Shopping in Singapore: Reflections on Racism and a New (make-up) Foundation

JOY. Having received a postal invitation from one of the top fashion house/beauty brands to go and trial their very latest foundation, it wasn’t too long before I found myself in their boutique store checking it out. But as the beauty assistant applied the foundation, a creamy blotch of pale colour stood to attention upon my olive brown hand.

Seeing the funny side of this I queried the complete colour mismatch, enquiring if there was a darker shade, but my humour instantly fell on deaf ears with the assistant’s reply:the universal colour is white” and without hesitation went to fetch a sample, handing it to me to try at home.

What I found curious wasn’t that it was clear to see my mixed complexion, nor the fact that this had happened in Singapore with all its great melting pot of skin tones and shades including ethnic Chinese, Malay, Indian and expats – but more so that a darker shade of foundation was available to purchase . . . yet not as a take home sample, because of the assistant’s reply.

It also made me consider that in the automatic or default choice many company representatives and their organisations make to stock, select or suggest a single colour, in this example, the colour white, that however slight or innocent the remark, racism continues to be deeply rooted in the psyche of our everyday shopping lives.

When daily customer service, beauty products and services are being designed, marketed, often as ‘free gifts’ or samples, and sold with the purpose to lighten, brighten i.e. whiten faces, armpits, even a woman’s vagina, this says to me that exclusivity is in; inclusivity of all is out.

In other words, separation is created, reinforced and sold. Even a hint of preference of colour reinforces this separation, whether it be for a whiter than white skin shade or a tanner than tan – no matter which way we look at things, embedded are illusions of betterment, improvement, privileged comfort, arrogance of differentiation, and cultural superiority.

Is this kind of marketing what we truly want?

I ask this question only because it can seem puzzling as we ethnically mix ourselves up with the increasing numbers of inter-racial partnerships and families and/or adoptions. Is it likely these increasing numbers highlight that on some deeper level we feel and know we’re all from ‘the same place’? And with this, feel the natural pull and desire to be the same i.e. part of one humanity, and not separate or exclusive to this as determined by border, colour, race, religion or background and so on.

Isn’t our natural inherent way as a human race of beings one of unity and oneness, and not separation?

By design, we are naturally loving and good people, not intentionally harmful. But when we celebrate different multi-racial, ethnic origins, cultures or backgrounds and say we enjoy all this because of their ‘uniqueness’ or ‘difference’, might we also reflect that such celebrating only really devolves us as a race because it fosters the ideal of separation? In other words, doesn’t this celebrating go against the truth of unity or oneness that we feel on a deeper, innate level?

‘Being the same’ in this case is not about one’s ethnicity or race, but more about being love. In other words, the presence of equal love is the ingredient that unifies us as being ‘the same’ and surely it’s about celebrating this.

If there was acceptance and celebration of an all-encompassing and unifying love, wouldn’t it make it not natural for us to champion, favour, sympathise, like, uphold differences of the outer shells of background, colour, nationality, ethnicity, race, caste, class, religion, tradition, culture or custom?

In other words, it’s the absence of love that’s brought the latter afflictions that have then brought discomfort, exclusion, war and atrocity we suffer as mankind. Love unites and harmonises. Difference divides, separates and excludes.

If we stood unified as a race of human beings identified not by our differences of which country, geographic region, area, or ethnic race we are from, but instead by the universal truth of the Love that we are equally, how then would things be?

‘Being the same’ is about equality with another. Choices to support or promote any particular outer shell because of the shell doesn’t ever do anything to truly support because promotion without any presence of love only further fragments or causes division, exclusivity and inequality.

Just imagine that if we each learnt to discard identification or being owned by and invested in our outer shells as being who we are as a determinant of our worth in the world, and instead carried acceptance of the innate Love we are – would this then mean we’d be able to let go of offense, reaction, or resentment to racist comments or ideals… which only further adds to the instigating separation that we have been hurt by?

To know and experience racism or division on any level is to equally know and no longer deny the urgent necessity to return back to the core and inclusivity of the Love we are from: living and knowing that this Love is colour-less, race-less, that it has no border or region and belongs to no country or one organised religion.

Surely LOVE is the real identity to celebrate – this is the ‘universal (make-up) foundation’ that can be applied to everyone, regardless of skin shade or colour.

With this love, the unity of our one multi-mixed race of human beings together in harmony and brotherhood shows the beauty and wonder of our diverse world: it shows a true religion not of the organised shells of man but of God and the oneness, divinity and Love being where we are truly from. This religion is Love.

Eternally inspired by the Ageless Wisdom and Philosophy as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Zofia Sharman, Asia

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540 thoughts on “Shopping in Singapore: Reflections on Racism and a New (make-up) Foundation

  1. What a truly inspiring piece of writing Zofia, one that cuts to the core of the what keeps us living divided from each other. The moment we decided to separate from our Soul and set foot upon this Earth, this idea of separatism has been sold to us, be that as it may in fancy packaging that appeals to our desires to be more, be the best, be different than the rest, stand out, be identified etc. While all the while we carry within us a love that is born of Heaven and as such is all encompassing and all unifying. But because we fear dissolving into the great and glorious ‘soup’ of the All that we come from, we fall for the advertisements every time. Buy this to be thinner, smarter, darker, lighter, bigger, better – all of it lies that we happily buy as our spirit continues on its self-fulfilling quest away from the divine truth we have departed from. Reading your words Zofia I feel this truth restored, thank you.

  2. In a world where we are multicultural and of all different colours, shapes and sizes how can anyone say ‘white is the universal colour’ for that is not only blatant racism but has no appreciation of our true beauty that goes way beyond what we look like.

  3. I am completely with you Zofia, love is the universal foundation that we all need, and we all need to understand that this love cannot come from another, it can only be developed within ourselves and then emanated out from us inspiring others to develop their own love. This is how the world will change.

  4. “Surely LOVE is the real identity to celebrate – this is the ‘universal (make-up) foundation’ that can be applied to everyone, regardless of skin shade or colour.” I love this Zofia as you say Love is the unified foundation for which we all know to be the catalyst for change in the world and bring separation to its knees and unites us as one, but this is only possible when we first connect to our own hearts and bodies. True change starts with the love we hold for ourselves first and that then has a flow on effect to all connections thereafter.

  5. When we celebrate the difference of colour, nationality, culture or creed we are reinforcing the separation but when we celebrate true love that unites us all then there is something for all to celebrate.

  6. Love is the universal ingredient in all our foundations so it makes no sense to constantly champion our differences but it feels like the marketing industry has a vested interest in keeping us all desiring to attain a certain look so that they can sell more products. It is only when we embrace all our similarities beneath the superficial appearance of skin colour, ethnic origin etc that we will truly celebrate the Love that unites us all.

  7. Having spent much of my life feeling dissatisfied with my very pale skin I now recognise how much this reflected my lack of acceptance of myself generally and what a distraction it was from being true to myself.

  8. “If there was acceptance and celebration of an all-encompassing and unifying love, wouldn’t it make it not natural for us to champion, favour, sympathise, like, uphold differences of the outer shells of background, colour, nationality, ethnicity, race, caste, class, religion, tradition, culture or custom?” When I was 18 I was teaching some five-year old children – one of whom was black but who didn’t turn up for one class. .Another child, who didn’t know her, enquired what she looked like. Another child told her that she was the one with pig tails. Her blackness was not the thing that stood out for her – in a class of white children. Forty years on this has stayed in my memory. Racism is taught – not inherent.

  9. Even though I’ve read this blog before it still shocks me that people would want to change the colour of their skin, it brings a whole new meaning to the term “feeling comfortable in your own skin”, and it totally negates the fact that every single part of us and every single cm, inch and cell of our bodies is perfectly designed to support us to evolve in life.

  10. The world is consumed by choices that promote and glorify the outer shell at the expense of what lies beneath. The inequality and separation that is caused from this lies at the heart of much conflict around the world for people are choosing to only see with their eyes and not their hearts… for from place of love, regardless of the seeming external diversity, we are all equally and beautifully the same.

  11. ‘Surely LOVE is the real identity to celebrate’ very much so Zofia, and anything else celebrated is in fact a division or a differentiation.

  12. Beautiful Zofia, this blog is showing us universality and the absolute exposure of all that is separation in our world – simply because of the withdrawal of the universality we come from. Hence we can live like everything is overcoming, or see as our responsibility. Which of the two will make us truly change for good?

  13. I’ve often found it strange how westerners tend to like their skin to be darker while in the Far East and Africa there can be a desire to be lighter skinned. But you raise a great point from a simple make-up sample, Zofia – and it’s something we all know deep down: that it’s what is on the inside, Love, that counts.

  14. The very thing that upholds this plane of life is separation/indivualisation. You raise here a great point, Zofia that I hadn’t thought about before – that celebrating our obvious difference is adding to this whole set-up.

  15. We are never and can never be unified by the image of our physicality, for our unity is found deeper within, where the quality of love is what truly reveals who we are in essence. A quality that cannot be measured and as you say when we begin to look within and we will come to live and know ‘… that this Love is colour-less, race-less that it has no border or region and belongs to no county or one organised religion.’ Yes, and it is from here that we will begin to live the way of true Brotherhood, celebrating the unique expression of the love that resides within us all.

  16. We are all naturally loving people who have allowed ideals and beliefs to get in the way of truly loving each other and living without the ideals and expectations placed upon us by society, life would be very different if we accepted everyone as they are with no judgments or conditions.

  17. Reading this tonight I can feel the essence of us all, and in that there is no desire to live in brotherhood. What is there is the knowing that we all naturally hold this ability within, the choice then becomes that of each one of us to live in line with our natural essence, and brotherhood with all.

  18. As human beings we tend to champion and forever try to improve on our outer shell when, as you describe, it is taken care of by what we hold dear and make real from the inside. Judging each other by our outer shell is fraught with danger and doesn’t reflect our divine origins. Our outer shells go to war and abuse each other, they wear themselves out in the pursuit of perfection and can’t get on top of the continual unsettlement and discontent.

    1. And when we pass it is very clear that we leave behind our outer shell – it is the vehicle that our inner being has used to simply get around.

  19. Beauty is not just ‘more than skin deep’ – it is vibrational. True beauty comes from an inner emanation that goes way beyond colour, shape or form.

  20. “Surely LOVE is the real identity to celebrate – this is the ‘universal (make-up) foundation’ that can be applied to everyone, regardless of skin shade or colour.”
    If this was the title of a beauty products marketing they would have my attention and consideration that there was possibly products with integrity being offered that supported us to celebrated who we are.

  21. When we look to the outer to identify ourselves we are confirmed in our own created beliefs that we are all different. If we looked from within, from our inner heart at each other, we would all know that there is no separation only divine love that resides within us all.

  22. As individuals through inter-racial and cultural partnerships we show that we believe we are all the same. However systems and bureaucracies appear to be in resistance of this but this does not prevent individuals making their own choices. Hence power lies not with the systems but with the individual, if we only exercise that authority.

  23. I think it says a lot about women’s self-worth in general also that the grass is so often greener on the other side as in many with light coloured skin wanting to get ‘that tan’ and others opting for bleaching to try and make their skin a lighter colour. When we don’t value who we are there will always be another picture of how we think we should look, just out of our reach, that we need to attain in order to think we are ok…

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