Cleaning my House: A Lesson in Trust and Honouring

A couple of days ago, it was Friday. On a Friday evening after work my routine has been doing the food shopping, washing the clothes and cleaning my house. I usually take my time with this, but sometimes I rush it or have a level of drive behind it because I just want to get it all done. Although there is a level of care behind my past actions, I realised I had a little bit of a rulebook approach when it came to getting through all my cleaning chores. This really means that even though I may have done things gently, I haven’t been completely listening to my body every Friday evening.

I like our house to be clean, to have things in their special place and to be organised with the many tasks that just have to be done. This helps me to not end up feeling overwhelmed with my list of chores, plus it feels nice to be in a clean and organised space.

Some of my thinking/mentality around doing the chores was along the lines of…

“I need to get this done – so I can have the weekend without cleaning chores”.

“If my house is clean, it’s one less thing to worry about”.

“If I get my jobs out of the way, I am free to concentrate on other things that a weekend may bring”.

I began to question the way of thinking that I had adopted and the beliefs I had around chores and cleaning my house… who would have thought that we could have so many ideals and beliefs about cleaning?

Then last week I chose to do my chores a little differently… I felt to do the clothes washing on the Thursday after work, leaving less chores for Friday. I left work a little later and actually questioned if I should do everything on the Friday afternoon. As I drove home from the school I felt pretty awesome and decided to strut my stuff around the supermarket while I did my grocery shopping. I decided that I would see how I felt about the rest of the house cleaning chores after the shopping was done.

When I left the shop it was 6.30pm. I checked in with my body and I felt that doing the other chores would be stretching it, as I was starting to feel a little tired. 

I realised that the world was not going to fall apart if I didn’t clean my house on the usual day in the usual way.

At this point I didn’t really know when I was going to fit my chores in with everything else I had to do on the weekend, but I knew that I did not want to rush the cleaning and… I wanted to honour what my body was telling me.

It just so happened that a little moment early Saturday morning presented itself, so I began to clean the kitchen cupboards. I thought I was going to do my whole house cleaning routine but at a more honouring pace, when a little sentence popped into my head…

“Slow down – you have to do it, so you might as well enjoy it!”

This sentence made me think: Enjoy It?… Why not?! What if I just did the dusting and wiping now? What if I cleaned tenderly and allowed myself to feel my tenderness while I was cleaning? The tenderness that I know I have in my touch. What if I used the lovely gift of ‘self talk’, appreciating myself as I clean with how I am cleaning, and how lovely I am re-arranging the things on the tabletops?

This took a huge pressure off me because I was no longer putting an expectation on myself that would cause me to potentially put my body into an outcome based driven-ness. I said to myself that I was going to wipe all the surfaces and mirrors in each room tenderly, then replace everything lovingly. This felt amazing; each movement and moment felt complete within itself because I was in connection with myself as I moved… I was aware of what my body was doing and how it was moving as I was cleaning my house. I completely honoured myself and enjoyed what I was doing. The feeling of each room was even more amazing after I had cleaned it with this level of care. I could see and feel the care and tenderness I had left behind in each room from my loving touch.

It didn’t matter that I had chosen to leave the hoovering and mopping to another time… what I had done was complete and clean.

A moment mid-Saturday presented itself for me to hoover, and then I mopped in the evening. My house cleaning chores no longer felt like chores but lovely little moments where I was able to spread my loveliness around our home.

Cleaning my house this weekend has helped me to further chip away at some small but still false beliefs and ideals I had around thinking that I had to get through in a task orientated way without any consideration to how I felt: some Fridays I had the energy to do all the cleaning chores but others I did not. These beliefs and ideals were in-truth stopping me from trusting and honouring myself and my body completely as the gorgeous and tender woman that I am.

I have felt a deeper level of appreciation in my ability to Trust… trust my body, trust my feelings, trust myself and the rest (including cleaning my house!), will fall into place.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education, Perth WA

414 thoughts on “Cleaning my House: A Lesson in Trust and Honouring

  1. In the past I would work all week and then on a Saturday I would clean all my house and the washing to do and the shopping, no wonder I was exhausted… so I changed my routine and started to do more during the week rather than leave it all do on the week-end. This felt much more loving…

  2. I don’t plan or have a set day that I am going to clean. Of course I do the dishes after meals and clean up the kitchen daily, but things like hoovering or clearing the bathroom, when the moment is there, that is when I do them.

  3. Beautiful Johanna – your words here remind me that each action that we take, every move that we make is significant and of equal weight. The moment we see one as less we miss the opportunity we have been given to live with power and deliver God’s grace. If every moment offers us this, wow how many gifts do we refuse every day? And what would our world be like if we just started to open them up?

  4. A routine that follows the lead of the body is much more enjoyable,a lot easier and more flowing whereas the mind takes its cues from a list of chores that have to be done, in a particular way and in a certain limited time, no matter what. The latter way of working is very draining whereas the one that is being informed by our body is very light and always joyful.

    1. This is so true Nikki, and what a balancing act this can be until of course one finds the flow inside… And then everything starts to support everything else… And this is of course a great rhythm in itself.

    2. Thank you cjames2012 for your comment about finding the flow inside, it’s so different to the rigidity of beliefs and the “dogged routines” Nikki commented on.

  5. I find it very helpful to find out why I sometimes do the chores with drive and other times harmoniously. What happened in the hours or even the day before as that seems to have a big influence.

  6. When we honour our own pace and rhythm instead of pushing and stressing out our body we naturally enjoy moving in harmony with ourselves and that brings a true quality to everything we do.

  7. This is so funny in that I choose blogs to read randomly by month and in the same week I have come up your blog Johanna. Clearly the message to honour what my body wants to do next is being shown in bright lights to me! Note to self – Let go of the pictures and listen to your body!

  8. Cleaning can be one of these jobs we just want to get done quickly so we can do more important things… Yet we miss out on enjoying ourselves in this way of cleaning, and why not enjoy each moment of the day because we are bringing ourselves to it?

  9. The more I have stopped to honour my body the more I have realised how we can get so caught up in the way all jobs around the house need to be done rather than feeling into what is needed at every given moment and then it no longer feels like a job but a way of living.

  10. There is more support and nurturing in one towel or tshirt folded with love than a million tasks ticked off in duty or obligation. We may not see it but the results of lovingly moving and doing what needs to be done revitalise our life. Thank you for this clearing reading Johanna.

  11. Beautiful blog Johanna. There are many parts of life I want to ‘get out of the way’ but when I choose this I am robbing myself of the ability to enjoy being me and this will always be inefficient.

  12. Thank you Johanna, I haven’t read this in some time. What a great line “My house cleaning chores no longer felt like chores but lovely little moments where I was able to spread my loveliness around our home.” And I also appreciated this line “These beliefs and ideals were in-truth stopping me from trusting and honouring myself and my body completely as the gorgeous and tender woman that I am.” I can relate to the idea of getting chores out of the way and being rigid in when they are done even though the body might be asking us to rest, but we push through to complete a task. By flowing with what you felt it opened a space to be free of those beliefs and express you more in full as you cleaned.

  13. Just imagine finding that place within us where by we did not tend to our chores, our work, so much in fact in a driven way, but rather in a way that celebrated… This is without doubt, the way of the livingness that is possible for all of humanity

  14. Cleaning with joy not in a push or a drive… who would have thought it possible but the loving practicalness of this approach is undeniable.

  15. This blog reminded me of how sometimes when I go to the gym and work out I find myself just wanting to be finished with the work out so I can feel good about exercising instead of enjoying each movement and staying present with my body in gentle movements that feel so nurturing. When this has happened, I instantly know that I have lost that connection with my body and fallen into an old pattern of focusing on end results instead of in-joying the moment.

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