God Doesn’t Add Up

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville

I was feeling the contraction of self-measuring, a downward spiral staircase of small self judgments – when it came to me – God can’t count, stairs or the like.

Probably he didn’t even finish primary school. I’ve since discovered that rumours of him being numerically challenged are rife in certain out-of-the-way sections of the blogosphere.

God can’t count. OK, so the number of zeroes in my bank balance doesn’t matter. Nor does my hat size. But what about the millions of noisy minah birds, thousands of bandicoots, potoroos, numbats and all the other pre and post-ark species? It’s a stock-take nightmare.

Think of a number, you know, the one most important to you: age, salary package, years of working on yourself, weight, tally of friends, alimony, number of degrees, client base, overdraft – well he doesn’t.

Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.

252 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Add Up

  1. Reading this today has been a timely reminder for me to lighten up instead of measuring up, which is a fruitless activity within God’s sphere of love.

  2. It’s quite ironic really that we measure ourselves in order to gauge our value or worth, when who we already are within is exquisite and priceless beyond compare. We are God’s love and as such in essence we are everything that is great in this world, so in trying to compare or measure ourselves with the standards of this worlds existence, we only diminish all that we truly are in essence.

  3. The freedom of living with no comparison, competition or calculation just being aware of the equal love in the inner-heart of all.

  4. Every time I read this passage my body surrenders a little more knowing how loved I am and how simple life can be if we connect to who we truly are.

  5. A great reminder that when we measure ourselves against another we are not living in accordance with God, as his love is ummeasurable as ours should equally be.

    1. What a beautiful comment Sally thank you “when we measure ourselves against another we are not living in accordance with God, as his love is immeasurable as ours should equally be.”

  6. The matter of if God can count or not to the side, it is very sure that God does not measure us or his love for us by the amount of things we do, degrees we have or money we own. He loves without conditions because he knows who we are inside which is absolutely divine.

  7. If God doesn’t count how much we have or how much we do, why do we? We seem to use how much we have and how much we do as a yardstick against the similar achievements of others, often something to make us feel better about ourselves. But how exhausting and futile that is when in truth we are all equal in God’s eyes with how much and how many counting for absolutely nothing when faced with the truth.

  8. The way that I have been living would suggest that God lives in a room full of measuring apparatus-measuring tapes, rulers, barometers, anything with a measuring function to it. And he sits spending his time measuring us all day long. I guess God might not have time for that. But it is only us who self-measure and it is very ungodly to do so. The more that I become aware of the abuse that this self-measuring is, the more that I become aware and let go (in full awaresness of the rediculousness too)

    1. It’s a very religious concept that there is good and bad, right and wrong, and that God counts up all the sins. Instead we could say there is being love and a Son of God, and not being that love, and that love (as God) is there to support us in every moment, and that we are solely responsible for all those moments we are not love. The point is, God is there to unconditionally support us to return to that love, and it’s up to us to restore every imprint of energy we have left that is not of love, and that is a loving responsibility we have to the all.

  9. This blog made me smile Alan as we have so many notions of what God is and if he can’t count then how can we measure up as measuring up is surely our relationship with him. I want to write a great big NOT. I remember learning at school that I needed to be forgiven by God, that his love was mighty and time and time again we just let him down and didn’t measure up. A very clever way to make people give up on love, themselves and each other.

  10. ‘just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.’ This is what makes God, God. Not the capacity for forgiveness, not might, not punishment.

  11. Thank you Alan, this was perfect timing for me to read today as I was chatting to a friend about being hard on myself and holding things against myself, and as a result not letting love in. That feeling of having made mistakes, however God is not measuring, tallying or counting – love is absolute and always there but it’s up to us to let it in, and also recognise love is our essence.

  12. Thank you Alan for lovely, lighthearted expression of the unconditional love of God captured in, “Love without measure, no counting, no comparison, no competition at all – just a natural, glorious equalness that brooks no distinctions.”

  13. God’s ways brought to a point. Simple and straight forward. And the best thing is we are god’s sons thus this is our natural way too.

  14. I too used to think numbers were about counting and measuring, and how much/little it came to mattered a lot, and no matter how much/little I had, it was always either too much or too little, it never was right. I am now in a process of understanding there being only one number, just repeating itself. My relationship and appreciation of numbers are changing dramatically.

  15. It’s very true Alan, we are the ones that limit and measure. Everything about God is infinite and we are from this infiniteness. So what are we doing by continuously counting, measure and reducing? Exactly that.

  16. God loves is extraordinary it goes on and on – all the details – the number of petals on a flower the number of thorns on a rose, the amount of atoms in our galaxy – all divinely designed to remind us of who we are.

  17. ☺️For God the part is complete as it contains the whole just as it is contained by the whole, so no reason to divide or add up anything.

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