Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation 6 years ago. It has been the foundation from which I have learned to have a deeper connection with myself just by stopping (a choice) for a few minutes and allowing myself to choose and feel my gentle in-breath and out-breath. 

From this foundation I have learned to be with myself in my daily movements and present with my touch. It is not a time to escape but to connect and feel my body and my breath, to take responsibility to breathe in gently and detach, and then to breathe out gently. It is not an escape or bliss or hiding but a re-connecting to the loveliness that I already am. I have developed the same quality of stillness and awareness I feel in the gentle breath meditation in my movements as I work or play.

The gentle breath brings me back to me in work, home and in my daily living. It has also helped me to reassess what is really going on before I act… to question – am I in reaction to something, am I observing, am I absorbing? It has been a huge support.

As I breathe in gently in connection to me, I feel me and can then feel all that is outside of me which is not part of me. This has helped me to feel that what goes on around me does not need to be absorbed or taken on, just as the gentle out-breath allows me to feel the quality that I can then choose to let out to the world, and ultimately be in the world.

The gentle breath technique is a reconnection to my gentle, tender divine self that has filtered into my daily action, movements and living. I now have a greater awareness of self-responsibility and am aware of how I am being in this world, as well as being able to feel how others are being and having the ability to observe that.

  • It has filtered into how I express and behave in the environment where others are.
  • It has helped me to take responsibility for my actions, to be more considerate and not impose myself on others.
  • It has been a huge practical support in my reclaiming of myself – something others now feel.

All of this has stemmed from the Gentle Breath Meditation technique as taught by Serge Benhayon.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education

118 thoughts on “Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

  1. The quality of my breath affects how I am, for example, whether I am able to stay steady and observe certain situations or if I crumble and absorb things around me.

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