My Body Loves Cream

For most of my life I have had sensitivity/allergies to skin products, with symptoms such as burning rashes, inflammation, sore redness and feeling as if I had been rolled in nettles. Even the most pure oils would set off a reaction. I would find an oil I could use, but even if I put a small amount in the bath water, it still never soaked into my skin, it just sat on the surface until I took it off with a cloth.

3 years 10 months ago I came across Universal Medicine. From workshops and the presentations by Serge Benhayon I started to understand about self-care and from having sessions with Esoteric Practitioners, mainly Simone Benhayon, I was supported to take better care for myself.

I welcomed this with open arms; it was almost like I’d been waiting for someone to say it’s ok to be loving to me. I wasn’t told what to do – this I discovered for myself from listening to within, my inner knowing and guidance – and so I made steps to care for myself as I hadn’t really been doing this.

I did things like … I brushed my hair, washed and dried my face gently. Being gentle with myself in the bath or shower, how I used the soap, the way I got in and out and dried myself. I made myself cups of herbal tea in what I called my tea ceremony, taking time to sit and drink them and enjoy it.

I tended to my nails, cuticles and painted them with focus on what I was doing. I made sure I was warm enough – clothing, putting the heating on if needed to do so, a new warm thick duvet.

During this and other things I did to care for myself I continued to use a little oil on my skin after bathing or showering. What I noticed was that as I gently put the oil on my body, focusing on my hands smoothing the oil on my skin, my body would tingle all over and if I had any pain it would either go or reduce considerably; it was like my body was smiling. Afterwards I would feel more energised.

Over time I noticed there wasn’t so much oil to wipe off and then a while later I moved on to being able to use a cream. Well … when I did this, my body LOVED it.

Today, 3 years 10 months later, when I put cream or oil on my skin it absorbs it straight away, particularly my face; as soon as I put the cream on my face it is almost a race to smooth it over before my skin soaks it up! My skin feels so much softer now and I love putting cream on my face and body.

I found it incredible that something as simple and enjoyable as taking care of myself could have such an outcome! I continue to build and deepen my care for myself.

What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.

With love and appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Simone Benhayon for their presentations and support, because from taking care of myself … my body loves cream!

Ruth Ketnor,  London UK

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  1. “my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself”
    I love what you are saying here Ruth and how simple it was for you to change the lack of self care and pay attention to your body and things changed. It really is quite amazing how our body responds when we genuinely pay attention and are willing and open to take care of ourselves.
    What I have noticed in myself is that my skin is no longer dry and my hair and nails seem to have a new quality and yes they actually shine without the need for anything. Its like the oils are coming free from inside me. Could it be possible that how I am choosing to live every day is making the difference?
    I cannot thank Serge Benhayon enough for presenting such simple ways of living that make a difference. He gave me a template and then I worked it out myself and have my own way of supporting my body and I do my best to stay open as there is always more to learn and develop when it comes to my body.

    1. It is beautiful to read your comment, Bina, as it shows how important it is to care for our body on a consistant level and to listen deeply what it is sharing with us.

    2. Bina I love what you have written. It seems to me that when we don’t fight ourselves our bodies respond – they have the love and the energy to grow and blossom. I’m heartened by their ability to cleanse themselves of accumulated disregard. Our bodies are amazing!

    3. These are true miracles Bina, that all deserve to be shared with the world.
      My own skin and hair has transformed also – once very dry, my hair no longer gets split ends, etc. Heading into my later forties, it’s the healthiest it’s ever been.
      Were it not for the work and depth of inspiration that Serge Benhayon presents, I can’t imagine how ‘downhill’ I would have gone these past 8 years or so, as I’ve entered the decade of my forties. The truth is, I feel more vital, alive, consistently joyful and committed in my life today than I ever have – without question.

      1. I agree Bina and Victoria – these are true miracles to be shared with all. Gone are all my split ends too since taking greater care of myself – thanks to the presentations by Serge Benhayon who has shown there is another way to live. Even in my mid 60’s my hair is thick and lustrous – my hairdresser is always saying it is a hairdressers dream to work with!

  2. It was so lovely to read your blog Ruth and it has been such a joy to see you unfolding and claiming your innate inner beauty and joy. It is amazing how our body responds to the love that comes from a heart that is open and loving – and when this heart is our own it feels divine.

      1. Yes Penny and Brendan – I have been blown away by witnessing the enormous response and change in my own body, just by being present and loving with the body as opposed to disconnected and indifferent.

    1. Yes it is also amazing how much abuse our bodies can and do put up with and even more amazing that we abuse them in the first place when they are so precious and the riches they offer us so priceless.

  3. Self-care is a forever deepening process. In my experience it has become the latest tick box in society to bring more self-care into our workplace for instance which is absolutely needed and a great start for those who give so greatly to others yet not to themselves however do we sell ourselves short by not applying self-care to all that we do in every moment in all aspects of our life? Self-care is far broader than many of us yet understand is a forever deepening and refining process.

    1. So true Deborah, ‘Self-care is far broader than many of us yet understand is a forever deepening and refining process.’ And a great question to ponder, ‘do we sell ourselves short by not applying self-care to all that we do in every moment in all aspects of our life?’
      Thank you for this reminder to go deeper with my self-care.

  4. Ruth my skin as always been extremely sensitive and I have gone through very similar circumstances that you describe in this article. There has been unexplainable reactions to creams. One day I will react to something and the next week it will be fine, endlessly trying to find different products. My nick name when I was younger in my house hold was rash girl but when I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I had such a dramatic life style change and this helped enormously with my skin condition. Now its miles away from where it was but what I feel from reading your blog is there is so much further I can be taking this, as the quality that I am in while applying the cream I have not fully associated with being linked to the rashes, this blog is a huge gift for me, thank you Ruth.

    1. These blogs can be such a gift to us – well said Sarah. I find that through reading them that a line or an example will ‘drop in’ during the day and remind me to return to the basics (self-care, self-love, gentleness) that help us return to who we truly are (or the essence – harmony, joy and love). I read on the other day that talked briefly about how they were in the shower and feeling the delicacy of washing their hair. And when I was in the shower I was almost scrubbing my hair like on a deck of a ship, I remembered that line, and washed my hair with much more gentleness. A gift for sure.

      1. Thats very sweet Sarahflenley and funny ” I was almost scrubbing my hair like on a deck of a ship” That cracked me up as I have so done that and due to you sharing this I will be even more aware when I drop my presence and think I am on a ship scrubbing decks.Thanks very cute.

      2. Sarahflenley I used to scrub my hair “like the deck of a ship” too, but nowadays I am much more gentle with this and most other things too, inspired like others such as Ruth here.

      3. I agree Sarah, I find reading these blogs and commenting invaluable, especially when I start feeling like I’m putting everyone else before myself. I read a blog about self care and immediately come back to myself and do something that is more loving than it was in the moments before.

      4. Ah! Sarah, your comment about the way of washing your hair has me chuckling away. Your hair, head and body will love the gentleness you are washing it with from now on! And, there is always more to come!

      5. I love how being light and playful when seeing how we have been treating ourselves brings instant healing and awareness. Self-bashing does the complete opposite and then what we ‘think’ is nurturing is just a softer looking way of being hard on ourselves. One day in the shower I realised how hard and forceful the water was hitting the top of my head and body because of how I would turn the knob up high before getting in so it was warm… after feeling it, it was so simple I couldn’t shower in the same way again. Now I still turn it up high so its warm when I get in but before I put my body under I turn it down so it is gentle and no longer feels like a hailstorm.

    2. Sarahraynebaldwin I have been really sensitive to face products and cosmetics too, up and down, no matter the cost of quality level there seemed to be no rhyme or reason. Mostly around my eyes. Then I asked Serge Benhayon and he helped me to understand that it was in essence about my not choosing to see my great light.

      1. Very interesting Shirley, I have not had any problems around my eyes but more on my tummy and arms. Thank you for sharing as it is always wise to read the whole situation on an energetic level and beautiful when we take in all parts.

  5. Accepting ourselves and thus our body will let us see how beautiful and worth of care we are. The results will be an ever deepening relationship, the most amazing relationship we can have, a true relationship with ourselves.

  6. This is remarkable Ruth, that something as simple as the way you put cream on your body could actually change the way your body responds to that action. It poses the question, what else are our bodies capable of if we applied that same attention and care to the detail of everything that we do? This is true self empowerment and takes responsibility to a whole new level. Thankyou for sharing your inspiring experience.

    1. Yes true, how else would our bodies respond if we paid the same attention to everything I wonder? Something to take forward into my day.

  7. I feel like there is a real science in what you have written here Ruth, I say science as the change in your skins reaction to cream over time would not likely be explained easily by conventional medicine or science, and that is where there is a big gap in our understanding of the beauty and simplicity of our bodies and their ability to so positively respond to gentleness in our care. How much else are we capable of when we put our bodies first!

    1. Great point Stephen – I am often in awe with my body in what it truly knows and how it responds to things – and how it knows exactly what is needed. And that not only what we do but the way we do it – and the intention behind that is also always known to the body – the body knows everything – even if we choose to pretend, bury, deny or be dishonest about it – our body knows.

      1. Great point Jane, I too am often in awe of what my bodies knows and communicates to me about the choices I make and how I live.

  8. I got an internal infection under my skin on my right leg last week. When it was possible to touch the skin again, I felt like massaging and even creaming my leg. And almost instantly I felt how my leg actually loved to be touched and / or creamed. And it didn’t only have an effect on my leg- my whole body surrendered and filled itself with very Sacred and Loving energy. What I am learning is how delicate my body is and how much it Loves to be treated this way. There’s nothing better for me to surrender than to touch myself tenderly and feel myself inside my body. And I found out that this is also a Beautiful way to get to know myself a lot better. There’s so much held in my body that I’ve actually never paid any attention to. This is the (only) gateway to my own Sacredness. How Wonderful is that.

  9. The skin is one of our largest ‘organs’ and is super sensitive and so caring for the skin is just as important as caring for any other part of our body. However crazy it may sound, the skin is also a big reflection of our guts and digestive capacity, so that when we begin to care for our diet and our digestive tract then amazingly the skin can follow suit and clear up too. What you share here is true that by introducing deeper levels of care, the body responds more deeply to it too and this is gorgeous, and this care is often something that creeps into all parts of our lives from the things we eat to the way we handle stress etc. Amazing how such changes over time and with consistency can offer such beautiful responses.

  10. This is incredible when we stop and appreciate what you are sharing here. To have gone from not even considering to moisturise your body to going there in full and feeling the absolute difference that this offers is simply revelatory. This daily act of Love towards oneself is embodied and depend every time.

    1. I agree Natalie, the changes that occurred for Ruth are truly amazing, like magic! Just add self-love and abracadabra – hey presto her skin can now absorb oils and creams. “It is simply revelatory”.

      Many similar experiences from Universal Medicine students have been reported throughout a number of blogs and websites. To name a few: / / It would be great support for humanity to define the depth and breadth of changes resulting from applying self-love and self-care to our daily routines. With the appalling state of world health today, self-care should be a major focus.

  11. The skin is so delicate and sensitive that it’s not surprising that it reacts so much. It’s a great marker for us to feel how it is when we cream it, and we can relate what we find to the rest of our bodies.

  12. Isn’t it strange that we rarely get taught about taking care of ourselves and our body?
    It is so profound and should be lived, so that children from early on see it as the most normal thing to do. Just imagine what an amazing change this would mean!

    1. Yes Michael, I agree. Caring for our bodies should be taught in a way so that everybody can see there is a deep connection happening.

    2. Yes Michael, it would be amazing….. I work in a nursery with 3 and 4 year old children, and although we may cover body parts in our songs, what I bring to school is the livingness of how I now take care of myself and my body which will be reflected not only to the children but to my 5 colleagues and actually all other staff in the rest of the building….

      1. This is such an important point, I don’t remember being taught how to look after myself as such, beyond basic hand cream after gardening anyway. There is SO much we could be shown. I remember one very rainy day at school when hockey was cancelled, a new teacher got us all in the gym, taking our shoes and socks off and looking at our feet, moving the little joints, seeing if they move and how affected by our shoes they are. I was enthralled! I had never been shown this before. Very inspirational, and I still remember it 35 years later.

    3. It certainly would be amazing Michael. It is a very natural tendency for a child to be gentle with a baby or a young animal, but this gentleness does not last into adulthood particularly when it comes to looking after ourselves. As you say if this was nurtured as being a totally normal thing to do, our lives would be very different.

    4. absolutely agree Michael – you’d think that in all our upbringing, schooling, education, and work that our body would be fundamental – number one on the curriculum as that is what affords us the ability to work, live, and be in the world… in time that will change as more and more we realise the absolute amazingness of our body, and that it is the best barometer for daily living choices – as it always knows best.

    5. Well said Michael. It’s more than ‘strange’ that we don’t get taught this as our ‘101’ for life – deeply exposing of just how far we have strayed onto the side of self-abuse, rather than self-love and true and deep care.
      I love Ruth’s story here, for it shows that it is never too late to make our own turnarounds in this regard. Thank God for the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for highlighting just how far we have strayed, and how simple it is to truly restore a loving relationship with ourselves. All others cannot but benefit from this. Wow.

  13. What you’re sharing Ruth, is that there is more to looking after ourselves then simply the act of putting on a coat or cream etc – there has to be a focus on the quality and reason for doing those things – it is this that gives the then resounding effect

  14. Its great when we find out what our bodies really love and not what our minds are telling us what is or is not good for us. This is a beautiful story of self acceptance and I will go on from here and treat myself with a bit more gentle loving care. Thanks Ruth.

  15. It is truly amazing how our body respond when we take care of our self. Simply loving choices of taking care of ourselves, that allows major changes in our body.

    1. Yes Amita, as you say ‘Simply loving choices’ and it is that simple. As we connect to our love within, we discover the power of love that is supported by being nurturing with ourselves.

  16. Hello Ruth, it’s great to come by and read your blog again. On my first read I didn’t connect to the issues I have with my skin reacting to essential oils and my skin being quite dry. It’s inspired me to go deeper into my awareness of this for myself and to be more loving, tender and gentle with applying love to my skin, and letting that love in.

  17. I love how this blog shows us how cherishing and loving ourselves, that our body in return loves you back… Its is a great example of the power and medicinal effect of self love. Thank you for sharing your experience, It’s a lesson for us all

    1. I so agree Johanne – ‘shows us how cherishing and loving ourselves, that our body in return loves you back… ‘ – the more I love myself and take super care of me, the more my body loves me back – and the more I then want to love myself even more!

    2. Beautifully said Johanne. What Ruth has described is absolutely ‘medicinal’ – true medicine that we can bring to our own lives so readily, if we are only but willing to make such choices. We have, as a society, severely undervalued the difference we ourselves can make in terms of the quality of our own lives… Ruth’s story shows just how amazingly a difference can be made.
      And who wouldn’t ‘want to have what she’s having’ in her relationship with herself? Feels pretty delicious to me!

  18. Yes Rebecca, its the quality of energy we are in and the loving intention we bring that makes the all the difference. When we choose to live from our loving essence miraculous things happen.

  19. I so enjoyed re-reading your sharing with us Ruth. In doing so I became more aware of not just of the type of cream I was putting onto my skin but the way in which I applied it. For me this was equally as important as the cream itself. Being present at all times during this daily ritual – does make such a difference and leaves my body tingling with appreciation.

  20. Your body is fascinating Ruth. What an amazing turn around. How gorgeous as your body was calling for you to pay more loving attention to it and you did. What a blessing for you.

  21. I love the way you describe here how your body responds to you deeply caring for it. I used to think of my mind being the intelligent one and my body coming second. This gave me an excuse to override so many things my body was trying to tell me. Now I realise the immense intelligence within my body, how it never lies to me and how by listening and responding to it and by deeply caring for myself my body and my life benefit immensely.

  22. The Power of Love becomes visible once we treat ourselves with love, appreciate ourselves and truly care for our body in the most loving way possible. The changes that brings will be a beauty to behold and feel.

    1. Michael you speak of the ‘Power of Love’ and yes so true, there is a power in love and as Ruth has shown, a power that the body responds to…and the changes it brings as you have said so beautifully ‘…a beauty to behold and feel.’

  23. For a long time I’ve held the idea of me just not being adorable. I cared deeply for myself, but recently I’ve started to connect and feel more deeply while caring or doing. This makes such a profound difference. Where-ever I touch or cream myself, if I connect, my body’s actually speaking very loudly to me. I am experiencing how often I am the one choosing not to listen. And the body allows, no criticism, at all. But nevertheless a longing to communicate with me. There’s a lot of ignorance and arrogance in me that I’ve never wanted to look at – and still enough to discover, unravel and let go of the arrogance and ignorance! A beautiful unfolding path.

  24. Ruth what a powerful message from your body – taking the time to bring love through touch is a beautiful thing and the body knows when this is done in love and deep caring or not. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I too have been putting cream on my body after a shower and loving it so if I am in a rush and there is not enough time to do it, I feel like my body is missing out on this most basic and naturally loving and nurturing choice.

  26. Gosh Ruth it is a miracle that your skin is absorbing cream after all those years of not being able to, goes to show the power in making loving choices.

    1. Absolutely Mary-Louise, it does show the power of loving choices and the power we have within us, when we open up to ourselves, and bring nurturing into our lives, the body responds!

  27. Thank you Ruth for a great blog, It is just amazing how the body opens up and responds when we lovingly treat it, this is a great blog for me to read at this time , as I am letting more loving choices into my life.

  28. It constantly amazes me how much wisdom our body naturally has…when we are protecting ourselves and not letting people in, we aren’t accepting of our own love, and so the body reflects this by not letting the nourishment of cream in – it is saying, ‘hey take a look at this – why is this happening? maybe something needs to change here..” It’s a loving gift from our body and shows how much love is already naturally within us – its simply a choice of choosing that love and our body is instantly there with us ready for healing…and reflects that love back to us – how magic is that!

  29. I love this blog Ruth! Putting cream or oil on your body could be seen as a little thing, but it is huge. What you have shared is a change in the physical response from your body based on the way you are with your body. The amazing thing that I have found for myself and what I have seen shared in this and many other blogs, is that developing a foundation of self care and self love affects us all in different ways. It seems that our bodies express or respond differently when we don’t care for ourselves and this is addressed when we start caring for ourselves. The power of self care and self love is amazing.

  30. It is amazing that the way you apply the cream has made such a difference. Love and acceptance are such powerful things. It’s quite literally the power in your hands.

  31. Ruth it is truly amazing the changes brought about by self-care and nurturing. Each one of us has a story to tell about the new directions we take in life from learning to love ourselves. I enjoyed reading how your body smiles at you when you apply the cream, it is beauty-full.

    1. Yes Patricia i agree,”..each one of us has a story to tell…’ in nurturing ourselves we become intimate with ourselves and in this we begin to value ourselves, it’s a very beautiful and deepening experience to connect back to ourselves as women…nurturing is a loving and intimate way to be with ourselves.

  32. Thank you Ruth, there is a sweetness in this sharing, where as a woman, you have opened up to you, and started to build a loving relationship with yourself, and as you opened up to you, your body opened up like a blooming flower, and soaked up the nurturing it so long yearned for. This i feel is a sharing that for many it will resonate.

  33. What a delightful sharing of a true miracle Ruth! This is beautiful.
    It makes complete sense, that with attending to truly looking after yourself, that your body has responded by being receptive in such a way… ‘Receptive’ being the key word I can appreciate from reading your story.
    No matter how hard we’ve been on and with ourselves, and whatever lack of deeply loving care we may have ‘missed out on’ in our lives, it’s never too late to turn the tide back to loving oneself.
    I will appreciate the cream I apply to my own body, and the way in which I do this, just that bit more today, thank-you.

  34. Deeping the care for ourselves is always possible and never complicated, as even the smallest steps will work wonders. The wonders of uncovering all that we really are: joyful and loving Sons of God.

  35. A brilliant sharing on how the body responds to tender, loving care. Inspiring indeed, to go even deeper in my self loving rhythm throughout my day. Thank you.

  36. Our bodies respond to the loving attention that they receive by showing us almost immediate its appreciation. The body does this in very many ways such as better health and bright eyes shining, feelings of joy and love and better relationship with self and others. This is a lovely sharing Ruth

  37. Thank you Ruth for not holding back to share this amazing experience you have made with being more self loving and self nurturing. It is a little miracle what happened to you and your body and therefore it is so important to share it with the world so that everyone could read and feel that we can change if we chose to be more in love with ourselves.

  38. I love cream as well Ruth ! If we listen and feel our bodies it will show us what to do, what a great discovery, thank you for sharing.

  39. A beautiful sharing Ruth, on how our body responds to tender loving care! There is no end to the unfolding our body shows us when we make a loving commitment with ourselves to truly nurture and love our body.

  40. Self-care is massive. It does not take endless hours of beauty programs or anything like that, but simply basic things like putting cream on my body to nuture my skin or putting on gloves when it is cold – even if I only go out for a few minutes.

  41. Once we meet ourselves with love, this will be reflected in our bodies. My whole life, there were phases were I was either too lightweight or my body was bloated. When looking in the mirror, I never was able to love myself simply as I was. Through several courses with Universal medicine I got inspired not to blame the world for my problems, but to look at my share in them. With taking this responsiblitiy for myself, gradually a love for myself grew with every step that I made. This has led to a much simpler life and a body-weight that finally seems to fit . And I do love what I see when looking in the mirror each morning.

  42. “What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.” I find this both fascinating and powerful Ruth as to how the body communicates with us. This could possibly also apply for those who find it difficult to gain weight or absorb nutrients into their body.

  43. As we grow older, we can either become harder, more disconnected, more and more numb, or… We can turn everything around so that we can experience beauty above in connection in the simplest of experiences.

  44. Thank you Ruth, I loved your sharing and the feeling of the body soaking up the cream and being nurtured, as you lovingly applied it.

  45. This is a great example of how our body’s reactions can provide true reflections on how we are living in it, treating it and respecting it. In other words, it replies directly to each of our choices, showing us where we’ve made good ones and not-so-good ones.

  46. In being willing to choose to be more tender and loving with ourselves it is amazing how our body immediately responds and guides us to what feels truly supportive. I can relate to my own body ‘smiling’ when I have listened to and lovingly honoured how it is feeling.

  47. We thrive on self-care. Imagine what would happen if we all began to self-care and then self-love? What kind of turn around would we see?

  48. I used to make my own skin cream, because I could make something nice quite cheaply. I occasionally still make it, but I often feel to buy myself some lovely cream. Interestingly my skin is enjoying the bought cream much more than my home made cream and I love putting it on much more. Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with the cream itself, but intention behind how I use and why I use the cream.

  49. In the hustle and bustle and pressures of today’s world it is too easy to put caring for ourselves last on the list of things to do. But as your blog has so beautifully shared Ruth when self-care is the foundations of all that we do it brings a sense of value and worth to our everyday that opens us to a whole new potential and quality of life.

  50. It’s taken me a while but now I find applying cream gently and lovingly to be a beautiful way to connect to the gorgeousness of who I am and a way to deepen the appreciation I have of myself.

  51. If everything is energy then it’s easy to understand that the most healing energy is love. What we might not expect though is how our bodies respond to love, but what a grand experiment to place oneself in! Over time, practising self love day by day, we may see literal miracles within our own body.

  52. I could not resist commenting on this blog, being a man:-) It is inspirational, because I am not used taking care of myself in the way you do. As a first step I have also started to use facial cream on me. It is a great stop moment during the day at work as well. To deepen the connection with my body, or to reconnect when I have gone into making the doing number one.

  53. Something as simple as self-love, can truly change our physiology… Imagine if this was understood and accepted, what a radical paradigms shift this would be for our society.

  54. “What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.” I can relate to this, my body use to be so dry and dehydrated and no matter how much cream and oil I was using my body was not absorbing, because I was not living with myself.

  55. Thank you Ruth for this powerful testament of how vital to our health and well-being it is to develop a loving relationship with our bodies. As it is our bodies that are forever guiding us to know what supports us to live in connection to our true and harmonious way of being. When we listen to this intelligence from our bodies we are then guided to move in a way that confirms the love we are in essence. The beautiful thing is that we have this opportunity to deepen this never-ending loving relationship with our bodies every day, through what we choose to be guided by.

  56. It is deeply loving to care for our body in this way. You have inspired me to deepen my self-care and listen to my body’s messages to support me to nurture it and love it more and more. It truly supports our health, well-being and ability to be more ourselves when we apply self-care and self-nurture as part of our daily routine.

  57. The way our bodies transform under true care is astonishing, they change comes not only in how you feel, but also our bodies physically change – it’s like true care allows the body to become what it’s truly meant to be.

  58. Beautiful Ruth. Our bodies adore self-love and we don’t have to do anything major. The way in which I move my body can be super gentle and loving or it can be hard and imposing. Unfortunately most of us take our bodies for granted and treat it with abuse, but our bodies know and every time I make a move towards loving my body my body lets me know eg. my arms feel exquisitely delicate.

  59. Our bodies are constantly communicating to us be it shivers when cold or reacting when treated ill. In the last two years I have learnt that it feels amazing to honour what my body feels and reading this brings home the fact that there is a constant communication to tap into. Thank you Ruth.

  60. Amazing story and maybe the same might apply at times with other things like food in that we don’t absorb the nutrients if not eaten lovingly and then never feel nourished.

  61. It is an interesting observation that when you put the cream on gently it absorbed. I cannot but wonder if the way we prepare, cook and eat our food is with gentleness whether or not this affects how we actually digest our food and how our nutrients are absorbed. Eg when we rush to eat and practically inhale our food, it feels heavy and does not digest that well as opposed to when we chew our food thoroughly.

  62. “What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.” This is profound. Being gentle in all our movements makes a huge difference. The quality in which we do things is all important.

  63. I am struck by how the way your body absorbs the oil/cream reflects the amount of love that you are treating it with, the greater the love you build into your self-care routine the more your body responds and gets the benefit of whatever you are applying. Our body has so many ways to communicate with us if we are willing to be open to them.

  64. Thank you Ruth, having had many problems over the years with reacting to skin care products I am inspired to deepen the loving care I take when applying cream to all parts of my body. I still have a tendency to be perfunctory in the way I apply cream but can feel how staying present as I gently rub it in and appreciating all my body offers me would expand my relationship with myself.

  65. I love how when you let the love in so did the body absorb the cream… what a gorgeous and confirming reflection of the deeply loving way you started to treat yourself.

  66. Although I have come a long way with self care, I can feel from reading this blog that there is still more to go, it’s as if the moment that being gentle with myself becomes my norm it no longer feels gentle and I realise something has to change.

  67. When we develop self love, our body responds with a resounding yes to anything that is truly supportive and is actually being asked for, beautiful how your body started lapping up the cream once you chose self love.

  68. When I first saw this article I thought … mmm I used to love cream too , especially clotted on strawberries… then I read that it was about cream on the body , …. And yes … I certainly love this …☺

  69. I just cannot be reminded enough that I too am worth loving and taking care of, and this is one such beautiful, inspiring reminder that slows me down and lets me be with myself who then is more ready to be with others in the world.

  70. The myriad of ways that the body speaks to us is in a language of its own – one that is simple to understand when we stop to take more self-care and be self-nurturing with ourselves.
    “….my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me”.

  71. The quality with which we do anything – including applying cream to our body – makes such a difference – “My skin feels so much softer now and I love putting cream on my face and body” A gorgeous sharing.

  72. What a beautiful example of the acceptance of love in your body, and how when we accept more love and bring more to our being, it shifts the energetic qualities of everything in and on our body. Our whole body then emanates this quality of love.

  73. Our body knows its innate quality and how it wants to be treated. Beautiful to read your steps in the care and love for your self and the appreciation of your body and what it gives you back in simple messages in this case with your skin but it will let you know what it needs in every other area of your life.

  74. There is no shortage of miracles when it comes to people living a life of self-love, responsibility and connection to their true and ever lasting essence.

  75. Hi Ruth, I love how you have shared “What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.”
    While I do not have trouble absorbing body creams, I do feel that there are other areas – conditioning of my hair and digestion two in particular – where I am not allowing or accepting love in my body which can lead to reactions and poor uptake and nourishment for the body. It actually feels stressful to not allow and accept love!
    Thank you for such a practical and generous blog.

  76. When we grow up in a family and world that we are told what to do, what to think, what we should do, what we need to go along with, what is healthy what is not etc. void of our own inner knowing, then when it comes to someone reminding you that ‘yes it is okay to love, care and nurture yourself’ then it’s like you give yourself permission to live your innate knowing again. Serge Benhayon and his presentations was this for me, a huge stop moment to feel how did I want to care for me.

    1. Yes Aimee, I have had the same experience of simply being reminded of an innate way – that it is nothing new – and the truth presented of the importance of caring for our bodies I already know yet hearing it expressed supports me to claim this more deeply for myself.

  77. Thank you for sharing your expanding relationship with self care, and how this grew from your inner body’s guidance and knowing, ‘this I discovered for myself from listening to within, my inner knowing and guidance – and so I made steps to care for myself as I hadn’t really been doing this.’ Great awareness.

  78. So true Ruth and why wouldn’t we love and take care of ourselves and our body? That is our very foundation. and yet seems to be forgotten by many these day.

  79. Quite an interesting observation of the behaviour of your body to not only different products but different treatment and also shows how you are with certain things needs a ‘whole’ body approach and not just a single cure. I must admit I’d never been aware of how deep my body responds to things like this but as with everything now I will give it a go and see what happens. It makes absolute sense what the article is saying and I look forward to putting my eyes on it.

  80. I never thought that creme or oil could not be absorbed by our skin! How incredible that our body can reflect us these messages by making it not do such normal things. Learning to understand these messages again is a very beautiful thing.

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