Acceptance – A Choice Present in Every Moment

by Adrienne Ryan, Brisbane, Australia

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of daily life, I’ve been discovering that acceptance is a choice we have that is present in every moment and with even the smallest awareness of this choice, the grandest love opens up.

I used to think of acceptance as something reserved for obvious things like accepting invitations, offers or requests, but presentations by Universal Medicine (UniMed) and Serge Benhayon inspired me to pull back the curtains on acceptance and I began to see that there was much more at play.

For example, when…

  • I complete a task at work and it has gone so smoothly and effortlessly that I feel like I have not ‘worked’ on it all.

I can accept this and say: YES how great am I, if that was simple, what more could I do?

Or I can reject it with a dose of doubt or self loathing: you’re obviously not working hard enough, you better check it, something must be wrong, things are never that easy. You’re nothing special, a monkey could do that.

  • I have a moment where I feel I am enough, it matters that I am here, there is something I bring, equal but different to everyone else’s something and just being me is all that is needed.

I can accept this and say, YES – let’s go for it.

Or I can reject it by recounting my shortfalls, mistakes, all the not-good-enough, shameful, guilty things that prove I’m not that good yet and I need to try harder to make myself better and more… acceptable.

This is how
I accept or reject the love I am,
every moment, every day.

It’s like having two taps to choose from to fill my bath – acceptance OR rejection – each choice I make turns on one of these taps and I end up swimming in the awfulness of doubt and abuse OR the silk of my knowing it’s not about being perfect, it’s about reconnecting to the enormity of love within and accepting it – now, as I am ­­– and living in a way that honours that precious wisdom.

As I allow myself to become more acquainted with acceptance, I come to understand that nothing just happens to me, rather everything in my life comes from what I choose to accept or not.

The more I accept the love within
the more love within there is to accept.

Like in the examples above, present in every moment – no matter how it might be disguised – is the same singular invitation, presented over and over again: to accept or reject the love I innately and incorruptibly am – and that we all are, equally. To accept this love, to say YES – that is me, is to allow the ever-unfolding, ever expanding, mighty, without end or diminishment, Way of Love to be.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

146 thoughts on “Acceptance – A Choice Present in Every Moment

  1. Dear Adrienne, I love the exquisite simplicity of the wisdom you bring. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I cannot help but accept the love that you are and the love that you write with, this in turn allows me to accept and love myself. Thank you, you are the master of observational writing.

  2. What I love about deepening my acceptance of myself and life is the deepening of surrender in my body – a contentment that feels more and more delicious the more I say yes to it.

  3. It is a simple blog Adrienne but it gives so many tips for life, in each moment we can choose to accept or reject things and this then leads to the next steps. This has and continues to be a great learning for me.

  4. Thank you Adrienne your gorgeous wisdom is always a joy to read. It’s a simple choice is the tap we turned on one of acceptance or rejection today? I know which one I would rather say ‘yes’ too, for when we accept the love we are it continues to expand and grow more each day as you so beautifully remind us.

  5. Thank you Arianne, this is true how we tend to reject that which will allow us to connect more to the love that we are and I feel we do this to avoid the responsibility to keep evolving as once we say yes to love we are always being asked to be more.

  6. It really is as simple as you say, we can accept or turn on the reject tap in any moment and every new moment offers us a new choice, so effectively we need to keep making a choice. And there always appears to be two voices inside us one advocating accepting and the other feeding us doubts and promoting the rejection tap. Appreciation is an amazing tool to assist me with making the acceptance choice to be all the love that I am.

  7. Acceptance and appreciation of who we truly are brings us the responsibility to say ‘yes’ to all that we are. However, this also brings the responsibility for truth and to speak up and not accept it when we are aware of all that is not love in ourselves, others and the world.

  8. This is truly gorgeous Adrienne. Acceptance and appreciation seem to go hand in hand. When I think of acceptance I know I see it as being about accepting my imperfections and foibles but you remind me that it is equally important to accept my grandness. Thank you.

  9. It is such a powerful and liberating knowing that in every moment I have a choice, and that choice, which is totally mine, is to either “accept or reject the love I am, every moment, every day.” And then this knowing expands to the deeper understanding that therefore there is no one to blame for what is going on in my life; the responsibility for the quality of my life and how much love I allow into it, is mine, and mine alone.

  10. “The more I accept the love within the more love within there is to accept.” Love this Adrienne. We do have choice in every moment, tho it doesn’t always feel like it. The more I accept and then appreciate me the more I come to love myself and can thus love others to the same degree.

  11. I have been practicing accepting myself for a while, with more focus and consistency in the past 6-7 weeks or so, and I can honestly say, it is changing my life in amazing ways. I am enjoying life so much more, I am expressing more fully and with greater depth and consistency, I am saying ‘yes’, when before I would reluctantly or half-heartedly agree to something, or flat out say ‘nope, not doing that”. In short I am living in a more responsible way. And all because I have been accepting the many wonderful, amazing and powerful things about me instead of dismissing them out of hand. Great for me and equally great for everyone else too!

  12. Adrienne I really love to swim in “the silk of my knowing it’s not about being perfect” rather swimming in “the awfulness of doubt and abuse.” This simple example gave me the possibility to let me feel what I do if I chose not to accept the love I am. It feels like accepting me is in the long run so much healthier and joyfuller for me.

  13. “there is something I bring, equal but different to everyone else’s something”. What a beautiful reminder that as humans we are all equal to each other, but yet we all have our own uniqueness to bring to this world”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this world was ready to accept and honour our uniqueness, that “something” that is quintessentially ours, and ours alone.

  14. A very timely read as I have just finished a work function that opened up new ground and was quite amazing and afterwards in different moments I had some thoughts of appreciation and then some thoughts of how do I improve this, what next but these thoughts came with no appreciation of what was.

  15. If I shy away from accepting the amazingness I feel and saying ‘Yes, that’s me’, I am instead saying ‘Yes’ to something else to fill myself with, I don’t just stand there empty handed.

  16. It is deeply empowering to know that what we choose to fill ourselves with – acceptance of the love we innately are, or resistance/rejection of that truth, it is always and forever our choice to make. For whatever we embrace we then walk and our life is then the quality of our choosing.

  17. “The more I accept the love within, the more love within there is to accept.” How perfectly simple, wonderful and beautiful it is when we accept and appreciate that we are love.

  18. It is our every right to accept the love we are, it is who we are, and being ourselves is what brings the richness, magic, and the power of brotherhood to this world we currently live in together.

  19. Thank you Adrienne.. reading this I can see how even the slightest doubt or question about whether something that went well is complete, ready or okay is a rejection. When we accept ourselves and all of our choices, without needing it to be perfect or to ‘get it right’, there’s an understanding, a movement forward, and an evolution. When we’re doubting our choices then we’re on the fence, wavering, and it’s an exhausting place to be.

  20. What I can also feel is that accepting is about being okay with what we can feel – even if it doesn’t match the pictures of how we want or need things to be. Indecision comes from not wanting to feel the truth of something because then we’ll have to act on it. When we accept what we can feel, we free ourselves from indecision and are able to move forward.

  21. ‘The more I accept the love within the more love within there is to accept.’ This is gold Adrienne and a beautiful reminder to take into my day as acceptance is key to deepening the relationship with ourselves and with others.

  22. Very powerful words Adrienne, thank-you: “It’s like having two taps to choose from to fill my bath – acceptance OR rejection…”
    Do we really want to sit in a bath – i.e. a regular, habitual, daily way – of self-condemnation and judgement? Never seeing the totality of who we are, and ever-looking for our shortfalls – as a means to keep ourselves diminished and small?
    As women in particular, these traits can be so very strong, and oftentimes subtly influencing our every move… This is such a powerful analogy to bring, to wake us up out of the self-abuse we may have well yet been allowing. Thank-you.

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