Life and Its Gifts – Appreciation

Have you ever been presented with a situation and then looked back and wondered why?

Why did this happen, why did they say that? A situation that you later have appreciation for!

Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?

I have had many occasions in my life where something has happened to me and I have gone into the “Why me?” scenario! This has not always been in a ‘good’ way – I have often seen what has come my way as an inconvenience.

However, recently someone shared with me how life presents little packages, and these packages are presented to show you, to reflect to you a part of you or your life. By observing these packages you are able to feel that there is more to life and what happens around you.

For example, some of the packages that I have been presented with have allowed me to feel that there is an area in my life that may need more attention and a change in the way I am – within myself, my life, and with the people around me.

Recently I was presented with an encounter where a person was astounded by how different I looked today compared to the last time they saw me. Knowing I had not long ago had a baby they couldn’t believe that I was naturally carrying no extra baby weight and that I didn’t look tired but was looking great, and even younger.

It was a great confirmation for me to stop and appreciate how far I have come in my life since introducing different choices and making a lot of changes in my life and the way I live it.

As so often happens, at the time I did not really feel what had been said until that night when I got home. If I chose to, in that moment, I could have felt and appreciated how much I had changed and how that change radiates out.

Of course I knew I had changed, but I still had not accepted myself as I am now, or how I now allow myself to be me.

Not long ago I was part of a ‘before and after’ presentation at a Universal Medicine event: I was one of the participants sharing about the way I had changed. I got up on stage to share a few words about where I was at and where I am at now, not realising until I got on stage that I still did not accept and fully appreciate myself or how far I had come.

I realised that it was not just for another to see and feel, but for me also. During my life I have had compliments from others, whether that’s being told how great I looked or how well I was doing with things in my life. Never was I comfortable accepting or appreciating what was said to me, instead choosing to brush them off thinking I was not good enough to accept compliments of any sort. I have always been presented with opportunities to help me to grow, to see the areas of my life that were amazing and the areas that were not so amazing and needing attention. Of course, some I chose to see and some I ran a hundred miles from. This is something I am now more appreciative of and willing to look more and more at. I now see these opportunities as blessings that help me see what needs to be looked at in my life, or simply what needs to be accepted and appreciated.

Have you ever had life present a situation to you where you never bothered to stop and consider that maybe there is more to it than what you have allowed yourself to feel?

With love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Way of The Livingness for all they share and represent. It is through this sharing that I have been able to reconnect to who I truly am. I now accept myself for who I am and how far I have come.

By Nicole Serafin, Tintenbar, NSW, Age 41

638 thoughts on “Life and Its Gifts – Appreciation

  1. “Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?” I don’t feel that I do this enough. I feel there are deeper and deeper depths for me to go to here.

  2. We are extraordinary beings who are very well trained to play extraordinary small and to reject, dismiss or block out anything that could disrupt our chosen way. When we do so, we are not just choosing something relative to us. We are also saying to another one (without words possibly) that what you felt is not true so next time do not bother to connect to the natural fact that we are extraordinary.

  3. I reckon those moments come every single day, and taking a stop to reflect on the day has been a great in road to seeing these gifts. In reading this blog it feels like there is more to stop and feel, appreciate or see the space for change in what I have before me in life right now, Thank you Nicole.

    1. I agree there are moments all the time to really appreciate, but often we just let them pass by in a busy haze, rather than taking the time to just be present enough to notice all that is there to be appreciated.

  4. Thank you Nicole for writing this, showing me and us all that there is so much more to appreciate than we often give ourselves credit for.

  5. I think the word observing is key in this – observing the packages or potential learnings that are being delivered to us through life rather than reacting emotionally to them because we find it challenging or it presses our buttons so to speak. In the true observation we can develop understanding of what is being presented for us to see and grow from.

  6. Having known you for many years Nicole I can attest to the amazing changes and beautiful qualities you have chosen and deepened over this time. The reflection you offer others is powerful and a beautiful reminder of the love we all truly are.

  7. The simple word ‘acceptance’ sounds so easy but often it is not. Not because it would need to be difficult as such but it is what we hold onto and are not willing to let go of that hinders us from accepting, especially who we are in our essence and give permission to live and express from that essence.

    1. Sometimes it is hard to accept how awesome we are because we have so much identity and pride tied up in all our so called problems and issues. The true awesomeness you refer to which comes from living and expressing from our essence requires us to simply be and does not have that ownership and identification we are so addicted to.

      1. The more I connect to feeling my body the more painful holding onto problems and issues becomes. Having issues isn’t worth it yet the addiction requires patience to melt.

  8. “A situation that you later have appreciation for!” – In hindsight we are often more open or free to see situations for what they actually presented while at the time we might have been in reaction or limited by our perspective to only see a certain aspect but not the whole picture or even blinded by ideas, expectations or else. So we can not only see the event but also how we have been as part of the event both forming our experience, memory and interpretation. We may wonder how our personal reality is reflecting what actually is occurring. But that is part of our learning and the undoing of the distortion we have created and sometimes allowing us to grasp the true gift and meaning of a situation.

  9. There are so many things in a day, that constantly ask us to stop, feel and appreciate, I know I do not acknowledge that enough and dismiss half of them simply by lack of presence, because I am too busy or else where with my thoughts or simply feel not deserving enough and don’t even register those moments.

  10. ‘Recently someone shared with me how life presents little packages, and these packages are presented to show you, to reflect to you a part of you or your life.’ This is an awesome reminder to not get caught up when things don’t go your way or you are presented with a challenging situation, and I agree Nicole that these packages are a gift and a beautiful opportunity for us all to evolve and grow.

  11. When we hold ourselves in appreciation and acknowledge our quality in the things we do or the way we are in a situation receiving a compliment is a confirmation and celebration of what we already have accepted, thus it is not needed and can be easily received and enjoyed. Or a compliment can show us something about ourselves we have not yet considered and appreciated, thus we have the opportunity to expand and embrace more of who we are.

    1. Spot on Alex, I love what you have shared in these comments, as letting appreciation fill the gaps so we are already in the confirmation of what others appreciate then it is never a recognition only a confirmation of the moments of deep connection. And how can we not Love the appreciation from another who shares what we have not yet recognised; ‘Or a compliment can show us something about ourselves we have not yet considered and appreciated, thus we have the opportunity to expand and embrace more of who we are.’ Thank you Alex and Nicole I appreciate all you have shared!

    2. Beautifully expressed and shared Alex, ‘When we hold ourselves in appreciation and acknowledge our quality in the things we do or the way we are in a situation receiving a compliment is a confirmation and celebration of what we already have accepted.’ So true.

  12. Could it be that we actually learn to undo the the non-appreciation and thus free ourselves to be nothing but appreciative of what is natural to us?

    1. By un-learning our non-appreciation for our self, as you have said Alex, it is interesting to discover the real us that has been hidden within that is meant to be in-joy, every moment of every day!

  13. Nicole, this is very gorgeous, ‘I now accept myself for who I am and how far I have come.’ I can feel how important it is to appreciate ourselves and the changes we have made, by not claiming and appreciating all that has changed and how we have evolved it is easy to be stuck in old ways of thinking and being.

  14. Without appreciating ourselves no compliment can be good enough to make us feel good or have us feel our worth. It is the love for ourselves that changes everything.

  15. Nicole, your blog is a timely reminder for me to appreciate how far I have come in life, and also to appreciate that there is always more for me to uncover about who I truly am, as I travel along life’s path.

  16. I have come to love those packages of all shapes and sizes that life is continually presenting me. These days I don’t leave them sitting out of sight and gathering dust, but I mostly open them immediately and those I may hesitate to open don’t get left for too long. What is in the packages may at times not quite be what I want to look at but it is always something that I need at that moment in time and that I have come to appreciate so very much.

  17. I am so much more able to accept a compliment these days, an appreciation for me whether it be something I have done, or how I look, I just can lap it up and confirm this is true. That is a million miles away from the dismissal I used to have towards any sort of compliment. It is a beautiful testament to the Way of The Livingness.

  18. Compliments are a missed opportunity of love if we chose not to receive and feel what they offer. It’s like the saying ‘it’s full of hot air’. If we do not feel it in our bodies, we can not receive the healing on offer.

  19. Learning to confirm and appreciate ourselves is one of the key ingredients to having a joyful life because without that we miss the beauty that is occurring on a daily basis.

  20. We hear about life’s gifts and go ‘oh yes it’s true – that is something that happens to me too’ but still we tend to only think of this occurring occasionally. We single out experiences and eulogise, but do we ever stop to feel that literally everything holds this opportunity? Just because we haven’t unwrapped and understood what life is offering us, doesn’t mean it isn’t there – just that there is further to go in us appreciating what we are truly being shown. Thank you Nicole, I certainly appreciate this and you.

  21. Nicole I love what you offer here, especially as I consider a situation presented to me today and how I’d not fully appreciated fully what has been presented and now as I consider and understand more with what you share now I can feel the opportunity you mention here – so rather than get het up about not appreciating I can see this as an invitation to delve deeper and appreciate more. So thank you Nicole,

  22. ‘Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown? This is so true Nicole. we can so easily pass over these constellated gifts, but when we acknowledge them we have the opportunity to deeply appreciate how amazing we all truly are.

  23. Life certainly encourages to see only so much. That life is the limited and myopic view we allow ourselves to experience as a form of security. But there is no security in life when we protect ourselves, as the greatest protection is to surrender fully to every moment–to all that you are, all that you have never even imagined you could be but already is. We and life are so much more than we think.

  24. Life is about giving and receiving yet we commonly find it easier to give but struggle to receive especially when it is the offering of heartfelt love either spoken or acted on. This is a beautiful reminder of the ‘wholeness’ of life and the continuing cycle of all things.

  25. Appreciation – there can never be enough of it. It is like the golden key that unlocks so much for us.

  26. Life is the teacher. As soon as we choose to be its willing student we no longer need to suffer or resist what may have been considered unpleasant, uncomfortable or fortuity, but much more we will eagerly learn from everything that comes our way and understand it as something belonging to us.

  27. At times it seems as though the little packages are given to us to show us the bigger picture, and that there is more to life than just our own desires of what we want, and that there is a bigger responsibility to consider.

  28. Of course I knew I had changed, but I still had not accepted myself as I am now, or how I now allow myself to be me. I am pondering on this sentence and feeling into if I truly accept myself as I am now and do I really appreciate how much more I share myself?

  29. “Have you ever had life present a situation to you where you never bothered to stop and consider that maybe there is more to it than what you have allowed yourself to feel?
    ” – sometimes it needs someone who helps us to open our eyes and see the obvious we have blinded ourselves with ignorance to not be aware of; not comfortable necessarily but very revealing and with the potential to set oneself free and expand and evolve.

  30. Loved your question Nicole, ‘Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?’ Life is full of opportunities that reflect many things for us to look at, an opportunity to make changes or to appreciate ourselves more.

  31. Do we settle for what we have and consider to be ‘it’ or are we connecting to and feeling the forever more that is available to all of us? There is no limit to where we are going, to who we are and will be hence there is no end of opportunities and reflections that offer us the next step to supersede the previous achievement or development. This is because we return to a vastness we once have reduced from. Appreciation is part of this process, building a solid foundation and activating the next X to go to.

  32. Any opportunity is really a gift, only we have to recognise them ourselves as they do not come with labels on them, however they do come with love from God.

  33. The importance of confirmation cannot be underestimated. The more we confirm the fact that we are divine beings the more we are then likely to live it in full.

    1. So true Elizabeth, as a Son of God we can not but appreciate our divinity and when we get to understand that life is all about this aspect of us, the sooner we get live this understanding then it can start to be a part of our Livingness.

    2. Beautifully said Elizabeth, and the more we live it in full, the more others receive the reflection that confirms they too are a divine being.

  34. I found myself nodding as I read your blog Nicole. I have had a few situations recently where others have appreciated me for something, and I have not had the same appreciation of myself.

  35. One main reason that keeps me from appreciating myself is to take my qualities and skills and what I contribute to life for everyone for granted as it is with ease, just the way I am. Only when it is hard work, you put effort into something, deliver a performance it is worth to be mentioned followed by the well-earned reward. In short, appreciation needs to be earned; every time again, it never lasts. Today I understand that this is not appreciation but a fleeting moment of recognition. Appreciation actually is a ‘keeper’; it supports to embody and claim one´s true qualities, it confirms who we are and doesn´t seek recognition from outside.

    1. Great exposure Alex. When appreciation is felt and expressed in this way – as a confirmation not a recognition, it provides us with greater space to live with and in, that supports us in those less lovely moments of life.

  36. I was talking to a friend the other day and realised that a few years ago I thought I had so much to contend with and I was struggling with it all, now I have much more to contend with and I am struggling less. This is a great confirmation of the fact that in my treating myself so much better than before, my life is feeling so much less of a struggle even though it is even more ‘challenging’ . Part of this is also appreciating the changes I have made, appreciating where I come from, who I truly am and all the gifts that are being presented every day. Appreciating that we are all in this together and by supporting ourselves and staying more centred and still on the inside gives us so much more strength and equilibrium to ride the storms, so to speak.

  37. Frequently people go through life treating the situations that life brings as inconvenient and something you need to eradicate or at best survive. This requires constant bid for controlling everything and is exhausting. How empowering and freeing in contrast to have a relationship with life of appreciating situations that are presented as opportunities to expand our awareness and relationship with the whole of life. I love it.

  38. Very recently I had life present a situation to me in the form of a new relationship which ended after only a few months. That said, I could feel how much it had brought me and how much reflection I got about how I was interacting and communicating. But it is only now I am aware of the fact that it is time for me to deepen the relationship with myself as a women and to not hold back expressing my sacredness.

  39. I love the way appreciation, when we accept or express it, builds and grows within us providing us with an unshakeable foundation which supports us in those tricky moments we all have, so we don’t go crashing down into the depths of reaction, but are able to see what’s going on and respond instead. Appreciation gives us space from which we can observe life and not absorb it.

  40. Appreciation and confirmation are both important daily rituals which I am still choosing to go deeper with.

  41. I have definitely had this “Why me?” and many of us say this regularly…feeling the truth that there is something to learn in every situation, feels amazing!

  42. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of taking stock of our lives and appreciating our more loving ways of being and living, ‘It was a great confirmation for me to stop and appreciate how far I have come in my life since introducing different choices and making a lot of changes in my life and the way I live it.’

  43. Life is about evolution. The more I am willing to accept this the more that is presented to me. Nothing is nothing and everything is everything. The more I accept this in life the more the beauty is revealed.

    1. Could it in fact be that nothing is everything if we make it so? Then everything is nothing and nothing is everything, therefore there is no such thing as nothing-ness? So even when we think we are doing nothing we are aligned to an energy that is making us move in a way that makes us think that we are doing nothing, when in fact we are truly doing something. When we are connected to our essence, our as Nicole shares, it “is through this sharing that I have been able to reconnect to who I truly am,” that we feel everything so this leaves no space for nothing!

      1. And in closing the door we understand what is on the other side thus we have walked through that doorway and evolved from that, thus developing a deeper awareness, which is creating a new paradigm.

  44. ‘Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?’ For me, I can say no not all the time and know there is so much more true appreciation I can do. And this goes for me as well ‘Never was I comfortable accepting or appreciating what was said to me, instead choosing to brush them off’. What I have come to realise is the appreciation has to come from me first before I can truly accept it from another, hence my relationship and love for myself needs to deepen.

    1. And could it be possible that if we go deeper into our Love we are already having appreciation for our-self to be able to accept that we need to deepen?
      This is great Vicky, as we explore what life can bring we become more aware to so many aspects of our life and how we can simply evolve.

  45. Appreciation for one’s self is a constant building block of our expression and one that inevitably can help us not only move forward with our own growth but that of other’s too, because without first appreciating ourselves we cannot appreciate another with that same quality.

  46. I feel that sometimes when life is showing us things, we can be so caught up in what is going on that we don’t then give ourselves the space to change what is happening. Appreciation is a great way to break this cycle.

  47. I truly appreciate now that the packages we face throughout life always offer us an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves and the love within us, even if at first this does not feel the case, once we learn to observe, take stock and listen to what our body is communicating we are able to bring a greater depth of clarity and understanding to what has been presented for us to evolve.

  48. In the desire to have a great life, we often overlook that there are opportunities to be more of who we really are within every day. Taking those opportunities whether they look good or bad offers a daily evolution that can be immensely joyful.

    1. So true Heather, and we so often overlook that a greatness already exists – within us, and that we are constantly offered the opportunity to live this greatness through all we do, through which as you rightly say we can experience the absolute joy of being ‘more of who we really are within every day’.

  49. We often “play small” not feeling good enough! Where do we get these opinions from? Since connecting to Universal Medicine I have leant that we carry a lot of baggage that may be from previous incarnations and they are there for us to look at and heal in this lifetime. These too are gifts we do not always appreciate.

    1. I agree Roslyn, instead of seeing something such as an issue we are resolving in a negative light we can view it by the bigger context and how awesome it is to have the opportunity to finally heal and complete something. As you say it could be a very old cycle lived over and over and it’s now an opportunity to end it, and as a result live more of the love we innately are.

  50. Appreciation is the key that opens the door to greater levels of awareness. It is the gateway to evolution. If we understand this then we understand all the various mechanisms we have put in place by way of not appreciating how far we have come, as a clever way to ‘apply the breaks’ (create delay) so as to have some form of human control over how fast we return to the great love that we are.

  51. Nicole so often we don’t appreciate the beauty of ourselves, or the opportunity that difficulties present us. I feel the pictures we hold of ourselves and how we think life is or should be can really get in the way of observing and feeling what is there to be appreciated.

  52. Nicole this is a beautiful appreciation piece reminding us that we are continually offered evolution which are all moments to appreciate.

  53. Nicole you sharing highlights the importance of appreciation. I too share a similar story – where I have had people comment on how I look as a new mum. And most of the time I compare myself to them and retract from saying ‘I know isn’t it amazing how taking care of yourself really supports us’. So in this moment, I am not appreciating all my choices that have led to this observation.

  54. It reminds me my pattern in which I can bring a lot of beauty to the world with my open heart to people but that I do not appreciate enough how much I bring and forget to feel that I do not need to become more some day, that all is here already in me lived. Just to really feel that is the way to go.

  55. The more I am able to respond in the moment to accepting a compliment I am finding is a reflection of how present I am with myself.

  56. One thing that has been presenting to me lately is how I can look at a situation as a negative and totally miss all that offers. A clever trick to avoid the evolution on offer.

  57. I can see what you have touched on is that when we go into the ‘why me?’ we are being given the perfect package because we have not wanted to address it before but it has always been there. I have also learnt that we are never given more than we can handle, but others (perhaps I can be so bold as to say God here) know what we can handle sometimes better than we are consciously aware of.

  58. ‘Of course I knew I had changed, but I still had not accepted myself as I am now, or how I now allow myself to be’. This full acceptance of where we are now is so important and to appreciate how far we have come in order to create the space and the preparation for our next unfoldment.

  59. Sometimes those who haven´t seen us for a while can give us the best reflection of how we have changed as they recognize the difference instantly. I have experienced such feedback as quite surprising, fresh and enlightening because for me the little gradual changes happened more or less unrecognized and I may not be fully aware of the qualities and emanation I have developed but are obvious to others.

  60. Last week something happened that upset me rather a lot. It was a surprise because I have not reacted to anything like that in a long while. After several days of being upset on and off I went to my car and the battery was dead. That for me was a message. I realised that allowing myself to stay upset was an indulgence and in that I had drained my batteries (car being a symbol for my body) so I dropped the indulgence and all is well again. So yes life is constantly teaching us.

    1. Spot on Nicola, I have a battery charger and can also offer a kidney boost! And when we appreciate all we are it is simple to see the “indulgences” if we stop and reflect on what is happening to us on a regular basis.

  61. I have experienced many ‘Why this’ and ‘Why me’ moments in my life so much so I used to think that there was something very wrong with me. But after a while I began to see a pattern; even though the situations were often very different it became evident that there were patterns repeating themselves. It was after meeting Serge Benhayon and listening to the wisdom he was sharing that what life had been presenting me with began to make sense. Slowly the way I looked at the ‘why this/me’ moments in my life changed and I began to ask what were they showing me. It took a while but eventually I began to get the answers; answers that were very deeply appreciated and still are.

  62. We can often look at appreciating the great moments as gifts but underplay the deep levels of healing that are offered for us to appreciate when we choose to surrender and learn from the not so great moments we have allowed ourselves to live.

  63. A great article that really sits you back to reflect on this,”Have you ever had life present a situation to you where you never bothered to stop and consider that maybe there is more to it than what you have allowed yourself to feel?” Life has presented me with manner that I have walked right through. People are always sharing, some by word and others by action and I get focused in life and walk right past many of them. Occasionally the perceived ‘bigger’ ones I will grab and hold like a trophy but not truly appreciate what they are saying. It’s not a big deal though as the awareness I have just gained from this article has slowed me down. Acceptance and appreciation are corner stones of how to live a life where everything is brought back to quality, quality of movement. So if we wait until tomorrow to do something you have felt in the moment to do or see then you have a point in your life or in you that will just keep putting things off. Life is about living but the ‘how’, the true quality of how this looks is what wee truly need to appreciate.

  64. Appreciation is a deeply loving act, one that confirms who we are, the vibration of love, and offers us the opportunity to deepen our connection to love. When walk with the grace of appreciation, we say ‘yes’ to being more of who we innately and divinely are.

  65. There is much to feel and acknowledge in the ordinary events of everyday, packages for us to learn from. Especially those things that we easily over look or that we might find difficult to challenge. Its judging or expecting something as “good” or “bad” that stunts the exploration of the deeper meaning to events.

  66. I was with someone recently who was experiencing a challenging situation. What I loved about how this person was was their openness to what the potential learning at hand was. It would have been easy to go into reaction and blame, but they didn’t, they just kept asking to see the deeper and underlying reasons as to what was going on and what they needed to learn. I could feel how their willingness to go deeper had its foundation in a very deep level of appreciation. It was like the more they were in appreciation of the learning that was on offer, they were able to remove the personal and see the bigger picture and also see their part in this too. Really exquisite to observe and personally very inspiring.

    1. That removing the personal is vital to understand the bigger picture. I find that hindsight offers us that bigger picture, so to be able to connect with that in the moment, is a very valuable skill.

  67. There is so so much to things if you simply consistently appreciate them and importantly how they are for you. I have found a richness to life that seems to have no ending and that in itself is something to appreciate. What do we so often leave or dismiss this part of life? From what I have seen it’s because there is so much power and support in it. Why leave it out then you may ask, it’s a choice and one we make in amongst other choices for things to stay as they are. It may not make sense when it’s said but all things are choices and I am understanding this further and further into life. True appreciation of all that you see at any point always opens the door for you to see more, it’s a blessing.

  68. Appreciating is so simple how could we not welcome our divine-connection and from the point of Truly having appreciation we evolve every time we bring the deeper understanding of how to appreciate works!

  69. I have come to really appreciate those “little packages” that life is continually presenting us with and these days look forward to opening them. Often the ‘gift’ is not quite what I was expecting but I have come to know the message that comes with it is always one to stop and deeply appreciate.

  70. Appreciation has transformed my life – and continues to do so. Without it life is a struggle, hard, heavy, critical with tiny moments of relief. With appreciation life has space and depth where we get to feel the beauty and potential of us all.

  71. Yes, for me also to stop and really appreciate where I came from. It is always easy not get critical what is not working in our lives, but being critical is not the way to go. Honesty, yes, being critical, talking myself down: not allowed.

  72. There are so many situations daily that slip by our radar. When we live life with the grass green in every direction we can end up with no need for stop moments but a life of full of appreciation.

  73. There is so much to appreciate about ourselves and each other and when we pause for a moment to appreciate we are so hugely enriched.

  74. I have found that if, when presented with a particular situation, we stop and take the time to observe exactly what is going on instead of going into instant reaction, we give ourselves the space to become aware of the message that is probably coming with it. There are so many times I know that I missed some very wise messages as I was in full blown reaction before I knew it. These days I absolutely appreciate those stop moments. To me they are priceless as we never know the gifts that may come from them.

  75. I am sure there are deeper levels of appreciation waiting for me because the more I notice there is to appreciate, the deeper and more boundary-less the appreciation bucket seems to be.

    1. Something that I have begun to observe is that everything is presented for me and everyone to learn, grow and evolve. Given that, its no surprise then that we realise that there is no limit to how much we can appreciate what’s been offered…constantly.

  76. There is so much to appreciate and see how we learn or are presented again the same situation to learn, there is no judgement just live in these offerings.

  77. “Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?” in simple terms before Universal Medicine I never did, today I whenever I stop the magic of life is shown to me.

  78. The gifts we are presented with, or the opportunities we are offered are not something that can be group into a positive or negative experience. We could be faced we something that is perceived as challenging, but because we see it for the opportunity that is presented rather than the challenge the learning is much greater as we are open to seeing more than the situation itself.

  79. I had a really rotten morning today, I wanted to hide away from the world, eat ham and sulk. I haven’t had one of these for a very long time and before today I used to moan that I was not enough, but actually my everyday willingness to connect and engage with people is amazing because not that long ago the cave dwelling ham muncher used to be my everyday. So I sit here now saying “Wow, I am pretty awesome.” Because my lightness is out and about more consistently these days.

  80. Observing the situations around us rather than emotionally reacting to them allows us to stop and seek clarity on what is being presented and why. There is such a great learning offered to us and when we understand this we are able to appreciate every little detail and the support that is given to live from the fullness of who we are.

  81. When we discover that even the lack of self-worth and feeling unworthy to receive and let in appreciation are just versions of protection, we can shift our focus from a deficiency or absence to the underlying thing we are actually really good at, ie an activity we have perfected deliberately and that serves us very well. The deficiency then is exposed as being a smoke screen and we are asked to take responsibility expressing in full and appreciate ourselves for being who we are.

  82. When we choose to appreciate one thing we find there is so much more to appreciate. One of my deepest and heartfelt appreciations is my appreciation of the loving consistency of Serge Benhayon who has inspired me to reconnect to love and to a purpose to life.

  83. It is New Years Day today which offers a great opportunity to stop, appreciate and celebrate ourselves and each other as we continue on our path of return back to soul.

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