To Rub my Eyes – The Discovery of Tenderness

For the first time, when I went to rub my eyes I actually felt how naturally soft my skin is and the delicate tenderness of my fingers touching and connecting with my skin.

It was like discovering all over again how lovely and precious that area is… this must be how babies feel when they discover they are in a body – feeling their beautiful, velvety skin. It’s an exquisite feeling, even just for a moment.

Up until this point, the awareness I had of the skin around my eyes was prompted by the need to attend to the discomfort of dry, itchy feelings that were present in my eyes.

Coming to this realisation of how precious the skin is has been a wonderful way for me to feel that looking after myself and caring for my body isn’t only about going straight to the relief and cure of eye drops and creams.

  • While topical aids are great, there is another level of caring and being able to truly feel the natural beauty held in that area and connect with that.
  • With being able to feel the natural lovely feeling that is in and around my eyes, I now approach caring for them in a deeper, gentler and more honouring way.

Meaning, I don’t just rub my eyes to relieve the itch as an automatic response to their being itchy, then reach for the drops. I respond to my eyes with a greater awareness and care, knowing that they also need regular drops, not just when they’re itchy.

When I do touch and rub my eyes I know that they and all of me are exquisite and worthy of deep tender loving touch just like a newborn. In fact, I love the feeling of connecting with my eyes and any part of me just for the simple beautiful being I am, before the mind can start giving commands of do this, that or the other.

When we choose to stop and be still for a moment we can become aware of the tenderness and exquisiteness we have within, and can appreciate this quality in ourselves and in others. We come to know that this tenderness is always with us – just as it is in a newborn. Health conditions can develop bringing along their symptoms and issues, but when we connect to the tenderness within, we then approach these health issues in a very different, more caring way.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Sandra Williamson

135 thoughts on “To Rub my Eyes – The Discovery of Tenderness

  1. At around the age of 14 all of a sudden I needed glasses, as I couldn’t see the blackboard at school any more. I have needed glasses ever since. Recently I have experienced not rubbing my eyes as there was a concern in one of my eyes that rubbing it could have agrivated. In this time of not rubbing my eyes I have felt a deep sense of appreciation for them, to the degree that I have felt that there is actually no physical reason I need glasses, that the fact I need glasses is due to a very real choice of not wanting to see and feel what was/is going on in my life. Much to ponder here and to accept that it was by choice that my eyes began to deteriorate. So is it possible for them to again return to full vision? A wonderment I am willing to explore.

  2. I love that the awareness and tenderness that you can bring to your eyes can be applied to every part of us to truly honour how exquisite our bodies are and deserve to be treated as such.

  3. As I was reading this my body gave a big sigh as it continues to wait patiently for me to connect to my exquisite tenderness.

  4. A gorgeous reminder of just how incredible our bodies are – thank you Sandra. Through every part of our body we have the opportunity to deepen our connection to our tenderness, our stillness within, our true intelligence so that we can embody more of who we are and live the fullness of our sacredness.

  5. Bringing this exquisite tender touch to our eyes, or in fact any part of our body, has the potential to change the relationship we have with our body. To develop this intimacy naturally allows us to be aware when something is not quite right within us, to then make the choice to understand what it is and why it is happening, and then to bring even greater care to ourselves in response to our body’s wise message.

  6. ‘When I do touch and rub my eyes I know that they and all of me are exquisite and worthy of deep tender loving touch just like a newborn.’ I love that you do this Sandra, we treat babies with such tenderness and preciousness why would I not choose this for myself as well?

  7. How far we have strayed from the tender relationship with ourselves that you so lovingly describe here Sandra… When we should all hold ourselves in this way, every single day of our lives.
    If we did so, our world would change – and change immensely…

  8. Our eyes are so obviously very precious parts of our body, but then so are all the other parts just as precious. So why is it then that we, more often than not, treat our body as if it wasn’t ‘breakable’? How amazing would it be if we were encouraged right from young to bring such tenderness as we would bring to the care of a baby to the care of each and every precious part of our wonderful body?

  9. It seems just so nonsensical how we numb or overload ourselves with stimulation and miss out feeling this gorgeousness you describe here and is available for us all – but we do.

  10. It is lovely when we start to reconnect with ourselves and rediscover and appreciate how tender and delicate our skin is, as is the whole of our body, and we notice how soft our skin is, and we are drawn to treat it more delicately.

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