Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate

If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!

Imagine a company that was trying to poison its staff. Imagine the global response if the company tried to tell the world that what they are giving staff is a treat for all the hard work they’ve put in, or that they are only poisoning people a little bit.

Yet as owners of our bodies we eat foods every day that our bodies respond to like they are a poison, such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. But we say to ourselves that we are only drinking or eating a little bit, or that we are giving ourselves a treat or reward.

There is often outcry over the way some companies ignore the concerns and wishes of the people who work for them and the place they operate. Unsafe work practice or working people until they get sick is seen as abusive behaviour and something not to be tolerated. How would the world respond if the company tried to explain to the world that the staff just needed to push through to meet their deadline and production needs, again and again?

Yet as owners of our bodies, how often do we ignore the messages our bodies are giving us? How often do we keep pushing our body to the point of ill health? How often do we put a deadline ahead of our own wellbeing?

How long would the world accept a company’s apology and affirmation that they “will do better,” if they returned to the same old behaviours once people stopped looking? Yet as owners of our own bodies, once the ‘symptoms’ have gone how often do we return to the same behaviours that caused the issues in the first place?

It would seem that we as humans have body issues beyond how we look. We seem to abuse, push, and or suppress the wealth of information that our body provides day in day out. We seem to accept that our body is something to be driven, often responding with resentment when it ‘fails’ us, not taking note of what we have put it through.

The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output.

If we take the time to listen, observe and respond to what our sleep, our cravings, our energy levels, and our emotional stability is showing us, we will begin to discover a whole new body corporate.

Inspired by the Universal Medicine audio “The Way of the Livingness 19”

by Joel Levin

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1,166 thoughts on “Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate

  1. A brilliant sharing Joel, having worked shift work for many years I became exhausted and would frequently get sick, I started to listen to my body and introduce simple self-care techniques and I now cope better with shift work and am far more productive and energetic at work now.

  2. “Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate” – when we listen to our body we can listen to the corporation we work for or that maybe we lead. Because the insight of ourselves we gain from listening to our own body allows useful insight into life which includes work.

  3. Imagine having the body corporate here described supported, confirmed and the foundation of the structure of society?

  4. We know as a species that we are different from other animals. This has been put down to us having a consciousness, yet we use that to abuse ourselves in all sorts of ways that no animal would ever do. We really need to look at our higher intelligence and start to use it discerningly and with humbleness rather than arrogantly misusing it.

  5. If our bodies were a company, abuse, bullying, poisoning, disregard would be rife. There is no way that company would survive or be able to produce anything of any value to society.

  6. Is anyone truly asking about the diet of treats and rewards and the real impact that these are having on health – in so many ways and on so many levels.

  7. What struck me is ; ‘How often do we keep pushing our body to the point of ill health? How often do we put a deadline ahead of our own wellbeing?’
    This is our more honest and true way of looking at our life and our current state of health. So we can start to truly change.

  8. Do we live in reaction or in response to what’s communicated to us by our body? As in, when we feel something, be it tired, moody, needy, craving something and so forth, do we look at the why and seek to heal whatever it is that needs to be healed, or do we react and fight the reflection on offer?

  9. Every part of our body relies on every other part to do its job. A body corporate could learn a lot from seeing the harmony and the beauty of true ‘group work’ that the body offers!

  10. Great methaphor. If we were to take care of our bodies the way you describe, our bodies would blossom including all the places we go and encounters we have. In the end the bodies become the CEOs!

  11. “If we take the time to listen, observe and respond to what our sleep, our cravings, our energy levels, and our emotional stability is showing us, we will begin to discover a whole new body corporate” – we begin to discover who we truly are too in the process …perhaps that is why we spend so much time in distraction and dishonouring our bodies to pause or delay the inevitable [truth].

  12. I love the analogies you use Joel. They really do put into context the absurdity of our choices and how we treat our bodies. Things we do to ourselves we would never accept from another to do if it was forced.

  13. I agree with what you have said here ‘If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!’ and it is quite frightening to feel this. I guess it makes sense though as to why we are currently in such a mess in the world if everything we do comes through or from our bodies and we are not looking after our bodies but predominately overriding or ignoring them and not truly connected to the innate truth, wisdom and love within our body as to how we could be, it makes sense this lack of self-love and self-care will then have a ripple affect in all that we do in the world.

  14. If we were about to pass-over would we eat differently to allow our body to be at ease with itself because as you have shared Joel, “as owners of our bodies we eat foods every day that our bodies respond to like they are a poison, such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar..?”
    And may I add Joel, would we want a pizza, fish and chips, greasy pork chops, or any food that we could easily digest when we were much younger, do we live in the past or do we listen to our bodies especially in the dying process and eat lighter foods that the body can handle?

    What would we want as our last meal or would we chooose the foods which take away our awareness of what we can reflect on in our life and thus make a considered choice to never have these dulling foods so we are deepening our awareness for our next life, thus our next incarnation would look a lot different?

    Do we actually want to be that responsible even on our death-bed?
    For more on passing-over joy-fully, until our last breath see the video at;

  15. It is such a great analogy as so often we treat our bodies which such disregard and distain that essentially we our polluting our vehicle that we have to live with 24/7 whether we like it or not which makes no logical sense. And so if we truly were intelligent then it would not even cross our minds to bludgeon our bodies so there has to be more at play. And for me this is where the world of energy enters, what if there is more going on than purely meets the eye, something that we all see and know it as a child.

  16. “Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate” – if we listened to our bodies, then we would listen to our companies too to know that how we are with our own body is how we are with, and how we set the body and culture of the company we work in.

  17. If common sense prevailed we would not pollute our bodies in any way. So what is prevailing? And what must one be avoiding to feel through such behaviours? Why are we more obese than ever before? Why is our entire food industry (and the demand for it) not based on nourishment?

  18. Mistrust between the management and the staff is no good. Can we come together for the same, one purpose?

  19. This is such a great analogy. It is the fragmentation of the whole that leads to the abuse of its parts when we do not appreciate the value each part contributes to the whole it is a part of. That is, we do not appreciate that every part of our body is working to achieve harmony with all other parts (organs, systems etc.) and going even broader than this – that every body here on Earth is also synced in to a greater body that is the body of God/the Universe we all live within. With no appreciation of this we are left to wander as a ‘lonely fragment’ totally at odds to the stupendous beauty we all belong to.

  20. A company is always changing and willing adjust to the changes to make sure that it stays productive and healthy, but we rarely if at all take the same care when it comes to our body until we get a reminder from our body in the form of an accident or illness

  21. I love how you compare how we treat our body to how we treat our body, you are right there would be an outcry and it would be in the media if a company was poisoning all its staff, but we willingly do this every day to our bodies.

  22. Like any active and productive company, the body never stops speaking, and like any company it is up to us to listen and adjust our way of living and working.

    1. Ignoring the call often leaves the workers feeling ill or not at ease no different to the ways our body reminds us of die- ease.

  23. I have been to a few events recently that have included competitions and raffles. The prizes for these have been mostly alcohol or sweets and chocolate, in huge amounts. What does it say about us if we assume that everyone wants these substances as a reward – substances that are actually poisoning us ?

  24. Its a great analogy Joel, and feeds both ways. As we learn to listen to our bodies and have more self respect then equally that ripples out into our lives, our work place. It puts a different quality back into a body corporate and starts to effect a change there as well.

  25. There is a whole another level of awareness that we have access to living in connection to, an intelligence that can only reflect the truth in any moment, of the quality of our every move. Our bodies, that we are all born with into this world is our truest guide to living the potential of everything that we are here to live, as Souls in this plane of life. As such it is wise to develop a loving and honouring with this vessel that is everywhere we are, every breath we take.

  26. Love the analogy here Joel, it opens up the way we look and are with our bodies as often if we can see something through someone else eyes, we are more open to seeing it.

  27. Change the management from the mind to the body and you “discover a whole new body corporate” – one that works harmoniously.

  28. In corporate it is almost a ‘dirty’ word to talk about your body or have true care for your body. The body just has to do what is needed for the work and what the mind dictates it to do. Whereas the body actually is an amazing teacher, with a perfect symbolism, for any director, company owner, manager or team member to learn from.

  29. Even if a friend did this to us we would quickly pull them up, yet we so often treat ourselves then much less than what we deserve.

  30. Replacing the word ‘treat’ with ‘poison’ exposes what we are actually doing to ourselves when we choose NOT to discern what we eat. It’s an interesting science, that we actively consume foods that do toxify our bodies, and disguise these behaviours as harmless ‘treats’ or something that is okay as long as it’s not in excess. Would we say the same if we were presented with ‘real’ poison?

    1. And would we, do we, say the same when another offers us what they believe is ‘treat’ and we feel it is a ‘poison’?

  31. I still give myself a reward or treat at the end of the day through food or a sleep in the next morning. I love food and I can cook a great feed too. I eat very healthy. I love sleeping too especially a little longer than I need to and also can sleep during the day – I thoroughly enjoy this more than to go out and visit friends. It catches me out though if I eat too much I get sleepy later on or if I sleep in its puts pressure on my body to complete what I am responsible to live the way I know that actually returns vitality and clarity to wellbeing anyway. Looking after your body corporate returns a great profit.

  32. “The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output.” This is so true Joel. It is quite amazing not only how much can be acheived, but also the quality of what we are doing when we listen to our bodies and stay connected to them and all that they have to offer us.

  33. I love the wisdom shared here Joel, many people would benefit from calling a company meeting and setting new standards and values with the way they are living and caring for their bodies.

  34. The body corporate that you describe here Joel, if lived, would change the world within a very short time.

  35. WHS is very strictly adhered to in most workplaces because of fear of litigation and workers compensation. Imagine if we took care of ourselves with the same diligence and care out of Love and not fear.

  36. I think if we appreciated that the quality of intelligence we align with is determined by how we are with our body then we might be more attentive!

  37. Like many body corporates some members take more interest and care in the maintaining of their buildings than others.

  38. “If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble! Imagine a company that was trying to poison its staff” – how true Joel and the fact is, is that companies can and do poison through working cultures.. a working culture that stems from the relationship that every leader, company/business owner, employee has with their own personal body and the way they look after, care and respect it. For the culture of the body effects the culture of work.

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