True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing


What is age? And why do we generally not accept our age and ageing, or how we look as we get older?

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (2013)
[Beauty Therapist]
Before & After Photos Below
As a Beauty Therapist, one of the main issues I have experienced in both women and men, is actually around age and ageing. I cannot count the amount of times people have asked me if I can make them look 10 years younger??!! So why is it, since we all do age, that most do not like it, let alone accept it? Why do we believe that we were more attractive when we were younger? What is it that we do not accept about our age and ageing? It is as though there is an unspoken apology for not looking ‘young’ anymore. I wonder if it is really age that we have an issue with? Or is it something else? If we were 60 years old, and looked 40, would we have an issue with being 60?

Or is the issue to do with how we look?
And not the actual number of years we have lived.

Is it possible that our age is one of the biggest markers of responsibility that we have?

As our bodies age, it becomes clearer and clearer to us how we have been living. The choices we have made are more physically apparent to us: the abusive behaviours that we may have thought we ‘got away with’ in younger years are revealed through the body. Is it possible that this is actually what we don’t want to feel or see in contrast to our actual age and ageing? The choices we have made, the way we have been with ourselves – and not necessarily that we look ‘older’ than we used to.


The ways that we choose to move, exercise, work and live all have an impact on our body, because our body is with us in all that we do. In time, the result of the choices we make can be more clearly seen and felt. On the inside, our hearts and other organs reflect the choices we make and have made on a daily basis; our skin, eyes, smiles and faces wear these choices also. Our face shows a life lived in sadness or joy, frustration or acceptance. Our choices become tangible. Our body is the subject of our choices and the way we have chosen to live.

 Have we lived life at the expense of our body?

  •  Have we listened to our bodies, or have we been pressured by the world to live to its tune, and ignored our own?
  • Have we breathed from our natural gentleness, or from the situations we face?
  • How has our worry impacted our nervous system, and our connective tissue?
  • How about our heart? Have we opened it in full, to beat the fullness of our love, or has it struggled to beat in a body that is constricted by a fear of being hurt?
  • Have we slept to nurture and refresh our bodies, or out of exhaustion from overdoing it during the day?
  • How have substances such as caffeine, sugar, smoking and alcohol taken their toll, if we chose to take them?
  • How have we held our bodies every day?

Is it really our age that we don’t like? Or is it our choices, and feeling the responsibility and consequences of our choices?… The way we have chosen to live.

Our skin too, reflects all of our choices. Each line, wrinkle, blemish and spot tells a story of how we have been with ourselves. We can see the abuse, the emotion, the stress, the neglect; or the tenderness and care, depending on how we have lived. The most beauty-full women and men I have ever seen are those whose faces reflect the love that they live every single day. They look like the beauty I know is on the inside. How could you want to ‘look 10 years younger’ than that? This beauty however, is not determined by a line-free face, or plump lips and cheeks. It is a youth-fullness that radiates from within. It is the Light that glows from under the skin, outwardly, the vitality, the sparkle in the eyes, the full embrace of themselves, and commitment to life. I see Joy.

I have realised that there is a different way of ageing…

Is it possible that when living lovingly, we look more and more beauty-full every day? And, as we age, our bodies do get worn, but reflect a different quality – one of a life truly and lovingly lived, and not one of abuse, regret and a wish to turn back the clock.

Is true Beauty living who you truly are? Do we actually want to look younger? Or do we want to look Truer?

Lines and wrinkles can be like scars on the face and body, from reaction and emotions: OR, they can be a beautiful memoir of many smiles, looks of Grace, understanding and love.

What do the lines on your face show you? And do these lines reflect your true beauty?


If everything is energy, then surely there is a way to change the energy that you have been living, if you feel that the energy you have previously chosen isn’t true in reflecting the real you and in changing energy, the body too can change. I have been blessed by seeing the miracle of true change in many people. True change is not a change in behaviour, but a change in energy – one that is about living from the real you. Universal Medicine has presented about energy and the different types of energy that we can choose to live from. We can live with the true energy of who we truly are, or we can live the roles that we feel people want us to be, or live in the way we want to be perceived. Therefore, there is always a choice. When we live from who we are, we are naturally very loving, and honouring of ourselves. When we are not living from who we are, it is very easy to abuse the body.


The transformations I have seen in students of Universal Medicine who have chosen to live who they truly are, are actually defying age. The ‘aged’ faces and bodies I saw on young men and women, are now much lighter and more joy-full than they used to be. I too, have changed dramatically. The quality of my skin and my body is worlds apart from how it used to be.

  • In my early 20s my skin looked stressed and I was very thin (because I was depriving my body to maintain a look that wasn’t me, but what I felt was being asked of me.)
  • My eyes looked tired, on edge and lacked true sparkle (reflecting how tired, on edge and lifeless I felt).
  • My hair was dry and frail (because I lived life at the expense of me).

I looked older than my age. I wasn’t living my true self. I wasn’t living lovingly.

Kylie Connors

Here… in 2004 – Age, 21 years

BEFORE: Kylie Jackson (Age 21)
Kylie Connors (Age 21)

BEFORE: Kylie Jackson (Age 21)
Kylie Connors (Age 21)

Here… in 2013 – Age, 30 years

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (Age 30)

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (Age 30)

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (Age 30)

My entire body has changed now.

  • My skin, glowing, full, smooth, clear and beautiful, is better than it has been at any age.
  • My eyes, are clear, bright and sparkle (because I do).
  • My hair has a richness and fullness to it; it is shiny, healthy and better than ever.

So what did I change? It was not the products I use, or the latest technological advancement (and these photos are not digitally enhanced in any way).

The change I made was the way in which I choose to live, and the energy I choose to live in: to live with love.

There are many, many examples of others who have also chosen to make their lives about love. And as a result they have transformed not only the way that they live, but their body as well.

Here are a few examples from others…

 Mary-Louise Myers

BEFORE: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 46)
BEFORE: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 46)

NOW: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 55)
NOW: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 55)

Penny Scheenhouwer

BEFORE: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 33)
BEFORE: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 33)

NOW: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 44)
NOW: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 44)

Katerina Nikolaidis

BEFORE: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 34)
BEFORE: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 34)

NOW: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 38)
NOW: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 38)

And so, because Everything is energy and EVERYTHING is because of energy, our choices cannot be escaped.

However, if we feel that we have not made true choices, there is an opportunity in every moment to choose differently.

The next time someone asks me to make them look younger or more beautiful, I will remind them that they can begin to choose true beauty for themselves, with their next breath, just by choosing to be “the real them”.

Deeply inspired by the work and beauty of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Kylie Connors, 30 years, Goonellabah, NSW | Profession: Beauty therapist and Makeup Artist


BEFORE: Kylie Jackson (Age 21)
Kylie Connors
(Age 21)

BEFORE: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 34)
Katerina Nikolaidis
(Age 34)

BEFORE: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 33)
Penny Scheenhouwer
(Age 33)

BEFORE: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 46)
Mary-Louise Myers
(Age 46)


NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors
(Age 30)

NOW: Katerina Nikolaidis (Age 38)
Katerina Nikolaidis
(Age 38)

NOW: Penny Scheenhouwer (Age 44)
Penny Scheenhouwer
(Age 44)

NOW: Mary-Louise Myers (Age 55)
Mary-Louise Myers
(Age 55)

285 thoughts on “True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing

  1. There are so many tips around beauty in magazines and all are about to improve skin, to correct, to mask…but the ultimate way of being beautiful is simply being us, who we really are is already the most sexy, gorgeous, beauty-full version of ourselves. We don’t need to achieve it outside but to re-reconnect inside.

  2. There is an ageless beauty in people who is living Love that inspires me so much. I can see joy, acceptance, openess, and a still presence that makes me see what true beauty is about.

  3. Great reflection Kylie. It’s interesting to look at how in the image industry everything is focused on correct the imperfections from outside but without having in mind that the way our bodies looks like is the reflection of how we are living. What you presents here makes so much sense and brings me to deeply appreciate the true beauty is already there, within us, no matter our age, and no matter if our body doesn’t fit with the beauty standards from tv and magazines.

  4. Age simply says how many cycles around the sun we have taken and what we see in the way we look is the result of those orbits. If I am not liking the way I look, the only way to truly change is to change how I go around the cycle.

  5. Beautiful observations on true beauty and ageing. Its wonderful to see people ageing well. Working in healthcare our view can often be skewed, but its more often than not that we don’t see people who are ageing well. Having a chronic disease or six is almost considered to be normal, well at least expected. So at some level we do know what we are doing to ourselves. However we can make other choices that reverse the ‘illness is normal in ageing’ trend.

  6. When we are younger we think we can do what we want and get away with it, but our bodies have a way of reflecting back at us all of our choices, and I agree that’s what we don’t want to look at. Looking at the before and after photos, you can easily see and feel the difference from when the ladies were in connection and when not and the difference it makes to how they look.

  7. “Our body is the subject of our choices and the way we have chosen to live.” It really hit me the other day when I was looking at my thighs and not really liking what I saw that my thighs are a reflection of how I have been eating, exercising and being with myself. That’s it. Simple. If I choose to eat certain foods, exercise a certain way, be kind/hard on myself etc… my body will reflect those choices. I know it seems super clear and a bit of a no-brainer but I really got it. So I can lament that moment in the mirror as it is nothing but a result of my choices. Which is good really as it means that I can choose differently.

  8. Loving these before and after photos, such great examples of deeply personal change and, of how there is always someone beautiful inside.

  9. Kylie what you have shared is so needed in a world where women are going to extreme lengths to turn back the clock and to keep their body looking younger than they are. I find it really inspiring when a women is confident, sassy and walks who she truly is, it’s a great confirmation.

  10. Super inspiring blog Kylie, and one that allows us all to reflect on true beauty (that lies within us all) as well as the responsibility we hold in each choice we make. The more we love ourselves and care deeply for ourselves the more it gives permission for this beauty to shine out and inspire others to do likewise. Thank you for shining the way you do!

  11. “The most beauty-full women and men I have ever seen are those whose faces reflect the love that they live every single day. ” – it is about how we feel in our own skin and not about how much we fit a picture of beauty that we might have.

  12. Do we want to look truer, rather than younger what a great question? It completely turns on it’s head the pursuit of a beauty ideal and brings it back to truth, do we want to be in our body so it reflects the truth of who we are. And as the photos so clearly show, those who have made that choice sparkle regardless of their age.

  13. “Have we lived life at the expense of our body?” For me the answer is yes and the way I used to live is definitely evident in my face and in my body. It took me well into my 60’s to be content with how I look and to love the reflection in the mirror. I have now come to know me so well that I have finally settled into this wonderful body of mine. Yes, there are sags, wrinkles and plenty of age spots, but today there is a twinkle in my eyes and a lightness in my being and instead of growing older I actually feel like I am growing younger.

  14. This is a great question Kylie ‘Why do we generally not accept our age and ageing, or how we look as we get older?” All my life i have noticed this fight against ageing, yet people don’t care for themselves more deeply to ensure their later years are lived well. The fight is there, but from a standpoint of virtually having a disposable body. The fight against age seems also to be a fight against connection with our soul, for the eyes of another reveal the beauty and love of the soul when there is connection. With it we see such beauty as to bowl anyone over – at any age.

  15. I too am experiencing that the more that I accept myself the more beautiful I become. The two go hand in glove.

  16. ‘What is age? And why do we generally not accept our age and ageing, or how we look as we get older?’ Age does not seem to be a chronological sequence, but more a package the world decides sums up ageing, this would include giving up, being miserable along, sick, disabled and having no voice. Accepting this ‘package’ is not a good idea – standing and living our all will give us a totally different outcome and is one I’m going for. The world is welcome to it’s pictures of ageing, I decline to be any part of them.

  17. “Have we lived life at the expense of our body?” That’s a big yes from me, but in the last few years, as a result of making some deeply self-loving changes, I no longer live in disregard of this amazing body of mine. In my late 60’s there are plenty of wrinkles, blemishes and sags but on the inside, there is an abundance of joy and delight and these days that is what shines from me; in fact, I am sure that I am looking younger as the years go by, not older as is the accepted norm. Now that is one normal I am so enjoying dismantling.

  18. The bathroom mirror at my work place is so well-lit and it shows everything, and a little while ago I just realised how quickly, all of a sudden, I was beginning to look my age (49), and I just had difficulty accepting that. What I could feel was how I thought I could still get away with not giving myself the all that I knew I could actually give but pretended that it was not possible, and actually what I could not accept was not the way I looked in the mirror, but the love I held back.

  19. This is such a powerful blog with so much gold in it… because there is just so much hype and negative consciousness around getting older and ageing. I love how you blow all this out of the water, but at the same time being clear that we never get away with anything – and the future that comes to us is with the choices we make today!

  20. I think you are on the money Kylie when you talk about why we don’t like ageing because “our choices become tangible”, and we realise that we did not get away with anything. There is such an arrogance that we think we can eat/move/do whatever we want and seemingly get away with it, but as you write here it does eventually catches up with us, and that is what we don’t like.

    1. Yes, we cannot escape the consequences of our deeds as the body is the one coping with every single one of them and with time it is seen and felt.

  21. ‘Is true Beauty living who you truly are?’ Absolutely Kylie, it is so powerful when I see a woman or man living and expressing from their true essence, they become ageless as you are drawn to their beauty, wisdom and grace.

  22. Everyone is beautiful in essence, all we have to do is to connect to our essence and allow our beauty to shine out for all to see and feel.

  23. Gorgeous Blog Kylie! ” Do we actually want to look younger? Or do we want to look Truer?” . . . I most certainly want to look Truer! This is real beauty to me, also.

    1. Yes, such an important question to raise. We run after beauty as we all want to be beautiful but we have all been fooled by what beauty is, having it made it a word which’s meaning we change over and over again, letting us all always be on the back foot of this defined beauty feeling not enough and worthy. All the while beauty has nothing to do with our sole outer appearance but the truth we allow ourselves to live.

  24. Wow the photos really show that if we look after ourselves and live the true us, and not what the world expects us to be, that we look so much younger. I can see a vitality and well being in every one of the pictures that can’t be bought. There is an inner beauty that radiates out and the pictures look alive and sparkly.
    “Have we lived life at the expense of our body?” This is a great question to ask and one that most of us would probably have to say yes too…I know I did.

  25. It is beautiful to see our body and how it looks as a marker of our choices and so if we notice that there are things that are out of balance we know that this is only a reflection of our choices and thus always an opportunity for change.

  26. The more I love myself the more I get a sense to love. Loving myself has a knock-on effect and the same goes when I harm myself by rushing or overeating… every choice has an impact in the next moment either building love or I choose neglect and disregard towards self.

  27. I like what you have presented here that it is not our chronological age that we have a problem with but our choices – the way we have lived in our youth catching up with us and being reflected in our bodies.

  28. The process of ageing is a beautiful one because offers the opportunity of developing until we get to a point beyond the body we came with. The reason why is so hard in many is the knowing that they are not going there.

  29. “The most beauty-full women and men I have ever seen are those whose faces reflect the love that they live every single day. They look like the beauty I know is on the inside.” Through their eyes you feel all that they are and are inspired to live and appreciate your own inner beauty.

  30. Beauty is truly from within, especially obvious in the before and after photos of the four ladies at the end. Their before photos look as if they are older then the after ones… they are incredible! It shows that we can never be given or made to be or look a certain way by another person… we will only look like and be like what we live.

  31. Beautiful blog Kylie Connors, thank you. You are a ‘true beauty therapist’ – one who brings the innate beauty in us all to the surface.

  32. This line stopped me in my tracks – ‘The most beauty-full women and men I have ever seen are those whose faces reflect the love that they live every single day’. Wow, so true. Beauty emanates from with us all – it is never just ‘skin deep’.

    1. True, and even when we’re not feeling our greatest, or have perhaps made some not so great choices, we can’t hide who we are, and the beauty and realness that is so obviously visible, just by virtue of us being ourselves, and living, moving and breathing as who we are, in full.

      1. Isn’t it great to realise and appreciate that no matter what ‘not so great choices’ we make, this beauty and realness doesn’t leave us but remains in its absoluteness for us to reconnect with, once we have chosen it again.

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