The Nature of Energy: A Bathtub Lesson

by Adrienne Ryan, BEd, Brisbane, Australia

Recently I drew a very full bath and when I got in, the water ended up right at the edge. It was like being in a lake – no visible bath lip, just a pure expanse of water. Then, a funny thing happened: I began to notice the effect I was having on the water and a whole lesson on the nature of energy unfolded right there in my bathtub.

I noticed how the water remained unbroken as I lay still, so much so that it became a perfect reflection of the taps, walls and surroundings.

Stillness = clarity

Next I saw how the water wasn’t completely still. It was moving up and down with each in and out breath I took. It was like the water was breathing with me. The gentler my breath, the more exquisitely the water ebbed and flowed.

Stillness in motion = rhythm

I let my finger break the surface and ripples instantly flowed out and then the water became still again – a body of rhythmic breathing once more. When I lunged my foot forcefully to the surface like a creature from the deep, waves and whirlpools erupted everywhere and I felt the shock of their intensity. It took a while but harmony was restored to the bathtub lake and it felt richly, simply, full – animated from depth to surface with a smooth, ready, stillness.

Movement magnifies energy

I wondered what would happen if instead of a lunge, I gracefully allowed my foot to emerge from the depths? I felt the tenderness inside me – delicate, unhurried, content, alive, joyful – and in this quality moved my foot upward once more, this time breaking the water line with barely a ripple, feeling like it was still part of the body of water it had surfaced from, not separate at all.

Do you remember playing in the bathtub with its endless cause and effect opportunities and the sense of wonder, awe and joy bath time offered… and still does?

We are, at all ages, subjects and students of the nature of energy

This bathtub lesson reminded me how playful science is and how the most profound laws, like the nature of energy, are reflected everyday in things as simple as taking a bath.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

379 thoughts on “The Nature of Energy: A Bathtub Lesson

  1. Adrienne the simplicity yet the science behind this experience of being in water and the rippling effects is how life really works. So what you described, is that when we lash out, there has to be an equal and opposite force, not always necessarily immediate either.

    So could this be an explanation to how the planet is responding but the other activities the world has entered into?

    There is more to life than what the physical-ness can see, do and feel. There is a whole new (but really old) world that we choose not to live in and with, as we have parted from, and that is the world of energy. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine simply brings this to the forefront and a way to live from. That is it…

  2. Everything is energy and this we cannot escape: “We are, at all ages, subjects and students of the nature of energy”

    1. No Henrietta, we cannot escape from energy. It is all around us. We can continue to hibernate or we can re-awaken and really smell the roses…

  3. Water is a great medium to understand the analogies of energy. Be this a bathtub or a swimming pool, we all can relate to how much we can be affected by someone else’s behaviour in the pool – eg. when they jump in or splash us etc. which is like waves of anger coming at us etc. And likewise if you imagine someone peeing in the bathtub or in the swimming pool, it is all over in the water and cannot be contained in one area. How we are with ourselves and with others affects everyone.

  4. Adrienne, thank you for your gorgeous sharing of life and the science we encounter every day and the beauty of this to appreciate. There is so much of life to connect to and see from the magic that it is rather than fall for a mundaneness that it can appear to be.

  5. Movement magnifies energy, Wow that’s amazing. Imagine if we could all fully appreciate and understand the depth of those 3 words. We are masters of energy we are unfortunately using energy in such a magnified way in all its negativity it is destroying us physically and mentally and there seems to me to be only a small group of people who have stopped to ask the question why we are using negative energy to self destruct.

  6. Immersing ourselves in water provides us with a reflection of how we live and move in life. All of our thoughts and movements have an effect on humanity, water helps us see this.

  7. It’s a beautiful experience and a great way to communicate the responsibility we all have that our every moment and expression has an effect on the all.

  8. Sacred moments like these are a snap-shoot on the pool of life we Live-in and how we can feel the sensitivity of our Livingness go out to others and when we are super still the reflection is at its greatest point.

  9. This is brilliant. First, we become aware, then we start to learn to take our responsibility in what we have become aware of. So simple. Awareness and responsibility go hand in hand. And if one gets disturbed, the other gets distorted.

  10. Such simple, common sense examples of how energy works. Water is an amazing reflection of the unseen movement of energy in our lives. I was impressed by your comment, “It took a while, but harmony was restored to the bathtub lake” [after an abrupt movement]. No matter what harsh movements occur in the world, from the way someone yanks open a door to a war being waged, there is a universal force that naturally and constantly works to restore harmony.

  11. We as adults think playing is for children and that as adults we have more important things to do. But this blog shows me that playing is actually a learning, a scientific study on life which actually inspires me to play and experiment again instead of being static to a given set of rules how I should perceive life and behave myself in it.

    1. What an indictment of our current education system that pushes children into their heads and linear modes of study and thought when all they have to be is themselves in the play that allows them to discover, learn and grow in the sense of wonder that the universe offers.

    2. In nature baby animals and birds all play, it’s the way they learn, we can discount play but it’s very natural for us.

  12. This blog describes clearly that we live in a world of energy and that we have a choice to move in adherence to this energy or that we create a different energy that disturbs and affects everything in the tub.

  13. There is something to learn from every moment life presents, no matter how simple or everyday or seemingly insignificant.

  14. Remembering the time that were so play-fully enjoyed in the bathtub and how still I would become in the beauty of my own stillness essence it is as simple as you have shared Adrienne and we can reconnect to that same stillness at any time as that energy is always available.

    1. And this reminder of everything being energy means that there is so much for us to take in and understand, so how could life ever be boring especially when there is so much to register and realise about the simplest things that happen around us.

  15. A stunning lesson of how the quality of vibration we align to and allow to move us is what reverberates through every aspect of our living day whether we are moving or not. We cannot escape the fact that the quality how we ‘are’ is because of energy first and that we command what quality of energy that will be.

    1. We are never not commanding the quality of energy we wield and it is better to know what you are commanding as then the consequences and possible repercussions of the vibrations we choose are better to understand.

  16. Knowing that we live in a sea of energy carries with it a responsibility for us to live and move in harmony, so that these are the energetic qualities that we share with all others within the sea.

    1. When you so visibly see the effects of your actions on the rest of the environment, as you can with the water in a bathtub, it calls you to be more responsible. Denying the foundation of energy in every move, thought word you make is a great way to remain unaware, and irresponsible.

  17. We live in a sea of energy and our every move matters simply because it will quite literally have a ripple effect on every other living creature that also moves within this same pool. We can either move in harmony or disharmony, there is no in between. We either disturb the water or we do not. Your bathtub example illustrates this perfectly Adrienne.

  18. I was watching someone swim recently and it was mesmerizing they seemed to be part of the water they were swimming front crawl but there was hardly a ripple in the water from their movements. I felt my body drop to the level of stillness they were swimming in, this showed me that there is a science that we may not be aware of and that is how one person can transfer energy in this case stillness to another without even knowing they are doing this. Science just doesn’t happen in laboratories it is happening all around us all of the time it cannot be fixed or measured, we could say that what happened was magical. It certainly felt that way to me.

  19. Nature and life show us so much, and here we see how water is such a great reflection of how we move and the ripple effects of that movement for indeed ‘Movement magnifies energy ‘ and we can move with grace or we can move with force and water shows so clearly the impact of both, and given our bodies are up to 60% water, this impacts us internally too. It really shows the importance of the quality of our movement.

  20. How playful! This is what science ought to be like; an everyday Livingness that is play-full, truth-full yet also uncompromising on responsibility and harmony.

  21. Water is so clear in showing us how we are and how each move we make ripples out and of course affects all others in it’s wake, and that wake stretches far and wide.

  22. It reminds me how important it us to be aware that every touch and movement has an effect on ist surrounding.

  23. “Movement magnifies energy” Then the next question has to be what is the energy that is being magnified ?
    Is it harming or loving. To me this is what we should be taught at school or even before in our families. This is so much more important than learning to spell the word receive correctly. For the last ten years or so I have been re acquainting myself with energy and understanding the real impact it has on our bodies whether we can feel it or not we are being affected by it always.

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