Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

I have been clearing out clutter in my house recently: bedroom, bathroom, shower room, car… and then I felt okay, it’s time to go for it in the back room of my house. This is the place where I’ve dumped all my clutter for years, from when I was 16-17 years old and I’m 37 now! You know that kind of room, where everything goes. All the stuff we hold onto, but deep down we really don’t want to keep, then it becomes more and more, and we think how am I going to start this or clear it. It feels too big a job, and often we don’t look, or just close the door.

But it had come to that time where I no longer wanted to ignore or avoid it. I wanted to clear out the clutter, to have this amazing space, knowing the room and the rest of the house would feel so much better if I did this.

I had held on to stuff for far too long and now was the time to clear the place where I kept shutting the door.

I was amazed at what I found: letters from people that I didn’t know I had, old photos, paintings, postcards, drawings, just random stuff and lots and lots of rubbish. I asked myself why do we keep hold of so much stuff, even down to the tiniest of little things – old tickets, pens, buttons, and cards? It felt so amazing to go through every drawer, not holding onto all this clutter just in case, but simply saying no, I don’t want or need this in my life anymore. Bags and boxes were filled and taken out, plus a visit or three to the recycling centre, and I’m about halfway there.

Old furniture is going out, plus stuff we have held onto since I was a small child. It just feels so amazing to clean and clear this space, woweee! that makes me smile a huge big smile.

As for my bedroom, wow, what a change by simply attaching a full-length mirror to the wall that had been sitting on the floor for years, waiting for someone else to put it up. I decided to do it for myself and the feeling of the room has totally changed. It feels clearer and lighter and so much more spacious – and it feels amazing to have the mirror up on the wall – I can see all of me properly without having to stand far away, bend my knees or even stand out in the hall.

There is such a real sense and feeling of clarity, spaciousness, contentment and joy when I clean and clear and let go of things I no longer need.

As the lady in the secondhand shop said, “it’s like we are clearing the cobwebs away”, and she didn’t mean in our house, but inside of us . . . I couldn’t agree more. Each time I clean and clear out clutter be it in my home, work, or car the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally. It is as if a load has been lifted, a heaviness, something that has weighed me down has gone – space has been created, by clearing out the clutter I no longer need… I might end up clearing out the whole house!

Inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Gyl Rae

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753 thoughts on “Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

  1. A great blog Gyl, I also love the feeling of spaciousness and lightness in the home after having a good clear out. It is amazing how we cling on to stuff from our past. Creating a new loving foundation for each area in our home can really support us, especially in the bedroom where we rest and allow our bodies to rejuvenate at night so a beautifully clear and well-looked space is essential. If I leave anything out or somewhere gets untidy, this has a direct impact and I can feel the effect in my body until I tidy it away.

    1. Hi Linda, what I have learnt today is its not just about clearing out clutter or creating space in one room or another – but actually our home is our loving safe place; a place we can come to each day, that supports us and is there to confirm us, no matter what is going on around us or outside us in the world.

    2. For example, how is our bathroom set up, do we have the shampoo etc that we feel will support us, how are things laid out, is it simple, or cluttered, what are the cupboards like, do we have flowers or candles in there? So that when we go in it confirms how glorious and divine we are, rather than being messy. The same can be said for everything in the house, even the porch and garden. And that’s not being over the top about it, but feeling you are absolutely worth love and worth confirming it.

  2. I can feel that space as I read your blog Gyl. I am about to have a big clear out myself and I am looking forward to it.

  3. I can relate to what you write here Gyl. I have even found myself holding onto clutter in a room (even if only a little bit) to avoid the possibilities presented by the spaciousness. Crazy huh? The clutter and the dense feeling that it comes with seems to be more comfortable than the spaciousness. This is just me fooling myself, however, as when the clutter is cleared away I am always able to embrace the spaciousness and all the possibilities it comes with.

    1. I relate to this Kate. I used to knit a lot, but completely stopped a couple of years ago. Even so, I have held onto yarn that I will never use. Some part of me wanted to hold on it a bit longer….that “just in case” style of thinking…
      But “just in case” what?
      So, all of the balls have been gathered to be given to someone who will put it all to the best of use.
      The most beautiful part of this is that even though most of the yarn was out of sight, the feeling of my home has completely changed, something has been released. It is extraordinary that it was not just balls that have been removed, but a way of thinking, an attitude and a quality that is no longer a part of who I am today.

      1. Thank you Rachel, you have really summed it up, although we remove physical objects “a way of thinking, an attitude and a quality that is no longer a part of who I am today.” is cleared alongside its physical representation.

  4. “It just feels so amazing to clean and clear this space, woweee! that makes me smile a huge big smile”.
    I’m smiling with you Gyl and giving a big woweee!!
    It does feel amazing and expanding to have a good clean out.
    You have inspired me to clean out my wardrobe, woweee

  5. Gyl I know exactly what you are saying – “Each time I clean and clear out clutter be it in my home, work, or car the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally.” This is the reason why I love it to clear all my clutter! What I observed is that if I made a change in my life I also declutter my flat – it went hand in hand and so I love it that it is clear in myself and in my flat.

    1. I lived with someone once who would have sudden urges to clear out their wardrobe and rearrange the furniture and I knew that there was a big inner change happening in them. As you say esteraltmiks, the inner and outer change went ‘hand in hand’.

  6. ‘I had held on to stuff for far too long and now was the time to clear the place where I kept shutting the door.’ Interesting that when I read this line I could immediately feel there are some doors left inside me that I have been tiptoeing around. As it happens today I took it upon myself to dig my way through some piles of clothes that I never wear but can’t seem to say goodbye to. To be continued.

  7. Gyl- even this blog feels spacious with one very clear message – there are cobwebs inside and outside of us to be cleared when we detox physical baggage and clutter both are connected and influence the other.

  8. Your writing makes so much sense Gyl and resonates with practical wisdom, unless someone was on top of their clutter it would be difficult to not be inspired to lighten the load and take warmly to putting a few things in the bin after reading your blog. I find de-cluttering happens in rounds, I get rid of things around the house and then find after a bit of space I go back and there is more I can let go of that I had not even noticed before.

  9. There is nothing like a good clearing. It feels so light and spacious. I had a big clean out 12 months ago and I have made a conscious effort to keep it that way, it’s easy when I have a beautiful sunlit home to reflect the light and spacious.

  10. The knowing that I have a lot of clutter to clear out is a constant tension and when I do clear out some stuff it feels wonderful but there is always more and things that I realise I am still holding on to. I too have a mirror propped against the wall of the bedroom and you have inspired me to put it in place to reflect all of me.

    1. Awesome Mary, thats great. What I have found is not being so hard on myself, yeah I know I still have stuff to clear out and this is always an ongoing process, but what I’ve learnt is trying to do it all at once doesn’t work, I just end up feeling frustrated or wanting to give up half way through. What I have also learnt is that I’m not responsible for clearing up everyones stuff, yes a general tidy up, as in the house hold chores, but not to wade through boxes or cupboards trying to clear their stuff out for them.

  11. I absolutely love clearing out things I no longer need, it feels so good to do. Sometimes it can be challenging to make the decision to let something go that I don’t need, but in my experience it is always worth it.

  12. ” Each time I clean and clear out clutter be it in my home, work, or car the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally”- So true Gyl.
    I love to clear out clutter, a weight feels lifted off my shoulders and I feel more spacious in my body and clearer in my mind. And the change in the room is palpable- more spacious and light.

  13. Thank you Gyl for an awesome reminder of the beautiful and spacious feeling from clearing out old clutter. You have inspired me to begin the process as I have been putting it off – why put something off that will truly support me in the home?

  14. “There is such a real sense and feeling of clarity, spaciousness, contentment and joy when I clean and clear and let go of things I no longer need”.
    There certainly is Gyl, I also love the feelings after clearing and cleaning any space where clutter and complication reside.

      1. It’s true – we also stuff our bags or cars full of things that we don’t need – which we physically and energetically carry around with us all day.

      2. Oh…the handbag! I occasionally place women’s bags on a chair in my treatment room. Seriously, they weigh as much as a suitcase! For what reason can we need to carry so much? I wonder if some of us have spare life rafts in there…in case of a flood. What a devastation to our body to carry that imbalanced load all day.
        Having said that, it is time to clean out my hand bag!

  15. I am very inspired, Gyl. I do not have much ‘clutter’ in my house, but I am aware there is some feeling of stagnation here that needs to be attended to and cleared. It is time to grow out of the old, familiar comfort I have lived in and with for many years.

  16. Getting rid of/ not accumulate clutter is such a supportive and loving thing to do for oneself and the people we live with. Once we get over (take responsibility for) the unpleasant feeling associated with the disregard that we have allowed and which then manifests as clutter, the feeling of joy and spaciousness are just there waiting to be enjoyed.

  17. “it had come to that time where I no longer wanted to ignore or avoid it” – ahah, I could so relate to that one Gyl. I remember in the past getting to a point where cleaning, decluttering had to be “right now”….

  18. This was the blog for me to read today. I have been working so much on various projects in recent months that I have let my home fall into neglect. This has not been to a grotesque level by any means, but it has for too long been very disturbing to me.
    A recent bout of physical illness has been the perfect point to stop me, for in looking at my body, I must look at my home. The de-cluttering started strangely enough, with my garage. I reordered it and swept out the leaf litter that gathers there. Even though it is a concrete dungeon it felt like the world’s most amazing dungeon after giving it care and attention.
    Then I started to attend to bits and pieces around the place. Yesterday I re-grouted my shower tiles and the whole room feels sparkling and refreshed. This morning I am cleaning the oven.
    Later today I will be getting rid of more clothes to make more space, and my very neglected balcony is going to receive the care it deserves.
    What I am loving is taking it step by step and making this project equal in its place in my life to all of those other projects.
    What is also beautiful to note is that I have restored my friendship with my home. It is no longer the neglected friend I never call or email, but I am making it an important part of my life again.

  19. This blog reminds me of what I call my ‘paper pile’ – the thing you build on the edge of your desk, that you blitz from time to time but appears to have a life of its own and grows back just as big and just as quickly. For me, it’s a direct reflection of how cluttered or stagnant I’m feeling personally and I have that same sense of squeaky-cleanness and spaciousness once it’s been filtered and managed. Our home environment is most definitely an extension of us and there’s a direct correlation between clutter and how we’re choosing to live.

  20. About a year ago I began decluttering. The house we had lived in had a large loft space and a small garage, the garage was not large enough to fit a car in so it became the man cave, there was also a good sized garden shed. After 19 years the loft had a floor and racks and aisles and packed with the dreaded important ‘stuff’! We were moving, and it was time to be brutal. We have moved three more times and have now settled. There is still bits to be gotten rid of it is a work in progress. There was an item that I had built in 1977 that had been through 17 moves and three countries… that now resides in the landfill. How can we move forward when we a burdened by our past by the things that are no longer required?

  21. Clearing and letting go of our accumulated clutter feels like it is a never ending process….you seem to get somewhere and then you realise there is more….

  22. Inspiring Gyl, I feel like I am wanting more clarity and spaciousness too. I think it is time to do the same.

  23. I’ve found this process applies equally to my computer – there are a ton of files and emails that I’ve accumulated over a few years and I could feel it was time to start ‘clearing the clutter’. It’s a slow process because there’s a lot to go through but it feels amazing to be tidying this up, and clearing more space – not only within my computer, but within me. I already feel lighter and I haven’t finished the job yet.

  24. It is no accident that I happened to be reading your blog Gyl. I have been avoiding giving my room a good clearing out but it keeps coming to mind more and more frequently. Thanks to you I am now inspired to start rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck into it!

  25. Thank you Gyl for sharing clearing out the clutter, I love going through and clearing out the clutter, and feeling the spaciousness within and without. It seems there is always more to declutter.

  26. Thank you Gyl for this inspirational blog on clearing out clutter. It seems to me things just creep up on me and before I know it I have “stuff” to clear from my home again after such a short while. When I look into why this happens I can see I often just push thing to one side to deal with later, and later doesn’t always come until much later!

  27. Clearing the clutter in our house is as you say in your blog “it’s like we are clearing the cobwebs away” and I can feel that this is true. If we hold on to our physical belongings we are keeping ourselves from becoming more spacious and clear and with that we are putting a brake on moving on with our lives too.

    1. So true Nico what you share here and so worth a repeat: If we hold on to our physical belongings we are keeping ourselves from becoming more spacious and clear and with that we are putting a brake on moving on with our lives too.

  28. Thank you Gyl, this is the second blog I have read in a few days about clearing out clutter – so there is a clear message for me here as I have avoided committing to my de-cluttering. Reading your blog I am reminded of the feeling that comes when we declutter and clear out the old ‘ the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally.’ Thank you for the inspiration.

  29. It is extraordinary the feeling of lightness and spaciousness that we create when we discard old stuff and create order where before there was an unruly chaos. There is a real weight that one can feel that clutter generates on the body and it is such a joy to feel this weight disappear.

  30. I fully agree Gyl, when we have a good clean out of anything we no longer need and let go of the cob webs so to speak everything from our bodies, to our homes and even the world around us definitely ‘feels clearer and lighter and so much more spacious’.

  31. Having a good clear out literally makes us feel different – it changes the energy of the room, the flow of energy throughout the whole house. There’s less of a feel of stagnation, more freedom to move forwards, in flow.

  32. Brilliant Gyl, and humorous too. Like we tempt to keep all this stuff, whilst we know it is silly and actually more of a load and heaviness than it is true and uplifting to keep. It is like we allow ourselves to carry all this unnecessary weight with us in life – by our choice. This is quiet symbolic for how we have life our lives. So this blog is more than just clearing the room at the back of the house! It is a whole body experience and letting go..

  33. I remember doing the same years ago and feeling the heaviness of all the choices I had made and why I kept things… most the time it was out of guilt and comfort. Like I should keep this because it was a gift or it had sentimental reasons. I feel that we are not only clearing out material possessions etc but also clearing and healing the many unloving and ill beliefs and ideals we have been living with… letting go of so much more than we are aware of at times.

  34. Letting go of things that no longer serve has become a regular pastime for me, so much so that with each move of house I have so much more space. The added bonus is the people I pass on all those old things to love them!

  35. We put off clearing our clutter because we know what the emotional impact going through it all will mean, and that is a big clue about what all that clutter is doing in our living space: it is clogging up the energy in our homes and letting it go creates space for a freedom of expression.

  36. De-cluttering is an ongoing process for me and what I am feeling now is that so often I have just postponed making a decision about something and hung onto it ‘just in case’ but not recognised how much this has weighed me down. The more I gradually work through my house the lighter I feel as I let go of so much physical stuff but also the emotional attachments that have held me back.

  37. What I love about creating space in my home, workspace or car is the feeling that this is then reflected inside me. As I allow this unfolding I feel more connected with life with a much greater clarity of purpose.

  38. We have a shower and wash the clutter of the day from our outer body so it makes sense to equally clear the clutter that we are hanging onto on the inside as well.

  39. There is something very healing about throwing things away, de-cluttering and making space within the home. Just walking through rooms is a totally different experience to that of a hoarders room.

  40. As someone who had over 100 beanie babies (small stuffed animals) the process of letting them go was amazing. As such today I always feel lighter and more spacious in my life and in my body when I clear out something, be it my handbag, the fridge, the staff cloakroom or an illness or disease. Clearing out and not holding onto clutter and the emotions we can attach to those objects brings about huge amounts of healing. Our whole world is about holding on, building security and stocking up and yet my experience with letting go has been far more expansive than holding onto anything ever has.

  41. I have an annual pilgrimmage into the attic which I love.. I’m not one to hold onto stuff for the sake of it and can always feel the benefit of shedding another layer. One less thing to hold onto, and therefore one more piece of me that can be here, now and present in who I am today.

  42. I am clearing out some unwanted treasure (for someone else} , and instead of just shuffling it from one room to another, as I have done in the past it is time to really pass these items on to others.

  43. ‘There is such a real sense and feeling of clarity, spaciousness, contentment and joy when I clean and clear and let go of things I no longer need’. My sentiments exactly and as such I follow each impulse that comes up to clear a drawer, cupboard, my car, etc, and when I do it is always effortless.

  44. Several months ago I moved country so went through a full and through house clearing – it was wonderful and it did take time. During the clearing out and I came across a large ornament that I had had for 14 years that sat on top of my bookcase, but it was broken at the base when it had fallen years ago, which you could not see because it was a clean break. I asked myself, why have I held onto a broken ornament all this time. It did not make sense and I did not wait for an answer, straight out it went….which gave me such a good feeling.

  45. I couldn’t agree more- when we leave things unaddressed we often walk past or look at it and think about it and then have a sense of frustration every time we see it again as it reminds us that we haven’t dealt with it. It is great to go in and just do what is there needing to be done- the feeling that comes with it is as you say, very light and freeing. Now off to clean my room and put the washing away…

  46. Love it Gyl. It is incredible to look at the things we once thought were needed to make us feel complete, only to realise that they did not. It is liberating to let go of these attachments as I have discovered the more I do the more I am freed to explore and deepen my connection to who I am, and feel that everything I could ever want or need is already within me. Then I can choose that what surrounds me in my home, is there to support me to live in honor of my connection to all that I am, as best I can.

  47. ‘Each time I clean and clear out clutter be it in my home, work, or car the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally’. After clearing out a room or a few cupboards, immediately I feel so much lighter and have so much clarity and my next steps unfold without effort.

  48. This is beautiful because each time we clear away the ‘what-is-not-needed-any-more’ we make way for the future that we have yet to live.

  49. As a child of the fifties my Granny used to save everything from pieces of string and used brown paper to left-over veg to make tasty soups – having no fridge back then. i took this on and it was my excuse for many years as I struggled to declutter….. However I so agree with you Gyl – “There is such a real sense and feeling of clarity, spaciousness, contentment and joy when I clean and clear and let go of things I no longer need.” Great to re-read your blog.

  50. Too often we close the door on ‘all the stuff we hold onto, but deep down we really don’t want to keep, then it becomes more and more, and we think how am I going to start this or clear it’. This can result in us feeling rather overwhelmed. But all journeys start with one step and then another step comes after that so if we keep chipping away at letting go of what we have accumulated but no longer need eventually we will shift and move and let go of it all.

  51. Letting go of clutter in our homes is an opportunity to let go of the past and what no longer is needed in our lives, a process completion, and healing which allows us to move forth creating space to live the future now.

  52. I love the joy that clearing this room has allowed you to feel. It is gorgeous that the commitment you had to clean this out offered you in return a feeling of spaciousness and clarity both inside and out… the power of attending to the smallest of things we have been avoiding cannot be underestimated.

  53. Awesome Gyl. For many years I held on to stuff that I thought I might need to look back on. It was like a fear of forgetting the past if I threw something out…But what if I forget the past? What happens when we forget? Nothing…it’s no big deal really, and I’m only starting to come to that understanding. Holding on to stuff keeps us a bit stuck, in fact more stuck than we know, because we always feel attached, like a rope around our ankle anchoring us back to the past and stopping us from freely moving forward.

  54. Thank you Gyl, especially for how you have shown us that to clear out clutter can be a part of re-claiming the space that is there to be felt from your heart, and not because there is anything wrong or bad about you – and in fact the de-cluttering can be very confirming of you.

  55. It is time to take the cleaning of our house to a new level, thank you for the inspiration Gyl! Taking on the responsibility to change is not easy and I can feel that I need to meet any resistance head on and just get stuck in and make the necessary changes by de-cluttering and cleaning, to bring about a new phase or cycle to my life.

  56. We had done a huge clearing out before moving house but when we were unpacking the boxes another round of evaluating what’s truly needed in our new home is unfolding and the way we live with each other asks the same attention, the ‘old’ way does no longer suits us and the new way is already there to embrace in full, joyfully so.

  57. This is gorgeous to come back to Gyl. It is so true and I can relate to these experiences you have shared. When I let go of, or get on to dealing with things that I have put off for some time, I instantly feel a far greater and lighter space within me. I can feel within how I have cleared the space, which was once held by the denseness that comes from holding on or delay, and now is returned to freely be with the lightness and love of my Soul.

  58. The more we say yes to evolve, the more often we need to make adjustments to our livingness and that means clearing old clutter we have been holding onto inside and outside, thanks Gyl.

  59. Recently a room in my house which has been unattended was cleared out completely, this was self-initiation by the room owner–not just towards clearing up the room per se but it was an action towards this person’s own initiation back to more love. Observing that is simply one of the most amazing things and one that I have committed even deeper to support in all ways.

  60. It’s amazing how even tidying up a space that doesn’t need a declutter brings a sense of order and spaciousness back to a home. I have recently been keeping my bedroom cupboard drawers in more order, it’s a delight to bring that level of detail to myself as an expression of love and to feel how the order actually supports me to sleep better. The quality of energy in my bedroom has completely changed.

    1. I agree Melinda – I have had a very joyful experience re-imprinting all the clothes in drawers. Folding them in the same way and from a quality of being deeply connected with myself – it was amazing how much got ‘done’, when all folded in the same quality and in the same way and without effort.

  61. This shows clearly how holding onto things has us carry more, quite logically, and the importance to allow us to travel light and thus time and again to reevaluate what is really needed and what stands in our way.

  62. Recently I de-cluttered my bedroom and bathroom and the feeling in my room now is beautiful and much more expansive, I now feel inspired to do every room of the house as it certainly lightens and brightens not only the house but ourselves as well.

  63. Biographers, archivist and historians love it when they have access to all these kinds of things you had in your back room Gyl. This is the stuff from which a knowledge of the times and habits of the race are known and recorded. But, as you say, it feel so great to have cleared the room and thrown out all the stuff!. Could it be that we have been holding onto things that identify us, that make us feel as if we have made a mark, or lived on the earth – evidence of the fact that we have been here. So there can be a ‘security’ energy around the hanging on to things. So this is the history that is being recorded and hung onto! It is almost like a justification to keep on going around and around in the same old way. So I love the idea and the true effect that by clearing out clutter we are evolving if we do so lovingly and with quality.

    1. I love what you say here Lyndy! I can certainly feel this need for security (maybe one day I will need this) and the identification with the material world and the way things are and ‘always’ have been and that too gives me a certain kind of security and comfort, even though we all know deep down that anything can happen and that nothing is permanent. But we prefer to pretend life will stay like it is whilst we are experiencing how the world spins around and around, forever changing, forever offering new perspectives. So in truth it is a big lie that we keep telling ourselves and pretend to believe in.

      1. Absolutely Judith! I have had an interesting experience teaching an Afghani-American poet to a Final year student in Literature. When these Afghani migrants came to New York after the Russian invasion, the thing that they clung to were memories of home, not only of the spice markets, the pomegranates, the night skies, the lapis-coloured doves, and the sound of the calling to prayer that surfs the airwaves five times a day, but also memories of all the things that have been blown to smithereens – the libraries, the museums and the Buddhas. This poet states how important memories are to these refugees and so she documenting it all for them – this is such a ‘seductive’ thought. And I know how seductive have been my memories of childhood and a long marriage that I left. I am feeling that memory in this sense is a form of indulgence to keep us locked in (not saying that we should not appreciate our past). But the same applies to us who have not had to permanently shift country or who have lost all their possessions etc. So I love what you have said: ‘But we prefer to pretend life will stay like it is whilst we are experiencing how the world spins around and around, forever changing, forever offering new perspectives. So in truth it is a big lie that we keep telling ourselves and pretend to believe in.’

      2. Ouch! Judith this is very exposing of the devious ways we use objects to stay fixed and keep us unmoving.

  64. The more space I create in my home the more rhythmic my movements become. Nothing imposes on me and I’m left to feel all of me. I love cleaning and clearing my home, it’s a beautiful modality we can offer ourselves continually.

  65. Yep! I can feel a clear out coming on. A constant refining of what we need is a wonderful way of maintaining our lightness. I used to live under a pile of stuff, and I can say with confidence that whilst I wasn’t aware of it at the time, it definitely contributed to the way I felt about myself, which wasn’t good.

  66. “I had held on to stuff for far too long and now was the time to clear the place where I kept shutting the door.” Where have we metaphorically done this within ourselves?

  67. Creating space in our homes allows for a deeper connection to the quality that lives within, it is very tangible experience and definitely felt within our bodies as it creates more space for us to be more of who we are and expand according to the pull of evolution.

  68. An inspiring blog to read Gyl. As the external clutter gets dealt with, so too does the inner emotional clutter begin to surface ready to be dealt with in the same way = a sense of more openness and spaciousness within the body and within the home.

  69. The amount of effort and energy that is used to avoid or delay feeling the truth of who we are is huge and so deeply exhausting.
    “It has taken me a long time to admit that I was making a mess in order to avoid feeling how powerful, aware and responsible I really am”.

  70. It is interesting to see why we keep things for many years while they do not support us or have any value to us anymore. Things and stuff that one day, sometimes even never, will be cleared and be thrown away in a big cleanup. Why do we not let these things go when they are done but choose to clutter our houses and many other places with it? Could it be that we were avoiding the freedom and clarity that we feel when we clear our stuff and make space to live without any burden of the past? That we actually with a purpose hold onto things that actually do not support us any more? Great question to ponder on for today…

  71. This has inspired me Gyl to do a quick review of my home and look around at what could be taken to the op-shop, sold on or thrown out. Thank you. Actually even typing this a few things are coming out of the cobwebs.

  72. Clearing out clutter is one of my favourite things to do these days. Even stuff that is neatly filed away sometimes needs de-cluttering. I found some old pay slips that dated back twenty years in one of my box files.

  73. The last time I moved I took the opportunity to really go through my house and get rid of all the things that were holding me back: like thousands of photographs printed out. I threw them all away – except say 20 – as I felt they were loaded with emotions keeping me in the past.

    1. Well said Willem, especially when we consider the impact on us, by objects, due to the fact that everything is energy.

  74. We think it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and it might be on one level (the ‘let’s pretend it’s not there’ level) – but in truth the stuff we hang on to is very much in our bodies… in our energetic field, creating unnecessary burden and lack of flow, clarity and harmony. How wonderful it feels to remove the debris.

  75. This clearing out within the house seems endless and asks us for a lifetime commitment, as it is forever evolving and always needs refining. There was a time when I thought if I lived on my own the house would be perfectly neat, tidy and clean but now I am not so sure that would be the case (that picture was born out of frustration for picking up after everyone and blaming others). Now I just say what needs doing and the other members of the household agree and help out. Life is so much simpler when you do not expect others to be mind readers.

  76. I am again starting to clear out my clutter, I love the feeling after it has been cleared out, but still struggle with holding on to some things, a work in progress.

  77. I seem to be so busy that decluttering gets put on the back list, but I really need to take it to the next level as I know how amazing it feels afterwards. ‘It felt so amazing to go through every drawer, not holding onto all this clutter just in case, but simply saying no, I don’t want or need this in my life anymore’.

  78. Great blog Gyl, I am inspired to clear out my whole wardrobe and only put back into it clothes that I am actually going to wear, I am looking forward to creating a sense of harmony clarity and flow into my home and life.

  79. When we are truly ready to let go of the clutter/objects we own and their energetic connection to us, it is a joy to see them have new life, because there is more space and life in our body.

  80. “All the stuff we hold onto, but deep down we really don’t want to keep, then it becomes more and more, and we think how am I going to start this or clear it. It feels too big a job, and often we don’t look, or just close the door.” I know that room and it feels disregarding when we choose to close the door, on ourselves.

  81. Its like I need a sign any time I go to buy something… asking me is this the clutter of the future? If the answer is yes… don’t buy it.

  82. It is always evolutionary to reflect on and discern what quality it is we are filling our space with. For if it is with love, we discover that more space is created and opens up, in order for us to be offered the opportunity to bring more of the same love and so we continue to grow.

  83. Loved reading your blog today, Gyl. It looks like I’m going to be moving for the second time in as many years, and I am SO looking forward to getting rid of more stuff. Less is definitely more!

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