The Morning Routine

by Tony Steenson, 36, Bricklayer, Goonellabah, Australia

Fourteen years ago my morning routine was:

  • Go to work {didn’t need to wake up as I was still awake from the day before}.

About ten years ago my morning routine was:

  •  Wake up
  •  Get stoned
  •  Grab some lunch (loaf of bread, tomatoes , salt & vinegar chips, chocolate if I hadn’t eaten it all the night before)
  •  Off to work.

All that in 30 minutes, although I could do it in 5 if needed. There was also still a bit of my fourteen years ago morning routine going on as well. 

Six years ago my morning routine was:

  • Wake up
  • Breakfast of baked beans on toast
  • Get lunch ready {whatever I could find in fridge}
  • Go to work.

This took maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour but always rushing to get out the door.

My morning routine now:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed from my sleep
  • Cup of tea
  • Work on computer for an hour or so
  • Stretches and exercise
  • Prepare my lunch for the day {often baked vegetables that have been pre-prepared}
  • Breakfast of what I feel like at the time {anything from soup to eggs to leftovers or even an apple}
  • Leave home for a great day anywhere from 5.30 am – 6 am.

I sometimes rotate the order in which I do these activities.

I also do housework each morning to support my family.

I can now fit so much more into my mornings as a result of living a great life and including routines and rituals that really support me; I rarely rush out the door, as I hate the anxiousness it puts me in.

My mornings and my morning routines are now glorious.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

152 thoughts on “The Morning Routine

  1. I love how as you have listed your morning routines, the list became longer, yet the time got longer to be able to do those things. You had space to be able to be with you and in that, your body responded as it was being nurtured and loved.

    What a difference when we put self-care at the fore front, we and our bodies respond to it accordingly. Much to ponder over with the simplicity of this blog.

  2. Doug – this is so true, just reading the older routines (or remembering them ourselves) is exhausting in itself!

  3. This morning was a classic morning where I got up early and did the following:
    – worked on some projects (computer work) for about 1 hour
    – walked the dog with the family for about 45 minutes
    – Made some cold pressed juices for the family for about 45 mins
    – Made some home made muesli bars…
    – Made some soup from fresh vegetables…
    – Packed lunches for the family
    – Did 1 load of laundry and put a second one ready for the afternoon
    – Had a gorgeously warm bath (20 mins)
    – Got ready and dressed for the day
    …And then rocked up at work for 9am feeling ready and refreshed.
    And though I can make a list of all the things that I ‘achieve’ what really made me appreciate this was how super calm I felt coming into work – this to me is something I have been working on for a while. To be clear I don’t do this everyday but I do enjoy it when I am in the flow of things and allow the day to unfold in the most wonderful and surprising ways. It shows me it can be done, and naturally so.

    1. Henrietta if I had read this years ago, I would have thought you were mad or became exhausted by the shear list of thing you had done in the morning. But since being inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine too, I am not surprised what we and our bodies can do when we nurture and love it. It is able to do more without being caught in the doing, rushing and then becoming exhausted by it all.

  4. I too used to rush my mornings and not really care for myself. With lots of work on myself and inspiration and support from Universal Medicine I have learned to really care so much more for myself and my family in a true sense and with my morning rhythm of getting up extra early it leaves me so much more time to do all the things that I love to do and more and all this BEFORE I even go to work! 😉

  5. Tony this is gloriously refreshing – I love how you have shared it and brought back the greatest two ingredients into your life, and inspiringly so: Simplicity and self care!

  6. Thank you Tony, understanding how demanding our work day can be it is definitely a different cup of tea when we front foot the day as you have shared as this eliminates all the rush and push to get out the door. How many road accidents so called happen because we are racing because we are running late for work or a meeting?

  7. It is so easy to feel what kind of day you are likely to have for each morning routine presented here, which would inevitably affect the way the day would end therefore prepare for the next day .

  8. When we wake up to the fact that our choices have an impact on our day then we can become empowered by our own self care. We are always having a powerful effect on our lives, it’s up to us whether it’s going to be a loving and supportive effect, or a harmful and negative effect.

  9. Beautiful to feel that when we honour ourselves there is always more space on offer to be ourselves and with what is needed along with a greater quality of presence that we bring to life.

  10. Tony your morning routines have changed dramatically, this is a great example of how life was for you before you discovered The Way of the Livingness and then after how your life was full of purpose, love and commitment.

    1. And what a different reflection you bring to so many people now, the quality and imprint of your routine and work now supports us being glorious in our world.

  11. When we discover that it is about the quality in which we pass any given point during our daily cycles, the study of any point does it to make a statement on our own evolution in regard to it.

  12. What I hear from you taking more time in your morning routine is that you actually enjoy and love your life now, rather than just getting by. I think we should probably have a universal rule that if we don’t enjoy every part of our day we probably need to relook at things.

    1. I very much like what you are suggesting here Meg, as that is really what counts in life, the joy of being ourselves, and the emphasis should be on it all the time.

      1. Yeh I agree, instead of 95% emphasis on what we need to do and 5% focus on totally loving and adoring life.

      2. Yes, and the beauty is, when we love and adore ourselves and thus naturally love being ourselves everything we do / ‘have to do’ comes so easily and naturally, no real effort needed.

  13. Tony what a blessing you offer your family and everyone you meet throughout your day when you make these loving choices each morning.

  14. It’s incredible to see how much can change in a person’s life. Your lists look as though they have been taken from several people. Everything you do, how you do them, what you value – they have all changed. And we obviously want to know how you have done it.

  15. The reflection you give us here Tony is that our daily routine repeats itself, and in this repetition there is mighty opportunity for realisations and then change. A very helpful tool, to reflect and see where we are at and how it is serving us.

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