Our Love is Forever and is Here to Stay

by Emily Billsborough, Receptionist (Diploma of Business Management), Wollongbar, Australia

What are we searching or fighting for?
Does anyone ask if there may be more?

Who built the pyramids and aligned them to the stars?
Was it us or aliens from Mars?

If we looked back throughout our history,
Maybe it wouldn’t be such a mystery.

How many times have we cried to God above,
Then gone back to living life without love?

Why are we recognised only by what we do or say?
From when we are young it seems that way.

Why do we choose to not take responsibility?
Why do we accept and promote individuality?

This way of being does not make sense,
We are always living at our body’s expense.

How can we defend human intelligence with such pride,
When it’s our innate love that is being shut down and denied?

Is it possible to make another choice?
To stand there and claim it with true strength in our voice?

It only took one to love unconditionally.
One who chose to truly live and think freely.

He never gave up or wished on a star.
Instead he kept living the love we all naturally are.

With true understanding and reflection so strong,
Easily exposing false and loveless ways to be wrong.

Now there are many who live this way,
Who know the truth and don’t give their power away.

This is why we will always say,
That our love is forever and it’s here to stay.

No matter what they may say or do,
We will never back down from what we know is true.

They’ll never pull us over with deception or lies.
OUR truth is unwavering with no compromise.

464 thoughts on “Our Love is Forever and is Here to Stay

  1. “He never gave up or wished on a star.
    Instead he kept living the love we all naturally are.” So many of us have been so deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon. Its now our responsiblity to live in full what we know to be true.

  2. Recognizing truth is easy. Accepting it as truth is equally easy. Embodying it is not that easy because it asks us to renounce to what we have chosen to serve us. Walking it with all the body and being is the biggest challenge.

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