Letter to My Body

Photograph by Iris Pohl. “The body is the marker of all truth.” (Serge Benhayon)
Photograph by Iris Pohl. “The body is the marker of all truth.” (Serge Benhayon)

September the Nineteenth in the Year Two Thousand and Sixteen, London, United Kingdom

Dear Body,

There has been no other like you who has stuck with me through thick and thin, never to give up on me, yet ironically the very one I had used and abused like I would no other!

Who else would down those small or copious amounts of alcohol, a substance defined by our very own scientists as poison, and force it onto the liver, your sweet organ of harmony, whilst you patiently kept processing the killer substance? No other kind would do this. And yet we (I) call ourselves an intelligent species.

And no matter how high off the Richter scale the mass per blood/alcohol volume level went, you stayed. You’d even look for ways to help me… make me purge the poison circulating your veins. Get that: I spewed poison into YOUR veins! What an audacity!

Still, you’d ‘force’ me to rest and sleep so that you could get me back to my sober state, only for me to get intoxicated and indulge in another glass of chilled white a few days later. I did in those moments question the definition of my own sanity.

Any time I got cold, flu, fever, ah and those horrendous perpetual headaches, I’d get cross. With you. Yes, ironically YOU. To me, you and all the symptoms were a nuisance, a great hindrance preventing me from doing what I pleased. With two ears and impeccable hearing ability I remained deaf to every communication from you, to all those little and the big signs, the only ways you knew how to speak with me.

Remember when you ended up in an emergency hospital with a vitamin B12 injection because your heart nearly packed up? Just because I had long and hard hung onto my ‘vegetarian’ badge, deeply steeped in the belief that ‘meat was murder’ all whilst you craved meat and needed it to eat. Of course you always KNEW what you needed. You even knew what I needed too.

I’d slam doors, fist the desk, threaten to boomerang my electronic device through the window and get seriously annoyed with internet service providers when I could not connect to send or receive emails; yet I would not even blink once in consideration when pouring coffee/caffeine down your throat causing chaos within your web of nerves and giving shock to your nervous system. Go figure! A Hypocrite as well.

I allowed even more poison inside you through loveless sex, an array of emotions, sugar, salt, pasta, pizza, cheese and chocolate, to name but a few, than I would have flushed down the toilet or shoved into a rubbish bin. You must have cringed when I sniggered at the gluten free crowd and how gutless I was about your messages from the gut? Part of me felt really glad that you were not given a sound of your own – for you would have screamed like it had never been heard before.

Instead of getting closer to you and being ONE with you my dear Body, I had consciously built a gulf between us.

When I found a small lump on your right breast and fear kicked in almost instantaneously that something malignant might be going on, guess who was the culprit (yet again). How dare you ‘give me a lump’!

Instead of stopping to say SO DEEPLY sorry I had dumped way too much disregard, self-loathing, hardness, lack of self-worth, lack of self-care (and more) on you, you were left with no other option/remedy but to put it in a pea size ball to get my attention, like Hello, to make me stop so that I would even consider taking a U-turn on the road of Self-Love.

You dear Body always found a way to communicate with me – I on the other hand like a tantrum-ing toddler stubbornly and paradoxically kept refusing to so much as lend you my ears.

We are All part of the Universe, hence the Universe is part of us too. And if this simple equation is true, which it is, whoever gave me the right to treat you like a commodity, like I might my car, or that blue t-shirt I enjoy wearing and the brown leather handbag I own – however I please. No way this kind of behaviour is practised anywhere else in the Universe.

I get given a wonder (you, the body) that does not belong to me, but whose particles belong to the Universe, to love, to cherish and to behold and what do I do with it? I abuse it. Let’s call it for what it truly is – An ultimate in Arrogance.

And then one day with my will and your lovely legs you drove me all the way to Somerset to meet Serge Benhayon. Your cells tingled (visibly) with Joy at the encounter, however, unawakened I at the time couldn’t quite explain why. Yet you knew. To you and all your six senses it was easy to detect and register a man who holds his body like one might a little water in the palm of the hand in a desert – reads precious.

You knew Serge to be all ears, eyes, nose and much, much more when it came to honouring the body. You had been patiently asking me to go there since I emerged from my mother’s womb and when you met Serge you whispered to me in the silence of the Universe that we had met an equal, a role model, a spark that would ignite the inextinguishable eternal fire within. You and your boundless wisdom. You sussed it – that we had arrived at the U-turn point and were well on our way to Re-turn to the Love we are made to be and live from.

You my dearest Body knew what a body of Truth (Serge Benhayon) felt like when you met one. High five!

I did like the feel of Serge at first sight too, but you… You loved him. No. You Adored him. You sensed that everything about your treatment was about to change to how you and the stars had always known it to be. You found that One human body that reflected God back to me so that I would know You (my body) is NOT mine to own. That you were given to me merely as a vehicle for the one and only registered, responsible and fully comprehensively insured driver – my Soul.

Our Soul.

One Soul.

You could tell that almost constant abuse I had subjected you to was about to cease, and how could you not smile and sparkle in celebration of that fact. You knew the time had cometh when I’d clock that you were given to me to serve a much greater purpose, and for that I had to keep you sacred and to keep you in stillness so that you and I could live and reflect the Divine on Earth.

Just one meeting with the ordinary (but oh, how extraordinary) man called Serge Benhayon. It’s all that took for you to be released from the shackles of my arrogant self. It took less than a moment and faster than the speed of light to experience the power of body particles between each other and how much can be communicated with no words but through vibration! Quantum physics like no lab could deliver!

Ever since then I have cried many tears when remembering all the harm I had inflicted upon you, and yet you never held any grudges. Not even as much as a raised eyebrow ;-)…

I would have loved to have written this letter to you as “our body” for that is how it truly is, but how could I make such a claim when all I had done for aeons had been the antithesis of ‘our’ – a union of body and Soul – and the responsibility this sweet word commands.

I had willingly and consciously been your biggest enemy.

Never again.

And You KNOW it.

Yours in True Service and Love,


By Dragana Brown, S.A.C. Dip. Diet and Nutrition Advisor, Writer & Correspondent

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795 thoughts on “Letter to My Body

  1. Our bodies are in contact with so much more intelligence than our minds, that is a fact I have discovered. Thousands upon thousands of people have met Serge Benhayon and maybe considered it a chance meeting, but is it possible that there is no such thing a chance that it was constellated by the stars to meet with a man that constantly reminds us that we come from the stars. We are not of this plane of life and if anyone were to read the purple books written by Serge Benhayon they would read how and why we are stuck on this planet we call earth when we should actually be out there in the universe. Serge Benhayon makes complete sense of a way of life out of kilter, and out of love with itself.

  2. I love this Dragana, to your body and to mine. The hypocrisy of how we blame our bodies when they simply and lovingly show us the disharmonious energy we ingest is so painfully well presented. This completely outs the arrogance we walk around with and celebrates the loving wisdom of the body.

  3. Dragana thank you for writing this blog for you have written on behalf of my body too. How I’ve abused it over the years and the subtleties of it is still loitering around. I can only say thank God for Serge Benhayon for supporting us but most of all loving us for where we are today.

    The abuse stands out more and more when we allow the body to speak as it will always will. Please always continue to speak. And at the end of the day the body will always be my boss, and from this I would like to continue to live from.

  4. We have been taught over many generations to think with our minds and to disregard our bodies. It has only been in these last 20 or so years that Serge Benhayon has given the world a different perspective of life that may be we should be listening to our bodies and not our minds as our mind has proven it self time and time again to be heartless. Knowing there is more to life than what we see at the surface level is the game changer.

    1. Mary so agree with you, as the mind is continually wanting to fix us quickly. The body on the other hand is constantly communicating to us before the issue develops into an issue.

  5. There are times when I too have realised how harsh I can be on myself and get to register how ‘abusive’ in so many ways I have been with myself – from simply things to taking on burdens, to not speaking up when something did not feel right, to over-eating when my body was clearly saying enough was enough, drinking or eating things that did not agree with me… and the list goes on…This is great to bring awareness to and begin to change the way we are with ourselves by being more loving and understanding.

  6. One could say we are from two worlds or that we have a foot in each world (the physical and worldly world and the not physical and otherworldly realms), but in reality we come from what is other-worldly, a divinity that holds its place in and with the stars, and are placed in this physical body to express it. So simple, and yet we can complicate this immensely.

  7. I have just re-read this blog and love the approach and the way it has been written – even just the start with writing out the date in words feels such as olde school and magical way to begin a book. And a book it is when we communicate with our body for this is so much going on and so many chapters to read on into.

  8. It is truly fascinating what our bodies know and can share if we can just stop long enough to listen.

  9. “I remained deaf to every communication from you,” True care and nurturing is the sweet song of the Universe to the particles of our body.

  10. I haven’t fully realised the extent my body communicates and why. On a basic level I can feel that I need to rest, to move and be active, to drink, eat, etc, and on another level again my body registers things that are true or not true, like when I am in a conversation. But I’ve never fully and humbly clocked that the body does all this to bring me back to the innate love and wisdom I am as an equal part of the Universe, and as an equal part of the body of God. That is a true friend that never wavers from the truth of who we are.

    1. Melinda we are sold so many lies on all levels one of the biggest lies is that we only have one life so make the most of it, go and indulge to your hearts content. Which keeps us distract from the truth that we do not belong on this plane of life, we are the introduced species. That in truth we come from the universe. As a result of the lies we have been hand fed the majority of people would scoff at the idea that we come from the universe, and years ago I would have been one of those people that’s for sure. However slowly over the last 15 years I have known Serge Benhayon I have had a complete turn around because I knew that my body was in constant communication with me but I chose to ignore its very wise words.But where was this intelligence coming from not my mind that’s for sure. Listening to my body rather than my mind has been a great gift I have given myself because it allows the body to be more open and to receive a greater intelligence than our minds will ever know that is a fact. The intelligence that our bodies naturally tap into is the intelligence of the universe.

  11. Optimising our awareness will one day be taught at schools so we become our own radar, as our bodies share so much when we listen to it.

  12. I never stop being amazed by the human body yet I only recently have come to respect, honour and love my body. However, I/we are so much more than our body as we are multi-dimensional, yet to express more and more our multi-dimensionality it requires us to constantly deepen being ‘at-one’ with our body.

  13. Our bodies are incredible and hold such deep wisdom, the more I honour this truth the easier it is to make choices that are not harming or abusive to myself.

    1. Anna this is something I am discovering, to let go of all the old patterns of self abuse and there are many and instead make those choices that are non harming to me or anyone else. The more we drop into the stillness that resides within us the more we can let go and life changes completely. It actually becomes a joy to wake up in the morning, rather than the dread of having to face yet another day.

  14. To appreciate and like you have Dragana what our bodies show us and the potential of the communication it offers, how it knows instantly what is true and what is not. Very cool and as you share it took Serge Benhayon who was living the truth of all that we are to reflect this and reminds of where we come from to.

    1. The wisdom of the body is very different to what we like to think is an intelligent human being, ‘Who else would down those small or copious amounts of alcohol, a substance defined by our very own scientists as poison, and force it onto the liver, your sweet organ of harmony, whilst you patiently kept processing the killer substance? No other kind would do this. And yet we (I) call ourselves an intelligent species.’

  15. We have this amazing vessel, our bodies which forever communicates the truth of how we’re living and it’s impact and we don’t listen, until we get to a point where we no longer can do that, and each of us will reach that point, it can be sooner rather than later, it can be with difficulty and pain or it can be simply questioning and knowing there is more to life – the choice is ultimately ours.

    1. Our body keeps communicating with us, what does it take for us to truly listen, ‘With two ears and impeccable hearing ability I remained deaf to every communication from you, to all those little and the big signs, the only ways you knew how to speak with me.’

  16. I loved reading this blog again, Dragana. You write this love letter to all our bodies. The body really is remarkable as to how it communicates and how it works to heal all the abuses we have imposed on it.

  17. Our body is something we take with us everywhere we go – we cannot avoid it, run away from it, or not go to sleep or wake up with it. But we can forget about it, numb ourselves out from it, dull ourselves out from it in a whole range of ways through the activities that we choose to and how we choose to do them. We have become masters at this latter, and now it is about becoming a master of being in the body and learning to care for it deeply and honour all we feel.

    1. Henrietta we have become master at dismissing ourselves and therefore our bodies. When we are in the drive of doing to get things done we are not with ourselves and so in that disconnection we easily harm ourselves we only have to look at our current way of living to see how harming we are towards ourselves and each other.

  18. Sometimes it can be hard to understand a message from the body but that may be because we bombard our bodies with so many less than ideal actions and influences so we get multiple messages at once.

  19. How normal it is to abuse my body, by letting my mind decide what my body should do. Fortunately I have an inbuilt radar for abuse – the reminder of an old disease – that makes me lose weight when I ever go into the seemingly slightest forms of abuse. So the consequences.

  20. “…my Soul. Our Soul. One Soul.” – all one and the same but anyway resonating differently in the body and recognized for the particular expressions of the Soul for us to reunite with it.

  21. The body is bound to love, the inhabiting being free to rebel against love, but due to the hosting body it never can escape the consequences of its unloving choices – the ultimate school for the spirit to be tamed back to the love it comes from and is part of, the Soul.

    1. Very true. It can postpone the reckoning or hide from itself that there is a reckoning but not avoid it altogether.

    2. Alexander Braun what you say feels true we are all participating in the school of life so that our wayward spirit can be tamed back to the love it wilfully separated from the one soul.

  22. It’s incredible what our bodies endure day in and day out before we stop and realise that our body is actually one of the most precious things we have, and if we cherish it and deeply look after it then life has an incredible richness and vitality to it, but if we continue to disregard it, poison it and do what we like then life will continue to be an uphill struggle.

    1. Looking after our bodies, cherishing and adoring them knowing they are, ‘You (my body) is NOT mine to own. That you were given to me merely as a vehicle for the one and only registered, responsible and fully comprehensively insured driver – my Soul.’

  23. On one hand, it doesn’t make sense that we treat our bodies with such disregard and then wonder why they are being very annoying by slowing us down, or stopping us, by being sick. But on the other hand, it does make sense as very few of us are truly educated about the preciousness and fragility of the body from very young. In fact, most of us are raised to push our bodies as hard as we can to achieve the perceived pinnacles of life. So, let’s get back to our wonderful children and begin to share with them about the magnificence and the understanding of their tiny priceless bodies before they begin to grow up in a world that is yet to value the human body as much as it could.

  24. Our greatest guide is our own body, and we often override its communication for something more comfortable, however when we do start to listen we realise that our choices change and as a result we start to understand and feel the depth of love that we are.

    1. This is so true Sally when we start to listen to our bodies our choices do change and as a result we naturally become less anxious our bodies let go of the stress and suddenly we don’t need that cup of coffee to keep us going because we are no longer in the nervous tension so our bodies actually have energy to do things rather than us relying on stimulants to keep us going. It’s amazing what can happen when we listen to our bodies.

  25. “I remained deaf to every communication from you, to all those little and the big signs, the only ways you knew how to speak with me.” When we realise that our body is our dearest friend we have a responsibility to stop and listen very carefully to all it is sharing with us.

    1. We would be a much wiser society if we stopped and listened to all our bodies are sharing with us.

  26. Our body invites us everyday to pay attention to do but do we or do we only pay attention to it when things go radically wrong with it? The choice is ours.

  27. To understand and then accept that our body is really our ‘best friend’ is a great step towards learning to treat it and respect it with the deep love and honouring that it deserves.

  28. My body has offered me the most loyal, loving, honest relationship I could ever have wanted. WE just have to value it and treat it with this same level of care.

  29. I absolutely live this Open letter to My Body. It is equally written for my body. I bow for you, my body, for what you represent and for bringing me back to where I come from. ‘I get given a wonder (you, the body) that does not belong to me, but whose particles belong to the Universe, to love, to cherish and to behold…’ Amen, I am all yours.

  30. That we do not own our body, that our body has intelligence beyond our mind’s comprehension is a hard one for our mind to accept so it stubbornly and arrogantly tries to prove otherwise by how much abuse it can inflict on the body only to have it backfire on ourselves. It’s a beautiful re-turn when it can give a way to accepting our body’s rejoice in recognition of a body of truth.

  31. Yes indeed… The things that we have imposed upon our bodies… The regimes, the diets, so much… And how extraordinary to start to actually listen to this temple of wisdom.

    1. A temple of wisdom it, the body, is indeed Chris – and one we get to carry with us no matter where we go. The wisdom that communicates deeply through on all levels, whether we listen and heed it or not.

    2. cjames2012 I agree with you we do live within a temple of wisdom which is what Jesus said I’m sure that the temple of God (wisdom) is inside us. Which is why I feel it is unnecessary to go anywhere to worship God as he is with us always. This has been one of the many lies that humanity has fallen for that we need to go to a place of worship or that some other person knows god more than we do… Where did that come from?

  32. There is only one body we have, and many times you will hear superlatives about how to take care of it, but the truth is, as said by Serge Benhayon – our body is the marker of truth, so not only is it something we need to take care of, but it is a compass for life, in every way.

    1. Heather what Serge Benhayon has said rings true for me, I have just come to the understanding that the pain in my shoulder is from the nervous tension I lived with as a child and have carried around in my body for years. I have always just put up with the pain not fully appreciating that the tension is ready to be released from within my body so that my body can truly heal.

  33. We really can never say that we do not know because in truth we always know and that is because our body always knows.

  34. Lovely Doug, this is exactly what they are and they are what we are in essence, everything else is not it, we have walked away from what matters and it is time to come back and return to who we are and live from that place of wisdom and love.

  35. I love this quote lets put this on car bumpers and out there on social media….”We are All part of the Universe, hence the Universe is part of us too.” simple, factual and something for us to deeply ponder.

    1. Beautiful quote I agree, ‘We are All part of the Universe, hence the Universe is part of us too.’

  36. At the school where I volunteer children are asked to respect each other. Why aren’t we taught to love and respect ourselves – and our own precious bodies? After all we are in a life-long relationship with them and with ourselves, the longest relationship we will have during our lifetime.

    1. Yes, so true Sue. We are made aware of that it is important to care and be respectful of others but where does it leave us if we do not learn and understand that we ourselves are precious and deserve to be treated with love. Self-love and self-care is the key to the respect we have for others, if we honour ourselves we honour everybody else equally.

  37. Such a beautiful blog Dragana. Yesterday on the maternity ward where I volunteer, I met so many tiny babies, at ease in their own skin. I felt saddened that most, at some point, will end up like do much of humanity, railing against the preciousness they truly are. We have it so wrong in society, not teaching our young ones to cherish their body and continue to connect with the energies they feel when so young. No surprise tho, as us adults didn’t have that support either – a vicious circle, until we wake up.

  38. Awesome love letter to the body, every time I read it I realize that I can take my relationship with my body deeper.

  39. I love the dedication our body has to keep us honest. I can tell myself anything but my body will reflect the absolute honesty of where I am at, and as hard as it may be to listen I deeply your dedication.

    1. The body cannot but be honest and this is a blessing and not a curse. This is what speaks to us at times very loudly to bring us back to being more loving with ourselves.

    2. Absolutely Lucy I made some sautéed potatoes for a friend recently and I decided with my mind that it was okay to have a few maybe I ate 5 or 6, big mistake I felt so tired I had to lie down for 30 minutes, my body tells me every time loud and clear, I cannot eat potatoes, but my mind insists I can!

  40. I love how the body responds to being cared for. This morning I put on some foot cream before going to work and my feet have been feeling amazing ever since.

  41. Such an honest and beautiful letter to write to your body Dragana, the way we treat and trash our bodies is self-abusive. When we begin to address these abusive behaviours we have accepted as ‘normal’ we can make more loving choices that honour and support the body.

  42. This is a beautiful letter to write to our bodies and I have read your letter Dragana to my body as there are a lot of similarities. I can recognise the gulf I consciously built between me and my body as I refused to forgive myself for past life choices and used them to beat myself up and this gave me an excuse be in complete disregard to my body. Meeting Serge Benhayon was life changing but it has taken many years to let go of all that I had created for myself; the self-loathing, disregard, self-abuse, wayward behaviour. But the pull back to God and the universe is so strong, that I have been able to dissolve the lies I have been living believing them to be true. When we live life a certain way for such a long time it becomes our reality, thankfully for me I met Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine and with this support in place I have put down the cudgel I used to self-bash and can see/ feel myself as the very fabric of the universe.

  43. The beliefs we can become so attached to and hold in our body can be with us for lifetimes. How we can think by abusing ourselves we are supporting animals or through working hard, in the mean time abusing the body, is what life is all about? Yet, just by allowing ourselves to sense what is not true, those beliefs that are past on from generation to generation, we get a glimpse of what is true and begin the journey step by step to discarding the what is not to live the what is… truth and love from and in connection to our body.

  44. This blog is so sweet, there is such care in the way you have expressed what your relationship with your body is like at the moment – always an inspiration.

  45. Its so important that we see the emotions that we choose to carry as poisons to our body. They are deemed as normal parts of being human. But they have serious consequences on our body. We are so much more than physical and through attending presentations by Serge Benhayon I have a much better understanding of this and how I can live very practically through life without emotions being a normal part of it.

  46. With our escalating rates of disease and illness it makes sense for us all to wake up and start taking better care of ourselves, our bodies and each other.

  47. Our choices with our body is far from intelligent and we only have to view the statistic on illness and disease to feel we are far from listening to what is on offer.

  48. It is such a joy to read this blog and the truth of it. That when our bodies see and feel someone like Serge Benhayon – they know in an instant what loving the body truly is.

  49. As I was reading this Letter to My Body I could feel how often I disconnect from my body. We live in a world that has a greater focus on the intelligence of the mind and what we have experienced in the past or creating a picture of how we want it to be in the future. The path of truth with the body requires an absolute honest consistency…

    1. Rik if we were too clock every time we disconnect to our bodies I feel we would be stunned. It is so easy to slip into the doing and leave our bodies behind and then pick them up again when we have finished the day. Then we wonder why we feel incomplete and need something to bring it all back together again. I have noticed if I stay with myself while I work and don’t park a part of me to one side, at the end of the day I do not need to be stimulated or feel empty so need to fill myself up with something, I just feel very content with the day and ready to wind down to go to bed so I can do it all again.

  50. My body tingled as I read this, like you say Dragana it is so easy to communicate through vibration I don’t even need to be standing in front of you to feel the integrity in every word written here.

  51. We can so often see the body as enemy number one, especially if we get sick or can’t make our bodies do what we want them to do. However, seeing the body as our best friend when it lets us know we have overdone things, lets us know through feeling when something is wrong or very right and indeed how it feels to be in it when we are connected and are making loving choices changes our perception of it and supports us to want to nurture it and care for it – honouring ourselves in the process leading to more awareness and understanding in turn.

  52. “It took less than a moment and faster than the speed of light to experience the power of body particles between each other and how much can be communicated with no words but through vibration! Quantum physics like no lab could deliver!” – now that is the best description of quantum physics that I have ever heard.

  53. Amazing blog Dragana! The obedience of the body’s particles to divinity and to the magnetic pull of evolution is stunning and certainly our saving grace. The human spirit abuses the body so that it can stay individualised , so that it can stay the master and king of chaos on earth – it certainly doesn’t want the God-given particles our body is composed of to show us the way home to the glorious order of love and truth.

  54. “I get given a wonder (you, the body) that does not belong to me, but whose particles belong to the Universe, to love, to cherish and to behold…”- To me, this is one of the main amazing points Dragana has made in this blog because it offers us all an opportunity to feel just how GRAND we are in that our bodies particles are shared with every other heavenly body and we are simply stewards of this coordinated arrangement of particles to be used to express in a way that matches the grandness we are from.

  55. “September the Nineteenth in the Year Two Thousand and Sixteen, London, United Kingdom

    Dear Body,….” – Dragana what i love about this, how you write the date especially… is that i can see it in the future, that what you write here about the body, your body, is something i know i would ‘come across to find’ as a marker in history, of the ages… Where your post echoes the remembrance of how we used to live, and what we stood for. From creation to co-creation, truth, and the light of our soul.

  56. Our body receives so much abuse from us whilst at the same time trying to tell us that what we are doing to it is harming it. What arrogance then is it on our part to insist on not listening to its wise messages?

  57. I also hung onto my vegetarian ideals with white knuckle determination, well after my body had been crying for a protein rich diet. I heard its plea but chose to eat bucket loads of dairy and more eggs in an attempt to make up for the lack of protein. This simply resulted in gaining lots of weight and feeling exhausted from being poorly nourished. My body knew that when I was pregnant and breast feeding, the vegetarian diet I ate would not cut it. I wish I had taken more notice of it, over my ideals and text books. Some of us are slow learners (stubborn) and choose to learn the hard way!

  58. Like a dog on a leash that’s dragged around all over town, our body cops a lot. And just because we stop hitting our cells quite so hard we say our life is ‘good’. But Dragana you show to us it’s high time we let our body lead, fed and nurtured it like the loyal, sweet natured leader of the pack it is.

  59. The most patient friend we could ever wish for – our body, given to us to eventually come to that turning point you mention, Dragana, for otherwise how would we recognise the waywardness of the path we once have chosen while being in the arrogance of having the right to act as we like without considering the greater whole.

  60. So beautifully expressed how Serge Benhayon treats its body and us as a whole as well.’To you and all your six senses it was easy to detect and register a man who holds his body like one might a little water in the palm of the hand in a desert – reads precious.’

  61. Dragana it seems that many of us share your experience of abuse of our bodies. Whatever we indulge in – food, emotions, addictions – will be felt and carried in the body, and I know that the most loving thing that I have done for my body is to listen and take heed of what Serge is presenting. I love the power and simplicity of this line: ‘We are All part of the Universe, hence the Universe is part of us too.’

  62. And just imagine, if our body was able to write back to us all, let us know exactly what we have been doing and what we are doing and the definitive consequences of our actions.

  63. How can one read and just move on from this article, it has stopped me in my tracks and I can feel the uncomfortable squirm as I know I have played all of these games with my body and then some! Thank you Dragana for letting me feel firstly my irresponsibility and then for also feeling how precious the vehicle of my soul is.

  64. The body has a mission to be our vehicle, to make us feel what abuse is so we can learn that there are some paths not worth pursuing and to be the medium for us to feel our divinity if we so wish to feel it. We can choose freely what relationship do we want to have with our body. Different possibilities will then come our way. Life will look and feel distinctively different depending on our (free) choice.

  65. It seems that we treat our bodies far worse than we would dream of treating another. We make self-disregard normal, so much so, that those that choose to eat healthily and choose not to drink, are considered, at best abnormal and at worst, weird.

  66. It is facinating how we can ignore and have so much disregard to our bodies and towards ourselves and not think twice about it. I came to a realisation with the support of Universal Medicine that we only have the one body and it is 100% connected with our being also and it is our responsibility to look after it.

  67. What an amazing commitment to your body Dragana and a joy to read. We overlook the little things we do to abuse ourselves but this is such a powerful and exposing letter that I can certainly relate too.

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