Letter to My Body

Photograph by Iris Pohl. “The body is the marker of all truth.” (Serge Benhayon)
Photograph by Iris Pohl. “The body is the marker of all truth.” (Serge Benhayon)

September the Nineteenth in the Year Two Thousand and Sixteen, London, United Kingdom

Dear Body,

There has been no other like you who has stuck with me through thick and thin, never to give up on me, yet ironically the very one I had used and abused like I would no other!

Who else would down those small or copious amounts of alcohol, a substance defined by our very own scientists as poison, and force it onto the liver, your sweet organ of harmony, whilst you patiently kept processing the killer substance? No other kind would do this. And yet we (I) call ourselves an intelligent species.

And no matter how high off the Richter scale the mass per blood/alcohol volume level went, you stayed. You’d even look for ways to help me… make me purge the poison circulating your veins. Get that: I spewed poison into YOUR veins! What an audacity!

Still, you’d ‘force’ me to rest and sleep so that you could get me back to my sober state, only for me to get intoxicated and indulge in another glass of chilled white a few days later. I did in those moments question the definition of my own sanity.

Any time I got cold, flu, fever, ah and those horrendous perpetual headaches, I’d get cross. With you. Yes, ironically YOU. To me, you and all the symptoms were a nuisance, a great hindrance preventing me from doing what I pleased. With two ears and impeccable hearing ability I remained deaf to every communication from you, to all those little and the big signs, the only ways you knew how to speak with me.

Remember when you ended up in an emergency hospital with a vitamin B12 injection because your heart nearly packed up? Just because I had long and hard hung onto my ‘vegetarian’ badge, deeply steeped in the belief that ‘meat was murder’ all whilst you craved meat and needed it to eat. Of course you always KNEW what you needed. You even knew what I needed too.

I’d slam doors, fist the desk, threaten to boomerang my electronic device through the window and get seriously annoyed with internet service providers when I could not connect to send or receive emails; yet I would not even blink once in consideration when pouring coffee/caffeine down your throat causing chaos within your web of nerves and giving shock to your nervous system. Go figure! A Hypocrite as well.

I allowed even more poison inside you through loveless sex, an array of emotions, sugar, salt, pasta, pizza, cheese and chocolate, to name but a few, than I would have flushed down the toilet or shoved into a rubbish bin. You must have cringed when I sniggered at the gluten free crowd and how gutless I was about your messages from the gut? Part of me felt really glad that you were not given a sound of your own – for you would have screamed like it had never been heard before.

Instead of getting closer to you and being ONE with you my dear Body, I had consciously built a gulf between us.

When I found a small lump on your right breast and fear kicked in almost instantaneously that something malignant might be going on, guess who was the culprit (yet again). How dare you ‘give me a lump’!

Instead of stopping to say SO DEEPLY sorry I had dumped way too much disregard, self-loathing, hardness, lack of self-worth, lack of self-care (and more) on you, you were left with no other option/remedy but to put it in a pea size ball to get my attention, like Hello, to make me stop so that I would even consider taking a U-turn on the road of Self-Love.

You dear Body always found a way to communicate with me – I on the other hand like a tantrum-ing toddler stubbornly and paradoxically kept refusing to so much as lend you my ears.

We are All part of the Universe, hence the Universe is part of us too. And if this simple equation is true, which it is, whoever gave me the right to treat you like a commodity, like I might my car, or that blue t-shirt I enjoy wearing and the brown leather handbag I own – however I please. No way this kind of behaviour is practised anywhere else in the Universe.

I get given a wonder (you, the body) that does not belong to me, but whose particles belong to the Universe, to love, to cherish and to behold and what do I do with it? I abuse it. Let’s call it for what it truly is – An ultimate in Arrogance.

And then one day with my will and your lovely legs you drove me all the way to Somerset to meet Serge Benhayon. Your cells tingled (visibly) with Joy at the encounter, however, unawakened I at the time couldn’t quite explain why. Yet you knew. To you and all your six senses it was easy to detect and register a man who holds his body like one might a little water in the palm of the hand in a desert – reads precious.

You knew Serge to be all ears, eyes, nose and much, much more when it came to honouring the body. You had been patiently asking me to go there since I emerged from my mother’s womb and when you met Serge you whispered to me in the silence of the Universe that we had met an equal, a role model, a spark that would ignite the inextinguishable eternal fire within. You and your boundless wisdom. You sussed it – that we had arrived at the U-turn point and were well on our way to Re-turn to the Love we are made to be and live from.

You my dearest Body knew what a body of Truth (Serge Benhayon) felt like when you met one. High five!

I did like the feel of Serge at first sight too, but you… You loved him. No. You Adored him. You sensed that everything about your treatment was about to change to how you and the stars had always known it to be. You found that One human body that reflected God back to me so that I would know You (my body) is NOT mine to own. That you were given to me merely as a vehicle for the one and only registered, responsible and fully comprehensively insured driver – my Soul.

Our Soul.

One Soul.

You could tell that almost constant abuse I had subjected you to was about to cease, and how could you not smile and sparkle in celebration of that fact. You knew the time had cometh when I’d clock that you were given to me to serve a much greater purpose, and for that I had to keep you sacred and to keep you in stillness so that you and I could live and reflect the Divine on Earth.

Just one meeting with the ordinary (but oh, how extraordinary) man called Serge Benhayon. It’s all that took for you to be released from the shackles of my arrogant self. It took less than a moment and faster than the speed of light to experience the power of body particles between each other and how much can be communicated with no words but through vibration! Quantum physics like no lab could deliver!

Ever since then I have cried many tears when remembering all the harm I had inflicted upon you, and yet you never held any grudges. Not even as much as a raised eyebrow ;-)…

I would have loved to have written this letter to you as “our body” for that is how it truly is, but how could I make such a claim when all I had done for aeons had been the antithesis of ‘our’ – a union of body and Soul – and the responsibility this sweet word commands.

I had willingly and consciously been your biggest enemy.

Never again.

And You KNOW it.

Yours in True Service and Love,


By Dragana Brown, S.A.C. Dip. Diet and Nutrition Advisor, Writer & Correspondent

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688 thoughts on “Letter to My Body

  1. If we honour, respect and love our body, our body loves us back so we have the most perfect marriage that keeps expanding the joy of living.

    1. Jstewart51 I love how you have referred to our relationship with our body as a marriage. It represents the true union that occurs first within.

  2. What a gift to come back to this blog and read this stunning ode to the body. We are indeed here to serve, and our body knows it and is here to support us to do that. So that our divine particles in our body, connect to the divine particles of the universe. So that we know the qualities of the Universe, Love, Stillness, Joy, and Harmony. It is what we all crave. No more bombing in Syria. No more trucks plowing down people. No more child/sex trafficking. No more fighting with our bosses/neighbours/friends/family etc…. To live in these qualities, we have to be open to them and to start that process, it does involve being much kinder to yourself and your body as your blog shows us.

    1. Yes Sarah, to honour the body in this way, knowing we live inside a body of love, would mean we could not behave the way we do. It would not be possible as our body would know the harm we do to another we do to ourselves and will never be the way true change comes about.

  3. I never stop being amazed by my body. How I abused it for so many years yet it has responded and regenerated itself from the loving care I now give – such a fabulous reflection of the power of love within ourselves.

  4. We live so separated from the body, as if it’s a giant inconvenience getting in the way of how we want to live life. We are so reckless with the body, in fact we can treat our car with much more understanding and respect. Your letter really highlights humanity’s relationship with the body and how that can change and reflect our true responsibility to ourselves and each other.

  5. Our relationship with our body is the longest most loyal and honest relationship you can have. The body is always there for you, trying to work its magic to restore balance and harmony within. It never blames or judges but presents the facts about the impact of what you are choosing on how it feels. Our relationship with our body is really like a lot of our close relationships. We take them for granted, use them for our own needs and gain and rarely consider the effects of our behaviour.

  6. Serge Benhayon was the one who introduced me to self-care. From a state of extreme disconnection where my mind ran my body, he gradually built my awareness, gentleness and consideration of what my body needed. This is revolutionary these days, as self-abuse with overwork, stress, poor diet, stimulants and things that numb us is the normal way to live. What I loved about the way Serge presented his body that he indeed treats as precious, is that there were no beliefs, no arrogance of having the answers, just a gentle, humble obedience to the body and its natural way.

  7. A stunning piece of honesty and responsibility, thank you. How is it that we fight our body so much at every twist and turn, grab any opportunity that arises to inflict more disregard and disdain onto it? What is running us that tells and convinces us that it doesn’t care in those moments?

  8. I recently moved out of a big 4 bedroom home which involved a lot of packing and cleaning. Last night I sat in the bath, supporting and thanking my body for all the hard work it had done over the past couple of weeks and I noticed that there were no broken fingernails, no scratches or bruises. I gave myself permission to have a real moment of appreciation for myself and my relationship with my body.

    As the cleaning started, I had made the decision to be as present as I could be with my body and to watch the quality of energy in which I cleaned. So things like this happened….90% I wore gloves to look after my tender hands, when I could feel the drive coming into my shoulder to ‘get that oven clean’ or ‘to make the cupboard clean’, I stopped and then re-connected and in a more gentle way, cleaned the oven / cupboard etc…, and when I bent over or squatted to do something, I allowed myself myself to feel my body and give it a little stretch or twist.

    So so different to how I have been in the past where i have been exhausted and scratched and bruised. When you connect and support the body, it is incredible what it can give you back.

    1. That is awesome Sarah. Amazing to appreciate when we love and support our body everything we do is a joy. Your comment Sarah inspire me to deepen my level of self-care.

  9. Beautiful open and truly honest sharing, in a profound way.. Sharing what is so naturally there, yet not made to be our normal. And so we are living in a way that is mindfull and body-less (often). Hence when we feel a person live from a way that is truly in contact, connection and care with his/her body – it is instantly felt (stands out).. Hence the presence and connection that Serge lives from is felt by all.

  10. What I would like to know is, what is the form of intelligence that invented alcohol as a drink? And why do we classify drinks which are chemically dangerous as a social norm and ‘okay in moderation?

  11. Oh my sweet God, I love this blog, I recognize it till the top of my awareness and so I can equally and will equally say this to my body: thank you for always supporting me it is time I got your back. In a nutshell this is what we can choose, hence our arrogance, which we thought that was us, will drop because we can then only drop more in our truth and hence we would never ever abuse our body. A way of living that is in alignment with the universe again.

  12. I actually stopped the other day to tell my body how much I appreciated it. How it has never let me down, I on the other hand have let it down by tipping food and drink into it without a thought of the effects they would have on it. I’m a work on progress but at last I can feel that my body is very precious and needs to be taken care of just as my body has looked after me. Bringing me to a moment in my life where everything in my world was turned upside down and for the better as each choice I make to move forward takes me a step nearer to my inner self.

  13. Love it Dragana, we can try and blame our body for its ailments but deep in our heart we know that what plays out in our bodies is courtesy of our own choices.

  14. This is such a cool sharing and really makes me stop and consider all the ways I have abused my body in order to push through. And all the while it has stayed with me, ever faithful, ever responsive. A changing relationship that I can say is still developing, but developing in a more gentle and loving way that I would never of welcomed before. And now I have amazing role models around me who are so feminine and inspire me and my body to connect to the fact that I too am a gorgeous woman who does not need to push herself.

  15. I don’t think there is a person alive who could not relate to this blog, and the abusive choices we make when it comes to how we use our body. But the body does have a very loud way of getting us to pay attention, and sometimes feels like it is buckling under the weight of our ill choices, and responds with demonstrating this in the form of an illness. However it is a shame that we have not yet learnt to read the messages of our bodies, and that instead we choose to suffer – as a reflection the NHS is buckling under the pressure also, due to our ill choices.

  16. Your words to your body Dragana: ‘I had willingly and consciously been your biggest enemy’ are so true. There are so many subtle energies that we allow and employ, not just the more apparent things like emotions, drugs, alcohol, that keep the body imprisoned – for example, allowing any energy to reign in our body which keeps us for being in our full authority in life. This too is disease for the beautiful body and will manifest sooner or later as an illness.

  17. I love this blog and the relationship I have and am developing with my body everyday. One that is going away from ignoring its messages and building the honouring of how it feels. Every message when listened to leads to absolute gold, a lightening feeling and joy that nothing outside of the body could ever match.

  18. Like a loveless marriage, we only stay in our relationship with our body for what we can get out of it. We tend to see ourselves as separate to our body. Treating it as separate we can blame, abuse, fight our body and take not an ounce of responsibility for what happens to it. Doesn’t really make sense since it is our body and there is no one driving this vehicle except us.

  19. Rebuilding a connected relationship with our bodies is a labour of love – there’s a lot of abuse, habits and patterns to reverse out of. Yet I’m finding it one of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever undertaken. The closer I am to my body, the simpler and more delicious life becomes – and – the simpler and more delicious I become.

  20. Thank you Dragana. Our body only ever tells us the truth however much we try to ignore it. When we truly listen it becomes our true friend as we find our way back to the essence of our Divine being..

  21. This is powerful. When we meet ‘a body of truth’ our own body knows it on a deep level. Knowing this comes with responsibility. The responsibility of knowing that if I live to the level of awareness I have, then I too can present a body of truth to others for them to feel.

  22. I love this love letter to the body. Someone was telling me the other day how they went home from work, drank 6 beers while sitting in an outdoor swimming pool in 36 degree heat and he wondered why he did not feel so great the next day! The things that we expect the body to put up with are quite shocking really.

  23. Developing regard for our bodies and refining our self care and self love is an ever deepening process but so worth it when we consider what we are really here to do.

  24. “I had willingly and consciously been your biggest enemy”. This is a common problem with the way we relate to our bodies. This causes all sorts of problems when we get sick. We blame our body, angry that it has ‘let us down’ and is stopping us from getting on with life as usual. This attitude stops us from looking at what we have done to create this illness, whether directly or indirectly. Having a loving and obedient relationship with your body changes everything, as there is a willingness and desire to do no harm.

  25. Why is it that we find the body a nuisance when it stops functioning in way that prevents us from doing the things that we ‘want’ to do? If our young son or daughter fell sick with fever or broke their arm, we would not be annoyed and find them a nuisance. We would organise to take some time off and spend time caring for them and most likely delight in the fact that we were there for them! But we tend not to do the same for ourselves – as adults when we get sick, we ‘soldier’ on, AND we also tend to get annoyed or angry at ourselves/our body for slowing us down and we find the body a nuisance. This is very exposing in how we treat ourselves and our relationship with self/Soul. After all the body is our connection, our bridge to Soul and God, so if we get annoyed by the body we are essentially saying no to our deepest, oldest and most true relationship…Looking at it this way makes one think twice about what we do to our body and how we respond or react to being unwell, the foods we eat etc etc. Thank you Dragana for this refreshing blog on our body and our connection to Soul and God, which exposes our arrogance and offers us a choice to return to the humbleness that respects and honours the body, our body, the one body.

  26. Our bodies are amazing – they really do put up with so much and keep on presenting love back to us. What a gift that they can continuously give us signs of how we are living. They are the best consultant, advisor, therapist we could ask for! And it is all free – in the palm of our own hands. Connecting to our bodies – allowing them to communicate with us is life changing. And life saving.

  27. A gorgeous expression of developed understanding and appreciation of what you once ignored. Sadly we have all been guilty of disregarding the beauty and wisdom of the body and what it houses and the power that can be embraced when it is honoured as it should be.

  28. Bodies are like dogs. They are our best buddies and never give up on us. It is us that give up on them. The problem, in this case, is that there is not them without us (while we are in incarnate form at least). We may choose not to become aware but mistreating the body and asking it to cope with the lot we throw at it is a mere reflection of how are we treating ourselves and what are we really choosing to do in this life. The body is a big treasure. It is not just flesh. It is also particles and nadies. It is the universe.

  29. These tantrums that we have directed outwards to blame situations have proved pointless and also so damaging to our beautiful bodies. The way that we are, that we let our being be, is the most crucial choice to make in life. I can totally relate to the absurdity and hypocrisy that you expose here Dragana: ‘I’d slam doors, fist the desk, threaten to boomerang my electronic device through the window and get seriously annoyed with internet service providers when I could not connect to send or receive emails; yet I would not even blink once in consideration when pouring coffee/caffeine down your throat causing chaos within your web of nerves and giving shock to your nervous system. Go figure! A Hypocrite as well’.

  30. We all abuse our bodies in different ways! I agree that connecting to Universal Medicine and the Presentations of the Serge Benhayon, plus his example of being in the Livingness has been profound in its effect on me.

  31. “You (my body) is NOT mine to own. That you were given to me merely as a vehicle for the one and only registered, responsible and fully comprehensively insured driver – my Soul.” This is an enormous and gigantic shift in our current thinking and the way we are in relationship to our body.

    1. Yes- and it makes total sense then that really looking after our body is the way to rebuild a connection with it and the deeper part of ourselves.

  32. I love how you have presented this subject and blog, yes our bodies are like our best friend, they are amazing.

  33. We have been given a body that is in constant communication with the universe if we so choose to, so to treat it like a vessel of energy through our livingness is the only way forth in our connection with the all.

  34. When we truly look at the way the majority of us treat our body it would be fair to question just what it is that we call intelligent! For how can a true intelligence be one that is at ease with abusing our body whilst passing it off as normal..?

  35. Honouring and treating my body with respect makes more and more sense to me these days. It’s a shame it has taken me decades to figure it out. People who have realised this and live in a way that demonstrates this care and respect are a great reflection for others and for the young people they come into contact with. To be honest I feel its something that should be taught in schools from kindergarten right the way up.

  36. Our body is truly amazing. It does everything to keep it going. We don’t even have to ask the heart to keep beating, it knows exactly what to do at any given moment. It is nothing but Love. But the way most of us treat it just so does not equate to it, it makes no sense – unless we assume our mind belongs elsewhere and has a completely different agenda.

  37. Are we appreciating and celebrating our body and so allowing it to express and reflect everything that we all are, or abusing and reducing it to hide and not be here?

  38. Dragana, I just love how you have dismantled so many accepted normals in this conscious changing blog, normals that have lead so many of us to abuse our bodies in ways that have been hugely destructive. We chose to be deaf to its messages and blind to what it showed us, while we pretended everything was fine and that’s what we were doing and the symptoms we were experiencing were actually normal. And there was our precious body carrying us steadfastly through years of abuse until there came a time when it said – yelled – no more and lovingly offered us the opportunity to make a “U-turn on the road of Self-Love” knowing it was up to us whether we took it, or not.

  39. Your words here Dragana could so easily apply to the people in our life. We so often ignore, berate and harshly block out those who are close to us. We angrily attack what they have to say if it does not fit in with our pictures. We sometimes look to the wars and squabbles we have and shake our head but do we dare see as you clearly show that the fight or harmony starts within us and the way we are with our body. What follows is just a mirror to show us the truth of how we are choosing to be.

  40. What a gorgeous blog Dragana, from all angles thank you for writing what you have experienced your relationship with your body to be – and how it is now changing and how you are choosing now to listen to its communication.. I had this same feeling of absolute contentment within my own body when I first entered an Universal Medicine workshop, as the presenter was living this absolute respect to its body again. It is only by this lived expression (reflection of how he lives his life), that I got inspired that I could do so again.. Just like you Dragana.

  41. A dear friend and teacher of mine has been talking of late about all the ‘text messages’, that is communications, that we receive from our bodies all of the time that we tend to ignore, for example, painful periods, backache, aches here and there etc. If we continue to ignore these communications then of course the body will have to give us bigger and bigger messages so that we eventually STOP and ask what is going on. This is the absolute beauty of having a body, that it does reflect all of our choices and eventually we are forced at some level to look at how we are living.

  42. This letter – which is actually a love letter is written on behalf of the very many. I can certainly relate to all that is shared. I work with people who are sick all the time and observe how we punish our body for all that it is communicating. I can understand that we do not like the messages it is communicating, for it communicates responsibility. There is no judgement by our body just truth and all it does is ask us to observe and listen.

  43. The concept that our body does not belong to us, but is made up of the particles of the universe, of which we are a part is a long, long way from how we are taught to see the body. As we baby step our way into an awareness that life is about more than we think it is, this revelation will unfold.

  44. If we understood how much our bodies can support us to reconnect to the truth of who we are, and sidestep the crazy machinations of the wilful spirit then we would afford it far greater honouring and respect, and in that allow the body its true purpose as an instrument for the Soul’s expression on earth.

  45. Conceding, recognising and accepting that our body is deeply tender and the vehicle through which we can express who we really are on this earthy realm is something we will all eventually need to come to. It is humbling and it is what will unify us all as a human race.

  46. It’s refreshing to read something like this. Our bodies speak to us all the time in many little ways. We hardly ever speak back to them with kindness and understanding. To have a conversation with our body in this way is important and healthy. It is a self loving act rather than simply disregarding the body and its signals.

  47. I love coming back to read this blog, it is very confirming in that we can talk to our bodies, honour it, love it and listen to it. It is a wise and intelligent being, it is just up to us to be responsible in connecting to it and appreciating all that it offers us.

  48. ‘Just one meeting with the ordinary (but oh, how extraordinary) man called Serge Benhayon. It’s all that took for you to be released from the shackles of my arrogant self. It took less than a moment and faster than the speed of light to experience the power of body particles between each other and how much can be communicated with no words but through vibration!’ The science of energy and vibration is yet to be discovered by the mass of people. This is the greatest science on earth and one that governs the whole universe. Very simple and powerful.

  49. Dragana, this is sooo beautiful to read, I can feel myself appreciating and adoring my body when I read it, I love this, ‘you were given to me to serve a much greater purpose, and for that I had to keep you sacred and to keep you in stillness so that you and I could live and reflect the Divine on Earth.’ Wow much to ponder on here.

  50. Dragana this is a gorgeous, inspiring and powerful blog. I love the style of expression, it is deeply honest, open and relatable. It sounds crazy how arrogant and disregarding we can be to our body. No species I know on earth would self-harm to the degree humans do. This shows me how disharmonious and unwell we are as a race to accept abuse to our body as normal.  

  51. Wow that was a powerful read, I am about to go to bed and lovingly appreciate this glorious body for all it divinely is, a member of the universe.

  52. This blog feels like a code of conduct we could all be inspired to live by. There is so much here to stop and take note of. A clear letter of love to the body of how we choose time and time again to ignore the signals that are given in every movement that offer us harmony and stillness.

  53. We are quite good at using our body to get us what we want when we engage with the world. We are not that great though when we relate to ourselves and to the body.
    We engage with the world in ways that somewhere deep inside us we know that does not honour us in full and sometimes even dishonour us. The body is the only thing we have to truly learn about life and to evolve. How we relate to is essential.

  54. Dear body, you tell me when I’m caring for you, you tell me when I’m not. You never ever lie, you are patient beyond belief and will repeat what needs to be said again and again until I hear you. You love me at a depth that were I to feel that, I would never not care for you again.

  55. A joy to read this again and the beautiful letter you share here Dragana. It is true we can use our minds as separate when in fact they are a key part of whole body intelligence. What an opportunity we have to deeply honour and connect to our bodies.

  56. I love reading your letter Dragana. If we are going to harm ourselves – let’s at least be honest without judgment, guilt or any other emotional decoy so we can return to loving, caring choices immediately we become aware. Other wise we just feed the pool of harm.

  57. What a rich and honest blog – sharing with us the openness to see how we have lived and the abuse we have allowed. No beating up is needed, just simply allow, observe and understand – appreciate that you are on your way to return to the love you are. There is nothing wrong about that. Neither we should make our journey heavy in any way shape or form. We return to the Soul which is Light.

  58. Our bodies are incredibly honest and masters of truth. But we treat them indifferently and with contempt. Even with that our bodies never waver and continue to present the truth to us day in and day out. Our bodies are the best friends we have always wanted and looked for but we choose not to see, even though they are right there in every moment with us. Our bodies are our greatest teachers.

  59. A love letter like no other Dragana. Very beautiful to read. I recently found out that I have a gene mutation that makes it very difficult for my body to eliminate toxins. When I found out I shuddered remembering the copious amounts of alcohol, cigarettes and other toxins I used to pump into my body without a second thought. Of course I knew these things were toxic for everyone, but for me the affects of indulgence have always been glaringly obvious. You remind me to let go of the judgments and regrets and instead appreciate and respect this body I have been given responsibility for.

  60. Our bodies are amazing, and they will show us the way, and if we live in this way , with a simplicity and love, the way will be paved for our children to do the same, and the tide of disease and dysfunction will turn

  61. This is so true about Serge Benhayon ‘a man who holds his body like one might a little water in the palm of the hand in a desert – reads precious.’ and in doing so the reflection he gives to all with even just walking past someone and not saying anything, or saying one word or looking into your eyes is HUGE. I really felt this today after meeting with Serge through a 30 second impromptu conversation and I walked away feeling EVERYTHING including feeling how much more loving I can be with myself and others just through sharing a few words about my day.

  62. It is incredible how much can be communicated through vibration, even without any words! And reminds me how we are communicating with each other all the time in this way – how our way of living is affecting our body and everybody.

  63. Wow Dragana, it is such a joy to read this powerful letter and your deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon for consistently reflecting true love and wisdom always.

  64. What a wonderful account of coming to that vital ‘U’ turn to the Re-Turn to Soul Dragana. Just ignore all road signs which say ‘No U-turn here’, and come straight back home.

  65. There are many many conditions we have as human beings that could be prevented if we would listen to our bodies. Like your great examples of being a stick vegetarian to the point of ending in emergency units and drinking alcohol the other very obvious one. I could at the fact we can eat many times more than we need and all kind of foods we don’t need to end up with a body twice or triple times the size it should be with all the problems that come with that. We might say we have issues and yes there have things happened in life but it is great to remember we always have a choice just like you Dragana.

  66. I am inspired by this conversation with the gut…and whole body…”Instead of getting closer to you and being ONE with you my dear Body, I had consciously built a gulf between us.” how come we grow up and don’t get taught to connect with our body, we get told to be in our head and then everything starts separating….it is devastating for our health and our joy levels. We can not be joy-full in a compromised body – Fact.

  67. What is amazing about the body is that it will always invite you to go deeper – deeper into the delicateness and preciousness we naturally all are. The more we care for our body in all ways – that is not allowing the smallest iota of assault or abuse from ourselves or others – the more our body beacons up the gateway to our essence, our soul. There, where only love resides. the depth of preciousness, which we can then bring to our daily lives, our relationships and to all.

  68. Wow Dragana, I have just come back to reread this and it is just as impactful the next time around. What a profoundly gorgeous blog. I am sure I am not alone in relating the every single line of this, how we can treat the body, our body. That we can abuse or love and listen. It is up to us.

  69. This ‘love’ letter is so absolutely extraordinarily beautiful that it brought me to tears re-reading it. We sure do put our body through a lot and then expect it to be fine with whatever abuse we do to it. Of course it is not fine and that is why the rates of illness and disease are so much on the increase.

  70. It is amazing how ignorant and arrogant we are when it comes to the body. We have a beautiful gift in that the body is the marker of all truth, it knows exactly what is true for us yet we over ride all its signs as you have shown here Dragana, so that we can indulge in our own creation and desires that are abusive and harming to the body and to ourselves.

  71. It is gorgeous to feel the deepening love for yourself on your return to living from the true beauty you feel within Dragana. No matter how we have lived before, it is never too late for us to take responsibility and live from the truth we feel inside our body.

  72. A pertinent reminder that emotions can also cause distress to the body…it can be easy to think only of the food, and drink but also the way we are with ourselves can either be harmonious or cause dis-ease with the body. When we are hard on ourselves, or think of ourselves less than the true magnificence we truly are, that is also abusive to the body.

  73. Coming back to reread this blog Dragana is very humbling. To read that it is very much our responsibility as to how we treat our bodies, even though we don’t want to take that responsibility. But I feel a deeper sense of doing so having read this.

  74. “You my dearest Body knew what a body of Truth (Serge Benhayon) felt like when you met one.” Yes Dragana, my dearest body also knew what the body of truth that is Serge Benhayon felt like when it met him too. It is crazy how we have ignored the signs of truth and love on offer for so long, but it is never too late to change and to live this truth that we innately know for ourselves.

  75. It’s so, so much better to be a friend to our bodies rather than treat them like the enemy. Attacking ourselves in this way just doesn’t make sense.

  76. Thank you Dragana, great to read this again. Til today I hadn’t really considered the body a parcel of energy, and not just any energy but a divine collection of particles which belong to the universe. It really changes the approach and relationship to my body. We tend to look at the body for self only, and not in a caring and cherishing way, but as something to be selfishly used (and abused) with complete disregard to how that body affects others (and the universe) and as a confounding point – also the self! What we do to our bodies we would never do to a car. This has been a great wake up call to read today as I can see a myriad of ways I still harm and poison my body with emotions and stress – time for another clean out of behaviours and for love to take their place.

  77. There is absolutely nothing intelligent when we use and abuse our bodies the way we do these days, people might seem ok on the outside but the quality of movement and joy in their bodies is non-existent. It is only until we realize that our bodies are the gateway to everything there is and the more care and love we treat ourselves with the more wisdom and true joy we can live with, and that is true intelligence!

  78. Definitely not the intelligent species when I only operate from one small part of intelligence rather than the whole body’s wisdom.

  79. Dragana you have brought tears to my eyes, wow. What an incredible blog and one I shall reread over again to feel the depth of love and honoring that is needed for this incredible body that I have been blessed to move in. Thank you.

  80. As I read this I sneezed three times but my body felt a lovely warmth and delicateness circulating within it. No the relationship with my body is not perfect, but there is a willingness to deepen and to discover. There is no idea how this is done, but following what is being felt, I trust that the body will be with me all the way. I just have to listen and be very honest.

  81. This blog is nothing short of sharing the responsibility we all hold in the way we choose to connect or not connect to the universe and what is on offer when we are willing to feel our grandness.

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