Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

by Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education

I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation 6 years ago. It has been the foundation from which I have learned to have a deeper connection with myself just by stopping (a choice) for a few minutes and allowing myself to choose and feel my gentle in-breath and out-breath. 

From this foundation I have learned to be with myself in my daily movements and present with my touch. It is not a time to escape but to connect and feel my body and my breath, to take responsibility to breathe in gently and detach, and then to breathe out gently. It is not an escape or bliss or hiding but a re-connecting to the loveliness that I already am. I have developed the same quality of stillness and awareness I feel in the gentle breath meditation in my movements as I work or play.

The gentle breath brings me back to me in work, home and in my daily living. It has also helped me to reassess what is really going on before I act… to question – am I in reaction to something, am I observing, am I absorbing? It has been a huge support.

As I breathe in gently in connection to me, I feel me and can then feel all that is outside of me which is not part of me. This has helped me to feel that what goes on around me does not need to be absorbed or taken on, just as the gentle out-breath allows me to feel the quality that I can then choose to let out to the world, and ultimately be in the world.

The gentle breath technique is a reconnection to my gentle, tender divine self that has filtered into my daily action, movements and living. I now have a greater awareness of self-responsibility and am aware of how I am being in this world, as well as being able to feel how others are being and having the ability to observe that.

  • It has filtered into how I express and behave in the environment where others are.

  • It has helped me to take responsibility for my actions, to be more considerate and not impose myself on others.

  • It has been a huge practical support in my reclaiming of myself – something others now feel.

All of this has stemmed from the Gentle Breath Meditation technique as taught by Serge Benhayon.

107 thoughts on “Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

  1. As I read your blog Johanna, I found myself automatically doing the gentle breath which quickly dissipated the clutter in my head and brought me back to a lovely connection with me and what is around me. It’s a lovely feeling and a gentle reminder from you to access it more often. Thank you.

  2. I love the Gentle Breath Meditation too. I love that you can choose to do this anywhere and at anytime. Five minutes is all you need to stop and reconnect to yourself when you recognise that the connection to self has been left behind for something else.

    1. Absolutely Sally. It can be with us, if we choose, wherever we go- simply because our body and our lungs are.

  3. You have written with such clarity Johanna, and I can really feel how you have re-claimed your real self. Thank you for the reminder about the importance of a strong foundation. And how simple it is to STOP-SIT-BREATHE-FEEL. As you say, it just takes a few minutes! So if we do it every day, or even throughout the day when we feel disconnected, how self-loving would that be?

    1. It’s so simple – stopping and feeling the gentleness of our breath. I love it’s simplicity and that it can be done practically anywhere.

  4. I am still amazed that how such a simple technique can deeply touch and reconnect so many – the power of this technique is ever expanding if we choose to commit to it regularly.

    I forgot how power-full the Gentle Breath Meditation can be and have just started doing it again…

  5. Johanna, you have reminded us how simple yet powerful the Gentle Breath can be to re-connect ourselves and bring that into all we do each day. I enjoyed reading your summary which stated “It has helped me to take responsibility for my actions, to be more considerate and not impose myself on others”. This is an area that I have been working on and I have found being gentle and claiming that gentleness as the real me, has assisted greatly with my progress.

  6. Thank you Johanna, for sharing the power of the Gentle Breath Meditaion and yet so simple. I had used many different meditation techniques in the past before embracing what Serge Benhayon presented and the bonus is – it is 5 minutes, no fancy uncomfortable position is needed and it can be done anywhere, anytime of day once the choice is made to connect. Awesome, super simple!

  7. Thank you Johanna for sharing the simplicity and power of the Gentle Breath Meditation. I have explored many ‘tools’ that profess to deliver stillness and connection but nothing has come close to the Gentle Breath Meditation. What could be simpler than to connect with your breath and return to you? No tripping off to imaginary hill tops with green grass and trees, (which actually in my experience leads to an escapism and is no benefit at all) but to breath gently and really feel your own body and be present within in it. Simple and life changing all in the same sentence. Awesome.

  8. Thank you Johanna. The simplicity of the Gentle Breath Meditation is amazing. It makes you stop and connect to our bodies instantly and brings immediate stillness. I too in the past have tried other meditation techniques but they were all too complicated, too long, too uncomfortable or downright weird. Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for this amazing tool.

  9. Thank you Johanna for this great blog. The self-responsibility that comes with the choice to practice the Gentle Breath Meditation is something I have not heard about other types of meditation. I also appreciate what you shared about how it supported you in your work, home, in life, not being a escape from life.

    1. I agree Priscila, I to love the self responsibility that is natural when choosing to breath gently. For in this space we have the opportunity to feel our part in where we find our body to be and in my experience I then have the choice and ability to make any subtle changes that are needed to support my body as it truly wants to be supported.

  10. The gentle breath is a very simple and yet powerful tool that I have also used for many years to still racing thoughts or emotions and to open the door to developing greater appreciation for myself in each moment. It has also helped me to feel much more about what is going on around me. I would recommend this to anyone.

  11. Being introduced to the gentle breath is probably the greatest gift I have received. It has changed how I am with myself, I stop, re-connect to my inner-heart, feel the stillness within and all the buzzing and racing thoughts evaporate. My whole body becomes gentle.

  12. I agree Mary, The Gentle Breath Meditation is the greatest of gifts, leading me to my heart and the stillness of my inner heart. As Beverley said not skipping off into the escapism and bliss of visualisations and so forth. Johanna this is a wonderful appreciation of the fact that we all have this innate ability to connect within and live from all that we truly are, and a great sharing of all its simplicity.

  13. Thank you Johanna. Even while reading this I started to do the gentle breath and immediately I felt a stillness come over me. It reminded me how powerful it is and the fact you can do it anywhere and, even if for a couple of minutes, the benefits are huge.

  14. The gentle breath meditation is so simple and yet so profound in its effect. Doing it has made a huge difference to my life. It helped me discern what was me from what I was taking on that was not me. By being aware of this I found I did not get so drained when I was with other people.

    The gentle breath seems to ‘filter out’ any negative energy and so we are not so affected by others nor do we harm others with our energy. It doesn’t mean you do not feel keenly what is going on around you but you can more easily stay detached and aware of what is going on and can support people, not by going into sympathy or trying to help, but by reflecting back to them what is going on, which they can choose to see, or not.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sandra,
      Practicing the gentle breath and choosing to be still and present in my body gives me a tender supportive confidence to be able to do as you describe above. There are no words for how grateful I am to now know this way of being as a real practical way to live.

  15. I can relate to everything you have written Johanna. The gentle breath has helped me immensely during stressful situations to feel my body and not go into anxiousness, which also helps those around me.

    1. I agree. For me the marker of the gentle breath has highlighted when I am not with my gentleness in my day so at that point I can choose to stop and be with myself and reconnect. And at other times the gentle breath has supported me to deepen my gentleness and stillness. Glorious all round!

  16. Johanna life has been set up to continually take us away from being who we innately are. We are bombarded from early on with things to tempt us and lure us away from being our real selves. The gentle breath meditation is a tool to reconnect us back to our authentic selves, as you have so beautifully shared.

    1. This is very true Alexis. Life is geared towards motion and recognition even from day dott. But we do not come into this world in that way.

  17. I dearly love the Gentle Breath Meditation and after trying numerous others in the past I can say that this is the only one that ‘delivers’. It delivers me to me, nothing more and nothing less and that is all that is needed and yet so so powerful!

    1. Lovely Carolienbraakenburg,
      “It delivers me to me”. As I am now coming to understand there is no more powerful reality than me being with me. For the tenderness, love and natural nurturing that I feel coming from me is more powerful than anything else that I have ever lived before.

  18. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a game changer. Other meditations I have used offered me a chance to disconnect from the world and from myself as well. The Gentle Breath Meditation actually connects me to my inner heart and to all I am and supports me to then connect to the world in a true sense. What’s really lovely about it is that it doesn’t end in meditation, the gentle breath can be lived and practised easily in any situation. I love it!

  19. beautiful blog and it’s a good reminder of how amazing the gentle breath meditation is. Something I would like to come back to more if i’ve had a big day or feeling out of rhythm.

  20. What a beautiful and supportive tool in connecting, holding, and expressing the gorgeous quality you are in the world.

    1. Thank you Johanna and Dean, I agree, the Gentle Breath Meditation brings to us the ability to be ‘equipped to deal with every day life.’ The capability to breath gently was lost to me before I was inspired by Serge Benhayon.

  21. The gentle breath meditation has become part of my everyday Livingness, a way for me to connect back to me, I use it particularly at work as a way to check in with myself or bring me back if I have allowed myself to get lost in my work.

  22. The gentle breath meditation is a great tool to ‘check in’, and offers a simple way to re- connect and bring harmony back to my body. My breath and how it changes can reflect so much about how I have been living.
    If you would like to hear more about this meditation and experience it for yourself, click on the link.


    1. So true Victoria, I have come to refer to the Gentle Breath Meditation as a personal coach. Not only does it help you to centre within yourself, if you do it regularly you will be able to tell when you lose yourself. If you did the mediation in the morning and then had another stop in the afternoon and that second meditation is more difficult then somewhere in between you have been triggered to leave yourself. You then have a time frame that you can look at to see what happened and how or where you reacted. It has given me many revelations in that way.

  23. I love the gentle breath meditation as well Johanna, it is so simple, easy effective and no sitting on your bum in weird positions for hours – just 5 minutes is all is needed.

    1. I can relate to this Melissa, for many years I sat in very awkward positions that made my legs and bum hurt and then numb and pins and needles. Now, just 5 mins is all it takes with the gentle breath meditation and no discomfort.

  24. The gentle breath meditation is such a simple meditation that anyone can do. It is not about bliss or obtaining some enlightened state, it simply asks us to be, to reconnect and to feel. And it doesn’t take long at all. This meditation is accessible to all.

  25. I love how simple and practical the gentle breath is. It is accessible and natural for all, there are no fancy breathing techniques, just the re-connection back to a gentle quality that supports us to re-connect to ourselves.

  26. I never really ‘got’ meditation (although I tried valiantly) until the Gentle Breath Meditation was presented to me as a tool to find my way back to what was innate within me, unaffected by all the drama and rah rah of life. Life changing hardly does justice to what this has offered me by way of re-connection. Here is a link to free Gentle Breath Mediation downloads for anyone interested

  27. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a restorer isn’t Johanna. It’s great to use our breath as a marker and see how far we move away from our innate gentle breathing quality, for example we get anxious, stressed, or even excited. It’s awful feeling the breath short, or quick, disturbed. So to be able to have something to ‘get you back’ as this meditation presents, is completely amazing.

  28. “As I breathe in gently in connection to me, I feel me and can then feel all that is outside of me which is not part of me. This has helped me to feel that what goes on around me does not need to be absorbed or taken on, just as the gentle out-breath allows me to feel the quality that I can then choose to let out to the world, and ultimately be in the world.” – I love how you describe how you feel you and then can feel all that is outside of your which is not part of you.

    1. This was a powerful part of the blog for me too Natalie. So often I can get caught in what is going on around me and loose footing in myself, thus absorbing the situation and other peoples reactions. This is a daily event and one I am working on. Our breath is such a supportive and consistently present marker to know where we are at and reconnect to our true rhythm, a vital key in observing life.

  29. Just reading your words and description Johanna, I felt a strong sense of stillness, as if writing this had for you been a meditation too. How inspiring would it be if we all choose to live with this quality of presence too.

  30. Breathing, when in connection with the innate divinity, is one of the most amazing things to feel. I really need to stop more often and allow myself to feel this – I wonder, why do we ever leave that place? It does not make sense!

  31. The gental breath meditation is something I use too, it brings me closer to myself in stillness alowing my body the spaciousness it requires, and from there I get to reconnect back to me. I use it at work when I begin to feel overloaded, sitting on the train commuting, and whenever I feel to reconnect. It is a tool I have with me everyday, no matter where I am.

  32. ‘As I breathe in gently in connection to me, I feel me and can then feel all that is outside of me which is not part of me.’
    This makes perfect sense Johanna. Thank you for sharing your profound experience with the Gentle Breath meditation so others can feel the power of this simple choice.

  33. Thank you Johanna for a lovely blog, as I read it I feel my breath becoming so gentle. It is so simple and so powerful. Throughout my life I have breathed very shallow which I now know was a form of hiding, to be safe and not seen. So now when I connect to my gentle breath I feel the beauty and love that resides within, this I do not want to hide.

  34. Johanna what a great blog. The simplicity in which you wrote made it even more easy to feel the benefit of the Gentle Breath Meditation and that is very much inviting – wunderbar.

  35. So true Johanna, the Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful and yet simple tool to reconnect us back to our inner-self and through this connection we can build a quality of being with ourselves that we can bring to everything we do. It has also helped me to detach and observe life around me without being as affected by the surroundings or other people’s emotions.

  36. Johanna what you share about the Gentle Breath Meditation is truly beautiful, I especially love this line – ‘The gentle breath technique is a reconnection to my gentle, tender divine self that has filtered into my daily action, movements and living.’

  37. Thank you Johanna for your sharing. It is beautiful to feel the quality that the gentle breath meditation has brought to you in your life and the benefits you got from it. I have come back to myself too with this gentle breath meditation, I love that I have become aware of my breath and the connection with myself..all thanks to Serge Benhayon for introducing this incredible tool for people to use, and feel this incredible connection!

  38. A beautiful sharing Johanna of your experience reflecting how the Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful and supportive tool. One that can be called upon anytime anywhere to re-connect to the stillness that is always there within us all, to who we are in essence.

  39. Thank you Johanna. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a powerful tool to support us to stay connected to who we are. Your sharing is so clear and makes me aware of the choices I make everyday and the quality of living I can have, should I choose to commit to this very simple process.

  40. The gentle breath meditations are a wonderful way of bringing me back to me – out of my head and the doing and returning to feeling a more gentle and tender way of being.

  41. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a simple meditation, yet so profound – as you have shared Johanna, it can be life changing.

    1. I agree with you both Carmin and Johanna, the Gentle Breath Meditation can be life changing. It is the simplest, most supportive and effective meditation I have ever experienced. It requires no uncomfortable positions or lead up and can be done anytime anywhere and takes no time at all – 5 to10minutes. Honestly, if we can’t find 5-10minutes for ourselves at least once a day then we really do need to stop and look at how we are living. As I write this I realise I do not appreciate it nearly enough and in fact, nor do I make it apart of my day often enough.

  42. I love the gentle breath meditation and that you can choose to do this anywhere at any time throughout the day. It is so powerful because it is so simple, we tend to find it hard to believe. How awesome and great to share with anyone, click on this link.

  43. Your blog is an awesome testament to how such a simple technique can be so powerful and profound in ones life – however it is not necessarily the technique that is powerful it is the essence within us that is connected to and then brought into daily living where the true power lies and this is always the choice that has to come first.

  44. On reading your sharing here Johanna, I could feel an old pattern of emotion arise and clear as I was reading your words. A new level of stillness settled into my being. Your blog is very powerful and healing.

  45. We live in a busy and tension filled world and the pace of our perpetual motion seems to constantly feeds back into itself. At times this can make our days quite overwhelming. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an absolute blessing because it allows me to literally stop and catch my breath (so to speak) so I can recalibrate, reconnect to myself and begin again feeling renewed.

  46. I also find the gentle breath meditation very effective in relieving stress and anxiety and it can be done anywhere in a very short period of time

  47. “I now have a greater awareness of self-responsibility and am aware of how I am being in this world,” – this line impressed me Johanna, as it reminds me how the gentle breath is a choice I can make at any time and in any situation, to bring myself back from tension and instead accept the fullness of a moment. The gentle breath meditation as taught by Serge Benhayon is a beautiful, simple technique that I have found so supportive.

  48. Beautifully expressed Johanna, I have not come across another meditation that brings such a quality of awareness and being with the body and mind in unity. It is such a beautiful technique to reconnect to and to get to know our true selves again.

  49. Having spent years using Meditation to bliss me out and numb me, the Gentle Breath Meditation is an entirely different experience that connects me deeply to myself and invites a stillness that is beautiful to feel.

  50. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a life-changing gift to bring us back to connecting to ourselves and feeling from our heart what is true.

  51. Breath is an incredible indicator of how we are going isn’t it? It is always really honest with me, if I am stressed I only breath in the upper part of my chest, it is shallow and actually, if I really feel it, quite painful like I am sharing the space with something that is not mine. If I simply take a moment to connect with my breath through the Gentle Breath Meditation I find myself breathing into my full lung space and I find I have detached from whatever it was that I had swallowed whole and was taking up precious space in my body. We are never empty, it is just a question of knowing what is filing us.

    1. ‘We are never empty, it is just a question of knowing what is filling us.’ So true Lucy and the Gentle Breath Meditation is such an amazing support in recognising this and choosing to reconnect with our essence and then there is no space for anything else that is not us.

  52. Hi Johanna, thanks for writing about the Gentle Breath Meditation. This is such a simple technique, so un-assuming and yet the outcome of this is profound. You comment – ‘ I now have a greater awareness of self-responsibility and am aware of how I am being in this world, as well as being able to feel how others are being and having the ability to observe that’ encapsulates what is available when the technique is practiced. The Gentle Breath Meditation has changed my life.

  53. Thank you Johanna for this healing blog and I love the points at the end on how the Gentle Breath Meditation has increased your self-responsibility particularly ‘It has been a huge practical support in my reclaiming of myself – something others now feel.’ I am also recognising that not only has it reconnected me to me but has a profound impact on how I am with others and means I am far less imposing because I no longer need others to ‘get it’.

  54. An inspiring read, totally nailing how and why the Gentle Breath Meditation is anything but an escape, or a catalyst for bliss or for hiding in. Breathing is truly a responsibility – for ourselves and for others.

  55. It’s amazing that our breath can help to both reveal so much about how we are living and also have a major impact on what our next actions are – which is felt not only by us but also by everyone around us. I find the Gentle Breath Meditation a great way to check in with myself and to take a moment to really focus on and listen to my body. Thanks Joanne – your blog has reminded me that it’s a while since my last meditation and it’s past time to get to reaquainted …

  56. Reading this Johanna I became aware of my breathing and started to do the Gentle Breath Meditation, so simple and easy to do this meditation it has been life-changing for thousands of people worldwide thanks to Serge Benhayon and his extraordinary service to humanity to support true healing.

  57. Johanna, it was beautiful to read your words on Gentle breath Meditation. I can relate to what you have talked about and the effects that this has to your re-connection to your truthful self. This experience is also true for me too. The gentle breathe meditation disengaged my anxiousness and re build my connection with my true self. From here, my clarity, health,well-being and vitality returned.

  58. Just reading this blog shows the power and quality of the Gentle Breathe Meditation as I could feel myself coming into line immediately with what I have previously felt this technique offers. It is such a simple tool to commit to consistently yet brings far reaching changes as described in this writing. Thank you Johanna for sharing.

  59. For me the Gentle Breath Meditation has been a Godsend…. it has supported me in re-connecting back to my true self, which has provided me with a secure foundation from which to live my life from. My anxiety levels have greatly reduced and I am now enjoying my life to the full. Thank you Johanna for sharing, as awareness of this technique deserves to be widely available.

  60. “As I breathe in gently in connection to me, I feel me”. So true Johanna, the Gentle Breath allows us to stay connected to our inner-most and observe all that is going on around us without being absorbed in the turmoil.

  61. I agree with you Johanna, the Gentle Breath Meditation is a foundation from which I have also learned to have a deeper connection with myself. This has been the key to bringing a far deeper awareness of myself and to trust what I am feeling to be true from my body rather than thinking from my mind. It has also empowered me to observe situations around me instead of reacting and allowing a huge assault and impact on my body.

  62. Practising the Gentle Breath Meditation consistently every day has enabled me to slowly build a steadiness in the way I am with myself, to keep letting go of the hardness of protection in my body and to be far more gentle and tender in the way I hold and regard myself.

  63. Some may question how that to simply choose to breath in a gentle way can lead to such profound life-changes. My answer would be to go try it and find out for yourself – what’s to lose?

  64. I have found the gentle breath meditation a great way to reconnect back to myself, I often sit quietly at my desk and check in with myself through the gentle breath meditation or when something has knocked me off my rhythm.

  65. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful way to reconnect when I lose myself. I am sharing it more and more in some of my volunteering activities – and it is so appreciated. Wonderful that we now have the free audios online on the Unimedliving website which I mention to those interested.

  66. Johanna I had to re-read your awesome blog as I remembered that the simplicity in which you wrote about the gentle breath was very inspiring and inviting – it is still like this and today I love the inviting part.

  67. Yesterday, in the middle of a tense discussion that was fast on its way to being an argument, I took a break, went into the other room and using this Gentle Breath technique brought myself together again. When I returned, minutes later the issue that had seemed difficult before was resolved easily, straight away. I agree Johanna, you can’t underestimate what the small choice to connect brings in the big picture of life.

  68. The gentle breath is a divine gift of re-connection – by giving us a few moments to stop and appreciate who we truly are.

  69. It is so lovely to have such a powerful tool of connection like this to support you deeply in building a relationship with yourself and in doing learning to differentiate what is not a part of you… imposing from the outside… so you can choose to observe life and not absorb it or take it on. Invaluable even.

  70. Such a beautiful tool and supportive. I have found it is quick and simple to use and always brings me back to my body when I feel I am feeling disconnected.

  71. Thank you Johanna for this powerful reminder of how our every breath offers us the opportunity to be aware of the quality of connection in which we are living, of the degree in which we are living in connection to our essence within. As we move through our day we breathe, and with every breath we have the chance to feel the quality of the choices, and whether we are bringing all of who we naturally are, our Soulful-ness, to life.

    1. Beautifully expressed Carola. I too appreciate this amazing reminder from this blog and your comment. I go about my day so often disconnected to my breath and noticing how this impact my connection with myself and with others. I realise the quality of my breath determines the quality of my expression and connection.

  72. The Gentle Breath Meditation is an amazing tool to reconnect us to ourselves that brings a centredness and steadiness to our presence so that the more we are in connection with ourselves the less we react and absorb the situations around us.

  73. The constant things in our lives are the breath and our movements, so it makes sense for these factors of life to bring a great amount of healing and awareness about ourselves.

  74. I remember the first time I was introduced to the gentle breath meditation, it was my first session with an esoteric practitioner. It was a moment I will never forget. As I breathed in I felt a gentleness spread through my body and I didn’t know it at the time but looking back what I felt was me in my own breath.

  75. This is a beautiful testimony Johanna on the gentle breath mediation and how truly healing and powerful it is for all. I love that I can now access many gentle breath meditations on the UniMed living website, to have this support available at your fingertips is a beautiful gift that many can enjoy.

  76. Agreed, beautifully shared Johanna.
    In a day and age where so very many struggle to hold a sense of themselves in daily life, where use of medications and anxiety remedies are through the roof… to discover the simplest of techniques that can ‘bring me back to me’ as you’ve shared here Johanna, is absolute gold.

  77. Johanna, I’ve also found how deeply foundational the Gentle Breath Meditation has become in my every, single day. Initially it took time to establish such a relationship and connection with my breath, but today, for the better part, I am now acutely aware the moment my breathing may reflect some anxiousness, or become laboured or forced – and I can return to the simplicity of the gentle in-breath and out-breath to bring me back.
    There is no perfection in this, but what it has shown me, is just how powerful it is when we establish a daily routine of connecting with our breath via the Gentle Breath Meditation – and how this can then become a foundation for us to return to, when we find ourselves tested.
    True medicine – and nothing less. What a blessing Serge Benhayon has brought to so very many via this one practice alone… Wow.

  78. The quality of breathing gently is felt in you words and you describe very aptly the simplicity it brings.

  79. The Gentle Breath Meditation is so simple and easy to apply throughout my day. But what I have noticed is that I often forget to apply it because I get caught up in my thoughts or in what I am doing. It is a powerful technique to connect to my essence and to be more connected to others. Your blog has inspired me to practice the Gentle Breath Meditation more and to be aware of why I am avoiding breathing my own breath and therefore avoiding expressing love.

  80. The Gentle Breath meditation has really supported me connecting back to me as well. While at the start when I came to know it was to take a couple of minutes with me I now try to stay connected to my breath during the day as well as much as possible.

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