My Body Loves Cream

For most of my life I have had sensitivity/allergies to skin products, with symptoms such as burning rashes, inflammation, sore redness and feeling as if I had been rolled in nettles. Even the most pure oils would set off a reaction. I would find an oil I could use, but even if I put a small amount in the bath water, it still never soaked into my skin, it just sat on the surface until I took it off with a cloth.

3 years 10 months ago I came across Universal Medicine. From workshops and the presentations by Serge Benhayon I started to understand about self-care and from having sessions with Esoteric Practitioners, mainly Simone Benhayon, I was supported to take better care for myself.

I welcomed this with open arms; it was almost like I’d been waiting for someone to say it’s ok to be loving to me. I wasn’t told what to do – this I discovered for myself from listening to within, my inner knowing and guidance – and so I made steps to care for myself as I hadn’t really been doing this.

I did things like … I brushed my hair, washed and dried my face gently. Being gentle with myself in the bath or shower, how I used the soap, the way I got in and out and dried myself. I made myself cups of herbal tea in what I called my tea ceremony, taking time to sit and drink them and enjoy it.

I tended to my nails, cuticles and painted them with focus on what I was doing. I made sure I was warm enough – clothing, putting the heating on if needed to do so, a new warm thick duvet.

During this and other things I did to care for myself I continued to use a little oil on my skin after bathing or showering. What I noticed was that as I gently put the oil on my body, focusing on my hands smoothing the oil on my skin, my body would tingle all over and if I had any pain it would either go or reduce considerably; it was like my body was smiling. Afterwards I would feel more energised.

Over time I noticed there wasn’t so much oil to wipe off and then a while later I moved on to being able to use a cream. Well … when I did this, my body LOVED it.

Today, 3 years 10 months later, when I put cream or oil on my skin it absorbs it straight away, particularly my face; as soon as I put the cream on my face it is almost a race to smooth it over before my skin soaks it up! My skin feels so much softer now and I love putting cream on my face and body.

I found it incredible that something as simple and enjoyable as taking care of myself could have such an outcome! I continue to build and deepen my care for myself.

What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.

With love and appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Simone Benhayon for their presentations and support, because from taking care of myself … my body loves cream!

Ruth Ketnor,  London UK

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577 thoughts on “My Body Loves Cream

  1. A great example in how making steps to care for ourselves really does make a huge difference to the depth of love we are able to accept for ourselves.

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