Mirror, Mirror On The Street…

Recently I was on my way on the motorway with my beautiful purple Fiat Panda. I work in field service for a German natural cosmetic brand and so I am regularly on tour with my lovely car.

My car has to be appropriate for the requirements that this job involves. It needs inside enough space for the products and advertising material, but also must be small enough to fit into little parking spaces. And it has to be powerful and very trustworthy.

My car does a beautiful job here and on top of its purple colour, by my choice (and some extra money) it has a big sunroof. This is not necessary for the job, but very good for my wellbeing. It is an unusual colour and has extra design features, especially for this brand.

As I was cruising through the lanes, I suddenly saw in front of me, the same car. Same brand, same colour.


The joy that arose in me was enormous. I felt like a child – innocent full of joy and delighted. I wanted to immediately meet this counterpart, my mirror on the street.

So I did step on the gas a bit to catch up, especially as the other car was in line to drive off. I did reach the car, a bit excited and a big smile all over my face. I looked into my car-mirror and saw a beautiful woman with a lot of curly hair sitting inside.

She was looking back at me, while I held my car on her level, and realising what was going on – (same car, women in the car smiling all over) – she smiled back and I could feel the same joy rising in her, as in me. It was just a second – but such FUN!

She then drove off and I drove on my way, still smiling like a Cheshire cat. My heart was open and radiating warmth, and joy was all over. What a beautiful meeting!

And I realised that this was my choice to enjoy this meeting, after it was offered by the situation. I could have gone into comparison for example, like wondering if she had paid the same extra price as me, had the same or less horsepower and equipment or become angry that my car was not unique on the street. But I did not. I chose to be pleased as punch.

Interesting, heh? And I started to appreciate my choice, still emanating joy all over and smiling. Then, by realising how I felt, just because I met the same car, I started to wonder why I didn’t always feel like that when meeting some other human being.

Are we not all the same? I would say, “yes, we are”.

Maybe it is strongly hidden or veiled by whatever we choose to identify with – be it skin colour, culture, so-called religion, country membership, belief systems, level of intelligence or gender – but in fact WE ARE all the same.


I realised that I could enjoy meeting other people, like I enjoyed meeting that similar car on the road, if I take care to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us.

  • What would it be like to enjoy everyone I meet like that?
  • How would the world be if we would see the equality in each other?
  • What if we would see ‘the other’ as they are: our mirror?
  • What if we would take what we see in the mirror, not as a challenge, but as a blessing?

The opportunity to grow together is there, because we could take the choices another has made as an inspiration, as the woman in my mirror car did. She joined my joy.

How would life be? We would feel the connection we all have and if someone would separate in any way we would, just by the way we live together, our equality and appreciation for each other as our foundation, feel him/her in equalness, so they could re-connect again.

Maybe we would smile like a Cheshire cat all the time, warm-hearted and full of joy, feeling safe and held by the knowing that we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters who are there for us in appreciation, reflecting what counts: our connection. As we mirror each other – on the street and everywhere.

Years ago I may have taken this situation as a moment of comparison or I may have missed it, but since I am inspired by Serge Benhayon and other Students of The Livingness I am very glad to find myself instead more and more inspired by others and joyfully connecting. Thank you Serge. Thank you Sisters and Brothers. And thanks to me, for choosing so.

By Sandra Schneider, Awesome Woman, field Servant, licensed Therapist/Counsellor & Natural Cosmetic Store Manager near Cologne, Germany

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967 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On The Street…

  1. ‘to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us.’ An offering for us to share the joy and appreciation of every other vehicle making their way through life whatever the chosen colour.

  2. How would the world be if we saw the equality in everyone, ‘I realised that I could enjoy meeting other people, like I enjoyed meeting that similar car on the road, if I take care to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us.’

  3. Appreciating our essences brings the start of us developing an intimate relationship with another, maybe this is what your car brings to you and this is what was reflected in the other car?

  4. It’s a really great question Sandra why we can’t feel that same joy with everyone like you did with the matching car. I’ve had moments like that too with strangers and it’s delightful. Your question gave me an opportunity to reflect on people and how much more appreciation there is to have of them, not just in their humanness but in their divine soul-ness also. We are each amazing packages of grandness, even if it’s buried under protection or something else we have taken on we can still receive people in the all they are.

  5. ‘I realised that I could enjoy meeting other people, like I enjoyed meeting that similar car on the road, if I take care to see our equality instead of focussing on what seemingly separates us.’ So love feeling the joy of this meeting in your blog and the resonance of the point you are making here.

  6. Serge Benhayon has enlightened many of us about the truth about comparison, comparison is a killer, it literally stops our evolution.

  7. And what does your life mirror tell you today…? It seems to me that looking at life in this way could be a very fast way to learn and grow and develop ourselves.

  8. This is very cute and shows that no matter what our age our childlike innocence and playfulness is always there ✨

  9. Reflection is a wonderful thing as we get the opportunity to see where we are at, either going about our day joy-fully or not.

  10. It was maybe only a second this time but it is not about time but the quality we choose moment by moment, your joy lasted longer than this second of sharing it with the other driver. The spark has its ripple effect when we choose to stay the spark.

  11. What a beautiful reflection and what an expression of joy in the face of that reflection. That seems a great way to live.

  12. “What if we would see ‘the other’ as they are: our mirror? – now thats powerful – for a start there could be no judgement only understanding.

  13. Ahh, so often I catch myself looking in the windows of shops to confirm that I look good. It’s almost as if I have to confirm that the outside looks picture perfect because there’s an emptiness on the inside that is yet not fulfilled.

  14. Life reflects back to us what we are putting out and what we need to pull us up. Our job is to do the reading on every aspect life offers us.

  15. Meeting everyone for the greatness they innately are will enrich us no end as we get to appreciate and marvel at the variances in expression and the breadth of what we represent, all of us as one.

  16. Meeting all people with the same joy as meeting one who appears the same as us would eliminate discrimination, comparison etc. With this openness we would realise we are all the same despite the outer appearances.

  17. I love your questions, Sandra, it places responsibility back onto my end when I experience friction and tension in meeting another, as it is all about how I receive another, and not about them.

  18. When we are content within ourselves the simplest of things bring us much joy, like seeing a similar car to our on the road.

  19. Our external differences can bely the fact that we are actually all equal in our essence, and from the inner are one light.

  20. Beautiful Elizabeth, it is like walking around with a big mirror in front of us constantly showing us who we are, easy, simple and clear. But through our lifestyles we are consistently fogging the mirror, allowing it to get dirty until such time that we do not notice it at all and can claim there is no such thing as a mirror. The beauty though is, only a tiny part of the mirror needs to be cleared again to reflect the spark of who we truly are.

  21. I have traveled much in the world and seen different cultures and ways of being but what has struck me most is the similarities. When you scratch the surface and look underneath we all are equally the same, craving love, brotherhood and harmony. And the true meaning of these words is the same for all as well.

  22. A very beautiful sharing how fun and playful life can be. There is so much to enjoy within each other, and this is not because we share commonalities in what we have or how we look or what we like but because deep down our hearts beat to the same rhythm, the rhythm of love and truth, that does not know of any judgement, hate or difference.

  23. So much joy in your blog Sandra. What are we choosing to miss out on when we let a force like jealousy and comparison rule the show?

  24. This is such a beautiful, simple and joyful example of how we can find such heart warming moments in life.

  25. Comparison gets in the way of us feeling the potential that is on offer with another, blocking the way for any true connection.

  26. When we have something in common we naturally open up our heart more to the other. Like it makes us feel save that the other person understands us more then others. There is this connection about something.
    When we understand again that we have something big in common we can open up our hearts in full.
    This huge common thing is the love we are and where we are from.
    WE come from the same country, all of us 🙂

  27. The joy that arises when we stand tall from our heart and see the beauty in another is phenomenal. Then to take it further and share it by keeping an open heart and express that love is profound in its beauty.

  28. Love it Elizabeth, it is up to us to want to see and be aware… otherwise we will miss the messages and confirm the what is not….

  29. This is so beautiful Sandra. I love the immense amount of joy that is present in this blog. I love the way you felt that this kind of meeting is possible with anyone, and that we can meet other people with joy all the time if we choose to. If we go into comparison we create a block between ourselves and others. If we open our hearts with joy we give others the opportunity to rise to this too as you did. Very inspiring.

  30. That you found such joy in this interaction like you said you could easily have gone into comparison when it is so normal to do that. So cool.

  31. I’m not sitting in purple car… or maybe I am as I too am smiling all over as I read this super gorgeous blog.

  32. In essence we are all the same and we have invested deeply in hiding this with all our differences, but no matter how many differences we create we can never escape the equality of our divinity within.

    1. Yes, so true, and now we need little reminders how equal we actually are so we can return to live this in full and not let the many differences we have created fool ourselves that lets us continue on the band wagon of separatism and right and wrong.

  33. I love the title of this gorgeous blog Sandra… “Mirror, Mirror On The Street…” . . .as you say everywhere we look is another mirror that we need to embrace with the very same joy as the lady in the purple car – no matter if they are reflecting what we want to see and celebrate about ourself or what we would prefer to not see and own up about ourselves.

    1. Reflection works both ways – it can be a confirmation or a pull up for us and it is then our choice whether we go into comparison or graciously accept what has been offered.

  34. I loved what you shared Sandra, there can be so much joy in simply connecting with someone even for a fleeting moment, and in that moment so much joy is felt and shared.

  35. When we have meetings like this we realise that no-one is a stranger, it just depends on how open we are when we meet. I always love the way dogs greet humans, they don’t hold back and they greet everyone the same way like they are meeting a long lost friend, even if its been a couple of hours since they’ve seen you.

  36. Sandra, your Light-ness of being just beams from this blog, and I could imagine myself right there with you catching up to that car to share in the joy you felt. You raised a great point about questioning why we don’t hold each other with this same appreciation all the time and this shows how much we let little things that look like differences get in the way, when in the end they are all an illusion.

  37. When we express love and we see another do the same, then it is joyful. When we express identification or exclusivity and we see another do the same, it may be a little less joyful.

  38. There is so much in this blog for us as a whole society to be deeply touched and bring understanding to. Because we focus on the outside almost solely and what is being said rather than feeling and reading what is going on for the other, we often may not allow ourselves to connect truly light to light, soul to soul. It was a full moon last night and I awoke in the morning feeling flawed, deeply tired, I clicked on my way to work that it was a full moon and a special one in that it was going to be 30% bigger than usual. I shared my experience with someone and they said yes my child was born on a full moon and the midwifes shared this is a time when many women go into labour. To which I said that of course makes sense as the moon moves the oceans with the tides, why would we think it doesn’t affect us! How removed from the reality of the fact we are truly all the same, we are made up mostly of water and energy and because we have flesh we cannot be converted into some sort of robot that is not affected by nature. It is a curious phenomenon don’t you think?…

  39. The true meaning of joy: when the light in me sees the light in you and knows that it is the one and same expressing light of Thy Father.

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