True ‘Intelligence’ – ‘Giving up’ and Reclaiming

I always found schooling, be it writing, speaking, singing, (or any form of expressing that was asked of me in this context), to be super squashing.

It was like because I was so present and ‘in my body’, there was this great big picture I felt that went out to the furthest star and yet totally glowed from within me equally – but I was being asked to shrink this vastness, or broadness, into this very (very, very, very – and here I could write a page or two of very’s) thin line, this itty bitty limited little box, with rules to adhere to in order to be ‘valid’ or ‘accepted’.

There were boxes to tick that were made all-important, and from which our very worth was measured and compared, even though it seemed so irrelevant in the context of what I felt all around me.

This so-called intelligence and its measurement in particular, was a notion shunned by me at an early age.

Squashing the Big Picture – “Intelligence” – And what’s Really Going on..?

Through primary school I was likely to be found staring out the window, or be the one to ask the teacher all those questions they just couldn’t answer – because they were standing in that thin narrow line (that we call intelligence) and had left what they too knew and felt and lived as a child.

I felt a majesty in the world, in nature, in all people and in me, and a kind of transparency of the value and seeming limitation and narrowness of what we were taught and asked to regurgitate on cue – all to make someone else, parents or teachers, look good.

After hearing about me staring out of the classroom window, asking bigger picture questions, bringing cocoons or freshly uncurling fern fronds onto my desk and similar, some of the adults in my life became concerned that I was not ticking the ‘intelligence markers’ and so I was booked in for ‘intelligence testing’… at about 10 years of age.

After weeks of detailed rigorous (narrow and highly controlled) testing, my ‘scores’ were tallied up and I was marked within the top .01% of the global population for my age group.

Some of the adults got very excited about official certification with one of the large global IQ organisations, which I more than qualified for, but definitely did not want to be a part of – much to the surprise and bemusement of the adults involved, who felt it would ‘open doors’ and ‘set me up for life’.

It felt all wrong, totally upside down, and I actively refused for my results to be submitted for membership of such an organisation.

Granted, I was in a tad of a reaction and felt that being able to complete the kinds of questions I had was no measurement of anything with any true value or meaning.

I felt that a lived connection with my body and the beauty that surrounded us was being totally shunned in favour of a dis-connected mental capacity alone. At a time a so-called outer value was being celebrated, what mattered most to me seemed more invisible than ever.

I was also not into being labelled, approved of, or ‘singled out’ on the basis of something that felt so false and narrow, much the same way that I was so not into seeing kids at school ever being measured or labelled as ‘less than’ due to their different expression or way of going about things.

This is what one of the key IQ organisations has to say of their purpose:

‘To identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity’

To my present understanding, ‘intelligence’, as in IQ that I was tested for and graded by, is primarily from the head, which is the thin pocket or narrowed line I was feeling as being so limited and cut off from the greater, vaster whole.

I find it amazing that we can tell ourselves that living life from within a limited pocket, cut off from the vastness of what is actually available to us (and so from our own bodies), can ever be said to be ‘for the benefit of humanity’ when its very premise is on inequality, separation and even supremacy – and an adherence to its requirements could surely not be a whole and balanced way to live, and so perhaps not actually a healthy thing to encourage: no benefits for humanity in sight.

The notion of ‘being better than others’ creates separation and comparison between people – with a not too small dose of arrogance in being identified with what we do and not who we actually divinely are.

Even ‘identify intelligence’ is a great big farce – meaning measuring some limited little boxes that can be fulfilled… and all based on what to me was feeling like a total mis-definition of what ‘intelligence’ even was.

To the huge credit of the adults in my life, although my perspective genuinely made no sense to where they were at, my clear wish was respected – and no official certification went ahead. So with primary school ‘successfully’ fare-welled, on I went to a boarding school of my choice.

‘Coping’ with the Narrow Line…?

So how did I now interface with the demands of that limiting thin line – whilst still not being able to deny the way everything, in my experience, was connected, overlapping, related, in spheres – with no actual thin lines to be seen, only created?

My approach was that I attempted to stay with the bigger picture by working it through the system. So in year 8, for example, I undertook surveys and experiments on girls’ body image perceptions and ran that alongside and compared to the measured facts of their BMI (body mass index): needless to say there was a huge gap revealed between the two.

I wrote speeches on the ‘sixth sense’, and other such examples, all whilst getting A grades, so ticking the boxes, without so much compromising the greater whole I was aware of, or isolating one science or discipline from another as was the expectation and norm.

Later through university, (Social Science and Women’s Studies), this struggle with interfacing with the thin line amplified. The boxes of ‘acceptable thought’ ever narrowed – there were ‘answers’ presented for human behaviours that felt like limited pockets, narrowed linear thought and contradictory perspectives that were debated endlessly with no terminal point of unity that depicted when ‘the answer’ was actually reached.

Now interestingly, looking back pondering, had I at this stage been at university not expecting to find any answers, but simply to gain a piece of paper and a few practical skills, to take myself out to the world and commit to life and work, I imagine things could have been much easier.

Looking back I suspect I was actually at university seeking a ‘get out of committing to life early’ excuse and confirmation that the world was ‘all wrong’ and I would later withdraw from life into ‘alternative lifestyles’ – and give up on bringing me, and the broader awareness I naturally held to the world; but that is another story.

At University, I found it difficult to think in the way that was demanded; to think in pockets, restrict thought to one discipline or perspective at a time, and not interlink or certainly not to bring any lived experience, but only to quote previous others who all lived from the thin line and in their heads.

Throughout my time at university I would write assessments from within the confines of the box-ticking and try to add to them the bigger picture. The tension between my broad awareness and the narrow confinement of academic ‘intelligence’ became quite intense – and my choice then was to go all out to dull down the awareness, so that the ache of it not being seemingly isolated would not be so great.

Pot became a huge feature, as a coping mechanism for the isolation I felt; a fairly conscious strategy to ‘take myself out’ and not feel the tension of knowing there was more.

Returning to true intelligence

Fast forward around 25 or so years of foggy shut down living and I am finally coming full circle back – re-allowing the surround sound knowing to begin to re-ignite, wake up, dust off the cobwebs and begin to become part of my natural daily landscape again.

I am now fine with attending courses to support me with the purpose of bringing who I am out to the world – in a commitment to being part of the world and not hiding from it as I have.

I understand that for now, it is still pretty topsy turvy out there, and I am letting go of the need for it to be otherwise. I still get great grades, but they do not define me.

I found that when I write – unrestrained, and allowing of re-connection – from the vastness I once so naturally felt but had worked so, so hard to shun, the writing that results can sometimes offer a greater awareness of the many things in life that trick us into leaving our greatest supports.

My tussle with the limiting or reducing of these dimensions has however continued, truncating my expression in a variety of settings, editing out threads of writing to reduce them to one more ‘easy to follow’ and ‘structured’ piece. As I see this playing out, I am learning to confirm the value in writing, speaking and singing from our all. I was imagining recently how I would approach editing out threads and aspects of a written piece if it were actually music.

It’s interesting with writing – that we tend to chop back to one aspect – and I was imagining how much less likely this might perhaps be for a song writer for example to just include the vocals and guitar in the final mix for example, editing out the piano, drums and violin.

Reflecting on all this has given me pause to consider just how fooled we are by so called intelligence, by whether we are measured as great or not so great at ticking those boxes. I reflected on my recovery from the labelling with intelligence and supposedly ‘having it’ – and realised there are folks who have also been labelled by this curse, but in a way of being labelled as ‘not having it’.

A very dear and amazing woman friend (a kind of pen pal actually) is someone whose support I so value as she is absolutely amazing at expressing and speaking straight from a heavenly well of practical lived intelligence.

Every time she speaks it’s so ‘everyday’, and yet has the magnificence of something so much grander behind and through her every word. When I hear her speak my whole being knows beyond doubt that This is intelligence – this connectedness with realness and living.

The gems she shares are like drops of gold, and describing them as ‘pearls of wisdom’ barely comes close to describing what it feels like when she speaks from that connection.

There is a lived authority, a spacious clarity – and an immense ‘pulling up’ power in her every naturally spoken and written word. And yet – get this – at school she was told she did not measure up to ‘intelligence’… did not tick the boxes ‘right’ and was branded as being ‘less’. This is the defining travesty of a very, very unintelligent ‘intelligence’.

When we ordinary everyday heavenly folk reclaim our connection to and express from the vastness I knew and breathed as a child, it will be inspiring beyond measure, breaking down all the barriers we have put up to contain and shrink from what we all deeply know.

As children equality was it, and this was not read in a book, or written on a blackboard, (or read on the internet or smart board) but known in our bodies, the trees, birds, and people all had a flow and there was no separation or difference other than that which we later learned and took on.

Had it not been for the support, true wisdom and divine intelligence of Serge Benhayon, I would no doubt still be amongst the lost. So here is to Serge Benhayon, and this dear woman, and all like them, re-claiming our natural expression of the true intelligence we are all innately from.

By Kate Burns, Dip Social Welfare, BA (Hons), Dip Business Admin, Bellingen, Australia

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785 thoughts on “True ‘Intelligence’ – ‘Giving up’ and Reclaiming

  1. Kate I was the opposite to you growing up with a mixture of languages, constantly struggling to put the words together, and I suppose there are still some fragments of this loitering around. I struggled with studies and the fact that I was measured because of an education system that measures everyone, was and is absolutely not on.

    I once studied a masters education just so that I could have the letters, recognition, etc and that was all performed in drive and fear of failing, which occurred with the first unit. And when the studies were all over, it didn’t get me any where further in my life or career, it was a flatliner moment for me.

    Roll on a few years and I’ve embarked on another masters and in the embryonic stages of studies, re-imprinting the whole previous experiences of studies.

    I just don’t want to tick the boxes anymore or be owned by the systems either and its ruthless measurements, I want to enjoy the processes of studies and getting to know what’s within me. So over time space and everything I look forward to what lays ahead, and this time I will have company, being supported by people all around me, taking out the stresses of doing things all on my own.

  2. The more I study and become academic the more I realise they who wrote the book, did the research, really don’t know what they are talking about.

    1. I agree Le, some of the books I had to use for uni, were out of this world, not practical, relatable, so intelligised that the connection to humanity was severed. And we call this intelligence…

  3. Thank you Kate, when the student is ready we are given the teaching and this is so surely needed in pre-school all the way through to palliative care and one day the light of the heavens shall shine from all teachers at every level!

  4. Growing up, in my surrounds some people had university degrees whilst others had not even finished high school. What I observed was that those who had finished their university degrees were seen as highly intelligent and their word was revered. Those who had not even finished high school were seen as being a little simple and stupid and treated as not being as valued. And yet in my observations, those who did not have university degrees were generally the ones who were easy to talk to and hang out with and who cared about people and looked out for you, and they were actually super practical in life – where as the opposite was seemingly true of the others, interestingly so. This was simply an observation growing up and helped me feel and see and understand years later that intelligence is not necessarily what we make it to be in our current society.

  5. Intelligence today is seen as being able to memorise and repeat back what you have been fed/what you have learned. It is not seen as something that already is inside us all and accessible to all regardless of the external education we have had. And yet our natural intelligence, the one that truly sustains us in life, is there from day dot, from the moment we are born.

  6. A very inspiring read Kate – thank you! And this also shows how beautifully you were able to value true intelligence and not fall for the thin line that we call intelligence in our society today.

  7. I can relate to what you have written Kate as we seem to live life in a very straight and narrow line. Our heads are down in concentration of staying on the line. So that we do not get to feel or appreciate is that life is so much grander than what I call one dimensional way of living. No wonder so many people give up in despair that there can be anything different and so check out on a life that at some level they know is not true.

  8. “I wrote speeches on the ‘sixth sense’, and other such examples, all whilst getting A grades, so ticking the boxes, without so much compromising the greater whole I was aware of, or isolating one science or discipline from another as was the expectation and norm.” Inspiring Kate, to read how you played the system, without losing your inner knowing and sense of yourself.

  9. “There is a lived authority, a spacious clarity – and an immense ‘pulling up’ power in her every naturally spoken and written word. And yet – get this – at school she was told she did not measure up to ‘intelligence’… ” This just shows how wrong the education system has it. Ticking boxes isn’t true intelligence, neither is learning by rote in order to pass exams.

  10. We put far too much focus on the ability to regurgitate knowledge from a very young age, and hardly any focus on the truth that if we stay connected with our bodies they can communicate the vastness of the universe which our minds cannot and will not ever be able to fathom.

  11. I remember not being understood as a child because I didn’t fit into the box that had been given to me. I was often told I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. This difference wasn’t honoured, society just got a bigger hammer to knock me into the round hole of life. And I see this happening to many children I have watched grow up. That spark that they had as young children gets extinguished very early in life, it’s almost as though adults cannot bare the reflection of how they were as children and want to put out the spark as soon as possible in order to feel more comfortable with themselves.

    1. It is so sad to see that spark extinguished as children go through the education system. Adults around them get very uncomfortable if their authority is questioned in any way. ‘Because I say so’ is no answer to an enquiring child.

  12. We have placed too much focus on intelligence of the mind, if this was everything how come there are so many miserable and depressed people who are highly intelligent? It makes sense that something is missing and that is the connection to something grander… the true intelligence that comes from our bodies not our heads and opens us to enormous truth and wisdom.

  13. There is something extraordinary to be found in ordinary life if it is truly explored – it’s the part of life that we over look that is actually the most magic – not the most intelligent person, or the cleverest human being, or the fastest runner – real extraordinary is found closer to home.

    1. These are such beautiful words Meg and hold a warmth that says we all hold a true and natural intelligence within, and that no one is lesser, that we are all equal and have access to the same Universal Mind and Intelligence that we have been born from as sparks of it.

  14. I find that we can use what we know in a very intelligent way most when we do see the interconnection between all things in life. That is when the true intelligence, that considers everything and anyone, comes to life.

  15. “all this has given me pause to consider just how fooled we are by so called intelligence” The intelligence felt through the body has so much more to offer than the confines of the intelligence of the mind.

  16. I never really felt comfortable at school, and it is not until decades later that I realised that school and education take us further away from ourselves rather than helping us maintain our connection and we end up being more lost through education than we are without it.

  17. I find it amazing that you held on to your connection to your body, and the wider world, for so long into your childhood, and didn’t get lost in the identity or recognition of it. The intelligence of the mind quickly becomes something to latch on to, a way to identify ourselves with and by, and ‘get through’ in the world – our whole world growing up centres around our education and where we clock in, in terms of our performance. True education isn’t limited by what we know through what we’ve learned, but expands to include everything that we can feel and instinctively know.

  18. This article certainly brings a new light to what we consider intelligence. I love the irony that adults were worried about your intelligence being lacking, then excited to find you were super intelligent! Just shows how unintelligent we are when we judge/mentally evaluate rather than feel a person/child.

  19. Our education system restricts our connection to the wisdom we innately have and replaces it with temporal intellect and intelligence where we fall for the educational rewards, no surprise that so many young people are struggling with life.

  20. I wonder why I was so shy and quiet in school. Why did I feel afraid to express myself?
    I understand now that what I was feeling was ok. I did not feel safe in the school environment to be myself. Just understanding that has supported me to accept myself just as I am.

  21. I too used to be one of these top ‘A’ students that used to hide behind the grades whilst deep underneath I missed the deep and natural connection to the true wisdom I knew intelligence to be. I could rightly say that I was never in a education system that fostered true intelligence anyway so how would I be aware of anything different. However in truth it was still a choice I made on some level as we ALL innately know the truth, few however live it.

  22. A fascinating read thank you Kate you show what our education system does to our ‘bright’ children. No wonder there are so many mental issues coming to the fore in our schooling system as children try to cope with being squashed in a box and kept to a fine line that they know they don’t belong to and have no true connection with.

  23. Fascinating read, thank you Kate. I also felt a great sadness in reading this of how much we squash/are squashed ourselves from our natural spherical state into a small thin line of ‘acceptability’.

  24. In school, we get educated not to be in the body as the best guarantee to progress in life. When progress is the coordinates we learn to move on we establish a limit on what life is and can be.

  25. The way the education system and the academia has taken monopoly over and shaped intelligence is so damaging to all of us. Many come out bruised and battered, having very little confidence, and even those who come out triumphed and ‘confident’ are pretty lost and not knowing who they are, and the worst of all is it sets us up to see ourselves as all separate individuals who are constantly comparing and competing against one another.

  26. The only way we can reduce the ever expanding quality of a sphere (our true and most natural state) is to put it in a box and hope that the corners we have introduced will contain and thus curtail its sphericalness.

  27. I totally agree with you when you say
    “Had it not been for the support, true wisdom and divine intelligence of Serge Benhayon, I would no doubt still be amongst the lost. So here is to Serge Benhayon, and this dear woman, and all like them, re-claiming our natural expression of the true intelligence we are all innately from.”
    Serge Benhayon and his family didn’t rescue, me but supported me to rescue myself, no one had ever given me such true and honest support which in turn I now give to my family, friends and all who know me.

  28. ‘The gems she shares are like drops of gold, and describing them as ‘pearls of wisdom’ barely comes close to describing what it feels like when she speaks from that connection.’ Beautiful Kate, this connection brings us access to the true intelligence and Universal wisdom that unites, instead of the human intelligence so many have invested heavily in that continually separates and keeps us away from who we truly are.

  29. What a stunning blog, thank you Kate Burns. “Reflecting on all this has given me pause to consider just how fooled we are by so called intelligence, by whether we are measured as great or not so great at ticking those boxes.” Yes, we narrow our whole beingness down to this one little factor in an equation that is so much grander than we allow ourselves to understand.

  30. The education system follows a narrow straight line and disregards the sphericalness of life.

  31. Squashed is a great way to describe that feeling when we know we can feel that super vastness of our potential but it somehow gets capped.

  32. Amazing, Kate, to see how you held strong with your conviction of not being labeled by your IQ and thus separating yourself further from everyone. Sending that message to your parents, teachers, and peers must have had a huge impact, and it only takes one person to say they are not willing to reduce themselves to inspire others to do the same. This blog speaks to me deeply and I’m sure many others who always felt that what was asked of us in school never felt like the truth or of any true benefit to humanity, but is actually more of a way to manipulate us into thinking we are so much less and needing to prove ourselves to others constantly, which is the model of most businesses after school as well. Perhaps there is a link there!

  33. A gorgeous sharing Kate of coming back to claim the true intelligence that you knew and lived as a child. This true intelligence lives in the inner heart of everyone, we are all equal in this, though society and the thin line of its so called intelligence dominates society, never the less true intelligence lives on in every human being waiting to be connected to and lived.

  34. The constrictions of formal education has a way of misinterpreting the truth as in the true meaning of ‘for the benefit of humanity’.

  35. Being intelligent in the head department is not being intelligent at all. The evidence for this is literally everywhere. Running our world from the head as we have exclusively done to date has been un unmitigated disaster and one which is daily getting worse. This head intelligence is being exposed and exposing itself as of very low intelligence indeed. It is way overdue, time to give whole body intelligence a go.

  36. The magnificence of all we are is hard to contain in a body. As children we can be much more connected to this grandness and not quite know how to be in a world that has forgotten how grand we really are.

  37. In our world, intelligence is seen linearly, as the capacity that allows you to connect two things and to make easily sense of that connection. We learn to project our attention in a specific way (to concentrate in a reduced amount of points). Intelligence is a permanent movement of detachment from the all, of which the points you concentrate on are part of. Through it, we gain some while we lose the rest and the vastness that comes with it.

  38. Yes here’s to reclaiming true intelligence and supporting children to not have to feel that they need to shut this down.

  39. Intelligence per se, as it stands is not real intelligence, it is more a remembering of what has been taught as opposed to the multi dimensional intelligence you describe which we all have access to if we so choose.

  40. Academia tends to be about outdoing each other, jostling for positions and funding plus the regurgitation of existing material with a trump card to top it off and set one’s own mark in the annals of this linear version of intelligence.

  41. How amazing to have held your awareness as a child and with the struggle you share it is no wonder that just about everybody does not. What you present here so clearly illustrates the evilness of so-called ‘intelligence’.

  42. A very inspiring piece of writing Kate thank you so much for what you have shared, I realise how much I live at times in the shadows when i read what is possible in these words. “When we ordinary everyday heavenly folk reclaim our connection to and express from the vastness I knew and breathed as a child, it will be inspiring beyond measure, breaking down all the barriers we have put up to contain and shrink from what we all deeply know.”

  43. Absolutely, and it feels horrible for all, as it goes against the fact that we are all equal, ‘The notion of ‘being better than others’ creates separation and comparison between people – with a not too small dose of arrogance in being identified with what we do and not who we actually divinely are.’

  44. In your description of school at the beginning I got to understand more deeply why some children rebel so much even if they seemingly ‘have it all’. It’s a rebellion against being squashed into a box, defined by how well we do in relation to the arbitrary tick lists of intelligence and talent. If this level of understanding were brought to the education system as a whole it would be transformed overnight.

    1. Yes, I agree Lucy. As one of those children that struggled so much at school I find reading this so confirming.

  45. Escaping from life or its woes never works, we must all come back to what was always there and learn to truly resolve it. Otherwise life is a constant running away but there is no living in that…

  46. I have recently started studying again and though a challenge at times I am finding that I am not doing late nights anymore as I once did. Going to bed and resting when needed and not focusing on the end result, just purely being with me in connection to every move I make and it has brought a great deal of simplicity and rhythm to my work load, which I really enjoy.

  47. Where has so-called intelligence progressed us to? Despite having more collective ‘intelligence’ today we still have wars happening all over the world, disease is rife and currently obesity and diabetes are going through the roof. What sort of intelligence is required to tackle this? Not the definition today – which is mind-based. Body intelligence is the way to go. After all our body clearly signals if we are tired, exhausted, drunk or eaten the wrong food etc. yet we ignore this at our peril. And then wonder why we get sick – not so intelligent!

  48. “There is a lived authority, a spacious clarity – and an immense ‘pulling up’ power in her every naturally spoken and written word. And yet – get this – at school she was told she did not measure up to ‘intelligence’… did not tick the boxes ‘right’ and was branded as being ‘less’. This is the defining travesty of a very, very unintelligent ‘intelligence.” It all depends on how and who defines the word intelligence. I know someone on the autistic spectrum who has a huge heart yet would be defined in today’s society as not so intelligent. Compare this with an academic who may be in the ‘top grade’ for intelligence, but is hard and cold-hearted. I know which kind of ‘intelligence’ I prefer.

  49. Amazing Kate, we are already born intelligence, love (which is obvious) and tenderness, and through fostering these qualities in ourselves we naturally come alive – and don’t identify with what has got us to where we are from an education point of view, but with who we are and our awareness of this in the world.

  50. I am studying again and am enjoying it more than ever. I am no longer berating myself for being too slow, or pressuring myself by leaving things to the last minute. I’m also actually having fun learning about new stuff. And I agree, it’s not solely about the mind, because the brain is a bit like a computer; it can only give out what has been previously fed in, however the body knows. That saying, ‘I can feel it in my bones,’ holds a lot of truth.

  51. Universal Medicine has taught me the ridiculousness of trying to own knowledge and I now understand how calling that ability to accumulate and memorise information intelligence has led to individualisation.

  52. Whenever I have been ‘stuck in my head’ and disconnected from my body, I have experienced a horrible arrogance that comes with this, that is very far removed from the true and natural whole-body intelligence. It is super harmful to my body and well-being if this prevails.

  53. I remember being at school and being in some kind of shock that the way I saw the world and expressed was ignored. I then concluded that what I had to say must be of no consequence as people seemed perplexed when I spoke so I learnt to speak what they wanted to hear and chase recognition through good grades – a mission I mostly failed at. So there was a conflict with knowing what I had to say was there to be said and had purpose, and thinking that I must be off kilter in some way because people weren’t interested. And then there were times when they really were which confused me because I wasn’t understanding where others were at or myself.

    So today I can sometimes get caught up in I can’t communicate properly – a belief that communication is set in stone and you are either good at it or not, end of! I am learning to bring expression into practicality – i.e. me living what I know and feel; it’s also about me gauging where another is at and what is there to be said from my whole body not just my head. So rather than condemn myself for being rubbish at writing I can bring a focus and playfulness to it and be forever learning around it.

  54. Comparison to others is a slippery slope that destroys us internally as the decay that it is… it is the antithesis of Love, brotherhood and supporting each other which foster inspiration, true growth and natural intelligence.

  55. True intelligence comes from that which lives deep within our bodies and not the accumulation of knowledge as we have been made to believe, understanding this allows us to embrace life to the fullest and live with a true purpose for the benefit of all.

  56. True intelligence is spherical, is definitely not located in the mind and is not possible to be measured by a limited view that let some aspects of life out.

  57. “The notion of ‘being better than others’ creates separation and comparison between people”. Well said Kate, I have experienced the two sides of that coin – bringing in the I am better than others and have felt it placed upon me by others – and both feel feel awful. It absolutely separates us and is incredibly arrogant. I too thank God for Serge Benhayon who is showing us that we are all equal, and that no-one is better than anyone else.

  58. I have witnessed and felt that intelligence from the mind often comes with arrogance and superiority and yet whole-body intelligence comes with a humbleness and humility that brings and equalness that respects and honours all.

    1. Mental intelligence is based on being better than another/others and to feather one’s own nest; it basically looks after self first and foremost at the expense of everything else.

      1. Which shows that just with our heads we cannot come to true answers, the whole body is required for that, and that we still have to understand big time and then put it into action.

  59. That label intelligence because we can recall information got me big time….I was so is shame because other people thought I was stubborn (I was a bit), not normal, not able to learn etc… I did not have a way of communicating in this world how I felt or understood life as a child, it dd not fit in with that ‘thin line’….of intelligence. I was with the universe as a child, wisdom beyond any intelligence and I now am returning to that relationship and ohhh my gosh wow hoo, it feels amazing…it was never about me, self, my little brain, exam grades, revision, it is about knowing because we know. (By the way, I have done exams and studied since this returning path to soul and universal wisdom began and I absolutely want to participate in life, but I do not hold back from understanding the source of this wisdom and understanding)

  60. ‘To identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity’, interpretation being, ‘to squash and control humanity to keep them from true intelligence’.

  61. It really is so lovely to feel that warm glow of true intelligence emanating from unexpected sources all around us there is wisdom just waiting to be expressed.

  62. Our true intelligence comes from the heart and the body. I have realized so many moments of non-intelligence when I am disconnected from my heart and body and these are now telling me it is no longer ok as the smallest disconnection is abuse to myself and felt intensely all around. The responsibility has escalated and thank you life.

  63. And there we have it, a great example of the complete squashing the schooling system offers, it holds no learning and support of the true intelligence we all hold within.

  64. This is an incredible blog Kate. Our true intelligence comes through us and is not from us. I used to feel like the narrow mind based intelligence was a superpower that made life easy. Now I see that intelligence is only as good as the source that has impulsed it.

  65. What a great demonstration of the limitations education provides and tries to enforce whilst thinking it is the end all and be all.

  66. It really diminishes what we can bring to humanity when we are schooled in such a way that has us believe that to be ourselves and to connect to a higher order is wrong and not valued, and that in order to be successful in life we have to conform. The way the schooling system is currently set up only serves to squash and reduce – is it any wonder the children shut down to such an extent that awards and achievements become everything, and when a child never receives such accolades, that also serves to shut them down further.

  67. Reading this I reflect on how I tried to use school as a means of feeling worthy growing up. At home it seemed when I pointed things out they weren’t generally warmly received – I hadn’t developed understanding of people. So, desperate to prove I was right because I was desperate to feel I had value I sought to get great grades – I’d heard adults sing the praises of those with the best grades and for being the cleverest. I decided to excel at school but found writing was like being in a muddy pond of words. I tried so hard to be original and brilliant but it wasn’t until university I got that what was being asked was to conform to a narrow viewpoint someone else had laid before you. Only through dealing with my hurts and re-connecting with my essence, feeling my worth do I drop the attachment to trying to prove myself by being clever. Just feeling how toxic this drive is is enough to know how harmful it is. It prohibits appreciation of one’s true qualities and that of others.

  68. One of the things that I absolutely love in life is when I am in a conversation with someone and they deliver the most profound pearls of wisdom because they are connected with themselves. It is always a magical moment.

  69. As awful as the notion of the narrow intelligence that “squashes the Big Picture” or at least tries its damnedest to do so, I am heartened at the fact that it never can truly succeed. Children are forever coming into the world with an amazing openness to feeling the vastness of life, this itself shows that this great awareness is not going away. And us as adults who have given in to the pressure of living inside a thin line and have given up on the vastness that we too once felt, all it takes is one person to powerfully and steadily hold that light for us and we remember.

    It is really cool that I know many people that thanks to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon have started to return to and live that innate awareness. So not only do we have loads of people lighting up the planet, but also more and more children who are not squashed into a box. I know that the game is already won.

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