Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

I have been clearing out clutter in my house recently: bedroom, bathroom, shower room, car… and then I felt okay, it’s time to go for it in the back room of my house. This is the place where I’ve dumped all my clutter for years, from when I was 16-17 years old and I’m 37 now! You know that kind of room, where everything goes. All the stuff we hold onto, but deep down we really don’t want to keep, then it becomes more and more, and we think how am I going to start this or clear it. It feels too big a job, and often we don’t look, or just close the door.

But it had come to that time where I no longer wanted to ignore or avoid it. I wanted to clear out the clutter, to have this amazing space, knowing the room and the rest of the house would feel so much better if I did this.

I had held on to stuff for far too long and now was the time to clear the place where I kept shutting the door.

I was amazed at what I found: letters from people that I didn’t know I had, old photos, paintings, postcards, drawings, just random stuff and lots and lots of rubbish. I asked myself why do we keep hold of so much stuff, even down to the tiniest of little things – old tickets, pens, buttons, and cards? It felt so amazing to go through every drawer, not holding onto all this clutter just in case, but simply saying no, I don’t want or need this in my life anymore. Bags and boxes were filled and taken out, plus a visit or three to the recycling centre, and I’m about halfway there.

Old furniture is going out, plus stuff we have held onto since I was a small child. It just feels so amazing to clean and clear this space, woweee! that makes me smile a huge big smile.

As for my bedroom, wow, what a change by simply attaching a full-length mirror to the wall that had been sitting on the floor for years, waiting for someone else to put it up. I decided to do it for myself and the feeling of the room has totally changed. It feels clearer and lighter and so much more spacious – and it feels amazing to have the mirror up on the wall – I can see all of me properly without having to stand far away, bend my knees or even stand out in the hall.

There is such a real sense and feeling of clarity, spaciousness, contentment and joy when I clean and clear and let go of things I no longer need.

As the lady in the secondhand shop said, “it’s like we are clearing the cobwebs away”, and she didn’t mean in our house, but inside of us . . . I couldn’t agree more. Each time I clean and clear out clutter be it in my home, work, or car the feeling of spaciousness and clarity is felt in my body equally. It is as if a load has been lifted, a heaviness, something that has weighed me down has gone – space has been created, by clearing out the clutter I no longer need… I might end up clearing out the whole house!

Inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Gyl Rae

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785 thoughts on “Clearing Out Clutter – The Room at the Back of the House

  1. I have found that holding on to old stuff that no longer serves us allows for stagnation and comfort. At the moment we are in that is where we are and we deal with what is presenting at that time, why do we need things from our childhood? For me looking back on old photos or memories in a ‘good ole days’ or ‘I miss this or that’ takes me away from all I have now.

  2. It’s interesting how we can kind of get accustomed to mess or something being a particular way, and that can actually be effecting us every day, that’s why it’s so important to be constantly re-evaluate and constantly review different parts of our lives.

  3. It always feels great to have a clear out and to remove items that have a feel of stagnation but I know it can be quite daunting for people who have the ‘This might come in handy one-day’ kind of thoughts. We’ve had many house moves, and each time the piles of clutter have been reduced, and each time it brings a sense of opening up the space in the house and our bodies.

  4. Very inspiring Gyl, I just cleaned out my handbag and it was like it lifted a weight off me, and I felt a sense of clarity and lightness in my whole body. Gosh, what would it feel like to do a declutter of my whole house? I feel it’s off putting to look at the whole job, so I feel to divide it into parts and focus on each of those one at a time so there is no overwhelm.

  5. Can you imagine if the clutter we have in the house and the things we ‘hold’ on to were actually tied in a bundle and we had to drag it everywhere we went?! That just makes me laugh because I bet there would be so many of us who would have trouble moving!!!

    1. Most of us wouldn’t get out the front door with all our clutter. The thing is, we don’t actually physically have all our clutter tied to us but how much of our exhaustion, tiredness and anxiety issues are associated with having it energetically in our lives.

  6. Recently we put our big mirror onto the wall after standing there for a year and just like you’ve said it is a totally different feel to the room, lighter and more clear, a different order and it is a joy to see myself in full.

  7. I have observed the ’stuff’ you hang onto you end up throwing out later anyway. I get caught holding onto technology ‘spare’ parts – I’m not sure why when its highly likely and proven that I will not use them. If I need a part for testing I’m better off buying the part that is needed anyway. As Gyl has nominated it is just filling up space getting in the way of true connection.

  8. I love clearing out all the unwanted stuff, the problem is that after some months go by I find I am starting to accumulate more stuff again as I go to the markets and find bargains to bring home and so the routine comes around again more decluttering.

  9. I do understand the cobwebs inside of us as that is how it can sometimes feel in my mind, the unclarity because of all its threads.

  10. When I go to the recycling place of our community I am always amazed by how much we throw away, but too, that all of this stuff must have been in someones houses before it ended there and how it must have felt to have that in your house and can understand that people do not want that any longer.

  11. I really do not like the feeling of knowing I do have space but it is filled with stuff that does not serve, or should not even be there. Suppose it’s time to look at my email inbox and the filing systems on my computer…

  12. It is quite amazing to feel the difference after letting go of and discarding things in our house that we were once attached to or thought we needed to fullfill us, such as surrounding ourselves with ‘things,’ clutter and denseness that do not support our evolution but rather represent the need and attachment to have ‘things’ to make us feel whole, worthy or identified. Far more realness, liberation and spaciousness is felt through our connection to our essence where we know all that we are, and that we already are everything.

    1. Yes Carola, I do know that feeling too, the spaciousness after letting go of that what no longer serves and has become a burden to us and to the energy in the house. It is very much worth to do some clearing on a regular basis as my experience is that I have a tendency to continuously gather stuff in the house and before you know it is cluttered again.

  13. I am in the process of de-cluttering my house Gyl, so this is perfect timing to read this blog. I am really enjoying finally letting go of some old objects or clothes I have hoarded for years and have been keeping ‘just in case’. It feels like a weight has been lifted the more I let go of things, and there is a more expansive feeling within the home and within my body. I am looking forward to completing some more rooms this week as it lifts the energy of the whole home beautifully.

    1. I love the fact you are not trying to do it all in one go, just one room at a time and perhaps that means your body and the impact the de-cluttering has on your life is more readily accepted?

  14. I find I always find something better or ‘more important’ to do instead of ordening or clearing out spaces that are actually even bothering. Yet taking the time to clear out clutter makes spaces so much more supportive for the so-called ‘more important’ work. This exposes that there is actually nothing more important than the other thing, it is all equal when you see how one thing supports us to do the next. Cleaning is another one of these.

  15. Moving house is always a great opportunity to do a thorough and huge clear out as we look at everything with fresh eyes, as we take the time to feel what needs to go out, not wishing to take the old into the our new living spaces. But we do not have to move house to do this, we can simply walk around our house putting on a fresh pair of eyes, and ask ourselves, if I was moving what would I keep and what would I leave or take to the re-cycling?

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