Writing in a Journal and the Power of Honesty

I woke this morning feeling out of sorts – flat and weary, with a sore lower back. I began writing simply but honestly in my journal. I asked myself, “how could I feel this way when I had just woken from a full night’s sleep?” I asked how yesterday had been, what had been disturbing me, and what I had done when I had felt disturbed. I wrote down exactly how my body felt physically and more generally, I wrote how I felt. As I wrote I had more clarity on my weariness, and felt beyond the sense of flat, to sadness, to a feeling of being a little bereft. I wrote as honestly as I could about the things that had been happening that triggered those feelings. 

And then I got up, dressed, and as I usually do, took my dog for a walk.

As I started out I became aware of how snug, secure and warm my body felt – I was wearing my new thermal tights and vest under my walking clothes. I felt the care and nurturing I had given myself in choosing to wear them. And then I noticed how easy and flowing my walking felt.

I enjoyed that feeling of ease and harmony. I then became aware of the weather: it was what many people would call ‘miserable’. It was damp and misty, and almost raining at times. In my warm thermals, protected from any cold, all I could see was the deep beauty and quiet that came with the weather. The shapes of the trees seemed more pronounced against the mist, and the sounds of the birds seemed more distinct and clear.

I remembered Serge Benhayon talking quite a few years ago about how it shouldn’t matter to us what the weather was like, how in truth it shouldn’t dictate or alter how we felt. At the time I had thought the comment fanciful, something that was lovely in theory, but not achievable in practice, but now I found myself fully appreciating that no day was more beautiful than another: that this ‘miserable’ day was equally beautiful to a bright sunny one.

So, here I was, the person who had woken distinctly out of sorts, now walking along feeling the ease, stillness and quiet, and fully appreciating the beauty of the day. The things that had been bothering me on waking were still there, but they were not dictating or affecting how my day would be. They were not engulfing me like they had when I first woke up.

And what had I done? I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal. They are very simple practical techniques that have been presented at Universal Medicine events, and which, when I commit to them and put them into practice, help me on a day-to-day basis.

By Catherine Jones, Surrey

723 thoughts on “Writing in a Journal and the Power of Honesty

  1. Nowadays a ten minute walk can connect deeper with me and can relax more tension out of my body then what a whole weeks holiday did before in my life.

  2. Thank you Catherine, I have found great power in simple self care and nurturing techniques, especially when I have felt engulfed by something such as issue or worry etc. I have just recently begun some journal writing as well to help me catch up on some big events in my life, and nurturing myself by sharing honestly how I feel. All this time dedicated to ourselves and our own self care makes for a joyful life.

  3. I loved walking with you today, no matter what the weather is when we walk with ourselves we walk with an easy flow, and I have noticed how easy it is to let go of the things that have bothered me before my walk, how much freer I feel after a walk and how much easier it is to be honest with myself.

  4. Life becomes so beautiful when we connect to that natural delicate and tender feeling in the body in which we can feel the the love we are from. When we live like this from this livingness, we connect to the outer world in the knowing that we are from the same source and that there is the same beauty in whatever is being presented to us. May it be a lovely summer day or a cold winter day, there is always that connection with the grander whole we are all part of and can connect with.

  5. I love what you have shared her Catherine. I find there are levels of honesty I can engage in. For example this morning I have an aching lower back. Admitting that in itself rather than ignoring it and pretending all is okay is an important level of honesty. Universal Medicine has supported me to understand nothing happens in random and any issue is a result of choices, and adopting this I can see the choices I made yesterday to push through after I knew my body needed to stop (as well as the choices I made the days before which resulted in me being in that predicament yesterday!) were directly related.

    But interesting that when I consider ‘honesty’ I tend to think of getting to the point of seeing how I have stuffed up and what needs extra work. What you have introduced here is expanding my awareness to the yet bigger picture of the power of the perfection, absoluteness and love that is the Universe and that I also am.

  6. love how honesty brings truth, truth brings connection and connection allows us to feel the beauty in all that is around us.

  7. You say “I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal” – and this is the thing, we want a technique, a medicine with a fancy name, something to get us out of our predicament, yet here we find healing is actually very simple and rather gorgeous.

  8. This is a great example of what can happen if you choose to put any one of the many support and practical ways of being in life that are presented by Universal Medicine. The Way of the Livingness is that – a way of living that supports you to be fully engaged in life but not knocked around by it.

  9. I’ve tried writing journals in the past but have not been committed to a daily practice so have stopped after a few days. One of the reasons for that is I’ve felt a bit silly writing to myself. What I mean by that is that because it was for me and not for anyone else to read (an audience), I found it difficult to understand the point of it. So ingrained in me is that belief that I took on in school that writing is only for others – to be recognised, to achieve something, or to express something to another, that I found it impossible to write without writing for someone else to read it. Why express when its just for me? It’s great to expose this lack of valuing myself as well as the need for a reward for writing or expressing in any other way. I’m going to return to journal writing with a fresh imprint and knowing the value there is in expressing to myself.

  10. You choosing to appreciate your own caring and nurturing about your perfect clothing for the day gave you a different focus on how your body and then the weather felt to you. I love the way appreciation works, what it does to the body and the movements it makes, leaving behind a beautiful imprint for everyone to enjoy.

  11. Sometimes when people talk about writing in a diary or journal it can seem like an indulgence – like it is a way of venting emotions and blaming others/ life/ the weather for their discontent but I love how the way you’ve written here there is none of that – it was just simply being honest with yourself about what you were feeling and being open to seeing what that was reflecting for you…

  12. It can be so easy to get stuck in an emotional issue and let it play round and round in our head and let it affect our day. I love the fact that you took a moment to wonder why you felt flat and weary and out of sorts with a sore lower back. It can be so healing to ponder on these moments instead of overriding them as a bad nights sleep and continue the day in that way hoping the day may get better. When we are truly honest with ourselves it is amazing how quickly we can shift something that may have disturbed the rest of the day.

  13. ‘I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal’. – This is so practical and supportive Catherine. There is an honouring that has taken place in these 3 reflective activities and commitment. From the time we are young we live with a constant message that we are not ok and so a foundation is formed that reflects to us everything we feel, and everything we are is wrong. Taking a moment to truly feel, accept and honour our truth is re-connecting to that inner divinity that we truly are and a healing/shift plays out changing our moment/our day/our life.

  14. This is wonderful to read. I feel that honesty delivers us back to truth, to ourselves, so no matter what energies we’ve taken up we can let them go with this honesty. I also am appreciating how weather isn’t dictating how I am feeling as it once did. Days of non-stop rain I am not a fan of because it’s not so nice for walks but there are always others things like swimming to enjoy.

    1. Yes, lies have difficulty sustaining themselves in the face of honesty. It seems too simple but it is very powerful.

  15. I moved from England and lived abroad for 3 years citing the bad weather here as one of the reasons. It didn’t take long to realise that with wall to wall sunshine for months on end, I still had the same issues. Now back in England, I rarely moan about the weather and actually love the seasons and even the rain.

  16. I have been amazed how much I could recover during the day from waking up tired or (in the past) exhausted. It is as if living in a certain way during the day actually gives you energy.

  17. When we are, and feel really comfortable, in our body no outer circumstance can disturb this. And this is something everybody should learn and know.

  18. Simple and sweet really, ” I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal.” There is something about writing in a journal or recording like this that supports us deeper. I know when I have done this and read back over things as apposed to trying to just remember there is a huge difference. It’s like you remember it one way but when it’s recorded the real goings on are shown. I guess like even writing this comment is a record in the same way, a true record of what I was feeling at this point.

  19. By nominating what hurts us, we no longer allow it to own us. Thus, in this state we are free to walk unencumbered by the imposition we had brought upon ourselves that had no place within us and sought to make us feel so burdened and become so dense.

  20. There is nothing more empowering than to discover that we are not our emotions, and that movement, when made in a gesture towards truth, which includes starting with the honesty of what can be felt, is one that re-establishes a connection with a greater flow in life. A beautiful illustration of this thank you Catherine…

  21. I find that the levels of honesty in how I have been in the day come to me when I stop for a walk at the end of the day, or during my lunch break. A moment to stop and take stock of how I have been travelling and clocking the choices that I have been making that have either been harming or supporting me throughout the day.

  22. Walking, whilst connected with ourselves, feeling our body and appreciating our qualities we bring can really help change our energy to one that feels quite gorgeous no matter our start point.

  23. The beauty of this life at this time is that connection is on-tap! By being connected to ourselves and cultivating a deep relationship with our body we do not become victims of the external factors in this world, even the weather.

  24. This is such a simple practice that I know has supported me on many a morning when I’ve let the previous day’s choices run into my day. Just accepting how I am feeling and reconnecting with myself with out admonishment but an openness of observation I can go for a walk, or drive the car to work and just be with me and come back to feeling a steadiness that I can keep choosing through out my day.

    Often I have to say no to the thoughts that want me to give myself a hard time and know their justifying themselves are not valid. So they will say that by giving myself a hard time will mean I will not do it again. It is rather like the angry parent shouting at the child but not understanding why the child did what they did and leaving those reasons intact. So, no matter how hard the punishment, the child repeats their behaviour or subjugates it into something else instead of being supported to heal.

  25. Catherine I love the power that writing with honesty and truth brings, it stops all the confusion, all the games that we can play in our head and allows us to grow, evolve and move forward with our life. It helps us make sense of the world by expressing the truth of what is going on. Of course we can also abuse writing and list off lies and “convenient truths”.

  26. Honesty in our daily lives takes us from being a cork in a sea of life and all it brings, to being resourceful and equipped for whatever comes our way.

  27. Such a great sharing Catherine and it can be on the smallest or biggest thing that is going on in our lives when we go for the honesty and at times this can be difficult what we are left with when we do go for it is clarity and space to feel more of who we are.

    1. Agreed Natalie and beautifully said. Space is never empty as it is either occupied with the spaciousness of love or the density of all that is not of love, the difference of which is always felt in the body.

  28. I love how this article doesn’t try to fix what has happened or how the body feels, that instead it is acknowledged accepted and left, with the day ahead to be lived with the grace of fully loving the body, no matter the experiences of the previous day.

  29. Something else that stands out for me is how the body is left to be itself in this sharing. We tend to treat our body with such disdaine when we choose a behaviour that doesn’t feel lovely in it, when it is never the body at fault, but the choice we made in how to live in it.

  30. Honesty is key in coming to the truth of who we are and why we feel as we feel and with that any judgement disappears. There will be only understanding and a new foundation to evolve from.

  31. When we are honest with ourselves about what does not feel true, we expose the energy that is not of love, allowing us to move forward embracing greater love in our bodies, as such creating space for us to magnify love through our movements.

  32. Everyday we live, we write a page in the journal of life, but do we expresss with all of our heart? Do we consider ourselves a part of the universe? It seems to me we are the authors of the life we lead, and the story we illustrate is purely down to us, our ideals and beliefs. Life needn’t be a drama or science fiction – but a true love story if we just consider the bigger picture. We after all are just characters in God’s stageplay. Thank you Catherine for this reminder of the power of writing.

  33. This is gorgeous Catherine, the key is being honest and open about how we feel. I know when I have been denying and avoiding how I feel, the tension and intensity of what I was feeling just get buried and can build up. This could lead to a potential eruption if I do not deal with it by stopping to feel and to heal.

  34. How more we are just ourselves, very simple, just open and transparent it does not matter what is going on we can feel the joy of each moment.

  35. Our honesty is our key — our golden key to heal the past and to prepare ourselves for the future by being in the present. It is so profound to share more openly, by writing it down for example, what we go through, what we feel and see in our lives and around us and what mechanisms we have actually established to play down our sensitivity and love. Good to catch! And this is by honesty.

  36. I love the simplicity of what you have shared here Catherine “I had simply committed to feeling what I was feeling, to being as honest as I could be about what I felt, and writing it in a journal” I find there are times when I can do this and let it go but there are other times when I go into fix it mode and then of course everything is amplified and i feel the heaviness of it all.

  37. It is only when we are not true to the love that we are that we allow the clouds to mask the eternal warmth of the Soul’s glow.

  38. The techniques presented by Universal Medicine are very practical and when practiced bring about amazing, and often unimagined, changes in one’s life and way of living that are truly remarkable.

  39. Without honesty we stay stuck in old pattern and momentums, when we commit to being honest with ourselves and nominating how we are feeling this is a powerful movement that supports us in every way.

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