.

    Change always start from within.

  61. As you say wheat and dairy are in almost every snack and processed food item you will find in a supermarket. My experience of shopping has altered dramatically since I began to remove these two products from my diet. Everything would have to change if the grasp big companies have over the market was lessened. It is interesting how the ‘free from’ product ranges are developing, they have fillers and high sugar content that again make them questionable concerning health. It feels as though big business is offering an alternative on their terms and also making sure it is highly addictive through large amounts of sugar. All of this means we need to educate ourselves, not by becoming bamboozled by facts in books or in the media but by getting to know our own bodies and what they share, this can be our true marker and it can provide us with the awareness we require to go and buy what supports us from the shop rather than what big brands say we ‘need’.

  62. What I would ask is: Why is the dollar worth more than the health and well-being of countless people around the whole globe? The wheat and dairy industries have (for now but that is changing) been able to hide under the ‘these are healthy for you’ sponsored science reports. But alcohol and cigarettes are in you face and getting more and more restricted (as here in the UK as of this month it is illegal to smoke in your own car with a child on board) the violence and abuse rates that all have alcohol somewhere in the equation are ever climbing too. So those industries cannot claim any shred of ignorance so then I again ask: Why is the dollar, earned through greed, abuse, violence, harm and disease worth all of this and more? And why have we accepted this way of life to be considered normal? Why have we chosen to ignore all of this?

  63. ‘Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be.’ Absolutely we have lost sight of this in so many areas of life and food and drugs is a massive one. The lack of vitality and general brain fog keeps people locked in habits that are harming rather than healing – all the more reason for us to keep presenting the amazing changes we have experienced through the simple and very practical changes we have made which anyone can chose to do.

  64. This is why it is so important to share with the world our experience with a self care approach, by eating food like gluten and lactose free product which are more digestible by the body. Could you imagine in France if they had to stop selling their wine and cheese, the farmers and wine producers would be rioting in the street. Normally governments are taking responsibility for the propaganda, example with the tobacco industry, and it took them a very long time so much money was involved; until they realised it was taking the health care system down as well! The same should be done for alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, lactose, gluten… not to ban these products, but at least to inform populations about the risk they are taking consuming them! Also telling people that they are clearly addictive, so having them in moderation is almost impossible.

  65. “Feed them wheat and keep them dull” – Apparently the Romans were great promoters of this philosophy about food. Seems some things have not changed but now it is so ‘ingrained’ and built on vested interests of big business – it is now a choice we can make to eat Dairy and Gluten or simply not.

    1. Corruption has been around for aeons because of the wish to control people but thanks to the internet more true information is now out there which gives people a choice if they decide to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

  66. It is deeply revealing when we realise just how much people are prepared to put their ‘love of’ or rather need of money before the true health and well being of a fellow human being.

  67. Great blog. No wonder there is so much uproar over the Paleo way of eating of late that does not include grains or dairy. There is a huge force behind these companies and its all about profits, imagine how different it would be if love for people was the motivation?

  68. ‘History has shown us that companies with vested interests or investors’ money riding on the profits the company makes, look out for the money, and not for the true well-being of their fellow human beings’. And with the escalating rates of disease and illness society is manifesting today, it is essential that true health and well being becomes a priority for all, above all.

  69. This is a great article, and I love the expansions offered by every comment here. It is a sad but true reality of our society that humanity’s health and well-being are being compromised because of greed, and it is displayed in various areas, and in various scales. It could even be self-inflicted, I suppose.

  70. Profits before people seems to be a common theme against big companies who want to keep people blinded from the truth. With obesity and diabetes rapidly growing and affecting children now we need to ask ourselves what is truly going on? Sure the big companies, the media and the government have a lot to answer for but equally we all need to take responsibility for our health and ask questions about our food labelling and to call out the corruption that exists and bring about change that will support and empower people to know they have a choice and how certain foods effect the body.

  71. Great points, JJ. Apart from “pharmaceutical companies, industry, the media and big business”, there are also so-called health and well-being organisations that show no integrity in who their sponsors are, and then support their message rather than the truth (eg eating sugar laden wheat-based cereal for breakfast with milk is good for your heart?). The well-being of people who trust them becomes less important than the money.

  72. Thanks for sharing about the monetary devaluation of the wheat and dairy industry. If we became aware of our bodies, there would be so many things that our society would say no to, drugs, sport, (gluten, dairy, sugar) and not to mention caffeine. Our life is constantly fuelled by so many substances that we put in the body. Its like we think we can treat it however we want and get away with it.

  73. Thank you JJ for a great blog, what a different world we would live in, if your last line was put into action. Love for humanity first and for most .

  74. JJ your last sentences summed it up: “Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.” Thanks for your great and exposing blog.

  75. Great exposing of the profit motive of vested interests who do not want humanity to know how to make simple changes that can transform their health and wellbeing by eliminating wheat and dairy and not needing nearly so many pharmaceuticals. Thank you for showing so clearly how profits are put before people and for your call for change at the end.

  76. Awesome points raised JJ. You have clearly revealed the game at play with many large corporations that promote ‘their’ product – the love of money. The drive is to sell and create a need and demand. And as you so well pointed out the well-being of humanity is not part of this equation. We have seen many cases that challenges the impact that some of these harmful products have and how viciously these corporations respond reflecting absolute corruption. ‘Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.’ – brilliantly said.

  77. Great blog JJ,and I agree with what you have said about profits being the main consideration of these companies, rather than the overall wellbeing of humanity. I love your last line, “Let’s make the love of humanity shape how the world is to be – NOT the love of money.”

    1. Hi Peter, I love that last line as well. Go Joel for writing this blog – it’s awesome and a very true way of looking at what is going on. I know for myself gluten and dairy does not digest well in my body and I definitely notice the affects it has, yet I see both gluten and dairy being advertised as ‘it’s needed’ for this, this and that, but I am not eating it at all and feeling better than I ever have!?

  78. The food industry can be corrupt and profit-oriented. My understanding is that the management boards of leading food companies say very clearly that they are not interested in people’s health, that they are only interested in selling their products, and that people can choose if they eat them or not. I cannot feel any responsibility from those companies there!

  79. Money is not the root of all evil. The root of all evil is to choose to live in a way that is not soulful. Money making is just fine when the purpose is clear: supporting people’s wellbeing and evolution but not when greedy is part of the equation.

  80. A great exposure of the corruption that lays at the foundation of the ‘care’ that these companies claim to have for people, of which in-truth they have none – the almighty dollar is the only thing they are passionate about and until true care for people becomes their soul purpose, humanity will continue to suffer at the feet of their symptom solving solutions.

  81. Reading this very awesome article I was reminded of how my health and appearance has transformed since removing gluten and dairy from my diet. The wheat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries have lost my business and I feel and look amazing. Yes there is great corruption but at the end of the day we each have an opportunity to take responsibility for our diet and our health. The important thing is that we allow the truth to be told so people have the opportunity to choose what is right for them.

  82. I certainly agree that many if not most industries out there prefers to see bigger numbers on their balance sheets, than bigger numbers of people living healthier lives.

  83. To me, the typical Western diet makes it almost impossible to think outside of the box. The brain fog experienced by eating these types of foods leads one to eat more of the same. And the addictiveness of sugar leads to craving more sugar.

    1. Absolutely and if people are not allowed to know that there is a choice they carry on in the same self-destructive patterns.

  84. It is amazing how simple it actually can be to change your health through simple dietary choices. I have no doubt that giving up wheat and dairy would transform the well-being of millions of people as it did for me. Everything is currently set up to support these industries thriving in spite of the growing evidence supporting the harm of these two foods and that is not even to mention sugar and its addictive and deleterious effects. Money is clearly the driver for this, human health and well-being has come secondary again. The love of humanity is definitely how we should aim to shape our world and this article is another small but powerful display of this.

  85. Top blog JJ, with a very powerful message. Yes, these big corporations have and always will put profits before people. Our job is to keep writing these blogs and comments and show that there is another way to live, as you say, a way that lets love of humanity shape our world, not the love of money.

  86. Excellent article JJ and what you are saying is so true. That line ‘money is the root of all evil’ is something I have heard all my life and it is branded about in so much judgement. Today I have a real understanding about money, thanks to Serge Benhayon and it feels clear to me and I no longer have a desire to be rich or poor. Money no longer owns me or drives me.
    Common sense medicine is what Serge Benhayon talks about and it makes sense and I don’t have the foggy head space anymore and my vitality levels are the best they have ever been since I stopped having gluten and dairy in my diet. The other one that we could add to this list would be sugar. It is another money making industry and highly addictive and used in most foods.
    What you write about the giant corporations and profits has made me stop and realise how this all actually works and it is a revolving door so no real change.

    1. That’s a great point Bina about sugar – it’s in so many things, including heaps of savoury foods and places you wouldn’t expect and is very addictive and so great to get people coming back for more..

  87. Money is energy and like any other energy can be used to harm or heal.

    You give some good examples of how money is being used in a harmful way. I was particularly struck by your observation that had there been a huge sponsor such as the pharmaceutical industry behind the changes that have been occurring as a result of the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – then the whole world would know of it.

    There is a religious consciousness that portrays money as evil because there is control in keeping people poor, and money in the hands of love can be very powerful. I am all for making money in a loving way and putting it to work for love!

    1. Great comment Nicola and so true . . . “Money is energy and like any other energy can be used to harm or heal.” . . . and I agree with all you have presented. I love this line as well as I reckon it says it all. . . “I am all for making money in a loving way and putting it to work for love!”

  88. I recently watched “Amazing Grace” – a film about William Wilberforce, a man responsible for steering anti-slave trade legislation through the British Parliament. It took him around 20 years (until 1807) of presenting the same bill again and again, and being opposed by a coalition of MPs representing vested interests of the slave trade in England’s major cities! All they cared for was their financial interest – never the people who were forced to do things and live in a way that was beyond inhumane. One question kept popping up in my head: how can one human being do/allow this to another fellow human being???

    What the film reminded me of, is that what some of those large corporations nowadays with vested interests in their products (wheat and dairy for example) are doing – may not be as extreme as slave trade: many would say that it doesn’t even compare! But what if, because of the nature of this type of latent harm which is not so ‘in your face’ – we allow it for much longer and the ill effects accumulate to a degree also unimaginable?

  89. Not only is there an investment in keeping consumers eating gluten and dairy, more insidiously there is an investment in keeping people unwell – the unwell need to purchase pharmaceuticals, while the pharmaceutical companies profit.

  90. ‘Love of money’ is putting it mildly when it comes to these corrupt industries – I would call it pure greed. And you are right – it has to be called out. Those that are ready will give it a go and find out for themselves how these industries try to blind side us with stuffing most our foods full of wheat and dairy, totally unnecessary so. I remember well when I changed my diet to GF and DF in 1996 – hardly anything off the shelf could be consumed any longer, and it has not improved much since then.

  91. This so simply explains how money is, and can be, the root of evil. Looking at the cigarette and alcohol industries are pure examples of this. How, as a humanity can we sell products to fellow brothers that are killing or poisoning them? What has our world come to? It has taken many years for the truth of the toxic nature of cigarettes and alcohol to be exposed, and still many scientists still try to sell the idea that alcohol in small doses is not only ‘ok’ for your health, but benefits it. However people still continue to consume both cigarettes and alcohol, knowing their harmful ways. In the end it seems that the changes must come from us, the people, not the industries. Thank you for opening up this line of conversation.

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