A New Starting Point

by Joel Levin

It’s time to get back to a simple fact that life is more than misery, suffering or something to ‘get through’. For many years this was my starting point for all choices. I didn’t know that it was, as these things don’t change until you change your starting point and can assess the difference.

Having a starting point that is about suffering and getting through life meant that any choice was assessed in terms of its ability to move me away from these feelings.

This meant that things like overwork, over exercise and overeating or drinking made much more sense because it all took me away from that starting point. Searching for rewards, however small, also made sense, as they were a sign of another day survived. In some sense, rewards were like the carrot placed in front of the head of the donkey so it would keep moving forward.

It was too simple for me to consider that a new starting point might be love – and that love is something I already have within me, present and available. All I needed to do was to look beyond the carrot; actually not beyond the carrot, but within myself. When I did this I realised I was the donkey.

The possibility presented by Universal Medicine that there might be another starting point from which to measure choices, set in train something that is nothing short of a transformational.

Slowly over time I replaced ‘getting through life’ with the hope, then the possibility, then the fleeting experience, then the emerging reality until it finally became a confirmed fact that at my core I am love and the joy that comes with that. More so, people at their core are that same love. Not an excitable love, emotional love, romantic love, impassioned love, needy love, unrequited love or any other misconstrued form of the simple, pure, delicate, playful, divine, ‘tears in the eye from the joy’ kind of love.

When I use this as my starting point my choices feel very different. Any choice will either confirm what I already feel, or take me away from that feeling. Why would I choose anything that made me feel less of that love and joy? The concept of reward doesn’t enter into the equation either, as nothing can replace or be better than what I already feel.

With each choice I rebuilt and continue to rebuild a love that had been untarnished but untouched. With each choice I accept the effort I have expended to cover up a simple fact… I am more, so much more than the suffering I created in my life.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and universal Medicine

211 thoughts on “A New Starting Point

  1. ‘a love that had been untarnished but untouched’ – a great line, capturing the state of play for many of us in relation to our starting point with love.

  2. A great read Joel, when we make our Livingness about love it changes everything, our choices are then from love, and not from or about self.

  3. ‘Why would I choose anything that made me feel less of that love and joy?’ Yes it is really that simple: why would we? Asking ourselves this question brings us the opportunity to get to the bottom of things.

    1. I know, its crazy iljakleintjes, it is such a simple question but we don’t hold it closely enough to really consider its meaning and implications.

  4. Joel, you’ve done it again, captured the games we play, the suffering we create and yet we are indeed so much more that that, and when we change how we start and know and understand we are love and go from there life changes, it opens up, and we see and know beyond a doubt we are more.

  5. Beautiful Joel, we are all so much more than the suffering we have created in our life and, when we choose love as our new starting point and connect to our essence within ourselves, we uncover who we truly are.

  6. Thank you Joel… we are indeed more then the trials and tribulation that we take on, and that is the thing …. We take these things on, and we do have choices, and this is possibly the hardest thing to understand, that we do have a choice, and that every day can be a news starting point.

  7. The point made about “Having a starting point that is about suffering and getting through life meant that any choice was assessed in terms of its ability to move me away from these feelings.” not being the way to bring true and lasting changes in our life is also what I have experienced as the downfall here is that when I have done this I get to a point where I am not in the suffering anymore so am better than I was previously but am still nowhere near living a life from a foundation of love. Choosing love as a starting point brings a whole lot of different choices and life no longer has me managed.

    1. “life no longer has me managed” , this is really powerful jsnelgrove36. The fact that we are managed by life when we don’t keep love as the primary baseline.

  8. Thank you Joel, for your blog, looking back now to how I was living life with so much struggle, it seems crazy that, in life I would choose anything other than the love I really am.

    1. I made life so complex that since I started to make my life simple by choosing to be in my body connected in stead of living from my head. In that simplicity is where we find love.

  9. I love this. I grew up under the belief that somehow there’s fundamental defect in us and we have to work hard at pleasing others to be accepted, and from that place, the life is always a struggle as basically that’s what we deserve as our default. To make choices from a completely different place – that we are all in fact love in our essence is a possibility available to all of us, and it’s just amazing how many of us find it difficult to accept this as the truth and instead stick to the self-made sufferings, and some even attack those who are choosing this new starting point. Funny creatures, we are.

    1. ‘sticking to the self made suffering’ – great comment Fumiyo and yes we are strange, funny, beautiful creatures with nano’s worth of understanding what we truly are.

  10. ‘I am more, so much more than the suffering I created in my life.’ Ouch it is not easy to admit that I have spent most of my life getting through and making it all about struggle and hard work with only fleeting moments of happiness and joy. Since attending Universal Medicine presentations I have gradually built a life that supports me to honour myself and creates a loving foundation. Thank you Joel for expressing it so eloquently here that we can all choose Love as our starting point and this will undoubtedly transform life for the better – what are we waiting for…

    1. It took me a while to get to the point that love is my foundation to live from. I had through work a lot of resistance from the stubborn spirit which I am too. Me as a spirit liked so much to identify herself with many issues that it felt boring to be without. But how intense beautiful it becomes when it is not the spirit anymore who runs the show but our love within expressing herself.

  11. ” …the hope, then the possibility, then the fleeting experience, then the emerging reality until it finally became a confirmed fact that at my core I am love and the joy.” I have experienced something very similar to this with my experiences related to Universal Medicine. Coming from an attitude of “I’m doing the best I can under grim circumstances” – not personally as such but looking at how the world was as a whole – the amazing thing is that the world has not changed, if anything it has got worse, yet through having more trust in the core of myself that Joel describes, I have felt and began to experience a way of life that I did not see possible for myself, let alone for all mankind.

    1. I can related to the “I’m doing my best” response to how life is around and within me Simon. It gave me permission to look with a limited level of honesty at how I was approaching life.

  12. Taking Love as my starting point is a simple choice that didn’t seem possible before attending Universal Medicine presentations because of the belief that life was about struggling and making the best of a bad situation. This simple choice changes everything. Thank you Joel for exposing the struggle of just getting through and how this impacts all our choices.

    1. Thanks Helen, it is also true for me to say that I had no idea that I was not making love my starting point until I started exploring the work of Universal Medicine. In fact I would have defended the idea that I was already doing that!

  13. Love it, Joel. We’ve either chosen suffering or love as our starting point. So simply put. And from there every choice we make either confirms our starting point or takes us further away from it. It’s reward enough just to continue to feel and live from a starting point of love.

  14. in this article, Joel really spells out what people have thought love is, and truly what it is not… It is Not an excitable love, emotional love, romantic love, impassioned love, needy love, unrequited love … None of these are the deep abiding all embracing felt through the whole body sense of connection that is possible as we connect to the deep and divine hearts within us all.

  15. Thank you Joel, as this reveals to us that once there is sufferIng we have allowed ourselves to not love, not love and appreciate ourselves and each other – which is actually logic that this is a form of suffering by origin. As everything away from love is our suffering indeed. Beautifully said.

  16. Thank you Joel for a beautifully simple blog, showing all the ways love is not that creates so much heartache and suffering in our world, and what true love is ” the simple, pure, delicate, playful, divine, ‘tears in the eye from the joy’ kind of love.” Simply worlds apart.

  17. Always poignant Joel, I love the fact that your blogs touch my heart. The moment of recognition that you were the donkey in your life made me smile. But, you know it is not, and never was true. You were always a great, loving man masquerading, for whatever reason, as a donkey, beating yourself with a stick in between reaching for unreachable carrots.
    That you have re-discovered the untouched, untarnished love of your essence is obvious through the embrace of your words, their inspiration that allows us to know that we are all the same should we but release the false shackles of donkey-dom.

  18. As I read this I was reminded that the focus is not on surviving each day but the level of love that is expressed in each day- this totally changes it and then when your days are lived in this way there is no relief or reward sought at the end of the day.

  19. ‘Why would I choose anything that made me feel less of that love and joy?’ Such a simple yet powerful question to ask ourselves, what we choose either supports us and allows us to deepen our love or harms us by taking us further away from love.

  20. I’ve begun to consider this same new starting point as well, from just getting through life to starting with the premise I am love and that I can express that love ‘in’ life. With this awareness I’m also realising that there is in fact no ending point, but just an ever deepening evolution of the starting point (ie an evolution of the way I express love).

  21. Sometimes when we realise that we are more than the patterns we had created in our life there can be the tendency to feel ashamed or bad about what you had been living or not living (in terms of holding back love) instead of recognising it and learning to let go of it and allow a new way to be.

  22. So well covered in this story of yours Joel. When we re connect to the real us, as you stated, “…. at my core I am love and the joy”. And reclaim it with our choices and actions. Then all things that don’t resonate to it are exposed and we are able to discern with clarity which will help or hinder this quality .

  23. We have all been led to believe that there is only one life, it is hard and we need to find ways to survive it. All are untrue and we will all keep coming back to Earth School until we learn that this is the case. So we have all been conditioned to think that this is the starting point and with this, we make life all about survival and truth and love are lost. But what amazing possibilities if we instead make truth and love the starting point?

  24. How much of the worlds population live their life trying to reach the proverbial carrot and looking for rewards, and only just getting through the day with the thought of a beer at the end. With so much suffering in the world, we all need to know what is there to be known if we come from that place of love and truth without looking outside ourselves for what we will never reach or find.

  25. With true love as a new starting point, everything that ensues from this sound foundation can only but allow for a deepening of this love both, for ourselves and for others.

  26. It seems important to develop trust and knowing that our bodies are divine, meaning that when we give them space, they align with the energy that allows love to flow through them. This happens before thought and well before we make a choice to act. So I agree with Joel, our choices confirm what we align to and the relationship with our bodies that embraces first principle of practicing love in our daily lives.

  27. When we have a starting point of struggle all we feel is the struggle. If we chose a starting point of true love then we can feel all the love. No carrot, no stick, no donkey, just the love that we already are.

  28. Love is who we are and always there. Sometimes we have moved so far from love it can help to make honesty a starting point. From honesty it is not too huge a step to return to love.

    1. Honesty and simply connecting to our body helps us get back to it. When I connect to my body I feel a lightness and an expansion that feels so different to how I feel when I’m in the struggle. It’s always there, but most of the time I’m forgetting about it, investing in the outward struggle of how I think I need to be in the world. When I let go and surrender it is right there, within me, tangibly felt.

      1. Sometimes when we first connect to our body it can actually feel horrible because we feel the consequences of our past choices. We might feel heavy, exhausted or numb. Personally it took me quite some years to develop a loving connection with my body, but WOW has it been worthwhile and now my body feels gorgeous and I am still a huge work in progress or should that be play in progress.

  29. ‘Making love’ as a starting point . . I love it. ‘Making love’ always starts with ourselves first; rather that identifying ourselves with our struggles, knowing ourselves as the love that we are and it all then naturally flows like a fountain. Then we can ‘make love’ with everything and everyone we meet. The thing is to build a consistency with this. This is a great reminder Joel.

  30. What if the starting point was way behind us and we are RETURNING to it having run very, very far in the opposite direction. Time to stop running away and return back to our true selves.

  31. “It was too simple for me to consider that a new starting point might be love – and that love is something I already have within me, present and available.” Gorgeous to re-read your blog today Joel. My inspiration for today.

  32. Another great blog Joel… It is true that when we feel our own love inside- nothing is greater than that love- no reward can beat that- as it just is and that is everything.

  33. When we live in the mundane of life and stop appreciating life then the focus does become on the suffering and the issues instead of the beauty.

  34. Yes, a true starting point, to be real and aware of where you are and then are able to truly choose different. This starting point I had given myself at the first ever course I attended from Universal Medicine. By this new starting point, I was able to see my path so far and that that was not what I was going to continue. And so I made this choice to start a new, a great change in my life. Everything changed simply because I was offered another reflection: how to live life from our very essence (our inner-heart) connected to our Soul. I was back. And still am. And learning how to live this in life.

  35. Big point Joel – I am more, so much more than the suffering I created in my life.” Showing us that the world we have created is not even real , and from our essence (which is energy) comes all there is, and if we put anything on top of that that is not real , we had created a fake reality. And so .. this is what I had found: A true love that is within me, even though I had made myself believe that it was somewhere else – this example is showing the illusion we can choose to create and fall for. So easy, yet also so easy to turn it around – if we are truly willing to see and listen.

  36. When we use joy and love as a starting point all of our choices are simple because if they are not coming from that then they are not true and take us away from that love and joy. Then the question is why would I choose to do this- there is much for me to ponder here , Joel. Thank you.

  37. “A new starting point”. This is interesting as, how you describe it, it makes it so clear that the point from which we learn to live is not the depth/the ‘beginning’ we could live from. It is like we live miles away from where our true starting point is and thus only live life half full. But as you also describe we are not aware of it because it has become so normal for us. So knowing that there is always more to life than we are aware of in this moment is a beautiful beginning to deepen our awareness with every step more.

  38. A very profound blog Joel! When we change our starting point our whole approach to life changes. This makes getting up in the morning feeling my loveliness first so important and I am inspired to look at how can I deepen this starting point, setting the standard for my day and evolve it throughout my day?

  39. Wow, such a beautiful blog. Bringing it back to the basics, what is the start point for our choices. It is so important to create this foundation to come from constantly. As when we set this bar low, the result will never be higher than this foundation. It is so so important.

  40. This was a bit of an ouch read for me at the moment, a good ouch I must add. We are the creators of all our woes and as such we are the creators of all our joy. A true starting point is the joy we already are inside. Love it, thanks Joel.

  41. A new starting point that truly starts with a knowing and then step by step a living that we are enough and do not seek outside to fill what we are already.

  42. ‘Not an excitable love, emotional love, romantic love, impassioned love, needy love, unrequited love or any other misconstrued form of the simple, pure, delicate, playful, divine, ‘tears in the eye from the joy’ kind of love.’ You have made it very clear what is love and what is not, I love the ‘tears in the eye from the joy’ kind of love, love is connecting us.

  43. “With each choice I rebuilt and continue to rebuild a love that had been untarnished but untouched.” You are such a wonderful wordsmith Joel – very touching sparks of wisdom.

  44. Such a powerful blog Joel. As we shift our awareness and re-claim a new starting point where love is the foundation, we then can embrace that our marker of how we are living is the magnificence we already are, and that choosing to live less that this is dimming and reducing who we are and are capable of living. It is our Divine right to live the magnificence of our love, in all its glory, joy and might. And from such a starting point, of the greatness of love, we are forever pulled to evolve to be more of this greatness through our every choice we make. Such is the grace and power of love that we are in-truth forever held in.

  45. It is gorgeous to come to a place where you realize that you no longer need to be the donkey chasing the illusive carrots of life but can connect with and surrender to everything you could ever want or need within…. Recognizing that the suffering is all of your making and is no longer necessary when the love is embraced.

  46. Beautiful Joel, we are so much more than the sufferings we create, we are pure love. That love is within us all. Pure simple and delicate love.

  47. I love the ‘tears in the eye from the joy’ kind of love, that is so pure and beautiful. Those delicate tear drops like precious diamonds.

  48. Every single day what life is offering us is to live the love within me deeper than the day before, there is no perfection in this and it is a day to day surrender to all the pictures I have gathered, whether they have supported me or otherwise. Every day is a movement for me to feel deeper, to trust myself deeper, not blindly, but through experimenting and collecting data.

  49. ‘I am more, so much more than the suffering I created in my life’… it could be said that we continue to create suffering in our lives because of the hurts we hold onto. The more I choose to be the love that I am and live with more honesty and responsibility for the choices I make, the more I am realising that it is my choice to hold on to suffering and not anyone else’s. My life will be what I choose and today I choose love.

  50. This is a helpful way to look at life, it shows that if we do not change the way we see life to be we will never be able to make true changes as the basis we are coming from will remain the same.

  51. The steps are simple, yet the process to keep walking those steps can be filled with adverse events that we can choose to side step or stay stuck in for a long period of time.

  52. Needing a reward in any way, shape or form is a sure sign of living in disconnection to myself. Rewarding myself can show up in many disguises, in fact simply switching off and not being present with myself can be seen as a moment to reward myself. When I feel the love I am and this equal love in everybody and in everything I am content, at ease and I feel complete… no reward of any kind is needed.

  53. We can make our lives so complicated and so dramatic, but all of this is just surface stuff, just interference and distractions that take us away from feeling that joy and that deep love, every day. Sooner or later we get bored of the games, drop them in exchange for simplicity, and life starts to become more joyful, as we realise that that is the true purpose of life – to live each moment with and in joy.

  54. A great blog to read at the start of my day. I love the simplicity of having a new starting point that is not about a struggle to get through the day, but a connection to the absolute fact that we are love and that this is within us all.

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