From a Life of Depression to a Loving Life

by Jo Billings, USA

I am a woman of 40 years old and have spent about 33 of those years dealing with depression, anxiety and self worth issues. I spent many years in psychotherapy and have been on and off antidepressants since age 17. I have delved into diverse healing modalities to try to clear the suffering. I worked with naturopaths, acupuncturists, healers and shamans for a long time… but was still living daily with emotional pain.

I was plagued with the feeling that not only was I not sharing love and joy (because I couldn’t feel it myself) but that I was just adding to the pain and misery of the world with my own suffering. I felt confused and didn’t know how to live my life. I felt so off track, so lost from myself. I kept saying to myself, “I want to know Truth”.

When I read one of Serge Benhayon’s books, I was moved by how true it felt to me. True, in contrast to all the self-help, spiritual modalities and psychotherapy I had tried where I was always left feeling that I needed to sift through the muddy parts (for example, the fact that the practitioners often seemed extremely drained, stressed, unloving or outright sickly).

I wanted to learn more about Universal Medicine and began slowly listening to Serge’s audio presentations and practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation. As I became more focused on being present and less distracted, I felt stronger in myself and more able to say no to the depressive thoughts that would previously have such a hold over me. I began to feel myself, not numbness or sadness or pain.

The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me understand that what I was experiencing (my emptiness, depression and suffering), was me missing myself and how to come back to me by not seeking outside for a fix, but looking inside to heal. With the support of audio presentations, classes, and healing sessions, I have been developing the ability to be more present, feel my feelings, accept where I am and to not give my power away to sadness or other people. I’m working on not undermining my integrity by comparing myself to anyone else. I had been trying to help people and do things to feel needed and receive acceptance from others, but I had not been offering loving attention and acceptance to myself, and that was not working!

I had often lain crying on the floor with exhaustion and had come to realise that I could not go on feeling everyone’s pain and sadness… that it was taking me out! I have also had aching kidneys (sometimes extremely painful) from childhood, which no doctors could explain. My introduction to Serge’s work came while living in Australia; when, in response to my describing how my kidneys ached, a friend opened one of his books for me to read a section about the different ways a person can deplete their kidneys. It described exactly how I had been living and giving to others without regard to myself. I was well into my own personal work of accepting the fact that my lifelong efforts to ‘help’ my family, out of this deep sympathy, was not truly helpful and that I was actually drowning myself in it. One of the courses I took from Serge (later) really helped me move with this. I can be compassionate instead of sympathetic. As I develop true compassion; learn not to take on other people’s pain and to trust others to be learning what they need, my kidneys and lower back have been steadily improving, not to mention I am not crying all the time!

By healing a lot of childhood sadness I have also gone from needing chiropractic support for my sacrum (a lot of pain and expense!) on average of 25 times a year (from age 14 to 38) to enjoying a half hour esoteric session about once a year with a shadow of the symptoms which are 90% resolved at this point.

Using simple tools such as breathing gently and learning to honor myself by not overriding what I know I need to do or say, I feel for the first time that I am Living my life, not just existing and surviving.

What I mean is that I am actually able to enjoy myself most of the time in whatever I’m doing. I ‘want’ to do things and I often enjoy connecting with people versus dreading waking up each day and experiencing anxiety around people because of feeling I was representing myself so poorly and unable to fulfill my purpose (of living / being me)…I am handling things much better now instead of feeling desperate about getting by.

I now feel more empowered and able to discern what is good for me and make supportive choices. This has changed everything about my life and it all comes from me. For example, I no longer crave and eat sugar or caffeine or take drugs and alcohol (or date unloving men) to escape unpleasant emotions or keep me going. After 25 years of trying not to eat sugar (as I could see that it greatly exacerbated my symptoms) I have found that it’s not about saying no or having a strong will; I am eating more how I need to because I can feel that it doesn’t feel good in my body to have these things. It is rewarding to be more in touch with my body! I also have chosen, for the first time, a truly supportive partner who is gentle and whom I respect.

I always felt so broken, like something was wrong with me. Now, for the first time in my adult life, I feel that I am OK and that I am really learning to take loving care of myself. I am more and more able to just be myself. I am beginning to feel a loveliness in who I am. I have a sense of purpose in working to re-learn how to live a loving life and I know I’m on my path!

394 thoughts on “From a Life of Depression to a Loving Life

  1. This is so beautiful Jo. From what I am reading it has been through your understanding of the Ageless Wisdom teachings presenting by Universal Medicine that you have been able to give yourself the permission to be yourself. This is true power – you being you.

    1. Yes before Serge’s teachings we had all lost any understanding that we are multidimensional beings with an essence that is who we truly are. With this understanding we now have the option to build a life based upon truth, love, joy, harmony and stillness, with no depression whatsoever.

  2. When we accept the fact that there is nothing wrong with us, that we are not broken then everything starts to turn around for us. This is the beauty of what happens when we heal our hurts.

  3. Jo I loved reading your blog and how you have transformed your life, Serge Benhayon, and the Universal Medicine practitioners are very honest and lovingly in their support, beautiful to read how you are reconnecting to the true you.

  4. When we are inspired to take more loving care of ourselves our life can turn around completely. The simple practical tools presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine empower everyone to take true responsibility for themselves, to build an awareness and discernment by feeling energy and the truth of what is being presented and to live from a true quality of connection from our essence.

  5. The understanding of the body presented by Esoteric Medicine is quite astounding, and yet at the same time it makes total sense.

  6. “I began to feel myself, not numbness or sadness or pain.” A beautiful reflection on discovering the innate beauty within when we chose to reconnect to who we truly are.

  7. A wonderful blog Jo, thank you for sharing your experiences. Beautifully said – ‘The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me understand that what I was experiencing (my emptiness, depression and suffering), was me missing myself and how to come back to me by not seeking outside for a fix, but looking inside to heal.’

  8. This is a beautiful story of how ,with simple self-loving and self-caring steps, we can pull us from the abyss we have thought life to be.

  9. It’s beautiful how the Gentle Breath Meditation simply helps us to regather ourselves and from that we can be more present with our thoughts and feelings and perhaps more discerning of them – whereby hindering ways of thinking and emotions that we may have been running with previously stand out more and there is a clearer choice to be made in whether we align with that or not. Thank you for sharing how you’re learning to take true loving care of yourself and the difference this is already making in your life!

  10. Isn’t it wonderful that the physical body can undergo such shifts when we address what is left in the body from holding on to hurts or having given up on the truth of ourselves. What a great example this is Jo of what Serge Benhayon has presented, put into action.

  11. Wow what an amazing transformation Jo! Seriously well done, for your commitment to healing yourself has clearly led the way and esoteric medicine has undoubtedly supported you in that process.

  12. Me too, I always felt there was something wrong with me. But because I was efficient and functioning well in society, I accepted those ‘wrongs’ as me and that there was nothing I could do to change. Getting to know ourselves in true essence is a hugely healing process.

  13. To feel a victim or powerless in anything we have to first choose to not accept our part in it, that is, the choices we are making that lead to what we feel powerless about.

    1. Very true Thomas we are not simply innocent victims rather we have had a part to play in everything that has happened to us and will happen to us. The moment we take responsibility for our choices the picture becomes clearer and we are no longer simply at the mercy of forces at play rather on the front foot saying yes to the love that we are and anything less than this love sticks out like a sore thumb.

  14. I agree Jo looking outside to find a solution or fix only brings a temporary respite from the tension we feel in our body when we have separated from ourselves. In order to truly heal we must build a truer connection and deeper relationship with our body and consistently live from an inner quality that builds tenderness and love into our every day way of living.

  15. Letting go of our hurts from childhood is huge for all of us, we can walk around crumpled and in blame for what has passed instead of living in the present. Walking free of this (Universal Medicine Modalities are an awesome support for this) enables us to fully flourish and stand tall in life.

  16. To have over come 33 years+ of living with depression is huge and shows that there is nothing we cannot let go of when we truly say yes to living our life based on the love that we are. Universal Medicine gives us the very practical tools so we can all do this for ourselves.

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