“Serge Benhayon Said…”

How often in life have we used what another person said to validate our expression because we didn’t feel we were enough? We do it with anyone we perceive to be an authority because they have chosen to walk further than we have on some path of experience or other.

For example, a school child may say “the teacher said so”, or likewise invoke parental authority to convince another child of something they want another to accept. As adults we may say that such-and-such a scientist or doctor said something about health, or business expert said something about investment, or sporting hero said something about the physics of baseballs spinning, or priest said something about our ‘souls’, etc, etc.

We can come up with as many examples as there are realms of activity in life. In each case we validate ourselves by using the words or ways of someone we perceive as more credible than ourselves.

It may be true that in a purely worldly sense we don’t have expertise in those various fields because we haven’t put the same effort and focus into them that another person has; and that is the only difference. And so, in my view, to fly those people like a flag instead of using our own authority, propping up our lack of self-worth and filling in for our fearful reluctance to express what we do actually know, is not a true approach.

It’s fine to put forth the possibility that what someone else said is worth looking at and may be gobsmackingly, world-changingly true, as long as we are the ‘marker of truth’ ourselves – we are speaking from the fullness of our self-love and confidence and what feels true to us regardless of who said what.

When it comes to what Serge Benhayon shares (undeniably very shareable!) with the students of Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness, I’ve seen people come out with “Serge Benhayon said” spoken with reverence of the truth but not yet of their own deeply felt and known truth.

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

And I have seen quite the opposite, in a couple of different flavours. One is avoiding quoting Serge in order to avoid being perceived as someone lacking confidence who uses their ‘authority figure’ to prop up their power in an interaction. Another is criticising and rejecting what Serge has said because of the discomfort of having to accept the possibility that it might be true, and not wanting to show that this truth and discomfort are being recognised.

In each of these situations, Serge is being used as a football in a game of personal issues, even being “shot as the messenger.” It is pretty abusive to do that to another human. Serge Benhayon is a great person, offering his own wisdom and experience for us to take up or leave as suits us, and does not deserve the role of a football or bullet-riddled messenger!

I confess to having suffered ‘cringe factor’ sometimes when I heard someone say: “Serge Benhayon said….,” and I had to go deeply into what was going on there. I realised the cringe was in response to the energy behind why the person was saying it – the energy behind what I described earlier about not expressing from the truth within oneself but vicariously from another’s.

Once upon a time some of Serge’s words stuck in the craw of my ‘outer reductionist scientist’ self. But at the same time I could feel those words resonating with the inner-me that knows science in a much more expansive way.

Reductionist science, if done truthfully and for the right reasons (instead of propagating scientific belief and excluding everything else), has some usefulness in the modern world. Something like: “If I don’t understand a system, test it, cut it up and see what it’s made of, then imagine it back together, calculate what should happen, observe what does happen in intact, examples of it, and see if our ideas about it still hold true.” I say “imagine it back together because it’s hard to actually re-construct a functional rat brain once you’ve serial-sectioned it or an atom once you’ve blown it to bits! You can see the limitation… and that’s where our innermost, expansive scientific selves come in.

Once upon a time the part of me that had not let go of the ‘belief’ aspect of reductionist science was a bit rattled by some of the things Serge Benhayon said. But over the years as my own inner wisdom and sense of truth have grown, the things Serge says have gone from ‘rattling’ to ‘hypothesis’ to “darn, that guy’s right again!”

I have come to the point of listening carefully to everything he has to say, and anything that doesn’t jump into my yes-zone immediately gets filed under “good possibility to check out, probably will turn out true if so far is any indication.” Then I test it in my own life. So far, the results have been: “Darn, that guy’s right about everything!” Or at least 99.9% – gotta allow some margin for imperfection in human life!

So if you ever hear me say “Serge Benhayon said…”, it won’t be from a belief just because Serge said it, and it won’t be from needing an authority to fill a lack of self-worth or gain power in an interaction. It will be from a scientific understanding that when a presented truth continues to prove true with time and testing, you can use it as a good foundation upon which to conduct your experiments and your life affairs. It certainly saves a lot of time and failures!

Dianne Trussell
Dianne Trussell

However, I fully embrace the importance of living every moment in the awareness of what we feel and know truly within, not just making assumptions and going along in momentum. And when I say truly, I mean truly, because we do tend to go through life with a lot of habits of knowing and feeling that are not from truth when deeply examined.

It’s important to always ensure that we feel and check the deepest innermost truth for ourselves to avoid complacency and propagation of errors, and to keep up with energetic shifts as each of us, and the whole system we’re part of, evolves.

Then when we quote another person who inspires us like Serge Benhayon, it is a confirmation of a shared truth for all.

Inspired by the blog: Relationships: It’s Now About What I Feel, Not What Serge Benhayon Says

By Dianne Trussell | Bachelor of Science, Honours – majors: Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemistry & Psychology | 17 years experience in medical and biological university research (primarily neuroscience and cell biology) | co-author of 12 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals

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  1. Reading this blog is the greatest breath of fresh air Dianne, thank-you.
    You’ve nailed the abuse in such behaviour – abuse both to person and to truth here – when one flies “those people [i.e. what another has said] like a flag instead of using our own authority”. I’ve seen this a-plenty and know myself what it is to use others’ words when I am hurt and don’t want to take the responsibility of communicating truly from me. Such behaviour serves no-one.
    With deep appreciation for the deft way in which you have exposed what can go on and our responsibility in this picture, and also the sharing of your own claimed way of expressing truth from what you have thoroughly discerned and felt for yourself. We simply needn’t ever be more than that to make a point.
    Ah… what an absolutely joyful read for today, thank-you!

    1. Great point Victoria here in that speaking without the authority of our own livingness but that of another, is not only harming to ourselves but to the other. Whenever we try and make something up to fit a picture I can feel we open ourselves to this harm, but whenever we speak from the wisdom and knowing of our bodies, this is our true authority. To me, our bodies are always the key.

      1. Agreed Angela. And there is always an honesty available to us, from how we are truly feeling, that can be expressed – that needn’t ever lean on another’s authority in order to be shared. What Dianne has brilliantly exposed is just how strongly we have withheld our own expression – to this extreme point it has got to, that we feel the desperate need to ride on another’s words, rather than claim the truth that is actually already living within us.
        No wonder human relations have become so endemically complicated!

    2. I had never really given this much consideration but when I read this blog and your comment Victoria I was like, absolutely this makes sense. I have used the words of others when I lacked my own authority on the subject (and not as a support to what I am saying) and I can see that it is another form of irresponsibility when we dont want to take full responsibility for what we are saying. I can hide behind other people’s words or use them to test the waters because if the receiver does not like it, well it was not my words. Sneaky and it is as you say, abuse to both the person and to truth. Ouch.

      1. All forms of protection, for sure Sarah. It’s empowering to be so honest about how we can play things out in this way. The key is, are we willing to step from behind such tactics and admit when we use them to manipulate, stay ‘safe’, get our way, dominate or for whatever end…
        In the end, we are holding ourselves and our own voices as less than who we are, and everyone loses out as a result.

    3. Yes, I totally agree Victoria that Dianne has nailed the abuse clearly and succinctly. It is an abuse that most often is not acknowledged.

  2. Getting carried away with others momentums I know this one well, feeling that perhaps its an easier route to take and agreeing what another shares (he said, she said) to feel deep inside to what is our truth and taking responsibility for that is more of us expressing and living our truth not that of another. A very inspired sharing Dianne thank you.

    1. Yes I’ve felt this too, those moments it has been easier to just go along with what another wants or says even though you might be shaking your head questioning whats happening. There is that deep sense of responsibility for us to claim our own lived truths and share from there. Like it Marion. Thank you

  3. “It’s important to always ensure that we feel and check the deepest innermost truth for ourselves to avoid complacency and propagation of errors, and to keep up with energetic shifts as each of us, and the whole system we’re part of, evolves.” This is an awesome statement Dianne. The only truth I can ever truly deeply confirm is that of my own true innermost heart, everything else is open to speculation. Our world is living proof of where, hearsay, blind acceptance and quoting others from the mind without true self confirmation in our body, can lead us…….the perpetuation of gross, blatant and widely countenanced lies from generation to generation.

  4. When we quote Serge or someone else we know is credible it is something that then becomes impossible for another to feel as their own truth because it is not presented as a truth from us as a living way in our bodies but as a fact from our minds. Without the livingness the presentation of truth in this way is a bit like ramming it down someone else’s throat!

  5. Thank you Dianne for a great article, and foe these wise words, ” It’s fine to put forth the possibility that what someone else said is worth looking at and may be gobsmackingly, world-changingly true, as long as we are the ‘marker of truth’ ourselves – we are speaking from the fullness of our self-love and confidence and what feels true to us regardless of who said what.” it is trusting that we know, that deep within our body it knows what is truth and what is not.

  6. Wonderful wise Dianne I love what your share in your powerful and clear blog. I can say from myself that I am not an intellectual person and I always thought that I was less because of this. To allow myself to find my own wisdom that is inside of me is an ongoing thing and my inner knowing is growing every day. While I was making myself small in terms of intellectuality I could sometimes feel that something what was said in name of it was not true. Therefore I love what you wrote: “And when I say truly, I mean truly, because we do tend to go through life with a lot of habits of knowing and feeling that are not from truth when deeply examined.” This is important because only if it is truly lived on a daily basis than for me it is truly and deeply examined.

  7. I have not come across any teacher or philosophy that so deeply asks you to connect to your own truth – there is nothing I have come across that asks for that level of responsibility. Serge Benhayon is someone who has dedicated his life to feeling his inner-heart and Soul and expressing from there. And with each presentation he always says to feel this for yourself – the thing that I have come to understand is that great teachers live in a way that connects them to universal truths which relate to us all – and in this age of individualism and relativism it can be a hard pill to swallow that someone else has such access to truth and love when we are sold the picture that if we get a good job, fall in love, have children – then our lives will be fulfilling. Thing is, that emptiness feeling grows and grows and if we are not stuffing our face with food or other substances (including media) to numb ourselves, we can feel that yearning for something more in life.. Serge doesn’t make the pill hard to swallow at all – he expresses with such grace, understanding and equality – and at the same time with such power and authority. It is when we feel this quality from Serge and the fact that we have not claimed this for ourselves which is the biggest ouch – but he talks about this.. and anything else that is there to expose and support people through. This guy is the real deal by the very fact that he calls us all back to the same qualities of God which live in us and he can do this because he lives them everyday…

    1. A beautiful testimonial Sarah – I absolutely agree that Serge Benhayon is dedicated to life and has inspired so many people even to ask the question of ‘is there more to how I am living than this’ To even start to see the world in this way and perhaps consider taking responsibility for our choices, is the start to a huge shift in the state of the world today – riddled with preventable illness and disease.

  8. I love hearing Serge Benhayon present. Sure I might not understand completely what is being said from time to time, the beauty of it is that because it’s not coming from a text book and something that is being lived from Serge day in day out we do all actually understand, our minds just get in the way of allowing us to fully accept the not so new sciences that are being reawakened.

  9. When I first read ‘The Way It Is’ by Serge Benhayon I frequently said “What?” as it brought me up against my absorbed beliefs. On my second reading of the book I found myself saying “Possibly” as I questioned where my beliefs came from. On the third reading of the book I could feel the truth of the words as I read them without the smoke screen of my prejudiced beliefs that I had absorbed from others telling me how things were. Serge Benhayon has shown me how to feel for myself what is true and what is not.

    1. I love what you have said here Mary; the progression from “What” to “Possibly”, to finally feeling the truth. I had a similar experience when I read the book, and every time I had a what moment I would simply put it to one side and somewhere down the track I would pick it up again and without fail say – yes, that makes sense. This journey with Serge Benhayon has been one of such learning, such joy and lots of fun, with not one moment of being told what to do or believe, but many moments encouraging me to feel and know it for myself.

  10. Serge Benhayon would never want anyone to say what he said without first discovering for themselves if it is true or not.

  11. Thank you Dianne Trussell, this what you had written is very true. And I have to admit that I have used ‘someone said’ to uphigh the situation, myself or other person, but in fact I never claimed my own truth in life. It is important for me now to actually go for the truth I know within myself and stand for that, I also feel that I then do not need any form of ‘someone said’ at all.

  12. I can recognize how I can use what another says to stand for myself, but that actually does not feel as my true power. Like you say , basically there is a lack of confidence to speak my own truth. Also I noticed that people can use a person’s quote to keep themselves in a comfort of the lie they are living.

  13. I will not forget this Blog Serge said… if i have a moment i try to say somebody said too…i will remind this and i will bring my communication to a stop.

  14. Relying upon someone else’s authority is a resource we can all resort to. Often times it works if the people involved have the source of the authority in high esteem. Yet, to claim something on your own authority, expressing from your whole body and holding no reservation, has no parallel.

  15. “It’s important to always ensure that we feel and check the deepest innermost truth for ourselves to avoid complacency and propagation of errors, and to keep up with energetic shifts as each of us, and the whole system we’re part of, evolves”.
    Check our deepest innermost instead of Serge said; what you have expressed here Dianne is so very wise, thank you.

  16. It is important to feel and discern truth for ourselves and then we can share from this place what it feels to us. Serge shares his truth and asks us to feel into this in order to express our truth. Regurgitating things in parrot fashion is not his way and does Serge and humanity as a whole, a huge disservice.

  17. I couldn’t agree more Dianne, we need to be coming from our own known truth and acknowledge where we received this knowledge before we claim it as our own. With thanks for the reminder.

  18. Thank you Dianne. I loved reading this again. I have been noticing that I often use what ‘other people said’ as a defense lately. It is very subtle but laced with a communication that I do not trust myself enough to claim what is true for me. When I do this I am giving my power away and it impacts on my relationship with myself and others.

  19. For a while now I’ve realised that when I want to share an experience with someone I’ve reverted to say ‘I feel’ this sharing coming from an inner lived quality and feels so much more of taking responsibility for what I am offering to another. Where as before attending the many presentations with Serge Benhayon I’d constantly say ‘so and so’ said this or that – very much a shrinking back of my responsibility to express from my lived truth/ experiences and self doubt was huge. (still a work in progress) Amazing blog Dianne and all the following comments are inspirational. Thank you.

  20. This is great and feels true to me. Never just quote someone without testing, and living, it ourself first. As it will never have the power of a lived truth.

  21. I have learnt to speak from my own livingness and not from others words of wisdom to back me up. It is tempting on occasion to reinforce with others words but first we need to be truthful about where we obtained this information!

  22. It’s gorgeous that you describe both sides of the medal: giving power away through citing and through not citing Serge Benhayon. It cracks my lineal thinking mind and the prison of right-wrong-thinking. How freeing it is to start observing the quality and intention in which I choose to act.

  23. It is indeed a stepping into one’s own authority and power to not rely on what someone else has said but to simply speak from one’s own lived truth which indeed may confirm true wisdom expressed through another.

  24. A great reminder of how important it is to use ourselves as barometers of truth when it comes to all that we see, hear and feel.

  25. Hi Dianne – you have exposed many, including myself in regard to not holding our selves and claiming the truth of who we are. Using another to verify or back up what we are saying feels lazy and a bit of a cop-out. Every time this is done we are shifting responsibility in our lives. This has been a great reminder to claim the truth within ourselves and to live that truth and then when asked we will speak from our own livingness and not hold back how amazing we are.

    1. Well said Dianne, Christine I was just about to make a similar response. When we quote others as authority we diminish ours and there is a lack of responsibility or be excused for not living this truth at some level.

  26. Although I never knew why, I knew right from the first meeting that Serge was a man who spoke the truth and it was from this knowing that I kept coming back for more even though my head was telling me that some things didn’t make sense. Thanks for writing this Dianne learning to discern for ourselves is very important over just going with the flow of what someone said.

  27. “How often in life have we used what another person said to validate our expression because we didn’t feel we were enough?” And when we do this even if what we’re sharing is truth when it’s not coming from our own livingness others feels this.

  28. “When we quote another person who inspires us like Serge Benhayon, it is a confirmation of a shared truth for all.” Very well said Dianne and it is the responsibility of the person who shares a quote to only quote what they themselves are living and therefore experiencing in their own body. Anything else is just recall of a truth that has not been lived yet.

  29. Amazing Dianne, so real and true! This blog empowers everybody to step up their own inner-knowing to a higher volume and open their arms for truth. As you say: there is no need for ‘someone said..’ any longer because this truth is confirmed within. It would not make sense to then say it in the name somebody else, unless like you shared it is used to show something to the world and simply call its source.

  30. It’s amazing how we try to borrow another’s authority to prove our points. We have lived for whatever long, yet interestingly we often don’t feel confident that we are in a position to express with authority.

  31. Living life from truth is something that the majority of us have to re-imprint within ourselves, because as we attend school and begin to explore life in a wider form we start to develop and become dependent on ideals and beliefs to bring us some form of satisfaction to the way we live.

  32. It would be amazing if schools were to teach the importance of holding on to our truth, our essence, and particularly how not to sell ourselves out to the world, or become hostage to ideals and beliefs.

  33. “It will be from a scientific understanding that when a presented truth continues to prove true with time and testing, you can use it as a good foundation upon which to conduct your experiments and your life affairs.” This is a great point Dianne, that puts science back to the people and don’t make it about some abstract scientific tests, but about what it truly is – the proof of truth through experience.

  34. We cannot rely on what others know and share if we don’t live it by ourselves and with this everything becomes “a confirmation of a shared truth for all.” The Livingness is exactly this the consistent and constant confirmation of a shared truth for the all.

  35. Serge Benhayon, and his family are showing us that there is a way to live that is staying true to what we deeply know to be truth, and inspiring many of us to reconnect back to the truth we innately know.

  36. As with any great philosopher in history, it is invariably inevitable that there are those who will turn their teachings into dogmatic rules to be followed, much to the detriment of what was taught. Thus why the teachings of christianity for example are often a far cry from what Jesus truly taught. I am sure for example he never presented that God would favour one football team over another, and that his favoritism would be based on who prayed the most fervently. Thus Dianne, what you observe happen occasionally here with people within the community that makes up what is affectionately known as the student body is no different to what happens in any other part of society. People are comfortable with dogma because it gives them a semblance of something they can control. Thus how religion gets bastardised. Thus why skepticism is equally as popular. The true teaching that Serge Benhayon presents has not such tenets. He simply presents a way of living life that actually calls for one to discern more acutely for themselves what is true in this world and what is not. And yes, because invariably people tend to find through their own observations that what he presents actually works if lived, there can be a tendency to take whatever else he says on faith. But that is the fault not of the teacher, but the human being, who is too lazy to determine for themselves via their own lived experience whether that which is presented is true or not. An unfortunately typical human trait. Unfortunatetly, critics do not see it this way, and instead seek to shoot the source based on what the messenger has delivered ,without first seeking to understand whether the messenger actually had the message right in the first place.

  37. Personal authority is such an interesting concept – but it’s more then just a concept – it’s actually a reality. Through doing a few Expression Workshops with Serge Benhayon I’ve learnt that we all have an authority on life no matter the subject. The beauty of the lived authority is that there is no right or wrong, just a lived way that accumulates experience that offers us a unique perspective on life. Hearing someone or feeling myself speak from this place, without the need to be right, fit in or having an investment for the other person to agree, leaves such a gorgeous and confirming feeling within.

  38. In my experience of attending presentations by Serge Benhayon, never have I heard Serge force information or knowledge on anyone. There is always a choices for who ever is listening to actually accept the teachings or to challenge and rebut them – Serge welcomes it all as it is an opportunity for evolution for all involved and something to work through together.

  39. Such truth in what you write here Dianne especially in this line today – “And so, in my view, to fly those people like a flag instead of using our own authority, propping up our lack of self-worth and filling in for our fearful reluctance to express what we do actually know, is not a true approach.” You can feel such a difference in our body when you talk from your own authority and then when you use someone else’s authority. It’s like chalk and cheese. As one is true and one is not.

  40. You are spot on Dianne, speaking from what we know ourselves is essential is we want to offer anything to another that is actually useful in supporting their evolution. Otherwise it is just knowledge without the lived truth of it from our own experience. That just adds to the realms of supposed ‘help’ out there that has not actually helped humanity at all.

  41. “Then I test it in my own life.” This is so powerful to read Dianne. It has inspired me to really put into practice what I hear in the presentations and books by Serge Benhayon. That is where it becomes magical and also where you can know if it is true or not what is been said. And from there I can as you said share it with the world as a lived truth and not just knowledge.

  42. Using another’s words to validate what we already know ourselves can be both very disempowering and completely disregard our own authority on the matter.

  43. Dianne, it is awesome to have scientists such as yourself open to considering that there is multidimensionality going on that we cannot see or observe with our human eyes, and also who understands how science has used and is using reductionism to limit our understanding of the Universe.

  44. I find the times I have grasped for “so and so said’ line, is when I am without my true essence and quality. When I lean on others to back up what I am saying, it feels lazy, a way of trying to avoid the details and patience that is required for the situation.

  45. ‘when a presented truth continues to prove true with time and testing, you can use it as a good foundation upon which to conduct your experiments and your life affairs’. The Dalai Lama said a long time ago that we should observe how a teacher lives fro 5 – 10 years before committing to what they present… Serge passed that mark some time ago, and as Diane says – he now provides a marker for me in this endless experiment called life.

  46. You have nailed it on the head here Dianne. If we don’t trust in our own authority and lived experience than what rules is the majority or the authority figure. When you gave the examples about at school saying “The teacher said so” is a classic example, from a young age we are bombarded and confronted with what is right and wrong.

  47. This is so true, coming from our own experience and love for ourself is much stronger than trying to cover up our self loathing by getting others to speak for us in a sense. We are an authority in life, and when we choose to live something others have proposed we can indeed quote this with our own lived authority.

  48. I know from my own experience how damaging it is to use or better say misuse the words from someone else and not feel the truth of these words in your own body only to cover up a lack of self worth or to control other one’s behaviour. Like Victoria shared it is abuse and has its effect on everyone involved. Power in words comes from speaking or writing from your own wisdom then love is felt all over.

  49. I absolutely love your writing style Dianne – Super powerful but playfully and humorously so. I look forward to meeting you some day in the not too distant future

  50. Dianne love how you shared what you have shared, it is so easy to go into he said, she said game, but you are correct in saying that is hiding behind someone else due to our own lack of confidence. It is definitely best to do our own experiment and get our own answers of what is true.

  51. So true Dianne, all that is presented by Serge Benhayon just makes sense and when we scientifically examine it it reveals the truth.

  52. It is a real “cop out” when we use quotes from Serge Benhayon when speaking to another if that truth is not part of our own livingness and the person we are sharing with will certainly feel that it is not our truth and that we are just preaching. There is no evolution for anyone in this form of communication.

  53. I have to say that in the past and I have caught myself using a term like ‘someone said..’ in order to give some important notice to what I was saying. Instantly I could feel how I was giving my power away to another as I was saying it from the feeling of not being enough myself by saying that, but wanting to try and prove my point which I thought would be more believed if I it came from authorized persons. Interesting learning and for me to observe all areas where I still hold myself back and create situations to give my power away. Time to claim all of my power and not give it away! Thank you Dianne, an absolute confirmation this is to hold my absolute love in every way.

  54. Thank you Dianne for lovingly exposing that when we quote someone without discerning whether we are reflecting that truth in our bodies the effect is harming for all.

  55. ‘I fully embrace the importance of living every moment in the awareness of what we feel and know truly within, not just making assumptions and going along in momentum.’ Thank you for the reminder to be ever discerning because I can feel how I can get caught up in a momentum, as I did yesterday, and stubbornly persist whilst wasting energy trying to avoid the point of evolution that I am being offered.

  56. Thank you Dianne for so clearly exposing how abusive and denigrating to oneself and the person quoted when we say ‘So and so said …’, if we have not discerned for ourselves the truth of what is being expressed.

  57. Thank you Dianne for exposing what has clearly been a way to avoid repsonsibility for some and to avoid being in the authority of their livingness, we all have the tools to access such wisdom as Serge Benahyon as it is available to all of us and all that is required is our commitment to learn to consistently connect to the right source of energy from our soul.

  58. To quote Serge Benhayon inappropriately, as you delineate Dianne, is not only abusive of him but also so misrepresentative of him as he has, and always does, say that one must discern the truth for oneself and not take what anyone, including himself, says for granted.

  59. People doing academic work are very much accustomed to resort to authoritative quotes and authors to make a point. We borrow from others all the time to construct arguments that may sound good and that outdo others and give any matter a new twist. What I find interesting from my years of experience in the academic world, is how this capacity helps to feel that this is it, that nothing beyond it is needed or possible and that this is the most interesting aspect of life altogether. What it does is to stop you from going deeper with life that is at the tip of your hands, if you just stop and read what it is that you bring to this world and the truth behind it.

  60. With what you have shared here Dianne it makes me wonder when we repeat or regurgitate what someone else has said it can sometimes be a way of absolving ourselves from taking responsibility for our own feelings and truth of the matter.

  61. This is true of anyone Dianne. I have been part of countless conversations where I have ‘believed’ what they have said in lieu of feeling whether what they were saying felt like the truth or not and then accepting that as truth before I felt it or lived it myself. Observing is a true art and science itself and not jumping to any conclusions just because someone has said this, is part of observation. Serge has presented many important and incredible things, things that I would have never learned anywhere. But I am never asked to believe what he says, but to try it out, test drive it and feel for myself. This is so important because I am re-learning to trust myself without any doubt and stand on my own 2 feet.

  62. “In each case we validate ourselves by using the words or ways of someone we perceive as more credible than ourselves.”I have done this many times – but if Serge Benhayon has presented something that feels true in my body – as it always seems to – I have no hesitation in quoting him, as the world teacher of our time.

  63. An interesting article…. I love what you shared about how ‘when a presented truth continues to prove true with time and testing, you can use it as a good foundation upon which to conduct your experiments and your life affairs’…. for this is what many have found when it comes to what Serge has presented and as this becomes a lived reality and known in the body, it is no longer about what another says but rather what you live and know and can therefore express as such with no ‘Serge said…’ required.

  64. I’ve had many of cringe moments and I’ve also been on the other side when I’ve used another’s word instead of my own authority. The more authority I claim in my own inner truth, the more I speak from my own lived truth.

  65. Too me Reductionist science is when a Scientist stops being in the absolute wonder of the magic of God. And thinks they know the answers to, or worse manipulate the results based on the funding they are receiving from a company that has an interest in the results published. to me these scientists are hijacking and controlling science in much the same way as religion was hijacked and controlled thousands of years ago.

  66. The more I live from truth myself the more I am able to reflect that truth back to others from the way I live, and I am beginning to notice how many people pick up on the way we live, and start conversations from that point and the answers have to come from our own experience.

  67. Well said Dianne and this article makes a lot of sense. Like you I have heard this at the beginning of many conversations “Serge said…” My usual thing is ‘Oh here we go, whats coming..’

    The thing is I have in the past caught myself also wanting or needing to quote Serge Benhayon as if what I had to say did not hold strong without his name being in the words. This is crazy when I look at it now as I have come to realise that the authority in which I choose to express be it in person or in writing does not require any persons name to give me the ok sign and justify what is being said.
    Walk the walk and talk the talk seems to work and that means I have made a strong commitment to LIVE the teachings of Serge Benhayon and then with my unwavering consistency I can communicate with authority and there is no need to slip in the name of someone. We used to call that name dropping as we want to be associated with that person. What a load of twaddle and how inauthentic is that eh?
    Funny thing is most people feel when we are doing this stuff as it is empty and pointless if you ask me.

  68. The truth and authority Serge presents with comes from how he lives and it is this that he encourages us to choose as well:

    To find the truth within myself by living in a way that is reconnecting and in doing this re-claim who I am and align directly with the same wealth of universal knowledge that is available to us all.

    I know that when I speak from the knowing that I feel and hold in my body there is a much better chance others will understand what I’m saying because they have a chance to feel it too from me directly.

  69. Opening with those words is a dead give away what is about to be shared comes from the head and not from a lived way.

  70. A timely article to read. As I am coming to know that the authority I hold is ignored and or disregarded when it is not delivered in connection to my essence, my life and my experiences, which is where my authority originates. No amount of study or scientific experiment can bring about this science, only connection to and living from my being as a whole can.

  71. Relying on somebody else’s words or deeds offers no evolution at all, as it is our own relationship with ourselves and lived experience that determines the quality of expression and the way we relate with the all.

  72. Is it possible that when people criticize and reject what Serge Benhayon presents and it is only a presentation, a what if that they don’t actually understand or want to understand what is being presented because it is uncomfortable to feel in our bodies and so we reject what we hear. And that’s fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me when people then get on their soap box and try to shout down what is being presented then I get annoyed because those people are then trying to dictate to the rest of us what we can and cannot have. And this smacks of control, in much the same way that Religion has been used to control the masses for thousands of years.

  73. We can use what another said, including Serge, to support our justification. But no matter who said what, if we use if to justify what we ourselves are saying or doing, it is still justification. Truth needs no justification.

  74. The more I experiment and feel for myself the truth of ‘what Serge says’ the less I need to quote him for it is lived and known within me and my body. This is true quotation!

  75. You make a very valid point here – hiding behind another’s authority and what they have said or written is an indication that we haven’t tested and lived what is being propagated; nevertheless, we put it forward, at times like a battle cry to rally ourselves into action. It is, as you describe, a form of abuse – as demonstrated by your example of Serge Benhayon.

  76. In that confirmation of a shared truth for all there can be no one authority to look up to or hang on another’s every word. The shared truth is the confirmation of equal authority.

  77. I always enjoy reading your blogs Dianne, and I learn so much from them. I agree it is easy to quote someone as a backup for support of our view but I do see we need to be in the livingness of what we quote and therefore it is our own way.

  78. It makes complete sense to me to never take anyone’s word for anything as the absolute truth but to always test things out for ourselves in a scientific own experiment kinda way which then means we discover our own truth from a lived experience not from a memory of something that someone said.

  79. Great blog Dianne and a very pertinent subject. We often defer to authority, in many places and ways and what I’m coming to understand is at times this is my way of not living and expressing the truth I know, and that is an avoidance of the responsibility of what I know but do not fully live, so when I find myself looking for a quote or expert as backup it’s a great sign for me to stop and feel how I’m expressing and what exactly I might be avoiding … and could it be that I’m the one to deliver what is needed right here right now and not the someone else I’m attempting to defer to? We all have a part to play… are we playing it?

  80. And it’s amazing just how much more open we are to hearing something when we can feel the other person is talking from their experience/their truth. We might not always be aware of why something rings true to us, but we are often very aware when we can feel someone is simply trying to impress with words or when someone is talking absolute rubbish. We are so much more discerning that we realise.

  81. We feel more validated when we can quote another person who we feel has more clout than us. I know I have done it. What you raise in this blog is worth pondering on. It brings up the question of our own self value.

    1. That’s a good way to put it Debra, when we waver on our own authority up comes someone for us to reference for more “clout”.

  82. Absolutely, ‘I fully embrace the importance of living every moment in the awareness of what we feel and know truly within’.

  83. Rather than stating someone else’s truth and trying to stand behind it, it’s perfectly ok to simply say “I don’t know”. Dianne I like your way of testing things out, because then at the end of the process it’s now your own truth.

  84. This is something that has always stuck out to me in life and now in this article, “I fully embrace the importance of living every moment in the awareness of what we feel and know truly within, not just making assumptions and going along in momentum.” We see a lot in this world us as people just going along with what was before and not really or truly standing up in each moment to be aware of what is true, no matter how long or who has said it before. Each moment flows to the next and so you can make a whole life based around assumptions or you can choose to feel each moment truly and from there take that awareness to the next moment and so on. Assumptions leave you to be surprised, shocked and at times blind sided and truly feeling each moment leads to none of this but more an ever expanding awareness of the feeling which flows beautifully into all moments there after. There is a flow to things and holding perceptions or judgements towards things breaks this flow, whereas if you move, truly move with respect to this flow then the world is revealed to you from there.

  85. I’m not a scientist in the ordinary sense so my way has been to feel what is true. And yes, it has led at times to me adopting ‘what Serge said’ holus bolus, without knowing it and living it for myself. It’s sometimes hard to avoid doing that when you can feel the truth of what’s of offer, but I sure appreciate the need to know it for myself.

  86. We can say we ‘know’ something from having learnt the knowledge of it. However, until we have ’embodied’ that knowledge as our own knowing do we actually ‘know’ it?

  87. “Then when we quote another person who inspires us like Serge Benhayon, it is a confirmation of a shared truth for all.” And when we quote in this way with authority it is because we have discerned and embodied the truth for ourselves.

  88. I love this Dianne, and hadn’t really considered how much we dismiss our own knowing in so many situations in life, and how in fact it’s a form of irresponsibility as in that dismissal we can ignore the part we have to play, and the fact that that part involves us living the knowing we have so that we can show all others how it can be. We all have a part to play, do we play ours to the fullness we can?

  89. Brilliant sharing Dianne. My first reaction was to go “I will never say ‘Serge said’ again” Ha and then I read that this is the same energy different expression. The only way to avoid giving our power away is to live responsibly, honouring the body and connecting to the one true source of wisdom that is available to all.

  90. Over the years, I learnt that we sometimes quote Serge Benhayon when we go into right and wrong kind of games. We go there because we have not yet established a relationship with what Serge has delivered in our body in the first place.

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