Writing in a Journal and the Power of Honesty

I woke this morning feeling out of sorts – flat and weary, with a sore lower back. I began writing simply but honestly in my journal. I asked myself, “how could I feel this way when I had just woken from a full night’s sleep?” I asked how yesterday had been, what had been disturbing me, and what I had done when I had felt disturbed. I wrote down exactly how my body felt physically and more generally, I wrote how I felt. As I wrote I had more clarity on my weariness, and felt beyond the sense of flat, to sadness, to a feeling of being a little bereft. I wrote as honestly as I could about the things that had been happening that triggered those feelings. 

And then I got up, dressed, and as I usually do, took my dog for a walk.

As I started out I became aware of how snug, secure and warm my body felt – I was wearing my new thermal tights and vest under my walking clothes. I felt the care and nurturing I had given myself in choosing to wear them. And then I noticed how easy and flowing my walking felt.

I enjoyed that feeling of ease and harmony. I then became aware of the weather: it was what many people would call ‘miserable’. It was damp and misty, and almost raining at times. In my warm thermals, protected from any cold, all I could see was the deep beauty and quiet that came with the weather. The shapes of the trees seemed more pronounced against the mist, and the sounds of the birds seemed more distinct and clear.

I remembered Serge Benhayon talking quite a few years ago about how it shouldn’t matter to us what the weather was like, how in truth it shouldn’t dictate or alter how we felt. At the time I had thought the comment fanciful, something that was lovely in theory, but not achievable in practice, but now I found myself fully appreciating that no day was more beautiful than another: that this ‘miserable’ day was equally beautiful to a bright sunny one.

So, here I was, the person who had woken distinctly out of sorts, now walking along feeling the ease, stillness and quiet, and fully appreciating the beauty of the day. The things that had been bothering me on waking were still there, but they were not dictating or affecting how my day would be. They were not engulfing me like they had when I first woke up.

And what had I done? I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal. They are very simple practical techniques that have been presented at Universal Medicine events, and which, when I commit to them and put them into practice, help me on a day-to-day basis.

By Catherine Jones, Surrey

675 thoughts on “Writing in a Journal and the Power of Honesty

  1. Nowadays a ten minute walk can connect deeper with me and can relax more tension out of my body then what a whole weeks holiday did before in my life.

  2. Thank you Catherine, I have found great power in simple self care and nurturing techniques, especially when I have felt engulfed by something such as issue or worry etc. I have just recently begun some journal writing as well to help me catch up on some big events in my life, and nurturing myself by sharing honestly how I feel. All this time dedicated to ourselves and our own self care makes for a joyful life.

  3. I loved walking with you today, no matter what the weather is when we walk with ourselves we walk with an easy flow, and I have noticed how easy it is to let go of the things that have bothered me before my walk, how much freer I feel after a walk and how much easier it is to be honest with myself.

  4. Life becomes so beautiful when we connect to that natural delicate and tender feeling in the body in which we can feel the the love we are from. When we live like this from this livingness, we connect to the outer world in the knowing that we are from the same source and that there is the same beauty in whatever is being presented to us. May it be a lovely summer day or a cold winter day, there is always that connection with the grander whole we are all part of and can connect with.

  5. I love what you have shared her Catherine. I find there are levels of honesty I can engage in. For example this morning I have an aching lower back. Admitting that in itself rather than ignoring it and pretending all is okay is an important level of honesty. Universal Medicine has supported me to understand nothing happens in random and any issue is a result of choices, and adopting this I can see the choices I made yesterday to push through after I knew my body needed to stop (as well as the choices I made the days before which resulted in me being in that predicament yesterday!) were directly related.

    But interesting that when I consider ‘honesty’ I tend to think of getting to the point of seeing how I have stuffed up and what needs extra work. What you have introduced here is expanding my awareness to the yet bigger picture of the power of the perfection, absoluteness and love that is the Universe and that I also am.

  6. love how honesty brings truth, truth brings connection and connection allows us to feel the beauty in all that is around us.

  7. You say “I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal” – and this is the thing, we want a technique, a medicine with a fancy name, something to get us out of our predicament, yet here we find healing is actually very simple and rather gorgeous.

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