Life and Its Gifts – Appreciation

Have you ever been presented with a situation and then looked back and wondered why?

Why did this happen, why did they say that? A situation that you later have appreciation for!

Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?

I have had many occasions in my life where something has happened to me and I have gone into the “Why me?” scenario! This has not always been in a ‘good’ way – I have often seen what has come my way as an inconvenience.

However, recently someone shared with me how life presents little packages, and these packages are presented to show you, to reflect to you a part of you or your life. By observing these packages you are able to feel that there is more to life and what happens around you.

For example, some of the packages that I have been presented with have allowed me to feel that there is an area in my life that may need more attention and a change in the way I am – within myself, my life, and with the people around me.

Recently I was presented with an encounter where a person was astounded by how different I looked today compared to the last time they saw me. Knowing I had not long ago had a baby they couldn’t believe that I was naturally carrying no extra baby weight and that I didn’t look tired but was looking great, and even younger.

It was a great confirmation for me to stop and appreciate how far I have come in my life since introducing different choices and making a lot of changes in my life and the way I live it.

As so often happens, at the time I did not really feel what had been said until that night when I got home. If I chose to, in that moment, I could have felt and appreciated how much I had changed and how that change radiates out.

Of course I knew I had changed, but I still had not accepted myself as I am now, or how I now allow myself to be me.

Not long ago I was part of a ‘before and after’ presentation at a Universal Medicine event: I was one of the participants sharing about the way I had changed. I got up on stage to share a few words about where I was at and where I am at now, not realising until I got on stage that I still did not accept and fully appreciate myself or how far I had come.

I realised that it was not just for another to see and feel, but for me also. During my life I have had compliments from others, whether that’s being told how great I looked or how well I was doing with things in my life. Never was I comfortable accepting or appreciating what was said to me, instead choosing to brush them off thinking I was not good enough to accept compliments of any sort. I have always been presented with opportunities to help me to grow, to see the areas of my life that were amazing and the areas that were not so amazing and needing attention. Of course, some I chose to see and some I ran a hundred miles from. This is something I am now more appreciative of and willing to look more and more at. I now see these opportunities as blessings that help me see what needs to be looked at in my life, or simply what needs to be accepted and appreciated.

Have you ever had life present a situation to you where you never bothered to stop and consider that maybe there is more to it than what you have allowed yourself to feel?

With love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Way of The Livingness for all they share and represent. It is through this sharing that I have been able to reconnect to who I truly am. I now accept myself for who I am and how far I have come.

By Nicole Serafin, Tintenbar, NSW, Age 41

538 thoughts on “Life and Its Gifts – Appreciation

  1. “Life is continually presenting so much to us. Do we ever truly stop to feel what we are really being shown?” I don’t feel that I do this enough. I feel there are deeper and deeper depths for me to go to here.

  2. We are extraordinary beings who are very well trained to play extraordinary small and to reject, dismiss or block out anything that could disrupt our chosen way. When we do so, we are not just choosing something relative to us. We are also saying to another one (without words possibly) that what you felt is not true so next time do not bother to connect to the natural fact that we are extraordinary.

  3. I reckon those moments come every single day, and taking a stop to reflect on the day has been a great in road to seeing these gifts. In reading this blog it feels like there is more to stop and feel, appreciate or see the space for change in what I have before me in life right now, Thank you Nicole.

  4. Thank you Nicole for writing this, showing me and us all that there is so much more to appreciate than we often give ourselves credit for.

  5. I think the word observing is key in this – observing the packages or potential learnings that are being delivered to us through life rather than reacting emotionally to them because we find it challenging or it presses our buttons so to speak. In the true observation we can develop understanding of what is being presented for us to see and grow from.

  6. Having known you for many years Nicole I can attest to the amazing changes and beautiful qualities you have chosen and deepened over this time. The reflection you offer others is powerful and a beautiful reminder of the love we all truly are.

  7. The simple word ‘acceptance’ sounds so easy but often it is not. Not because it would need to be difficult as such but it is what we hold onto and are not willing to let go of that hinders us from accepting, especially who we are in our essence and give permission to live and express from that essence.

  8. “A situation that you later have appreciation for!” – In hindsight we are often more open or free to see situations for what they actually presented while at the time we might have been in reaction or limited by our perspective to only see a certain aspect but not the whole picture or even blinded by ideas, expectations or else. So we can not only see the event but also how we have been as part of the event both forming our experience, memory and interpretation. We may wonder how our personal reality is reflecting what actually is occurring. But that is part of our learning and the undoing of the distortion we have created and sometimes allowing us to grasp the true gift and meaning of a situation.

  9. There are so many things in a day, that constantly ask us to stop, feel and appreciate, I know I do not acknowledge that enough and dismiss half of them simply by lack of presence, because I am too busy or else where with my thoughts or simply feel not deserving enough and don’t even register those moments.

  10. ‘Recently someone shared with me how life presents little packages, and these packages are presented to show you, to reflect to you a part of you or your life.’ This is an awesome reminder to not get caught up when things don’t go your way or you are presented with a challenging situation, and I agree Nicole that these packages are a gift and a beautiful opportunity for us all to evolve and grow.

  11. When we hold ourselves in appreciation and acknowledge our quality in the things we do or the way we are in a situation receiving a compliment is a confirmation and celebration of what we already have accepted, thus it is not needed and can be easily received and enjoyed. Or a compliment can show us something about ourselves we have not yet considered and appreciated, thus we have the opportunity to expand and embrace more of who we are.

  12. Could it be that we actually learn to undo the the non-appreciation and thus free ourselves to be nothing but appreciative of what is natural to us?

  13. Nicole, this is very gorgeous, ‘I now accept myself for who I am and how far I have come.’ I can feel how important it is to appreciate ourselves and the changes we have made, by not claiming and appreciating all that has changed and how we have evolved it is easy to be stuck in old ways of thinking and being.

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