Defining Intelligence and Wisdom

by Priscila Azeredo de Souza, 35yrs, London, UK

I am re-claiming my wisdom. I am a very wise woman, innately. My inner-heart knows everything and it considers everyone, spherically.

I became an intelligent woman… I learned how to be intelligent so I could hide my wisdom behind it.


Intelligence does not challenge anyone; intelligence is challengeable. It lets irresponsibility have its way.

Intelligence is weak; it stands in the uncertainty, and on sloppy grounds.

Intelligence is selfish and it fosters separation. It’s a very sophisticated and calculated tool used to gain over others.

Intelligence is draining; it constantly needs to prove itself.

Intelligence plays games. It studies the adversary and cleverly puts him/her down.

Intelligence judges – more intelligent, less intelligent.

It fights, and it tries to prove itself.

Wisdom is different.

Wisdom asks you to be all that you are, to be true, to be responsible, to be an equal.

Wisdom challenges irresponsibility, wisdom challenges intelligence, wisdom challenges arrogance.

And it does it naturally so.

Wisdom does not fight, only presents.

Wisdom does not judge. It holds an understanding.

Wisdom does not play games. It knows the other person is equally wise and it calls us up, “Hey, what are you doing? You know you are Wise”.

I am very blessed to have so many wise people around me – they inspire me to be equally wise.

Wisdom is the intelligence of the inner-heart.

I am re-claiming my wisdom. I am a very wise woman.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

148 thoughts on “Defining Intelligence and Wisdom

  1. The continued dilemma that exists in this world, intelligence and wisdom. One is superior on planet earth, one doesn’t even think it’s superior. It is worldly, universal, resonates with a truth that cannot be fathomed, argued or judged.

    I know which my body and I prefer – WISDOM.

  2. In our world we are awarded and celebrated for any intelligence that we bring, and asked to forget our innate wisdom – the complete opposite of how we are designed and equipped to handle this world of ours.

    1. In our world people are put on a pedestal for this intelligence, but those acolades don’t last for ever. There’s always residues of emptiness. Checkout the celebrities that live in the world, how many can truly be honest that happiness comes from what they do. When wisdom is from just being them….

  3. Intelligence does indeed come with a judgement, a superiority, a holier than thou, an owning and an arrogance. Whereas wisdom comes with an equality, a knowing that we are all the same and calling on that same heart-felt wisdom that lies in us all equally so.

  4. Priscila, thank you for simple and wise blog that blows intelligence out completely and reminds us all of the wisdom within.

  5. “Wisdom is the intelligence of the inner-heart.” This is beautiful Priscila, so true and so simply expressed. Why would any not want to allow more into one’s inner heart, thereby allowing the true wisdom for all to see, feel and experience. I can so easily get caught up in my head, whereas the wisdom of one’s inner heart is ready and just waiting to be be expressed and felt by all.

  6. Thank you Priscila, great to read this again. I now live mostly from wisdom, but when I am on my own I can drop into intelligence, having had an active, busy mind for many years I have yet to master how to align it to my body as I go about my day so that it is more focused and not leaving the wisdom of my heart – a loving work in progress with the support of Esoteric Yoga. Lots here for me to appreciate about my wisdom, thank you.

  7. Why would anyone choose intelligence when wisdom has so many beautiful qualities, ‘Wisdom asks you to be all that you are, to be true, to be responsible, to be an equal.’

  8. You can be very intelligent and know very little about life. There are very few people that are intelligent about everything in life. Wisdom, however, can bring an understanding to everything in life.

    1. Yes Greg I totally agree with you, the simplicity of Wisdom has such depth of understanding and as you say “for-ever-deepening-humble-appreciative-ness!

  9. “Hey, what are you doing? You know you are Wise” – that exactly is it. Wisdom does not stand above you, and what it says makes us go ‘Wow…’ and ‘Of course that is so’ at the same time.

  10. Wisdom is ageless and is unifying, whereas the intelligence most subscribe to in life separates and competes and leaves everyone feeling less.

  11. I love how simple you make the choice between wisdom and intelligence here, there’s something about the word wisdom that makes me feel an ancient-ness in me, that I already know everything, whereas intelligence is a bit like a skill that needs to be honed and always improved.

  12. When you challenge another one using your mental intelligence, you invite the other one to choose from a series of options to respond to you that result in a pattern of movement that confirm the vibrational trap you have said yes to.

  13. It is much needed that we redefine the vast difference between intelligence and wisdom, as we seem to currently believe they have the same meaning. Intelligence seeks to overpower another with superiority and ownership, whereas wisdom is all inclusive by virtue of the fact that it honors its source is from a universal truth that is already known by all, therefore never can be owned.

  14. In terms of intelligence it really depends on where the intelligence or so called intelligence comes from. If we are simply talking about re-call then that is not true intelligence just the ability to recall knowledge. If we are talking about the intelligence of the inner heart as you mention, well that is an entirely different matter.

    1. Body intelligence, heart intelligence – the true intelligence that really counts and considers the all. But when the head takes over with its regurgitated intelligence then you are spot on Nicola in saying that it is not really intelligence but rather the capacity to recall.

  15. In society many champion intelligence and are identified by this, when you connect to true wisdom intelligence is exposed for the arrogance and separation it promotes.

  16. The type of intelligence our society currently fosters has made us feel special, separated from each other, blind to the wisdom we all equally have access to.

  17. ‘Wisdom asks you to be all that you are, to be true, to be responsible, to be an equal’ and opens us up to a whole new dimension and understanding of human life and its imperfections.

    1. The meanings here sound a lot like energetic awareness, love, integrity and building ourselves and others through appreciating and confirming.

  18. How true you words Priscila, as I read your bolg I can’t help be be inspired to move forward to this divine wisdom within me.

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