Bringing Sunshine inside my Basement by De-cluttering

Recently, on an absolutely gorgeous sunny day in the fall here in Vermont, I made a decision to do something that in the past I would have never dreamed of doing… I took the whole day to completely clean out and de-clutter my basement.

You see, in the past I would not have been caught dead doing something like this in a dark basement on a sunny warm autumn day in Vermont. I would have been outside first thing on a 10 mile trail run, probably followed by a long mountain bike ride in the afternoon with friends, and a cold beer to finish off the day to make it feel ‘complete’.

The thought of being inside on a day like this, cleaning and organising a basement utility room and closets filled with boxes and boxes of various things that take hours to go through and sort out, would have felt like a nightmare to me back then.

After attending a number of Universal Medicine presentations, I came to realise a few years ago that my drive to fill my time with activities like sports was just a way to distract myself from feeling an emptiness brought on from not feeling like I was enough as I was. Thus I used these activities to ‘prove’ myself and identified myself by them. But today my life is very different, and I find satisfaction and completeness in the simple things in life, because the empty feeling has been replaced by a daily practice of self-loving acts and practical ways to re-connect with my body throughout the day. This has naturally brought about a greater acceptance of myself no matter what is going on in my life. I now feel there is nothing to prove to anyone.

So right after breakfast I set out to go into the dark, virtually windowless part of our basement and slowly but surely sorted through every box filled with various home and electronics equipment, junk drawers of desks filled with ‘stuff’, cleaned, organised, threw away things not used in years, and cleaned again, until at the end of the day I felt like it was complete for now.

I was left with a space that felt much cleaner, organised, orderly, and in general, lighter. Later, I would refine this even more to match my level of commitment to the project, and, I feel, to life in general.

To me, the power of committing to doing these simple and loving tasks that bring order and spaciousness to our homes is directly correlated to the level that we commit to serving others in our communities. If we can make a decision to change one simple thing about our homes, and feel how it helps things flow better in our household and lives, then maybe we can start to see how helping other people around us is both a needed and an enjoyable activity.

So on that day I was able to bring that outside glorious golden sunshine inside my basement, and more importantly, inside of me, filling my body with light and a different kind of daily purpose. It almost felt like cleaning out my basement was also clearing out space inside my body, so I was able to see how such a seemingly mundane task could hold a greater purpose in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process without for a minute feeling like I’m missing something by not doing some activity outside. The lightness inside me had matched the brilliant light outside, and I felt a greater spaciousness inside my body. I finished the day with an herbal tea with my wife, as my drinking days are forever gone. This whole experience of de-cluttering my basement has led to bringing more order to the rest of our house, and therefore a deeper spaciousness to our home.

I deeply thank the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and the offerings of Universal Medicine for showing me a way of living that has finally shown me what being LOVE truly means.

By Michael Goodhart

619 thoughts on “Bringing Sunshine inside my Basement by De-cluttering

  1. I love to have a clear out and the feeling of the spaciousness that comes as a result of getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose. Its an ongoing process for me, as I feel clearer and more spacious in my body, there is always another layer of material things I am able to let go of as there is no longer any attachment to wanting to keep them. And then there is more space in my body, and then theres another level of things to clear away… plus I just love to be in the space that Ive just cleared. It really does feel amazing.

    1. So true Willem, this explains why I feel lighter and more spacious when I de-clutter my house. There is so much more to life than just the physical stuff and when we understand how energy works, life starts to make so much sense.

  2. Recently I decluttered my garage and my garden shed and now when I enter these areas I get the lovely feeling of spaciousness both within and around me. What these projects also highlighted is areas of my home which also need decluttering …so there is still work to be done and energy to be cleared!

  3. Clutter in your house and environment makes the body contract as it does not get the reflection it is from and strongly connected with – the universe in which to clutter has no place. Everything in the universe has a purpose and adheres to the cycles and order of thew it. It is just a natural obedience to this cycles and order that is never questioned and should be obeyed to on this planet earth too.

  4. A clean and organised house is a blessing to live in as it reflects the body the same order as it originates from.

  5. What is super cool is when we do connect to ourselves in a deeper and appreciative way then we have a different perspective, We naturally have more clarity and space and then what is around us that doesn’t hold this same quality we know we want to clear to allow such a vibration to be in every area of our lives.

  6. Reading about the emptiness you used to feel which I know many do, it occurred to me that if one was feeling empty one might like having clutter around to appear to fill the space. I have observed that the more full I become the more I enjoy space and the less clutter I like.

    1. People also do something similar with noise to fill the silence and food to fill us up – all ways to numb ourselves and use more to make us less!

    2. I agree with you Nicola, I hardly buy anything for the house because it is just adding clutter and what I want is space. I went into someone’s house recently and the space was tangible it was amazing to feel as was the stillness.

      1. That is amazing Mary, we can feel so much when we walk into someone’s home. The space and stillness you talked about is very loving to walk into, it feels like our whole body receives a healing just by being in it.

  7. “So on that day I was able to bring that outside glorious golden sunshine inside my basement, and more importantly, inside of me, filling my body with light and a different kind of daily purpose.” Beautiful. We are so stuck on what to do when according to the weather, the day of the week, the time of day etc. and with that negating our natural sense of what is truly good for us and needed.

  8. Brilliant Michael, I love your sharing about the de-cluttering process, it is a powerful quality to live with order and simplicity every day.

  9. It’s such a great feeling discarding stuff – not only does our environment feel more spacious but I’m sure we feel lighter in ourselves and much more ready for what is next. Hanging onto stuff never works.

  10. It is amazing when we begin to re-connect to the truth of who we are within as we realise and can feel that it is our connection to our light within that brings light to our day, wherever we are and whatever we do. The more we honor this connection, heal what does not belong to this truth the more space we create for more of who we are, the light of our Soul to shine through.

  11. I used to be irresponsible and galavant around the neighbourhood. My home was disregarded. NOW, I love being home. I clean, continuously order and anything that does not feel right is questioned immediately if it belongs in my home. Its no mistake when you start to take care of your body you naturally take care of the environment you live in.

  12. Serge Benhayon is supporting people to expand their awareness of ways they can live their lives. To see that there can be more to life than meets the eye, and we have more options than we think. This is a simple straightforward example of this – to feel what is needed and not what you think you should be doing or is ‘right’ to do based on a beliefs.

    1. It is so true Sarah without meeting Serge Benhayon I would have given up on exploring the sense I had that there was more to life than what we see. Re-discovering that there is a vast world within us all, that through our connection to our essence, our Soul, we have much greater and truer sight to know what is needed, that honors the truth of our body and being, and all equally.

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