Truth about Little White Lies

When I was a child I often heard the expression “little white lie”. It was used for justification when children caught and called out adults for telling lies. Adults often responded with “it’s a little white lie,” which was supposed to mean that adults could tell lies when the intention was somehow ‘good’, like not telling the full truth to a child in case it was “too much for them,” or doctoring the truth to an authority to smooth relations and not get into trouble…. How dreadful is that?!

I remember feeling angry and indignant. I remember feeling betrayed because the ‘little white lies’ were being told by adults who always sang the praises of honesty and telling the truth.

I felt the lie of the adult judgment that kids are too young to understand. I was even asked to tell ‘little white lies’ myself and that felt like an awful betrayal of my natural sense of truth too. I was being trained to force myself to be okay with telling lies and learning how to justify what I knew was wrong.

As I matured and understood more of life, I saw more and more lies. The lies that were not spoken or written, the subtle cunning lies, the lies composed of manipulations of circumstances, appearances and also communications such that everything was a lie, even if no-one could have pointed the finger at any individual component.

This latter technique is used globally by criminals, media, corporations, in fact anyone who wants to ‘stay clean’ while manipulating things to their advantage. Then there are the lies that are not spoken or written but are conveyed with body language – a particular movement of eyebrow or mouth – to sway another.

It seems that the human expression of lies outweighs the expression of truth by an alarming ratio. Life has become an acceptable lie in this world.

I remember once seeing an interview with a young politician who’d been caught lying on the job. His face looked slightly hurt and innocent as he said, without ‘batting an eyelid’: “Nowhere in my job description did it say I have to be honest.” Boy, oh boy, what do you say to that?

Have we fallen so far from truth that we need to have every thought, word, action and expression written down in a ‘job description’ of life before we feel compelled to tell and live the truth?! What happened to our natural sense of feeling lies when they are there and calling them out when they are felt, like we did as little children?

A lie is a lie, no matter of what perceived magnitude! There are no ‘little’ lies, no ‘good’ lies; all lies are a violation of the truth that we all inherently are and naturally deserve 100% of the time in our lives. Truth is the bottom line.

From there, anything can be understood and worked out between people. There are no hidden surprises, no doubts and no ‘grey areas’. With truth, we are at home and we are safe. With lies, the foundation is always wobbly and shifting. Unfortunately the whole of society’s workings have come to rely on lies as the lubricant that keeps the ‘machine’ going – as the foundation upon which the entire house of cards is built.

What are we going to do to replace that shaky foundation with the solidity of truth – real, capital ‘t’ Truth?

Are we going to make the telling of lies illegal and arrest everyone who is guilty? There would not be enough people left free in the world to administer all the jails!!

What if we were to come back to using our in-built lie detectors to feel and call out lies wherever we find them? To widely share all we have learned about truly connecting to that part of us that knows lies from truth as naturally as breathing? And what if we support each other – family, friends and strangers alike – to do this; to express immediately without fear of retribution?

We CAN do this. We can turn our world around by helping each other make the choices that can clear the ‘grunge’ from our lie-detectors (our bodies) and give us a crystal clear feeling for truth and for lies when we encounter them. The best thing we can be is true; the most loving thing we can bring to another person is truth. Even when it is ‘tough love’ or ‘tough truth’ it is giving ourselves and others the whole of what is required to base choices upon, to learn, evolve and grow.

Denying any part of truth is to short-change us all, deprive us of our full potential.

How can we clear our lie-detectors? Our bodies are matter and matter obeys energy, the energy of consciousness. Therefore our material lives are also a consequence of the energy of consciousness and how it governs our choices. So we need to look to energy for the cause of our self-created problems.

Our inbuilt energy detectors are where we need to do the work first. It is our souls that we must learn to connect to in order to refine our detectors. The soul of each and every one of us holds and knows the truth, way beyond the consciousness of our brains and everyday thinking.

Since our consciousness governs all our thoughts, choices and actions, could it be that by connecting to our soul and allowing that to be our presiding consciousness, we can feel truth accurately and live every moment of life more truly?

I know I knew this even when I didn’t know that I ‘knew’ it. I am very grateful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for helping me to bring the clarity of it right to the forefront of my understanding, and to inspire me to choose to clear my lie-detector and evolve towards expressing my soul’s truth as a consistent way.

Together we can build the confidence to express truth in every realm of human life, all the time. No more little white lies, just one big loving light of Truth.

by Dianne Trussell BSc Hons, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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900 thoughts on “Truth about Little White Lies

  1. Life is forever offering us opportunities to deepen our awareness, expression and connection to our Soul. And lies – whether large small, black, white or purple, it doesn’t matter – all of them are to keep us from facing what is on offer….. what if the situation requires us to be (shock horror) less closed, less self-centred and less irresponsible and instead embrace and express our magnificence from the heart? Quick bring in a lie to create a fog and distract us with a manufactured story.

  2. At times we don’t like to hear the ‘tough truth’ or experience ‘tough love’, but sometimes that’s what needs to happen for us to snap out of what we are in and to gets some clarity on the situation.

  3. How far are we willing to go to see the extent of the lies we tell everyday, including the ones’ we tell ourselves. Even the seemingly simple ones. “Hi how are you? – Good thanks?” We either play down how amazing we feel or we are simply not honest that we might be more tired today than normal. We really do need to look at every moment.

  4. Interesting how we can play something down and even justify something, even though it may be a lie. A lie is a lie no matter how it is dressed. Perhaps to it reflects our own levels of discomfort and places we don’t want to go to.

  5. Interesting expression “white lies”. Lies are lies, and perhaps the white lies are even more insidious than the big lies: if we allow the white lies, how can train ourselves to withstand the obvious big nasty lies? We learn to allow that lying is good. Which it is not.

  6. I love this statement: ‘There are no ‘little’ lies, no ‘good’ lies; all lies are a violation of the truth that we all inherently are and naturally deserve 100% of the time in our lives.’ it is time to hate what all these lies are doing with people and the world we’re living in.

  7. It is not just parents that use the little white lie to their children, I have known some adults to tell the so called little white lie to their parents, so not spoil the picture that their parents have created about something. Any lie is as bad as any other in that it ensures the truth gets hidden.

    1. So true Doug, we seem to have become so accustomed to the lies that we accept it as a way to protect someone from hurt. I have known people who make up lies and believe what they say, but everyone around them knows that they are lying. From all angles, it seems like we enable each other to keep the lies going and then when someone is blunt enough, to tell the truth, we get all bent out of shape and say they are rude. I think we have to get used to hearing and speaking the truth again; it certainly would simplify life.

      1. We need to all get to the point that we hate the lies and realise that we are living in the house of lies, so if we don’t call them out, we are in a nutshell agreeing with them. This is how the house of lies has survived for so long.

  8. In a world where lying has become so ingrained and the use of the “little white lie” considered to be normal we can feel almost helpless as to where can we start to bring about change. But if we made the choice “to come back to using our in-built lie detectors to feel and call out lies wherever we find them” we will ensure that slowly this accepted ‘normal’ will begin to be dismantled. It may take some time but how wonderful the consequences will be; living in a world that is firmly held on a foundation of truth.

  9. Yes we as human beings build society by what we allow, accept and deem as normal. Let’s collectively make it something that is true and not something that hides the truth.

  10. Our body is knowing of so much, we can be aware of so much more than we let ourselves be. There is great evil in being complacent with life and not calling out in full what we feel and can pick up on.

  11. It was incredibly confusing when as a child you were told to tell the truth but all around you adults were lying all the time. And of course, if you dared to question it you were told that ‘little white lies’ were okay. What a hypocritical view of the world we must have begun to develop. As I share with the young ones around me today, no matter what the colour, a lie is a lie and is very harmful to the liar as well as to the recipient, whereas the truth simply flows on out, no effort just a simple and natural ease and no one gets harmed in the process.

  12. No wonder it’s so hard to express truth and truth only when the entire world is built on the foundation of lies which can be easily exposed if truth gets its way and would be too inconvenient for the whole setup. And if we have had enough of lies and want truth it is every one of us that needs to ask for it by giving it to ourselves first.

    1. I love this Fumiyo. Of course the whole entire world is built on a foundation of lies to such an extent that even the definition of truth that is generally accepted is also a lie. So we have sunk so low as a species that we have a mountain to climb for everyone to return to truth, especially when so few even know what truth really is.

  13. As a society, we have normalised lying so much that now it is considered the norm and part of our acceptable standards. What is alarming to note here is that if a lie is normal how far can a lie go to be heard as abnormal?

  14. It can feel so uncomfortable when we wake up and realise that our movements have been and are a lie but through feeling the uncomfortableness, we begin the journey of discarding the lie held within the body, to live what we know is true.

  15. Children are seeing lies around them all of the time and boy it is beautiful when they express them! I love it even when they call me out! We can learn so much truth from our kids if we choose to listen, acknowledge and confirm what they are sharing.

  16. When I was young I had plenty of examples around me of people telling ‘little white lies’ and indicating that it was okay to do so. No wonder those lies, which I had come to accept as relatively harmless, began to creep on into my life. These days I am so much more connected to myself and as a result I simply cannot even consider lying as my body tells me instantly and loudly that lying no longer acceptable, and definitely never needed; the truth is all that there is.

  17. Little white lies are often accompanied by quite a lot of rationalising and justification – a sure sign something is not quite right. Truth on the other hand needs no explanation.

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