The Greatest Party Celebration on Planet Earth

by Rob Skinner, Hastings Point, NSW

Last night I attended a party celebration and what can only be described as a true celebration of the Love and Joy that we are.

The occasion was a masquerade ball organised by Natalie Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Emmalee Benhayon, to celebrate the birthdays and lives of these amazing young friends, as well as ALL the guests who attended.

I have been to many functions and parties in my 48 years on this planet, and even organised some pretty flash events myself, but what I attended last night has totally re-defined for me what it is to truly celebrate.

Upon arrival I was met by hundreds of people dressed in the most amazing masquerade costumes outside of Venice, and the most beautiful faces and smiles I have ever seen and felt anywhere.

There was no alcohol, just water and a little fruit punch; none of the usual cheap or stimulating party food, but a massive spread of the most divine, carefully planned, made and presented delicious food ever brought together. Even the labels on the food were done so thoughtfully – describing the ingredients, the flavours and in some cases, the inspiration behind the delicious creation.

No tacky, stimulating or emotional party music, but rather song after song of divine tunes that have been written from the heart to celebrate the love that we ALL truly are, and performed without great productions, effects or volume – in fact many of the songs had no background music at all – to over 300 people who all felt like the songs had been written about them.

What a music concert and what a way to celebrate!! Many of the songs were written by Glorious Music to express the love and inspiration we receive from each other, and as they were sung I could feel that every word, every sentence and every song was absolutely true.

People dancing together as one, some with partners, many with friends, men with women, women with women and even men with men, all comfortably looking into each others’ eyes without reservation, and all dancing with harmony and joy, more like angels than people.

What an absolute joy to be dancing and expressing within a group where at no stage did I feel self- conscious or feel any judgement, jealousy or comparison in the whole room; rather, every time I looked around the hall, I saw play-fullness, grace and joy.

As I was driving home at 8:30pm – yes, the ball was all over at around 8pm so that young and old could be home and in bed at a self-loving time – I reflected on how I was feeling. What I felt was amazing. Five hours of partying, dancing and singing and I felt an absolute stillness and joy in me. I was not ‘buzzing’, left wanting more, feeling tired or drained, simply glowing in the love that I had been immersed in today, and reflecting on the fact that I had just attended the greatest true party celebration on planet earth.


160 thoughts on “The Greatest Party Celebration on Planet Earth

  1. “I had just attended the greatest true party celebration on planet earth.” Since then there have been many fabulous parties and balls – in the UK too. I love the way we all appreciate the costumes and dance alongside each other – connecting and celebrating who we are and how we are evolving year on year.

  2. Rob what an amazing celebration you have had – thank you so much for sharing it with us as you gave us with this sharing the possibility to feel that there is an other way of partying possible and that is so beautiful and inspiring.

  3. I have attended a lot of parties in my life but agree that the Benhayon’s throw the best parties ever, they have set a new standard for what an amazing party is.

  4. We can’t underestimate what such a party brings to the entire planet – people coming together to express their love and joy together, and in brotherhood, surely this is felt around the world, and marks a new way to celebrate together.

  5. I have attended many celebrations organised by the Benhayon’s that leave me just as I am… no highs or lows, not desperate for more or thinking is that it (like after many a party night in my twenties) or not wanting to go home. Just left with a clear reflection of how we can truly be together and how simple this is.

  6. A real celebration in my book Rob, having attended many in a similar vein it has changed forever what I feel as a party. What I love about them is they are a celebration of the quality of relationships already shared by those attending… so it is made everything by those who attend, open, joyful and engaged with one another. The music, the food and any dress-ups merely add a bit of flavour to the mix.

  7. Having attended several similar events, I can attest to the fact that these celebrations have redefined what it means to have a party. A celebration is one where we leave feeling lifted, not one where we have to drag ourselves home or are not even sure how we got home, then wake up the next day feeling horrible. That is no celebration.

  8. A great blog to revisit as we approach New Year’s Eve… understanding what constitutes a true celebration is so important. Entering the next year’s cycle with a hangover, obliterating any real or meaningful self-reflection of the year gone by means we are unlikely to enter the new year with anything resembling the potential for growth or evolution.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Jenny. Parties bring up a lot for people and when I throw a party I know that everything that unfolds as a reflection and it’s not always a reflection I want to see. Universal Medicine has shown me that true celebration is made possible through every moment that is lived before it. Party planning takes on a whole new meaning!

      1. So true Leonne, ‘true celebration is made possible through every moment that is lived before it.’ When I understood that a celebration is a confirmation of what has already been lived, it changed everything in my approach to a party and takes any attempt to make it something out of the mix. If it’s lived, it will be present in whatever gathering comes together in honour of that, if it’s not, there is an emptiness that is present, from which we try to fill with elements that are not in truth celebratory, but harming in some way.

  9. It is so rare and so beautiful to attend a party which honours and celebrates our true sense of self which feels inclusive of all. Pure joy!

  10. It is rare to experience what you have described… for very few things in life leave you ‘glowing in the love that immersed you’ … as such it is a celebration absolutely worth appreciating.

    1. I have to say I did find it hard to let down my guard and my pictures but I would love to go to one of those events now and see how I was. To take the opportunity to re-imprint previous experiences.

  11. How beautiful to attend such joyful celebrations, where you are being held, and there is no alcohol, but pure sense love and togetherness. Loving and nourishing food.

  12. Love it Rob. This is such a great confirmation of what a true celebration is about. Celebrating who we are through music and sharing a lovingly prepared dinner, both that confirming the equal greatness of us all, the magic that is shared when we live from our hearts, and also inspires us to feel that there is more love for us to claim and live, is a joy-filled event to behold and be part, one that truly supports our evolution together.

  13. Thank Rob, Universal Medicine definitely knows how to throw a true celebration party, and Universal Medicine students have certainly embraced what it means to have a party without abusing themselves in the name of having ‘fun’.

  14. What a night, I remember it well and what you have portrayed Rob is spot-on. Each person was connecting to being the Son of God so ‘to express the love and inspiration we receive from each other‘ as do all the Universal Medicine students at any event.

  15. The first time I attended a Universal Medicine celebration I remember looking around the room thinking that this was what I had always been looking for. Even though most people in the room I didn’t know so well, I felt like I had come home.

  16. I agree with you Rob – attending any celebration with Universal Medicine is absolutely amazing, everyone having a joyful time together, without one drop of alcohol in sight and no-one trying to impress anyone else.
    “…but what I attended last night has totally re-defined for me what it is to truly celebrate”.

  17. Very true Rob, after just attending another Universal Medicine celebration a few nights ago I can also say these celebrations are so unique in that hundreds of people dancing and enjoying the live music that was available without a single drop of alcohol – it is a true blessing to experience this.

  18. There is a different way of living to what is so called “normal society”, our hours of sleep can be different, the way we celebrate can be different, the way we relate to one another can be different. By discarding the pictures of how life is, or even questioning whether life has to be that way, there is a possibility of living in a way that is more loving and true for our bodies.

    1. Yes Heather and strange as it sounds we need permission to go there – to know there is another way! I didn’t realise how many pictures we had till I started looking for them, then it was a bit of a smashfest till I started noticing that I was much more open to the opportunity that was in front of me.

  19. Yes Rob, I was never a party animal and was quite sedate at them, choosing to not stay too late and did not enjoy the loud music or the behaviours of most there, but when I have attended Universal Medicine celebrations, it is exactly how you describe and so very enjoyable for the body and soul.

    1. Julie I was the same, I never enjoyed the parties much I went to, I wasn’t a fan of alcohol or out of control behaviour, or the way people could often be rough with themselves or others mostly because they were drunk. Celebrating the love and joy we can live together is actually super fun, no one gets hurt and it’s absolutely beautiful going home feeling like I’m filled with even more love and joy.

  20. The Universal Medicine annual Balls and other celebrations are amazing, the music is so inspiring and it literally feels like every cell in my body responds. The food is nourishing, the company is gentle yet joyful, and it’s also a very respectful loving environment. People might not think you can enjoy a party without alcohol or junk food but the fun we have is like nothing I’ve experienced before – it’s not about highs or stimulation but celebration of our inner connection.

  21. Beautifully appreciated Rob. Universal Medicine knows how to celebrate. My partner and I held an engagement party last night and even the simple fact that we held a party with no alcohol was worth appreciating. The thing I loved most was feeling how at home the kids at the party were, they didn’t have to deal with the imposing energy that comes with alcohol and it was beautiful to feel.

  22. I love your description of this party Rob. I was there in this occasion and remember having an amazing time even though it brought up a lot for me. When we attend a true celebration it reminds us that most celebrations we see are actually not much more than harmful escapes that leave us hungover and bereft when they are over.

  23. Thank you for sharing your experience of this celebration Rob, what an amazing event, it felt lovely to just read about it.

  24. A Benhayon celebration is such a joyful event, full of playfulness and joy, a great re-imprinting of how to have a party, without the need for alcohol or stimulating food, and is the most amazing reawakening of how we can have the greatest fun, just from being ourselves.

  25. The celebrations organised by the Benhayons are lovely to be a part of, the joy and love in the room at these events is palpable.

  26. Great to read this again Rob, I particularly enjoyed this line “and all dancing with harmony and joy, more like angels than people.” Our divinity is the waiting to be expressed in everything, whether it’s a party or a mundane task like cleaning we can be in connection to all the that we all are!

  27. It’s refreshing to see that there are ways to ‘party’ that break the mould or the norm. At this point most parties and particularly older birthday parties are a somewhat wild event. Usually starting with the formalities as they are called and those that stay party ‘all night long’ which seems to hang over into the next days. For me it’s great to see a large group of people come together and share a meal, a sing and a dance in a way that truly brings them together with no hang over. This is possibly a sign of things to come and something to remember.

  28. Its a great point that parties typically leave you exhausted and hung over the next day. Even if you don’t drink there is still that feeling of being smashed the next morning. Attending a party where the enjoyment of being together is open and on show, and more than that truly appreciated sets the new standard for what parties are really about.

  29. This was one of the first Universal Medicine celebrations I had attended and was amazed at how I felt every part of me confirmed to the core. It was beautiful to feel celebrated and celebrate myself, but equally so to celebrate the true loving connections that are shared between students of The Way of The Livingness, and the absolute joy and fun that is possible and feels completely natural when just be our real selves.

  30. It sets a marker for how we can share with our children the joy of partying without stimulants. It should be an essential opportunity that once experienced means we can choose the same for ourselves – or not of course.

  31. I attend these parties once or even twice a year and they are exactly as you’ve described Rob. Very light and joyful and at the end many stay behind to pack up and clear down. All finished before 9pm. Allowing us to be bright the next morning.

  32. It’s a celebration of celebrations where everyone gets to celebrate who they are and then bask in the glory of being surrounded by others doing the same.

  33. “every time I looked around the hall, I saw play-fullness, grace and joy.” A beautiful way to celebrate and appreciate all who shared the celebration and the movements that offered a loving energetic imprint to the hall.

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