Preparing For an Interview – Is There Another Way?

The normal practice when looking for teaching jobs and attending interviews is to prepare yourself as much as you can by collecting as many possible questions which may be asked, practicing your answers by writing them down, having mock interviews to prepare you for what might come, and to have the ‘perfect’ observation lesson planned.

But what if there was another way? What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?

I recently had a job interview and chose to prepare for it in a very different way to what I would have done in the past. This awareness to make a different choice has come from being inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who have shown me there is another way – a way to live and be that is truly loving and caring of me and my body.

The week before the interview I was very aware that everything, all the choices I made, from when I went to bed to what I ate, would have an impact on the day.

With this, I chose to focus on being very present with my body, in how I expressed myself through every action, word and thought. For example:

  • How I chose to walk – gently and with joy.
  • The way in which I dressed – I honored what I felt to wear and how I put the clothes on my body.
  • The way in which I drove my car – in presence, focussed on the driving, my body and the road, with no thoughts about anything else.
  • How I cooked and ate my food – making sure I chose and cooked food that was lovingly prepared and nourishing for my body.
  • How and when I went to bed – preparing for sleep by allowing myself to let go of the day.
  • Making sure I honored my body – when I felt to stop and take a rest, be it at work or home.
  • Not getting involved in conversations or discussions that I knew were there to try and make me doubt myself and my choices.

With this I allowed no space for self-doubt, anxiety or stress. If any of these did try to sneak in, I would stop, say no, and make a more loving choice, which allowed no room for these self–doubting thoughts.

I prepared my overnight bag a few days before, taking care how I placed everything in it. I made sure I had early nights in the days before so as to prepare for the long drive ahead. I packed the car in the early evening the night before, to leave room and space in the morning for my normal routine, and not allow any anxiety or rush to sneak in. I then prepared lunch and drink for the long journey, and made sure I wound down and very lovingly and gently got ready for bed.

There was not one part of my day or night that was not included in my preparation for this interview. I also learnt to trust myself, by choosing the lesson to teach for my interview that I knew within me was the correct one for exactly what was needed that day, even if it did go against the grain and what other people said. I listened and trusted what my body so clearly shared with me.

So as the day came, I left to go to work in joy; there was no worry, stress or overwhelm, and it was no big deal that I had an interview coming up. It was simply just another part of my day that I would equally be me in, no more or less to any other day.

On the drive up, I made sure I drove in joy and gentleness, appreciating each moment and appreciating the care I had taken with preparing for the interview. I stopped along the way to take a break, stretch my legs, have a drink and enjoy speaking to the people I met.

I didn’t push myself to get there or worry about the time as I knew this would have an impact on the next moment and the next day.

As I arrived at my accommodation for the night, I could feel a little part of me went, “oh no”, as it did not look as good as it did in photos, but immediately I made the choice to not let this expectation I had affect me. I made the room as loving and supportive as I could, then went for a walk to allow my body the space to unwind from the drive and the day.

I could feel there was a little more I wanted to prepare for the interview lesson, but knew I was tired, so instead of rushing and stressing before bed as I would have done in the past, I chose to honour my body and go to bed, knowing I would have space the next morning to do it then.

The next day I went to the interview with not one ounce of anxiety or stress, nor any need to get the job. I was there to be seen, and to express all of me, without holding back who I am, and to have fun with it as well.

The day was amazing and I felt so much joy. Everyone I met was lovely and open and such a joy to be with.

I didn’t prepare any questions or answers, as I trusted myself and my body in the knowing that because of the way I had chosen to prepare for the interview, everything I needed would be within me to answer any questions asked.

I trusted that the answers would come from a knowing in my body, from my truth, my lived experience and not from trying to say the ‘right’ things in my head. There was not one ounce of me that held back that day.

I was offered the job, but honoured my body, as the job and where it was did not feel true for me. This was also part of the process, knowing I didn’t need to panic and accept a job just because it was there.

What this whole experience has confirmed to me is that, yes, we can prepare for interviews and certain aspects of life, but that true preparation doesn’t come from knowledge in the sense of going into our heads with anxiousness and drive.

True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.

With love and deep thanks to Serge Benhayon.

By Gyl Rae, 37, Teacher, Scotland

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679 thoughts on “Preparing For an Interview – Is There Another Way?

  1. Every moment is a preparation for the next moment, and the next, and the next. How I am in what I am doing right now will determine how I spend this afternoon, my day at work tomorrow, 3 month from now on… This has been presented by Serge and Natalie Benhayon many times, but even so, I have caught myself thinking that I deserved a break from that, and slipping into making choices that were less than loving. Living with this awareness and walking it every day is something that I am working on.

  2. That’s a revolutionary way to prepare for an interview! I’m finding myself in a position where I will soon be attending interviews, so this blog post could not have come at a better time.

  3. This is a completely different way of preparing for a job interview, and it makes so much sense. It isn’t so much about the interview but about how we are leading up to it – the quality of our how we have moved our body leading up to the interview is what matters.

    1. So true Sandra, and actually we can live this every day, being prepared to deal from our essence with anything that comes our way at any moment of the day. Our essence, that inner knowing that does not need any outcome but only lives the truth it is from and connected with.

  4. When living a prepared life all of the time, anything that will come to us will not be a problem as we are connect to that inner source that knows and we can safely rely on as we do in our everydays choices.

  5. Gyl what you share here is super supportive and inspiring for anyone going for a job interview or preparing for anything in life we experience on a daily basis. What your blog highlights is when we commit to making these simple loving choices throughout our day we are constantly rewarded back in many beautiful ways allowing any needs or attachments we may have to any outcomes to naturally fall away.

  6. “But what if there was another way? What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?”
    Yes, this makes so much sense. It would feel second nature and take the stress out of the event so we could truly just be ourselves when going in for the interview.

  7. Beautiful Gyl and life changing. What a way to prepare not only for an interview but for life.

    1. I agree Nikki, we don’t need to wait for an interview or something special we can make these loving and quality choices in each moment.

  8. A great reminder that every single choice we make impacts on everybody and every subsequent moment in our lives. Not just physically but through the quality of our experience

  9. Wow Gyl this is gorgeous to read. What you have listed here is the how to of living a loving, joyful and responsible life every single day.

  10. You could say every point of our life, every step is a preparation for something big. I know we look at ‘big’ events, birthdays, dinners, celebrations, job interviews, marriage etc as being things we need to plan and prepare for and so we give them a certain amount of preparation time. But what if everything you do is with you? I mean after all every step has you with it and so then wherever you arrive, no matter what the heading, all of you, every step and choice will be with you. In this way preparation for anything has no lead time as we are always preparing and so every movement you make is one that support you for what’s next or takes away from you and so you feel less in the next moment. I do get what this article is saying and it’s a great way to prepare for something like this just as long as we don’t see this as an up and down thing, like a performance almost. To be aware that spending time truly present with what you are doing is the best preparation you can do for what ever is next and this never ends or has a start point. It’s an ongoing relationship that begins again after each step, at each point is an opportunity to go deeper and deeper or offer a deeper quality of presence to any moment. As the article is saying, “True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.”

  11. Great to read – I am preparing for an interview later this week. It’s lovely to feel the truth of the fact that it is the way we live that will support us through any day. Yes there is preparation to be done but this cannot be at the expense of ourselves.

  12. This is a great reminder that we are forever, constantly, preparing ourselves for whatever comes our way. I am typing this comment because of how I did what I did previously leading up to that, and how I am doing what I am doing right now takes me to the next point – and I don’t even have to know what that next point looks like, it is all guaranteed by the quality I have already chosen.

  13. Gyl, I loved this part of your blog ‘I was offered the job, but honoured my body, as the job and where it was did not feel true for me.’ We so often accept a job offer because we worry that there may not be another one, yet when you were deeply honest with yourself as you were to turn this one down. Beautiful to read how you honoured yourself, and at the same time you honoured those who offered you the job by your own honesty too.

  14. If we live in the conscious presence as you describe Gyl, then we are prepared any moment in time to do a job interview, as in fact no preparation is needed when we are fully with ourselves. We then are connected with a wisdom and a knowing that is unfathomable by our mind and will present through our bodies that we have prepared so well for doing its job.

  15. I had an observation yesterday. It is something that used to get me very anxious in the past, but similar to what you have shared Gyl, I planned my lesson, with no need to impress and made sure I did the things I know keep me steady like having a good nights sleep, eating foods that I know support me and doing my exercise in the morning. It went very well.

  16. This was fascinating to read as I knew of and couldn’t help but compare to the opposite of nearly every loving choice you made… which in truth would be the norm for most when preparing for an interview. The difference is remarkable and the love you offered yourself exquisite. When you take the need out of it and make it about being an opportunity to just express all of you, it can clearly be a deeply enjoyable experience. A blog to remember.

  17. I recently went for a job interview which I prepared for like Gyl shares here. For the first time in my life, there was no anxiety in my body. What was there was a joy and openness. I enjoyed everyone I met that day and know from this experience that true preparation is about supporting ones self to be ones self.

  18. “I didn’t prepare any questions or answers, as I trusted myself and my body in the knowing that because of the way I had chosen to prepare for the interview, everything I needed would be within me to answer any questions asked.” A different sort of preparation – great to re-read Gyl.

  19. “True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.” We live in cycles and how we are now and what we do now will affect us down the road.
    So, choosing to be present, aware, loving and steady to make the cycle work for us in its entirety is just brilliant.

  20. It’s so true Gyl, when our integrity is held with our commitment to expressing quality and truth we fill ourselves with purpose and leave no space for doubt nor disregard.

  21. Interview in its original sense is “to see each other.” It is to be seen and to see the other one and not I want to be seen this way that is not me but that may me get the job or to trick someone into a job situation that is far from what the person is going to find. So, preparing is about to prepare yourself to be seen and to really see what is on the other side waiting.

  22. Your preparation is a great recipe for life, Gyl. In my early 20’s I remember preparing for job interviews by drinking coffee and smoking cigarette’s in my car and by the time I got into the interview, I was shaking like a leaf and stinking like an ash tray! I thought these things would calm me down but the truth is, that I couldn’t cope with my sensitivity and what I was walking into, the fear of rejection and the fierce jealousy that would often come at me. So I raced myself from the present moment and had very little if any connection with my body. Boy oh boy, how life has changed now.

  23. I love this blog. It turns all the old ways of doing things on their head and just allows us to come back to what is a true way of being with ourselves and the rest of the world.

  24. It’s the beauty and grace of our movements, that connect us to who we are. It’s the true joy of connection that takes us through our day and we see how each moment and movement ripples on into the next to prove that how we live, walk and express really does create a platform for us to simply be all of who we are. It’s the essential key to any part of our day: be it a job interview, chat with the cashier at the supermarket or cooking dinner for our family, it really brings it back to self love, care and appreciation for being ourselves.

  25. Awesome blueprint for living life whatever is happening, taking care of the details and trusting that we will be given the answers allows no room for all the self-doubting thoughts that so often sabotage the best-laid plans. When we are totally in the moment we have no need of plans because we can absolutely feel what is the next true movement.

  26. So inspirational to read of your total commitment to preparing for the interview and subsequently the fact that turned down the job when it was offered because it didn’t feel true in your body. Being dedicated to taking such care of all the details allowed you to let go of the outcome and surrender to the bigger picture. You will have touched so many people’s lives that day and confirmed in your body this deep level of self-care that is an amazing foundation for how you treat yourself every day.

  27. This is a great way to approach an interview, it places the responsibility back on us to live in a way that is honouring and appreciative of who we are and the rest is just a natural flow of that.

  28. This makes me hugely appreciate that what is to come next is always founded on what it is right now, and the power of choice we actually do have moment to moment to determine what our future is.

  29. I love how your willingness to lovingly care for yourself provided you with a steady foundation whereby you were aware of unloving and self-doubting thoughts trying to sneak in, and instead of falling for them you were able to make a clear choice and say ‘no’ this is not who I am. A beautiful reminder that this steady and loving foundation is possible to live every day in our lives, when we choose to honor ourselves and our bodies.

  30. Most people feel anxious, stressed and have doubts when it comes to attending interviews. People who read your blog is supported to know that there is another way. The way you have prepared your interview is deeply loving, honouring of your body and of what feels true. This way is a way we can all be inspired and live by to support us to let go of stress, tension and overwhelm in any situation. We can choose to prepare our day with loving choices, as they impact on how we feel and our choices that followings.

  31. I love the care and dedication in the way you approached your interview. It makes absolute sense that what you have shared ensures that we are our best for the occasion and not just crammed with clever answers and lines to impress. And it prompts me to ask myself since this obviously does work and does bring out ‘our best’ it seems silly for us to not live with such dedication the rest of the time, for surely we deserve to be our best in every single moment.

  32. I just had an interview.

    I was a bit a apprehensive about the whole process and felt myself dipping in and out being confident with what I had to say however in the end the more I detached from the situation and spoke clear and calmly the more comfortable I felt.

    Quality rather than quantity.

  33. Awesome blog Gyl, I have found it very inspiring. The level of care, attention to detail and presence you pay to your everyday way of living is superb. If we all choose to live with this level of love and care, imagine what our lives would be like, it would be in harmony.

  34. Thank you Gyl, this is a model than can be applied to all of our lives, understanding that all the moments before a moment are contributory to that present moment which then contributes to the next moment. This really shows we are on a continuous cycle with no ‘out’ times. This feels like a simple yet responsible way to live.

  35. Love how you’ve expressed this Gyl. Imagine if we lived all the time like this, and not just when we had to prepare for a ‘big’ day. To live with this consistency and commitment to honouring what we can truly feel, is what sustains us far more than any mental preparation. Looking after our body and nurturing ourselves supports us to feel true confidence through our connection to ourselves and our lived experience. It feels so much more solid and supportive to connect to all that we are, and our lived experiences, instead of being at the mercy of what we can recall or remember.

  36. When we prepare from the body anything before us becomes a breeze of fresh air, when we don’t is when we get into trouble and start to panic or worry as the outcome of such event then becomes our marker of worth. I have had several interviews over the last few months and each time the body has told me if the job was true or not at every stage, sometimes I would listen at the application page, other times I had to go to the interview to feel that it wasn’t true or that I just had to experience that situation to appreciate where I am now. Having accepted a new job now based on how I felt about the job is a new one for me as it may not look appealing on the surface but I am trusting my body, we’ll see what happens.

  37. When we lovingly care for ourselves and prepare for our days and responsibilities equally as lovingly we cannot but inject love into all that we do and share it with others equally.

  38. I’m looking for work, and because I am having moments of feeling so desperate to leave my current job, It’s easy to see the first job as the ticket out. But you’ve reminded me Gyl that it’s important to discern whether the next one is right for you or not. Because if we make a reactionary choice, we simply carry on the cycle that potentially got us where we are in the first place. So honouring all that we are feeling all of the time and creating the space to allow us to feel what’s going on is so immensely important.

  39. Such a great lesson in preparation for anything Gyl. A wonderful way to live, such consideration of yourself in every moment of the day. Amazes me that we are not taught to live like this…so many answers lie in this approach! I love it.

  40. ” . . . I allowed no space for self-doubt, anxiety or stress. If any of these did try to sneak in, I would stop, say no, and make a more loving choice, which allowed no room for these self–doubting thoughts.” Gyl that is really an inspiring way to stopp those not loving ways and to treat ourselves, especially to chose this more loving choices is what makes me looking forward to do the same.

  41. What this shows us – in great detail – is that we are far more responsible for what happens to us than we think. When we take the time to prepare for something, we are much more steadier and less reactive. As when we are reactive, blame is often the first thing that comes out of our mouths. Oh the kids, the traffic, the stupid directions etc….the list can go on. But what is so clear from your writing, is that you took the time – over a week – to prepare you and your body – and allowed time to readjust to any expectations (the room) and built confidence in being with your body and trusting the wisdom that comes from that. And you can feel the steadiness that comes from that so less room for any issues to arise and if/when they did, you are much more capable to respond. Very inspiring Gyl.

    1. Very well said Sarah, this is an extremely supportive way to live every day. With this level of care and responsibility Gyl shared, prepares us for life. We are much more able to be steady, unaffected by things outside of us because of our deep connection with who we are, strong, powerful, wise and inspiring others along the way.

  42. I like the practical approach that was applied here of not being attached to an end result but responding to what you felt along the way and from there feeling what your next steps were.

  43. In a way our whole life can be a preparation for the next moment, building the quality in the way we do things all the while.

    1. Absolutely Fiona – this is the feeling I got too. That life is a constant building, and how we arrive at the next moment is indicative of how we were in the last.

  44. I love what you share about preparing for an interview. This is something we don’t learn at university or school when thinking ahead about working life. What stood out most for me was that you had no investment in getting the job and was not attached to the outcome…along with your interview preparation this feels like the most freeing aspect to your experience. What if we all approached our interviews in this way?

  45. Thank you, Gyl. Your sharing makes me realise that with each and every choice we are making every moment, we are preparing ourselves for the next moment – whether that is a job interview, a date, doing errands… whatever. It is about building a body that can be in a movement that would allow us to make a choice that would lead us to evolution, and it is an ongoing, constant unfoldment that may sometime take us by surprise with an exponential leap forward.

  46. if we live every day in such presence as Gyl is writing about, then we would be prepared for anything because we would be living with conscious presence, then when we lived with conscious presence then we are able to feel what is happening around us to such a depth that this in itself is all the preparation that we need.

  47. Thanks for Sharing Gyl! A great blog to read and so timely as I am preparing for Graduate Nurse position interviews in the coming months. The pressure to get a Grad program is intense and everything you have named is being recommended, from preparing interview answers and “putting yourself in the situation” prior but to me I feel to bring far more value to the way I am living so I know that when I get to an interview I will have a momentum of lived love that I can stand on as a foundation, which to me is far more supportive and true then trying to “fake my way through”.

  48. A great blueprint not only for preparing for an interview but as an approach to living all facets of life.

  49. Gyl, this is such an empowering way of being and what a beautiful way to bring yourself to the interview. I can feel that you bought all of you without any anxiety or tension. Gorgeous.

  50. A great way to approach an interview. It would certainly be less stressful if you were prepared ‘yourself’ rather than over-preparing. We can have a certain amount of preparation in regards to the sorts of things we might be asked, it is preparing ourselves and our bodies lovingly that makes a difference and the way we live as a whole is received. I have a graduate interview for a nursing Job soon, and this is an approach I will definitely be taking.

  51. Thanks Gyl. Preparing for a stress free way of doing an interview – can be applied to almost everything else too. I find this super supportive when I get ready in the mornings before going to Uni.

  52. Thank you Gyl I really loved the deep honouring and commitment you gave to yourself in preparation for the interview, and also in choosing not to take the job. Very inspiring.

  53. A great perspective about how it is where we are right now that prepares us for the next step, and the next and the next, and then before we now it we are even more where we wanted to be.

    1. I agree Chris – “before we know it we are even more where we wanted to be.” I am often delighted when this happens.

  54. Gyl your blog is truly beautiful and very inspiring to read. If I ever I have a job interview I will certainly be returning to this blog. This line really stood out for me and is a great reminder for all areas of life ‘True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.’

  55. I am realising more and more that in self-doubt I do actually know and sometimes it is a matter of trusting that knowing and gently, yet deliberately, acting on that and at other times it can be that my doubt is allowing me a pause to consider more realistically, or truthfully, what is going on thus confirming my knowing. The old me might by-pass this step and end up doing something from a belief or an ideal that, in truth, serves no one.

  56. Interview comes from the French s’entrevoir “to see each other.” Yet, nowadays an interview is mainly (but not always) a game of cards so to speak. The idea of double direction is missing but it should not be, since not only the candidate has to offer what the job requires, but also the employer has to convince the candidate that the company is okay for him/her.

    1. Great point Eduardo. Many interviews I have been to have not been about seeing me as a person. And great point, companies definitely should be open and ask the candidate if the company is right for them. This doesn’t happen because companies run for their own gain rather than for humanity.

  57. I had an interview today and had to come back to this blog to remember the truth about interview preparation. I especially appreciate what you share about not being attached to ‘getting the job’. I can see that when I am attached to an outcome it is impossible to express who I really am.

  58. Thanks Gyl for reinforcing the benefit of living in a self caring way and how this lifestyle prepares us for lifes experiences

  59. Thanks again for this blog Gyl, I have just reread it as a gentle reminder of what is truly important as I prepare for a job interview tomorrow. Being true to myself and what I feel, trusting that what is true will unfold and allowing myself to be all of me in the interview is what really matters. The outcome of the interview then becomes secondary to being all of me.

    1. Thank you Lee, I will have an interview soon also. To remember the outcome is secondary to what I bring in every moment before and after is golden advice.

      1. Well l had the interview. l didn’t get the job. However, l feel l did not hold back on who l am. l went for it. My intention was to enable them to feel me as the teacher l am, in my classes and to inspire them, as l do my students.
        Apart from a few moments that l felt were forced and rushed with my answer and areas l felt l was trying to impress, it flowed beautifully. As l finished l was confirmed in the fact that l had inspired them. l felt it in myself and one of the interviewers. The other was preoccupied with questions. lt was so freeing for me to walk out feeling “l have done my job”. l allowed them to see me and what l bring. lt was very empowering to feel this experience as no greater than any other and to get on with the next awesome moments that followed on from there in my day.

  60. “True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.” Thank you Gyl, this is a true prescription for preparation for life every day.

  61. Gyl this part is most pertinent for me..” With this I allowed no space for self-doubt, anxiety or stress. If any of these did try to sneak in, I would stop, say no, and make a more loving choice, which allowed no room for these self–doubting thoughts.” It’s in being able to say no to these self-doubting thoughts and the stress and anxiety, that I find the most challenging. Here is where every other choice either supports me to do this or not. As you built your body of loving choices you strengthened your ability to say “yes” to more love.

  62. I shall write a note to self with your words Gyl. “True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice and trusting what we feel inside.” So much of my life I’ve allowed others to cast a doubt over what I truly felt – then up pops anxiousness which then start a cycle of negative momentums to distract further from truth. A beautiful sharing – very appropriate for me to read today. Thank you Gyl.

  63. When reading your amazing Blog Gyl I can feel your strong commitment to be aware and present and how this empowered you to such a wonderful experience with your interview. Your list how to expressed yourself through every action, word and thought is very inspiring too so thank you for not holding back of what you have achieved.

  64. It is a wonderful feeling to start to trust the intelligence of our hearts and bodies, to understand that we do not need to be prepared with constructed responses but yes we do know exactly what is needed and even more.

    1. I am still coming to terms with this even though I can feel it is true. I can feel that anxiousness and investment get in the way of my ability to express what is truly needed. The constructed responses are pure protection. I can feel how freeing and fun it would be to let go of this and just be myself.

  65. Thank you Gyl, I really loved reading your experience of how deeply committing and honouring yourself allowed you to choose what was right for you, this is such an amazing way of preparing for an interview.” True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.”

  66. I love this Gyl, it is magic and I can feel it sinking deeper into my body each time I read it. “True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.”

  67. I agree Carolien, this is so hard to do in the beginning because of the lifelong momentum we have running on striving to achieve and never feeling quite enough, so try to do more to make up for it… but to understand it is all about the quality that we bring first and foremost and throughout, and if we bring that presence and quality, then what needs to get produced or completed will naturally happen, and more importantly will be done in the quality that is needed.

  68. This shows how everything in our life matters and the cumulative affect of the way we live comes with us to each moment. It is like making love. It is not so much the act but the way we live together the day or the week before. All this, whether it is harmonious and loving or not is with us.

  69. Gyl, thank you for sharing this, I have reread your blog today, where you write “The week before the interview I was very aware that everything, all the choices I made, from when I went to bed to what I ate, would have an impact on the day.” I totally agree our choices effect every part of our everyday Living, and what we do today affects tomorrow.

    1. How true Sally, well said. All that has gone before and all that is to come depends on the quality we are right now.

  70. I like how you say ‘do such a number on themselves so that they are a total wreck..’ Because it is true, we orchestrate all the reactions and anxiousness, nervous tension and drama completely ourselves, This blog beautifully outlines the second option which is to focus on the quality we bring to every single moment as it presents, (not worrying about whats ahead or beating ourselves up about what has gone before). Allowing this quality of presence brings a confidence and awareness to each moment that we are otherwise denying ourselves. I have found it takes some practice to break the old sabotaging patterns, but bringing a steady rhythm to our day, as shared here makes it possible, and is so definitely worth it.

    1. well said Annie and it is huge to make the shift of making life no longer about outcomes and results or what we think we need to be or do but to focus on presence and quality first and foremost.

  71. Gyl this blog is such a support for not only a job interview but for life in general. Imagine if everyone lived their life with the self care and detailed preparation that you followed.

    1. I agree alisonmoir, people world over are struggling with anxious, stress, getting things done, running a home, family, business, and the feeling and often said phrase ” if only I and more time”. What if creating not more time is possible as its a man made thing, but that creating more space is possible which feels like time has actually slowed down, by being consciously present with ourselves, our bodies and each task we are doing – literally one thing at a time, rather that constantly thinking about the next thing or things or something we wished we had done different in the past.

      1. Love this Gyl, what if we approached life from this perspective, that presence brings space into time to allow us to observe, understand and become more aware of what is before us in that moment. Maybe in this space wisdom is born or found once again.

  72. Gyl how lovely to read the preparations you made for your job interview. The commitment to yourself is very inspiring, and what I noticed was how joyful you felt and how everyone else felt open and a joy to be with.

  73. Gyl I love your commitment to allowing yourself the care and support to choose exactly what was right for you throughout your interview process and the time leading up to it. This just shows that when we honour ourselves and what we feel in any given moment life flows seamlessly and the life is joyfully rich. Thank you

  74. This is such a great testament of how self loving choices and taking care in our lives has a huge impact on the quality of our expression. There are huge industries based on rating people to a forced and often false sense of empowerment – but what you offer here is a natural deepening quality from within us that we take with us everywhere we go and whomever we interact with inspiring everyone as we go. The preparation you are talking about is the most loving thing we can do for ourself and for everyone.

  75. I had to go through that process a few times recently and felt the same as you Gyle. A friend of mine who works as a manager for a corporate company knows the interview process inside out and wanted to help me out with it, but realised quickly enough, that only my own experience and what I could bring to the job was enough.

  76. Love it Gyl. In living in such a way and developing a relationship with ourselves and life where we take awesome care of ourselves and bring quality and presence to all that we do, we are naturally ‘prepared’ for what we may come to meet in our day. Whether it’s an interview or a ‘performance’ (something I can particularly relate to…), nothing need be any big deal. We simply bring ourselves to it. How gorgeously simple.

  77. This is a great blog that shows when taking responsibility, it can be joyful and it breaks down the stress and anxiousness around job interviews. When we are relaxed and joyful within that reflects onto the interviewer, and so the situation will be. It shows how we can take the lead in letting go of old beliefs to be in a particular way to fit in – into trusting deeply that we are divine, and nurturing this fact with self care and responsibility. So much Love can be with us when we allow it to be.

  78. As I read your words Gyl I am left with a strong impression of how much warmth and support you felt for yourself during your preparations for the job interview. There is nothing quite like the feeling of real confidence when we take care of our bodies and take time to deeply honour what we feel.

  79. Gyl, you show great leadership in your blog here, living and experiencing what happens when we commit to listening to our body and using that as our guide rather than the mind first. I suspect that the answers that you gave at your interview were also in line with everything that you lived and that they were jam packed with so much more, but ones that were felt much deeper and full of truth rather than the typical planned and rehearsed answers.

  80. What a beautiful way to prepare for an interview. I have observed others do such a number on themselves, so that they are a total wreck by the time they end up in front of an interviewer. What you describe is awesome, and I have experienced something similar, thanks to the way I am with myself on a daily basis, I was there in my fullness at the interview and more able to let it unfold, rather than go into all the panic and unnecessary worry. Having trust that all is working out as it should is also a big support.

  81. I like the line ‘true preparation comes from a commitment to the body. The other day I realised as I was driving, I was very worried about being late. I was supposed to be at a meeting at 8:30am, it was at that moment 8:20am and I was still 20 min away from my destination. I had thoughts of ‘oh no, they are probably sitting around the table and it looks bad that I am not there’. Then I realised that I was ahead of myself- as it was only 8:20am no-one would have been around the table yet so the story I had playing out in my head couldn’t yet be true. It was at this moment that I realised that if I kept driving with those thoughts by the time I got there I would be late and stressed. So I decided to stop those thoughts and just concentrate on where I was at, at that moment. When I then arrived at work I wasn’t stressed and felt equipped to handle what was in front of me.

  82. Thank you Gyl for this blog and my understanding from Serge Benhayon presentations is that true confidence actually comes from our presence and at first I had no clue what that meant let alone feel like in my body.
    After 10 years I can say that it is a quality held in the body that develops over time through my commitment and consistency in my daily practical things that I do to support and honour my body. This loving and caring way of living helps me to develop stillness inside me and pulls me more towards building more presence and so no matter what life presents that day, I feel equipped.
    I am a planner and I find it a natural way to live but if things change I don’t seem to get bent out of shape like I used to in the past because my body has a steady quality that I am living daily and this certainly has an effect on how I react to any situation.

    1. Beautifully said Bina. It does take time to develop such a quality of presence in all that we do, and in simply being with ourselves and our bodies in our day – vs. letting the head run its own show. But boy is it worth it, to feel how we can indeed build such a steadiness and that it can become our natural foundational support (from within) to meet whatever it is in our day that may arise – nothing need be a ‘big deal’, whatsoever…

  83. Wow Gyl! What a bombshell and a game changer. The “new way forward” to prepare for interviews, and really, prepare for everything in life. What I felt from this article was the deep level of responsibility you took with every detail in life to support yourself in the most loving way because you knew this quality would be felt by those you met in your interview. It is beautiful how you have interpreted and responded to the teachings from Serge Benhayon in this way: your way. I am inspired by your level of responsibility. Thank you for the sharing.

    1. I so agree Simone, you hit the nail right on the head. The level of responsibility is also what stood out for me. Really being aware of the utmost detail and bringing all of her to the process. Very inspiring indeed.

  84. There is so much wisdom in this blog. To have the awareness that everything you do, well before the interview took place, will support that moment is amazing. To live in such a rhythm builds a loving foundation from one moment to the next and supports an otherwise usually stressful situation. Job interviews generally create a lot of panic and stress, in the lead up to them, so to be able to completely avoid all that through loving choices before hand is fantastic. Not only did you manage to lovingly support your body, the reflection you would have emanated to the people interviewing you would have been amazing. Living and making choices that lovingly support each and every moment of your day then enabled you to feel into whether this job was right for you, leaving no room for expectations to dictate your decision. It sounds like each moment allowed for the next beautiful moment that continually confirmed what was true for you. Brilliant preparation tips for a job interview and for how to live our lives each and every day.

  85. “True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.” Very inspiring to read you blog Gyl!

  86. On reading this great blog again I can see that I have been avoiding the same kind of loving responsibility with a performance appraisal that is due to be done, resisting even enjoying jotting down the, quite lengthy, written part of it. It is a wonderful opportunity to stop and value what I bring to my job and write from appreciation of my workplace itself (I have a great job) and of me. Much more honouring of my workplace, my colleagues and myself.

  87. How lovely to not be bound and pulled into something just because it has been offered. It is the strength and knowing of oneself that allows us to make those choices for the true reason and not from fear of loss. Great and each time you go through the process you learn a little more about you and what you require in your life to support you.

    1. I agree Gail, I knew the day before, as soon I took the road towards the town I had the interview in, a heaviness was felt, as first I wondered if it was the area I was driving through, but it soon became very clear that I knew it was not true for me to be working here. When I arrived at the town it was an instant huge body felt no, which I had a little wobble with, so went for a walk to come back to myself. The next day I drove to the school got to the carpark and again it was an instant no from my body, even when I went in I knew I didn’t want the job. I could have left there and then but it wasn’t about that for me, it was about the people in the school and the having fun with the kids I got to teach. It was one of the most friendly schools I have ever been in, from the janitors at the door greeting the kids and visitors like me, the office staff being so open, friendly and welcoming, to the pupils, staff and heads all being the same. I didn’t hesitate to share how much I loved meeting everyone, that I really appreciated the real community vibe at the school, and when I declined the job. It was an amazing learning experience in many ways.

  88. Thank you Gyl, this was really beautiful for me to read with the word ‘exam’ inserted instead of ‘interview’. What you have shared here about preparing for an interview may be seen by some as ‘nuts’ as it requires complete trust and allowing that who we are innately is already everything that needs to be there on the day. With exams it is similar – yes there are very real things we need to do to prepare for them, but how we are leading up to it, and the way we complete the exam is actually more important than the content itself. If we spend all the time learning, but burn ourselves out in the process, then when we get to the day we won’t be much use to anyone! More emphasis in education definitely needs to be placed on how we are, not just what we know. It is incredibly important, and will help many with the stress they currently suffer unnecessarily.

    1. This is a hugely important point you’ve raised her Amelia. I remember sitting for university exams where people near me literally threw up in the aisles between the seating. There was nothing whatsoever in the education system that said ‘look after yourself’, let alone as a first priority, nothing at all.
      And yet, even amidst such callousness, we can make a true difference in the way we are with ourselves, as Gyl’s blog beautifully illustrates. Enough people do this, and systems cannot but buckle and change.

  89. This is such a beautiful honouring of yourself Gyl. I love the part where you choose not to except the job simply because it was offered. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I loved this part too, it supported me to reflect on how we can make choices that truly honour us no matter what is on offer.

  90. As I am having interviews currently, your blog is very inspiring to me Gyl. Thank you for reminding that the way I live and support myself on a daily basis – it’s quality and consistency – is very important for situations like interviews etc. as it builds a foundation to be with me and to be who and how I am no matter what situation I am in.
    What I also recognized with regard to interviews is that for me it is very important to not have „any need to get the job“. Because when I do not have the need or any pressure in me to get the job I feel liberated, much more in my power and can be how I am. The interview then runs on a complete different level.

  91. Beautiful Gyl. With the way you prepare yourself, the people interviewing you got the real you, and not some “best of” version that had been prepped up for the day. There is real honesty in offering ourselves as we are without putting on our best behaviours, both in interviews and relationships.

    1. I love this nikkimckee – sharing the ‘real us’ and not the ‘best of us’. The real us we can be consistent with and even expand to bring more. It also offers joy and vitality to all we do. The best of us has us feeling pressure that we will be exposed as not enough and is exhausting.

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