by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Brisbane

No matter what I was doing, be it working, reading, walking, swimming, resting, chatting with friends or trying to get to sleep, my body always felt agitated or shaky and my mind would be in a whirl, spinning with constant chatter.

I never felt at rest, there was always a tension and a sense of having to get on with the next thing. That there was more to do, better things to achieve, one more hurdle, goal or milestone to hit and then I could rest, be at ease and achieve a sense of completion. But when I reached that goal there was another and another and another to strive for. My restlessness built and built until my body felt wired and my mind could hold several conversations simultaneously without my being even really involved in them.

I needed coffee to get me going in the morning and then several more to make it through the day. And then to help me sleep a couple of beers or a glass of wine or two or three… but usually the whole bottle. When this wasn’t enough I’d work harder and longer than my colleagues, cycle to work, run or swim at lunch time and go to the gym on my way home. I just could not stop – I was in perpetual motion, spinning out of control. I felt like a Newtonian flywheel; the faster I went the more momentum I gathered so I could just keep going. I was the woman who could defy Newton’s first law of motion: an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted on by an unbalanced force. How ironic, as looking back I was that unbalanced force driving myself faster and harder.

I viewed this way of life as my being ambitious, driven, productive and a bit of a ‘go getter’. At first it was a good thing; it got me through high school and University, from one job to a better one and even to opening my own dental practice. It spurred me to travel, meet new people, try different things and emigrate to start a new life. But I never felt at peace, rested or able to take a break. Nothing helped stem the feeling of being restless and going at a million miles an hour on the inside. I tried long soaks in a hot bath, walks on the beach, yoga, meditation, massage, visualisation techniques, Chi Qong, New Age Music, self-help books, the works… but nothing helped. In fact most of these things made me more uptight, on edge and wound up.

A friend of mine gave me a flyer about a Universal Medicine heart chakra workshop – a whole group was going and would I like to come. Now this wasn’t really my thing, I was cynical about hippy trippy new agey stuff – none of that crap worked in my opinion – but when my friend explained it might help me relax I relented and said I’d give it a go.

I listened to this guy Serge Benhayon talk about some stuff, most of which went over my head and decided when the tea break came I was out of there. I didn’t feel relaxed at all, I needed to bolt, the chatter in my head was full steam ahead and I couldn’t sit still.

I became very aware of how completely unsettled I was and realised that this was how I felt every moment of every day, but here in this room with 50-60 other people I had no way of avoiding what was going on in my body.

Serge explained we were going to do a simple meditation. I closed my eyes and breathed gently through my nose. As I did so, something in me changed, the chatter in my head faded away to a quiet whisper and for the first time since I was a little girl I felt settled.

Settled: “to discontinue moving and come to rest in one place”.

That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.

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  1. What a beautiful settlement and one of truth for you Rachel. Quoting you : ‘That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.’
    I can imagine no other way. Hence, it is our connection that enriches life and more.. As we are part of the universe.

  2. It shows how damaging the way we live life is, that it’s a norm to be on the go, driven to succeed, to be relentless in our pursuit of study, work or other goals, and the result is such a wound up mind and body to the point of not being able to relax or in some cases sleep. And the drive doesn’t stop with one goal reached as there is still the emptiness after we succeed so in comes the next goal. Great to read this again Rachel, its such a common theme in society and accepted by the majority as normal.

  3. It’s ironic that the feeling of settlement is our natural way of being, one that our bodies love, yet if we feel that we’re not enough, or if we’re not still enough to feel and trust that connection to that settlement, then we can end up constantly searching for more. I can so relate to the drive, to the relentless motion of doing, of searching, seeking and trying new things – and the effect that this has had over the long term on my body. Realising that nothing can compare to that deep feeling of settlement and contentment means a surrender – a letting go of all the things I once thought I needed to do to be accepted, and a deeper acceptance of myself.

    1. Thank you Bryony, your comment about settlement being our natural way of being brought me the realisation that many of the systems of life, beginning with education, teach us to strive towards something outside of ourselves and to focus on the mind, which leads us away from any settlement – which means we literally have to fight the body. Though such a thing might not be seen as an abuse it actually is, as not being settled in ourselves is incredibly uncomfortable and no doubt places a lot of stress on the body. Perhaps in the future as we expand our definitions of abuse we may see the urgency of changing the many systems we have in place in life, including the education system, that actively take us out of being settled within ourselves.

  4. Constant movement is the secret to keeping us lost and in disconnection to our true self. We need a balance between motion and repose to live in harmony and our disharmonious world, in wanting to maintain its status quo aims to keep us in constant motion and we sell ourselves on this being a good thing. I agree the gentle breath meditation is a great start to bringing a balance into our lives.

  5. ‘That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.’ So true Rachel, many have lost their way and knowing there is a way to connect back to our inner essence and wisdom brings a deep settlement to our body.

  6. This just reminded me of my first ever experience of having Esoteric Breast Massage. After the session, on my way home on the bus, all of a sudden I noticed how quiet everything was – so quiet I could hear myself. It’s not that I had been bothered by the noise or the busyness of everyday life, but that was the first time I was consciously aware of its absence, and it felt like the whole space just opened up for me. I felt home.

  7. Hmm the agitation of the tick box mentality to drive our success – clearly exhausting for our body and an eroding way to live for our well-being.

  8. Something I can really appreciate now is that when I do go off in that crazy head chatter it feels awful. Whereas only a few years ago it was my normal and even more recently it was my safe haven – what would I do without the constant mental chatter!? It’s been a safety blanket for so long that now I am starting to smell how old it really is.

  9. Settlement in the body and being is precious and rare today, in a world that is seemingly spinning faster and faster; the reality is that it is our raciness producing more of itself by us being continually in motion and losing our breath.

  10. ‘That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way’. A place we cover up so well sometimes we need a light to lead the way back, and Serge has been that light for many.

  11. “the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.” The magic of reconnecting to our inner stillness.

  12. What a true blessing it is to feel this settlement and reconnection with the body and being. Ahh the memories of the many hours spent in unsettlement looking for settlement…. and to find that re- connection can be but a breath away.

  13. I have had that unrest in my body on and off my whole life. I have struggled to allow myself the space to stop, almost like I am afraid if I fully settle, I won’t want to get back up. Since becoming a student of Universal Medicine I am healing this unrest. Your account is honest and fun, thank you for the reminder to appreciate how far I have come and to reflect on what still might need some more work.

  14. Beautifully and tender written – the constant endless motion is what we are plagued with in society today, having disconnected from the one place that can give us true settlement, that all-powerful stop that reminds me of who we truly are – within.

  15. It’s like this choice we have that’s always there but we ignore it because it almost seems too simple. Life is complicated right? Well, no, but that’s what we’re taught, so instead of choosing the obvious option, we go and complicate it but taking the biggest detour on offer.

  16. It really is life changing when you realise that everything that we are striving to seek through what we do, through being driven to achieve, the recognition, the supposed success, the attention, amounts to nothing as the tension of discontent continues to unsettle us. When we discover that everything we already are is with us, within our bodies, simply awaiting to be connected to, we then come to understand the real meaning of success is living in connection to who we already are, where settlement in our body and being can be found.

  17. There is something very beautiful about this word ‘settled’ – it holds a quality that echoes the very state it is. Like ‘contentment’, reaching a place of ‘settlement’ in body and mind feels deeply holding, nurturing and enriching. It’s there I want to stay, not in the tension, stress and overwhelm of constant doing and striving.

  18. ‘I viewed this way of life as my being ambitious, driven, productive and a bit of a ‘go getter’.’

    I too spent years in a similar, frenzied momentum, thinking this was the key to getting on in life or at least coping with its demands. For me the turning point finally came 12 years ago, when I finally realised nothing I was doing to try and alleviate the constant tension I felt was working. I finally surrendered and started having sessions with a Universal Medicine-trained practitioner who I’d known for a few years personally but resisted seeing professionally. She seemed to me to be the only person I knew who was blossoming in life rather than struggling to get by. I’ve never looked back, although old habits die hard and I do still have to work consciously with the tendency to do too much. All I can say is thank God I did eventually get out of my own way, and thank God for Universal Medicine and my practitioner!

  19. I loved the gentle breath, as I breathed through my nose I realised how simple it was to actually feel my body, and up until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I had been doing everything in order not to stop long enough to feel my true connection.

  20. How lovely to finally being able to feel settled, and to bring that into your life, ‘a simple meditation. I closed my eyes and breathed gently through my nose. As I did so, something in me changed, the chatter in my head faded away to a quiet whisper and for the first time since I was a little girl I felt settled.’

  21. This sounds like many people in our world today, and certainly was how I used to be, and I have to watch bits of this do not creep back in, ‘I never felt at rest, there was always a tension and a sense of having to get on with the next thing.’ Doing at the expense of just being true to ourselves is damaging to our health and well-being.

  22. Rachel I can very much relate to always being onto the next thing and not stopping moving, however even more uncomfortable is the continual motion that goes on inside even after the physical activity has stopped. Settled: “to discontinue moving and come to rest in one place”. The beauty of being settled in oneself, particularly in ones own inner stillness, is that it can then be taken into everything we do each day.

  23. Wow! That’s extra-ordinary Rachel! To lead a life in such motion and one simple meditation to truthfully find inner-harmony!
    What is about Serge Benhayon that he can present a meditation and miraculously have that inner feeling of ‘Wow factor out of this world!’. Same thing happened to me too. I’ll never forget the wash feeling I felt in a very abused body. I have not looked back to my abusive life since. I must say it has taken me over 10 years to clear this abuse with a lot of healing to do so – miraculous on so many levels!

  24. After feeling the incredible raciness in how you used to live your life Rachel, it felt so beautiful to feel how you settled into your body; it was like a long and full sigh. And as I read I could myself settle into mine, something that is becoming easier to do these days after living in a similar way to you and suffering the consequences in a myriad of ways. Being settled in my body feels like I have come home to a warm and very cosy house.

  25. I used to view being on the go and driven as ambition. Looking back, it was very exhausting and if I had continued living that way, I would probably have done a lot of damage to myself by now. It’s been a journey to discover me and let go of my habit of wanting to keep achieving more. The idea that I am actually enough just for being me is relatively new, but when I fully embrace that fact, I do feel totally settled.

  26. I can remember spending hours at this retreat I went on ‘meditating’. The whole room felt unsettled, not to mention how uncomfortable my legs would get sitting cross-legged on the floor. At several stages throughout this whole experience I would take a peak at the ‘teacher’ and they were on stage looking very much like they had fallen asleep, which unsettled me even more. Hence, I didn’t feel any true settlement from this mediation. And then when I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation I found within 5 minutes I would feel more connected and settled in my body than I had been for a long time.

    1. It’s almost comical Vicky that we go to such lengths actually only creates more unsettlement, even though hours of meditation ticks the box. The common theme is that everyone is searching for that missing thing, but it’s simply ourselves and a true connection to who we are we are truly seeking. And, I love the simplicity of all Serge Benhayon offers, that the Gentle Breath Meditation delivers so much in such a short time.

  27. Yes the whole mindset of never feeling enough, being constantly on the go and focusing on outer achievements, to the point of not being able to rest or even sleep at night – even though the whole world congratulates you for how your life looks. The beautiful thing is we can have that settled feeling and still achieve all that we genuinely feel to, by being connected to ourselves and making it about the true quality we do things in.

  28. This place within us never leaves. It remains through life thick and thin and is there to always come back to no matter what is going on. HUGE … shows us we are far far more than what we do necessarily

  29. WOW! the power of connection to our own breath. Revolutionary one might think – but so not really.

    1. It’s quite revolutionary at the beginning and then what feels extraordinary can become our ordinary everyday – very cool really!

  30. We get so used to ‘having it all going on’ that it is hard to work out at what point we can step-in to interrupt the motion as it feels unstoppable. As you have proved it took just one moment to choose to stop, sit and breath a gentle breath at the tip of you nose and a whole other world of stillness presented itself to you. The Gentle Breath Meditation as developed by Serge Benhayon is so simple yet brings the most beautiful ‘settlement’ in our body.

  31. Such a simple, simple tool that offers the potential to powerfully and profoundly change one’s life. There are so many ‘meditations’ and techniques out there that promise this and that, but none in my experience even comes close to the pure simplicity and effectiveness of the Gentle Breath Meditation. It is as though it honours the exquisite gentleness of our very being and puts us instantly back in touch with that.

  32. I can relate to the unsettlement you write of Rachel and that constant chatter in the mind – my nervous system used to be stretched like a taut wire, until being introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation by Serge Benhayon. Everything began to change from that moment. A tool for life.

  33. Attending Universal Medicine whether it is a workshop, presentation, having a session with a practitioner or even reading a blog from Truth about Serge Benhayon can reveal and expose choices that up until that point have not been true to us. Those ill-choices are not to berate ourselves with but to appreciate the fact that we are willing to see them for what they are and then if we so choose re-imprint them with ones that do support us and our wellbeing. The exposure can be uncomfortable but it is through being exposed that we get to let go of that which is not true to live more of the love we naturally are.

  34. Feeling settled has certainly been a game changer in my life it brings a simplicity and a natural flow that feels powerful and steady and when I disconnect from this feeling it is instantly felt in my body and my mind takes over and I begin to control and complicate life.

    1. Absolutely agree Anna. Settlement has nothing to do with security or comfort, it allows us to express more fully who we are.

  35. Our hunger for something will be unquenchable as long as we don’t find that something we miss – which in life is the connection with ourselves. If it is not there nothing ever feels enough.

  36. I love reading this blog Rachel, just reading your words helps me too, to return to a state of ease in me. And isn’t that how the world works? We constantly put energy out that either confirms and builds the chaos we see, or like an anchor at sea helps support and assist people to be steady and persist. Great to consider what quality I have been putting out today.

  37. I never connected to just how anxious I was, and how the anxiousness keeps ones mind in a constant state of thought about how to organise, control and manipulate life to try and have just a couple of moments of feeling at ease. But this is how my mind worked and drove my body for years. Feeling settled in the body is light years away from a moment of feeling at ease, so the question needs to be asked, how is it that we can live a lifetime and never feel settled, content and at home in our body, when that is the thing we constantly seek and accept instead occasional moments of feeling at ease?

  38. This blog gave me chills (in a great way) I find myself feeling like a hamster on a wheel a lot of the time but you have reminded me how easy it is to stop and come back to myself. Thank you.

  39. What you show is that we can be on the go all the time but the drive for more will never cease. So it is not the doing as such that satisfies us but the quality in which we move and how we move. Thus the doing comes second while the quality we choose to move in is always the first choice that determines everything after.

  40. We can totally exhaust ourselves even when we’re physically still, by running our minds at 100mph and doing several things at once – all in our heads. Techniques like the gentle breath meditation and esoteric yoga have helped slow me down and reconnect to that space within – a steady, still and quiet place, where the mind chatter isn’t so prominent. What I’ve also felt is how that space is always there – it just takes commitment to keep coming back to it.

    1. Beautiful points Bryony, especially when it comes to racing around in our heads while sitting still (or even lying down). Our thoughts have a huge impact on us so it makes sense to be aware of them and esoteric updates and the gentle breath meditation have really helped me to be more discerning about the thoughts that come my way.

  41. I can relate to living a life of perpetual motion and feeling that actually it was a good thing and demonstrated how hard working and ambition I was. During those years I never felt settled. When I did finally reconnect to that place within it was like coming home, and from that place of settlement, I naturally make more self loving choices and can no longer live like I use to.

  42. This was so lovely to read Rachel and so easy to relate to having lived the unsettlement of a life on the go, searching for something seemingly just out of reach… only to come to find it within through the simplest of meditations… marking a powerful stop that allows you to then choose a different way and quality of moving from there in.

  43. It is fascinating to observe how we think that we will get a sense of who we are by all the activities we pursue driven by our minds, without any consideration of our bodies, when all that while it is within our bodies that our Soul dwells through which we can feel all that we are in a single moment and know that this Soulful quality needs for nothing but to simply be embraced to be to be lived.

  44. Incredible Rachel – what a way you have come and how deeply beautiful it is to be and feel settled after having felt unsettled your whole life.. I think that is almost like a miracle, yet not truly a miracle as we simply were re-united to our Way.. one that was always there.. Yet like you said, we had only lost our way.. Thank you for being so pure and real about how you feel.

  45. Beautifully said Rachel. After a lifetime of living through my nervous system ever ready to fight or take flight, in a deeply unsettled state, I am now, thanks to the teachings of Universal Medicine, learning that true settlement comes from knowing how to be still (even whilst in motion) amongst the ceaseless movement we belong to. This means connecting deeply to who we truly are and the truth we feel within so that we cannot be swayed by the outer turbulence we have no control over. As you so perfectly say, our resting place is found within and we either we choose to live in connection with this or, we do not. True settlement leads to true movement.

  46. Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing this evolutionary steps with us, and how it has changed your life. Incredible to know and see that you have settled finaly after all these years and that you had not find it somewere , but inside. A point of reflection were we all can learn from and now can trust that it is all inside.. Makes absolutely sense to why we had not found it before outside… Super true – we are the One.

  47. “I viewed this way of life as my being ambitious, driven, productive and a bit of a ‘go getter’. At first it was a good thing; it got me through high school and University” it got me onto my job and then business, but like you i was unsettled, anxious most of the time, my body was search for more. It was only through connecting back to my body with the support from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine i started to change. The anxiousness started to fade and i started to feel more settled in myself.

  48. “That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.” And to think that the whole time our connection to that feeling of stillness was simply one gentle breath away!

  49. We get to feel the futility of the busyness when we settle and connect, and the deep questions then are exposed as to why we are so busy and for what reason do we think faster is better, what are we avoiding feeling?

  50. Before we can settle we have to become honest about where our body is at and feel we are worth the settlement and the simplicity about and in the way we live. Otherwise we keep ourselves in this constant motion and our life becomes about surviving and competition every day.

  51. Simply beautiful sharing Rachel thank you, so powerfully gentle is this meditation that Serge Benhayon has brought to us so we can connect to the love and stillness that forever lives inside of us.

  52. I loved the way you shared your experience Rachel, so real and honest. What a blessing you got to experience The Gentle Breath Meditation and sharing how it supported you to reconnect to your stillness is very beautiful. To feel unsettled is not really our normal state of being, so I can understand why you were searching for answers and finding Universal Medicine has inspired you to reconnect to the stillness you never lost but just simply supported you to reignited, re-connect to something you had inside all along.

  53. This blog offers an amazing reflection of what you described in your life experience. The first part is a whirr and a spin of movement and freneticism and then once you mention the Gentle Breath Meditation all becomes simple, still and quiet. I love it! That’s what it is in a nutshell and captured so palpably in this blog. Thank you.

  54. Wow Rachel what a change you have made with simply breathing the Gentle Breath Meditation that is really inspiring. I love what you have found: “That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.”

  55. The gentle breath meditation was the first meditation ever that truly connected me with my body and my breath, and I no longer absorb but are able to observe life and people around me.’That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.’

  56. Gosh I just realize how we can go on and on and on and on and the chatter does in our minds and the tension in our bodies gets higher and the pushing through the days become normal and so on and so on – while … the stillness we are all original come from is just a breath away. Just a choice away. What a blessing.

  57. Wow, I love this, thank you Rachel. I love the way you express and use words. You are a true story teller, bringing that what is important to the fore, lighthearted and swift with both feet on the ground, then concluding with a simplicity that lets you go nowhere but stay with the truth.

  58. “I viewed this way of life as my being ambitious, driven, productive and a bit of a ‘go getter’. ” I can relate to that, as I was running away from the deep hurt within, had lost my path, this was the only way to keep going, bury my self in my career, working hard, long days and socialising late nights.

  59. “I closed my eyes and breathed gently through my nose. As I did so, something in me changed, the chatter in my head faded away to a quiet whisper and for the first time since I was a little girl I felt settled.” The true power of our own breath so beautiful Rachel.

  60. The Gentle Breath Meditation brought me an ease, a settlement and a connection from the first time I did it. Even after years of dedicated time with other meditations, I had not felt this. But here I was after 10 short minutes feeling exactly as you described Rachel, finally at one with myself.

  61. “That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.” I love this Rachel. Same here – so grateful to have found ( and continue to find and deepen ) my way back. In sharing the gentle breath meditation with more and more people the effect is profound.

  62. For me the Gentle Breath Meditation has been the start of no longer taking on emotions from others and to not get lost in my own emotions. To reconnect to this place of stillness in myself has been the start of having simplicity in my life.

  63. Rachel that is gold: “That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me; it had been there all the time, I had simply lost my way.” With your honest blog you showed us where to go – inside – more is not needed.

  64. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a true gift to humanity. A simple way to reconnect to the stillness within.

  65. Rachel, I too was restless and in constant motion throughout most of my life and like you, the first time I practiced the Gentle Breath Meditation the feeling of my mind and body being in the same place at the same time was like a homecoming, back to me. I now practice it daily and my life has a much more harmonious flow to it.

  66. Coming back to this blog and the comments it feels like while there is a part of me that knows and has experienced the truth of the Gentle Breath Meditation and what bringing a focus to how our body is moving as apposed to what our mind is telling us what to do. There is a part of me that has given up on this truth even though there is clear evidence that this is the way to true health and vitality. To which I question, why has this occurred? what is the driving force behind the inactivity and is this even the real me that has given up but something I have falsely identified with and if so, what are the benefits of doing such? One comment from Serge Benhayon in one of the Way of the Livingness presentations that has always stuck with me is that ‘if we didn’t need it we wouldn’t do it’ like sleep or blinking etc – so then what need is being met by giving up on being settled in the body?

  67. Dear Rachel, I too came to this place of rest through the gentle breath meditation. I lost my way too. My style was shutting down and very anxious and not trusting myself and others anymore. The gentle breath allowed a stop, reconnect to me and then my journey to health and healing transpired. Thank you for sharing your story Rachel.

  68. Drive, motion, constant doing – it can all be something society encourages as it can be seen as ambitious and the “go getter” attitude is applauded. Yet it is intrinsically not sustainable and has a huge toll on the body. I have used it as a distraction away from myself and me as a being. Take away all the doing and I’m a bit lost (for now!).

  69. I’m realising how consistent my mind is in thinking about what it will do next. Yesterday as I was walking to the bus stop to meet my son after school I caught myself planning what I would do next, and after that, and that and that…I stopped and decided to simply do what I was doing in that moment without thinking ahead and planning. I was walking to the bus stop. I had the choice to enjoy that moment. I’m realising how unsettled my body is when I am not only in constant motion and doing but in the planning of it.

  70. I was just the same Rachel. Never ceasing drive fuelled by caffeine and then booze every night. I never felt settled in my body always being under constant tension. The gentle breath meditation was a game changer for me. It stopped me in my tracks and made me realise there was far more to life than constantly doing.

  71. What we are able to do, and how it effects others, when we come from a settled place in our bodies is so very different. Even the difference that we feel when we enter a room or office where the staff are settled or not can have a massive impact on our bodies so I guess my responsibility lays in what state am I in and how is that then effecting everyone I meet be it in the street or in the office.

  72. It was lovely to re read your blog today Rachael, as I can relate to always having to do one more thing, and being busy and the feeling of that racyness running through my blood is something that I was never even aware of in the past as it was my normal. These days I know it because I also know what it feels like to be still so if I am not, it stands out loud and clear. What I do love and appreciate though, is these days I actually do more things than ever before and accomplish more, but without that same drive. The way that I do things has changed. I do them with me, in respect of my body rather than like a headless chicken running around, trying to do a million things at once so to speak.
    Just thinking of the racyness and drive, the constant busy busy rush rush and I instantly remember the tension in my body and now with what I know and have experienced it is no wonder I couldn’t sleep well and then you see the cycle of needing more coffee and then the alcohol later to slow you down.

  73. It is beautiful to be reminded of how extraordinary something as simple as the Gentle Breath Meditation has been able to have such a profound effect on thousands of people. I love that website is providing easy access for the whole world to experience the power and effects of the Gentle Breath Meditation with many recordings of free meditations for all to enjoy.

  74. What you share Rachel about being unsettled and your view of life as being ‘ambitious, driven, productive and a bit of a ‘go getter’, this is something most people look up to and celebrate this fast pace way of life, often associated with being ‘successful’. But it is really true ‘success’ if we are not able to truly stop, appreciate and enjoy what we do? And to have that continuous feeling of being unsettled is very common but not at all supportive for us in any way pushing ourselves to operate a hundred miles an hour. It is an inspiration to read that you have found this place of rest and feeling settled from within by doing the Gentle Breath Mediation. It is such a simple, powerful, supportive and loving tool. The difference from how you felt from when you first walked into to the group of people to how you felt when you left must have been an amazing, awesome experience.

  75. The eternal pursuit of finding true settlement can be fraught with many twists and turns and spiritual quests as we search outside of ourselves for something to fix us. We tick box after box, achieve goal after goal but it is never enough for there is always more. Like you Rachel I too have found the gentle breath mediation supportive, in fact it is literally like coming home to yourself and gives you a true foundation of settlement to build your days upon.

  76. The settlement that you felt once you did the gentle breath meditation brought tears to my eyes, as I remember when I first felt that again and in that moment I knew there was another way to be and live. I lived in that constant state of alert and nervousness all day everyday, from the moment I woke up to when my head hit the pillow it was there. I actually used nervous energy to get things done, and thought that it was good as I was able to stay very disorganized and then in minutes boost myself to get the job done. Now I am seeing more clearly little ways in which I complicate things, I can then choose a simple option and the difference in my body is worlds apart.

  77. ‘I was that unbalanced force driving myself faster and harder.’ Yep, no-one to blame but ourselves and our choices.

  78. The gentle breath meditation along with a few other modalities have helped me connect to my stillness within

  79. It is amazing that the gentle breath meditation works like this. I also had an enormous amount going on in my head and sometimes I thought if I could just scream and scream it would relieve the pressure. I didn’t do that but found with esoteric healings and the gentle breath meditation, I no longer have that pressure or those manic, too many thoughts, days. Not ever. Whenever I have any kind of pressure feeling in my body, I do not let it go on. I now have the tools to deal with anything that comes and I have so much support to call on if necessary, it is beautiful.

  80. It is certainly a life changer to have that stop moment and to really feel into our bodies. Who would of thought that the very thing we are chasing in life was all the time inside of us just waiting to be felt and accepted, opening up a whole new stream of choices for us to make – self loving choices. Connecting to ourselves not, to something ‘out there’ which is so often the distraction that is presented in the form of many new age alternatives. I started to get hooked myself into that search for that ‘something’ and not one other practised group participation therapy touched the innate quality of the Gentle Breath Meditation which for myself and for so many others has been a life changing experience.

    1. The Gentle Breath Meditation has completely changed my life, I use it to reconnect back to the stillness of my inner-heart, even at my desk at work. Marion I agree that it is a real life changing experience.

  81. The way you describe the change when you did the Gentle Breath Meditation is similar to my experience Rachel Hall. I have done hours of meditation and plenty of Yogic breathing exercises so it is laughably ridiculous to be introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation and find within a few dedicated minutes it transformed how I felt by bringing me closer to my essence. It is difficult to describe how something so easy and simple could have such a different result compared to the other techniques I had tried yet at the same time it feel absolutely known and familiar- it makes sense as it is connecting me back to me. It also calls to question the agenda of the other techniques I had tried…..

  82. The Gentle Breath Meditation is so simple, there is no sitting in a certain way, no need to sit for hours at a time, no need to imagine being somewhere, no need to stare at a lighted candle, and no need to try and make the mind go blank. It is simply to come back to focusing and connecting to your own breath, breathing gently to the best of your ability and allowing yourself to just be.

  83. Love it Rachel the Gentle Breath Meditation also allowed me to stop the constant whirring of my mind and finally feel settled in myself and come to a place of exquisite stillness in my body. As others have shared this allows me to achieve much more than I ever did when I was running around in headless chicken mode.

  84. Thank you Rachel for sharing your first experience with the Gentle Breath Meditation. Reading this I was reminded of how powerful learning this Meditation was for me as well, a practitioner taught me the Meditation and the feeling of love and spaciousness I felt inside inspired me to book a session with Serge Benhayon the following week. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a simple and truly profound technique that has changed people’s lives enormously.

  85. It is beautiful to read, I know how my thoughts can run me for a long time, and it keeps running for a long time very often. But when I choose to listen to my body again, I can feel this stillness inside that is always there. Which I sometimes have to be reminded of by myself or someone else.

  86. I loved reading your blog Rachel – the Gentle Breath Meditation alone has brought so many people back to themselves, just love it. Sounds like you really had it going on in all areas of your life, wow, what a complete beautiful re-imprint you have now as a constant in your life from mad rush to motion in connection.

  87. In re-reading this awesome sharing again today. Reflecting with great appreciation for Serge Benhayon introducing the Gentle Breath Meditation. Until that point I’d used so many excuses, upon excuses to suppress that ever busy mind, hiding in more ‘doing’ was not the solution just a numbing of the truth of what I was allowing/choosing to go on in my life. It was like searching for complexity to solve the riddle of all that doing, who would of thought something so gentle as the Gentle Breath Meditation would bring about such an inner stillness, clarity and connection to the body, the results of which are life changing.

  88. It has taken a while but I too can relate to feeling settled in my body, it doesn’t last long but I cannot deny that in order to feel rested and settled it requires nothing of us from the outside. Only a choice to surrender to ourselves and what is within can bring that sense of rest. Should my mind get chattery now I know to focus on my body rather than trying to do things in order to calm down the at times crazy intense chatter. A rushed, harsh and tense body supports the racy thoughts whereas gentle and loving movements in the body support a calmer mind.

    1. This is a lovely comment Leigh and I can relate to the constant busyness and following exhaustion. It’s true that we have the choice as to which way we want to operate our bodies and that this has an impact on our minds. I really notice now when I am running myself in chaotic circles, thinking that I am getting things ‘done’. If I haven’t pulled myself up, my body will certainly remind me when I go to bed at night and find that I can’t fall asleep because of a racing mind!

    2. ‘I cannot deny that in order to feel rested and settled it requires nothing of us from the outside. Only a choice to surrender to ourselves and what is within can bring that sense of rest.’ The simplicity and truth of this is very profound. You also offer another awesome truth that ‘ A rushed, harsh and tense body supports the racy thoughts whereas gentle and loving movements in the body support a calmer mind.’ And this is something we can change for ourselves in an instant. Starting and ending the day by consciously allowing our body to be gentle and loving is a great way to start this practise.

  89. I have done lots of different meditations in my life but none come close to the Gentle Breath Meditation in it’s simplicity and the qualitative changes it brings to the body and mind. Done over a period of time this meditation can change lives, and does.

  90. I used to love completion, but never would take time to rest, so on to the next project always more to be done, this way of living left my nervous system very exhausted. There will always be more to do, but these days I pace myself, feeling not to push, but to feel how my body is feeling, stopping and doing my gentle breath brings me back from any raciness my body may be going into.

  91. When I read your blog Rachel and then some of the many comments claiming similar I am in complete awe and a bit gobsmacked. Serge Benhayon is leading a quiet revolution here through something as simple (and free) as the Gentle Breath Meditation. He has provided a tool to support people to stop living in that 100 miles a minutes kinda way and to connect to themselves and a place of stillness that exists within us all. And for this foundation it is quite incredible what can be achieved. This needs to be the front page of all media outlets and online. The world needs to know about this for sure.

  92. Rachel, I used to feel the buzz of nervous tension and raciness in my body all the time even occasionally when I lay in bed. It was something I just lived with, not knowing how to get myself out of it, until meeting Serge Benhayon who introduced the gentle breath meditation and a whole new way to be with in connection with my body and to quieten my mind.

  93. ‘That place of rest, the place where I felt settled was inside me’ The Gentle Breath Meditation is a true way to reconnect back to your ‘self’ and allow the raciness to fall away.

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