The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

by Priscila Azeredo de Souza, London, UK

I always considered arrogance as something ugly, but it was not until recently that I discovered how insidious and evil it actually is. Arrogance is a weapon, a mass destructive-one, discharging separation among us.

Arrogance has many faces. Up until recently I only perceived the ‘superiority’ side of it, but I am learning that it can also come with the ‘false humble’ (or ‘inferiority’) side as well. Bear with me and you will see what I am describing here.

We all have experienced someone being blatantly arrogant:

– “Do you know who I am?”

– “Do you have any idea who you are talking to?”

– “I’ll show you my credentials.

All of these messages meaning: I’m better than you, I’m different, and I want to be treated differently. These are obvious…

I am not an arrogant person and over the 3 last years of having been involved with Universal Medicine and having Esoteric Healing sessions, I’ve come to understand why in situations where I felt insecure, lacking in confidence, did not feel worthy or good enough I would use ‘arrogance’ as a shield, as a form of protection to try to hide how deeply insecure I was feeling. In these circumstances I would use arrogance to place myself above someone, to make me feel ‘better’.

Something very interesting happened recently that showed me another face of arrogance.

I know deep within I am not an arrogant person, however on certain occasions I can hear a voice saying “You will be arrogant if you say that” or “this behavior is very arrogant”.

And then I am somehow considering myself arrogant… and more voices come: “You are arrogant”, “Do not say that, you are just showing off”. And then I shrink, I hold back saying what I wanted to say, I hide.

Interestingly, here it is not about the obvious examples I mentioned before where arrogance comes in the form of superiority, of being better, ‘more’ than another. It happens in opposite situations – when I am feeling glorious and powerful and I then hold myself back, make myself small; make myself less than the person I’m talking to or interacting with.

This is a more calculated, calibrated and deliberate way of positioning ourselves as less in situations. I found out that this is equally arrogant.

I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.


The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch!

We all lose with arrogance.

Arrogance is not part of my essence. And I now know that any thought that comes in my way to sabotage the feeling of EQUALNESS and ONENESS is a mass destructive weapon that comes with the deliberate intent to separate myself from my equal brother.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

388 thoughts on “The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

  1. Wisely shared Priscila and brilliant reminder of the fact that we all hold to power and the responsibility to reflect the light of God through the lives we live. When we live less than this we dishonor all that we are and are here for.

  2. It’s a big concept to feel that anything that does not hold another as equal, be it less or more, all comes from the same source. We are all the son of God and equal we all stand.

  3. What a great ouch moment. I have had such one with sympathy, which worked in the same way. Holding another less by saying they are not capable to handle a situation. If our thoughts are not of love, then they are not from us.

  4. Spot on Priscila, we all lose when we use arrogance against another human being, as it is in total opposition to treating everyone equally and in building relationships and brotherhood.

  5. This is such an amazing insight. When we can accept the truth of who we are, anything but stands out as an abuse. Holding back our essence is just another form of imposition and what is communicated is that we are not equal.

  6. As I read your blog Priscila I could not but wonder if all too often we use our intelligence and credentials to hide our insecurities and human imperfections.

  7. Arrogance is something to stops us seeing the forest for the trees. We can loose sight of what is really going on when we become arrogant as we do not want to see the whole picture in the first place.

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