Glorious Glory

by Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany

This song was inspired by the awareness that when we reconnect to ourselves we reconnect to the oneness we are all from, in essence we return… as One. It inspires us to remember that we are of Heaven and can bring Heaven to our everyday lives – simply by being ourselves. This song is sung and performed by Janina Koch.

With a look in my eyes I bring Heaven on Earth

With my smile I melt the hearts of the World

With my Hug

With my Touch

You feel what True love is about

We are One

We are Strong

and belong to Heaven above

In Being you

In Being true

Glorious Glory

The amazing You

We will return

As One

75 thoughts on “Glorious Glory

  1. So strong , beautiful and simple Janina thank you – just today – before I read this and being on the other side of the world to you – I was saying to someone that we bring heaven on Earth by just being ourselves as we ARE heaven. Just shows that we are all one and from that one divine place.

    1. I so agree, Michael. I too would love to have the opportunity to hear Janina sing the glorious words of this song.

  2. “It inspires us to remember that we are of Heaven and can bring Heaven to our everyday lives – simply by being ourselves!” There is nothing greater than being ourselves and to bring heaven everywhere we go.

  3. A truly beautiful expression Janina. Your words touch my heart and I cherish anew the true power and glory open to us all in every moment of everyday life. Every look, every touch, simply heaven!

  4. Just a few words and lots of love to bring heaven to earth. Janina this feels very gorgeous and I hope to hear you sing it one day!

  5. Your words are very simple yet strikingly powerful at the same time Janina. A beautiful sweetness that reminds us of what it is like to live who we truly are.

  6. Yes Joshua, i have discovered that one of my qualities is simplicity and power that i bring. I offer singing and movement groups and call them “simply singing and moving”- “simply being me”. We don’t need to pretend to be anything else than we are. We don’t need to speak in certain way to make others believe that we are intelligent or have a lot of knowledge. We don’t need to get things “right” or do it good. Coming back to the simplicity of our own natural powerful expression is setting us free to be the loving light that we are.

    1. ‘Coming back to the simplicity of our own natural powerful expression is setting us free to be the loving light that we are.’ Awesome claiming Janina and so inspirational to accept the beauty of simplicity without the need to put on any front.

  7. Such a beautiful reminder of the power we all have when we reconnect. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous song with us all Janina.

  8. I would love to hear you sing this Janina. The words are Glorious and I re-read them to give myself more time to fully appreciate what you were saying and offering to me, the reader. Thank you.

  9. Yes this is a truly beautiful song. When someone is living from their essence, there is no denying this quality. It pours out of them. And it is a universal language that everyone can read and know. It has the power to inspire in the ones that choose to, Confirms the ones that are the same, or retaliate with fury and jealousy the ones that have turned their backs onto themselves.

  10. We all come from a oneness and a glory. We deep down know this but have settled for much much less, a life where we pretend that we are all separate and can live in isolation to the truth that we are all connected. At the macro level, I woke up this morning to the news that it looks almost certain that the UK will be leaving the European Union to pursue a better life by isolating ourselves. This is a sad step in the wrong direction.

  11. Such a beautiful song Janina, thank you for the reminder that we have within us all, the potential to being Heaven to earth.

  12. You make such an important point, true music should always remind us of who we are …. instead of helping us escape the magnificence we are.

  13. It is gorgeous what can come through us when we reconnect to ourselves, a pleasure to read and more so to hear I’m sure.

  14. So gorgeous to read this again and feel the power of our Oneness, the might of Brotherhood and the Glory we can live together that is forever available to us all, through simply living the love we all are in essence.

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