Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate

If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!

Imagine a company that was trying to poison its staff. Imagine the global response if the company tried to tell the world that what they are giving staff is a treat for all the hard work they’ve put in, or that they are only poisoning people a little bit.

Yet as owners of our bodies we eat foods every day that our bodies respond to like they are a poison, such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. But we say to ourselves that we are only drinking or eating a little bit, or that we are giving ourselves a treat or reward.

There is often outcry over the way some companies ignore the concerns and wishes of the people who work for them and the place they operate. Unsafe work practice or working people until they get sick is seen as abusive behaviour and something not to be tolerated. How would the world respond if the company tried to explain to the world that the staff just needed to push through to meet their deadline and production needs, again and again?

Yet as owners of our bodies, how often do we ignore the messages our bodies are giving us? How often do we keep pushing our body to the point of ill health? How often do we put a deadline ahead of our own wellbeing?

How long would the world accept a company’s apology and affirmation that they “will do better,” if they returned to the same old behaviours once people stopped looking? Yet as owners of our own bodies, once the ‘symptoms’ have gone how often do we return to the same behaviours that caused the issues in the first place?

It would seem that we as humans have body issues beyond how we look. We seem to abuse, push, and or suppress the wealth of information that our body provides day in day out. We seem to accept that our body is something to be driven, often responding with resentment when it ‘fails’ us, not taking note of what we have put it through.

The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output.

If we take the time to listen, observe and respond to what our sleep, our cravings, our energy levels, and our emotional stability is showing us, we will begin to discover a whole new body corporate.

Inspired by the Universal Medicine audio “The Way of the Livingness 19”

by Joel Levin

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1,105 thoughts on “Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate

  1. “How often do we keep pushing our body to the point of ill health? How often do we put a deadline ahead of our own wellbeing?” Great questions to ask Joel. So often people then wonder why they get diseases, yet if we stopped to feel what our body really wanted – be it more rest, sleep. different food, more exercise etc, let alone a reduction of emotional angst and stress, our health services would mot be reeling under the overwhelm they currently experience. Our lifestyle choices have a huge impact on our health. One day this will be even more recognised.

    1. Boy I know this feeling really well. Push it hard and you will feel hard, keep it steady and the natural flow is offered. Its a simple as that!

      1. Feel and know you levels of sensitivity and the body moves with ease amongst the chaos we call our modern day world.

  2. “There is often outcry over the way some companies ignore the concerns and wishes of the people who work for them and the place they operate.” It is great to realise that these things you mentioned like disrespect to employees things that are just not right at big companies etc. probably will continue as long as we keep disrespecting and ignoring ourselves and our body by eating things that we know are not supporting it, being harsh on ourselves, pushing ourselves to and over the limit… The big outplay in life is always a reflection of our micro inner life. This is empowering because we can change how we are with ourselves yet we can not always change the big systems straight away.

  3. When we let go of control and expectations which burden our bodies we find ourselves in the awe of how simple life is, where the only thing that is required is the appreciation and acceptance of our beingness which allows us to surrender to what is divine.

  4. It is true “If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!” we would either be bankrupt or held before a court for abuse neglect and many other offences, but because it is our own body we think we have a right to do with it what we like, handing over the responsibility to others when it starts to fail us.

  5. It is sad but true that we treat ourselves and our bodies in a way that we would never treat others or sometimes allow others to treat us.

  6. Responding to the messages of the body will bring a different way of living, and that way will develop and grow constantly.

  7. Our systems everywhere have to change so that they are more supportive for everyone. A world system that supports people to pay attention to their bodies and what their bodies need is essential for our evolution.

  8. Listening humbly to what my body tells me is offering up a whole new depth and quality of relationship with myself that is then having a huge impact on all my relationships and my approach to life… it is inspiring to consider the wise sage I have with me at all times.

  9. Yes listening to our bodies is something that we don’t want to take responsibility for a lot of the time. I know for me, sometimes things have to happen again and again before I really listen, which is really quite crazy and very very unloving to do so.

  10. A body corporate of responsibility – YES PLEASE! A great reflection of the impact this would have on the well being and levels of health and vitality we could all live.

  11. Everyday we ingest food and drink that is in fact poisoning us and not only do we do nothing about it but we celebrate it! How crazy is that?

  12. This is a great analogy, and so true there is a dialogue to be had, constantly – between me and my body, for there to be harmony.

  13. So much power lies in the body. When we listen to what it is communicating and read what is going on, it’s mind boggling. The mind can’t even begin to comprehend the power and intelligence of the body. Yet it seems we have given our power to the mind and it is the mind who has control. That is why we are in our current predicament where our bodies are not faring well as a species.

  14. Great analogy Joel. And interesting too that the root meaning of corporate is corpus, Latin for body. We’re running our own corporation and we are the CEO. Or better still, give that job to the body itself – it’s wiser than we are!

  15. Our bodies are like radars for truth and love. I find food fascinating because I can weigh up the few moments of satisfaction in my mouth to the hours/days of discomfort or agitatedness afterwards and even knowing this can still go for the few moments. However as soon as I go ok so why do I really want this then it all changes. After all do I want a seeming short term gain, leading to a loss or a long term win for everyone?!

  16. We consistently look to our companies, houses and families to bring us change. ‘How flawed and corrupt they are!’ we exclaim. Yet we have conveniently failed to take a step back and see the energetic facts – these institutions and organisations are just results of how we are in ourselves. So as you beautifully show Joel, if we truly wish to see change it’s our way of living we need to reform.

  17. The beauty about listening to our bodies is that it is not just our body on its own, it is a vehicle of energy and is either nourished by the Soul or driven by the spirit, a cunning part of us that repeats itself over and over until it makes true choices.

  18. Boy poisoning the staff has been my agenda for many years that left me wondering why the company was not doing so well. Now this blog makes a lot of sense having made the choices to start a fresh and slowly and with lots of patience removing what does not serve every one in the company anymore. Interesting enough there is no end to this process but a steady pace of asking for more ways to see what needs to be revealed and giving everyone around me the space to take this on board.

  19. It is true, there is a wealth of information constantly being communicated to us via our bodies, and none of it would be to harm us or our wellbeing, but we treat the body as if it were the enemy.

  20. There are so many questions in your blog that hit home loud and clear Joel. Time to look again at how I am ill treating my body corporate.

  21. That is true Joel Levin – you are showing us that exactly what we are here to do – being true and responsible for our way of living and bringing this to whenever we work.

  22. Put this way Joel we cannot even pretend to be a decent person if we are not treating our body with the attention to detail that it deserves..

  23. Profound. Sharing with us what is so sincerely true, and that which we have to make our powerful change — Listening to Your Body.
    Whenever we have trouble — seek connection to the body, not the mind.

  24. When we treat our body according to its making, in that what it really needs, it works very smoothly, is vital and very steady.

  25. I love the way you playfully highlight the absurdity of what we do to ourselves – as in poisoning ‘our staff’ for a treat or just a little bit!

    1. Yes I love the exposure of the way we use the word ‘treat’. It ties in with the sayings, ‘everything in moderation’ and ‘a little of something never hurts anybody’. Madness and excuses for ingesting known toxins.

  26. Not sure we would do so well in our performance appraisals in terms of our work health and safety standards and regulations.

  27. We are indeed a crazy society at present, ‘Yet as owners of our bodies we eat foods every day that our bodies respond to like they are a poison, such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. But we say to ourselves that we are only drinking or eating a little bit, or that we are giving ourselves a treat or reward.’ Makes you wonder exactly who is running our bodies.

    1. So true Danna, we have all looked for a quick fix, which doesn’t work. So we have to take responsibility for our lives, which can make huge changes because of the way we have chosen the energy and what energy we do choose.

  28. What if we listened to our bodies then ate for our divine connection, which is to eat Light to be Light? So would not the food we eat and the way we eat change and allow the evolutionary diet, which is the only way to expand our True nourishment and ourselves?

    1. Could it be what we eat, how much we eat, when we eat, the energy we eat in, the way we prepare what we eat, the conversations we have while we eat and even the thoughts we have about what we eat all have an affect on how we digest and thus absorb nutrition? Do we also think about our next meal as something that is being looked forward to truly nourish our body and thus looking at something outside our-self as I have done, this just some food for thought to ponder on!

      1. Or could it be that our sense of smell takes over then overrides and rules the roust so we put all our eggs in one basket and just consider food to be an Epicureanism.
        Though the modern use of the term “Epicurean” is associated with the saying, “Eat, drink and be merry,”
        So are our eyes like our nose believe they see pleasure in things to shut down our divine connection.

  29. Haha, great article, seeing our body as a company, classic. It’s great to bring in things like this that allow us to open up more to what is going on and how in some circumstances we accept things where in another light we would not. It is like once a behaviour is accepted we almost have a blind spot that shadows across many areas and to break this behaviour we need to take it and put it in another context, as the article has done. This way when we apply it elsewhere we can see it’s impact and how and why we wouldn’t accept it. This leads us to the awareness of what we do to ourselves without first checking to truly see how it feels.

  30. The Body Corporate that is our body is constantly changing and growing, developing into a unit of love, or a unit of all that is not love. The choice is ours which it will be.

    1. We could say then, that our body is not for ‘us’ – but belongs to the Universe and is forever seeking harmony, that we may express the grandness we are for the evolution of all.

  31. How we treat others in the workplace is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. All businesses are comprised and run by people and a business that supports and cares for the well being of the people within it will encourage everyone to equally care for themselves and others.

  32. The truth is in our bodies, but we arrogantly ignore it many times, ‘how often do we ignore the messages our bodies are giving us? How often do we keep pushing our body to the point of ill health?’ The time has come for us to listen and honour our bodies, to be responsible.

  33. We read about corruption in companies, And when the corruption comes from the top you can certainly feel that that spread through the whole corporate being… It really is the same with humans… If what’s on top isn’t in alignment then everything is out.

  34. It’s incredible that our body doesn’t sack us, doesn’t sack this character that we allow to run us that is in turn happy to run the body into the ground – is that because this character is in fact immortal?

  35. “The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output.” This shows me how utterly amazing our body is – even despite what we throw at it, but very much especially when we align to the intelligence of its particles.

  36. “Imagine a company that was trying to poison its staff.” the very fact that we treat our bodies with such distain, such abuse goes a long way to showing why we are in the state we are in across society. It’s like if we listen to our bodies and responded with love then not only would that change our healthcare it would change the way our families and companies are run.

  37. Willingly putting poison into our body is something that we do not take seriously enough. Take sugar for example, we all know it is not good for us yet the need to reward ourselves with a sugar treat overrides that knowing. Isn’t it time we had a look at why we need to reward ourselves in the sense that the way that we are living is not supporting us to feed ourselves back the divine sweetness, preciousness and loveliness that we innately are.

  38. I think many would lose count in how often they ignore their body in a day, let alone a week, a month, or a year… ‘how often do we ignore the messages our bodies are giving us?’ Surely to ignore these loving messages is a form of abuse.

  39. There is oft times a rebellion against the divine harmony that would otherwise run us and we will each end up living the result of such loveless choices.

  40. Very poignant example of micro and macro cosmos being the same and that we cannot escape the responsibility we have towards ourselves just the same as towards everyone else.

  41. When the mind is in the drivers seat all manner of disregard occurs as the body is just something for the mind to use and abuse enter connection to the heart and love can flow through out the body in its gentle movements.

  42. “If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!” So very true Joel we look after our companies far more than we ever consider, let alone look after and care for our body, yet it is our body that in truth is the marker of how we will run the company, our level of integrity our care and support for our employees all stem from how we look after ourselves.

  43. Our body is our marker of truth, shared once by a wise man called Serge Benhayon. If we would use its intelligence truly, we would be in a whole different state of being. For if we would treat it like the animal kingdom does, there would be no over excessive eating and hence there would be no interference with the nature and animal kingdom cycles – that we seemingly interfere with as human beings!
    Our world would be way better of and way more in true healthy living. .

  44. If we bring everything back to the body, and relate to our body with care, honouring its communication then work in its entirety would be vastly different from how we know it today with rates of burnout , depression and so on .. i know that when i started to self-care and self-love on an initial simplistic level, my whole attitude changed towards my work, its purpose, interactivity with colleagues/clients too for the far better with the beneficial effect that true vitality has.

  45. If we look at the illnesses rates climbing up, we know how important is and also how it is our personal responsibility to start to honor our body. All those diseases cost also a lot of money for the collective. To live in a way that brings back the joy and vitality.

  46. Totally needed to read this today. Bang on the money as always Joel. The way I treated my body at times this week would see me off to HR for a quick reprimand!

  47. Living life from the mind always reflects back with how our body feels, looks and emanates. The mind could not care less for the body and what we put it through as long as it gets its desired outcome, which is usually at the expense of the body. The smartest thing to do would be to give the body a louder voice and to start to listen with intent what it has to share – we could do a lot worse.

  48. Simply we can say that something is driving us, that we allow to drive us forth, that is total neglect of the body it is in, hence we can make the same choices over and over again even if we know they are not good for us and even harming us at times! So, we better ask ourselves the question: what is the drive behind our movement and what does this tell us about the amount of love we have truly in our body/lives?

  49. When we listen to the body corporate and move from the advice shared we not only gain a greater insight into our behaviours and ways of being but also learn who we truly are and in what ways we can support our bodies to be at their optimal. Listening to our body corporate and moving in a way that supports our vehicles of expression offers us such wisdom, it’s a wonder why we sometimes heed it’s advice.

  50. If connected to our innermost we would lovingly care for our bodies, but if the body corporate is run by the mind it cares little for its upkeep other than to maintain function.

  51. Once we start to develop an awareness, which happens over a long period of time, we find a way of living that starts to listen to what our body intelligence is sharing. Then it becomes simple to find the things that do not support our evolution.

  52. I’ve worked in a few companies and organisations now, and what I’ve found is they’re all pretty much specialists at ignoring certain realities they don’t like. The ability to ‘turn a blind eye’ seems quite pronounced. It seems crazy when their business and money is at stake, but when I consider what you present Joel it starts to make sense. For if we are not honest transparent and clear in ourselves and our inner life, it’s only sensible that our businesses will reflect this. It’s our job to be open, simple and true.

  53. It is true and very fascinating how, there is a level of productivity that the human body is engaged with at every moment of the day which no company could match, and so, if every company is made up of people whose bodies are operating at such highly intelligent levels, then why do we have so many global problems?

  54. It is so true that when we listen to our bodies, the productivity does go up and the body welcomes this. It’s crazy how we push the body and expect it to work under terrible working conditions for very little thanks – in fact, we pay it with even more abuse.

  55. Our bodies, if listened to, provide us with the steadiest and strongest of foundations from which we can then operate and support so much more, so many more people. If I forgo the clear messages from my body, there’s less stability and flow in my day and the whole thing feels a bit precarious. The more I develop a loving, honest and responsive relationship to and with my body, the more it supports me back, and it becomes easier to stay open, steady and honest.

  56. It is a deepening relationship as well. There is no question that the body communicates with us, and it communicates to the level we can hear. I have found that my relationship with work and food and my daily rhythms have all changed since listening but that it is not a linear experience because the relationship evolves. The more I am open to this relationship the more finely tuned the communication.

  57. One of our greatest guides to not only knowing who we are but also to living in connection to all that we in truth are, yet it is the one relationship we seem to invest in the least – the relationship with our body and the truth and wisdom that resides therein.

  58. “The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output” . . . . this is a great thing to remember and it is something that I can take into my working day today.

  59. I am uncomfortable reading this article because I know the truth of what is shared here and yet cannot say I have applied the respect and care in my relationship with my body. It is the letting my body rest bit that is starkly lacking, driven by a need to achieve in order to maintain a level of self-value. Stuff to look at here, so thank you for the spotlight, Joel.

  60. I love the analogy of the corporate and the body. It’s so true of course, no company would be allowed to poison employees…even just a little bit. Yet, we make every excuse under the sun to poison ourselves with food that the body, if asked, would refuse to eat.

  61. Interesting but true – we live in a society that values business more than our bodies. And we are the ones who make up that society.

  62. Sometimes my desire for a particular taste or my impatience at waiting till I am at home before I eat and taking something just to appease a desire in me, eg lightly salted crisps at the petrol station the other day, wins out. I nearly always regret this. Thank you for talking poison because often this is just what it is for the reaction in my body is quite painful. I feel though that although there may be these setbacks when we are conscious of the effects food and drink really have on us we do gradually change and I can certainly appreciate that my body is far lighter than it was several years ago when I embarked on this consciousness expanding journey with Universal Medicine.

  63. “But we say to ourselves that we are only drinking or eating a little bit, or that we are giving ourselves a treat or reward.”- I find it very interesting how we (including myself here) tend to reward ourselves when things are going great with a food or drink that actually is hurting our body in the long run and taking away from the natural state of stillness it wants to be in. How is that a ‘reward’? Its like we don’t want to stand out and show our amazing self to others, so we dull or numb it to blend in.

  64. I love this refreshing outlook on life and the body – I often like to think of the body as a company with all the organs as the employees, and then to take it a step further and interview the ‘organs’ so to speak and how they like or do not like how we treat them! Amazing way to ‘hit home’ and get a message!

  65. Sometimes the only time we stop to really listen to the body is when we feel unwell. And as Joel has so beautifully nominated in the blog, when we get unwell, we often feel angry, upset or resentful that our body has ‘failed’ us…yet if we stopped to listen and heed the body well earlier, then it is likely we would not have gotten un-well to begin with, and also it is important to see an illness as a way of the body clearing out what it needs to clear out, and so rather than stop this process, it is important to support the body in the process. After all the body holds the innate intelligence that knows exactly how to bring itself back to balance.

  66. “The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output.” Over the years my body has shown me that the above statement is a fact.

  67. The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output. Absolutely Joel, a lived way.

  68. A great way of asking ourselves to be the CEO and HR department of how we treat all areas of our body and our responsibility for the well being of all.

  69. Accurately written Joel… we do treat our body as something that must be, can be, should be driven. Once we learned that this is not the case, we start to live in a whole new paradigm.

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