The Morning Routine

by Tony Steenson, 36, Bricklayer, Goonellabah, Australia

Fourteen years ago my morning routine was:

  • Go to work {didn’t need to wake up as I was still awake from the day before}.

About ten years ago my morning routine was:

  •  Wake up
  •  Get stoned
  •  Grab some lunch (loaf of bread, tomatoes , salt & vinegar chips, chocolate if I hadn’t eaten it all the night before)
  •  Off to work.

All that in 30 minutes, although I could do it in 5 if needed. There was also still a bit of my fourteen years ago morning routine going on as well. 

Six years ago my morning routine was:

  • Wake up
  • Breakfast of baked beans on toast
  • Get lunch ready {whatever I could find in fridge}
  • Go to work.

This took maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour but always rushing to get out the door.

My morning routine now:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed from my sleep
  • Cup of tea
  • Work on computer for an hour or so
  • Stretches and exercise
  • Prepare my lunch for the day {often baked vegetables that have been pre-prepared}
  • Breakfast of what I feel like at the time {anything from soup to eggs to leftovers or even an apple}
  • Leave home for a great day anywhere from 5.30 am – 6 am.

I sometimes rotate the order in which I do these activities.

I also do housework each morning to support my family.

I can now fit so much more into my mornings as a result of living a great life and including routines and rituals that really support me; I rarely rush out the door, as I hate the anxiousness it puts me in.

My mornings and my morning routines are now glorious.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

126 thoughts on “The Morning Routine

  1. Tony, your writing in this expression of your transformation is truly newsworthy. Why is this story not making headlines all over the world when we see and feel what the disregard your previous lifestyle costs in all sorts of ways…health, wellbeing, stress, family relationships, customers, let alone the communal costs to the tax payer over time with the health effects? Thanks so much for sharing this, Tony.

      1. I totally agree with you ladies. Unlike the head-lines that usually grace the broadcasts of what we see and hear- the sharing of inspirational stories like Tony’s total lifestyle transformation are more than news-worthy in my eyes – in fact it could transform not only the news itself but those that read and listen to it equally.

    1. I agree bernadetteglass. This kind of transformation seems unbelievable. When there is so much money being poured into medical research, Tony’s changes show a complete turnaround in lifestyle to be living a more healthy and full life, supported by his choices. Why is this not in the headlines? I can imagine in the bricklaying industry that living like this must be extremely rare and is indeed newsworthy.

      1. Maybe the ‘brickies’ could start up a Wellbeing Newsletter! We need these transformative stories to spread far and wide – there is another way of living and relating to others. Tony is a beautiful example of this and of the power of trusting himself and the difference he can make.

  2. Not just are your mornings Glorious, but they are an inspiration to your whole family!
    much Love,
    your loving wife.

    1. Yes, it is all the additional benefits of you living this way now that need to be shared with all. What a beautiful relationship to be in where you are inspired by each other.

  3. Tony, I loved how you have shared the change in your morning routine. I too found how my routines and rituals support me. I agree with Bernadette, this story should be on the front page news!

  4. Tony, I know that feeling of anxiousness that you write about if you are rushing. I too have changed my morning routine and have time for so much more and it feels great to not have to rush, and to in fact have time to exercise and to just be still for a few moments before the busy work day begins.

    1. The rushing is deadly. In our family it was always capped off by the final squeeze to get the kids off to school, although the set up starts well before this. Invariably it led to arguments, shouting and sending them off in a less than ideal state to then have to deal with everything that then gets thrown at them in the classroom. It does not take much, but that little bit of space is HUGE in the impact it has on our days.

  5. Loved this sharing Tony, such a clear and inspiring example of how one is able to change the world as they know it, simply by taking true care and responsibility for their body and how they are in that body. The spaciousness of your current morning routine is the living proof of that and that living proof cannot not be argued with.

  6. Thanks Tony. I have had a very similar experience with my morning routines. Making more time in the mornings was something I tried to do a few years ago because I was trying to do way too much, so I would stay up late, then wake early and tried to finish off a degree like this. It didn’t last long…

    Now, due to some very simple loving choices that I’m making, my body is naturally waking up early and I am not only able to get more done in the day, but also prepare for the day ahead. The whole day flows so well and I even get to enjoy some playtime with my 3 year old in the morning, which I’ve noticed sets him up for a wonderful day also. Thank you for sharing Tony. It is beautiful.

  7. How great have been the changes in your self care, Tony! Awesome to read and I know you are feeling awesomely more alive and connected to yourself and your life because of your current choices.

  8. Hey Tony, the simplest things – yet the most profound changes and opening up of time that a supportive and loving approach can take.

  9. A person who is living as you were 14 years ago, will read your blog and wonder what the fuss is about. They won’t see how different it makes daily life. A person who is connected to living fully will read your blog and feel the enormous changes you have made in claiming your own life. They will celebrate the changes you’ve made, celebrate for you and celebrate for all of humanity, as one more returns to truly living.

  10. You are not just an inspiration to your family, but to ALL.

    Maybe there is another blog about how far you have come with your work as a builder. I recall seeing you laying bricks some years ago and the gentleness and care you gave to each brick as you set-out and then laid, was awesome even then.

  11. Tony, this is AWESOME. It’s simple and humorous and truly inspiring! I’m sure many people can learn from this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Wow Tony…a powerful before and after snapshot of just one part of your day. Inspiring, and communicates a whole package of information like pictures do so well….look forward to the snap shot of your evening routine!

    1. The wind down and completion of our day is just as important as the start of day so I totally agree Adrienne. I also would love a snap shot of your before and after evening routine Tony!

  13. Tony – this is a great post. It proves that transformation is really possible and that it is not painful or about having to give up the things you like – just making better choices.. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. INCREDIBLE! I used to stay up working in my art studio until 3 am. Now I am getting up at about that time instead – its a beautiful time of day and as you say, we can so lovingly prepare for our day and get loads of things done before leaving for work, all in a leisurely way. Thank you Tony for such a light, joyful and honest post.

  15. Your ‘love in progress’ was very clear, Tony. I particularly related to the feeling of anxiousness if you rush out the door. It is so much more loving – not just for you, but for everyone you meet that day – to make space in your day to day routines. This is something I am also working on, so a big thank you for the reminder!

  16. Wow, thank you all for your great responses. It is incredible at what I have achieved but at the same time it is no great drama. All I did was listen to my body and apply common sense.

    If I don’t sleep, eventually I get tired. If I don’t set up my day in a loving way, it will set me up in an unloving way.

    No rocket science needed just a commitment to caring for one’s self.

    1. Yes, but you made the commitment to yourself and although not a big deal well worth celebrating and appreciating.

  17. Reading this blog makes me feel very joy-full! It is a living proof of how we can change our lives. Thank you for sharing and making my day. 😉

    1. Thanks Raymond, I feel at times we can bypass the common sense approach and go with an ideal or belief and that often causes difficulty.

  18. I love how you have shared this Tony. As I read this it is clear that you have moved on without attachment or angst to the way you used to start your day, to now just accepting the glory of how you start your day. An inspirational blog, thank you.

  19. A builder building something very special for himself and his family and this care will be in every brick that is laid. Beautiful.

  20. What a loving and supportive transformation you have made Tony – truly a gorgeous way to start your day. Thanks for your awesome sharing.

    1. Thank you Jade, we set up each moment by how we are in the previous moment, so each moment supports the next. Knowing this and putting it into action has been a fantastic support as my sleep pattern or lack of it in the early days guaranteed that I would be on edge in the morning.

  21. Tony,
    So simple, yet one of the most awesome blogs I have read. It truly feels super amazing to honour our bodies and to live with rituals and routines that are truly offering us loving support.

    1. I cannot recall how I thought I used to enjoy my past life(10-20 years ago). In saying that it is easy to tell that our thoughts aren’t ours. My life back then was very spur of the moment living, nothing was really planned and if it was those plans were often broken, but I am naturally a person that is very much in order, I love things to be organized exactly how I want them at work, home, in life in general as I know that without the order there is likely to be interruptions that will effect the flow in how I like to operate.

      1. Dear Tony, I know what you mean about how you like things to be organized. I too have discovered that I like things to be organized. Yet for much of my adult life I lived in a house that was in constant disarray. Now as I feel how I truly like things to be I am re organizing my house and in doing this am finding that this supports me keeping a level of order in how I am living my day.

      2. If there is no order in which we do things it makes it very difficult for life to flow smoothly, it will be very stop, start, stop, stop, start. Having an organised life means that the stops are often only pauses as you know exactly where everything is and you don’t have to spend half a day looking for it because you thought you put it over there only to realise that it was left where it was used last time.

  22. The changes we see and feel are because of the choices we absolutely make. Tony you have shown amazing love for yourself in the shifts you have made. Beautifully expressed.

    1. Thank you Lee, my life is completely different but the same if you know what I mean.
      Many of the behaviours I had in my life are gone and that is because I no longer choose the self abusive way of living I once did. But I still lay bricks for a living in the same area. I was going to say to look at nothing has changed, but my appearance has radically been altered. What I was trying to say was that we don’t have to stop what we are doing in order to allow change to happen, we simply must address the quality in which we are living.

      1. Absolutely amazing what you share here Tony, so true and so simple. I love what you say here that “we don’t have to stop what we are doing in order to allow change to happen, we simply must address the quality in which we are living.” This is so powerful! You have to go public with this and share your experience with the world. Just what you wrote here in this amazing, short and simple blog is ground-breaking. In your writing the reader can literally feel how the level of care increases and how the love expands and is holding everybody, wow!!!

      2. Yes Rachel the shift in our quality is the key and all that needs to follow magically happens, this is God and us working together.

  23. This change is remarkable and should be deeply appreciated. It made me stop and feel the changes I have made to my morning routine too.

    1. I always knew the morning set you up for what kind of a day you were going to have but many years ago the way I was living wasn’t allowing me to set anything up besides a drug deal. I wasn’t living, I was merely existing. And thank you Sally the changes are remarkable and worthy of a celebration every day.

  24. That’s an amazing morning routine you now have! and I love that you’re never rushing out the door, how inspiring. I love reading all of your blogs Tony, you are an amazing inspiration.

  25. Yes Tony – your morning routine is glorious and very inspiring. I can feel how the way you live supports you, your family, your colleagues and everyone you meet. There is so much love we can express when we truly prepare for the day ahead.

  26. In what you write in your blog we can see how radically the quality of life becomes better if we care for ourselves in how we create space to do everything with love and grace.

  27. The evolution of Tony – what an pleasure to read. Your transformation is extraordinary and absolutely inspiring.

  28. Wow Tony, reading through your morning routine at the various stages of your life, is like reading a story that starts off in utter chaos, but ends with the feeling of simplicity, space and harmony. A complete turn around, and very inspiring.

    1. Chaos sums it up perfectly. I thought I used to enjoy not having a structure to my life as I was free to do as I pleased but really I was at the mercy of what life dished out to me and I never felt free. It is only now that I have a solid rhythm that I actually feel free.

      1. Absolutely agree. There is this illusion about being free of societal structures and floating through life. A massive arrogance is in this and as you say we are basically at the mercy of what life has to offer in this chaos and the supposed freedom is just a comfortable cage. Its like the fish in the fish bowl deciding to not swim with the mainstream, but its still swimming in the fish bowl.

  29. I haven’t mastered my morning routine yet, Tony, but yours is inspirational, thank you for sharing.

    1. My mornings slightly change from week to week and sometimes daily dependant on where I am working but what doesn’t change is I now give myself plenty of time to fit what I need to do in before I go to work and so that I am not rushing to get things done. I don’t feel I have mastered my morning routine but it is superior to how it used to be.

  30. Love the simplicity of this Tony, and the ease with which you now enjoy your mornings through making space for you – because you love you.

  31. Gorgeous to appreciate how miraculous such a change like this is these days and how love never stops building in ones living way if we keep allowing it so.

  32. Wow – Your commitment to life now as reflected through the changes of your morning routines is truly inspirational Tony. You have beautifully shown how bringing our presence to all that we do can indeed be a glorious way to live.

  33. I have found a similar pattern emerging. 10 to 6 years ago it would have been getting up moaning or sighing at another day to suffer to get through like a never-ending marathon of discomfort and misery. But as I have, over the years, applied more of the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon into my life I now wake up anywhere from 2:30 to 5:30. But regardless of when I wake, what I have found has become a more and more consistent situation is that I wake up feeling bright eyed, not sticky eyed and heavy but rested and ready to start building up for my day ahead. This sets a mark for my day which I am now learning to carry with me throughout the day. The first and most noticeable change I made was going to bed before 9pm and then by making more self-loving choices (not choosing to go into stress or emotional spirals as a small example) I found I am becoming tired in the evenings but not exhausted. I feel I have enough energy to care for myself enough to get ready for bed and instead of just ‘crashing and burning’ I am more prepared for sleep which results in a greater quality of sleep. Which then supports my morning!

  34. That is very big difference in routine, I wonder how you came to that and which choices had support you to do this and build on it? I guess it something truly working as it totally brought your morning routine upside down (in a good way). I am inspired by your routine, I found it very all encompassing that you are actually fitting in the early morning to do homework to support family. That to me is pretty cool! That means you got your rhythm pretty well going for yourself , so you can actually support others and truly be aware of them and respect them in the choices you made. Family support, I love it!

    1. The way Tony holds his routine in itself is an amazing support and inspiration to our family. The physical ways in which he supports us is very beautiful and done from Love. As a family we work as a team and this is a easy and beautiful way to live. I am Tony’s wife to put things in context.

  35. What an amazing transformation. It’s beautiful to see how simply ‘choosing what supports me’ has evolved over the years. Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing, Tony.

  36. ‘I rarely rush out the door, as I hate the anxiousness it puts me in’. This is something you have now alerted to me that I do and I now understand how it impacts, flows on and affects the rest of my day in all that I do – thanks Tony.

  37. So cool Tony to reflect on the changes of something as simple as your morning routine. And the shifts you made are huge and no doubt are seen throughout your whole day and how you live your life in general. Many of us could bring this appreciation to ourselves with the changes made through being inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  38. What a great, and incredibly simple example of your own personal evolution. Likewise, over the years I’ve watched my own routine in the morning develop from one of the bare minimum to a living practice that includes so much space and time – its a time of day I treasure and sets me up for the rest of the day ahead.

  39. I have come to realise how you start your day is so important to how the day will unfold.
    Having a lovely caring rhythm beginning to the day makes all the difference to how my day unfolds, whereas if I get out of my rhythm and into a rush before going to work I tend to be stressed, rushing all through my day and being quite exhausted by the end of the day and dragging myself through my after work routines. In my rhythm my day flows smoothly, I am able to accept any changes that may occur during the day without it becoming an issue and I arrive home sometimes physically tired but still feeling great and ready to make a delicious nurturing meal.

    1. This is beautiful deidremedbury – I can also see that the way you live throughout the day supports the way you are in the morning. I can also see that it is the way we are with ourselves that is important i.e. we can rush to do things or we can enjoy what we are doing. We may tick off the same list but the way we feel when we walk out the door is completely different.

  40. Great Tony, it is not rocket science to give ourselves time in the morning to prepare lovingly for the day, but isn’t it amazing that this lack of self love, we have lived with for many years, that give us so much anxiousness in our bodies, was felt by us as normal. but now we know the truth of who we truly are and know we have the choice to choose love in any moment.

  41. It is beautiful to feel how honouring and loving yourself more has also given even more space in your day. Your day has expanded just like you have expanded

  42. Tony thank you for sharing the gloriousness of you and your morning routines. Truly inspirational – I too have so much more time in the mornings than I used to but can still find myself trying to cram one last thing in and then having to leave in a bit of a rush. Great to acknowledge this and feel into why I allow this to happen because it definitely affects the rest of my day.

  43. It does sound glorious Tony – well done for making the turn around in your life that you have! I am just imagining the difference this must make to the quality of your work. It seems to me that the whole footprint you are now leaving behind during your day is something that has a lasting harmonious quality. It’s gives us all food for thought as to how we actually set up for and start our day.

  44. I love to have space in the morning to prepare myself for the day lovingly and without rush, it makes all the difference even if I have to get up early for that, it is so worth it and I just go to bed a bit earlier, which feels very supportive as well.

  45. Reading your morning routine Tony inspired me to prepare for my day earlier than usual, the morning flowed beautifully without feeling rushed in anyway and there was time to enjoy connecting with my daughter and flatmate. Often leaving things to the last minute creates this pressure that can affect us most of the day – after my experience this morning I can appreciate how supportive the morning routine can truly be.

  46. That is quite a change Tony. One can feel that lack of self love and self love at the start and it is beautiful to feel this gradually developing as you realise more and more that you are worthy of receiving it from yourself.

  47. I love your sense of humour Tony. I have also found how much more efficient I am in my daily life through introducing rhythms and rituals into my day. There is so much more of a flow within and around me.

  48. Beautiful example of how when we allow more space in our routine and rhythm we have more time and there is no rush to squeeze everything in to our contracted time-frame.

  49. I love how you describe the changes you chose to make to your morning routine. My morning routine has transformed also – from getting up and eating toast on the bus while getting to work all within 30 minutes to now waking to feeling me and allowing time and space to accomplish all I need to do before 6am. This is all set up by winding down and going to bed early the previous evening and learning to deeply care and nurture myself, rather than hurling myself into my day. This has made a huge difference to my life.

  50. Simple, yet very affective way to get a point across, what an awesome blog! Man oh man, you have got me thinking about my morning routine 14 years ago, totally scary how similar it was to yours, although I had a strict ritual of cigarette and coffee even if I was still up from the night before. Now the smell of cigarettes at anytime of day really grosses me out and coffee just sets my nerve system off, its crazy how internally shaky I become.

  51. This is not my reality at the moment. No matter how early I get up I end up feeling rushed and racing out the door. When I read your words I get the sense that you value yourself so much you will not do this to yourself any more and it truly inspires me.

  52. One of my favourite blogs of all time. The wisdom contained in such simplicity is truly awe inspiring. Thank you Tony, my morning routine has changed significantly for the better since I read this blog 8 days ago.

  53. From disregard to self love, what a difference I could feel in my body as I read the morning routines. It gave a very clear point of reference in my body for what a truer way of living is.

  54. When we rush out the door to work, what are we living? Where are we in the equation? Your latest morning routine is lovely as you are in it. You are caring for yourself and your life feels full and rich.

  55. What a huge contrast Tony, this is amazing! You even have time to do house work every day which is very inspiring. Waking up early, not rushing and taking the time to get ready for the day is very supportive. I too have started doing house work in the mornings because it feels very supportive to regularly set a time for this as it can be easily left out when we have a busy day. Your morning routine Tony feels very loving and supportive for you and your family.

  56. What an amazing difference Tony, one I’m sure your body thanks you for and also those you live and work with. I’ve done that rushing, usually leaving the house in shambles and knocking or hitting myself as I’m getting out the door, arriving at work not eaten breakfast, not sure what to have for lunch and with black rings under my eyes from staying up way too late the night before, just to get an hour or two by myself without the kids. Only to repeat this the next day and then the next until I fall into a heap on the floor or be sick. The thing is, when I was doing this I didn’t consider how this affected everyone else and also everything I did, I made mistakes a lot and couldn’t remember things. How different my life is when I allow space and get ready honouring myself and leaving in plenty of time to take me to work.

  57. It is gorgeous that by choosing to adjust even just a few of the 1000s of choices we make each day the results can be profound in even just one area of our life, let alone as a whole. I can only imagine how amazing it must feel to have developed you routine over time to what you now experience… it is a testament to the power of making loving choices that truly care for you.

  58. Wow what a contrast. The last routine feels so much more honoring and like there is so much more space to be yourself and be with others – all before you even start work. Thank you for sharing how important it is to be aware of the quality our routines through the day we live, as this then supports the quality of sleep we have, which supports us again in the day that follows.

  59. Thank you Tony for sharing, your morning routine now feels so loving and supportive. I am still working on refining my routine, to support my day. What I find if I go to bed late, that affects my morning as my body feels tired and days where I am able to be in bed early really support me. So now I’m working on refining my daily quality of movements, to support my sleep to support my morning. All is connected.

  60. Blimey, my morning routines used to mirror yours, except I was smoking cigarettes and not getting stoned. You have given me a real stop moment to appreciate just how lovely my mornings now feel and I enjoy a cup of herb tea whilst working in the stillness of the early hours. I love my daily rhthym and the way it supports me not just in the mornings but throughout my day.

  61. The quality I get ready in has a direct impact on the quality I feel during my day. If I have rushed, skipped doing my hair or make up, or chose to wear clothes that I didn’t feel great in then it is most likely that the quality of my day would reflect this.

  62. I love how you describe the simplicity of your choices and the changes you’ve made to your life. The anxiousness is a big one for so many people who live with it and feel that it’s out of control. By making more changes to my life, like being more present with what I’m actually doing, and giving myself enough time and space to do everything, I’ve learned to slow down my body so it doesn’t feel so stressed, rushed and anxious. This has been a huge shift in how I approach my day, work and life – and one that I hadn’t fully appreciated until now, so thank you.

  63. What great changes Tony – such a realistic way to show how this can be a gradual adjustment. Instant might work for some but for more gradual and consistent for a foundation that can’t be shaken or stirred.

  64. Tony, this is absolutely amazing to read, what an inspiration and role model you are to other men in your profession and what a difference these simple changes have made to your life, absolutely beautiful to read.

  65. I have found that of the whole day, it is my morning routine that has the biggest impact – how i set myself up for my day is so important – when I am rushed and stress from over sleeping or not giving myself the time I need in the morning, the whole day becomes tainted with that – but if I have prepared from my morning the night before, and give myself the space, i can feel how this is preparing a whole day where it will be harder to become stressed, because I am not already starting out stressed.

  66. Never to give up even though our life is hard as your blog shows that we can turn it all around by choice.

  67. The simple changes can often make the hugest differences and not rushing out the door in the morning is definitely one of them.

  68. What’s great about this blog is that you have taken the time to mark where you were, and where you are now. And to then appreciate the changes that you have made to live a life that is more supportive to you and humanity. The bloke leaving the house now offers much more to the world than the one 14 years ago! Awesome work.

  69. The simplicity and clarity of the presentation of your gradual changes to your morning routine Tony, is powerful in delivery, making it possible for all to see what deep healing there is available, simply by making choices to be more loving and caring with oneself and establishing a different quality in our daily rhythm.

  70. What an amazing transformation Toni. How we start our day has such an impact on how our day will pan out, and ultimately that is what we take to bed with us that evening and wake up with the next day. And all of this has an impact on the people we come into contact with during our day. We always have a responsibility when it comes to our choices, in every moment of every day.

  71. The genuine care and support we can offer ourselves in the morning lasts the whole day, worth the investment I say!

  72. Wow Tony… You have shared reams in just a few words. A life transformed, and clearly so much here to share on what has made such a tremendous difference to the quality and indeed enrichment you feel in your everyday life.

  73. This blog asks us all to deeply reflect on not only the level of care we bring to our every day, but also the joie de vivre – the fullness of life and our engagement with it – that lives within us.
    How many inch along in life in a ‘same old’ rut, born of a deep giving up on such a possibility of true fullness and richness in one’s everyday – and actually exist in a perpetuity of self-abuse? The self-abuse may be at whatever level it is for us – from drugs and alcohol, to simply not eating properly and rushing through our morning/day in nervous energy and tension… It exists nonetheless, and as you’ve shown Tony, it is possible to turn around, should we actually choose to go there and say we are worth it.

  74. I love reading blogs like yours Tony and seeing the amazing changes people have made in their lives just by applying simple self-care principles. We often don’t question our lifestyle or choices until we have a stop in our lives or an illness or disease, but it seems crazy to wait for this when we can experience greater health and vitality when we take these simple steps.

  75. Tony what fun it was to read how your morning routine has changed over the years. I certainly had a routine that got me from bed to the car in 10 minutes flat, and I do remember quite a few times where I went straight to work from being out all night without having any sleep. I do love your current morning routine which is very similar to mine now. My self care was a missing ingredient, but is now very present and high priority.

  76. What a transformation Tony, blogs like this are so inspiring, it would be lovely to get this out to a much wider audience.

  77. Stories such as yours Tony, should be on the news, in the papers, out there in the world to inspire and show people there is another way to live, and that they can turn their lives around, to live in a loving and honouring way.

  78. Tony thank you, I loved reading your blog and how through simple changes, life can change and give you lots more space, there is nothing worse than rushing and finding that everything you do is still in that rushed anxious feeling.

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