The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

by Priscila Azeredo de Souza, London, UK

I always considered arrogance as something ugly, but it was not until recently that I discovered how insidious and evil it actually is. Arrogance is a weapon, a mass destructive-one, discharging separation among us.

Arrogance has many faces. Up until recently I only perceived the ‘superiority’ side of it, but I am learning that it can also come with the ‘false humble’ (or ‘inferiority’) side as well. Bear with me and you will see what I am describing here.

We all have experienced someone being blatantly arrogant:

– “Do you know who I am?”

– “Do you have any idea who you are talking to?”

– “I’ll show you my credentials.

All of these messages meaning: I’m better than you, I’m different, and I want to be treated differently. These are obvious…

I am not an arrogant person and over the 3 last years of having been involved with Universal Medicine and having Esoteric Healing sessions, I’ve come to understand why in situations where I felt insecure, lacking in confidence, did not feel worthy or good enough I would use ‘arrogance’ as a shield, as a form of protection to try to hide how deeply insecure I was feeling. In these circumstances I would use arrogance to place myself above someone, to make me feel ‘better’.

Something very interesting happened recently that showed me another face of arrogance.

I know deep within I am not an arrogant person, however on certain occasions I can hear a voice saying “You will be arrogant if you say that” or “this behavior is very arrogant”.

And then I am somehow considering myself arrogant… and more voices come: “You are arrogant”, “Do not say that, you are just showing off”. And then I shrink, I hold back saying what I wanted to say, I hide.

Interestingly, here it is not about the obvious examples I mentioned before where arrogance comes in the form of superiority, of being better, ‘more’ than another. It happens in opposite situations – when I am feeling glorious and powerful and I then hold myself back, make myself small; make myself less than the person I’m talking to or interacting with.

This is a more calculated, calibrated and deliberate way of positioning ourselves as less in situations. I found out that this is equally arrogant.

I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.


The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”. Ouch!

We all lose with arrogance.

Arrogance is not part of my essence. And I now know that any thought that comes in my way to sabotage the feeling of EQUALNESS and ONENESS is a mass destructive weapon that comes with the deliberate intent to separate myself from my equal brother.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

374 thoughts on “The Weapon of Arrogance – Discharging Separation

  1. I love the awareness you have come to here Priscila, it is pure revelation. Arrogance is a weapon of mass destruction wielded by the human spirit to further delay returning home to the love of the Soul. As we each have a spirit and each have a Soul, this is a very valuable insight to be sharing with us all, thankyou.

  2. Ouch indeed Priscila, don’t we all play the less card without realising the arrogance in it? I certainly have all my life and never for a moment suspected the arrogance therein contained. Thank you for exposing it. Any holding back is always harming to everyone.

  3. I was of the impression that arrogance came from a holier-than-thou attitude, but now having read your article Priscila I am starting to get a sense of the insidious nature of this offensive behaviour. Holding ourselves or anyone else as less than equal, amounts to arrogance. This blog has giving me much to ponder on.

  4. This is a great honest sharing Priscilla, Arrogance keeps us as individuals under the illusion of being protected from the world when in fact our true nature is equality and respect for one another and it is only until we understand this in our bodies that true brotherhood can be lived.

  5. Yes, arrogance is only there to separate us from each other. I feel when I hold back who I am, I am responsible to not only make myself less but also the other(s), it is making life about me and not about everyone equally. And I have the choice to step forward and be responsible for my part in the whole of the universe.

  6. Thank you for exposing the arrogance in playing less I have recently been feeling my arrogance in holding back. Holding ourselves and others less than equal is indeed arrogance there is no doubt about that. The separation and individualism arrogance holds us in keeps us from true brotherhood and therefore evolution.

  7. Thank you Priscilla for clearly showing both sides of the coin of arrogance. Appreciating and living with equal love for all humanity is the way back to brotherhood and truth.

  8. Arrogance is a weapon of mass destruction whichever side we choose to use, it is through the appreciation and confirmation of who we are that we can break free from its hold over us and live the magnificence of who we are.

  9. Thank you Priscilla for being so clear on this. It is like aggression and passive aggression which unless it is pointed out a lot of us don’t recognise and therefore are not able to change.

  10. I love your blog Priscilla I could read it again and again, i can so relate to this, what you have done is smashed the illusion of seeing ourselves as more or less then another this kind of exposure is absolutely needed. Everyone should read this.

  11. Well presented from every angle Priscilla. i really liked your take on holding back being a form of arrogance. Because it can look like shyness or being deferential, it does not necessarily register as arrogance but you are spot on with your observation/s – thank you.

  12. And we think WMDs consist of bombs, missiles and biological warfare. It’s great for the awareness of us all to consider the equally (if not more so) destructive potential of our actions at the interpersonal level.

  13. Perceiving arrogance in holding back is so true – it is just the other end of the spectrum from acting in a superior manner over everyone – all part of the same – feeling inferior or superior – same same. .

  14. It seems so much easier to see the person who acts superior to another as being arrogant yet when I read your words it is plain to see that playing small, contracted and less is just as (if not more) arrogant and harmful. I have played less many times and the scary thing about it is I have convinced myself other people like it. When we consider what is really being delivered when someone plays less it is absurd that we allow it.

  15. I get this form of arrogance, hiding by holding back our true and full expression. Yes I agree it is the opposite to being dominating and superior, which is also hiding. Being aware of these two sides of the same coin is supportive of finding out how to be in a world full of both sets of examples, each playing with and off each other. The key is perhaps in connection where we learn to play with each other.

  16. Great blog Priscilla; I love how you highlighted being small and less is another form of arrogance;
    “I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance”. What a wonderful insightful lesson for us all.

  17. Priscilla that was really an honest blog and I love what you have exposed!: “The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”.” Most of us were playing this game but were not aware of what was really going on – thank you so much for not holding back to tell the truth about it.

  18. Priscilla this is a great reminder that arrogance goes two ways both in claiming to be more or less than another. The fact is, as you say, its not until we hold ourselves and all others as equal sons of God do we get rid of that arrogance.

    1. Absolutely MA, in reading Priscilla’s words today it is clear that arrogance is just the inevitable destination we all must reach when we decide to take Separation Street. As soon as we step down the road where we see ourselves as divided, individual and apart, we cannot help but start to compare and pull others apart. What a tonic then, to live with every step and breath knowing we are one divinely connected to each other, deeply in our heart.

  19. I have alot to understand and digest here Priscilla with what you share. I grasp the concept mentally of what you say but in my self and body right now i cannot relate yet how my experience of offering or feeling less of myself as being of arrogance. Perhaps so entrenched have i been in behaving this way for so long, perhaps lifetimes! .. I cannot see clearly.
    So i looked up the dictionary meaning to open myself up to understand more.. Here i paste…”late Middle English: via Old French from Latin arrogant- ‘claiming for oneself’”. I know when i think of situations that I feel less in. I can either fake or pretend that i know something ,when i am not sure i do. This pretence is a type of arrogance, it is a ‘false claiming of something I am not’. I may also say outright that i don’t know, and be comfortable to be the ignorant one, the innocent one, the new comer, the willing ‘student’ . I read these words and all i feel is the belief i carry that I am less and not good enough. I can feel based on the definition of Arrogant: that i have claimed this for myself- that I am less and not good enough . Then arrogance is in the mind and not in the body. Because in the body , we are all equal flesh and hearts have the same potential to love and be loved. So when we are not comfortable with this, our minds can be defensive, protective, be in denial, and can claim for self to have more or less right to be in the space we occupy all together.

  20. I also feel with Claiming myself to be less than another, it gives me the opportunity to be less responsible in my actions, thoughts and heart of what i can equally be in any given situation.. Ouch!
    Thank you Priscilla. Got it now, Huge! great to go deeper into the energetic meaning of the word and get more clarity.

  21. Arrogance can only exist by thinking you are inherently better than others, which hides the true wound, which is you think you are not enough as the being that you are.

  22. We are all used to seeing arrogance in a business suit, with wads of cash and a fast car. But what your words here show Priscilla is it is just as brash, mean and deceitful to walk around considering we are less.

  23. This is very insightful Priscilla thank you. I have used ‘false humbleness’ a lot in my life and can very much relate to what you have expressed here. Another word that comes up for me in relation to this is piety or pious-ness. You are right that these things are destructive on a massive level. They undermine any true relationship by creating separation. Awesome blog.

  24. When we invite arrogance to play we invite a whole host of other condescending emotions to shadow our every move too such as comparison, superiority and inferiority, over self-importance and conceit… just to name a few.

  25. Thank you for exposing the other side to arrogance, a side that we often brush away under the carpet. I know for many years I have used this form of arrogance making myself less then another, I am now learning this does not have to be and it is only a choice that I can change. Great expose, thank you Priscilla.

    1. As you have shared about making myself feel less than I also feel this was an arrogance that was a part of the way I treated myself. Pondering on it deeper I was continually in a yo-yo effect from one arrogance to the other. Thank you Samantha for bringing this to my attention.

  26. All so very true Priscilia. It is the human spirit, the fragmented aspect of ourselves that has separated from its divine origins, the light and love of the Soul, that seeks to thwart our otherwise natural expression of the Oneness we are and are born from. Learning to spot this imposter and expose the game we are playing when listening to it, is the only way that we can begin to guide it/ourselves safely home to the love we have departed from but can never stop being a part of.

    It is in-truth the spirit that is ‘a part’ of the Whole that is the Soul and this wanton part chooses to live ‘apart’ (a-part) from such wholesomeness until such a time that the loneliness, desolation and misery that comes from many lifetimes spent indulging in the excesses of this way of living begin to lose their appeal and thus the journey back home to the warmth of the love within our hearts, the fiery spark of God that forever burns within us all, is made and the true Son is restored.

  27. Arrogance comes with and can only exist in being disconnected from ones inner heart, as it comes from separation that is feeding it; totally opposite to who we truly are when connected with that inner spark that connects all of us through love, our true origin.

  28. Thanks you for this insightful Blog Priscila about the other face of arrogance and how it plays out by holding ourselves in separation to others. Serge Benhayon has talked about energy and that everything is energy. One of the gifts of these presentations has been the developing of my understanding of the different types of energy that flow through me and how to identify the energy the voices of ‘arrogance’ carry and empowering me to choose love first. Holding back our amazingness means everyone misses out. Exposing arrogance for the way it plays out in your life means that we get more of the love you are – thank you.

  29. The old ‘better than you’ syndrome! It is awful and I have been there and am learning that the more I appreciate myself, the more I am able to appreciate others.

  30. This revelatory blog repositions arrogance from a ‘nice to not have’ to a weapon of mass destruction, at the same time revealing that arrogance is not just what we know arrogance to be but that there is great arrogance hidden in other behaviours, such as holding ourselves back or holding ourselves as less, which is a contrivance that we know deep down to be untrue, so is simply a game we play to avoid being all that we are. Why, because we prefer irresponsibility.

  31. This is a very interesting spin on arrogance, it feels true to me, to measure what others can ‘handle’ is already a put down, I never really thought of it that way before.

  32. Very eye opening expression here Priscila. Never has it been so clear to me that we hurt others by holding back our loveliness. When I observe other people doing this I feel angry and/or hurt and that makes sense now. It is easy to feel the imposition of one that is obviously being arrogant, however, we have been taught that self effacing behaviour is acceptable and even kind and this is a huge lie. Acting less is equally imposing as it falsely confirms we are not equal.

  33. Ouch indeed. This is a great awareness to come to and expose for others to contemplate the arrogance in playing less and the oneness this denies. In either form of arrogance, we all lose.

  34. A very huge albeit much needed OUCH to be felt by everyone because as you say “We all lose with arrogance.”

  35. Life seemed so simple when i lived under the cloak of arrogance. Looking for any excuse to think I was somehow better, which in hind sight it never truly worked, arrogance only deepened the disconnection to me feeling what others were saying and what my body was telling me.

  36. I had a massive realisation not so long ago about sympathy which also relates to arrogance as you have described. In sympathy we hold another less, viewing them as not equal enough to have all that we have. Looking upon them as not the equal sons of God with all the same opportunities as us but choosing another option. It felt gross to feel the arrogance in me with this realisation, seeing how I had placed myself better then another in the guise of understanding and compassion.

  37. Reading this blog has brought more clarity to my understanding of arrogance and that it is true that it is just another way to separate from others. Anything that separates us is a form of evil. Unity or oneness is our natural way and arrogance is the opposite to equality. I loved your comment about using arrogance as a ‘shield’ as this is exactly what it becomes. When someone stands before us in arrogance it is almost impossible to connect with the person or if we hold ourselves in arrogance then it mean others are not able to connect with us. Thank Priscila.

  38. Very wisely shared Priscila. It is so true that judgement is the underpinning loveless quality that drives arrogance, be it of ourselves or others, both equally as damaging. For when we separate from our love within, we diminish and reduce the greatness we are and unified by as a humanity, through which we resist and shut down to reflecting, appreciating and confirming our divinity, as the equal Sons of God we in truth are.

  39. There is so much more to arrogance than what was first known and felt – Thanks Priscila for triggering further pondering.

  40. To consider anything that takes us away from oneness and equalness as a weapon of mass destruction has got me looking at this in a whole new way. I had not considered holding ourselves back as arrogant but can see your offering here. Thank you Priscila

  41. It was great to come back to this blog after a long time. There is definitely more to arrogance than what is first know and felt. I had never considered holding back a form of arrogance, but it makes sense we are not giving our fullness, not being open and equal. There is much more to ponder on the word.

  42. ‘What do I know’, ‘I may be wrong’, ‘probably you will disagree with me’, ‘it’s merely my point of view’ – these are just a few of the caveats I often find myself adding into conversations. It’s so clear to me now that these are just falsehoods and tricks I have picked up to manipulate others. This form of arrogance usually goes under the radar in our society – so thank you for pointing out Priscilla it’s all just a big game.

  43. I’ve found many ways to apologise for what I’ve felt to say. acting hesitant, timid, apologising for speaking, excusing what I’m about to say, discounting what’s coming through, stuttering, being incoherent etc.This kind of hiding is excruciating. It arrogantly ignores the fact that what is given to me to say may not be presented just for my benefit but I happen to be the person there who can deliver it. To think I know better than God and think myself smaller than who I innately am is arrogant!

  44. Holding ourself as lesser than another really is a great way to hold ourself separate and an identity we can falsely put on ourself, just the same in essence as to holding ourself better than another, just a different expression of the same kind of dividing energy!

  45. As Priscila outlines for us here, arrogance is a completely destructive force designed to keep us playing either less or more than our fellow equal Brother, that flies under the radar when we do not live true to the essence of who we are.

  46. How compllcated we make life when we judge others and compare them to an image we may hold however unconsciously. It is a sure way to make us feel separate and therefore justified in our thoughts. Taking refuge in our heads like this may be a source of comfort but it can never deliver us the joy and harmony of living in equality with our fellow brothers and sisters, all of us making up the total of humanity.

  47. Priscilla, what you are presenting here is very interesting, that we can be arrogant when we are holding back and making ourselves less – this is an ouch as I always considered arrogance to be people showing off and thinking there are better than someone else not the other way round. I can feel how destructive holding ourselves as less is, as people are not getting the real and full us, we are all equal and can support and love each other, there are no better or lesser people, we are all amazing and all equal.

  48. Re reading your blog this morning and feeling the truth and the power of your words, how arrogance plays out and separates us and makes us the individuals we think we are. The key here is to connect with our body where lays our inner wisdom and the truth of who we all are, we are one.

  49. I observe that I hold back greatly with certain people because I feel they will not understand me, and I also hold back with others because I know they can read me inside and out, but in that I am holding back Love, which cannot be expressed but equally with everyone. This is the configuration of comparison and none of that is Love. Why is this a part of my behaviour when it is not from my Essence? It comes down to being honest and the willingness to go back to truth, which is I am Love and nothing but that and so to move according to this truth I will in the best of my ability.

  50. I love how you describe arrogance as a weapon as that is exactly what it is. It is like a wall of protection that people put up to avoid being hurt yet when that person is shown love and care that arrogance can just drop away.

  51. You’ve nailed something very important here Priscila. How often is someone expressing in all of their natural power and indeed glorious nature, falsely labelled as being ‘arrogant’?
    Yes it is arrogant of us to play less… yet it is also deeply worthwhile to look at the set-up here, i.e. that anyone actually displaying greatness that is NOT born of superiority or actual arrogance, can be so readily labelled as being arrogant, when in fact he or she is in fact bringing themselves in true equalness to all.
    The parts of us that hold back may well often prefer to make such false judgement, than actually acknowledge that we have someone before us who is showing us and leading the way as to where we ourselves could be at, if we simply made the choices to do so.

  52. Yes ouch indeed Priscilla, thank you for this very sobering insight into the duplicitious sides of arrogance. To see the ‘lesser version’ in it’s true light is a call to the truth of equality… we cannot be less or more than another as we are all equal by our fathering light.

  53. Priscila you have brilliantly exposed the true meaning of arrogance and the harm and separation it inflicts onto others. There are also more subtle forms of arrogance when another is feeling low or needing to feel bolstered as they are feeling less or needing to cover their hurts, this is a form of protection so we don’t get to feel what’s really going on.

  54. Absolutely great exposure of areogance, even when we are holding back, being measured or being on our “tippie toes” so to speak we could ask the question… why? If we are all equal sons of God than it is a judgement on others if we play small to avoid possible situations we don’t want to be in.

  55. Quite simply true, we all lose with arrogance if we hold on to our way as being right when there could be a more supportive way that is supportive for all, and brings love and a knowing far beyond physical life to our relationships.

  56. We lose both ways – when we make ourselves greater than others, and when we make ourselves less… in both cases the world misses our natural vitality, spunk and everything that uniquely makes us who we are.

  57. We are arrogant to believe we can ‘create’ a way of being or living in the world that is in any way separative of who we truly are. We are pure and divine love and equal in all ways with all our brothers and so to bring in or go out seeking difference is arrogance.

  58. There are many excuses in the world of being shameful to show ourselves in a selfie or in presentation or a dance etc.–because we know explicitly wanting to stand out is ugly; but by holding back our naturalness to be ourselves be it in a selfie or in other ways, we are also saying I am better than you, because I control how much of me you deserve to get.

  59. “The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get” – this is such a powerful and very important revelation. If we are not representing the fullness of who we truly are, we are representing something else instead.

  60. I love what you have shared about arrogance “I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.” I have noticed how I use to do this before, which I have now changed over the years as I have built a more loving relationship with myself.

  61. We do and have been arrogant and have received arrogance and it does separate us. I know I have used it as a way of protecting me from things I did not want to feel, a sense of aloofness, it is not the answer. the answer for me has been to read energy more and be honest with myself about how I feel.

  62. I love the exposing of how we can also be arrogant when we make ourselves less. It makes perfect sense but I had never thought of it like that before. Thanks Priscila.

  63. The catch is when we make it about right or wrong – we loose absolute sight of what truly is – hence we protect and shield away the truth instead of letting it be (accepting it in full).. Your blog made me realize how often I have allowed this arrogance to express through me simply by deciding I could as I felt hurt. That just brought shivers in my body and made realize I can change that forever.

  64. Arrogance comes in different guises, it actually comes across as if that person is in someway superior than we are, which automatically separates us from one another, and as you say when we hold back we are being arrogant too because we are not giving all that we are.

  65. A great exposure of the evil of arrogance and how hidden it can be, ‘I am learning that anything that makes us feel somehow better or worse, more or less, different than another comes with the fuel of arrogance.’

  66. I had not really connected the dots that playing less is also a form of arrogance, but can see clearly from your honest sharings that it is. I also connected on a deeper level that when I have played more than other, how that came from my own feelings of being less, my own lack of self-worth. Thank you for these insights today,and to me for being open to them.

  67. Arrogance is settling for less. (How ironic that I could of just expressed this one sentence) – an easier road to repeat and continue what’s comfortable. The next (to initiate) is ignored – the more to expand – the openness to commit in full in life and allow more in. To think we are limited to not having ‘it all’ – all we deserve. Instead, we continue as we are. We are more, and it’s our hands to claim it.

  68. This is an interesting read, I had not realised that holding ourselves back, being less than who we truly are is a form of arrogance, ‘The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”,’ whereas in essence as you say we are all equal.

  69. In society we tend to champion the “victim”, the “underdog” etc. What you have brought here, as a point of awareness is great because it shows that the person playing small is no different than those who puff themselves up with supremacy energy. It is just the other side of the coin so to speak. When we talk about energy we very quickly get exposed for how we are living.

  70. “The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less, I’m not only giving less of myself to someone, I’m actually being judgemental about the person in front of me and arrogantly expressing: “You deserve less”, “You are less than me so I’ll calculate how much of me you can get”.” Wow this is super insightful and so very true. I know this is how i have played on arrogance, making myself less than others or just not bringing all of me to situations and people. But I love what you have said here, yes when we do this, we are actually saying that others are less also, which isn’t true.

  71. The arrogance , of the others do not deserve the glory that one can bring . This is done a lot towards family towards mother and father because they were not able, for what ever reason to treat their child with love and equalness. So the child can live the arrogance of revenge and treat the parents in a less way . Of course this arrogance is self destructive as all arrogance is, for one will never have an equalness relationship with ether parents or anyone.

  72. I hate the feeling of arrogance, I can sense sometimes when I drop into arrogance and it is very sickly, the question I ask is why do I choose that arrogance? In many ways it is a defence, a shield and a way of coping with something that may not be what I want to see. Over the years as I become more at ease with myself I find I don’t go into arrogance nearly as often as I used to.

  73. I also noticed this. When I experienced others arrogance I could be irritated but It just could come my way because I kept myself small. One day I could clearly feel that this game can just be played by 2 people. It needs two people to be arrogant or playing less. Claiming ourselves in the true essence we are makes it all disappear.

  74. Interesting flip on arrogance but it makes sense doesn’t it. We often see the arrogance of ourselves or people but it has many sides apart from the obvious ones. It’s great also to nominate something like this when you see it, respectfully of course. Few would have seen the quality of arrogance that this article is speaking about and would be possibly still scratching their heads or dismissing it. Don’t dismiss what you have just read but simply take what has been said as a possibility and see for yourself the next time the word ‘arrogance’ hits your mind when you are talking to someone. You maybe surprised that you can relate to this article then.

    1. Good point, so I wonder if the way to address the ugly beast when it rears its head is to consider if we are looking for any recognition from what is being shared or from the relationship. The separation from our soul is the separation from us all as a one humanity. It does not mean we cannot lead, it means that we will all lead at some point because we are all constantly evolving and learning and mastering skills at different times. It actually feels like working as a team.

  75. Wow Priscila, thank you for exposing how destructive arrogance is. It helps when we understand what drives us to be arrogant and it certainly helps to take the sting or hurt out of it when we experience someone being arrogant, especially when we choose to not take it personally.

  76. Saying that you are more or that you are less – is actually a judgement towards another and with this we create an evil so called ‘accepted normal’ that is even more hiden and evil.

  77. I love to connect with people, with people I know and with people I don’t. If in a day I only connect with people I know I would feel compromised so I would find occasions to connect with strangers that I don’t know. I would observe if I am the same with everyone. I find that sometimes I tend to be more arrogant with people I know because of judgement. Having judged them in the past I carry that with me and measure how much of myself I would give, whereas with people I don’t know there is no judgement to tint the connection so if there is openness it feels more full. And yet all relationships are one relationship.

  78. Yes if we are really honest arrogance is a very common thing, perhaps something almost all of us can relate to on a frequent basis. For arrogance is saying ‘I’m special’ which could mean I’m smarter, faster, funnier but also equally I’m ugly, not as intelligent, I’m not one of them etc. as either way we feel distinguished by some characteristic that is not of our true making…

  79. It is so often in the subtleties of lovelessness that the most harm is done, as it mostly goes unnoticed and worse is that is becomes normalised. Any movement away from being who we are, the Sons of God, is a movement away from God. As such any form separation from love is an abusive one, be one that is overt or one of withdrawal. We are love, and the love we are and are intrinsically part of is to be shared with all equally so, as it is the true nature of love, otherwise it is not love.

  80. This runs along the lines of sympathy. If we hold another less in anyway it’s a sure marker that we are running from an energy that isn’t true and in some way our spirit is the gaining force.

  81. There is a part of us that has the ability to separate and hold ourselves above or below others, depending what suits our circumstances. This is the part that whispers these ideas that we are not equal and allows us to think from our head, instead of following our heart. When you close your eyes, and connect to your heart, even in a room full of strangers, you will feel that in all our “differences” at our core we are all the same, in essence, there is no arrogance. If arrogance ever creeps back in your house though, and thinks it has a place at your table, just call your soul in for back up, it has an awesome way of setting you straight!

  82. I really like this Priscila – arrogance is an under looked at topic and I would agree with you about it being a weapon. I used to arrogantly consider that I didn’t have an arrogant bone in my body but this bubble was burst a few years ago, and thank God for that. A bit more humble these days but plenty of room for developing this.

  83. Arrogance is massive – so often it is easy to compare ourselves to another and think of ourselves as better than them. But the fact is as you say we are all equal sons of God, equal to God so if we see another as any less than we are effectively saying we are mightier than God.

  84. Wow, reading your blog Priscila makes me realise how much I have hidden behind the face of arrogance, in both examples you’ve shared. Anything that creates separation, I understand is hugely harming.

  85. “Arrogance is a weapon, a mass destructive-one, discharging separation among us.” Thank you for exposing so clearly the various shades and shapes of arrogance. Living less than we naturally are is a more insidious arrogance as it is not so obvious as blatant self-importance.

  86. ‘And I now know that any thought that comes in my way to sabotage the feeling of EQUALNESS and ONENESS is a mass destructive weapon that comes with the deliberate intent to separate myself from my equal brother.’
    This is all there is to be said; as arrogance drifts us apart never together. So we better must stop using it in any way we have used it to entail within our lives.

  87. ‘The moment I shrink, hold myself back and make myself less’ – I have become arrogant. I love this Priscilla. There is nothing ‘OK’ about withdrawing our light and dulling ourselves down. When we do this, we are confirming the other and ourselves in being less. This is the evil of contraction, that plagues our society, but often with a misnomer that it is the ‘right’ thing to not shine too much and blind others away.
    The fact that this is accepted, shows how far we have strayed from truly supporting each other (and ourselves) and how we have arrogance to pollute how we interrelate with one another.

  88. We equate arrogance to being better than, but it is just as arrogant to buy into the notion that we are less than. Ultimately it is one and the same – us denying our equallness, denying our divinity, and holding back our connection with our fellow brothers.

  89. Ah the little voice that tells you you are being arrogant when actually you are simply stating what feels true to you – from your lived experience – a completely lived whole experience that you are sharing!!! Yes, I have been there and see others discount themselves way too often.

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