The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

by Priscila Azeredo de Souza, London, UK

I always considered arrogance as something ugly, but it was not until recently that I discovered how insidious and evil it actually is. Arrogance is a weapon, a mass destructive-one, discharging separation among us.

Arrogance has many faces. Up until recently I only perceived the ‘superiority’ side of it, but I am learning that it can also come with the ‘false humble’ (or ‘inferiority’) side as well. Bear with me and you will see what I am describing here.

We all have experienced someone being blatantly arrogant:

– “Do you know who I am?”

– “Do you have any idea who you are talking to?”

– “I’ll show you my credentials.

All of these messages meaning: I’m better than you, I’m different, and I want to be treated differently. These are obvious…

I am not an arrogant person and over the 3 last years of having been involved with Universal Medicine and having Esoteric Healing sessions, I’ve come to understand why in situations where I felt insecure, lacking in confidence, did not feel worthy or good enough I would use ‘arrogance’ as a shield, as a form of protection to try to hide how deeply insecure I was feeling. In these circumstances I would use arrogance to place myself above someone, to make me feel ‘better’.

Something very interesting happened recently that showed me another face of arrogance.

I know deep within I am not an arrogant person, however on certain occasions I can hear a voice saying “You will be arrogant if you say that” or “this behavior is very arrogant”.

And then I am somehow considering myself arrogant… and more voices come: “You are arrogant”, “Do not say that, you are just showing off”. And then I shrink, I hold back saying what I wanted to say, I hide.

Interestingly, here it is not about the obvious examples I mentioned before where arrogance comes in the form of superiority, of being better, ‘more’ than another. It happens in opposite situations – when I am feeling glorious and powerful and I then hold myself back, make myself small; make myself less than the person I’m talking to or interacting with.

This is a more calculated, calibrated and deliberate way of positioning ourselves as less in situations. I found out that this is equally arrogant.

I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.


The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch!

We all lose with arrogance.

Arrogance is not part of my essence. And I now know that any thought that comes in my way to sabotage the feeling of EQUALNESS and ONENESS is a mass destructive weapon that comes with the deliberate intent to separate myself from my equal brother.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

454 thoughts on “The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

  1. ‘The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch!’. This statement certainly caused an ouch but I have to say, yes I understand this weapon of arrogance,

    I hadn’t realised how much we all have this and how it can separate us. If we really look at it, it’s in everything. The caste systems, it’s in the hierarchical work environment, it’s within families and the list could go on. It purposefully there to separates us.

    We are all equal and have lost this equal-ness, yet it is deep within all of us. It just needs to be exposed and it can be, when we meet someone like Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. We re-learn that there is another way to live, and be willing of the reflection that is offered to us without any impositions or perfections either. There is another way to live…

  2. The thing that used to make me feel belittled was the credentials or titles people carried. It was something passed on by generations of believing the education a person had, gave them merit and that they knew more. Yet, deep down inside I could feel this wasn’t the case, but held back by these beliefs. It’s taken me years to realise that this isn’t the case and through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I’ve nurtured this inspiration too.

    Within all of us we have a wisdom that has no letters or credentials and what I love about it is that it is not stagnate and forever changing. I am no better than another and each and everyone of us can bring in this wisdom to inspire others too.

    Anything that makes another superior is a weapon of destruction and separation. Anything that brings everyone as equal dissolves everything that is not of equal-ness.

    1. This is a great reminder that as we dissolve or expose anything that doesn’t belong to us, we feel the rawness of who we truly are. At first it may feel different but the reaction is only because we have strayed from this, than anything more than that. We don’t need to make it bigger than this, despite it feeling this way.

  3. I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.” I recently had a conversation with someone who felt hard done by in a situation with another person, what I came to realise later was that there was arrogance on both sides, we just judge the aggressive one and side with the downtrodden. When we are not connected to the beauty of our essence whatever role we play does come with arrogance because we are sourcing ourselves from an energy that is in direct resistance to God and to our own divinity. No judgement of anyone intended, it’s just what I am observing in myself and others at the moment as I make my return back to the love and truth of my soul.

    1. This is the equivalent of the obvious, in your face as being unacceptable, and in the background there is the exact issue playing around, unnoticed and yet just as lethal then the noticeable. If we really observed, abuse is in many corners then we realise.
      We have anti bullying policies or non tolerance to aggression etc, and yet it is at the doorstep of that industry and carried out by the developers of those policies, very interesting to observe.

      It eventually begins with you and what you say ok to or not, what you allow and what you don’t. The simplicity of choices is always there, it is a matter of which one you will go towards is the key and given in every moment.

  4. This is a very interesting read because not only does the blog expose the more obvious forms of arrogance but also the more hidden forms too. How many of us consider ourselves arrogant when we contract all that we know to be true so that the other person doesn’t feel uncomfortable around us. This actually doesn’t get any of us anywhere except to delay the inevitable return back to where we come from so essentially we are knowingly playing the delay game with each other.

  5. The energy of arrogance always feels horrible, whether we are being arrogant, or on the receiving end of another being arrogant. This blog shows the many ways arrogance can play out.

  6. ‘The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me..’ When we fail to consider we are the all when we are conversing with someone, that space has to be filled with something else – it is easy then for judgment and other insidious behaviours to creep in.

  7. “I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.” So true. As you say – we are all equal sons of God. How dare we judge another, when God doesn’t judge but offers equal understanding and love for us all equally.

  8. “The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch!” I too hadn’t considered until a few years ago that feeling less than was a form of arrogance. But giving less than our all – especially when measured – is also a form of it.

    1. Yes, I hadn’t originally considered arrogance to be when I hold back from being fully who I am, ‘I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.’

  9. Priscila, a gorgeous expose on arrogance! Thank you – in this you lay it out clearly that it is about not seeing ourselves as equal to another no matter whether we put ourselves down or above another. In the end it is the same thing, even though temporally we could say that putting yourself above would be the obvious arrogance, but as mentioned making yourself lesser than another or putting yourself down to reduce oneself is a way of not seeing the other as a true equal either – amazing to realise this and then dismantle this in our lives.

    1. Absolutely Henrietta. I love the exposure of the energy that claims it is different yet is the same. Feeling better than or less than – same same; two sides of the same coin.

  10. Thank you Priscila, adding to what you have shared it is with Deep-humble-appreciative-ness that we can drop our arrogance and expand our relationship with evolution and with this understanding we feel the love of everyone and the deepening equality that comes from being non-judge-mental.

  11. Judging a person in front of me, going ‘You deserve less’ – this can be done in many different ways, and sometime we are consciously aware of it and other times we are not. And this explains how ‘holding back’ is not just an absence or reduction, but there is an expression of an energy other than our true essence that gets allowed in and through because of our choice to be absent and be reduced.

  12. “any thought that comes in my way to sabotage the feeling of EQUALNESS and ONENESS is a mass destructive weapon that comes with the deliberate intent to separate myself from my equal brother.” I find that sentence is one to hold at the forefront of my every thought, word and deed.

  13. ‘and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch!’ This is an ouch for me too – how often do I measure what I think a person can handle? Time to value the choices I do make to bring my all to people no matter what’s going on.

    1. Discerning where another is at and how much we are to give comes down to the relationship with ourselves. We have to know where we are at first and then we are graced with precisely when and what there is to be delivered.

    1. Pearls Melinda – I absolutely love what you have said here. For the Soul holds all as equal and in its equal grandness.

      1. I love the timing of reading your comment Henrietta, I was just reflecting on someone in my life who is incredibly humble that lives from their soul, and I then I saw the notification for our conversation. It’s a beautiful opportunity to take this understanding deeper, thank you.

  14. Arrogance can be dressed up in many disguises, and we think we’re getting away with it but our bodies aren’t and who we are arrogant with gets affected to. It’s important though, like how you did, not make it as being a part of us or who we are. But calling it out like an intruder who doesn’t belong.

    1. Yes arrogance can be subtle, and hard to feel at times, however, ‘ I now know that any thought that comes in my way to sabotage the feeling of EQUALNESS and ONENESS is a mass destructive weapon that comes with the deliberate intent to separate myself from my equal brother.’

  15. So true Elizabeth and arrogance is what is keeping us all individual, in separation and in misery, and our world is currently run by this form of energy that keeps us living less. The amazing thing is, we all have the ability to shift this at any time and return to living the grandness and godly beings that we are.

  16. Brilliant Priscilla, arrogance exposed and very well expressed. This leaves us to ponder and be more aware of when arrogance creeps in the many subtle and obvious forms and let it go as it does not belong to our natural way of expressing.

  17. We learn to make a difference what is good and bad and what is accepted and not. What you show here is that any kind of behaviour that categories is a lie as it does not bring us the truth (of us).

    1. It certainly does Mary, and so does comparison, jealousy, control, etc. these are all from the same source of energy that offers the many flavours, colours, and variations of deep separation.

  18. Passive arrogance … yep I know that one. The one where on the outside it does not look like arrogance but the inside it is! It is great that you have the honesty to call this out and as you rightly share arrogance is not of our innate essence so if we or another is arrogant it just highlights where this is coming from and where we/they are at.

  19. Arrogance or making ourselves less.. both of these are a way of trying to control or manipulate a situation or another person to cover up our own insecurities- which is basically a lack of presence and appreciation of what we bring. We make it about another and how we think we need to be around them- but it always comes back to us, and how willing and open we are to read what another is reflecting back to us, about ourselves.

    1. Yes, it takes us away from considering arrogance as playing big but also holding ourselves back, suggesting that we presume the world could not handle our All.That is so true, we make it about someone else so we can cover up our own insecurities which is such a loss for everyone involved because at no point are we giving others credit for being themselves either. What a silly game we all play.

  20. Also protection is a weapon. We give a continual signal to back off.
    How powerful when we start to open up our chest for people to let them in our heart no matter how they behave. True unconditional love as God does.

  21. Is it arrogant to be in sympathy with someone? As you are saying that they can’t do it or don’t have what it takes to move through their situation. There are so many ways arrogance can creep into our lives, it is great to expose this Janina and begin to see how arrogance fosters separation.

    1. The way you describe sympathy exposes how imposing and crushing it could feel to another person, instead of offering support to confirm and expand what’s on offer in the situation.

  22. Arrogance is a way to protect ourselves if we feel less then others. But not a true protection as love is the only way.

  23. Arrogance is insidious, anything that differs from the love that we are comes with an arrogance because this is the only way to not feel the pain of our disconnection. Our pride and puffing up of the chest, the hardening up and shutting down are all just symptoms of a deeper, much more painful root.

  24. We all need to know what is part of our essence and what is not; without that knowing we don´t know who we are in truth, hence learning the difference is a crucial part of the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that enable the student (of oneself) to distinguish truth from illusion.

  25. Very much to the point, the simple truth of what arrogance is and how it works, its sole purpose is to create separation and to so it comes with its gang of bullies: comparison, competition, judgement, condescending, patronizing, victimhood etc all lead by their crime boss Don Supremacy.

    1. Alexander what you have shared is spot on with your description of arrogance the energy is so conniving and insidious within our bodies.

  26. I used to do this a lot and sometimes still fall for this, “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch! And it is a big ouch indeed. I didn’t realise this was part of being arrogant but after reading your blog Priscila it totally makes sense.

  27. I love what you are presenting here Priscila – that fear of arrogance is an arrogance in itself because the moment we are caught in either being ‘greater’ or ‘lesser’ than another we are caught in the same energy of separation that will not let us feel our equalness with all. It is this source of energy and our alignment to it that is responsible for eroding our sense of oneness with all.

    1. And separation comes in many forms, some are disguised as being ‘good’ and some are disguised as being ‘bad’. We know when we are not living in oneness because our body will communicate this to us but are we open to listening?

  28. I can see what you mean about how holding back our true expression or thinking we are in someway lesser than another brings in a false separation, the same as thinking you’re better than someone else – different style but both bringing in the false barrier…

  29. The moment we are not being true to ourselves we are being arrogant because we are saying to another that they do not deserve to have all of you and that is super arrogant.

  30. Arrogance is simply a hideout, for someone who chooses not to connect, because connection is always about equal-ness. Since I am (better or worse) than you I have an alibi to avoid connecting. The alibi also confirms either party to this game in what they are not.

  31. Wow … so we can say that arrogance is actually an undisclosed epidemic that is plaguing our world with separation and competition. And what’s more it is our choice to allow it to be so wide spread and devastating that it is.

  32. Great to read this again. As we become more honest and allow our words to express the truth that we feel and not anything we may think another may want to hear we get closer and closer to the one unified truth.

  33. This is fantastic to read. I have been a big player with arrogance. BIg. I love how you say arrogance is not a part of your essence and this is so true of us all. It’s great to clock it as it invites another to play a part of less than or more, and also react (how to destroy intimacy in relationships!).

    Today I noticed an old game. It is so very ugly. It goes something like, ‘you have no idea what I have to deal with because I’m more sensitive than you. Look how well I manage despite my handicaps, I don’t think you could do so well and I’ll make sure you feel this.’ oh dear!

    There’s no love, just separation, a hurt child wanting recognition – where I felt alone, unsupported and jealous of others who I knew choose to not put themselves in unloving situations but accepted support. So I tried to justify my choices – the arrogance of trying to use these situations as trophies to then laud over others in an attempt to not feel the pain or my responsibility of my choices. My worth is me,not what I do. Simply feeling the hurts and vulnerabilities and lovingly supporting myself allows me to step away from the isolation of arrogance.

  34. I’ve played this game too Alison and it wasn’t until I took steps to walk out of it that I realised how destructive it is when I act small. Like if someone is openly aggressive and full on in your face we can often walk on eggshells around them, yet the same goes with someone who plays less, some can also feel like they need to walk on egg shells around them so not to bring up anything for them or upset them.

  35. I was just having this conversation with myself this morning of where I choose arrogance, so this is a fantastic blog to come across to bring more of an understanding of what arrogance is and why at times I would choose to use it. I’ve also been seeing how destructive playing less can be, not only on ourselves but those we live with and work with. Playing less puts up a wall and says back off and don’t ask me to be more.

    1. So true Annelies, holding back and being calculated as to how much of ourselves we are willing to reflect is like ammunition for attack and payback is such a great description.

    2. It’s a good point Annelies that arrogance is in the relationships arrangements we make and the way we coldly calculate what’s needed for ourselves without consideration to the other people involved.

  36. Yes, knowing we are Sons of God really makes it obvious how all our choices to hold back our love because we think we are not sure, not worthy etc… are actually coming with an arrogance and ignorance of our responsibility to show everyone we are divine and that those behaviors don’t belong to us.

  37. Well said Priscilla.
    The arrogance just works when the other plays the game equally so by going into feeling less. A great way to hide our power.

  38. I can definitely relate to holding back being an arrogant act because if we hold back from saying what needs to be said we are basically saying that we know better than the other person what they do or do not need to hear.

    1. Holding back offers no one the truth and leaves us in the comfort of playing less in order to reflect less.

  39. What you share Priscila is a significant exposé of arrogance which greatly deepens our understanding of it.

  40. Arrogance is individual – and it separates people so yes it is evil and sneaky. When we allow arrogance into our lives we are saying yes to less.

  41. Beautiful exposure of the insidiousness of playing oneself down, and how this can actually also be a form of arrogance.

  42. It feels strange how we can be arrogant in superiority as well as arrogant in inferiority as you describe Priscila. When we hold all of who we are, arrogance disappears out the window.

  43. Very true Pricilla deciding how much of someone else is getting is actually arrogant. It may come under the guise of being insecure, not wanting to come over as arrogant or not wanting to look like we know it better, but raw and uncut this is actually an arrogance too.

  44. I love how you have gone there Priscila. It does not hit me so much when you talk about Oneness and Equalness however, when you talk about being less in front of someone that is exposing.

  45. Wisely shared Priscila and brilliant reminder of the fact that we all hold to power and the responsibility to reflect the light of God through the lives we live. When we live less than this we dishonor all that we are and are here for.

  46. It’s a big concept to feel that anything that does not hold another as equal, be it less or more, all comes from the same source. We are all the son of God and equal we all stand.

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