The Gentle Breath Meditation, Being Gentle and ‘Doing the Right Thing’

by Leigh Strack, Receptionist, Eungella, Queensland.

I have been a Universal Medicine (UniMed) student for about 5 years and since that time I have been doing the Gentle Breath Meditation. For such a long time I thought I had to do the Gentle Breath Meditation to connect to myself. Now I can truly feel that by choosing to breathe gently everything else stops, and I can straight away feel myself, my true self. This has shown me that this beautiful warmth that I feel inside when I stop is always there. Essentially I don’t have to do anything to get to it, I just have to choose it.

An experience I had recently has helped me to realise this…

One morning I woke at 2am and decided to stay in bed and connect to my breath. I did this, and like it has been for some time for me, I would feel myself connect to me and then I would check to see if I was doing it right. You see, I had been living in the belief that I was not good enough and this belief kept me in the motion of always wanting to check if I was actually connected to me and if I was doing the Gentle Breath correctly.

The previous day I had a session with my practitioner and at the end of the treatment she said to me there was still some tension in my body, and asked me what I thought it was. I knew immediately, and said that it was me “wanting to have done my treatment right”, to which my practitioner replied that it’s ok, so long as I know what a trap that is, the trying to ‘get it right’ ideal.

So when I found myself doing exactly that again as I lay in bed, I made the decision to stop the checking, to stop trying to ‘get it right’. I chose to simply be with myself, to breathe and enjoy my breath.

What a lovely feeling. I could feel there was no tension in my body. My first realisation was wow, I have been living with constant tension for such a long time, tension that I had not realised I had until I felt my body without it! How is it possible to live for 45 years and not be aware of the tension that I was holding in my body every day?

Then I thought some more about this and realised what a twofold trap I had been in… not only was I trapped in the doing of wanting to get everything ‘right’ (the checking if I was connected), but when I did connect, if I didn’t feel like I do when I’m at Universal Medicine courses and workshops (which is connected to myself and a general feeling of loveliness) then I immediately judged myself as not doing ‘something right’. I had not only been trapped in the ‘doing it right’, but I was also trapped in an ideal of perfection – an ideal of how I thought I should always feel. In being this way I never let myself truly feel how I was feeling and what was actually going on for me in my life.

Since having this experience it has become quite obvious that not only was I doing the ‘checking and wanting to do things right’ trap with the Gentle Breath Meditation, but it had actually been my way of living. So I had myself under this constant surveillance (tension) wanting to be gentle, always checking to see if I had been gentle, instead of simply choosing to be gentle.

It was in everything I was doing in my day… washing up, feeding the animals, working on the computer, conversing with people, just to name a few. As I became more and more aware of this I also realised that living this way has kept me feeling not good enough and has fed the unsureness that I feel inside, so this has meant that I have been living constantly on guard – trying to be sure that I do and say the right things.

I can now feel how ridiculous it has been to live this way, and that it is much simpler to live responding as things arise – no longer feeling that I have to be pre–prepared for everything that will happen in my life.

As I have begun to live this awareness in my life I have had moments of frustration when I realise I have dropped into the checking again. However, what has been particularly amazing in all of this is how my body has changed – it feels much more fluid as I move. I can now feel the tenderness that I have inside me and I am now able to express from my love and tenderness.

As the weeks roll on I am finding that I am being so much more gentle, loving and tender with myself, and I know that I am also being this way with others in my life. Now, instead of getting frustrated when I discover yet another place in my life where the checking has been, it is now a simple awareness and “wow, there too” kind of feeling… an appreciation of seeing another area I can work with and an acceptance of it, knowing deeply that it is no longer my way of living.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

335 thoughts on “The Gentle Breath Meditation, Being Gentle and ‘Doing the Right Thing’

  1. What a lovely unfolding Leigh, especially the part where you are stating you found that gentleness is a choice. That it doesn’t have to be about just expecting oneself to being gentle, it really is a about making it a choice in ones day.

  2. Awesome to read this Leigh, and that you’ve shared here with such open candidness – this in itself, is a breath of fresh air…!
    My experience has also been that any self-judgement aka setting impossible standards of perfection, actually completely caps us from the most valuable tool there is in life – i.e. feeling our bodies at any given time, and the signals they are giving us. All we are able to ‘read’ is the tension, and not what underlies it – the keys that may offer us the true opportunity to respond to what we sense and feel. Such a ‘trap’ indeed – and well exposed here – to keep us completely not appreciating any of the steps we may have taken back towards a loving relationship with ourselves, and essentially, dally in the part of us that prefers to play small, and less than we truly are.

    1. We know on some level the reason for the tension that we feel in our bodies and it is often knowing what this is that causes us to ‘dally in the part of us that prefers to play small, and less than we truly are.’ As here seemingly we do not need to take responsibility for where we find our selves in our life, this is the ultimate trick, as to take responsibility actually frees us from our own self made trap and opens our hearts and minds to steadiness and consistency. No one else can change how each of us chooses to live our life, this we can only do for ourselves.

  3. Great blog Leigh. It makes sense that living from the belief of ‘doing the right thing’ holds our body in a tension and fear of not wanting to ‘get it wrong’ capping our natural expression.

  4. What you show Leigh is that it always comes back to ourselves, that is, how we are with ourselves. It is up to us how we treat ourselves, either with love and care or rough and criticising. The power lays in our hands.

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