Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk… Reflections of the Walk

by Monika Korb, Health Practitioner, Byron Bay NSW

We started to do the Byron Bay Lighthouse walk every morning.

At different stages I’ve had the awesome opportunity to feel my body and where I am at with myself in my life, which is reflected in the quality I am and the vitality I feel, climbing to the Lighthouse each morning.

I noticed when I started with my friend, who is very fit and extremely strong in her body, that I was trying to catch up with her. She was always ahead of me and I felt I had to show no weakness: I took her as my measure for where I should be at in my body too.

I used to be very fit and a regular gym person, but after years of doing no exercise or gym my body was not prepared for this ‘full-on’ walk up the Lighthouse steps, which is 7 km up and down from the bottom car park.

As I walked it felt like I was pushing to keep up with my friend, so I felt to allow my body to be my guide.

When feeling out of breath I take a moment and come back to my rhythm with me, with my body aligned.

I don’t look ahead to the stairs I have to climb – I take one step a time. I look at my feet and to the ground and feel my entire body.

Since I am focused only on that, I have no disturbing thoughts coming in that want me to look ahead, how hard it will be, how bad my body will feel, how annoying it is to watch others doing it easily.

I allow myself to climb the Lighthouse stairs in my own way and notice how it still feels enjoyable. I let others overtake if they want.

There are moments I feel that it is too much, that I don’t want to go any further and that I want to quit – so I look and ask, have I pushed myself too much again? Did I lose the joy of the connection to the earth with each step I take?

My walk should be neither struggle, nor hardness or pushing, but a good feeling within my body; a feeling of inner strength, a foundation in my body.

It is absolutely great to feel my body and this aliveness and to re-build my core strength, which is feeding me back during my day. My body feels fit and toned and vital. Doing the walk is a great start to an awesome day being with my body.

And it feels sexy even being over 50 now!

Inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

225 thoughts on “Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk… Reflections of the Walk

  1. Taking one step at a time helps to build consistency, which is fundamental if we are to keep moving forward.

  2. Walking can be a wonderful marker to check in if we have lost the connection to ourselves as to where we are at in our day. It can slow us down or put a spring in our step when we welcome the opportunity to connect and walk from our body in connection to ourselves.

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