True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing


What is age? And why do we generally not accept our age and ageing, or how we look as we get older?

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (2013)
[Beauty Therapist]
Before & After Photos Below
As a Beauty Therapist, one of the main issues I have experienced in both women and men, is actually around age and ageing. I cannot count the amount of times people have asked me if I can make them look 10 years younger??!! So why is it, since we all do age, that most do not like it, let alone accept it? Why do we believe that we were more attractive when we were younger? What is it that we do not accept about our age and ageing? It is as though there is an unspoken apology for not looking ‘young’ anymore. I wonder if it is really age that we have an issue with? Or is it something else? If we were 60 years old, and looked 40, would we have an issue with being 60?

Or is the issue to do with how we look?
And not the actual number of years we have lived.

Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?

As our bodies age, it becomes clearer and clearer to us how we have been living. The choices we have made are more physically apparent to us: the abusive behaviours that we may have thought we ‘got away with’ in younger years are revealed through the body. Is it possible that this is actually what we don’t want to feel or see in contrast to our actual age and ageing? The choices we have made, the way we have been with ourselves – and not necessarily that we look ‘older’ than we used to.


The ways that we choose to move, exercise, work and live all have an impact on our body, because our body is with us in all that we do. In time, the result of the choices we make can be more clearly seen and felt. On the inside, our hearts and other organs reflect the choices we make and have made on a daily basis; our skin, eyes, smiles and faces wear these choices also. Our face shows a life lived in sadness or joy, frustration or acceptance. Our choices become tangible. Our body is the subject of our choices and the way we have chosen to live.

 Have we lived life at the expense of our body?

  •  Have we listened to our bodies, or have we been pressured by the world to live to its tune, and ignored our own?
  • Have we breathed from our natural gentleness, or from the situations we face?
  • How has our worry impacted our nervous system, and our connective tissue?
  • How about our heart? Have we opened it in full, to beat the fullness of our love, or has it struggled to beat in a body that is constricted by a fear of being hurt?
  • Have we slept to nurture and refresh our bodies, or out of exhaustion from overdoing it during the day?
  • How have substances such as caffeine, sugar, smoking and alcohol taken their toll, if we chose to take them?
  • How have we held our bodies every day?

Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?… The way we have chosen to live.

Our skin too, reflects all of our choices. Each line, wrinkle, blemish and spot tells a story of how we have been with ourselves. We can see the abuse, the emotion, the stress, the neglect; or the tenderness and care, depending on how we have lived. The most beauty-full women and men I have ever seen are those whose faces reflect the love that they live every single day. They look like the beauty I know is on the inside. How could you want to ‘look 10 years younger’ than that? This beauty however, is not determined by a line-free face, or plump lips and cheeks. It is a youth-fullness that radiates from within. It is the Light that glows from under the skin, outwardly, the vitality, the sparkle in the eyes, the full embrace of themselves, and commitment to life. I see Joy.

I have realised that there is a different way of ageing…

Is it possible that when living lovingly, we look more and more beauty-full every day? And, as we age, our bodies do get worn, but reflect a different quality – one of a life truly and lovingly lived, and not one of abuse, regret and a wish to turn back the clock.

Is true Beauty living who you truly are? Do we actually want to look younger? Or do we want to look Truer?

Lines and wrinkles can be like scars on the face and body, from reaction and emotions: OR, they can be a beautiful memoir of many smiles, looks of Grace, understanding and love.

What do the lines on your face show you? And do these lines reflect your true beauty?


If everything is energy, then surely there is a way to change the energy that you have been living, if you feel that the energy you have previously chosen isn’t true in reflecting the real you and in changing energy, the body too can change. I have been blessed by seeing the miracle of true change in many people. True change is not a change in behaviour, but a change in energy – one that is about living from the real you. Universal Medicine has presented about energy and the different types of energy that we can choose to live from. We can live with the true energy of who we truly are, or we can live the roles that we feel people want us to be, or live in the way we want to be perceived. Therefore, there is always a choice. When we live from who we are, we are naturally very loving, and honouring of ourselves. When we are not living from who we are, it is very easy to abuse the body.


The transformations I have seen in students of Universal Medicine who have chosen to live who they truly are, are actually defying age. The ‘aged’ faces and bodies I saw on young men and women, are now much lighter and more joy-full than they used to be. I too, have changed dramatically. The quality of my skin and my body is worlds apart from how it used to be.

  • In my early 20s my skin looked stressed and I was very thin (because I was depriving my body to maintain a look that wasn’t me, but what I felt was being asked of me.)
  • My eyes looked tired, on edge and lacked true sparkle (reflecting how tired, on edge and lifeless I felt).
  • My hair was dry and frail (because I lived life at the expense of me).

I looked older than my age. I wasn’t living my true self. I wasn’t living lovingly.

Kylie Connors

Here… in 2004 – Age, 21 years

BEFORE: Kylie Jackson (Age 21)
Kylie Connors (Age 21)

BEFORE: Kylie Jackson (Age 21)
Kylie Connors (Age 21)

Here… in 2013 – Age, 30 years

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (Age 30)

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (Age 30)

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (Age 30)

My entire body has changed now.

  • My skin, glowing, full, smooth, clear and beautiful, is better than it has been at any age.
  • My eyes, are clear, bright and sparkle (because I do).
  • My hair has a richness and fullness to it; it is shiny, healthy and better than ever.

So what did I change? It was not the products I use, or the latest technological advancement (and these photos are not digitally enhanced in any way).

The change I made was the way in which I choose to live, and the energy I choose to live in: to live with love.

There are many, many examples of others who have also chosen to make their lives about love. And as a result they have transformed not only the way that they live, but their body as well.

Here are a few examples from others…

 Mary-Louise Myers

BEFORE: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 46)
BEFORE: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 46)

NOW: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 55)
NOW: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 55)

Penny Scheenhouwer

BEFORE: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 33)
BEFORE: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 33)

NOW: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 44)
NOW: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 44)

Katerina Nikolaidis

BEFORE: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 34)
BEFORE: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 34)

NOW: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 38)
NOW: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 38)

And so, because Everything is energy and EVERYTHING is because of energy, our choices cannot be escaped.

However, if we feel that we have not made true choices, there is an opportunity in every moment to choose differently.

The next time someone asks me to make them look younger or more beautiful, I will remind them that they can begin to choose true beauty for themselves, with their next breath, just by choosing to be “the real them”.

Deeply inspired by the work and beauty of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Kylie Connors, 30 years, Goonellabah, NSW | Profession: Beauty therapist and Makeup Artist


BEFORE: Kylie Jackson (Age 21)
Kylie Connors
(Age 21)

BEFORE: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 34)
Katerina Nikolaidis
(Age 34)

BEFORE: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 33)
Penny Scheenhouwer
(Age 33)

BEFORE: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 46)
Mary-Louise Myers
(Age 46)


NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors
(Age 30)

NOW: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 38)
Katerina Nikolaidis
(Age 38)

NOW: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 44)
Penny Scheenhouwer
(Age 44)

NOW: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 55)
Mary-Louise Myers
(Age 55)

240 thoughts on “True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing

  1. ‘there is an opportunity in every moment to choose differently.’ Thank you. I do not need to hold a negative thought about a situation. When I do this it feels like I am dragging the past into the present I may not be able to change the past but I can change how I view it. ..this reflects in my face and how people literally view me. It is easy to see the ripple effect and the responsibility we carry.

  2. This turns our whole concept of beauty upside down. Thank you Kylie for exploring what true beauty is.

  3. This is gold Kylie, thank you for sharing. Beauty is beyond the depth of my skin. My choice of energy. The quality of love that I choose to live and express from.

  4. It is so true. I know I spent a lot of time not accepting that I had a choice and then not accepting my choices and then beating myself up about my choices. None of this was useful. The best things I did were taking responsibility and loving myself. Everything changed from there…acceptance, love and appreciation and no more longing to be any other version of myself.

  5. Thank you Kylie your blog highlights the obsession so many have with trying to look younger, I notice women especially can feel almost anxious about their looks or aging – this ends up making their face more tense and unable to shine in anyway. It is deeply inspiring when another accepts and truly loves themselves – they just emanate true beauty, power, joy and presence, women such as Natalie Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon have been powerful examples of this in my life for the reflection they constantly offer to women.

  6. It is all about the choices we make that gets reflected in every part of our live, so it is obvious to me that the way we look is greatly affected by the energy we choose. Letting ourself live the energy we are innately to express, love, is supporting our body to the fullest, and this shows.

  7. This is all so true Kylie, the answer to looking younger is not in pills and surgical tucks it is in the way we live and specifically living lovingly as you so correctly state. I know many hundreds of students of the Way of the Livingness who all, that is every single one of them, look younger, more vital and much healthier than they did when I first met them. There are miracles going on here unreported. One day the world will start asking the question, how do we share in these benefits that are available to all just through changing how we live, and starting to love ourselves and all others equally so.

  8. True beauty comes from within, which is a reflection of our connection to our inner heart and all the choices we make, to continually deepen this connection.

  9. I really like that you are addressing energy over appearance. When a person loves life, it shines through their whole body and face. I have recently noticed that the number of woman that are choosing Botox has increased. Each time I see a beautiful woman choosing to change their face in this way, I feel sad that I cannot see their story, just very tight skin that is slightly swollen and unable to expression in its original design. We need more education on how ageing is a communication of the body and a gift to learn from and appreciate.

  10. As I approach 55 years of age I can feel that ageing is about being all of who I am, not holding back on my beauty or my wisdom, and equally not comparing myself to anyone else. Ageing for me is a process of being willing to evolve and learn each and every day, and caring, nurturing and loving my body so I can do all I deeply desire to do with all I am until I pass.

  11. “Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?… The way we have chosen to live.” Great observation Kylie. As we get older our body our physical body tells us the truth about how we have been living – and we know it. However, it is never too late to make different choices, and yes, some of the scars of life will still be felt but as we choose to live true to ourselves this shines through.

  12. Living from within and learning to allow life to come to us, for us to meet in our fullness is by far the greatest wisdom. Nothing is beyond us if we live in this way. There is no worry or needing to be one step ahead, simply an acceptance that life is full of moments where we can address it from our full loving selves, or alternatively try our damdest to control it so we don’t feel how out of control we actually are.

  13. Awesome blog Kylie and great question as to whether we want to look younger or truer. For myself its the latter and with that come choices that nurture and support my body which as a result mean I look years younger than my 47 years suggest.

    1. It is interesting why so many people want to look younger than their age. Like you’ve shared Lucy, caring and nurturing our body we naturally look vibrant, young and beautiful. Our body doesn’t hide anything, how we choose to live, all our choices are reflected in our body. Through our loving choices we can bring back our true beauty naturally.

  14. ‘Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?’

    I think you nailed it, we don’t like to see our bodies age because our bodies are like a map that shows us exactly how we’ve been living, and every cigarette we’ve had, every emotion, every struggle, and we don’t like to see how we have neglected ourselves and our responsibility in life.

  15. “The transformations I have seen in students of Universal Medicine who have chosen to live who they truly are, are actually defying age.” So true Kylie. Our bodies are a true marker of how we have lived – and the choices we have made. When we change our lifestyle choices our face and body change too.

  16. At the age of 55 I have noticed that many others my age or younger are showing the results of the lack of self-care and love in their lives. The body really is the marker of truth.

  17. I love what you have shared here, Kylie. As i come into my 60th year, I can says that I feel amazing (most of the time) whereas in my younger years I never clocked how i felt, as i lived from one situation to another, one reaction to another and my body just trailed along behind me.
    Now I am much more with me feeling into my choices, appreciating myself and feeling a greater responsibility for myself and how I am impacting on the world.

  18. The truth making has dismissed for so long is that beauty never dies with age. Beauty is defined and may wither in accordance to the quality of choices that we take. When we cherish ourselves, when we let commit to living our lives soulfully, which is so simple and natural to do, it is our soul that then shines through our eyes, glows from our skin and emanates from our entire being. Beauty is embodied, regardless of our age.

  19. Beauty is not just in how we look but it is how we feel too. When beauty is deeply felt and lived, it radiates out through our entire body, our eyes and face simply sparkles. The after photos of the beautiful women certainly are all sparkling with true beauty. Amazing!

    1. Great blog Kylie, my life has changed significantly and as you share life is all about connecting to our essence. There are so many people who have benefited from the presentation by Serge Benhayon.

  20. ‘Have we breathed from our natural gentleness, or from the situations we face?’
    How often do we gasp for air out of surprise or shock from something that has happened, breath faster when someone is telling an engaging story or stop breathing all together when something tense is going on?
    This all has an effect on the body and how we are with ourselves. Ultimately, by choosing to change the rhythm of our breath to what is going on outside, we are absorbing it and choosing to not be present with the body.

    1. It’s so easy to forget that every moment has an effect on our body, and if something shocking happens it not only effects how we feel but our bodies too – you’ve described it perfectly.

  21. Wow, it is true Kylie that self love is the greatest beauty serum. But I feel what you say reveals something deeper: that our fight against ageing is truly a fight against life. For what age often reveals is the deep regret of having lived a lie each day instead of embracing our power. When the quality we live is light and kind full and bright then every wrinkle will simply be an enjoyable reminder of a life well spent.

  22. “When we live from who we are, we are naturally very loving, and honouring of ourselves. When we are not living from who we are, it is very easy to abuse the body.”
    Two sentences that sum up choices we make. It seems simple to choose to live ‘who we are’. But how many of us have allowed ourselves to actually feel the grandness and grace we are? In my experience until this has been felt, we think ‘who we are’ is the emotional rollersoaster of life, and to live this causes great damage to our physical body, great consideration is needed in discerning, feeling and choosing life.

  23. This blog Kylie is absolutely amazing. This line pretty much is the answer to everyone’s concerns about their physical appearance: ‘Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?’ Our faces and our bodies show every moment we’ve lived through each and every wrinkle and through the quality of our skin and hair. It’s not a matter of having lucky genes – it’s about the responsibility and choices we make in our lives from day to day.

  24. Your contribution on true beauty has made me realise that it is indeed the reflection of our past choices that we don’t like when we look in the mirror, never mind our actual age – wrinkles and spots don’t detract from the inner glow that those who choose love and truth emanate and it is never too late to make different choices.

  25. What a revelation, to consider that we don’t actually not like the ageing process, but more the choices we have made that may not support us to age well. So we might want to look younger, but only in the sense that we don’t want to hold in the body a message that says to us, that way of living is not true. So wrinkles can look and feel good if they are the wrinkles of a life filled with love, makes sense to me.

  26. this is a very beautiful example to see Kylie – of how you are bringing through true beauty in how you live rather than the products you use. This is bringing in the quality of skincare and not just the hope that a product will deliver what you want. It comes from within first.

  27. Age indicates the number of times we circled around the sun – the older we are, the more experience we have of going around in this life time, and perhaps we have a sense of ‘we should know better’ because we know somehow we are not living in the fullness of who we are and every part of our body shows the choices we have lived in our entire life, and the face is no exception. I have heard the saying ‘Every man over 40 is responsible for his face’ so many times – I didn’t know it was Lincoln who said it until now that I looked up on Internet, but I think he has got a point.

  28. When we are saying ‘make us look 10 years younger’, we are actually saying ‘please remove the evidence of the lack of love we have been living’. This is because we as a humanity still live under the ill-seeded creed that ‘ignorance is bliss’ and that not-seeing is somehow equated with the ‘it’ not being there. That is, until the sum of all our past choices comes tap, tap, tapping on our door and can no longer be ignored. This ‘ageing’ process is actually a blessing for it is an opportunity for our love-less ways to rise up to the surface and be seen for the toxin they in-truth are and the effect that such movements have on our body and the being within them. The Fountain of Youth, if there was one, is actually the deep well of love that lives within each of our hearts. Such love is eternal and ageless and by allowing ourselves to drink from it we fill ourselves full of the love that we are, so that no longer will we seek to be quenched and thus filled with a substance we are not.

  29. These before and after photos are captivating. I love looking in to the eyes and seeing so much difference. These just seem to go from dull to bright in each picture. And all because of a simple choice to live, move, and breathe in a specifically chosen quality of energy.

  30. True beauty comes from within and there is no doubt that it is felt in every way. When we choose the love that we are in truth we can’t do anything but shine. It is our choice.

  31. It’s never too late for love. Never too late to choose gentleness and to cherish ourselves, to view our lives, our past choices with understanding, with compassion, to move with grace.

  32. An article we need in every fashion magazine. There is so much we can do for ourselves without the need to change anything but the quality we are with ourselves. We all deserve to be treated with deep care, respect and love. And if we do so our body will thank us for it.

  33. This is a superb article that asks some great and much needed questions and should really be in every beauty magazine around the world. There is no doubt that the choices we make have an impact on how we age and how we view aging, so it makes sense that the face can be transformed and reflect those choices accordingly when we choose to move more lovingly through life… as your gorgeous photos are a testament to.

  34. Truly Beautiful Kylie, and you are a great living example for this article was written over 4 years ago and you are even more beautiful today than ever.

  35. Anyone can see from the photos of all four sparkling true beauties that you all definitely defy the ageing process.

  36. True beauty can be seen in the light of the eyes. The moment we reconnect to how we truly are we shine as living in a way that honours who we are changes everything. It changes our movements, our posture, our energy, our thoughts and our actions and brings to the light of day our true beauty.

  37. Over the last few years I have seen so many people I know begin to look younger. This change has not come about as a result of a face lift or other medical procedures but simply by making a choice to live in a way that honours and nourishes their body. They may have wrinkles, frown lines, sun spots and more, but the beauty that you see is shining from the inside from a body that is finally being loved for the precious vessel that it is; definitely age defying, but in a totally natural way.

  38. True beauty is an extension of our life lived and the energy in which we move, breathe and express from. A very beauty-full piece of writing. Thank you Kylie.

  39. Deeply inspiring Kylie. I used to be hung up on what features I didn’t like about myself. what I realise now is true beauty is a quality and this quality can never die or age it is forever with us and quite exquisite.

  40. I will be fifty in a couple of weeks and am inspired daily by my changing relationship with image and what beauty really is. As a young woman I was really frightened of ageing and losing my youthful attraction. Having worked with Universal Medicine for 10 years now, I feel more completely beautiful than I ever have and see the true beauty in others beyond their outer facade.

  41. Kylie this is beautiful true wisdom of gold, its not the outer that makes the difference, its the inner love that brings the beauty and glow to surface. Its our loving choices that brings the sparkle to our eyes. I am also a therapist and offer beauty, and what you offer sure is so true.

  42. I have been witness to seeing Mary-Louise come over to England every year and without any exaggeration she looks younger each time she comes. I came to understand that it was the quality in the way she was living and that its not at all about the physical even though she was definitely looking younger. It was the presences that she brings.

  43. It is good to have a reminder now and then that the ageing process is showing us the choices we have made, and that no matter what our mind would have us believe, we cannot escape the responsibility of those choices.

  44. Kylie, great article, what you are sharing makes complete sense, ‘Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?’ I often hear people say ‘don’t get old’ or ‘I wish I was 10 years younger’, reading your article this now makes sense to me, the body does show us how we have lived as we get older and there is no hiding or denying this. It would be great if young people were shown how our lifestyle choices affect us as we age and so can learn, if they choose to, how to live more lovingly and responsibly.

  45. We cannot run from our choices! And my wish to return to my youth by looking young is to want a second chance to make different choices. But this I can do each day and accept me and all the choices I’ve made and realise I’ve always been beautiful just not accepted that beauty and so not lived it. So now it’s a choice to feel my beauty and allow myself to shine.

  46. When we love and appreciate ourselves this spills over into loving and appreciating everyone else too. We have a greater acceptance and understanding of life. This can’t help but show up as these feelings radiate from our body and show in our movements and on our face.

  47. “Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?” – yes indeed, how we have lived is written all over our face and in our bodies. It shows in how we walk, talk and carry ourselves. Two people can have wrinkles and lines on their face, but it is the quality they live that you can feel and see shining through their eyes.

  48. This is a beautiful but challenging read for someone who knows isn’t taking the best care I could for myself. But rather than go any further down a route of being hard on myself I can pause and feel that I do not have to choose behaviours or thoughts that I know are ugly – like the seesaw between being irritated and then apologetic. I am not baulking at the honesty of knowing these behaviours or knowing the choice to chose what is not love has run deep for many decades. Yes, they easily show in my face but rather than feel shame, overwhelm or panic (which adds to the poisonous energy within my body) I can accept my past choices, see what motivated them and be honest about their impact so I know they only bring miser, and simply choose love. My past choices do not preclude me from love (despite what a part of me has fed me to believe).

  49. It is so true that “our face shows a life lived in sadness or joy, frustration or acceptance”, our posture and the working of our body also carries the impact of how we have been living. The fact is that on this planet school we tend to see the repercussion of our choices later. Of course when we are choosing to pretend we can choose whatever we want without bother to consider the repercussions on everyone including ourself, we would not like to see the telltale signs of the impact of our choices.

    Sometimes I laugh at myself (although in truth it is not funny at all) when I indignantly react to what life or my body is showing me as if I am demanding to know who put that issue there so I can point the finger to anyone and anything other than me. This is a great conversation linking our aversion to aging to our penchant to avoid responsibility.

  50. There are many images and ideals that abound in our media – TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, the internet and so on that portray ‘beauty’ as belonging to youth or to a certain shape or an airbrushed/ photoshopped unreality, that by comparing ourself to these we can miss appreciating the beauty that is already within us and that remains untouched by age.

  51. I reckon we have come to accept that age and being worn down physically and emotionally by life inevitably go together but what if this does not have to be the case? What if there was a way to live that did not wear us out and down but actually supported us? Then yes our bodies would age naturally but because we would be living with more joy and vitality we would still perhaps have the innocence and beauty of youth.

  52. Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?… The way we have chosen to live. This insight is pure gold, and a powerful question to stop you in your tracks in the daily grind of life and reflect what ones choices are and have they brought true health and vitality? And if not…. what different choices can I make?

  53. ‘Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?… The way we have chosen to live.’ This is a super question to ask Kylie. I have had mixed feeling about the aging process. I look in the mirror sometimes and the image I see doesn’t always match how I feel. On those days its sometimes about not having taking responsibility for certain choices. But its also because I still feel so young inside but the body no longer matches that.

  54. This is gorgeous Kylie and would be such a supportive and inspiring article for all women to read. The fact is women are all searching for something that they cannot buy in a face cream or in botox or other facial procedures and that is true love. When women discover this immense love within they will stop this obsession with trying to look younger and instead embrace their amazing qualities and they will naturally sparkle and glow with true beauty when they make this choice.

  55. You and many others are today turning the (predominant) beauty industry on its head Kylie…
    “Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?”
    We want to look like an image that means we look successful, youthful, well-proportioned, ‘desirable’ or whatever… and yet in this we wantonly give our power away to forces outside of us, and wilfully ignore the part we ourselves play in feeling truly beautiful, vital, joyful and the rest – from the inside, out.
    A great call to personal responsibility, and brushing away of the false beliefs we can so readily distract ourselves with… And the ‘proof is in the pudding’ with these stunning before and after photos! True transformations I see repeatedly in my everyday, with those who have embraced The Way of The Livingness, and who nurture the connection with their true and ever-beautiful essence, in the way they live their every day.

  56. “Our choices become tangible.” When I make more loving choices my eyes are brighter when I look in the mirror. Regularly stopping to look into my own eyes has given me an insight into how I have been living my life. It was confrontational at first, not wanting to see for so long but now I love it! I am adorable and beautiful to look at and if I avoid going to the mirror then thats a big alarm bell to go look!

  57. We must redefine what beauty means. We have this association of beauty and age yet some of the most beauty-full and humbling people I have met have been so because of their age and wisdom they behold. Age has been their companion never their enemy.

  58. Kylie, your before and after photos are so hugely different and absolutely show the true effect of living a life committed to expressing love and truth. This is a beauty secret that everyone needs to know about.

  59. As I just had a wake up call from my body of how I have been abusing it for a long long time, it is time to ponder on what ideals and believes I still have around my body and aging. Like you said Kylie ‘It is as though there is an unspoken apology for not looking ‘young’ anymore.’ and I am also confronted, in a good way, with the choices I have been making through out my entire life and even lives before this one. In other words, messages from the body are always great stop moments, to feel there are wiser choices to make.

  60. It is so different when we can see the wrinkles in our face as the end result of for instance the worries in our lives or, that we can see them from all the joy we have shared from living life in harmony with our true nature that is pure joy which lives within, no matter if we connect to it or not.

  61. So stunning Kylie, I remember you ‘before’ and while you were still physically very beautiful by societies standards, the woman I know now is beyond anything measurable by good cheek bones or a high forehead. Your beauty radiates from every pore, and your every gesture, word and movement contains it. A true role model for all women now thank you.

  62. “Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?… The way we have chosen to live” – which becomes more apparent in the way we look as we age. Love that you have chosen to live is so palpable from the photos you share here. We may like to think it’s the products or the routine, but it is the energy. We do not like to think that we are making this choice every moment, but a choice to be aware and actually choose what we want to live with and express is what makes the difference.

  63. I love that our bodies are the markers and maps of how we choose to live… when we accept this they are our allies and guides, when we reject this we treat them as our critics and unwanted reminders of the choices we have made that may not have been so responsible or caring.

  64. What a cracker of a blog, there is so much wisdom delivered and shared. What really stood out for me today was the question: ‘ Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?’. Wow, just to sit and digest this one question is very powerful and super supportive for humanity to stop and reflect on how they are living and how their body truly feels…because if we want good health later in life, how we live now matters, for every single choice we make, either harms or heals our bodies.

  65. Yes it is true, it is isn’t that we don’t like ageing but we don’t like to see our choices in our face (literally) and body. We don’t want to see the sadness, the anger, the given-upness etc. yet our bodies show it all and it shows us what we in truth do know, that our choices have big impacts on us and that we are very very sensitive. So yes it is not about better clothes or better make-up it is about having more love for ourselves, more care and to not be so emotional.

  66. Love this article Kylie, and it is most definitely not a subject most of us a willing to look at! Except we have to every day in the mirror ! I actually avoided this successfully for 7 years by not owning a mirror, I lived on a narrow boat so never saw what I looked like but for a tiny bathroom mirror that I hardly looked in. Now I have a full length one, a big one in the bathroom and another one on my gorgeous dresser, I am yet to really embrace the memoirs of my face but I so often feel fabulous I can’t help but start embracing the lines etc, the life lived for 30 years was pretty abusive to my body so there is no escaping that, but thats been part of my journey to being so appreciative to the way I live today so I can embrace the past as much as the present.

  67. This reminded me of the search for eternal youth, yet we all have the ability to feel and look younger purely from the choices we make and loving ourselves from the inside out, it made me smile to myself, when I thought of how many companies assure us that it comes from inside a jar, or in a tube, when in fact it simply comes from within.

  68. The pictures really say it all, the vitality and vibrancy in the the after photos is palpable. They are incredibly different in every way. This is really the antidote to the fast paced way of living and life, to take better care of oneself, health and wellbeing.

  69. The subject of age is a big one. There are so many beliefs around how we should or shouldn’t be at particular ages. The more the subject comes to light, the more I see how crippling it is to the individual and them being able to express themselves in the way they want. Just looking at clothes and how we are ‘expected’ to dress is one small part of this.

  70. This is amazing Kylie, just how much our complexion can be transformed by what we choose to allow in or react to, express and how we live. There is an instant difference between intoxicating our body with alcohol, drugs or foods that don’t support us, which is all brought to the surface in our face, and looking after ourselves in full, feeling clear and confident which again is how our skin looks!

  71. ‘Lines and wrinkles can be like scars on the face and body, from reaction and emotions: OR, they can be a beautiful memoir of many smiles, looks of Grace, understanding and love.’ This is true and the beauty that radiates from our face is from within us, from how we feel. Looking in the mirror we see our essence reflected so when we feel great we naturally look great.

  72. I looked at a photo of myself recently and thought “gee I’m starting to look older” but then thought well its not necessarily about looking young ensuring that the divinity, sparkle and joy we naturally are is reflected on the outside – and this would look good at any age.

  73. I’ve spent thousands on skin care products over the years to try and improve my skin… I despised having acne on my face and wanted it gone. I felt ugly and never actually felt beautiful… but as well as picking my face, I picked at myself constantly, so no surprise my skin showed that. I picked at myself for how I looked, how much I did or did not do, my intelligence, my body, my lack of commitment or self-worth etc. In the end Serge Benhayon supported me to see that my skin breaking out was me holding back the beauty I am. I should do a before and after now… knowing this and then taking steps to express the beauty that is there, my skin changed dramatically, no longer is it red and irritated or breaking out all of the time. I still occasionally have breakouts, however, now I’m taking notice and looking at what might that be showing me.

    1. Aimee that is amazing what you have shared, and the power of getting a true energetic reading on a symptom, and by taking action to share your inner beauty it cleared up.

  74. I would love to see before and afters now 4 years later. How you look now is even more radiant, vital and glowing and may I say even younger than these after photos. Blowing away the ideas around age!

  75. Some great questions are posed in this blog that get us to really reflect on what we don’t like about our ageing. Is it that how we have lived is reflected in how we look more so as we age? ‘The choices we have made are more physically apparent to us: the abusive behaviours that we may have thought we ‘got away with’ in younger years are revealed through the body.’

  76. How we have been living and the choices we have made do become more exposing the older we are, so is this what we don’t like about ageing … ‘Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?’

  77. It can be confronting to realise or recognise the consequences of our choices but if we don’t judge ourself for them we can only gain really by having a greater clarity in the way we want to live from that moment forth.

  78. This may sound totally cliche, but it’s true, beauty comes from the inside first. If we live beauty, hold ourselves and bodies as precious and express that Joy of what we feel within, then naturally, this is what shows on the outside.

  79. Kylie Jackson, you are a true example of reflecting we have an opportunity to be the amazingness that we are or not. It is not a day-to-day thing but a moment-to-moment action to build a true foundation and body that is the essence of the innate beauty untouched within. “However, if we feel that we have not made true choices, there is an opportunity in every moment to choose differently.”

  80. I’ve seen true beauty shine forth from those who do not hold back on the love that is within them and it’s glorious to behold and be with. Age disappears as do all the things I used to think determined what was or wasn’t as in facial features.

  81. People have an aversion to getting older because their choices start catching up with them and they don’t really like it, but then tend to blame it on getting older and not look at the choices they have made.

  82. Best beauty tips ever and what’s more they don’t cost you a cent, “The change I made was the way in which I choose to live, and the energy I choose to live in: to live with love.” As if there isn’t hundreds of people that are living proof of this and what’s more it doesn’t end as they grow older they defy more and more the age they are. Like beauty, ageing comes from within, from your choices of how you live. Live hard and rough and this will impact you, live with a true care and love and this will support you. It seems so so simple, because it is.

  83. Growing older offers a daily opportunity to develop the connection we have within, and through that our way of living changes and becomes more steady, more loving and more of who we are.

  84. The most important thing is not how I look, but how I feel when I look into the mirror. It is not what I see, but what is emanating that I am feeling. I could still see lines and tiredness, but whether I can feel beyond that, the joy that is reflecting unmistakably back from the mirror, and this is what I am responsible to unreservedly share.

  85. The concept of cosmetic surgery and changing the way we look to ACHIEVE ‘beauty’ is so different to the ageing process you’ve talked about Kylie… Beauty is natural to all of us, and feeling bold and vivacious is something that can be guaranteed by the way we live rather than the specific features we have that fit any criteria.

  86. There is definitely an inner beauty that exquisitely emanates out of the body once connected to, and it gives you back that sparkle in the eyes. When we have that re-connection to our inner essence we can once again feel how precious we are and begin to take precious care of ourselves.

  87. This is beautiful Kylie. I work in skin care, and the fixation on anti-ageing is incredible. There is no way we can stop it, and the acceptance of it actually helps our natural beauty to shine. This is what I tell my customers.

    1. Love this, Rebecca. If we could just get to accept the natural cycle of ageing and embrace it as a phase of deepening awareness and self-acceptance rather than a self-loathing, self-negating encumbrance that leads to a dismissal of much of what we have become, then we couldn’t help but exude our natural shine. The current consciousness around ageing has placed a stranglehold on the true expression of the elder woman and the world is a sorrier place for the dearth of it.

  88. True beauty shows on the outside yet comes from a spark from deep within. A truly successful story here about Kylie for all to appreciate what it means to feel beautiful and not ashamed to share it with the world…

  89. As a woman, I cannot lie, as I begin to grow older and my grey hairs are popping up and my lines are becoming more pronounced, I have had moments of panic. Moments that I stretch back the lines I have in the mirror and imagine yesterday’s line free face, that I never even appreciated when I had it. Then other days it doesn’t bother me and I see only the beauty. The media sends a very strong message about woman and ageing, it tells us that men are forever stallions, sliver foxes but woman, have a use by date and when it’s up, they are no longer attractive. Universal Medicine is going against the trends and reminding humanity that life is about energy, not age or looks. The way you live, is the way you shine. So, each time I have a moment of weakness and think I want a face lift, I just remember to bring more to my livingness.

  90. You offer the reader a healing in your sharings Kylie. An opportunity to heal from the on-slaught of not living who we truly are and that true beauty is truly from within. It comes from the quality in which we live our lives.

  91. “Why do we believe that we were more attractive when we were younger?” – Great question! There are so many ideals and beliefs we can subscribe to about how we think we should look or the ‘picture perfect’ we should fit into but that negates the true source of our beauty that comes from the light of our inner-most in expression – that spark or glow that is magnetic and can light up a room just by being who you truly are…

  92. “Have we listened to our bodies, or have we been pressured by the world to live to its tune, and ignored our own?” So true Kylie we rarely listen to our body unless we are ill or in pain and even then we listen just long enough to get better and then go back to our old ways of conforming to everything around us and ignoring what is true for us. And so the cycle continues and it is these patterns that continue to age us.

  93. Shifting the idea or picture of what beauty is and that true beauty is a quality in which we move our bodies, express who we are and share with others offers a grand new view to the world at large. Beauty is a reflection of how we live and care for ourselves from the inside out and I too have found that the quality in which we live life reflects such depth of beauty, that you cannot ignore the palpable difference it has on how you feel. True beauty: an emanation of how we live and move working as one. Thank you Kylie.

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