Mirror, Mirror On The Street…

Recently I was on my way on the motorway with my beautiful purple Fiat Panda. I work in field service for a German natural cosmetic brand and so I am regularly on tour with my lovely car.

My car has to be appropriate for the requirements that this job involves. It needs inside enough space for the products and advertising material, but also must be small enough to fit into little parking spaces. And it has to be powerful and very trustworthy.

My car does a beautiful job here and on top of its purple colour, by my choice (and some extra money) it has a big sunroof. This is not necessary for the job, but very good for my wellbeing. It is an unusual colour and has extra design features, especially for this brand.

As I was cruising through the lanes, I suddenly saw in front of me, the same car. Same brand, same colour.


The joy that arose in me was enormous. I felt like a child – innocent full of joy and delighted. I wanted to immediately meet this counterpart, my mirror on the street.

So I did step on the gas a bit to catch up, especially as the other car was in line to drive off. I did reach the car, a bit excited and a big smile all over my face. I looked into my car-mirror and saw a beautiful woman with a lot of curly hair sitting inside.

She was looking back at me, while I held my car on her level, and realising what was going on – (same car, women in the car smiling all over) – she smiled back and I could feel the same joy rising in her, as in me. It was just a second – but such FUN!

She then drove off and I drove on my way, still smiling like a Cheshire cat. My heart was open and radiating warmth, and joy was all over. What a beautiful meeting!

And I realised that this was my choice to enjoy this meeting, after it was offered by the situation. I could have gone into comparison for example, like wondering if she had paid the same extra price as me, had the same or less horsepower and equipment or become angry that my car was not unique on the street. But I did not. I chose to be pleased as punch.

Interesting, heh? And I started to appreciate my choice, still emanating joy all over and smiling. Then, by realising how I felt, just because I met the same car, I started to wonder why I didn’t always feel like that when meeting some other human being.

Are we not all the same? I would say, “yes, we are”.

Maybe it is strongly hidden or veiled by whatever we choose to identify with – be it skin colour, culture, so-called religion, country membership, belief systems, level of intelligence or gender – but in fact WE ARE all the same.


I realised that I could enjoy meeting other people, like I enjoyed meeting that similar car on the road, if I take care to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us.

  • What would it be like to enjoy everyone I meet like that?
  • How would the world be if we would see the equality in each other?
  • What if we would see ‘the other’ as they are: our mirror?
  • What if we would take what we see in the mirror, not as a challenge, but as a blessing?

The opportunity to grow together is there, because we could take the choices another has made as an inspiration, as the woman in my mirror car did. She joined my joy.

How would life be? We would feel the connection we all have and if someone would separate in any way we would, just by the way we live together, our equality and appreciation for each other as our foundation, feel him/her in equalness, so they could re-connect again.

Maybe we would smile like a Cheshire cat all the time, warm-hearted and full of joy, feeling safe and held by the knowing that we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters who are there for us in appreciation, reflecting what counts: our connection. As we mirror each other – on the street and everywhere.

Years ago I may have taken this situation as a moment of comparison or I may have missed it, but since I am inspired by Serge Benhayon and other Students of the Livingness I am very glad to find myself instead more and more inspired by others and joyfully connecting. Thank you Serge. Thank you Sisters and Brothers. And thanks to me, for choosing so.

By Sandra Schneider, Awesome Woman, field Servant, licensed Therapist/Counsellor & Natural Cosmetic Store Manager near Cologne, Germany

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909 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On The Street…

  1. All life is just one big mirror constantly reflecting to us loving messages to support us on our evolutionary path. In order to receive this heavenly guidance we must be alert, aware and read the blessings which are on offer to us 24/7

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