The Nature of Energy: A Bathtub Lesson

by Adrienne Ryan, BEd, Brisbane, Australia

Recently I drew a very full bath and when I got in, the water ended up right at the edge. It was like being in a lake – no visible bath lip, just a pure expanse of water. Then, a funny thing happened: I began to notice the effect I was having on the water and a whole lesson on the nature of energy unfolded right there in my bathtub.

I noticed how the water remained unbroken as I lay still, so much so that it became a perfect reflection of the taps, walls and surroundings.

Stillness = clarity

Next I saw how the water wasn’t completely still. It was moving up and down with each in and out breath I took. It was like the water was breathing with me. The gentler my breath, the more exquisitely the water ebbed and flowed.

Stillness in motion = rhythm

I let my finger break the surface and ripples instantly flowed out and then the water became still again – a body of rhythmic breathing once more. When I lunged my foot forcefully to the surface like a creature from the deep, waves and whirlpools erupted everywhere and I felt the shock of their intensity. It took a while but harmony was restored to the bathtub lake and it felt richly, simply, full – animated from depth to surface with a smooth, ready, stillness.

Movement magnifies energy

I wondered what would happen if instead of a lunge, I gracefully allowed my foot to emerge from the depths? I felt the tenderness inside me – delicate, unhurried, content, alive, joyful – and in this quality moved my foot upward once more, this time breaking the water line with barely a ripple, feeling like it was still part of the body of water it had surfaced from, not separate at all.

Do you remember playing in the bathtub with its endless cause and effect opportunities and the sense of wonder, awe and joy bath time offered… and still does?

We are, at all ages, subjects and students of the nature of energy

This bathtub lesson reminded me how playful science is and how the most profound laws, like the nature of energy, are reflected everyday in things as simple as taking a bath.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

362 thoughts on “The Nature of Energy: A Bathtub Lesson

  1. Remembering the time that were so play-fully enjoyed in the bathtub and how still I would become in the beauty of my own stillness essence it is as simple as you have shared Adrienne and we can reconnect to that same stillness at any time as that energy is always available.

    1. And this reminder of everything being energy means that there is so much for us to take in and understand, so how could life ever be boring especially when there is so much to register and realise about the simplest things that happen around us.

  2. A stunning lesson of how the quality of vibration we align to and allow to move us is what reverberates through every aspect of our living day whether we are moving or not. We cannot escape the fact that the quality how we ‘are’ is because of energy first and that we command what quality of energy that will be.

    1. We are never not commanding the quality of energy we wield and it is better to know what you are commanding as then the consequences and possible repercussions of the vibrations we choose are better to understand.

  3. We live in a sea of energy and our every move matters simply because it will quite literally have a ripple effect on every other living creature that also moves within this same pool. We can either move in harmony or disharmony, there is no in between. We either disturb the water or we do not. Your bathtub example illustrates this perfectly Adrienne.

  4. I was watching someone swim recently and it was mesmerizing they seemed to be part of the water they were swimming front crawl but there was hardly a ripple in the water from their movements. I felt my body drop to the level of stillness they were swimming in, this showed me that there is a science that we may not be aware of and that is how one person can transfer energy in this case stillness to another without even knowing they are doing this. Science just doesn’t happen in laboratories it is happening all around us all of the time it cannot be fixed or measured, we could say that what happened was magical. It certainly felt that way to me.

  5. Nature and life show us so much, and here we see how water is such a great reflection of how we move and the ripple effects of that movement for indeed ‘Movement magnifies energy ‘ and we can move with grace or we can move with force and water shows so clearly the impact of both, and given our bodies are up to 60% water, this impacts us internally too. It really shows the importance of the quality of our movement.

  6. How playful! This is what science ought to be like; an everyday Livingness that is play-full, truth-full yet also uncompromising on responsibility and harmony.

  7. Water is so clear in showing us how we are and how each move we make ripples out and of course affects all others in it’s wake, and that wake stretches far and wide.

  8. It reminds me how important it us to be aware that every touch and movement has an effect on ist surrounding.

  9. “Movement magnifies energy” Then the next question has to be what is the energy that is being magnified ?
    Is it harming or loving. To me this is what we should be taught at school or even before in our families. This is so much more important than learning to spell the word receive correctly. For the last ten years or so I have been re acquainting myself with energy and understanding the real impact it has on our bodies whether we can feel it or not we are being affected by it always.

  10. I used to spend hours in the bathtub as a child observing the scientific effect of my movements and the way water behaves. At the time I would have called it play but in hindsight I can see how observant and at one children can be with universal laws. In fact everyone can be, they just need to be able to become still like the water.

  11. It seems to me there is so much science in what you are presenting we have seemingly moved away from observational science and replaced it with ‘I want a certain outcome’ and will then find a way to reproduce that outcome, this to me isn’t science any more but a manipulation of what is there to be seen.

  12. This is such a great analogy of what happens in real life because I know when someone walks past you in hardness and toughness you feel it! As do you feel the gentle grace of someone who is moving with presence in their body.

  13. The magic of God seen and experienced in the everyday, mundane events yet, if recognised, no longer mundane.

  14. So true Adrienne that stillness is clarity, when I get into any sort of busyness in life I seem to drop the ball and everything doesn’t flow simply and with ease then.

  15. Every day, I am sure, there many many people taking a bath, therefore having the same opportunity as you, Adrienne, to connect with the profound law of energy that surrounds us, and it’s not only in just taking a bath, but every movement we execute and we observe is part of what makes the whole. In observation, we open space for an opportunity to deeply appreciate the simplicity of what is. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  16. When we consider that we all have the same effects to our surrounding environment as was demonstrated by Adrienne in her bathtub, the responsibility level of maintaining a gentleness to every one of our movements is really amplified. Because there is no such thing as ’empty space’, only energy down to the quantum level that is a medium just like water, and can even be felt when we go to a deeper stillness.

  17. A science expedition in the bath makes me wonder what other parts of our lives we can consider and appreciate from a scientific angle to enhance our understanding of the people and the world around us. Much of it I suspect…

  18. ‘feeling like it was still part of the body of water it had surfaced from, not separate at all’ and that’s how we can move in connection to all around us, in rhythm, stillness in motion and it feels exquisite.

  19. How lovely to read this again. The experience in the bath is a perfect representation of the sea of energy we live in. And, it’s a great reminder of the kinds of ripples we can leave.

  20. This is such a beautiful blog that presents a science lesson in such a simple way that it is possible for everyone to understand it. It’s definitely the type of lesson that would keep students awake and engaged; the only problem would be getting a bath into the classroom!

  21. ” When I lunged my foot forcefully to the surface like a creature from the deep, waves and whirlpools erupted everywhere and I felt the shock of their intensity. It took a while but harmony was restored to the bathtub lake and it felt richly, simply, full – animated from depth to surface with a smooth, ready, stillness. Movement magnifies energy”

    This is the best example I have heard about how movement magnifies energy, thank you for sharing your fun and playfulness.

  22. A fascinating lesson that the in breath and out breath of the Universe is constantly there but we are not aware of the movements unless our movements are equal to the rhythm.

  23. There is such a delicateness and sweetness with how you did this ‘experiment’ in your bath. And how beautiful. ‘It was like the water was breathing with me.The gentler my breath, the more exquisitely the water ebbed and flowed.’

  24. This is such a great example of how and when true scientific discovery occurs – in the observation of everyday life.

  25. It is lovely to read again and feel the stillness expressed and I am inspired to move my feet and whole body gracefully and lovingly unhurriedly throughout the day.

  26. Ahhh…love this. The magic of science revealed through the simple activities of our day. This highlights so beautifully that we are always a part of a greater flow of life, and that in every moment of our day we are offered the opportunity to connect to the wisdom that this flow has to offer. We only need to be willing to be open to it.

  27. Beautifully and simply explained it sounds like you and Archimedes would have great fun, thank you for sharing.

  28. I love the simplicity and beauty with which the understanding of clarity, stillness, rhythm and movement is expressed here. A true science lesson.

  29. Science at school would have been a completely different experience for me if it was this playful and fun. Just because we have to learn about concepts and formulas does not mean the founding playful nature of science needs to be removed from the experience.

    1. I agree Joshua. I loved science at school so much that I studied it at Uni, but felt the was something greatly missing. Now I realise that what was missing is our relationship with science, as a human being, as a body and Soul. If we learned that science was our everyday living, about us and our intrinsic connection with the universe, the flow of energy we cannot escape our relationship with science and life in general would be very different.

  30. Beautiful Adrienne.. ‘delicate, unhurried, content, alive, joyful’.. a blueprint for how we can live in each moment.

  31. Yes I love baths and they’re such a great reminder of instant impact and how we move impacts all around and we can see this so clearly in water and the truth is, this is how life is – we live in a sea of energy and each move we make ripples out, so those baths we have are such a great way to see and feel how our movements impact us and all around us.

  32. What a delightful blog! For me it illustrates the effect we have in the world. If we consider we are immersed in a pool of unseen energy all the time, just like the water in the lake-bath, our every movement and the quality we deliver them matters. Are we crashing and lurching (or worse) through life or gliding through it with respect for ourselves, others and the whole?

    1. Very true, Victoria, this is a beautiful and simple blog demonstrating how we each individually impact upon the world.

  33. I love the fact that we can have something as simple as a bath and allow ourselves to feel the magic of God at play. Our lives can be so fulfilling if we allow it to be.

  34. If science is not playful then it is not science at all. There is a magic and wonderment to be found in the laws of the universe, which is what science is about.

  35. Many years ago when I was in the Boy Scouts and, in the summer, we would go camping on a lake in the middle of nowhere that the organisation owned. There was a strange test that had something to do with a water merit badge, where you would get in the water at the end of the dock that was deep enough, so you had to tread water. The task was to get on the dock and not cause a single ripple on the water. Was this a test of conscience presents of how every moment we make, no matter how small, creates ripples?

  36. I love this Adrienne, a beautiful reminder of the fact we can never escape the fact of energy and it’s interplay through all of life, we can just choose to remain unaware.

  37. ‘how the most profound laws, like the nature of energy, are reflected everyday in things as simple as taking a bath.’ A great reminder that we have education all around us.

  38. I loved this blog Adrienne, I really felt the playfulness in yourself while you were having fun with the water in the bathtub, and observing how energy works.

  39. Great way to be playful with the difference between energy, a simple lesson for ourselves and one that can easily be shared with children too.

  40. I love it, a bath truly taking place in the bath tub and not a physical bath with a head wondering of thinking about things.

  41. Water is a great reflector of energy and how we have been living and moving, our movements always have a big impact on the world, which is why being aware and responsible for the quality we move in is essential.

  42. I like how energetic science teachers you responsibility and how energy is the base for truth. Adding energy to the start of the word will give it a true-full meaning. Is anyone searching in Google putting ‘energy’ as the first term before their other word? I’m not sure many are looking to be more responsible. It is the one thing I used to mostly avoid.

  43. Beautiful example of how when we move in gentleness we are able to move with minimal disruption to everything around us, and when we move with a force we leave a trail of devastation in our wake, as we disrupt the stillness that was there, leaving others to feel the disruption or add to it, until it is quelled by stillness once more.

  44. What a fun way to engage with science, we can learn so much from life by simply being aware.

  45. A clear reminder about the ripple effect of even the smallest movement we make. Science has been well aware of this for aeons, but it is not taught in schools. If a butterfly flapping it’s wings in South Africa can affect the weather in Europe, what effect can our movements have on each other?

  46. I am so with you! I had a bath last night and was considering all of these things. There is no getting away from the fact that water magnifies how we feel. When I lived by, and truly championed living by, my nervous energy – on edge and never able to slow down, the bath was a point of irritation because it didn’t do anything, it took so long and I had to lie still. So funny looking back at how I was and then how I had my bath last night – poles apart!

  47. Water is a brilliant reflector and magnifier of energy – showing us the kind of ripples we are making in the world through the quality of energy we are choosing to live and move with.

  48. We are connected by air and not water but this doesn’t mean our movements affect each other any less. We know about air pollution, water pollution and a whole host of other contaminants but have we ever really considered how hugely our movements impact the world around us?

  49. I find this a powerful lesson about harmlessness and harmfulness. Harmlessness is to move in a way that is in rhythm and does not disturb the harmony of the whole. Whereas harmfulness causes a disturbance that is almost jarring in its feel and requires the whole to hold the harmony to clear the disturbance.

  50. This is a gorgeous reminder Adrienne of the fact of energy and how the quality of our movements sends a ripple effect out that is felt by all.

  51. Awesome, Adrienne! We can ‘swim’ in this kind of science every moment – sensing, feeling energy, observing, interacting, understanding cause and effect and how nature works… no need for a lab coat!

  52. Simple and very lovely Adrienne. Water very quickly and clearly shows us how our movements impact on the world around us and how as we move we cause ripples outward, and it’s interesting to play and see how what we do can change how things around are impacted, as you show. And sometimes it’s really shocking to feel our impact and it’s such a great reminder to us all that we’re not alone in our little bubbles, we’re part of a giant sea and we’ve all impacting everyone and everything around us.

  53. Water is an amazing reflector of energy and I remind myself that even though we may not be in water we are still having the same impact (ripple effect) on all around us by the energy in which we choose to connect with and move.

  54. Love your bathtub lesson Adrienne. When we are in water the effect of our movements become very obvious, yet we have the same effect on land too with our unseen ripples.

  55. Truth never changes and this blog is as equally valid in 2017 as when it was first written in 2013. A powerful blog describing the personal, living science laboratory that is on offer with every experience in life that presents itself to us. Thank you Adrienne, I loved reading this and your willingness to be open to the reflections being offered to us constantly to learn from.
    “We are, at all ages, subjects and students of the nature of energy”

  56. How gorgeous Adrienne. Being in water you really get to feel how our movements affect everything. The lunging of the foot or the delicate placing of a footstep are still felt in the same way as we move through life. Those ripples of energy still go out from each one of our movements.

  57. This example of the affect we all have on the world all of the time is very visable, easy to see and feel. To then ponder that what Adrienne has shared is what is actually happening in life with every move we make is very sobering. What are we bringing to a leaving behind in our world, a grace, tenderness and understanding in our movements, or a rush, hardness and showing little or no true care for those around us?

  58. Awesome fun and very tangible example Adrienne of the very real affect we have on the world – our every move rippling out for everyone else to feel – which begs the question – what quality do we express in that affects the all.

  59. Water, nature reflects everything we already know inside. We know we live in an ocean of energy where everyone’s ripples are felt even if we deny this. We don’t want to feel the responsibility of this even though it’s most freeing and joyful way to be.

  60. To feel ourselves in the context of the all makes us aware of the fact that we do matter and are an undeniable part of the whole even the Universe is part of.

  61. ‘I noticed how the water remained unbroken as I lay still, so much so that it became a perfect reflection of the taps, walls and surroundings’ A beautiful metaphor of life as we bring our stillness to very moment of our livingness thus we bring the same beautiful reflection to Humanity..

  62. There are reflections all around us, all of the time – but if we’re busy rushing from a to b, or caught in the momentum of all the doing, we miss the messages. If I’m ever unsure of what to say or do, when I bring my body back into its natural state of stillness, the answers are all right there – it’s like a very simple knowing that comes straight from my body, without me even having to think about it.

  63. Classic blog and yet so simple as well. What we see clearly in water is a window to what goes on around us in the world. As I am seeing the world is no different and you can see by the way you move at different points the ripple effect it has on the ‘water’ around you. Be angry, rushed or frustrated and everything around you moves in a different way because of how you are. Have you ever got in a car and rushed? Only to see the traffic lights change to red in front of you, a slow driver appear from no where or someone cut you off in traffic. We can see there is clearly a flow to life, no different to ripples on a bath. In this flow you are supported and you are a part of that flow. Don’t stay with the flow and you become a wave in the bath and the water churns up and maybe overflows, stay with the flow and everything is in harmony and this in return is what you receive back, a blessing. It all seems pretty simple and yet it is still something I relearn each day, in each moment.

  64. I can feel the grace and beauty that is in my every-movement and thanks to your blog Adrienne I will become more play-full in so many differing areas of my life so that I can be more attune to what my body is feeling in and out of the bath tub.

  65. Thank you Adrienne for this powerful reflection and reminder of the responsibility we all hold, of the quality of energy we choose to move in through the world we currently are living in. With our every move we are offered to opportunity to magnify the graceful power of our stillness, our sacredness, our light and our divinity through our bodies, from which the pulse of the universe is the unifying reflection that is shared for all to know and feel.

  66. I love how life can offer us the most exquisite of lessons in such a simple yet profound way to remind us of how we affect our surroundings, the responsibility we should consider in that and the contemplation of another way of being that will deeply support us should be choose to embrace it.

  67. The movement of stillness and motion just feels so exquisitely delicate and deep in relationship, it is simply so beautiful to feel and every part of my being wants to live this movement.

    1. As I deepen my awareness I will feel the depth of my stillness as I move about in the day so that I can bring more presence to my-self. I feel this is going to be a key that will bring me to a new level of appreciating of how I move in my day.

  68. I love this Adrienne, it was so playful yet full of wisdom. There is no escaping the world of energy for we are one and the same.

  69. Beautiful Adrienne, we can find the magic of God, nature, everywhere when we are open to explore and are willing to truly open our eyes and to feel we are part of this school, life, where we learn to see through the physical and make it about energy.

  70. This is just so exquisite. Thank you for reminding us that the Universal laws are really universal and applicable to everything in life, including the most mundane and insignificant and the smallest of things, and we are never far from its richness and beauty, and actually we are a part of its make-up and have responsibility to play along.

  71. I love this sharing and the reflection it offers about the impact that our movements can have and the ripple effects of that.

  72. We can always learn a lot in the bath… The way movement always creates a wave that spreads, and affects everything around it… Everything has a reaction and an interaction.

  73. I love how life is constantly reflecting to and communicating with us – if we pay attention. It really is a glorious school we live in.

  74. It’s a really beautiful lesson, and one I can take with me knowing that every movement I make in the world counts.

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