The Medicine Within

by Fiona McGovern, BA PGCE, house wife, a forever student of my own inner heart, Isle of Arran, Scotland 

In the past my internal ‘medicine cabinet’ was jammed full of many ideals and beliefs about healing, including a complete distrust of anything to do with doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, lotions and potions, as well as meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques, knowledge of how the body worked and other ideas I had about disease, healing and life.

When I began to listen to Serge Benhayon’s presentations I began to clear and clean out this ‘medicine cabinet’, finding it full of things from outside of me. As I cleared it out I found some undealt-with issues, with childhood hurt right at the back, full of anger and sadness. All those things which I had falsely believed were dealing with this hurt were actually burying it so deep inside of me I could no longer feel it.

As I faced this hurt and finally dealt with it, I began to see that at the very back of the ‘cabinet’ was a dirty mirror, long forgotten.

I began to clean this mirror and started to see in it a clear reflection of who I truly am and always was – beautiful, clear, wise, powerful and fragile. As a result the ‘medicine cabinet’ inside of me began to change. I found the qualities I saw in the mirror were actually inside of me: wherever I am, they’re always within me.

Now my medicine cabinet is no longer filled with ideas and beliefs but with things that support me to be more of me – simple, everyday choices to be true to that person I see in the mirror. For example, they’re in the way that I:

  • prepare myself for sleep,
  • awake to a new day and see it as the blessing it is,
  • choose to bathe and dress myself,
  • smile and feel about myself as I look in the mirror,
  • prepare my meals,

and in how I choose to:

  • answer the phone,
  • exercise,
  • have a cup of tea.

It’s in all the small choices I make, and as I am present with each choice, I find my day is full of beautiful moments and each interaction is like a ‘date’ with myself: in this way I can build up a rhythm which nurtures me and supports me to be more of me. It’s a way of being that is in harmony and honours the person I see reflected in the mirror.

My new medicine cabinet travels with me wherever I am, whatever I do and whoever I am with. This ‘medicine within’ is simple, light and fun and tailor-made for me to choose from, and by so doing I find there is more of me to enjoy. Life has become simpler too.

My views on doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and meditation, and on the body, disease and healing have changed too. I am now open to all these things, as my body requires them, and in a way that supports me to be even more of me.

Whereas my old medicine cabinet offered me relief through the beliefs and ideals of others, the medicine within allows me the space to truly feel what me and my body needs in each moment.

As I choose to connect with this medicine within through being still and listening, I set up a rhythm which truly supports me to be all that I am. And as this rhythm becomes normal, the medicine within expands, presenting me with more loving and fun ways to be more of me.

The changes I have made have been inspired by the life and work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

126 thoughts on “The Medicine Within

  1. “As this rhythm becomes normal, the medicine within expands, presenting me with more loving and fun ways to be more of me’, is spot on. The more we present our true selfs, the more that does not belong is exposed and no longer needed as part of our lives. The load becomes lighter and less burdensome on the body. It exposes that we can heal ourselves, with the support of modern medicine when it is required.

    We have the ability to heal once we take away those ideals and beliefs. Being responsible and accountable for your own wellbeing goes a long way.

    1. Henrietta, spot on with your statement. Years ago the entrenchment of my healing was way different to what it is now. I have come to realise that medicine is universal and definitely sits within all of us…

  2. To be open to compelmentary medicine as well as conventional medicine means we are offering ourselves the full gammot of choices for healing.

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