Your Breasts… My Breasts… Just whose Breasts are those, Anyway?

  • Why, they’re my breasts – I’m your baby… and if you let me I’ll suck them ‘til I’m 5 years old.
  • No, they’re mine – I’m the soft porn in the ads and the page 3 girls in the daily paper. Those breasts can sell anything!
  • No, they’re my breasts – I’m the X rated porn industry, one of the USA’s greatest exports.

  • No, they’re mine – I’m the bra manufacturer. With every second person being double breasted we support the big ones and pad out the little ones. We’re on a winner!
  • No, they’re my breasts – I’m the cosmetic surgeon; a nip, a tuck, enlargements and reductions… defying gravity is our specialty.
  • No, they’re mine – I’m the cancer industry. The only thing I haven’t got for breast cancer is a reason or a cure.
  • No, they’re my breasts – I’m the politician who gets to use the ‘breast’ word as many times as I like when I’m talking about breast cancer appeals.
  • No, they’re mine – I’m the guys on the construction sites that wolf whistle as you go past – while bravely hiding in the scaffolding.
  • No, those are my breasts – I’m the husband or the boyfriend who wants ‘a bit of a grope’ after a night at the pub or watching porn with the boys.
  • No, they’re my breasts– I’m the mainstream religions: we don’t own the breasts only, we own the whole woman, who is inferior because god told us so, and he made her out of a spare rib.

Whoa! Hang on a second…
I’m a woman and these breasts are mine

“Come on lady! Can’t you see there’s a queue? Get in the line.”


I write now, as the father of three beautiful women, from a sense of wonderment and respect for them and their equally beautiful mother. For over a decade now I have observed them as they have surely repaired their relationship with their own bodies and have flowered into the gorgeous, nurturing, loving women they are today; brimming with a joy that is infectious and readily shared on every level with those with whom they make contact.

The preceding list is but an aspect of that which they have overcome, albeit a very important one, for if a woman can be alienated from her very breasts, her divinely endowed centres of the nurturing essence, then she is already far down the path of separation from self, with all the abandonment and strife that surely follows. As it did!

To be graced to witness the glorious unfoldment of these women from the emotional straitjackets which bound them to the rollercoaster of life as we knew it, has provided a joy that I had forgotten I was capable of feeling: it is a joy that confirms that the life soulfully lived can rise up and soar out of the mire of despair that characterizes the ‘veil of tears’.

Universal Medicine is the organisation that dared to go there: the one group that despite ridicule and loathing, identified that major disconnection, then answered the call by presenting the modality (the Esoteric Breast Massage) and training the dedicated female practitioners to begin the process of reconnection and reclamation of the essence of femaleness in form. And this they lovingly do. This pioneering modality will one day be available to women everywhere, until such day as it is no longer required.

Serge Benhayon, his family, the Way of the Livingness, and the Students one and all, you are the pointers to the future, for you are the future now.

By Andy Baldwin, Retail Assistant, Student, Byron Bay

667 thoughts on “Your Breasts… My Breasts… Just whose Breasts are those, Anyway?

  1. Andy you have written such a powerful blog and it’s a shame that it is not out there in the mainstream women’s magazines. How clever is the energy that keeps the women separated from her breasts so that she cannot connect to her divineness and as you rightfully say the separation from herself and the abandonment she then lives in.

    1. Yes Mary Sanford. A powerful blog that is written from a males understanding which in itself brings even more gold to the gift in the words on this page. Having had a number of sessions with this modality I am now more aware that the more I choose to connect to my divinity the more I bring a reflection to all men to live this in their expression.

  2. What you wrote Andy, shows actually that we as a society are so lost that we even do not understand and appreciate what the real gender qualities can bring to our societies. When the breast of a women are not honoured for what they bring, not only to the women but also to all men we fall short on ourselves personally but also as a community as we are missing an important quality that in fact is the core of our human existence.

  3. Looking at your list, I could feel myself going into a bit of hardness in reaction to that, that I rather quickly abandoned my essence – and I can feel that is the very thing that has been adding to the energy that wants to crush women and what they are here to bring through their body – women stepping away from their sacredness.

  4. Great expose Andy on how we allow separation from ourselves and our breasts. The Esoteric Breast Massage is a wonderful modality that has supported me to be much more connected to my soul. It is very much needed in today’s world.

  5. The difference as a woman between living knowing that your breasts are for sex, babies, men, or illness and living knowing that your breasts represent a nurturing centre, is night and day. Thank goodness Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have been willing to bring the Esoteric Breast Massage to the world. Without it I would not have the incredible gift of living as a woman who accepts me as I am.

  6. When I go through your above list Andy it is no wonder that women who start to claim their breasts for themselves and free themselves from the claims of other people and industries are attacked. That especially women and especially their female organs are occupied and misused should be studied! What lies in the women’s breasts that they are so under abuse and so are never able to present and express their potential. We like to think that we are so evolved and modern – but in fact how far did we come with the true honor of femaleness? Still we have nearly no awareness as a society what the true purpose of women is. Or have we? I guess we must have it, or if not, we would not be able to inhibit the true purpose of femaleness to come out so ‘successfully’.

  7. Andy you are a true role model for all men and a dear friend to all women just by what you have shared which I can feel the absolute sincerity and genuineness in. This is deeply healing for both men and women showing men how to treat women and raising the bar with respect, love and integrity. I really love the last two paragraphs regarding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, yes they did dare to go there and yes they are absolutely living the future now.

  8. How is it that there is not uproar about all the ways in which women’s breasts are imposed upon, treated, looked at or touched inappropriately, not to mention all of the complications and damage that comes from this as a result. And yet when there is something out there that is truly honouring and based on the level of integrity that women deserve – it is questioned far more than the abuse that goes un-exposed and un-questioned…?

    1. Sadly because we have become more used to the expression of abuse than we are used to the expression of love. It has become far easier for us to criticise each other than it is to truly appreciate the depth of who we are. This is an alarming wake-up call as to where it is we stand as a global society and thus why we are so very, very sick on so many levels.

  9. Those that ridicule that which has been put in place to truly support us all, are those who have dug their heels firmly in and refused the help to get us out of the mess we are all in because, as sad as it may well seem, they are getting something out of such a way of living that has us expressing far less than who we truly are. One glimpse at the health statistics of women for breast cancer alone shows us that we have not yet ‘got it’ in terms of looking after women so that they in turn can do what they are designed to do which is to nurture others in the truest sense. We as a humanity are starved of this nurturing quality so it would serve us well to take heed of what is here presented. Thank you Andy Baldwin.

  10. As a woman I know what it feels like to be disconnected from my breasts and I also know the opposite, that is what it feels like to have connected to my breasts through the support of the Esoteric Breast Massage. The difference is profound in terms of my health and wellbeing.

  11. This is such beautiful piece of writing and you can feel the deep love and respect for everyone that it holds, I love coming back to read it again. This level of respect and honouring of a women’s body is the way forwards, not because women are better but because the only way to truly unite is if we honour and respect everyone equally for the wonders that we each have the potential to bring to life.

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