Before and After My Self Love Program – Forever Unfolding the Real Me


BEFORE Cherise Holt (Age 22)
Cherise Holt (age 22): Celebrating my birthday with alcohol. I remember drinking so much I was laying on the floor of the restaurant, and vomiting in the bathroom.

Not that long ago I didn’t know what self-love meant or how to love myself. I was a girl with low self-esteem and little confidence around others. I was shy and I reserved my feelings for a limited crowd of family and close friends, but even then I was closed off from allowing anyone to see and fully discover the ‘real me’.

In keeping myself closed to others I thought I was protecting myself from getting hurt or rejected, but in actual fact I was hurting and rejecting myself most deeply. I had created a picture of what and who I should be and fooled even myself with the quiet, ‘nice girl’ persona.

I prided myself on my ability to listen intently, be responsible, provide care for my family and patients at work, but inside I was feeling more drained and distant from other people. I wasn’t really looking after myself in a way that supported my everyday life and I certainly didn’t think I was worth making time for, or deserving of, loving care for myself or my own body.

BEFORE: Cherise Holt (Age 26)
Cherise Holt (Age 26): At a work party, my eyes are saying ‘don’t look at me’, shy, withdrawn and feeling sad in my everyday life.

This played out by my indulging in food and using things like TV as a distraction in mostly every spare minute I ever had.

I felt withdrawn, anxious and tense within my own body. As I grew older my shoulders hunched as I worked on perfecting my outward smile in an attempt to cover the sadness I felt from not living the love and joy that I knew I could be. I was numbing myself with food and at times alcohol and I was suffering from anxiety; the food and alcohol became my coping tools when I just wanted to fit in with others, or simply didn’t want the real me to be seen or noticed.

I had a picture of what would bring happiness and love to my life, a list of things from the outside, the home, the husband and children. But as I ticked these things off my list I was realising this wasn’t it. I was missing out on a deeper love, a love that could never be given to me by someone else, it could only come from my own heart by choosing true love for myself; by learning how to love myself and choosing to live the real me.


In November 2010, I began a program with a Universal Medicine practitioner. We called this a program of ‘Self-Love’ and from my first esoteric healing session I knew that there was more to life than the picture I had limited myself by. I began to learn to love myself and to feel and trust my body for the first time since I was a small child.

AFTER: Cherise Holt (Age 30)
Cherise Holt (Now age 30): Self-accepting, self-loving, self-honouring, beautiful woman.

In the past three years I have shed accumulated layers of hurt and sadness and narrow ways of thinking of how I thought I should be. Although I have dropped around 30kg it has not been about losing physical weight for me – the weight literally came off as I began to accept myself and as I began to learn to love myself and treat my body with the love it always deserved. It has been about discovering who I am once again – discovering the real me – and sharing this unreservedly with others.

I am forever grateful for the inspiration that the practitioners of Universal Medicine have gifted me. I have made countless new and loving choices to support me to live what feels natural; not to better myself, but from the knowing that I am already so amazing, so beautiful. My diet and exercise routines are always changing to be more supportive and I make choices by listening to my body, going to bed early when I am tired, eating to nourish my body, not holding back from sharing what I feel with others – and I absolutely love going to work and being with other people.

As I have been learning how to love myself more and more deeply, I am now accepting myself and of who I am, and this feels like just the beginning. I have a willingness to grow, to understand and discover more about life and I have made a commitment to living in full, the real ME.

It’s a miracle to me that I have let go of such a shield of protection and hardness and given myself the permission to expand and unfold the natural and joyful Cherise… the natural and joyful me!

By Cherise Holt, 30, Nurse, Australia

BEORE: Cherise Holt (Age 27)
Cherise Holt (Age 27):
Me “withdrawn, anxious and tense” and feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin.

AFTER: Cherise Holt (Age 30)
Cherise Holt (Now age 30):
Passionate about life, lover of people, committed to sharing me with the world.

442 thoughts on “Before and After My Self Love Program – Forever Unfolding the Real Me

  1. Pictures say so much and yours do so strongly, to see and feel the picture of you now and feel the grace you present is just gorgeous. Committing to being ourselves and being us in life is indeed life changing.

  2. It’s interesting how what we put into our life feeds us back – so if we take amazing care of ourselves that care then looks after us in so many different ways. It’s worth really making our choices count.

  3. The pictures say it all. Many students like you and me had a bloated face before and now it become more clear, bright with shining eyes. This proofs how big the effect when you start to live in a true loving way.

  4. This is truly an inspirational sharing of how we can transform our lives from a loving state and keep this ongoing, in other words it’s forever refining.
    I used to think caring for myself was to go to the gym and to be forever on a diet and if anything I did more harm to myself.
    I too met a Universal Medicine practitioner who supported me and as I nurtured my body, my mind started to change too.
    I love the refining process and I’m discovering more and more to nurture and love, its forever evolving.

  5. After re-reading this blog, it feels like the weight that Cherise lost so naturally represented all the heavy emotional ‘baggage’ of sadness, contraction, self-doubt, etc. So it is no wonder that Cherise was able to lose the physical weight so easily once she committed to a more self-loving way of life, and it just goes to show the direct correlation between non-physical energies (like sadness) and physical ones.

  6. We shape and reconfigure our whole way of being to fit a certain picture or belief of how we think we need to be in life, not realising the true impact this has on our body in holding back our true expression. Learning to deepen our relationship and choosing to love ourselves and treat ourselves with the love we deserve transforms our whole being and the way we approach and connect with the world.

  7. “As I have been learning how to love myself more and more deeply, I am now accepting myself and of who I am, and this feels like just the beginning” – I have been adhering to the teachings presented by Universal Medicine for almost 6 years now, and this is exactly how I often feel. This thing about loving and accepting myself, it keeps deepening, and I seem to keep going ‘Ah, NOW I get it’. It really is a forever unfolding.

  8. Learning to let go of old hurts and taking the steps to self-love can be one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, as your photos confirm Cherise how powerful loving choices can be.

  9. A beautiful sharing Cherise thank you, the photos tell it all, gorgeous to see and feel the true you shining out. It is amazing how simply powerful the self loving program can be in changing our lives, it is what the world is lacking in but also looking for.

  10. I love how through your self-love program you learnt to value your true worth and by making loving and supportive choices unfolded a natural way of being that impulsed a recommitment to life and to truly engage with others.

  11. You are the testament, evidenced by your photographs, that love, starting with self-love, is the answer and way to a full and joyful life.

  12. It is strange how often we expect or want others to love us when we don’t love ourselves. Once we start to love ourselves we find ourselves loving others and others loving us – it is a great investment!

  13. There are many stories like this one that shows the affect that our lifestyle choices have on our lives, health and relationships. Universal Medicine bucks the trend as people become younger and more vibrant as they age.

  14. Where you have come from and where you are now is remarkable and all from the simple choice to work on your self-love. My relationship with myself still needs work, even though I have come so far, I was reflecting on this whilst I was reading your blog. The best way to continue to flourish and expand, as you have, is to continue to build the self-love and then this naturally grows to be a love for humanity.

  15. Quite a transformation Cherise. The most point in this story I find is that you always knew that your unloving ways were not it. That is quite special, as the majority of humanity that is the way.

  16. It is incredible how much we are affected when we hold onto pictures of how we think we need to be that we forever end up looking outside ourselves for the love we are seeking and to be accepted. Choosing to accept and love ourselves again is key to expressing from our true quality and in making far more loving choices builds a steadiness from within.

  17. The changes we make by just starting to love and accept ourselves do bring miracles as you have shown in this blog Cherise.

  18. This is so widespread with young women today, and girls in school, and I know I used to have the similar beliefs, ‘I certainly didn’t think I was worth making time for, or deserving of, loving care for myself or my own body.’ It is crazy that we, parents and the education system, bring up a society of people and children with these false and deleterious beliefs, this has to stop.

  19. You give a great example how we learn to cope with life and the many mechanism and distractions we can call upon to make this work. But nothing compares to the love we can give ourselves and the confidence that comes with it the more we allow and apply self-love to be our daily care.

  20. It’s so crazy that we go into protection which is disconnection, when our greatest form of protection is connection. Cherise your photos say it all, amazing.

  21. ‘Missing out on a deeper love’… that is so beautiful Cherise to tenderly admit for it speaks to everyone who seeks love from the outside. We might say we’re ok, that we’re loving life – but we know something is missing. What is missing is us simply being with the amazing love we are, a love that comes from the inner most essence of our being.

  22. Knock diets out the window and embark on the ticket home back to you… when we start to truly love ourselves, our body responds and we return to our natural body shape.

  23. Wow Cherise, its wonderful to see the difference between your before and after photos and hear about how you made the changes that have lead to this. I think we should all be a self-love program.

  24. Another beautiful and confirming testimony to the power of self love and how such a simple and basic tool should never ever be overlooked as a key foundation for how we feel in ourselves and in life.

  25. It is eveident from your photographs the difference self-love has made in your life. It is inspiring. Until I took time to work on this with an esoteric practitioner, someone who had worked on this themselves, I hadn’t realised how deep the roots of self-abuse were. The unkind words I used to say to myself, the way I numbed what I was sensing and feeling with words. Bringing it out into the open is the only way we can unpick those tenticles and free ourselves from what holds us back.

  26. The more we connect to our inner self, the more confidence and self worth we feel, regardless of what job we do. Beautiful to read how you support yourself from a deeper knowing of who you are.

  27. A remarkable story and article in many ways, simple self love can change you like that? Who knew it could be so simple and yet so what is not normal. I remember my thoughts hammering me and not knowing which way to go. I would put on a brave face where I could and I always remember thinking, is this it, is this what life is about? At this point I would do something or something would happen and these thoughts and feelings would not be there and you would just get on with living. Then something small would occur and everything would come flooding back and it would always feel a little worse each time. It felt like I was constantly running from this ‘flood’. Universal Medicine and the practitioners within it support me to make a change. It wasn’t about changing what I was feeling but more about bringing clearer what I was already feeling but couldn’t make sense of. The world itself confused me and yet I knew I knew something but I was so confused from how I was going about things. My life turned around because of the way I choose to live, no one turned it around for me but they certainly supported me to see clearer what I already had in view.

  28. I love how a self love program helped you discard the “nice you”, In applying the principles of self love to my life and beginning to love who I am, I found that I wasn’t actually who I thought I was, and that I wasn’t a muted, quiet, shy, nice person, but I’m actually very strong, focused and I can easily speak the truth when needed… how cool is that?

  29. In learning to consistently take more loving care of ourselves brings the realisation that we are so worth making time for and the more we are able to accept and appreciate the true qualities we hold within.

  30. This is so incredible Cherise; to change your commitment completely from perfecting your ‘outward smile’ to truly loving and looking after yourself is amazing, and as you’ve shared has such an impact on your life and body without having to go on diets, detoxes or hard going physical or emotional programs.

  31. It’s funny how we can pride ourselves on certain qualities, which might be quite lovely and real, whilst at the same time feeling like crap – I remember that place too, and I thought that’s how life would always be; that that was just it. Well actually, I knew there was more but didn’t know how to get there. Finding a Universal Medicine practitioner, and from there Universal Medicine presentations, was the key for me too. Sometimes we can be so locked in a mind-set we need clarity from outside of us to open the door. Universal Medicine holds the key as far as I’m concerned. It’s the only organisation / philosophy I’ve come across that delivers the good when it comes to common sense, practical tools for understanding life and how to truly live it.

  32. Beautifully said: “Living from self-love is bringing love to life rather than seeking it from life….” this indeed is all the difference to what it means to live esoterically, living from the inside out and bringing to life who we truly are.

  33. Such wisdom, thank you Cherise. I too used to believe that I needed to protect myself from all the hurtful things in life – but now see that when we do this we are living in that hurt constantly. We are hurting ourselves. Learning to love ourselves is a very beautiful step to take in life and in my experiences transforms all relationships – because we have transformed our relationship with ourselves. Living from self-love is ‘bringing love to life’ rather than ‘seeking it from life’ – and this makes all the difference.

  34. Wow – your photos speak more than a thousand words, especially your eyes! There is such a playful and cheeky sparkle in the most recent photos. You have me pondering my relationship with myself and how deep I am willing to go with this. Sometimes it’s only when we have everything we thought we wanted that we are able to see that it’s not ‘it’ after all. I am beginning to see that living in a consistently joyful way is actually possible and that a truly successful life is the result of our willingness to live from the impulse of our soul.

  35. I have also been making more self-loving choices for some years now, and sometimes I find myself making self-sabotaging choices and indulging in its consequences and think to myself ‘I should be doing this and that and the other, instead of …’ and forget that it is about connection first and foremost. You remind me here that it is not about bettering myself, but unfolding of what is already here.

  36. Cherise you bring so much wisdom through what you have share of your journey back to being who you truly are. Even with how you returned to a more natural weight breaks all the concepts we hold as a society around dieting and weight gain/loss. You have highlighted how health and well-being is a direct reflection of how we are with ourselves, the love we hold for ourselves, and of the choices we make in our lives and the willingness to be honest and understand why. There is indeed a deeper quality of who we all are waiting to be lived, and you are a testament of how, through self-love, this way of living is possible. Very inspiring – thank you.

  37. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to love ourselves and let go of the patterns of judging ourselves so harshly and bring understanding so that we can feel what changes we can make to support ourselves.

    1. Your so right MW, if we don’t go to this point of appreciation we are still playing ball with the lack of love tyrant.

  38. Why do so many of us want to hide and not be noticed because we have an issue with being seen by others for who we truly are and all the qualities and magnificence that brings?

  39. It is so gorgeous to see the transformation in you after you chose to love you more deeply and commit to growing and living you in full. Supporting and nourishing our bodies is a deeply inspirational way to move through life that benefits not only ourselves but all who get to see another way to be.

  40. So many of us, especially women try and keep up a facade that everything is okay with us when this is not the case at all. We hide behind a wall of pretense so no wonder there is anxiety. The only way through this is to do what you have done Cherise, which is to connect with your true essence, let go of hurts and allow yourself to simply be yourself. You are a true role model in this.

  41. I can relate Cherise to not knowing what self-love actually meant or how to truly love myself. In reaction to life I had closed down from expressing and stayed quiet but this was shutting off my connection with myself and as a result I kept looking for love outside of me. Discovering how to reconnect and develop a loving relationship with myself has taken a few years and the more I accept and appreciate my true qualities within the more I am opening up to expressing from what feels true from my heart and this continues to be a beautiful unfolding.

  42. Losing 30kg in 3 years – that is a big drop. And you say it was not about losing weight, but about accepting and loving yourself, then the weight came off. All those who have weight issues should definitely pay attention here.

  43. Self love works miracles. It’s not a fad but a foundation and it’s something we can all work on, no matter what our life experiences.

    1. Spot on Nick, it’s the only foundation that love can grow from. with out it we are forever trying to get out of the quicksand.

  44. I can remember throughout my teenage years and early twenties looking desperately outside of myself for something to fix the deep sadness and loneliness within me. Nothing worked not even getting married and moving into a new home which I hoped at the time solved what was going on within me. Looking back the tension in my body was enormous because I knew inside me there was another way. It took an illness and disease to put a stop to how I was living and then I found Universal Medicine where I was introduced to another way, The Way of the Livingness. The Way of the Livingness offered me a way to be with myself, to connect to myself and to love myself through the choices I made in my life. It began to change my life and it continues to do so as there is always more to deepen in my relationship to myself.

    1. We learn from a young age that if we do not like our circumstances we need to change them on the outside, but nobody ever teaches us that it starts with the connection to our inside, discarding everything that does not belong there and the outside circumstances will change accordingly.

  45. Bryony the thoughts are often what we need to go on a diet from! Negative thoughts can form a foundation of lack of self worth and all the choices that come with it that harm our health and wellbeing. Making self love our true nourishment and foundation in life fosters choices that bring us joy, and restore our reconnection to the beauty of our inner essence. Self love is the only foundation that can solidly hold us because we can use willpower to change our weight, life, work etc, but if low worth and lovelessness is underneath there is nothing solid to stand on. With self love as a solid base we have something to continually build upon.

  46. ” – the weight literally came off as I began to accept myself and as I began to learn to love myself and treat my body with the love it always deserved.” This is exactly how it happened for me too Cherise, as soon as I took the focus off my weight and onto self love the weight gradually came off, probably also because for the first time I didn’t need it to, it became irrelevant as simply loving, appreciating, accepting and supporting myself became the focus.

  47. Beautiful Cherise, incredible to read and see your transformation. What you’ve shared is deeply inspiring. Your ‘after my self-love program’ photo is beaming with joy. You look incredible, you are open and joyful, sparkling through and through. It shows how protection and hiding of ourselves do not work but being open, loving, expressive of who we are is our natural way.

  48. ‘I had created a picture of what and who I should be and fooled even myself with the quiet, ‘nice girl’ persona.’ Cherise I can so much relate to this especially with how I fooled myself and sometimes still choose to go to this quiet, ‘nice girl’ persona. I would say when I do so I just avoid the responsibility to speak up and or act in a way that is (self) loving.

  49. Cherise what a transformation, you look amazing and your eyes are sparkling. Just goes to show how much we can choose for our selves, and with that change our own lives. Not looking for love outside us, but connecting to the love within us.

  50. There is an aspect of us that has it all backwards! To cope with our hurts the most obvious measure is to shut everyone out with some false hope that that will protect. I have done this, and I’m more than sure that many many others use this tool too. But, ultimately, this just hurts us more because our bodies are designed to connect and let each other in, to be open and communicate all we are to our fellow humans. To deny our bodies and beings this simple and innate quality is to starve ourselves of the very thing we want most in the world. To be and feel loved.

  51. “In keeping myself closed to others I thought I was protecting myself from getting hurt or rejected, but in actual fact I was hurting and rejecting myself most deeply” We think we are protecting ourselves from being hurt by the outer world, when in fact we are not loving ourselves and thus imprisoning ourselves behind a big wall. This lets no love out and no love in – no wonder lack of self esteem is such a big issue n today’s society. We let one or more hurts in our life dictate the way we are with everyone in future – not a great experiment. As I have opened myself up to everyone, the rewards are amazing.

  52. How come that we ever have stopped loving ourselves and created a life in which we are dependant of the recognition and award from the outer world?

  53. Only recently I realised and very subtly it was how much I love people which is ironic because for most of my life I have wanted to avoid people. People were too much, too overwhelming and I would feel wiped out after being in the company of others. So how come the change? The change has been a gentle unfolding of love for myself, how I feel about myself which has had a knock on effect of bringing a confidence within me. I still get tired after being with people but I have tools that support me to feel energised and myself again. It is work in progress but I know I have always loved people and the connection to others; it is about developing a deepening relationship to myself so that I can be the ‘real’ me with everybody with no holding back.

  54. So many diets seem to be about denying yourself certain ‘treats’ which is often seen as punishing. Yet you lost weight from building self worth, self esteem and self love underneath. This seems to have addressed the behaviours that led to eating things that didn’t support your body. This is clearly worth investigating further bearing in mind the trajectory for overweight and obesity in our current world.

  55. When we make the choice to stop showing the world the ‘face’ or ‘front’ that we have created and show another the depth of our essence, our Soul; we are graced with the beauty of receiving their beauty of essence in return. We are able then to bring our understanding, true compassion and love to another and equally see past their ‘front’ to their depth of essence too. Is this not what life is all about? Connecting to and being one with the essence of God that we are all an equal part of and support us all, as one big group, back to the love that we all come from.

  56. Beautiful Cherise and Beautiful Cherise. It is the greatest changer, the best gift we can give ourselves and others. When we love ourselves we can then see and love others as they are. I had no idea that by protecting myself I was denying myself of so much, yet hiding is not love and learning that is the best freedom.

  57. Love is being in my power, that’s doesn’t mean being nice to everyone, firm love at times is required, that can stir up things or create reactions in others – which is good, and very much being called for.

  58. I have recently moved out of home to a place by myself and at times I am finding I am asking myself – I don’t really know who I am – who is the real me? Yes I know I am a Son of God, yes know I am divine and bring so much light and love to this world, people and my work and people love to be around me , but without all the stuff, drama, other peoples issues, ideals, beliefs I have taken on and thought were me, plus a beautiful home, a great job, who am I? What do I feel? What is my truth? How do I feel to write, express, dress, say, eat, do? I can have all these so called great things in life but none of them make me happy or who I am or truly joyful. It’s what’s inside of me – nothing outside of me can change this. I have often used where I lived or other people as a way to blame or an excuse for how I feel – but it’s actually all to do with me – my choices – there is no one else to blame. Learning to trust myself and stop looking outside myself again or looking to other people for the answers, making my own mistakes, making loving choices, not giving my power away to others, growing and learning from ‘my’ choices, is the only way and truth to finding true answers, re-connecting to my Soul – the real me.

  59. It’s interesting as I am becoming more and more aware how I go and have gone to help other people before looking after myself. It’s almost like savior consciousness, the need for people to be a certain way, which feels like it stems from the church , it feels super imposing, needy and almost allows me to indulge and take others people’s stuff on, a bit like a martyr rather than allow the grace of God, observation and free will. Which allows for far more space, love, compassion and understanding and way much more joy, simplicity and freedom in our bodies and this world.

    1. I so recognise this saviour consciousness, the need for people to ‘get it’, to be a certain way and to change so that I can feel safe to express all of me – my true self – which in truth is making it about me which is self-serving and not about others, which is not brotherhood at all. Thankfully, I got to feel how imposing this is for others, and at the same time got to realise that everyone has their own wisdom and power to make different choices, which as you mentioned Gyl, this allows for far more space for life to unfold naturally.

  60. I can very much relate to using food as a way not to feel things, this can be done with so called healthy food, we don’t able to indulge in ice cream or chocolate it can be as easily much done with fruits, vegetables, any kind of food or beverage. What I am learning is it’s not about the food, if I want chocolate to numb me, or sugar or salt to make me racy or harden so I don’t have to take responsibility to feel or read what’s going on all around me, to avoid being the one who stands out – then I can do this easily with fruits, vegetables, nuts and so called healthy bars and snacks. It’s not the food we eat, though that does have a physical and mental impact on our body, it’s the energy that I allow to enter my body that comes first – by the way in which I move – whether it’s through a lack of self -love, lack of self-worth or really all a lack of wanting to take responsibility – that feeds me the thoughts to choose this food. So it’s not about the food it’s about firstly choosing the right energy. Love ( fire / God / Co-creation / Divine) or not ( self, separation, creation, prana)

  61. This sentence stands out to me today. ‘It has been about discovering who I am once again – discovering the real me – and sharing this unreservedly with others.’
    Discovering the real me has been relatively easy, sharing me with others is where I find myself holding back. However, the more I get to know me the more I can feel the ever present encouragement to share me widely with the world.

  62. After, after and after.. there is no limit or measure to the depth we can take ourselves in the name of claiming our own relationship and healing our hurts and choices. Blowing out of the water the idea that there can be any perfection or end point to arrive at, we are presented each and every day with yet a million more moments and thus opportunities to be and live the true essence that we are and not hold this back from anyone around us nor from anything we do even in the simplest of moments on our own. It all counts and every movement we make in truth and harmony of how divine and beautiful we are builds a true foundation for us to understand ourselves, life and everything that comes our way; we don’t just build a trust but begin with an absolute knowingness of who we are and this absoluteness comes with the purity that we are from the initial starting point.

  63. From disconnecting from myself and not knowing who I was, I would adopt images for myself thinking that this was the way I needed to be, but I was simply creating an outer shell without the connection to the depth of knowing and acceptance of who I truly am and the quality we all hold from our essence.

  64. The changes in your before and after photos Cherise are absolutely remarkable both physically and vibrationally. How awesome it must feel to be living so much more of you.

  65. Re-visiting this blog is as inspiring to read as the first visit Cherise.
    I can relate to weight melting away as soon as I stopped the years of yo-yo dieting and I began to appreciate and accept myself too. For 8 years I have been a student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon and my vastly lesser weight remains unchanged, yet my body continues to re-configure its shape as deeper past hurts are dealt with.
    “the weight literally came off as I began to accept myself and as I began to learn to love myself and treat my body with the love it always deserved”.

  66. Cherise I too found that weight loss was a by-product of me making more loving choices around what and how I ate. The ‘what’ was about noticing which foods left me feeling bloated or low in energy and slowly eliminating them. The ‘how was about paying closer attention to if I was really hungry or if it was a case of feeling stressed, tired or in need of comfort and making choices to support myself rather than eat to mask what was really going on.

  67. What a difference in your before and after photos, and the idea of putting yourself on a self love program is a great idea. The outcome of it is clear to see.

  68. I too can relate to how it is to be living in a shield of protection and hardness. I too wish this wasn’t the case, as it has kept me measured and hidden for years. I have found it challenging to let go of this wall of protection, especially in an environment that is threatened by it. Your photographs are proof that it is worthwhile persevering with it.

  69. I love how you gave yourself permission to trust your body again and that you note this hasn’t been the case since you were a young child. Its chilling how we are knocking kids out of their ability to trust their own feelings from a very young age.

  70. I love seeing you emerge from the protection and tension that used to be your normal. You are beautiful inside and out, and that deserves to be shown to the world.

  71. This is such a delightful sharing. The power of self-love and appreciation. I know I could do with more of that and having met you in the more recent years than what you speak of as your before here, I am totally inspired by you, Cherise.

  72. Reading this blog this morning I cannot help but feel that we are constantly being presented with a choice to either avoid our hurts or deal with them and open up to life. You chose to deal with your hurts with an amazing result and really what you have presented here is the way forward for humanity.

  73. What a change, Cherise. As you say it is not just about weight loss but about shedding all the old ideals and beliefs about yourself and removing all the protective patterns and ways you had been living to reveal the gorgeous you underneath. Totally awesome and this is possible for everyone.

  74. What a transformation Cherise. And the fact that you weren’t focusing on losing weight but instead your focus was on loving you shows how powerful this program was.

  75. This line today “I was missing out on a deeper love, a love that could never be given to me by someone else, it could only come from my own heart” brought tears to my eyes. We are all so missing out on this deeper love and we are searching HIGH and LOW for this missing ingredient and getting incredibly distracted and hurt in the process because we don’t know what we are looking for. Enter the Benhayon’s and Universal Medicine who are showing us that the key ingredient missing is living from our own inner-heart.

  76. It is miracle Cherise, you are spot on there. Without Universal Medicine, would anyone have been able to see through the way we manipulate everything to make ourselves less? This lack of self worth thing is global, everyone even the more arrogant, or more confident amongst us are behaving that way to cover up a feeling of lack of self worth. Loving ourselves is the answer but it is not that simple after eons of playing a lack of self worth game to avoid being who we really are. A game we don’t even acknowledge we play, instead preferring to feel a powerless victim of life.

  77. Thanks for writing this Cherise, it is so true that in shielding ourselves from others in order to protect ourselves actually causes us more harm than we could ever suffer from being open and seeing what life brings. I have learned we are meant to be amongst people, as we are all from the one source and life is nothing without letting people into our lives. I really feel the truth in this and loved reading how you have made changes that support this knowing.

  78. “In keeping myself closed to others I thought I was protecting myself from getting hurt or rejected, but in actual fact I was hurting and rejecting myself most deeply..” I fooled myself growing up with this perception not realising in shutting myself off from others I was shutting myself off from connecting to the real me, so that I constantly looked outside searching for the love I wanted to feel that all along was to be found within me just waiting to be connected to and claimed.

  79. Such an inspiring story Cherise and so beautiful to feel that you truly appreciate, and rejoice in, your amazing transformation. Thank you for sharing your before and after self-love program.

  80. Putting yourself on a self love program looks like it was a major life changing choice for you. It is amazing what can happen when we choose to take care of ourselves and be aware of our hurts and issues, rather than just keep on numbing and doing anything and everything to not feel them.

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