Making Time – an Amazing Discovery

by Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah NSW Australia

I discovered something truly amazing this morning and it has to do with time, this precious and ever more precious commodity in all our lives.

I awoke, checked the clock and realised that I had woken up super early and in accordance to the time zone I had left the previous day to travel to Western Australia. No way was I going to get up at 15 minutes past midnight!

I snuggled back under my doona, rested for a while and then decided to use my two eye pillows. One across my eyes and one on my heart. It felt great and I was just about to relax very deeply when I went, “Wait a minute! I can’t remember putting the eye pillows there!”

I realised that I had gone into automatic pilot – one second the eye pillows had been on my bed, the next second they had somehow landed on my body. Oh yes, they felt great, but I hadn’t consciously been involved placing them there.

Where had that time gone?

It must have existed, surely – even if it was only a couple of split seconds.

And then I realised that during the day and in my daily activities, every time I am not present and involved in what I am doing I am actually squandering time. I negate time by acting like it does not exist whenever I am not present whilst at the same time lamenting the lack of time and how there is never enough of it.

I could feel that by being present I actually create space – and space equals time, whereas I have forever tried to make more time by rushing and squeezing more and more things into my minutes, hours and days.

And thus, lack of time is actually my self-perpetuated illusion and imprisonment, aided and abetted by not being present.

Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the inspiration that led to the realisation. And thanks to Featherlight for their amazing eye pillows!

217 thoughts on “Making Time – an Amazing Discovery

  1. “Every time I am not present and involved in what I am doing I am actually squandering time” – how true is this. I find I also go into overwhelm and the anxiousness when I’ve gone into time.

    We are bought up constantly in time, so that becomes our routine and in that we live in constant turmoil. So it’s a no wonder, our bodies become exhausted and we rely for it to be run on stimulants.

    “I could feel that by being present I actually create space”, is spot on and is something I’m still developing with out perfection. If the world lived in this, then we would certainly be in a different place by now…

  2. Time does indeed appear to be a precious commodity, but when I have connected to space, this by far exceeds any time aspects. In space, time ceases to govern you, which as Gabriele has shared is an amazing experience and one I would like to cultivate more frequently and consistently into everyday life.

    1. Henrietta, this is spot on in your sharing of the differences. Years ago I wouldn’t have a clue what this blog was about as I was so disconnected with myself but knew something was missing in myself. Roll on post meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and I’ve never looked back but appreciate what has been and continues to be offered.

  3. I have experienced time warps, and this is when all of a sudden there is so much time available and I am left wondering how on earth that happened. And then there are times of course when the opposite happens and I ‘run out of time’- what you have shared here helps me understand how and why this happens Gabriele!

  4. Accommodating time accomplishes very little but when we allow ourselves o be in a rhythm that flows for our work days then we end up with all the space in the world to accomplish every task because we have released a pressure valve that is time related.

  5. Being present with ourselves offers space – not that I always live it but I know so well the opposite. In trying to beat and go ahead of time, we give away our presence. We are always here, present, future and past, in trying to be elsewhere exactly does that.

    1. Feeling space whilst being present feels very different to being caught in time, and rushing to get things done, ‘I could feel that by being present I actually create space – and space equals time, whereas I have forever tried to make more time by rushing and squeezing more and more things into my minutes, hours and days.’

  6. Examining our relationship with time is part of our self care because so many of us use time to push our bodies, to rush, and to go into drive. We can also watch the clock to focus on when our work day will end, instead of being present and with ourselves in each moment and nurturing our bodies, and taking care of the quality we are moving in.

  7. Yes, such a valid and awesome discovery, we complain about time but skip moments and longer periods of time during the day all the time. Presence is the key.

  8. I love this blog, it is simple yet profound and is so relatable. There is a tendency to rush, rush, rush to try and create space or some ‘me time’ and yet when we are in the moment we are in there is eternal space. A trick the mind can play which seems to be entertained by complication…

  9. Great experiment. It is a stress on the body working against time and we never get anymore done either. I know now that whenever I remain present with my body there is always ample space. In fact it exposes the ‘illusion’ of time.

  10. Exactly what I needed to read today, thank you Gabriele, as I’ve been noticing many times through my day where I am not aware of what I just did, and I now realise this is because I’m not present with myself.

  11. ‘Lack of time is actually my self-perpetuated illusion and imprisonment, aided and abetted by not being present.’ This is gold Gabriele, if we all fully understood this and lived by being more present in our bodies we would experience life in a totally different but amazing way. We live such a reduced and small version of ourselves if we choose to live in time and the limitations this places on us.

  12. Brilliant point Doug and this is so true. I too have been feeling this and what you’ve expressed makes sense of why this is happening.

  13. Wow, Gabriele, this is so powerful, ‘And thus, lack of time is actually my self-perpetuated illusion and imprisonment, aided and abetted by not being present.’ I constantly feel like I have a lack of time, even when I am not that busy. This blog is so supportive for me to read right now and to understand how this illusion is playing out throughout my day and what the cause is.

    1. Chan I love how you have shared this with such honesty – even when we are not that busy, if we are not being present, we are governed by time and its rules and regulations. I too have experienced this as well as space where one is free of these constraints. Now to have more of the space experience rather than the time one! 🙂

  14. I have those moments that are quite scary really when I realise I can’t remember going to the washroom or sitting there for an extended amount of time looking on my phone. Like where have I gone? And if I’m gone then what is there instead? Talk about a waste of time! We love to say ‘time flies’ but rarely ask what have we done or how present have we been over our day.

    1. Spot on Aimee, those moments of auto-pilot are indeed very disturbing. Just like heading off and not having a recollection if I locked the front door or closed the garage door!

  15. What a great discovery/lesson. I am continually delighted by the simplicity of the source of the many price-less lessons we are presented with, every day of our lives, but much of the time we do not clock them and so the opportunity to look at life differently simply sails on by. I, for one, am delighted that you grabbed this one and have now shared it with us.

  16. This happens with thoughts as well. One minute I might be pondering on something, the next minute I am thinking about something completely different and cannot quite track back how I have got there.

  17. ‘I could feel that by being present I actually create space’, I love this Gabriele, such a simple movement that offers us space instead of being trapped in time and the limitations this can bring. I know which one I would rather choose to live everyday.

  18. One thing I have just realised is that despite how weary I am, I go to bed according to what the time is, not the time that my body tells me I should go – no wonder I am so tired. This may not seem that huger deal for others but for me it is quite the revelation.

    1. It’s similar to when and what we eat. Once we check out from our bodies we rely on time not realising we are on automatic pilot and not truly caring for ourselves. I agree, it’s a huge one.

      1. Hmm, eating and sleeping are both basic cares and I am starting to realise that I dismiss them and take them for granted way too often.

  19. Oh, how we fool ourselves so so well. We are constantly in this battle against time apparently but it seems the battle is with ourselves. We check out, avoid ourselves and as you have described we squander time. We stifle space, we stifle us – and then blame it on time.

    1. I agree with you Katerina and this battle with ourselves is self-created which means we have the power to undo all of it at any time.

  20. “I could feel that by being present I actually create space” and space offers the opportunity to be all that we are.

  21. Thank you Gabriele for highlighting that every movement matters and it is the conscious presence in the continuum that actually counts not the passing and ticking of measured time on the clock.

    1. So true Sandra, I love your line “it is the conscious presence in the continuum that actually counts not the passing and ticking of measured time on the clock.”

  22. Catching up is big and total illusion – there is no such thing as time does not compete with us and nor is it ahead of us.

  23. When we move with the perception that time is linear, we reduce ourselves to a mind orientated being, disconnected from our bodies in which we rush and try to fit in mountains, striving to reach an end point to congratulate ourselves with. Yet in truth there is so much more volume that we naturally bring to every moment when we allow our spherical way of being to be moved by the quality of our Soul. As when we are present with ourselves we discover there is an abundance of space for us to magnify and move with our Soulfulness.

  24. When I focus on what I need to do and stay on course per say, don’t get distracted or wonder off doing something else, everything easily and simply gets done. But when I check out and look at my phone or talk for no reason, then I find there are pockets in my day that I feel overwhelmed for being busy.

  25. Thank you Gabriele for your insight too. Makes sense to move in the moment to create space “I could feel that by being present I actually create space – and space equals time”.

  26. Which in turn feeds our nervous system and keeps us in a panic which feeds the illusion of the lack of time! I have found that until I get off that rollercoaster and start to bring some order into my life I am forever feeding my addiction to being on the back foot at the mercy of whatever ‘falls’ into my day and therefore cannot really be of service to anyone I am working with or anything I am working on.

  27. This is a perfect blog for keeping it simple and staying present with ourselves in the day. How much time do we squander when we are not present and, if we were present would time disappear and leave us with space? An experiment in the making but one that is throwing out some very unexpected results!

  28. Some great awarenesses in your blog, Gabriele, yes if we are not present it is a waste of time so to speak, ‘during the day and in my daily activities, every time I am not present and involved in what I am doing I am actually squandering time’.

  29. Gabriele, you raised a great point for me to ponder on ‘when we are present we creat space’ this made me realise just how often we check out and allow time to be our master, rather than making space for ourselves.

  30. You have reminded me I have some eye pillows tucked away in a drawer that I’m not using. I’m going to put them on my bed for use later : )

  31. Gabriele, thanks for sharing your revelation. This is a super reminder about how not to waste our time. I tend to think certain tasks are less important than others; so will only make an effort to be present for some things. I am learning that every second is precious and staying present is key to not getting into overwhelm when I have lots to do.

      1. Yes, so true, we are not only missing out on what we are missing out on but needing fuel to do so.

  32. Gabriele you highlight a great point here that we can all be inspired by, by choosing to be present in everything we do we open ourselves to the magical feeling of space – this is a powerful way to live and supports us to not feel controlled by time.

  33. It’s ironic that we create less space when we try to ‘save time’ or stockpile it in some way. If we accept what is and stay present we have everything we need.

    1. Stockpiling time – where do these apparently ‘saved’ bits of time go at the end of the day, where do we bank them? It doesn’t make sense but the momentum can be very strong. And this momentum is lodged as a particular movement in our bodies.

  34. Thank you Gabriele. You have helped me understand a recent experience I have had in making space. I have been practicing sacred movement with my partner and lately I have been feeling like there is much more time to do the movements, it’s as though the music has slowed down even though it hasn’t. I now realise that this is what it feels like to make space. Amazing.

  35. It’s fascinating isn’t it… if not very exposing, to realise that in our bid to ‘do more’ and ‘pack more into time’, we frequently lose connection with ourselves, our movements and what we are actually ‘doing’, i.e. we lose or rather forgo, our ability to be truly present.
    This is a great reminder Gabriele, that presence ‘actually create[s] space – and space equals time…’
    A reminder to remain with ourselves, no matter what, and explore this deeply profound and grand truth that you are sharing here. I will be very aware of this throughout my day today, and ‘onward’, thank-you.

  36. I had never looked at the fact that by not being present we are actually squandering time! Thank you Gabriele for your insight!

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