Thinking Life Was All About Me

By Rosie Bason, Mullumbimby, NSW

I have lived most of my life thinking that I could do everything on my own, that I did not need anyone’s help and I should never rely on others because they will probably let me down. I also really believed that if I did it on my own it would be better. I thought my life was all about me, and not about all of us!

I can laugh at myself when I get really honest. It’s crazy how we can choose to live… and even scarier is the fact that most of the time, we can be unaware of it. 

So my experience was that everything was difficult, a struggle, and nothing seemed to flow except on those very rare occasions.

What I experience today is quite different.

I have started to allow people to be part of my life, I have accepted that I do not need to be perfect and I do not need to do it all on my own.

The hard flog without any helping hands is a thing of the past.

What I am experiencing these days is beautiful. When I choose to do a project, and I allow others to be part of it, I get so much support and the project is even grander than I expected because it is not just myself adding to it, but others who are in my life do too.

In the last month for example, with two different projects, I have been offered support, either financially or just from people being there to assist me where needed and to offer their advice or suggestions. I am not used to it, but it feels so lovely. I don’t feel separate and alone on a mission, I feel like we are in it together and the only person that was stopping that in the past was me.

I stopped it because I chose to not let other people be part of what I was doing. I did not open up and trust others. I kept them out and created my own feeling of being alone.

When I let go of the control and get the ‘my life is all about me’ out of the way, I allow room for so much more than I ever imagined. When I allow others to be part of everything, we all get so much more because life’s not just about me, it’s about all of us.

This writing has been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

182 thoughts on “Thinking Life Was All About Me

  1. I agree Henrietta, life is about team work. This team work is every where and all around us. Without that, life is simply not there. We are part of a whole and we need to play that part in order for the whole to be…

  2. I feel you have written about my life too, “I did not open up and trust others. I kept them out and created my own feeling of being alone”. I relate to this very much especially about the loneliness. It is true we create many of our ailments, emotions, because we are afraid to trust and let others in. When we really explore this further after we’ve taken the first step to make changes in our lives, this is no different to becoming immersed when watching a movie.

    When we let go of more and more, we come to realise it is about all of us too. We need each other to keep the world evolving and when we are open and trusting, we realise we are not alone – it was just an illusion that was fed to us separate.

  3. There is so much more to life than I realised at first, and reading this blog by Rosie, has once again reminded me of the bigger picture and how life is all about team work.

  4. Making life a struggle is something that I have a bad habit of doing, even though things are a lot easier than what I make them to be…knowing this is exposing that I like struggle or that I feel comfortable with this or that it is something I am familiar with and hence choose that due to familiarity. But how important is it to realise this …so that I can then gradually begin to make some changes and allow myself to enjoy doing things with ease instead of difficulty. Wow that sounds like a fantastic idea! This obviously needs to be a work in progress.

  5. Rosie, this is the perfect blog for me to be reading now – I have just been caught up in feeling like I am having to do things by myself, and now I feel like crying realising how silly this is and how OK it is to reach out and also to realise that we are here to work together. Thank you!

  6. I can relate with what you share in this blog Rosie, and yes I used to think life was about me, ‘I thought my life was all about me, and not about all of us!’

  7. “When I choose to do a project, and I allow others to be part of it, I get so much support and the project is even grander than I expected because it is not just myself adding to it”. I know for me if I have a picture or expectation of how something is supposed to be I’ve already limited it. Being open to what people bring feels lovely, it allows an expansion to projects that pictures or doing things alone place a restriction on.

  8. It’s very honouring of ourselves and others to work together, to let people in and not try to tackle things alone. Perfect read for me today, particularly around group work “I get so much support and the project is even grander than I expected because it is not just myself adding to it, but others who are in my life do too.” Thank you Rosie.

  9. Thank you Rosie, and can I paraphrase what you have shared, because life can take many twists and turns and it is up to us to twist instead of turning and turning instead of twisting so we are on a true path to reconnect with our Soul-full-essences.

  10. Many of us develop a fixated posture about life and we behave as if the world is going to end if we let that go. It is a beautiful moment when we realise that the earth doesn’t stop spinning just because we have dropped the ball. Beyond our perceived control, there’s so much more.

    1. Love what you have shared here Fumiyo – control is a big one to let go of and so it is that strength and courage are indeed needed to surrender to what we know to be true deep within whilst living in a world that fights the truth that we all know one day we will return to.

  11. It’s a huge consciousness to do it alone, to struggle, to not let people in to help, etc, I can still see elements of it in my own life. What feels beautiful about what you’ve shared here is the equality we all share and the unique expressions we have, and when we allow in support of others and all they bring the world (and our world) is much richer for it.

  12. I was much like you Rosie being an advocate for going it alone and loved the control in that, but I also believed that I was a strong woman due to how much I was seen to be able to take on and handle on my own. Over the years I have learnt that in fact opening up to others, learning and exploring the meaning of transparency and letting people in has in fact been deeply confirming, inspiring and evolutionary in that there is so much for us to learn from each other and in ourselves when we are open to love.

  13. I can relate to having to be in control and ‘life is all about me’, and how exhausted this made me, and how small my world was! Like yourself Rosie, having let go of both, life flows easier in the sense of whatever I need flows to me effortlessly simply because I have committed to life and in doing so feel a greater purpose that gets me up in the early hours of the morning to start my day.

  14. If I am honest I can say that I have suffered with the me, me syndrome for most of my life, and can vouch for the fact that it was a very lonely, cold and narrow form of existence. Since I made my life not only about me but also about others I now live with more joy, fun and harmony on a daily basis plus my health and wellbeing have improved massively.

  15. Yes I can relate to thinking life was all about me, it really reduces everything and myself when I live in this way. It took me a while to ask for support and to accept it, it is a beautiful confirmation when we do and to feel the power of working together in a harmonious way.

  16. The ‘me’ ‘me’ ‘me’ syndrome runs really deep. To truly get over it takes, time, healing, awareness, love and commitment. It is not just allowing to do things with others, or being open to collaborate with others. It runs way much deeper than that.

    1. It is so true Eduardo well said – our spirit simply wants to own anything and everything in its plight and thirst for individuality and to create, and control is its main ‘man’ so to speak, a sure way to diminish the power of the divine volume that is available to flow through us when we surrender to our connection to Soul and live for the all.

  17. I love this Rosie because the moment you realise that life is not about you then life starts to make sense, it starts to mean something, there’s purpose, it’s like living in a tunnel and then stepping out into the open, you realise there’s a whole big world out there and that we are simply a small part of something very grand.

  18. Feeling alone and thinking that one is alone and has to do everything on their own is what individuality brings, it lets us believe that we are a unit of our own and need to fight for our own sake and survival. All the while we are part of a grand whole where everything harmonises and works in rhythm together. How far we are from the truth of our own making by constantly focussing on the me-factor that in truth does not exist – .

    1. And adding to what you have shared Esther, living in “a grand whole where everything harmonises and works in rhythm together” is nothing like being a lemming who blindly follows but all about reconnecting to our essences and feeling the True relationship we have with everyone.

  19. Life isn’t actually much fun if we just make it about ourselves, there’s no depth, no true love, no purpose and we just get stuck in our own tornado of what we need or what we’ve done wrong. But if we live knowing life isn’t just about ourselves but about everyone it puts a whole new perspective on life and we start to understand we are actually here for a reason, that is not just self-serving, but serving a bigger picture.

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