Healing through Writing and Expressing

by Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

We all have something to share; a piece of wisdom, a story that we can either choose to keep to ourselves or we can share with others. I have come to realise that when we share our expression with others through song, spoken word or in a written format, it can inspire so many and be a gift for all of us.

I have benefitted firsthand from the generosity of others sharing their knowledge and wisdom – both practical and inspirational. Of what use is it if we keep what we have come to know to ourselves?

In the past when I have held back from expressing what I felt was there to share, it felt like conversations and time spent together with others was incomplete, whereas the times when I was not afraid to express fully what I was feeling I had a sense that nothing was left undone or incomplete.  

This way of expressing has been inspired by the support of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and from the Esoteric Women’s groups, which have given me the opportunity to connect to me and feel that what I have to share is worth sharing.

I have always loved writing but have never shared my writing publicly because I feared it was not good enough, not easy to read, that others wouldn’t appreciate it, that I would be critiqued and the list goes on: but when I do not worry about such things and I just express what I feel and communicate it in a way that comes naturally to me, then it’s easy.

This year I have not allowed that fear to stop me from writing and I have had such an amazing healing experience from writing and expressing!

Sharing my writing and expressing more of what I am feeling has been a healing process. A lot of old issues that I had not dealt with in the past have come up for me, but in expressing them and writing I have found a sense of completeness… I feel that I have worked through some issues that I have been carrying around with me for way too long.

Through sharing it in this way I have come to new levels of awareness about myself, and I am aware how I have also inspired others. The feedback I have received has allowed me to see how valuable our expression is – and the inspiration I receive from others constantly enriches my life.

Expression is a gift, don’t keep it to yourself!

287 thoughts on “Healing through Writing and Expressing

  1. ‘Expression is a gift, don’t keep it to yourself!’ – I LOVE this statement as it says everything. This is the one place I’ve held back, as expression is in everything. It’s in the writing, the way we move, the looks we give, the energy we emanate, the way and how we speak, how and what we eat and drink, how we dress, how we angle the contents in our homes and the list is endless.

    All of these ways of expression are constantly communicating but many of us don’t even realise, until it’s expressed by another. So that one day someone can read about it and realise that we are constant communicating, and the sharing is an awakening for them to explore the many opportunities that is out there in the world.

    The writing for me is something I would like to evolve with and in the mean time, commenting is the way forward, till it will be in my DNA to just write so another can awaken from their slumber.

  2. In our silence we can do much damage especially if it is a time when we really need to be speaking up. For silence can be the fuel that feeds the hand of evil, and this is not something we want to be contributing towards.

    1. Henrietta, I agree when we hold back in the moment we are to speak, the internal dialogues come in, the ‘should have’, the ‘would have’ song plays in our head. It is damaging for both, to those that should have spoken, and to those that should have received it.

      There are also times when silence is needed and that is louder then the spoken words. So expression is everything…

  3. Expression can come from the way we write, from the way we speak, from the way we sing or play a musical instrument, and it does not stop here. For how we move is an expression, how we are at work and in relationships is all about expression. So the real question is how much of our true expression are we allowing to be released? I know I can hold back at times and let it all out at times, and this is not right nor wrong, but simply a learning to express from my heart and with no reservations.

  4. Rosie, this is a gorgeous blog and one that certainly confirms that expression is a gift that we can all give to ourselves as well as all those around us. Thank you!

  5. Rosie, this is GOLD and something I love to keep reminding myself of: “In the past when I have held back from expressing what I felt was there to share, it felt like conversations and time spent together with others was incomplete, whereas the times when I was not afraid to express fully what I was feeling I had a sense that nothing was left undone or incomplete.”

  6. The simplicity of expression for the wisdom of our unfolding selves and for others. How easily I can feel that my expression would not be accepted by all and yet this is a complete lie, as we all have a wealth of inner wisdom to express.

  7. Our expression is valuable, ‘Through sharing it in this way I have come to new levels of awareness about myself, and I am aware how I have also inspired others.’

    1. “Of what use is it if we keep what we have come to know to ourselves?” It is a great point Rosie, it’s not only appreciating our life experiences and what we have learnt and developed as wisdom, but understanding it has much greater value when we share it so it can be also a learning for others.

  8. The list of reasons as to why we don’t allow ourselves to express is very true, and this is a simple way to address our concerns “but when I do not worry about such things and I just express what I feel and communicate it in a way that comes naturally to me, then it’s easy.” We do let pictures of what might possibly happen stop us, and the truth is even if negative experiences do follow they are simply opportunities to bring more love and wisdom to life. Otherwise we can live in a perceived safety and comfort ruled by “what if…” thoughts.

  9. In a recent conversation with a friend, I experienced how powerfully healing it is when we are able to allow the exact configuration of words to come through in our expression. Our body goes through motion of activity in every moment, and we are already communicating much in the way we move, but something happens when two or more bodies come together with an intention to share what one body has moved through. It was a great confirmation that we are a vehicle, and that our expression is for the all.

  10. Bottling up our expression thwarts evolution, ours and everyone’s – it sets a whole species back from realising and living what is available now. i

  11. I’ll take you up on what you are offering Rosie.. When there is something there to express its best to allow it to come out as it is. How it comes out though is determined by how you have felt it. If you feel jarred and in a state of reaction its best to bring that feeling back to a state you can accept before you express it out. Very important to not circumvent expression that is not holding of you and therefore others in equality.

    1. Absolutely Rik, it maybe difficult but at times we may have need to bite our tongues as this is the only response that another is ready to hear and thus in do so we are honouring an-others quality and living in deep-humble-appreciative-ness. Humble being our most divine connection to our essences or Soul. And appreciation that we have never walked in an-others shoes so how could we ever judge them so as you have shared we are all equal.

    1. Well said Aimee, and in saying that we get to feel the responsibility we hold towards others in and by allowing our expression to be open and free. To not express, or to hold back what we know needs to be expressed is about not wanting to take responsibility and when we see it this way, it helps us to… well, express! 😉

  12. When expression meets truth, the air cleans with the essential beauty we connect to. Sharing your true expression with others is a measure of your own relationship with beauty.

  13. Sharing what we can feel and are learning is healing and inspiring for everyone. We love reading others’ stories so why do we think others would not be interested in our perspectives? Everyone has something to share, life experience that we can all relate to on one level, and that’s how we learn – through the reflections that we offer to one another of what we’ve learned, and what we’re yet to fully embrace and master.

  14. Why are we taught to write, if it is not to express who we truly are? And who is the master we were moulded by school and university to serve, it if s not the deepest wellspring of wisdom we innately hold within?

  15. I love what you present here Rosie, to write to express yourself in what you live and truly feel and experience. And this is something we have to re-learn because the way we learn to write in school is very static in that we learn to search for the right words instead of letting them come from our bodies, from our own lived experience.

  16. Holding back who we are, goes hand in hand with not expressing what is there to be expressed and shared for the benefit of everyone. Expression and being who we are are the two sides of the one coin as we are vehicles of expression.

    1. Exactly Alexander, expression is not something we do in the sense of it being a separate activity, we are either being our true selves or not, and from one of these two places we are always expressing.

  17. True expression is equally healing for the one expressing as for the one receiving. Lack of expression or untrue expression leaves everyone short of what life can and should be.

  18. How many have the experience of not being listened to or understood correctly and therefore expect just the same to happen over and over again? And how many either consciously or subconsciously have given up on eve trying to make themselves understood or to share and express themselves at all?
    Rediscovering and reclaiming one´s expression means to reclaim oneself, to honour oneself and take a stance in a world that not always might be receptive as we would wish for but nevertheless gets to experience who I am as part of what the world is made by all of us.

    1. I can relate Leigh, I’d say this is quite common. We may have a picture of what we think an expert, author, presenter, or wise person is, yet we all have life experiences and wisdom from what we have experienced, and each person has something valuable to share that we can learn from and find of interest. It’s a great point Leigh, as this may be the only thing holding us back from sharing.

  19. It is expression that brings out the full you, expressing who we are in full. Anything less lets us be less than we are.

  20. So often stories and writing are about making something up to impress another/ others rather than as you offer here sharing something that we have observed/ learnt from our actual life. And I think there can be many beliefs about how we think our expression has to be or look like that can lead to us holding back the beauty and simplicity of what we have to share…

    1. Being real and sharing from that true and authentic place within ourselves is what I find truly supportive and healing to experience. It’s such a blessing to have someone express in a way that is honest and true to who they are, as you get let in and the relationship has a real foundation and it feels very honouring. It’s also delightful to truly know someone. To me it’s like a form of nourishment to have a true relationship, and that includes reading someone’s writing.

    2. Beliefs are quite damaging for all concerned, ‘ there can be many beliefs about how we think our expression has to be or look like that can lead to us holding back the beauty and simplicity of what we have to share…’

  21. Communities used to have rituals and gatherings where wisdom was shared amongst all equally. I feel we have lost that, where people of all ages value the wisdom they have to share and know that what we have experienced or mastered is for the benefit of the whole of society. Perhaps this lack of sharing and expression is part of the degradation of society we are experiencing now.

    1. “Communities used to have rituals and gatherings where wisdom was shared amongst all equally” By writing and sharing on-line blogs we resurrect these age old rituals with a global community.

  22. Yes it’s great to see how much we all have in common and yet how we all have our own flavour and that is beautiful.

  23. With every person sharing and expressing themselves, we all get a bit richer in being who we are.

  24. Expression not only sets us free from what otherwise gets stuck inside and hence creating an unnatural congestion and pressure, much more expression opens a flow of an endless stream of who we are, what is given to us and wants to be shared with everyone for the sake of all.

  25. For me there is nothing worse than walking away from a conversation with the feeling that it was incomplete; there was more to be expressed. And what usually follows, is that which was held back goes around and around in my head for days, weighing me down and giving me a reason to give myself a hard time. A simple example of how holding back our expression can harm us and of course the other person misses out on what we had to say.

    1. Yes, I know that feeling. I had an issue with someone recently and didn’t discuss it and each time I saw her I could feel it building to way past what it really was until yesterday I asked her to talk to me and in that I was able to hear her side of the story and have more understanding. The beautiful thing about this is now when I see her, I won’t have all that anger towards her in my body. Thats the thing, we may project it towards another but even having it and projecting it in the first place is harming us.

    2. I know that feeling Ingrid, it’s like the washing machine spin cycle! I imagine that when an expression is there to be said and it’s not we block and obstruct a natural flow, so it still sits there drawing our attention as it was meant to come out. A huge ongoing learning.

  26. Perfect to read today. Life can feel dull or mundane when we don’t express what we are realising with others in one way or another because it is the spark of expressing ourselves that gives a feeling of aliveness and vibrancy that can not be experienced in any other way. I got reminded the other day that I talked with my mouth almost closed and that it was hard to hear me. I was asked to pronounce more and speak more slowly and the magic that happened in myself by just truly saying what I felt to say in a way that it was clear was enormous. I felt a warmth and a joy I hadn’t felt in a long time, I felt me as a woman instead of a girl and I felt the power of it. It showed me that even though we can be saying things, the way we are talking can actually be holding back the true blessing and power of the words said and it can hinder other people from truly hearing it.

    1. I love that you shared this, because it really does make a difference how we express, when we pronounce and speak loud and clear with out being worried or with an ounce of anxiety. Thing is, we don’t have to be perfect and I still shake if I speak on a mic in public but you just have to go for it even if its not easy. I have had feedback from my friends that they had no idea that I was nervous to speak on the mic and really appreciate my sharing. The other option is to say nothing, do nothing and nothing changes.

  27. I love that you have been sharing your writing, Rosie, as the love you have for writing shines throughout your words – as does the lived wisdom you generously share with the reader.

  28. Expression is indeed a gift and one that many of us often hold back, and yet when we do express there is such a completeness, a joy in sharing for the truth is; we’re not meant to do this alone, we’re here together to support and inspire each other to evolve and live and express more the love we naturally are, and our expression in it’s many forms is very much a part of that.

    1. What a beautiful comment Monica. It totally stopped me in my tracks and brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely understanding that yes we are all here to support each other in our expression of our full selves.

    2. Absolutely Monica! It is the completeness that you write about that I love most, because I no longer have to hold onto what I felt or think about it as once shared, my part is done.

  29. Yes indeed it is a gift and I know that I have benefited enormously from reading your blogs and I also know I am but one of many. We have no clue the ripple effect of our expression so express we must – with love.

    1. Thanks Lucy! I was listening to one of your interviews the other day and shared it with my friends and loved it. When we share in whatever way works for us, it can touch many.

  30. I have always felt to share, writing predominately is because I want to share myself, I want to share it with me first and foremost, the words coming through offer a support to me, and to everyone too. So is writing really from us or from heaven? Can we really own it?

    1. Good question! I used to own it but realise now that my writing is not mine. I do the writing bit yes, but was is given to me to write and share is from heaven for sure. Sometimes I read things I have written and know that I could not have come up with that. Its quite magical.

  31. “Of what use is it if we keep what we have come to know to ourselves?” I agree Rosie, and we often do not see how much we have to offer the world as all that we have learned and experienced and the values that we hold we deem as normal, but we have all a different awareness and perspective on life and thus each of us has a multitude to share and enrich the world with.

    1. This is so true, what we deem as normal may not be in another’s awareness even, so by sharing we are giving them an opportunity to see another way, an insight into how we live.

  32. I totally agree with you Rosie, I have begun expressing more and writing blogs and it has been a deeply healing experience to not hold back anymore, this also offers a powerful reflection for others to feel inspired and supported by.

    1. Yes, it has a roll on effect. I am seeing that too now with more and more of my friends writing. I love it.

  33. Life is expression. We are never not expressing. So if we are feeling shy from writing what does this show us about how we live life in general?

    1. I have to say that for me writing is a lot safer than standing on stage. That I am yet to master and for now I will keep giving it a go even if my knees tremble and my voice shakes!

  34. Thank you, Rosie. You have beautifully reminded me that what I experience and what I learn from it is not mine to own and keep, that I am part of the whole and every expression is a reflection needed for every one of us, we all are part of something much grander.

  35. We all have something to share, and its great when we value ourselves enough to know that even (or especially) the simple mundane insights are valuable and to be shared… primarily becuase the more simple, the more mundane, the more we come across them everyday.

    1. This is beautifully explained Simon, it is the everyday things that make our life and it supports us greatly to know how, so there is great value in sharing what we have come to learn that truly works for us.

    2. It is so true, the simple every day things, that we do over and over they are the important ones as they actually make up the whole and are part of the bigger ones too.

  36. ‘Expression is a gift, don’t keep it to yourself!’ Thank you for expressing your truth Rosie in simple words but with much power. And with reading your blog I feel within myself that there is not enough appreciation for what I have to offer, so that is something to take on board, the appreciation for my unique expression and to go for it and not keep it for myself.

    1. Absolutely, what would a rainbow look like if some of the colours decided that they didn’t think they were good enough so they decided to not shine!

  37. “the times when I was not afraid to express fully what I was feeling I had a sense that nothing was left undone or incomplete.” When we express what we truly feel it matters not how another may react or respond, we have spoken our truth.

    1. Yes, you have done your part, which is to express the truth and how they respond, react or receive it is their responsibility and their part.

  38. These very wise words need to be on billboards in every town. “Expression is a gift, don’t keep it to yourself!”, because as I have learned you never know when you are going to make a difference in someone’s life by sharing your wisdom. I have also learned that holding back our beautiful expression not only denies others from hearing what we have to share but that it also hurts us; now that to me is one very self-loving reason to keep on expressing.

      1. I wouldn’t be where I am today if those around me had held back what they had to share with me.

      2. Yes, such a simple truth, Rosie. If we do not share what we see and how the world makes sense to us, then we cripple all of us because we do not offer each other the true reflection we need to get out of our behaviours that do not serve us nor anybody else.

  39. We all see things in a different way, depending on our experiences in life. When we express our truth not only may the other person see the situation in a new light, it also encourage them to express. It just opens up more possibilities. Deeper levels of connection. So do not hold back. Go for it!

  40. It’s true, if we all went about our day ignoring what we felt and never shared anything, just imagine the state of the world. It’s already in pretty poor shape, I can not imagine what it would be like if those that stopped speaking up withheld their expression. Where would we get the reflection that we matter from? Who would lead the way?

    1. Exactly! I admire those that speak up, even if they get it wrong because at least they are giving it a go rather than waiting for someone else to do it.

  41. If kids live in a way that allows them to have true expression they will naturally embrace their true magnificence. Finding ways to meet our children for who they truly are and how they truly wish to express themselves will encourage them to naturally acquire the agency to shine out to others regardless of what others may think about them, building confidence and self-empowerment.

  42. ‘Expression is a gift, don’t keep it to yourself!’ Yes it is and something I now understand. Not feeling worthy can mean we hold back from expressing, comparing ourselves and feeling less than others. Turning this around and expressing regardless of what others think or feel, is liberating. It also means we share who we are with others, and people get to know us. Living constantly in the shadows when we could be centre stage does not do us justice. Why stay small, when we could instead embrace our true magnificence.

    1. Yes the more we express, the more we allow others to see and know us and that way there is no hiding or misunderstandings. It’s all out in the open.

  43. We are all connected – and because of that, we are not given anything that is not given to everyone else to express. We all receive everything – but it is our bodies and lived experience that makes the expression of what we receive unique and seemingly different, and if we really listen, we’ll notice that many are saying the same thing just in a different way.

    1. This is so true and why when you hear something expressed from another, it sounds so familiar if it is something you could have said or written and this is true. We do know it, and no one gets it more than another or is more gifted or special.

  44. What we have to share is often so normal to us that we do not appreciate the support it can offer another. Practicing this expression without holding back is part and parcel of our medicine chest I feel.

    1. I get this, my normal can be so different to another persons as my normal now is so different to my normal 8 years ago.

      1. Yes which is why when you fill out a survey and it asks how you are feeling you might say ‘great’ yet when you look back you might say ‘really sick’!!!
        It is all relative to where we are now.

  45. I can feel the fear in holding back and how in fact we’re protecting ourselves from the world, but in doing so we’re also incarcerating ourselves and the joy that is us. So yes expression is a gift, to be shared, and the more we embrace it, the more we can share. We support each other.

  46. “Expression is a gift, don’t keep it to yourself!” – when we free ourselves from what is our greatest fear, we often find it is our greatest joy.

    1. Absolutely, it is not given to us for us, it is given for us to share for it is never about just one of us.

  47. ‘Of what use is it, if we keep our expression to ourselves?’ Expressing to one another, and having a go at always expressing what we can feel, when it’s there to be shared, and not holding it back, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and everyone else. I liked to think that I could get away with not expressing – that if I hung around for long enough, others would naturally understand me through some kind of thought osmosis process.. which inevitably left me disappointed when it turned out they weren’t mind-readers! The only alternative to expressing how we feel is to keep it all in – and that eventually feels more uncomfortable than just getting over our fears and letting it out.

    1. That part of wanting others to read our minds is so common and yet it just leaves so much space for misunderstandings and frustration rather than just asking for what we want and saying it how it is.

  48. Beautiful Rosie, I agree expression is a gift and should be shared hence why we feel the tension in our body when we hold it back. I have experience this throughout my life and I too am starting to express more and share the wisdom and truth I have access to.

  49. Yes I have also found writing about my experiences in life including the tricky times has been very healing and therapeutic for me, especially if I write from the point of view of what have I learnt about life that would benefit everyone to hear.

    1. Yes and there is plenty that I have written and once complete I realise was just for me and part of my healing process, and then there is others that I know is for everyone.

  50. When we share ourselves with others and let them in, it is through this connection that the levels of our awareness increases, which is the gift to ourselves….and then for others, a win-win all round I would say!

  51. That’s wonderful Elizabeth and highlights the power of brotherhood, of receiving support through the expression program, and now your expression is supporting yourself and others.

  52. What I feel from your blog Rosie is that we all have equal value and that includes our expression. We are each needed to share in our own unique way and with our own angle and collection of personal experiences. There is so much to learn from one another through our expression, without expression we are literally like closed books.

    1. Yes, what one can understand from your sharing is going to be different than mine and thank god for that cause one person may be able to relate to you and another to me.

  53. Thank you Rosie for sharing the importance of expressing and writing and the responsibility we have with this. You are very inspiring and bring the simplicity to something many feel difficult and bring a realisation of the need for truth to be shared lovingly from our essence and the healing with this.

  54. In general it’s not uncommon for us to think we can’t say something for fear of upsetting another, but in truth if we do not express what feels true for us at any given moment then are we not denying another from also knowing that truth. So you could say if we dont express ourselves in full when it feels right but keep it to ourselves, it comes with an arrogance that suggests the other person may not be able to handle it. But who are we to judge another in that way? Is it not more supportive to give another the opportunity to hear something that may inspire them to change something in their lives, than not?

    1. As uncomfortable as it can be at times, it is those that love me that speak up even if they risk me reacting…. because really they know that sometimes I just need a reminder and it is not personal, but about us not being stuck in our own mud.

  55. Expressing is enormously important. If anything is held back not being expressed or even I hold back from letting the world in I feel deeply compromised the effects can range from feeling depressed to not being able to sleep and more.

    1. I know the not sleeping bit, tossing and turning and churning it over in my mind until I get up and either speak or write and stop it from ruining my sleep.

  56. I have found that too, when I express things how they are for me or simply do things how they feel to me, then once expressed, I can see clearly what is going on, it is an expansion to my awareness as opposed to thinking about things that keeps me trapped in the same loop with many thoughts to be on offer but no true opening up to the situation at hand or I am in.

  57. Every time we express truth we are blessed by the vibration truth, reflecting the Soulfulness of who we are, be it coming through us or coming to us by way of another. The more we express truth the more our world is flooded with the vibration of the light we all are in essence. And in essence, we all have worlds of truth and wisdom to share.

  58. Sharing our experiences and our wisdom with others can greatly enhance another’s life, because they have an opportunity to not make the same mistakes we have made and equally can be inspired to make different choices. When we hold back our expression we are holding back on everyone including ourselves.

    1. My life would not be how sweet it is today if it were not for those around me expressing and inspiring me to make the changes I have made.

  59. Thank you for the encouragement to simply express what we have to share. So very true, each of us has a lot to share that is of value, inspiration and help to others. We often underestimate what we know and are aware of.

    1. True Esther and I have heard this way too many times at the end of someone’s life, how they wished they had shared what they felt more often. It is time not to hold back but to enjoy our expression as part and parcel of the whole we are from.

    2. We underestimate because we don’t value ourselves or what we have to share and this is a shame for ourselves and those around us.

  60. It is great to hear how you have worked through some long held issues and gained greater awareness through sharing and expressing, ‘Sharing my writing and expressing more of what I am feeling has been a healing process.’

  61. Lovely to read Rosie and Elizabeth, I too was someone who held back writing, finding it very challenging. I now express daily, through writing, and have found it has become easier.

  62. We can rest well and deeply at night after a day of expressing ourselves in full. This is not only in words, but in our actions, the way we dress and how we move.

    1. Oh yeah, I am learning and experimenting on the dress front of expressing and it feels so good when I go past my comfort zone!

  63. I have only recently started to feel confident about what I write being in the public domain. Even writing a comment on a blog like this caused me great angst at first. I had to deal with the idea of being seen and accepting that my views matter and count just like everybody else’s. Now I’ve actually written a few blogs, so who knows what next in terms of my expressions. I agree that it expression is healing.

    1. Super point Debra, I had to work through this too, that what I have to share counts and is worthwhile, and I can feel that giving ourselves permission to express is very healing and opens us up to receive even more to express!

    2. That is great Debra, I look forward to reading your blogs. I can at times feel a bit naked when a new blog is published.

  64. I too love writing. As a child I kept a diary and the habit of that has stayed with me. Sometimes when I sit to write things will come out that I wasn’t expecting. Its as if I reveal stuff to myself through the act of putting pen to paper. Then there is the whole ritual of what journal to use, the colour and feel of the paper and what pen.

    1. It is a beautiful thing to write in a journal, something I haven’t done in years but in reading your comment I realise it is like giving yourself the time and space to stop, reconnect, feel your day and what is actually going on.

  65. Me too. I find writing is a form of healing for me and I can express my thoughts better. I feel so good when I write! 😅

    1. Thank you Puspha, it’s a very inspiring reminder you have given me of how much I also benefit in understanding myself and the world when I write down how I feel.

  66. Thank you Rosie, your blog on expression has really communicated to me how much a part it is in the healing of issues and their completion. When we are with others and don’t communicate fully it feels incomplete. In many ways expression is part of the completion process allowing us to then be ready for the next new beginning, not still stuck in many incomplete cycles.

  67. Thank you, Rosie – I agree, I get so much from reading what people have expressed in writing. When we consider the fact that we don’t think and we are a vehicle through which an energy expresses, it becomes easy to understand how nothing we say or write belongs to ourselves. It is a constant flow of energy and our body is here to express that. We all have something to offer to everyone. I must be working super hard to resist the flow when I feel like I have nothing to say or write.

  68. I love that you so openly and freely express Rosie without any holding back, it is a beautiful reflection for others to be inspired and reminded of the power and healing offered when we choose to express.

  69. Always appreciating the simplicity and thus true wisdom of the messages you bring in your writings Rosie Bason.
    If we hold back, everyone loses out. Fact.

  70. It’s like there is something inside of us, constantly trying to calculate how much is ‘won’ and how much is ‘lost’ every time we have something to say. The thing is as you show Rosie, our mind cannot fathom the true beauty of how the universe works, and how we can present exactly the thing someone else needs to hear to connect. All we need to do is choose a Loving quality and God takes care of the rest. It’s not about us but everyone else. To continue to play at being an editor and censor of divine plans is the ultimate arrogance.

    1. And sometimes we think it has to be NOW and forget that there is a whole world at play and we are just one part of that whole, and that there is a right time for everything, so there is no need to control or hold on. Just allow and surrender to being a part of that whole.

  71. I’ve never had a problem with written expression, but vocal expression can be an entirely different matter. The good news seems to be becoming proficient in one aids the other – and in all the potential avenues of expression we can enjoy, from what we wear to how we move. In fact the more I consider Serge Benhayon’s simple presentation that ‘Expression is everything’, the more I realise just how profound and far-reaching expression actually is.

  72. It is so very important to know and understand what you are sharing here, that we reflect to everyone in every moment, and how very important it thus is that we allow ourselves to express our truth so that we can inspire each other to trust more and live from our truth every day more. In that way we will build a society and systems that reflect and carry our true values.

  73. I always learn so much through other’s expression, yet when it comes to my own, and what others may learn from that, I question it – which makes no sense, because we’re all here to learn and be inspired by one another. If we’re putting pressure on ourselves that we need to express in a certain way, we’re not allowing the space for our true expression, and learning what that feels like, to flow naturally. Expression – and life – is not about perfection, but about learning – and it’s only through giving it a go that we get to feel what is true expression, and what’s not.

  74. Its funny reading about all the fears and worries you have about your expression and how it might be judged, yet it is so simple and clearly written that I cannot help but fully understand, learn from what you are sharing, and it’s so totally at odds with all the worries that you had!

  75. There is a hollow feeling of incompleteness and tension that I feel too when I hold back and don’t express myself or I know there was something I felt in a moment or conversation that wanted to come out but I did not allow it to. Appreciation feels key here and really being aware of how much impact we have when we do express how we feel either verbally or just how we walk down the street. I am discovering that when I really allow myself to just be me and don’t hide that away, it is far more inspiring to others than I often let myself feel.

    1. Yes we are always reflecting and what may be unnoticed by yourself, another may be checking out and being inspired by.

      1. So true Rosie, there is always someone watching and willing to receive our reflection, which makes us more responsible if we truly embrace this fact.

  76. I am also finding that writing is healing and realising how incredibly powerful it is. It is no wonder that many of the issues I had created in my life before I came across Universal Medicine were due to my lack of expression.

    1. I can relate to what you are sharing about the issues you had created due to your lack of expression. I never thought about it in this way but true what I have been holding back has created a lot of complications because of me not expressing what I felt was needed to express. There was a gap between feeling and expressing which caused manipulation of the truth, frustration and resentment of not feeling seen or heard instead of a willingness to see it were consequences of my own creation.

      1. And adding to this I can see how not expressing the fullness we are, not just in words and writing, but also in not allowing our inner qualities out fully and sharing all of ourselves with the world is the basis for our issues.

  77. This is something I have been constantly inspired by you Rosie, how you don’t hold back and express what is there to express for everyone…. thank you! I agree it is so powerful when we express wisdom from what we have lived. Every time I read a blog on this site I am more aware and get a deeper understanding on so many different topics.

    1. Thank you Aimee, we may not realise just how much wisdom and how much we have to offer one another because our lives and experiences are so diverse. We truly do have so much richness to offer each other.

  78. It is so gorgeous that in sharing something with the world you can address and heal what is there to be worked on whilst offering awarenesses and inspiration to others to allow them to do the same.

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