A Playful Walk – What My Shadow Reflected to Me

Recently on an early morning walk I felt how sweet I am and how delicately and flowingly my body actually moves. Through the reflection of my shadow, I watched how my body moved without any imposition, with true flow and freedom. Even though I was moving, this delicateness and lightness had a quality of stillness about it that was simply lovely – unimposingly delicious, innocent, tender, delicate, open and what I call and can sum up as ‘sweet’.

This somewhat surprised me because a couple of weeks ago it was suggested I use ‘feeling the sweetness of my voice’ in a blog I was writing. But at that time I could not accept this– especially regarding my voice. As words to describe myself, or my voice, I could accept loving, strong, loyal and dedicated but not being sweet.

As I continued my early morning walk, I was able to claim that sweetness was something that lay within me. However, when I changed direction and my shadow moved to my side or even behind me I didn’t quite feel the same quality in my body – I didn’t feel like I walked with the true and absolute authority of knowing without any doubt or questioning that sweetness was me in every aspect of my being and body. So I asked myself… if I only feel this innate quality when my shadow is in front of me, have I truly claimed and accepted how deeply sweet and still I am?

The answer to this question was clearly no, even though it was so obvious in my shadow and the way it reflected my movement, my walking, the way my hair was shaped, etc.

I then posed these questions to myself . . .

  • What has come in the way of my knowing that this quality has always been there? Basically I had worked out from a young age that this sweetness and sensitivity does not get seen, nurtured or even honored so I very quickly became the strong independent child who didn’t seem to bother about things and seemed to be able to handle life, but deep down I had many things that if someone had truly asked how I felt, I probably would have cried. I learned to suppress the way I was feeling. I have used many forms of protection, such as being forcefully direct, exercising my body to make it hard, using the ‘happy go lucky girl’ facade, reacting to some situations and being over the top at times
  • Does self-doubt, self-sabotage and being hard prevent me from even recognising this quality that has always lain deep within me?
  • Why did I not trust the power of this innate quality all along? It is something I know others feel when I allow it to be there. The trick was sadly falling for the hardening route as I now know that being in true connection with this sweetness and allowing myself to be sensitive has an amazing strength and power.

As I continued my walk, I played with keeping the knowing that I am sweet in my body even when my shadow was behind me…

  • I realised that I was not able to really see or appreciate the sweetness in others due to my hardening. I had used this hardness as a type of defence to protect me from getting hurt and to not allow others to get too close
  • The ripple effect of my allowing this quality to be expressed would be a reflection and an opportunity for my daughter to allow her natural sweetness to be there too.

After finishing my early morning walk I began to look at ways to allow myself to support this quality to remain in its full presence all of the time, such as when I sit on my chair at work or at the dinner table, when I am brushing my teeth, when I am pouring hot water from the kettle to make a cup of tea, when I am hugging my daughter, when I am holding my husband’s hand or when I am smiling at a stranger or someone I know.

Since then I have come to fully appreciate how sweet I am and I continue to allow it to be there in every part of my day, just as it was reflected to me in my shadow. Now I feel this as I gently move, walk or speak. It is now something that I know is me in full, and not a surprise, but a quality that I already feel in my body, and appreciate and know is me when I see it in my reflection.

Inspired by the presentations and the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Johanna Smith, Bachelor of Education, Perth WA

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605 thoughts on “A Playful Walk – What My Shadow Reflected to Me

  1. “Through the reflection of my shadow, I watched how my body moved without any imposition” beautiful Johanna. Having walked with my young grandchildren this week on sunny days I’m wondering if this is why they are so fascinated with shadows – just a shadow reflection of everything that is there – no impositions. In Indonesia shadow plays are renowned as artistic endeavours – often a re-telling of dramas such as the Mahabarata – the battle of dark and light.

  2. When we walk ourselves in the full presence and grace that we are it can actually allow a spring of joy to come to our steps.

  3. Walking is such a great reflection of how we have been living. It is lovely to feel how the body responds when I have been living in rhythm and with awareness; there is a lightness and joy in my movements.

  4. It is such a shame that our sweetness is not honoured and nurtured from young so that we don’t grow up needing outside confirmation to feel what is innately true. How gorgeous however that you have been able to truly become aware and can appreciate that it has been with you all this time and you are indeed all what you see in your shadow and more.

  5. Beautiful to read again and feel how we are forever held in God’s love, as through the magic of nature and the universe we are confirmed of the divine qualities that reflect who we are in essence, offering us the opportunity to bring more of our Soulfulness to life.

  6. I love watching my shadow, when it is long, or short and even playing with it, there is a lightness to it that dances along next to me, which is a great reminder that when I am playful I too am light on my feet and my touch.

  7. it never ceases to amaze me the reflections and awarenesses I receive when I take myself for a walk in nature, It feels that everything is constellated for me to see and feel what is required in order to deepen my relationship with my inner being. Johanna, I loved reading about how your shadow reflected your relationship with your sweetness and your willingness to look at, and deepen your connection with this divine quality.

  8. ‘feeling the sweetness of my voice’, for most of my life I have never liked my voice as it always sounded hard. Well of course it sounded hard as I went into so much hardness not to feel and to keep me safe. All my movements were rushed, pushed and yes hard! That said I have changed a lot over the last few years and have cleared and released so much of that old movement from my body. I am so much more aware of how I move, and now I love to feel how delicate and tender I actually am and my naturally sweetness as a women.I have so much to deeply appreciate.

  9. The sweetness that we feel within ourselves is so much more powerful than any protection we put on in turning hard or forceful. This sweetness of being sweet especially is others can feel this sweetness within themselves too. This too has been a testimony in my life and with those around me.

  10. ‘this delicateness and lightness had a quality of stillness about it that was simply lovely – unimposingly delicious, innocent, tender, delicate, open and what I call and can sum up as ‘sweet’.’ I am starting to embrace my sweetness and allow myself to truly feel what it is and how it feels in my body. And you have summed it up beautifully, very inspiring Johanna.

  11. Beautiful to read Johanna, thank you. As I take myself for a walk this morning I will take particular note of the love and truth reflected in my shadow.

  12. Such a beautiful article Johanna reminding us to always honour and appreciate all the qualities we bring as women and to never hold back on sharing them to the world.

  13. Johanna, thank you for the timely reminder of the importance of connecting to my sweetness and playfulness .

  14. It’s great to stay open and question ourselves on the way we think and behave, and from there, take what we discover and put it into a practical activity. The next time I go for a walk I will be playfully paying attention to my shadow.

  15. A very timely read for me Johanna as I move through the bodies repercussion of hardening up in protection. You have offered me a moment to feel my sweetness and take a moment to feel the strength in what it offers. We can walk around waiting for the world to show us it’s sweetness of we can bring ours to it.

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