My Body Loves Cream

For most of my life I have had sensitivity/allergies to skin products, with symptoms such as burning rashes, inflammation, sore redness and feeling as if I had been rolled in nettles. Even the most pure oils would set off a reaction. I would find an oil I could use, but even if I put a small amount in the bath water, it still never soaked into my skin, it just sat on the surface until I took it off with a cloth.

3 years 10 months ago I came across Universal Medicine. From workshops and the presentations by Serge Benhayon I started to understand about self-care and from having sessions with Esoteric Practitioners, mainly Simone Benhayon, I was supported to take better care for myself.

I welcomed this with open arms; it was almost like I’d been waiting for someone to say it’s ok to be loving to me. I wasn’t told what to do – this I discovered for myself from listening to within, my inner knowing and guidance – and so I made steps to care for myself as I hadn’t really been doing this.

I did things like … I brushed my hair, washed and dried my face gently. Being gentle with myself in the bath or shower, how I used the soap, the way I got in and out and dried myself. I made myself cups of herbal tea in what I called my tea ceremony, taking time to sit and drink them and enjoy it.

I tended to my nails, cuticles and painted them with focus on what I was doing. I made sure I was warm enough – clothing, putting the heating on if needed to do so, a new warm thick duvet.

During this and other things I did to care for myself I continued to use a little oil on my skin after bathing or showering. What I noticed was that as I gently put the oil on my body, focusing on my hands smoothing the oil on my skin, my body would tingle all over and if I had any pain it would either go or reduce considerably; it was like my body was smiling. Afterwards I would feel more energised.

Over time I noticed there wasn’t so much oil to wipe off and then a while later I moved on to being able to use a cream. Well … when I did this, my body LOVED it.

Today, 3 years 10 months later, when I put cream or oil on my skin it absorbs it straight away, particularly my face; as soon as I put the cream on my face it is almost a race to smooth it over before my skin soaks it up! My skin feels so much softer now and I love putting cream on my face and body.

I found it incredible that something as simple and enjoyable as taking care of myself could have such an outcome! I continue to build and deepen my care for myself.

What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love, but now I am – as my body is showing me.

With love and appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Simone Benhayon for their presentations and support, because from taking care of myself … my body loves cream!

Ruth Ketnor,  London UK

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595 thoughts on “My Body Loves Cream

  1. “What it felt like to me was that my body wasn’t absorbing the cream or oil because I wasn’t being loving to myself and accepting this love”. Accepting love and letting love in is a huge issue, we often think we don’t deserve it, haven’t been good enough, or are just so not used to it that we simply don’t know what to do when love comes our way. We live such loveless lives, not realising our very essence is love and we can express that all day to ourselves and eventually to others. Beautiful Ruth, I always love reading this.

  2. Thank you Ruth, I haven’t read your blog in some time, I still find it fascinating that your body responded to the gentleness and self love and began absorbing oil and creams. The mind boggles at what else the body could open up to as we the inner-being respond more to accepting and receiving love and loving ourselves more.

  3. This is a super beautiful story and it makes so much sense that our bodies love to be treated with the utmost care and love.

  4. There is so much for us to appreciate, honour and cherish of ourselves and in this day and age we dismiss just how powerful it is to do so. Within us resides a depth of quality that goes far beyond skin deep and through self-care and self-love we can begin to tangibly feel how it is our connection to these qualities of our essence, that bring to life that truth of who we are in the fullness that we are here to live and reflect.

  5. It is gorgeous to feel and appreciate how our body responds the more we choose to deepen our level of care and self-nurturing.

  6. The point where many people get caught by is that we expect for change to be immediate even though change comes from consistently changing our ways not temporarily.

  7. Self care has so many varied and far reaching effects. Its beautiful to watch the body blossom as it’s nurtured, and to note the ways our health and wellbeing changes.

    1. Agree Melinda. The beautiful and empowering thing about developing a loving and honoring relationship with ourselves and our body is that we are guided to know what is true and supportive for us, and the more we honor this the more our bodies naturally glow in response to the deepening of our connection to the love we are and are saying ‘yes’ to living.

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