Mirror, Mirror On The Street…

Recently I was on my way on the motorway with my beautiful purple Fiat Panda. I work in field service for a German natural cosmetic brand and so I am regularly on tour with my lovely car.

My car has to be appropriate for the requirements that this job involves. It needs inside enough space for the products and advertising material, but also must be small enough to fit into little parking spaces. And it has to be powerful and very trustworthy.

My car does a beautiful job here and on top of its purple colour, by my choice (and some extra money) it has a big sunroof. This is not necessary for the job, but very good for my wellbeing. It is an unusual colour and has extra design features, especially for this brand.

As I was cruising through the lanes, I suddenly saw in front of me, the same car. Same brand, same colour.


The joy that arose in me was enormous. I felt like a child – innocent full of joy and delighted. I wanted to immediately meet this counterpart, my mirror on the street.

So I did step on the gas a bit to catch up, especially as the other car was in line to drive off. I did reach the car, a bit excited and a big smile all over my face. I looked into my car-mirror and saw a beautiful woman with a lot of curly hair sitting inside.

She was looking back at me, while I held my car on her level, and realising what was going on – (same car, women in the car smiling all over) – she smiled back and I could feel the same joy rising in her, as in me. It was just a second – but such FUN!

She then drove off and I drove on my way, still smiling like a Cheshire cat. My heart was open and radiating warmth, and joy was all over. What a beautiful meeting!

And I realised that this was my choice to enjoy this meeting, after it was offered by the situation. I could have gone into comparison for example, like wondering if she had paid the same extra price as me, had the same or less horsepower and equipment or become angry that my car was not unique on the street. But I did not. I chose to be pleased as punch.

Interesting, heh? And I started to appreciate my choice, still emanating joy all over and smiling. Then, by realising how I felt, just because I met the same car, I started to wonder why I didn’t always feel like that when meeting some other human being.

Are we not all the same? I would say, “yes, we are”.

Maybe it is strongly hidden or veiled by whatever we choose to identify with – be it skin colour, culture, so-called religion, country membership, belief systems, level of intelligence or gender – but in fact WE ARE all the same.


I realised that I could enjoy meeting other people, like I enjoyed meeting that similar car on the road, if I take care to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us.

  • What would it be like to enjoy everyone I meet like that?
  • How would the world be if we would see the equality in each other?
  • What if we would see ‘the other’ as they are: our mirror?
  • What if we would take what we see in the mirror, not as a challenge, but as a blessing?

The opportunity to grow together is there, because we could take the choices another has made as an inspiration, as the woman in my mirror car did. She joined my joy.

How would life be? We would feel the connection we all have and if someone would separate in any way we would, just by the way we live together, our equality and appreciation for each other as our foundation, feel him/her in equalness, so they could re-connect again.

Maybe we would smile like a Cheshire cat all the time, warm-hearted and full of joy, feeling safe and held by the knowing that we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters who are there for us in appreciation, reflecting what counts: our connection. As we mirror each other – on the street and everywhere.

Years ago I may have taken this situation as a moment of comparison or I may have missed it, but since I am inspired by Serge Benhayon and other Students of the Livingness I am very glad to find myself instead more and more inspired by others and joyfully connecting. Thank you Serge. Thank you Sisters and Brothers. And thanks to me, for choosing so.

By Sandra Schneider, Awesome Woman, field Servant, licensed Therapist/Counsellor & Natural Cosmetic Store Manager near Cologne, Germany

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857 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On The Street…

  1. I love this: take the matching car away and you still have the potential to share joy with another person – we do not need to find the comfort of similarities in each other to simply allow joy to be there – what a gorgeous teaching this is Sandra and reminds me that underneath what meets the eye, we are all the same.

  2. I can feel the joy and excitement that is there when we find another who we can share a moment with, in this case a very obvious similarity. Life can be filled with such moments and it is there as our choice to do so if we so feel, to share what is the same feels much better than to compare what is different.

  3. In this tiny microcosm of life we can clearly see how different the world could be if we simply dropped comparison and embraced the equality that we undoubtedly are. Really it is a tiny adjustment but it would change the world completely.

  4. a brilliant example Sandra, Life is full of joy-full surprises and its when we aren’t projecting ahead and controlling life that it reveals itself in all of its glory.

  5. We mirror each other. We are special kind of mirrors though. Some reflect the future that will come, others the raw present and yet other ones the past that was but is not anymore. Some reflect nice things and others nasty ones. Some invite us to be more, others to be less. At the end of the day, it is up to each of us to choose what reflections of those that we come across inspire as to evolve and what reflections show us the stones in the path that have to be cleared in order to evolve.

  6. “I am inspired by Serge Benhayon and other Students of the Livingness I am very glad to find myself instead more and more inspired by others and joyfully connecting.” I equally am inspired, not just by Serge Benhayon, but your delightful encounter on the motorway, expressing how deeply cherishing it is to be inspired by others and not allow comparison to come in.

  7. Sandra I loved this part ‘And I started to appreciate my choice, still emanating joy all over and smiling. Then, by realising how I felt, just because I met the same car, I started to wonder why I didn’t always feel like that when meeting some other human being.’ It made me realise that we never know what we might be missing when we meet someone, even a smile can light up a moment which lasts much longer than the time it takes to truly smile.

    1. It is in fact very great to start to choose to become aware what/who we are meeting by meeting someone. Are we focusing on our differences or on our essence and so equality? Do we go for separation or connection? This makes our choice like day or night. In fact it guarantees the quality of our life and the effect we have on earth.

  8. Wouldn’t it be great if we all recognised ourselves and each other as the adorable Fiat Pandas we all in truth are? Seeing past colour and creed, knowing we are all the same? It’s a helpful analogy and I hope to recall it whenever I am tempted to see another as different (be they ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than I). We are all purple Fiat Pandas inside!

  9. I love the way you connected with the woman in the car. As women we can be quite hostile towards each other, blinded by comparison and jealously. Your story Sandra illustrates how beautiful it would be if we were to meet each other with nothing but mutual adoration.

  10. This is brilliant Sally and Sandra. For me this is the great revelation of this blog, that ‘I started to wonder why I didn’t always feel like that when meeting some other human being’. This is a magnificent wondering that says much about our habitual ways of living as human beings. The love and joy available in our hearts is limitless and it only takes a smile to bring on the joy between two or three or many.

  11. I often do feel joy in meeting each person, and I feel appreciation for their presence in my life – just for being there. Each person is so unique and brings something beautiful to the world. The thing about joy is that it’s very, very simple. It requires no similarities, differences or other conditions. Sandra you have inspired me to go deeper in this joy and connection to myself and others. And, also to be more appreciative and joyful of myself and what I bring to the world – and in my sparkly white car!

  12. I know that feeling Sandra of being full of joy, warmth in your whole body and wondering why I am not always like that, feeling the connection with myself and everyone I meet. Life does not have to be a constant struggle it can be pure joy just as in the example you have described because we love people.

  13. Some great questions Sandra, there are always opportunities to connect more deeply with others and ourselves and I have found the more tender and self-caring I am with myself the more I am impulsed to be equally the same with others.

  14. “The opportunity to grow together is there, because we could take the choices another has made as an inspiration…” – Love how you say this Sandra, it can apply to all and every person we meet, turning comparison and jealousy on its head and replacing it with true appreciation and inspiration instead…

  15. Sandra your joy emanated from that blog, I so enjoyed it. What a great revelation on how we stop ourselves from feeling joy and sharing it with another.

  16. It is interesting how we pick and choose who and when we want to meet people or not. I know that I can be quite dismissive if I am not totally focussed on meeting someone. If I am in a hurry I can be aware they are there but thinking about something else and in that moment not fully with them. “The opportunity to grow together is there, because we could take the choices another has made as an inspiration, as the woman in my mirror car did. She joined my joy.” A great reminder when I feel myself being dismissive, that we have so much to offer to each other in the way of inspiration and joy but this can only happen when we take a moment to fully connect and meet someone in full

  17. This is our natural expression to be this way with others and express our joy but often we let go of this and let life get to us. I was watching children on a playground recently and the way they embraced each other was much the same as this- it is cool what we can learn from kids.

    1. Yes, I never tire from observing children’s natural joy and connection with others, it beautifully reminds us of our own. I was in a line the other day and in front of me was a 5 month old baby who was so amazingly joyful in the way she was playing with me, it was a pure delight that brought a connection with all those around.

  18. Brilliant Sandra. What i really got reading your article this time around was how when we deeply appreciate our choices, we are given more inspiration to deepen our awareness and bring even more joy to our lives.

    1. Ah yes – When I meet ‘the same’ it is like a confirmation when I firstly appreciate what I have/bring. And I have to know/be aware about ‘what I bring’ is not my own creation, but I am the one who let it come through.

  19. “My heart was open and radiating warmth, and joy was all over. What a beautiful meeting!”
    What a divine blessing for you both. Awesome sharing Sandra, thank you.

  20. Wow with all the problems going on in the world today and in so many of our lives it would seem almost impossible to think that such joy is possible for us all to live together as one. Well I must say if anything, reading this blog and all the joy it offers sure does leave a smile on your face! More blogs like this and more people living their truth is indeed where to start

  21. “I realised that I could enjoy meeting other people, like I enjoyed meeting that similar car on the road, if I take care to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us” Great point Sandra, there is so much more that unites us than separates us and it is our choice to appreciate and celebrate the equalness of all.

    1. Yeah. It is time to open up our eyes for our connection an equality. This needs some dedication and willingness to express our essence and bring what is needed in society and in every relationship we have. As I see it with my partner. When he says something that could hurt me (a separating reflection) it is so easy to go with it, feel hurt and join the separation. But what is needed is to see what has happened (he did go into separation – why ever) and call him back, support him on his way back to connection by offering it.

  22. And thankyou Sandra – your joy is contagious, as all true joy naturally is. We are designed to respond to each other in this way. To pull each other back to Truth, Love, Harmony, Stillness and Joy – for these are our true qualities. Connection is what eliminates comparison so that jealousy cannot annihilate the warmth of our love shared with all, with no barriers in place. Our greatest service is reflecting all that we are and in being willing to receive the reflection of all that another is also, for this is the one-unifying light that is Thy Father’s love.

  23. Beautiful Sandra, to be appreciative and joyfully generous is not a thinking choice when we come from our heart . . it just naturally bursts out.

  24. Its the openness and light that you exude Sandra that just warms my heart. Thank you for sharing your mirror on the street with us. So awesome.

  25. If we spent our days considering others a mirror for us not to challenge or compare ourselves to but to look at their reflection through the eyes of appreciation to both bless and inspire each other how much more would we learn? And more importantly, how much more would we grow together.

  26. Your Joy is contagious Sandra, what a beautiful reflection we can bring to each other. Each day we have these opportunities to remind each other that truth, love harmony and joy are our natural expressions.

  27. When we make life about people and connection it really does expose how petty and trivial our reactions and dramas we can go into in protection of our hurts really are. I have felt hurt, reacted and expressed my reaction but as I learn to make life about people my response is different. I may react but I feel the reaction within my body and I accept the reaction within my body. In most situations usually later I will create space to reflect and read what the reflection was showing me. This way of being is supporting me in my relationships when I feel there is a hurt in my body to be healed.

    1. Great sharing Caroline. I had just recently a sharing with a young woman who was always angry and frustrated about her mother. Than the mother nearly died last November and that changed their relationship. The young woman realized how much she would miss her mom if she would die and that the most things she is frustrated or angry about are not worth it to bring it between them. She focus now on the relationship and the honor of it. – But why wait till somebody nearly dies to focus on our relationships and the beauty of it?

  28. It is beautiful to imagine a world where we see our equality instead of focusing on what seemingly separates us for the later has resulted in the disharmonious world we live in today and the plethora or relationship issues that have forgotten this simple and beautifully unifying fact

  29. What I love about this blog is just how the little things in life give us so much joy when we are connected with ourselves. Connection is so vital for our wellbeing.

  30. The more aware we are of our choices, how we choose and where that choice is coming from the more empowered we are to know the responsibility we hold in making choices… and… that every choice affects our thoughts and perspective of life.

  31. So beautiful when we just allow to appreciate and in the enjoy the moments of joy that present themselves, connecting to the gifts that life presents and not going into comparison.

  32. Such simple answer to our One unified truth that is – we are all connected, we all are the One, and we all come from love, light and joy! Time to see it in us, time to see it everywere.

  33. It brings a great evenness and steadiness when we treat everyone and every situation the same. When I do this I feel able to deal with any situation, as I know the steady feeling in me will be the same. When I treat situations as different, either better or worse, I feel like I am on a roller coaster and the way I am with people is not the same. This equalness in all parts of my life is something I am developing with the support of Universal Medicine, without whom I would still constantly be on the roller coaster of life that is accepted as being the norm.

  34. Ah yes Sandra – it seems the more we accept the fact that each of us is here to teach and show us all, something important we need to grow, the more we see our equalness and so it flows. For there is no coincidence to any situation, person or car passing accross our path. When we understand this we get that we are all equally and divinely supported.

    1. You raise a great point here Joseph. Nothing happens in coincidence – everything what is happening to us makes sense. In this truth we have to accept our worth and how much we and our choices, our way of living count. Let’s really let this in. It is huge. We are all part of a bigger picture, which we also co-design.

  35. Focusing on what unites us all, our soul and loving hearts, is what brings joy to the world. Thank you Sandra, I loved reading about how you responded with love to seeing the self same car as yours, and its driver on the motorway.

    1. So we now have the key to have joy in our lives and in the world: connecting us all through connection and equalities. This is so interesting as I did observe that we ‘normally’ close down more or less when we do feel no joy. We try to protect ourselves by distancing us – but this is the opposite of what would serve us!

  36. When we look at our world – we see loss – loss of connection in the many parts we serve (walk, life, work, breath etc). But is that the the source we should choose to serve from? Hence it is obvious with source we can choose and are able to walk, talk, work, breath, live from and serve humanity forth. Which one are you choosing?

    1. This is so true Danna, we can choose (have to!) from where we look and what we connect to – our seemingly differences (which we did create) or our equalities and what we connect to. I found it very interesting to observe myself hereby. I say I love to connect and to see our equality but so often I found myself choosing to see our separation and get frustrated or angry. And still it is my responsibility what I see. Why do I choose so? And I have to confess that I choose individuality over oneness – even I get frustrated and ‘unhappy’ with it. This is to see and from my honesty I can feel what my choice does to me and the world. When i take my responsibility here and be honest I support my next step in more joy.

  37. “What if we would see ‘the other’ as they are: our mirror?” I love your words here Sandra, we would naturally see each other as our equal when we are living more lovingly with ourselves and not look at each other in comparison or judgement no matter what the choices each of us has made.

  38. How gorgeous that you did not miss this magical moment that resulted in such a feeling of joy, without an ounce of comparison in sight. So many times in life when we have something reflected back to us we are in so much of a hurry to get somewhere that we miss the message and the magic that is being offered. I am sure that this beautiful moment had you smiling, inside and out, for a very long time.

    1. Every time I connect to this again I am smiling. And I remember it every time I see a just a bit similar car on the street – I am asking myself ‘why I am not joyful all of the time?’. Not to make me feel bad or to slag myself, but to be inspired again to connect to our all connection more deeply.

  39. I love the way appreciation naturally leads to a lot more – like a link in a chain of Love. Once you are on the appreciation train it is hard to get off – this is so cool to remember here Sandra. Your sharing of cars is symbolic to me of the quality I have in my heart, my body, my eyes, when I meet anyone else in this world. When I adore other people and myself – how can there be difficulty, struggle and troubles?

  40. It is a wonderful realisation that you had a choice of how you respond in the situation. The playful joy of seeing the sameness of another reflecting many similar choices, or comparison and entertaining thoughts that would entice you to see her as separate and different. It is huge. Our thoughts are not cast in stone, in every moment it is possible to choose the quality of thoughts we run with, how open we are with our heart and the impact this has on our lives.

  41. I like how you’ve allowed yourself to be like a child again, just wanting to play with the other driver by showing her your car, so much lightness and joy to share, you could not escape, even if you’d tried, from this joy that was felt through your whole body, from within to the outside.

  42. Your blog made me smile, I could feel your joy in the moment. What a difference it makes when we truly appreciate another instead of going into jealousy and comparison 💕

  43. It is so easy to slip into comparison and jealousy. I am noticing how easily it happens. This idea of feeling less than or better than is all pervading in so many areas of our lives. Appreciation of ourselves is a habit well worth committing to and the start of something that grows and expands outwards.

  44. I love how open and welcoming you are of others Sandra! It’s so clearly felt here. You could have easily been annoyed that you weren’t the only one with that colour and feeling dissapointed that you were no longer ‘special’. But that joy you felt is so refreshing, and something I am personally inspired by, as I have often reacted to others and situations that highlight that I am not in fact an individual. And it’s true, we are all part of something, so there isn’t actually any need to force ourselves to stand out, we just do already as we are, and when we accept this, we can make choices because we feel to and not so that it will seperate us further from the all.

  45. The joy bursting from this blog Sandra is so delicious to feel. The world and the way we live would be a vastly different place if we all began to choose to accept the fact that we are all one and the same in essence. Our potential to learn, grow and evolve would surely accelerate with love, truth, honor and appreciation being the foundation of our connections. The responsibility is ours through every day as to what quality we bring to every opportunity we are offered to truly connect with others.

  46. What your words remind me of Sandra, is how we are all meeting each other every day for a specific reason. We each come into our lives for a purpose and with qualities to show and messages to deliver. So when we get angry, annoyed and perturbed by events, let us stop and put the handbrake on. For these ‘terrible’ or horrible life circumstances are actually here to support and help us in the most beautiful way. There is no meeting that is unloving when you see life from this place. I am glad I met with you and your words today.

    1. When one understands and lives life with this awareness life becomes a graceful flow. Thank you, Joseph, for sharing this so clearly.

  47. Sandra it was pure joy reading your blog. A great demonstration of the two different energies we could chose to align to. One brings joyful learning and evolution, the other brings comparison and another trip around the sun doing the same thing.

  48. Gorgeous analogy of showing how we are all the same and on reading it I feel uplifted and looking forward to whomever I meet today with a smiling open-heart.

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