Organising my Home – Choosing Order over Complexity

I have always loved watching nature documentaries as it never ceases to amaze me how innately in tune animals live with the land, the weather and with one another.  Recently I watched a documentary of a lion hunt where the level of coordination and organisation between the lions inspired me to look at my own orderliness, or as it happened, lack thereof.

In the documentary, three lions teamed up to hunt down a zebra drinking at a water hole. They organised themselves into a triangular arrangement, surrounding the zebra, and waited. For many hours the lions shifted their positions subtly and methodically, communicating with each other silently.

They appeared to be very well ordered and disciplined in how they worked as a group.

Eventually, when the timing was just right, one of the lions pounced and they got their dinner. It seemed to me their success depended on their ability to carry out the hunt with a high degree of order and precision. Without that, there was no guarantee of success, therefore no food, and therefore no more lions.

I decided to ponder on the level of order and structure I have had throughout my life.

I realised that growing up, my bedroom was always a mess. I had a chair in the corner that became a dumping pile for clothes not clean enough to return to the cupboard, but not yet dirty enough to put in the laundry. My wardrobe was also a mess, stuffed with clothes and shoes. Nothing was neat and tidy; I had no discipline in putting things where they should go.

I still seemed to know where everything was though, so I prided myself on living in organised chaos. But honestly, I felt quite messy, muddled and busy whenever I was in my room. I actually did love having a tidy room, when everything fitted into my drawers and cupboards, and I loved being able to see straight away where everything was.

Fortunately, every few months I was ordered by my parents to clean up my room. We always argued about it, but in the end I would spend half a day tidying it up.

I remember how wonderful and refreshing a tidy, orderly room felt, and I too felt open and clear in my thinking.

In those moments, I knew that the bravado at living with ‘organised chaos’ was rubbish and my parents knew I knew it too! I eventually felt grateful for being given the opportunity to feel how lovely tidiness, organisation and order are, instead of mess, chaos and clutter.

So what else happens when I am living an ordered life?

  • My life flows
  • My emotions feel stable and in balance
  • There is less that can surprise me (surprises take away my steadiness)
  • I am truly comforted because my surroundings support me
  • I feel no anxiety – the more organised and ready I am, the more equipped I feel to handle what life brings.

As an adult now with my own house, I know what it feels like when I clean out the linen cupboard, pantry, shoe rack, cutlery draw, shed, desk, or weed the garden. It feels amazing, and I feel 12 feet tall!

I have discovered that it is actually not hard to keep it this way, it just takes commitment and discipline to live like this, founded simply upon feeling how lovely it feels to be in a tidy and organised home.

I have come to realise that I am disturbed by disharmony, just like the lions, and that I like organising my home, choosing order over complexity.

I continue to be inspired and grateful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for reminding me how to live simply with order in my life.

By Suzanne Anderssen, Brisbane

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909 thoughts on “Organising my Home – Choosing Order over Complexity

  1. I totally understand about order. Growing up I used to become distressed with dis-order but I was the biggest culprit of its creator!

    I do know that when things are in precision and in order, the rippling effect is truly felt from all angles. It is hard to ignore. I have learnt over the years that this is so important for me to have so this flows into life and everything else I am a part of. What a difference when we make certain tweaks and introduce something as simple as order, the place feels so much different.

  2. There is a Divine order in Nature reflecting us the wisdom we can access. I enjoyed reading how we can bring such greatness in our daily life in a very practical way. The feeling of steadyness and clarity within ourselves is the confirmation of that we are designed to live insync with this natural flow of life.

  3. The reflections of nature are indeed a ‘God send’ and are messages that I call the Magic of God communicating to us – either in ways to support us with our learnings, or to confirm us in how we live.

  4. Nature does offer us beautiful reflections, in terms of the example here with Lions and how they work together and also the precision and location they claim. I have seen strong reflections from nature in studying dogs, and wolves, baboons and bees and ants…all have amazing structures and hierarchies of how they work together. Each species has a message or a reflection to us to learn from. Bees communicate to each other by the vibration of their wings and the angle of the flight path – in other words every movement they make has a purpose. This too is something for us to learn from and refine in our movements and way of living.

    1. Humans can be very disorderly and we can allow, observe and learn so much from a simple as God’s creature as a bee, that don’t communicate by words. There is more to vibration that speaks louder than a barking human…

  5. Suzanne – thank you for a wonderful sharing and one that I too can relate to! Knowing where my things are, finding them quickly and efficiently and having them ready to be used is a super supportive way to live on a day to day basis. And I too can feel the ‘lift’ that happens when we clear out clutter or get rid of things that we no longer use or just simply need to organise things better or differently.

  6. Commitment and discipline are tools that support us to maintain order, ‘I have discovered that it is actually not hard to keep it this way, it just takes commitment and discipline to live like this, founded simply upon feeling how lovely it feels to be in a tidy and organised home.’

  7. I love how the animal kingdom is just so simple and spontaneous. Everything that happens there seems so in sync with everything else yet needs no pre-arrangement or rehearsing, it does not seem to need a decision to execute a movement. Whereas we humans seem to have completely fallen for complexity and we need meetings in order to have a meeting, and these days it seems impossible to just ring up someone without threads of emails asking when it would be a good time to call. I am just wondering – maybe we do not have to be organised in order to have an order. There already is an order. Maybe all it takes is an awareness to respond.

  8. It’s a great point Alison and it’s reminded me that the order or disorder I live affects everyone everywhere because of the energetic quality and imprint it creates.

  9. What I appreciate about this blog is that it’s written as an exploration of how things feel, and that there is an honesty we can come to about how chaos and disorder feels and affects our lives, and a truth to the order and simplicity and how this holds us to be more of ourselves and to enjoy life. It’s not about being strict or rigid with cleaning, or cleaning to keep up appearances, it’s from a relationship with our body that knows the truth about life.

    1. We know how it feels when we have order, ‘I know what it feels like when I clean out the linen cupboard, pantry, shoe rack, cutlery draw, shed, desk, or weed the garden. It feels amazing’. It does feel amazing.

  10. It is true when I am organised and ready, when there is order there is no need to feel anxious. Order gives us a great foundation to handle life and to not go in overwhelm or distraction because of the disharmony we feel.

  11. Reading this I was reflecting on the areas where there is dis-order in my life, this begins to eventually effect the order I do have in certain areas – thank you for reminding me of the importance and magic that order offers us.

  12. If I have felt a disturbance in my body due to a pile of clothes or something that needs to be put away, it’s very hard to walk out of the room and just leave it. Especially, as I know that it will be waiting for me when I get home.

    1. Recently someone shared with me how she takes care for her home in a way that she can come back to her home to be supported and can expand in her home with what she has learned throughout the day. So now before I leave my house I look around to feel whether my house is ready to receive a lighter version of me when I come back home.

      1. I love what you share Annelies, I will choose this too, ‘back to her home to be supported and can expand in her home with what she has learned throughout the day. So now before I leave my house I look around to feel whether my house is ready to receive a lighter version of me when I come back home.’

  13. Love the inspiration offered here in which I can feel how important it is to be aware of our purpose or our commitment to purpose. I have felt that when we live with purpose there is never a question of time, only knowing of what is needed next or what the next move is. With this commitment to purpose there is then naturally an order that results which is in harmony and in line with the quality of vibration of the purpose we have surrendered to. I can see where there is more for me to commit to a greater purpose therefore bringing more natural order into my life. Thank you for this gorgeous reminder Suzanne.

  14. These days I absolutely love harmony but it was not something I was always consciously aware of. Really, we are all disturbed by disharmony whether we are consciously aware of it or not, because harmony is our natural way. However, sometimes we are not comfortable with our natural way and seek out distractions and disharmony – this can be seen clearly with people who pick a fight or do things to create a conflict and there are infinite other more subtle ways to create disharmony. Basically any movement that is not soulful / loving.

    1. I love harmony, disharmony is disturbing, ‘I have come to realise that I am disturbed by disharmony, just like the lions, and that I like organising my home, choosing order over complexity.’

  15. Funnily enough it also takes commitment to not live in an orderly way – it is a commitment to being messy because really order is natural for us.

  16. True teamwork is rare in our workplaces because competition and jealousy are rife and they pollute our natural tendency to work in harmony. The lions are a beautiful example and reminder of order and precision that is also within us, we can choose to allow these qualities out or not. When we do, then we can feel the joy in true teamwork and things get done with purpose and harmony.

  17. When our house is untidy, disorderly and unkept, we can feel the disharmony in the space as we enter. This is often a reflection of how we feel within. I notice the more I de-clutter and discard things in my body that doesn’t support, I tend to also do the same with the space around me. It is so interesting to observe how naturally I am very orderly, organised and like to put things back in its place but when I am not myself, things start to pile up very quickly. So, how we feel about ourselves affects the space we live in, everything is closely related and everything affects everything.

  18. It is important to appreciate how great it feels to de-clutter and have an order to our homes. There is always a tension in me when i know a space needs simplicity and a clear out.

  19. Order may come from discipline, but still, discipline, is something we (another) impose upon ourselves. It is a force that forces us to go this or that way. The universe does not operate based on discipline.

  20. I have discovered having a sense of order around you is very different from obsessive control. There is much more support and much less control. There is also an understanding of the support it brings and therefore more of a willingness to be responsible for keeping that order up and completing projects as they present.

    1. Thank you Lucy – this is a great point for the purpose of the organisation is what holds its energy. So if we have a control on our surroundings due to anxiety or needing it to be organised so that we can feel better, then this is a dependency and not a true support. Whilst having things practically set up and supportive and working to have things in order comes from a very different approach and will support us in a completely different way.

  21. “… choosing order over complexity” and life flows with simplicity, which gives space for so much more.

    1. And, simplicity and order in the space we occupy support us to expand and connect to the spaciousness within and around us. What is within affects what is outside of us and vice versa.

  22. It used to be a bit chicken and egg for me in relation to having things in order for I would feel terrible if they were out of order and also sometimes they would get out of order because I felt terrible. These days generally I feel quite solid and great and things stay in order. If things to start to stray and go into disarray that is a good wakeup call that there is something I need to look at in my life as I must have strayed!

    1. Yes, I quite agree, Nicola, when things around me become disorganised it is a great reflection as to what is happening in my life and within myself.

  23. The way we care for our space can support us to feel more ourselves and more able to connect to the lovely stillness from within. So it is worthwhile to take the time to constantly keep our space, clean, clear, tidy and organised because I find the quality of our space reflects to us how we are truly feeling inside and it can be either confirming or confronting.

  24. “I have discovered that it is actually not hard to keep it this way, it just takes commitment and discipline to live like this” – this is very true. It is just in that moment of absence we let that slip just a little bit and that’s enough for the rest follows.

  25. I love nothing more than walking into a home that is clear and organised, one that is not done by control but by love for order and clarity. The support this offer ourselves and others is enormous.

    1. Same here Kim and I notice the difference when I walk into a space that has been cared for with love. My body immediately registers this and I love the quality this offers and this supports me to be more myself.

    2. That’s a great point Kim and Chan because as always it all comes back to energy. You can have a so called perfect room that feels sterile, controlled and loveless and perhaps one that is not quite so perfect but you can feel the love.

      1. Also we are all different so some people might like a spotless desk with no papers or clutter on it and that is order for them, whereas others might have all sorts of papers on their desk but they know where everything is and there is an order to it for them.

    3. Yes and it can definitely be felt. At some point we will consider the truth that everything is energy and the space we live in holds an imprint that can be felt not just seen.

    1. I know what you mean Willem and I realised that it is only hard work if we make it a chore but when we put love and care into keeping our space simple, clean and organised it can be very enjoyable fun and easy. I have started cleaning my house with more love and care, and I find I actually really love cleaning and organising.

  26. One of the worst things for me with a lack of organisation in the home is feeling unsupported when I need something (often under a time pressure), and I can’t find it easily. It feels so very self caring and self loving to have things organised so I am supported in whatever situation presents.

  27. I agree Suzanne, I love the feeling when my home is ordered and de-cluttered, you feel lighter, more spacious and have more energy to move forward.

  28. The simplest way to keep order is to maintain it daily; and also if I do it well in some area of my life I can apply that same design to other areas of my life. It is a way of ordering everything into a way that is working.

  29. I love simplicity, and I love lots of space and light in my home and surroundings. Briefly I was in a house the other day which was full of clutter and I felt uncomfortable, just feeling the space constricted and thus appreciating that I have invested much time in decluttering and letting go of so much that I did not need.

  30. If we have difficulty with making decisions, the best remedy is to open our cupboards and start cleaning and clearing. In bringing more order, more space is created, which results in more clarity, thus making it easier to make decisions. It all makes sense

  31. You can clearly see from your blog Suzanne that true order is so super simple and so super supportive that it is a complete choice and creation to live with the complexity of messiness and the orderedness of dis-order in our lives.

  32. Chaos is a source of identification and individualization. After all, one person’s chaos is different from another person’s. It is like lions marking their territory. The creation of a chaos takes a lot of effort and managing it too. Chaos requires a body that makes as if chaos were not there, a body that learns to numb itself, that is why it can never provide the foundations you need to truly support you in life

  33. ‘ I know what it feels like when I clean out the linen cupboard, pantry, shoe rack, cutlery draw, shed, desk, or weed the garden. It feels amazing, and I feel 12 feet tall!’ So True Suzanne – totally powerful.

  34. We too are innately attuned to the divine order of the universe and its natural flow. Our every part of our body is made up of universal components, and our Soul the spark of God. It is only that we resist surrendering to being moved by the impulse of our divine Will, as when we do we discover there is a greater freedom to be and express all that we naturally are and are intrinsically connected to.

  35. Interesting that you knew how wonderful the tidy, ordered room felt and yet rebelled against keeping it that way. Interesting to observe why we do that and what it is we get out of the mess or issues we create?

  36. It seems that lions had order, precision and discipline as you said because if any had been tempted to jump earlier the result might have been quite different. Beautiful to feel the value of all these qualities.

  37. I find order definitely keeps things simple on many levels. It is easy to feel the flow in my day when I have established a natural order to things.

  38. Pride comes before the fall just ask the Zebra. So organised life needs to eliminate anything that keeps us from being blinded to the truth of what goes on around us, and then everything is understood towards a true purpose, which develops awareness.

  39. I love harmony and order to the extent that I feel decidedly unsettled if they are not present, ‘I have come to realise that I am disturbed by disharmony, just like the lions, and that I like organising my home, choosing order over complexity.’

  40. If only we weren´t blinding ourselves from seeing the order that is consistently at work we happily would obey to it as it is pure harmony and grace. But obviously we want something else instead and complexity and complication are providing it.

  41. Choosing order is choosing simplicity and vice versa. I should remind myself more often of this very simple and relevant truth, especially when the seeming complexity of life tends to overwhelm me because I buy into it and or create it. So back to basics first before dealing with life.

  42. Interesting though that when we choose order we simply say yes to what naturally is. Only when we disturb the order we experience complication and complexity as we create a version or flow of life that otherwise wouldn´t exist in the first place. Thus choosing order means tune in again and live with the flow of life.

  43. Nature certainly is one of our best teachers. This blog had me thinking of so many animals and the precision they use when constructing their homes. Birds travel far and wide to make their nest exactly as they want it. Humans can also travel far and wide bringing together the things they want to have in their homes, so it definitely feels loving to have the order that supports us to feel at ease in our bodies because of the way we choose to care for our belongings. Mess is definitely a signpost that we are out of kilter with ourselves in some way.

  44. It is amazing how we can override what we love the feel of, have you ever wondered why do we fight this, what really is at play here? ‘I actually did love having a tidy room, when everything fitted into my drawers and cupboards, and I loved being able to see straight away where everything was.’ I love order too.

  45. Order is one of my favourite words. I love it, so when things in my home are out of order, it really does unsettle me. Recently I have spent time ordering my computer files and emails. That was a job I had not considered before a friend mentioned that she had done hers. Now when I sit at my computer there is a different feel. Definitely lighter.

  46. There’s nothing like an organised home or a clean home for that matter, but what I have come to understand and appreciate more these days is the energy in which we clean our homes is paramount to how spacious it feels. I have felt in the past that even though a space may be cleared and tidy it can still feel cold and lifeless (best way to describe it), whereas when we lovingly clean and appreciate the space and ourselves, the space feels so different and inviting.

    1. I so agree with what you have shared, Julie. I often find myself humming or singing to the rhythm of the vacuum, washing machine or dishwasher. The time seems to fly as I complete whatever cleaning I am doing and afterwards the room/house seems to hold a greater warmth and sparkle whenever I enter it.

  47. It took me a long time to acknowledge how much I love and appreciate a clean and ordered space, so much so that now the tiniest bit of disregard I give to something I know needs attending to is felt and it is not long and I simply have to deal with what is there to be done.

  48. The care and order I bring to my home absolutely reflects in my everyday. The sense of completeness and order it brings Grace to all I do in my day.

  49. The relationship between how we live and move in our lives is a great reflector of what is within and when we have order and clear space in our external life there is order and space that emanates within us also.

  50. Before I came across Universal Medicine, I would have never connected the dots and understood that the order in my house is reflecting my body and that it has an affect on my health, as well as my thoughts and my emotions.

  51. Such a beautiful sharing Suzanne on the power and simplicity that order brings to our homes and life, living any other way creates complication and delay and we can feel quite heavy and drained with this.

  52. I notice how supported I feel when I know where everything is and it’s well organised, when it’s disorganised I feel quite anxious and it’s draining trying to find what I need. Keeping things organised, simple and tidy is definitely another way we can express our love for ourselves and others.

  53. The same goes for work. Order around us, support us to be more clear, more focussed and take better decision. The often hated clean desk policy does make sense. Though even the people policing it hardly appreciate how deep it goes.

  54. The quality and order we live in is a direct reflection of the quality and order we have established in ourselves.

  55. Beautiful how you have used the reflection of nature to organise your home, when we have order we have a natural flow, which supports us throughout the day.

    1. Same here Fiona. And also when we feel that a task like cleaning the decks or clearing cobwebs from the outside of the house can have such a huge effect.

  56. ‘I feel no anxiety – the more organised and ready I am, the more equipped I feel to handle what life brings.’ I love this link between feeling anxiety when our environment is disordered. I’d never wanted to consider how I create my own anxiousness and stress by living in organised chaos but how ridiculous is that – of course I do, I just don’t want to see it.

  57. You have really got me considering just how important order is in our lives, I wouldn’t say I’m messy but I also would not say that my whole life is in order – I’m feeling an experiment coming on – exactly how much does order effect our lives?

  58. I used to pride myself on organised chaos…I identified with it, claiming that when things were orderly I could never find anything. Yep, I’ve since realised that that’s a load of rubbish…and the dis-order I was living in just helped me to maintain a level of anxiousness that allowed me to always be on the go and never ever feel the need to stop. Well…naturally that all came crashing down eventually. I’m so grateful for finally realising that there is another way to do life!

  59. If we go from organised chaos to then clearing out, tidying and organising, it is not hard to keep it this way mainly because the room or our house always feels amazing when we bring harmony to it.

  60. It does take commitment and discipline to live like this but as you have discovered, totally worth it. It’s funny how sometimes we don’t realize how disturbed we are by disharmony until we bring the harmony back.

  61. This is ringing so true for me. Even when people stay, during and after, I love going round my house tidying and supporting the order to remain. I feel so much clearer too. Keeping things tidy limits chaos and really is so supportive.

  62. Order allows a consistency and precision that is very supportive not only for our daily lives but for the world around us.

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