Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

I have been clearing out clutter in my house recently: bedroom, bathroom, shower room, car… and then I felt okay, it’s time to go for it in the back room of my house. This is the place where I’ve dumped all my clutter for years, from when I was 16-17 years old and I’m 37 now! You know that kind of room, where everything goes. All the stuff we hold onto, but deep down we really don’t want to keep, then it becomes more and more, and we think how am I going to start this or clear it. It feels too big a job, and often we don’t look, or just close the door.

But it had come to that time where I no longer wanted to ignore or avoid it. I wanted to clear out the clutter, to have this amazing space, knowing the room and the rest of the house would feel so much better if I did this.

I had held on to stuff for far too long and now was the time to clear the place where I kept shutting the door.

I was amazed at what I found: letters from people that I didn’t know I had, old photos, paintings, postcards, drawings, just random stuff and lots and lots of rubbish. I asked myself why do we keep hold of so much stuff, even down to the tiniest of little things – old tickets, pens, buttons, and cards? It felt so amazing to go through every drawer, not holding onto all this clutter just in case, but simply saying no, I don’t want or need this in my life anymore. Bags and boxes were filled and taken out, plus a visit or three to the recycling centre, and I’m about halfway there.

Old furniture is going out, plus stuff we have held onto since I was a small child. It just feels so amazing to clean and clear this space, woweee! that makes me smile a huge big smile.

As for my bedroom, wow, what a change by simply attaching a full-length mirror to the wall that had been sitting on the floor for years, waiting for someone else to put it up. I decided to do it for myself and the feeling of the room has totally changed. It feels clearer and lighter and so much more spacious – and it feels amazing to have the mirror up on the wall – I can see all of me properly without having to stand far away, bend my knees or even stand out in the hall.

There is such a real sense and feeling of clarity, spaciousness, contentment and joy when I clean and clear and let go of things I no longer need.

As the lady in the secondhand shop said, “it’s like we are clearing the cobwebs away”, and she didn’t mean in our house, but inside of us . . . I couldn’t agree more. Each time I clean and clear out clutter be it in my home, work, or car the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally. It is as if a load has been lifted, a heaviness, something that has weighed me down has gone – space has been created, by clearing out the clutter I no longer need… I might end up clearing out the whole house!

Inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Gyl Rae

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766 thoughts on “Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

  1. I am in the process of de-cluttering my house Gyl, so this is perfect timing to read this blog. I am really enjoying finally letting go of some old objects or clothes I have hoarded for years and have been keeping ‘just in case’. It feels like a weight has been lifted the more I let go of things, and there is a more expansive feeling within the home and within my body. I am looking forward to completing some more rooms this week as it lifts the energy of the whole home beautifully.

  2. I find I always find something better or ‘more important’ to do instead of ordening or clearing out spaces that are actually even bothering. Yet taking the time to clear out clutter makes spaces so much more supportive for the so-called ‘more important’ work. This exposes that there is actually nothing more important than the other thing, it is all equal when you see how one thing supports us to do the next. Cleaning is another one of these.

  3. Moving house is always a great opportunity to do a thorough and huge clear out as we look at everything with fresh eyes, as we take the time to feel what needs to go out, not wishing to take the old into the our new living spaces. But we do not have to move house to do this, we can simply walk around our house putting on a fresh pair of eyes, and ask ourselves, if I was moving what would I keep and what would I leave or take to the re-cycling?

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