Chuckling: Transforming Energy Through Mirth

“What does ‘chuckle’ mean, Teacher?” asked one student after I had presented the class with a card of synonyms for the word laugh for use in their English Narratives.

I hesitated to reply because I knew that for me, chuckling is totally a physical experience and can only be understood by and in my body.

“That one’s a body word. We can look it up in the dictionary and see what it says, but it’s a word that we feel in our bodies,” I responded.

I continued to describe how I experience chuckling as bubbles that erupt from inside me and move from one place to another, like from my heart to my throat. The bubbles then ‘chuckle’ gently inside me like an effervescence, evident to no one else except myself. Quite different to laughing, which is more a shared experience.

The students nodded sagely, added the word to their weekly list and some affirmed they too would like to experience the word chuckle.

The following morning, one student burst through the classroom door, beaming in joyful exuberance, declaring “I chuckled! Last night I thought about a sentence I could write that had chuckle in it and I remembered something that happened and I chuckled! You were right, it was inside me; it was all in my throat, all little bubbles, bubbling up in my throat. I chuckled!”

We laughed together as we confirmed that chuckle is quite different to laugh and how it is completely inside our physical body. We were both in awe of how the experience of chuckling was almost identical for each of us.

No dictionary required!

I began to contemplate what does happen when we chuckle. I had a sense of change, of energy moving from one place in my body to another, and a sense of transformation.

I had probably only chuckled a dozen or so times in my life, and chuckling was for me almost a sacred act, one which could occur within a precisely timed context of inner transformation. Inner mirth is not at a premium in our world – we tend to laugh outwardly most of the time. This being so, I knew I would need to wait until the next opportunity to chuckle presented itself, and I would then observe very closely what occurred in my body.

My time came several months later as I was reading The Word Love’, an article by Jonathan Cooke on the website Words On Serge Benhayon.

Jonathan’s descriptions of his childhood and pubescent experiences associated with ‘love’ were so remarkably similar to my own that I began to feel a gentle, warm glow of recognition in my heart.

Fondly reading about mutual experiences of youthful folly from my current position of maturity, and feeling this wise, urbane acceptance of similar experiences also, I felt the little bubbles of chuckling start to effervesce in my solar plexus. The bubbles rose delightfully to my heart, where they lingered in the warmth momentarily, before rising to my throat. There I felt an, oh-so-subtle vibration, a smile gracefully curved my mouth, my eyes started to shine… and I chuckled very, very gently.

My heart seemed to open expansively as I felt the energy associated with those youthful follies and misunderstandings being transmuted in my body through a completely natural transformation by mirth* and joy.

Shortly afterwards I walked on the beach, feeling light headed, open hearted and in love with everyone I met.

Chuckle is one word that refuses to be pinned down by dictionary definitions and meanings and has to be lived and experienced in order to be understood in all its divine joy and glory.

It feels to me that we could all benefit from chuckling and what I have affectionately referred to as the gentle transformation of mirth*, and how lovely this feels in our body.

Inspired lightly by the word, and the act of, chuckling and by my joyful body, which aligns naturally to all that is True Joy. In appreciation of the teaching of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who present that the body is the marker of all truth.


* ”Mirth: merriment or laughter” [Oxford Pocket Dictionary, 1984,p. 468]

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601 thoughts on “Chuckling: Transforming Energy Through Mirth

  1. Chuckle is a ‘Tickle’ from God – just happens and is full of the absolute Joy-full ‘All’ that is possible, written as I enjoy a little chuckle in my body – Thank you CBH.

      1. I agree chuckle and tickle from God fit so well together. We say too that something tickled me pink as though it made me feel warm and aglow from inside. Love the way language captures these feelings.

      1. Yes, a lovely expression, ‘Chuckle is a tickle from God’ which cannot help but make one smile.

    1. I love this comment about a chuckle being a tickle from God. It’s such a beautiful way of feeling it as even though it’s a more private moment of joy it is inclusive and expansive too. In contrast to laughing which can feel very exclusive sometimes – especially when someone or a group of people are being laugh at by others.

  2. There is much to enjoy about this blog CBH. I really enjoyed reading about your awareness of your body and how you can track exactly what is going on within your body as you chuckle. Not that long along I had very little body awareness and would have had no idea what you were talking about here. As I get to know my body more and what is happening within it, I can appreciate its divine order and have come to know the truth of what Serge Benhayon presents about the body being “the marker of all truth”. The body knows exactly what is happening and tells us very precisely how we are living. What a gift.

  3. Beautifully said CBH, reading this blog made me smile and reminded me of the joy felt when we allow ourselves to let go and chuckle. Thank you I am now feeling inspired to find moments when I chuckle and enjoy how gorgeous this feels in my body.

  4. Thank you CBH, beautifully shared I love how you have expressed so exquisitely from your body, something that still alludes me at present to that extent. In saying that I love the feeling of joy and love coupled with allowance that we all feel when we chuckle.

  5. I love the lightness of the energy in which this blog is written. It reminds me that things do not have to be heavy and serious and that a message can be conveyed with great lightness and joy.

  6. I just love reading this blog again CBH, it is so joyful, I will pay more attention next time I feel a chuckle coming on, a chuckle, is what one gives to one’s self.

  7. I find it super power-full and super gorgeous how we can be united as one by a common point of lived experiences that define the words we say.

  8. We don’t often discuss our own inner mirth and this blog got me thinking that there’s a real lack of appreciation for those moments of deep, precious, private mirth – never at another’s expense and always a recognition of something we deeply know. It’s like chuckling is a spontaneous inner eruption that confirms ourselves with something joyful in the world. That’s something to be celebrated surely?

  9. I love how you describe a chuckle versus a laughter, one is like a deep contentment in oneself the other a sharing of this felt beauty.

  10. Life does not need to so serious! Mirth is indeed very transformative, and it helps to elevate not just ourselves, but the joy and light in everyone around us. Once we are in the joy we confirm the truth inside of ourselves and can rise above the distortions and issues of life.

  11. What I enjoy reading this blog is how you approached this as a body experience, and not from a head definition and how different that is, and when we share this, somehow another gets it. I’m not sure I’ve even chuckled in the way you describe it, I’ve felt an inner delight, a private sense of just enjoying being with me for no reason and a deep satisfaction as I get so, as another has commented above, I feel that we do not celebrate or affirm this often enough, and how much that could support us being in the world to know and understand we have this inner solidness in us which stays with us no matter what.

  12. It is beautiful, that the children are learning to connect from their body the meaning of chuckle verse laughter rather than just depending on what a dictionary says. You embody more you feel then you read this is my experience.

  13. When I first read this blog I didn’t get it – I couldn’t grasp the understanding of chuckling or the experience of it. Now I get it, not because I’ve experience it but because I am more open to my body and knowing the wonder and magic it is capable of. I look forward to a chuckle with myself 😉

  14. I just got something else too – when we outwardly laugh, the world can join in with us and it is for everyone. The experience of a chuckle may feel private and internal, but everyone still receives the blessing of Joy, such was the experience in this blog, walking along the beach being in love with all. We can’t help it, when Joy is felt the confirmation is in all we see. So, in my understanding, nothing is ever for us as we are constantly communicating the relationship, movements and choices we have with ourselves.

  15. When understanding comes with the lightness of joy, energy can be transmuted and what remains is that lightness and joy which is there within our bodies but radiates out of us for all to see and experience.

  16. I like chuckling, it is indeed a body experience, and I feel like you have described it so well. Its amazing to reflect on the lightness this brings to our being, for we are only a few breaths away from being surrendered and joyful- always

  17. I had never really considered the intricacies of what a chuckle really is before this blog … I so love the description, and its made me feel joyful simply from reading this tale.

  18. I love how you explained this to your students about this delightful word ‘chuckle’ which I had forgotten was even a word. That it is a body experience and different to a laugh, I loved this explanation. It truly is a body experience. Loved this blog, very joyful.

  19. I knew the word chuckle and love how you described it but mirth was a new one for me. Thanks for sharing the story, I could just picture the student coming into class all excited that they had experienced a chuckle in their body.

  20. Even before reading your blog again CBH your title itself brings a smile to my face,I loved how you described what was happening in your body when you chuckled, I will take note next time a chuckle bubbles up and be more aware of the joy that is in my body with its expression.

  21. This is a totally awesome blog CBH that has brought to my attention the divine power of the chuckle – I am going to observe my day today and see if I can appreciate a few chuckles here and there and see what unfolds from them….

  22. Thank you for this beautiful sharing. I love the word “chuckle”. Just reading the word makes we want to do exactly that!

  23. “The body is the marker of all truth” what a wonderful statement that is and one that seems to get lost in our need for definitions and evidence before we believe anything we read, see or hear. yet when we feel it is absolute, there is nothing that can deny a feeling and it is something that it makes perfect sense to build our choices around.

  24. Chuckling does feel to be rather rare which as it is associated with joy is a sad state of affairs, but perhaps one reflective of the condition of mankind as a whole, not living our truth and for the most part choosing existence and misery rather than living a life of love and joy that is but a choice away.

  25. I had a smile on my face as I read your blog..thank you and I thought about times that I had chuckled and how much I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the simplicity in which offered your students to feel for themselves what a chuckle was for them….and from that they shared their experience. We have so much knowledge and wisdom in our bodies about life (at any age) but often we don’t reference that (or connect to it) and rely on dictionaries etc….but we are a walking dictionary with our own take on life.

  26. The gurgles and giggles that erupt from our bodies as we chuckle lightens our step, our body and the moment we are experiencing expedientially.

  27. Nothing is better than to feel the truth of words and live them.. I have started recently to discover within my own life how much in truth I had not lived.. but walked on moving clouds so to speak. It is since I am connecting and feeling my body so on that I realize that I can live so much much more from my body and so can I feel so so much words. And when I speak words I can then feel them, instead of just naming them. How important to discover our own truth, universal wisdom, until we realize we are One.

  28. This is such a deeply beautiful sharing to return to. I love how you refer to chuckling as the ‘gentle transformation of mirth’ – it is so true. A testimony of how our bodies are Divinely designed to emanate the lightness Love from our inner-heart, whenever we surrender to our connection to Soul.

  29. Just the word ‘chuckle’ does it for me. I smiled when I saw the title, I smiled as I read, and I chuckled as I remembered bits and bobs from my past where that feeling had bubbled it’s way to my eyes! A total body experience.

  30. When you hear true joy in someone’s laugh or chuckle I just absolutely love it, if they could bottle it, it would be the best medicine ever.

  31. I so love this – that our body experiences first and the word comes after to capture it. When we try to understand from purely mental and intellectual point of view, it creates an opening for misinterpretation, and then bastardisation.

  32. What a beautiful blog so light and playful and comes form a very relatable knowing inside ones body. Chuckling definitely the best medicine to experience and treasure.

  33. To let out that inner joy that lives within is so freeing as it comes with grace and understanding of how we are in life and in that it is showing us the true essence of who we are.

  34. What I feel about the word chuckle is the total lack of the group energy or recognition-seeking that can sometimes come with laughing. Laughing can often be a social act, a group act, a reaction, or emotional valve. There is a real purity and honesty to a chuckle.

  35. Chuckling is a gorgeous full bodied expression of joy and upon reading this blog CBH it got me wondering what other words we could say were full body expressing words? A great blog to enjoy and appreciate thank you.

  36. It is fun to think of the different ways I laugh – it could be a loud cackle, a one off celebration of Ha!, a giggle, a groan (normal response for bad puns), a thin, polite smile, a fit of hysterics (haven’t had one of those for a while), a snigger, and of course the chuckle. Different things make me laugh: I like clever jokes, I like silly cracker jokes, I love puns, I love people who make me laugh, a good, clean comedian, and watching toddlers pottering about makes me smile, especially when I can feel their joy as they explore their bodies and what they can do. Making light of difficult situations helps, so I always appreciate a good sense of humour.

  37. Just thinking of the words ‘mirth’ and ‘chuckle’ makes me feel lighter. Our language has so many groovy words and these are two such examples.

  38. This is so gorgeous …. I am going to look out for when I next chuckle to and see if my experience is the same as yours : ) Also you sound like the most AWESOME teacher 💖 the kids must adore having you as their teacher they get to learn and feel what chuckling is 😆

  39. It’s great you didn’t provide the dictionary definition of chuckle – it allows us to understand the word with no image or preconceived idea. I definitely have positive memories of chuckling and look forward to observing and enjoying the next one ☺

  40. A light hearted and delightful blog written from such a place of joy and innocence in expression I couldn’t help but smile when reading it. I love how you offered a way of teaching the kids to feel the truth of what can be felt in the body rather than resorting straight to temporal knowledge … and the joy that came out of experiencing that.

  41. What a gift you presented your students with to appreciate the bodily sensation of chuckling which I am sure will stay with them as they move through life and possibly get bogged down with ‘living’ but are more likely to clock their inward chuckles that re-connect them to Joy.

  42. It feels like chuckling is transformative of energy because it comes with an acceptance of whatever it is we are chuckling at, no need to change it but simply acknowledge in a joyful way and move on with a lighter heart and step.

  43. Thank you CBH, I find when I chuckle it is definitely from the inside out, It is the openness and honesty that comes with it, and the childhood innocence I get too,

  44. CBH, I love how you highlighted the fact that certain words have to be felt before we get a full understanding of their meaning. Now that I am aware and can feel how chuckle is a body experience rather than a head definition, I will pay more attention to how other words feel in my body.

  45. ha ha… what is it about the word “chuckle” that makes me chuckle? Just reading the word and a smile and little glow appears 🙂

  46. I wonder how many other teachers would describe a chuckle to their class as something to be experienced from the body. I love this.

  47. CBH – thank you – your biog describes the word chuckle so well that it is easy to imagine. And I completely agree when you say: “Chuckle is one word that refuses to be pinned down by dictionary definitions and meanings and has to be lived and experienced in order to be understood in all its divine joy and glory.”
    I love how your student connected to the word chuckle and shared that with you the next day – this alone brings so much joy that the inner percolation is ready to take off for another chuckle as soon as possible, in fact I can see it is a health concern to not know how to chuckle and to not chuckle frequently enough!

  48. I love the word chuckle and chuckling and I love feeling it in my body. I was just feeling how babies chuckle – it’s a mirthful, full-bodied experience and sound when they do which makes even the hardest shell of protection melt away. Hmmmm…I don’t ever recall hearing a baby laugh…….interesting….!

  49. It is quite amusing CBH how you shared that the actual word ‘Chuckle is one word that refuses to be pinned down by dictionary definitions and meanings and has to be lived and experienced in order to be understood in all its divine joy and glory’. More chuckling for all I say.

  50. To be in appreciation of the magic of God ever present in our daily lives allows more space for theses gifts and blessings to become more abundant.

  51. CBH you bring a joy and lightness in this blog and a beautiful reminder to not hold back on chuckling in anyway – what a blessing to have you as a teacher.

  52. CBH, this is very lovely to read, I chuckled recently and what was very lovely was that I was not laughing with someone or laughing as a response to show someone that something they said was funny, i was laughing inwardly and not needing anyone to hear or see this inward laughter, it felt very joyful and lovely in my body and I had a natural smile on my face.

  53. It feels all kind of laughter are healthy and something that should come naturally and easy to us. Many people, including me, lose the easy way of laughing in the course of life. We contract because all kind of reasons, and lose the flexibility in our body to laugh easily. And now it is returning to me, and lately I can feel easy laughter returns to me more and more.

  54. It’s true – there is a great alchemy at play within a chuckle. Ask any baby, for not only do we come into this world mastered in expressing the joy and love of our divine origins, we also come with an inability to hold it back.

  55. More of this please CBH. It is so very healing to have words come back to the living experience they are, to have us come back to feel ourselves fully and allow for expression in every part of our body.

  56. A deep joy is to read this, what an amazing sharing of truth, love and joy – reminding us in words and palpable feelings from your words and experience used, how absolute sacred and truly fun to chuckle and let it out! We so appreciate it.

  57. There is no doubt that a chuckle is different to a laugh! Your description CBH is a great one. I feel a chuckle is something I do usually when I am on my own thinking of an occasion where something tickled my imagination!

  58. Chuckling is a delight – and the more the merrier. I also love the point where it is one definition that can’t be pined down by the intellect. It’s got great company even though there are words we try and force in to a box so the understanding is feed to our heads and not felt in our bodies.

  59. It’s true that some words are best felt in the body to know what they truly mean and can’t be fully described with more words. I enjoyed reading your description of a chuckle CBH. Someone else above described it as a tickle from God – I love that.

  60. I love how you described the word chuckle to your class, and how one pupil came in the next morning sharing their experience of having a chuckle – i look forward to my next chuckle.

  61. I always think of chooks when it comes to chuckling and I know it clucking they do before they crow but I guess essentially I see the chuckle to the laugh in the same way, a prelude of what’s to come maybe. It’s amazing what we can get from just one word as this article demonstrates and how when we relate it to ourselves and what we truly experience we then bring in the true meaning. The way this was introduced into the classroom by the author was priceless and it showed in the enthusiasm that it was bought back into the classroom with.

  62. What a super cool way to connect to the meaning of a word, especially a word that offers so much to us as people to experience. Chuckle is a word that needs to be used and felt more!

  63. I love chuckling and its so wonderful that there is a teacher out there for the kids to chuckle with thank you.

  64. I love how you teach CBH the joy of the child was gorgeous to feel. I love too how you bring this to the children, so they really get a true experience of a word and not just an empty definition to try to recall. Once we have experienced the truth of a word we don’t need to remember because we do deeply know much easier.

  65. What this beautiful blog presents is that words have a livingness to them and that we have a choice: we can relate to them ‘coldly’ based on what they mean as dictated by the dictionary or we can feel into them and into us and capture the movement they bring into our life.

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