I Treat Myself With Love

by Anne Malatt, Australia

I have always loved to treat myself, to reward myself for working hard, to give myself something to make up for what I felt I was lacking, to substitute for love.

What were these treats?

  • When I was little, they were sweets. We were allowed one ice cream every Sunday morning, and that was our weekly treat. That was my religion – I looked forward to and savoured that moment of the week!
  • On birthdays, we had parties with sweet treats – fairy bread, blancmange, cake. I used to save some of my birthday cake to have for breakfast the next day ­– it was my favourite part of my birthday – a sweet treat to make up for the fact that it was no longer my special day.
  • As I grew older, the nature of the sugar changed – tiramisu, pavlova, champagne, chocolate, liqueurs – but in essence it remained the same.

Why the need for these treats?

I always felt cheated by life. I felt that somehow I had missed out, missed the point of it, that something was missing. Life never felt enough for me. I never felt enough for me.

As time went by, these sweet treats were never enough either. I was a bottomless pit of need. I could never get enough sweets to make me feel good. I got fatter, sicker, sadder, heavier, trying to fill the emptiness inside me.

There came a time when I knew I could not go on like this, that there had to be another way. I went searching for different ways to fulfil myself and finally, after a long hard road, with many false trails and dead ends, I found Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

There I learned that everything was inside me. That there was nothing outside that was greater than me. I learned to connect with the greatness in me through the simplicity of breathing my own breath. And through this connection I have gradually learned to listen to my body, which holds the living wisdom of everything I have ever lived and known.

In this way I have learned to truly treat myself. To treat myself with kindness, gentleness and loving care. To treat myself with the love I deserve, because I am love and I come from love.

And on the days when I struggle and go looking for sugar, I see that as a sign, showing me that I am not my true self, and an invitation to stop, go deeper, and come back to myself, where everything already is.

Now, every day is a treat. And every day I treat myself – with love.

I am forever inspired by the life and work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

249 thoughts on “I Treat Myself With Love

  1. Anne I understand the sweet treats and they still play out in my life today. The remnants of rewarding myself for working so hard, something that was observed within the family too, as I was growing up. And in that process my teeth became sensitive, as the effects of sugar in whatever format it it was in, eroded the enamel. Yet it mattered not as the ignorance and arrogance was that it will be fixed!

    Even though it is far from perfect, my go to’s are not like they used to be in the past. I am not owned as much by these stimulants, like before. I am more discerning.

    I would rather the sweetness of my own essence, my own magnificence, feed and nourish this body, than a manufactured, false addiction, that lifts, and drops you like a ton of bricks. Then to only reach for more, again and again.

    My essence and magnificence is continually pouring through me, ready to be offered and reflected to another…Now that’s LOVE…

  2. I can still relate to this. Years ago I used to claim I was a savoury fan and my sibling was the sweet fan. Little did I know that secretly I was a sweet person too, it was enveloped in alcohol and fizzy drinks!…

    Years down the track, there’s always a moment when I crave for sweetness, and it is correct, it is a moment where I’ve dropped, gone into drive and need something to pep me up.

    It is that when we connect to that magnificence within us, is far more sweeter than what we ingest, which is temporary. They’re still more to go, but as I discover more of what is within me, I know the treats, the artificial deservings will drop away.

    1. Henrietta, love it. Both are unloving and unsupportive to me. A simple question yet a powerful statement with everything that is occurring in this world.

  3. What I find interesting is that the treats and rewards that we are drawn to are often ones that are not that supportive for the body – sweets or alcohol for example do not ‘treat’ the body in any beneficial way and yet we have classified them as treats or rewards. But what are we really then seeking if we realise that we are not doing ourselves any favours? This is a good question to ask for as Anne has presented in this blog, what is really needed to love ourselves up? And if we are not wanting this, then what are we actually doing to ourselves? Perhaps the more correct word is “Mis-treat” until such time that we instead choose to truly treat/love ourselves up.

    1. Sweets and alcohol are easy go to’s and easily purchasable from the supermarkets too. I would rather the simplicity of home cooked foods, that is full of love and made from love. Soul food, enriching and nourishing.

  4. Treats and especially in the form of food is a big one for many of us. I know that I break my day up into parts based on food – my morning cuppa, my lunch time, my dinner and my tea at the end of the day. But why such a dependency on these things when really it is about enjoying the in-between moments too?

  5. This life of seeking treats is such a common phenomenon. There is really so much of us that is motivated based on the treat or the temptation that sits at the end point ‘waiting for us’ and in the process shifts our focus to the end point rather that the steps themselves, and so we live life based on the end rather than the journey itself hence we miss out on the real treat which is to be with ourselves throughout the journey itself.

  6. Many people feel they need treats, or rewards, may be worth taking a moment to ask self why this is? ‘Why the need for these treats? I always felt cheated by life. I felt that somehow I had missed out, missed the point of it, that something was missing. Life never felt enough for me. I never felt enough for me.’

  7. One of the troubles with sugar is that it sends so many false messages to the brain and we can never understand or feel when we are full, or had enough, until we feel ill, so at times it becomes difficult to stop eating.

      1. As well as a preservative type poison that kills probiotics, that is white sugar, so to remain healthy seeing our probiotic are our life line to digestion of our foods, white sugar should be placed on a banned substance list and then Hospitals would all be to big!!!

  8. I wonder if we think we deserve a reward because we somehow feel we are having to do something against our own will.

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