Unique Expression

Recently I had a really sore throat, making it very painful to talk. I realised being unable to talk was actually a blessing as it revealed something about the way I talk and my unique expression that I have been struggling with for years.

I saw how there are times when my outward expression, namely my voice, doesn’t always match the gentleness that I feel inside. I have noticed my voice can feel harsh as I speak and then I can sound insensitive or judgemental, which leaves me feeling bewildered because of this inconsistency.

During this sore throat episode I had an esoteric connective tissue therapy treatment. In this session, I pondered on my way of expressing and the lack of gentleness coming through my voice.

When I hear harshness in my own voice, is it because I am trying to make it sound like someone else’s, and in that moment I don’t actually know what my own voice naturally sounds like?

I realised the harshness I feel is because the communication isn’t from me, it isn’t the true me.

I was listening to everyone else’s expression and how they talked, then choosing to compare myself to them, and consequently being hard and judgmental on myself, and everyone else.

During my connective tissue session, an image came to me of diverse, magnificently coloured corals growing under crystal clear waters. My insight in that moment was that our expressions are like that coral – they appear very different to one another but are all equally unique and gorgeous in their own way.

I understood that the individual ways in which we express are all equally significant and valid – indeed it is crucial that there is a variety.

I could feel right then how destructive and crippling comparison is, and is simply not needed; everyone’s individual expression together makes up the whole, just as each coral together make a reef.

I realise now that it makes no sense at all to try to be like another: it feels important to let go of comparison and let my own voice, my own unique expression evolve into what it naturally is.

I continue to be inspired by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and Esoteric Practitioners, Rebecca Poole and Jenny Ellis who support me to investigate what I need to with such love and kindness.

by Suzanne Anderssen

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804 thoughts on “Unique Expression

  1. Often it is by listening to my own voice when talking with someone that I recognize how I feel, behave, express, ie. how connected and real I am or not. It´s like a biofeedback that offers the chance to immediately deepen my connection, open up more, express fuller.

  2. Feeling crippled and lopsided is how I have been physically feeling lately with severe pain that keeps waking up during the night, and reading your blog reminds me it is my essence that is being put under that crippling before it becomes a physical experience, and for me that is actually reflected in the entire life as expression and feeling that extent is quite devastating.

  3. In comparison we are never enough and all that we already magnificently are is instantly negated. Through connection to who we are within we can express the love we are, with a quality that reflects our equalness yet sparkles with a uniqueness that can only be delivered through you.

  4. When we crush our expression we crush ourselves, and it doesn’t take long for this to be reflected in the physical body.

  5. Our voice is a great marker as to where we are, if we are angry, sad, joyful, they all have a slightly different tone, and each person’s tone is unique to them. When we go into comparison it also has its own tone, and is often cutting and destructive which is not loving for either person. When we live without comparison life is more open and more loving.

  6. After reading your blog the word ‘trying’ came up for me. In trying, I am putting effort into being a certain way, that is not me. I don’t need to try and be myself because I am already me. In being myself there is no trying and so there is no strain.

  7. We all come into the world with our own unique expression in order to contribute and unite this with everybody else’s expression. Holding back or comparing our expression with another results in the overall expression in the world being lesser.

  8. As we deepen the relationship with ourselves, with our bodies and true inner qualities, what no longer matches that vibration is very much felt and becomes very obvious.

  9. This is recognize to so well, Suzanne. Sometimes I can also listen to my own voice and think is that me? But that is because I am trying to be different, putting a role and basically not expressing who I am. Fortunately through being a student of The Way of the Livingness, I know that I am loving, tender, sweet, caring and powerful man, and if I cannot hear that in my own voice, I know I am not expressing from the source that I know I am. Learning, when I hear that, I stop myself immediately.
    Thanks Suzanne, great reminder.

    1. Willem thankyou for your comment, it was beautiful to read because you have reminded me of the many people in this world dedicating themselves to living from love to express the truth of who we all are in essence in every moment.

  10. Thank you Suzanne, a voice is actually very powerful and healing when it’s spoken from ones love and tenderness, i.e. from the true essence of who we are. I have noticed that recently with some people around me and how I feel like I receive a healing from hearing them speak – it’s not the content of what they are sharing, it’s just the pure expression of who they are in their voice.

    1. I so agree! I didn’t think I was much of a comparer but when I read your comment, I could feel something in me stop and I realised that when I feel that from another I too drop into comparison because I am hurt they have gone there. Rather than hold steady in where I am, I can feel the part of me that doubts what I bring is needed. I have been both sides of that equation and no-one wins 😦 a good learning.

  11. It is great to listen to ones own voice, as it keeps us in the moment and very present with ourselves. It all reflects a lot about us, which helps in many ways to understand ourselves more deeply.

  12. Feeling our voice resonate in our body as we speak, supports us to stay present and not calibrate to another so easily.

  13. I am constantly amazed at how my voice changes depending on where I am at, at the time. It is an absolute reflection of the truth (or not) of a connection to who we are, to our essence. Working with Chris James in his expression workshops has highlighted this more than anything else. The power of our voice to heal (or harm) is a level of responsibility most of us probably prefer not to acknowledge.

    1. Thank you for the timely reminder Jenny that our voice has the power to heal or harm and that each of us has a responsibility to heal ourselves ( let go of the old baggage and hurts) and in doing so we offer healing to others.

      1. Yes to understand the power of our voices to heal is huge… not in a beautiful sound but in expressing from the truth of something we know or have lived. As a practitioner I have learnt this over many years, some of the most powerful sessions I have offered have been predominantly talking. The shifts and changes possible in another has been profound at times.

  14. What a simple tool, to feel our voice when we are speaking and allow us to feel it in our whole body. That alone allows me to express more from me than letting an idea dictate how and what I say.

  15. I have had some interesting experiences recently with my voice and have been paying attention to how it can change beyond tone pitch and volume. When I am totally at ease with myself, and feeling connected to my body, there is a different quality and vibration to my voice. I feel it resonating from deep within. I must admit to really enjoying how my own voice sounds and feels when I’m in this place.

  16. I have noticed this at times with myself too, ‘ I have noticed my voice can feel harsh as I speak and then I can sound insensitive or judgemental’. I keep reminding myself to always express with love, still a refining process.

  17. The unique and individual ways we express are all equally important, the key is to express, and to express in our fullness, ‘I realise now that it makes no sense at all to try to be like another: it feels important to let go of comparison and let my own voice, my own unique expression evolve into what it naturally is.’

  18. ‘there are times when my outward expression, namely my voice, doesn’t always match the gentleness that I feel inside’, yes I have this too, and with the awareness I can immediately feel I have gone into a little bit of hardness, an old habit of mine, but it feels great to clock it and read it, and not go into making myself wrong.

  19. It sounds like losing your voice was an enormous gift! so illness and disease can actually be an opportunity to reassess what we have taken as normal and how we have been living, so we can choose afresh.

  20. It’s actually really amazing to let seemingly small or insignificant things like losing your voice, shine some light on an area that perhaps we didn’t give much or any attention to before. I’m noticing this a lot as I allow myself to appreciate that there is no coincidence, and that everything is interlinked.

  21. Yes, we each have our own expression and without it someone misses out because the way we express was exactly what was needed in that moment. The clumsiness of practice is part and parcel of growing up but we seem to have forgotten that and now react to young people rather than listen and understand what is trying to be expressed.

  22. When I look around I see many people visibly not being themselves, but instead identifying with their job, their status, taking on roles that are at odds with who they truly are. And as they do the way they move and the way they talk changes. I too have done the same so I know how exhausting it is but I have also come to know how effortless it is when I allow my own, unique expression to flow, how life flows with it.

  23. When we express from our connection to Soul we offer the truth that confirms who we all are in essence. And through our uniquely constellated bodies our expression resounds the way we are here to shine the truth of who we are.

  24. Our voice is the truest marker of how we are feeling at any given moment of time. We can pretend that we are ‘fine’ and voice this, but the truth of how we are feeling comes with every word that we speak and is felt energetically by the person/s we are speaking to. If we come to understand that words are simply bundles of energy, and that energy is felt by everyone on some level, then perhaps we may start to take responsibility for each and every word that we express.

  25. It is designed like this. We all bring a uniqueness that together forms the whole. Yet, we have to live it to the world and live it so it can help the others to realize that there is work to be done.

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