God Doesn’t Add Up

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville

I was feeling the contraction of self-measuring, a downward spiral staircase of small self judgments – when it came to me – God can’t count, stairs or the like.

Probably he didn’t even finish primary school. I’ve since discovered that rumours of him being numerically challenged are rife in certain out-of-the-way sections of the blogosphere.

God can’t count. OK, so the number of zeroes in my bank balance doesn’t matter. Nor does my hat size. But what about the millions of noisy minah birds, thousands of bandicoots, potoroos, numbats and all the other pre and post-ark species? It’s a stock-take nightmare.

Think of a number, you know, the one most important to you: age, salary package, years of working on yourself, weight, tally of friends, alimony, number of degrees, client base, overdraft – well he doesn’t.

Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.

231 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Add Up

  1. Reading this today has been a timely reminder for me to lighten up instead of measuring up, which is a fruitless activity within God’s sphere of love.

  2. It’s quite ironic really that we measure ourselves in order to gauge our value or worth, when who we already are within is exquisite and priceless beyond compare. We are God’s love and as such in essence we are everything that is great in this world, so in trying to compare or measure ourselves with the standards of this worlds existence, we only diminish all that we truly are in essence.

  3. The freedom of living with no comparison, competition or calculation just being aware of the equal love in the inner-heart of all.

  4. Every time I read this passage my body surrenders a little more knowing how loved I am and how simple life can be if we connect to who we truly are.

  5. A great reminder that when we measure ourselves against another we are not living in accordance with God, as his love is ummeasurable as ours should equally be.

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