When I feel Great and Things are Great…

I feel great and things are great – I feel a lot of joy, which does not need a trigger from something outside of myself, but naturally resides within, and shows itself through laughter, joking, self-made-up dance moves and songs and having fun.

I am in a very loving and supportive relationship with my partner, deepening every day, and I live in a wonderful house in a quiet neighbourhood which is big enough so I can have my own practice at home. I feel great and things are great.

I have money to buy food that supports my body, I have clothes to wear, I am healthy and I feel vital. I don’t need coffee or sugar to get me through the day and I feel great that I can have a great time with people without drinking alcohol. I love spending time with myself and I can celebrate birthdays without the need to eat a cake.

I feel great and things are great – I don’t have kids of my own, but I feel a parent to many others, and we have great sleepovers in our house with the kids of close friends. I have a big loving and supportive group of people around me, a great bathtub to lie in, neighbours that will help me if needed and the tram stop which takes me into the city is just around the corner.

I love working, whether it is in a café/restaurant serving coffee or now starting up my own business. Things are great and I am learning everyday something new about life and myself; I love going to bed when my body feels tired (also on a Friday night) and I don’t need social events to fulfill my life. I love watching the series ‘Modern Family’ because it makes me laugh and I love the fact that I am not perfect.

I love people, young and old; I love to hang out with them and I love to ‘whatsapp’ my friends.

I go swimming every week and I love how sexy I look with my goggles and bath cap on. I can still get excited, hold back, feel anxious, get irritated or go into reaction about something, but that’s ok, I just nominate it and move on. So yes, life is great, I feel great and things are great. So what’s the issue, one could ask?

Well, the issue is, there isn’t any.

And that’s the issue.

It seems to me that when I feel great and when things are great in life, or even amazing, I have the tendency to look for something that is not going well, that needs change or adjusting, or that might be or become an issue in the near future. I make things and myself less amazing. In other words, my mind LOVES creating issues. It’s almost like I cannot accept that things are great and that life indeed is great and most of all, that I am feeling great. No, wait, that I AM GREAT. Ok, let’s not hold back here Mariette (and create an issue), that I AM AMAZING.

The only thing that really helps me in not creating issues, is being present and in my body. And this is an ongoing process. The more present and in my body I am, the more I can accept myself and others. The more present and in my body I am, the more I can be of true service to the world. And with presence, there are no issues… so I stop worrying about the small stuff and focus on the big… and when my mind kicks in and tries to ‘issue’ me around, I just go back to my fingertips which helps me to feel my tenderness, I go back to my feet which helps me to come back to my body and I observe my breath, gently in and out.

Quite simple, but then, why shouldn’t life be… simple… when I feel great and things are great.

Deeply inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all the people around me.

by Mariette Reineke, Holland

310 thoughts on “When I feel Great and Things are Great…

    1. Great point Harry. I am great, but…. – hmm I know that one oh so well. The but is the individualisation. It is the issue. We don’t need issues when we let go of needing to be someone and instead just be who we naturally already are.

  1. Very true Marietta. That creation of issues is a huge self-destructor, as when we see things with simplicity and as they truly are, we can deal with them with ease.

  2. Before Universal Medicine my life went from one emotional drama to the next. After Universal Medicine is a constant development of self love and understanding, and the dramas are pretty much a thing of the past.

  3. When my mind kicks in I am gone, the quality I bring is disappeared and life gets serious and then it is very easy to create issues. Actually life is about the quality I bring in every moment and is not about the past or future. This is not yet something I have mastered but I know it in my body as an absolute truth.

    1. ‘When my mind kicks in I am gone’ – yes I hear you Annelies. Coupled with the tension in my body it is a sure sign that I have disconnected from me and am being driven by my mind. This is why I cherish my developing relationship with my body, as more and more I appreciate the truth is offers me of how simple, natural and joyful it feels when I choose the be me, to be love.

  4. Concious presence as a way to stop ourselves creating issues, or having doubts or anything like that – I love it. I agree feeling strong and steady and present in our bodies enables us to handle life so much better.

  5. It is so true Mariette. There is nothing greater than being in connection with ourselves. As with this connection wherever it is that we may turn or go, we are with the greatness and fullness of our presence through which we meet life with the joy of who we are.

  6. When I allow myself to be present and feel the grandness of the All, my issues disappear – not because they are small and insignificant compared to the bigger picture we belong to, but because the issues are the end products of the lies I have chosen to live and they have no place in the Truth and cannot stick.

    1. I concur Fumiyo, the truth will always bring a revelation that can serve us, which allows us to serve to a deeper level and I feel this is simply the grandness we innately have within when we so choose.

  7. Sometimes it is so common to have disorder or disharmony in our life that when that isn’t there and life is harmonious or joyful, there is an unease… like there is a comfort in what we know and live even when it’s unpleasant. I love that you have exposed this and also shown that we can learn to find settlement with things going well through being more present and accepting. Great advice.

  8. If we appreciated more what we have we would not constantly look for more and would be able to see more clearly where true change and what is needed. Thank you Mariette for this letter of appreciation.

  9. I love this blog – it portrays in such a fun and light-hearted way the self-imposed complications we create when life is humming along beautifully and we let even just a pinch of doubt to creep in.

  10. From a young age we are encouraged to look outside of ourselves to seek fulfilment, for we have come to exist in a way where we believe that who we are is not enough. For when we truly embrace who we are within we realise that we already are it ALL, our greatness is magnificent. Through this connection to our essence, to our Soul we move in a way that reflects our presence in all we do, as such every moment offers the opportunity to evolve, deepen our connection to love, and be more of the greatness we are.

  11. Our bodies and our hearts just LOVE simplicity… the mind however, does rather like things to be complicated… the more so the better, because then there is much less possibility of actually feeling what is going on.

    1. Thank you CJames2012 I appreciate your comment. All that time spent trying to work out an issue is often a distraction away from what we are feeling and learning how to handle it. We are very sensitive and aware beings, and the mind can be like an escape valve from this aspect of our being.

  12. AMAZING! I love everything about this and I can relate so much. this need to have to have something wrong, to have an issue just so we don’t have to feel just how great we really are, and more importantly we get to avoid any jealousy that might be coming our way from others when we create issues for ourselves.

    1. I agree Elodie, it’s a form of control, controlling the greatness within by focusing on an issue instead of letting our full selves out and learning to handle whatever comes our way – reactions, jealousy, etc. When we feel the magnitude of our essence we know an issue can never truly be who we are, maybe more like a tool we have used to keep ourselves hidden and small. When we meet a tiny baby we feel their purity of essence, no issue exists inside them, they are just pure being.

  13. A very beautiful blog Mariette, thank you for sharing this.. this is very powerfull insight that you share by your living words. Hence. We are so used to feel not good about ourselves and often if we feel great we tempt to hide it just incase someone else sees it.. A very interesting discovery that only nature will reveal to us. But always in a dose that we can truly handle. Never too much, never less.

  14. How often do we feel guilty for feeling good or try to sabotage feeling good because it is less familiar than having an issue? Thank you for making me smile through your blog and inspiring me to keep deepening my relationship with me and the way I live every day.

  15. I have found that complication leads to drama, and the more I have come to know myself from within, the simpler life has become, it is steady, drama free and feels great.

  16. My feeling of happiness used to be very conditional. I had to have things and people be in certain ways for me to feel good. It is very liberating to be able to feel great without any of that. Yet, there are times that I don’t feel great, and I have learnt that that simply means I am disconnected, and I have a very simple choice to reconnect back to my inner-most.

    1. Fumiyo I can relate, happiness or it’s opposite unhappiness seem to relate to life meeting a picture, when all along we have our inner most heart waiting to be reconnected to which is full of joy – a joy that is unconditional, everlasting, and innately part of our essence.

  17. What a ‘great’ day to come back to this wonderful blog again. I obviously needed the loving reminder that “my mind LOVES creating issues”, issues that if I am not with myself, as in consciously present in my body, will begin to take me even further away from the amazing person I am and into complication. Coming back to me is ever only a choice away, so why wouldn’t I make that choice as life in complication is definitely not enjoyable in the least whereas a life lived in simplicity is full of joy.

  18. Beautiful question Mariette, we really do not have an excuse to not be all the greatness we are.. But we seem to have an element inside us that seems to like and endure complication over this simplicity of our greatness. It is therefor our job to feel and connect with our whole being (Soul) and therefore let our behaviors, habits, attitudes all go – by connecting to the simplicity inside – key to our truth is all in there.

  19. I know I have been used to the struggle, so can relate to feeling uneasy when things are going great. And yes, looking back I remember creating complication and issues when there was really no need. Slowly I am seeing that life does not have to be hard and that joy and simplicity are natural.

    1. Thank you Debra for your honest and real comment, I have also found that what I am familiar with can feel safe even though it’s an uncomfortable aspect of life, such as struggle or holding back. It can also feel safe because we know we are left alone if we don’t shine.

  20. The world will present difficult challenges every day, and it is the foundation we have built in the relationship with ourselves that will determine how we approach those challenges.

    1. Indeed, there are never issues, but challenges, that constantly ask us to expand. Not going for expansion = creating an issue that circulates around and around to then come back to the same spot, by us not having moved or expanded.

  21. Life is about the quality I bring, and I can only be aware of that if I am present, being present in every moment is essential as you share, ‘The only thing that really helps me in not creating issues, is being present and in my body. And this is an ongoing process. The more present and in my body I am, the more I can accept myself and others.’

  22. Quite simply presence seems to be the answer, ‘The more present and in my body I am, the more I can be of true service to the world. And with presence, there are no issues…’ Being present with ourselves has everything to offer ourselves and humanity.

  23. Great blog. It feels great to read your blog. I feel great after building myself consistently for some time. I totally focus with my energy and make sure my alignment is moving towards greatness – feel great -> look great.

  24. When we are aware of feeling Great, Joy-full, etc. and then we move in a way that supports our feelings we can then appreciate what we have, so that rather than drop we stay in appreciation so it fills any gap to our next moment of lets say Joy-Full-ness. Then that cycle repeats from Joy to appreciation to feeling Great to appreciation to feeling Harmonious to appreciation etc. etc. So we appreciate every aspect of our lives that brings Love and those times that are not so loving we still appreciate them for the lesson to be more Loving.

  25. Great celebration of being great and great exposé of how our mind ‘kicks in’ to find an issue. Learning to live in our greatness is a great joy and as you share, Mariette, the great support to do this is being present with one’s body.

  26. This is a testimony that shows that naturally there is an inner tension for more than just the comforts of a supportive human life. We are here to be and to bring so much more. And we are not here just for ourselves, but for us all. This tension should never be overlooked and never be overridden however uncomfortable it is to feel. In fact, thankfully it is there for without it there is no impulse to seek the truth of what life truly is about.

  27. The practice of appreciation for the being we are within, and all that brings to our life builds a foundation of joy that is our daily accompaniment.

  28. Thankyou Mariette, I enjoyed reading your focus on everything that is truly great, and it truly does sound wonderful! I catch myself at times too going into smallness or misery and then I have to remember my life is now actually amazing, and as you say to recognise and stop it when the “mind kicks in and tries to ‘issue’ me around”! Very cute and very true!

  29. A very sweet article that delivers a meaningful message. As people we don’t seem to appreciate and hold steady in the greatness of what is around us. We may for a part but it’s quickly followed by a ‘what if’. We tend to be critiques of life and are always trying to be better or more or faster or stronger etc etc. What if there is a part of all this missing? What if that part makes the whole thing and without that part it will never be whole? What if that part was truly you, a living breathing whole of you that truly looks at everything and not just focuses on a part. There are many parts to this world and if you are only living in some of them or focused on a few then what comes back to you will reflect this. If we were all to live from the whole we truly are then the world would never be the same.

  30. I have often wondered why so many of us struggle to accept that life can actually be great all the time, but instead start to prepare for something to go wrong. I can’t imagine that it is an expectation we carry as a young child when the world is full of delights so maybe somewhere along the track of growing up we have taken on the ideals and beliefs of those around us and are living our lives through their life experiences, not ours. So, let’s make the choice to return to the freedom of childhood; a much more simple and joyful way to be.

  31. It is an absurd phenomenon although we tend to fight success much more than we do our issues. I can totally relate to resisting more when my life actually becomes even more amazing and having difficulty accepting the new simplicity and love on offer.

  32. The awareness of how the body is like a compass for our own “true north” in life provides an important part of our daily way of being, which includes the body and its messages as central.

  33. I have for a long time also saying that my life is great. For me it was also a form of protection to not really look at my life where things were not so great. That honesty, I discovered, is needed to make my life not great, but real and divine.

    1. So true Nikki – it is amazing how we can bend over backwards to sabotage ourselves. How beautiful it is to understand, honour and celebrate ourselves and our true value.

  34. Beautiful appreciation of the simplicity of knowing who we are and that we create our own issues to complicate and distract us from truth.

  35. Great to read this again Mariette, its true that life for me is great until the cloud of “issues and problems” descends which can then prevent me from feeling and appreciating how amazing I am and my life is. It’s like listening to lies and believing them to be the truth. Back to the body and reconnect to my innermost heart and express love again!

  36. It is a game of the mind to solve something after its creator-the mind- created it.
    It keeps you in the belief of achievment, although it is an illusion. Yes, you did move, because you resolved something, but regarding the bigger movement of your evolution you stayed on the same spot

  37. It really is an issue that we create issues when there need not be an issue, the mind loves to have something to work on when if we are connected to our essence, life itself will unfold what is needed for us and this is ok.

  38. When we appreciate that we are imperfect it allows us the humbleness to learn from those imperfections – as you say Mariette ‘nominate what comes up and move on’.

    1. The power of nomination is enormous. It stops me from going into a drama or make things bigger than they are. When a certain situation feels big it is me that has made it big. The moment I nominate and say how I feel, what my reaction is or what is going on for me and just be honest, then there is little room for my mind to wander off and turn something into a soap opera.

  39. I used to feel a bit dull when I had no issues, it’s like I looked for an issue to distract myself with, I now embrace my life without issues and can feel the beautiful simplicity and flow this offers me.

    1. Haha I can relate to that, I also look for issues when there is actually no issue. It’s like my mind has this top 3 list of ‘No issues? How about his one?’. We are not taught that life can indeed be simple. It actually gets more simple, if we get ourselves out of the way.

  40. A heart warming blog, and great to feel all the joy when life is great… as we humans can get weighed down with all kinds of toxic emotions… it is our emotions that bring complication. I have no issues either, only the ones my head creates, which means I have left my body.

  41. So true, our minds are very keen to come up with ‘Yes, but’ while our body knows and communicates a simple ‘Yes’ that is universal. An issue is like a name tag, and identifying an issue makes us think like we know ourselves with/through it, while we refuse to know ourselves in our true essence.

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