True Leadership & Teamwork – Talk to an Ant

There are so many lessons and parallels in the world of nature from which to draw inspiration. I have recently been inspired by the reflection of ants and how we can learn so much from observing them and understanding how they live.I was walking with a friend one sunny afternoon and we were talking about the qualities of a good leader and sharing our experiences about this, when we were interrupted and brought to a stop by some bull ants crossing the walking path.

They were a team of 3 that I couldn’t ignore, and no accident that they were crossing at this moment given the subject we were talking about. What they showed me as I observed them crossing was nothing short of extraordinary… I was shown in symbolism the qualities of a true leader.

I watched in amazement as these ants displayed a variety of qualities:

  • They supported each other every step of the way
  • Two of the ants were carrying the 3rd ant who was held in the middle, constantly sharing the load and the lead as they crossed the path
  • The ant leading the way was always changing – they were sharing leadership so there was never one leader
  • The equality and teamwork between each ant was very much felt
  • Their movements were swift and performed with care
  • Their purpose felt strong and unwavering

What a joy it was to behold and to witness. All of this in just one minute… an extraordinary and timely experience that left quite an impression on me, so I did some research on ants.

Did you know…?

  • Even though an ant is smaller than your finger nail, it can lift 20 times its own body weight and carry it for long distances back to its colony.
  • Ants live in colonies in large numbers consisting of millions.
  • The queen ant lays approx. 30,000 eggs per day – her role is to produce for the colony.
  • Ant colonies don’t have leaders – yes there is the queen ant, but she doesn’t tell the other ants what to do and yet they are an extremely organised and productive species.
  • Ants use sounds and pheromones to communicate.
  • Every ant knows its role and carries out its task with commitment and without hesitation.
  • The role of an ant may change with age and depending upon the needs of the colony they simply do what is needed and thus do not consider any role as less.

What most impresses me about ants is their ability to work together as a team. What they can achieve is quite extraordinary. They are able to work together harmoniously for the good and unity of the colony because this is their common goal and purpose. Wow – ants are so inspiring!

So it got me to thinking – what if our work and home environments functioned from the same selfless quality of leadership and teamwork that ants do?

This experience on my walk was a gift from nature, reflecting to me the next evolutionary step of true leadership. It was exactly what I needed to see and observe that day given what had been unfolding in my life and the challenges I was experiencing in teamwork.

I knew what I had to do – to stay focused on purpose, to bring everyone with me in my team as equal leaders, and to support a way of working together where everyone was evolving.

This revelation from nature is a wonderful new way for me to look at true leadership and teamwork. I now have the opportunity to integrate this new awareness into my relationships … at home, at work, or wherever I am in the world.

I now have a whole new level of respect for the humble ant and the deepest respect for Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

by Marika Cominos, Director Playful Creations

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1,009 thoughts on “True Leadership & Teamwork – Talk to an Ant

  1. This is the intelligence that we too have access to and the opportunity to live in every moment – if we choose.

    1. Yes, so important Annie – if we choose. When we work in isolation we cut ourselves off from the support that is there for us. Respecting we all have an equal part to play in the whole makes light work!

    2. Yep! Take a moment to view ants and many other animals in nature who are taking on the responsibility marker that humanity is in delay with.

  2. This is one of best descriptions of leadership I have seen – “stay focused on purpose, to bring everyone with me in my team as equal leaders, and to support a way of working together where everyone was evolving.” It is a good reminder and check for me to look at how I am leading at the moment and does it have those qualities?

  3. I love this Marika, the absolute brilliance of natures reflection is something to deeply appreciate, a constant communication forever on offer.

  4. I love watching ants going about their business and have like you have learnt so much about them, as in how they effortlessly work in harmony while supporting each other. I have also wondered, like you, how to relate this to how we are in situations when we are working with others, such as at work. Watching the teamwork of these tiny little creatures is such an inspiring reflection but one that I am sure is possible to replicate in our every day human interactions.

  5. This is a very inspiring blog that shows us that if we are open and willing to see the messages that God is continually communicating to us through nature, then what ever we need to evolve is right there.

  6. It is very inspiring to observe a person express in full. We expand with the person if we align and appreciate the moment or contract if we do not align and go into comparison. It is always a choice one or the other.

  7. “yes there is the queen ant, but she doesn’t tell the other ants what to do and yet they are an extremely organised and productive species.” When left to our own devices, with a knowing of what we are good at and what we can bring and a strong sense of responsibility to bring it, we often don’t need to be ‘told what to do’, we just get on and do it. It is the micro-managing that many leaders partake in, that can stop people bringing this to their workplace.

  8. I loved reading this Marika as I had huge fascination for ants when I was child. I would study them for hours and watch how they moved – your description is very exact. They are remarkable creatures we can learn a great deal from.

  9. It is great coming back to this blog…there is much joy in it. Wow, ants are amazing aren’t they! Nature really does have a lot to show us in terms of how we could live and exposing where we are well off the mark.

  10. Beautiful sharing Marika, I love the perspective you bring here, and how in fact we always have the world around us including nature to show us how we can do; it feels so amazingly supportive that no matter what our dilemma there we have nature showing us the way. All we need to do is allow ourselves the space to observe and let us inspire us.

  11. Observing nature can give us a glimpse of selflessness in action. There is no thought of the individual in the case of ants. I recently learned that ants will always go to help one of their injured brother ants. True brotherhood.

    1. What you’ve shared about the ants is natural in all of us too sueq2012. We are not living true brotherhood simply because we have chosen not to.

      1. So true, chanly88. ‘We are not living true brotherhood simply because we have chosen not to.’ And so, to return to true brotherhood is simply a matter of choosing again.

  12. I love this ant reflection of how team-work and working together for a common purpose is so clear and unquestionable. They absolutely live the truth of working for the All. And no point can it be felt that an ant would want to make it about themselves, stop work or sulk because they weren’t the leader or carried more load.

  13. To re read this blog at intervals is so inspiring! How different our experiences in life would be if we all took equal responsibility in sharing the load of life.

  14. This is a beautiful example how when we truly seek with an open heart the answer will be presented to us and we will be able to see it.

  15. Ants they don’t try and look different nor does one of them run a team or rely on one to get things done. We can absolutely draw a lot from how these creatures go about their business but there is a quality there that we may not see deeply enough. How can they do what they do, yes it’s because of how they interact but we can’t just duplicate this into the human world. There is a quality they connect to that in this gives them super human strength and there isn’t a choice or discussion or a vote on who does what, that quality that they adhere to brings forward someone to do it, every time. What I am saying is that we still think there is a choice or if I do this or that it will be better or improve things. This maybe the case but we are missing the point or part, the energy the ants align to brings with it a movement. They don’t think there an ant but just see themselves as part of a plan and they just honour their part, whatever that is. We still operate in the ‘my’ this and ‘I’ll do’ that and not move to a feeling first. There are cycles to life as we know and it’s possible, like the ants if you are aligned to those cycles in every moment then what you do is no big deal but what you are a part of is endless and ever expanding. We are too busy building our nests to see that we are a small part in a big part.

    1. ‘There is a quality they connect to that in this gives them super human strength and there isn’t a choice or discussion or a vote on who does what, that quality that they adhere to brings forward someone to do it, every time.’ Yes Ray it is this constant connection that allows a harmony so that everyone is working for the all – at all time. Quite beautiful and something that is inspiring to us who have made things so personalised and can be either too fast or too slow at coming forward to do what is needed because of our separation from this Universal flow.

      1. Is this as simple as it is? By connecting to this flow or “Universal flow” which is obvious what nature is adhering to all around us things become literally a breeze. We could do a study on ants alone and see the whole world in that, no me, bickering, arguments, tantrums, just all dedicated to the all and knowing that this connection is the only choice and everything thereafter comes from there. It makes it super simple and this all brings a reflection to my life. We only think we think when in fact as ants do it’s not a thought but a connection that has the power.

  16. I have worked for many companies in my job but I have not come across a company that operates harmoniously like the example you gave with the ants in all the different places I have worked. We have so much to learn from nature, it reminds us that we too can live and work harmoniously and that we are all part of one big team. We just have to choose to accept and treat each other as equals and be love.

  17. Thank you for sharing this, what a great sharing about teamwork and leadership. We can all transfer this into every facet of our lives, leading by example and leaving the door open for others to lead us in the same way.

  18. once we debunk the myths of competitiveness and see it for the evil, the separativeness and the and deep harm that it causes, we will be able to return once more to living in true teamwork together for all.

  19. I was watching some ants last night, carry a pumpkin seed across the kitchen bench. It is actually incredible to watch and see how they work together unwaveringly so, with a commitment to the whole of the colony in every moment. I will take this into my day and observe if I am this way in all that I do during the day.

  20. ‘To stay focused on purpose, to bring everyone with me in my team as equal leaders, and to support a way of working together where everyone was evolving.’ I love this Marika if we all choose to live this at work, in the home and in all our relationships what a very different world we would experience – thank you for the beautiful reminder of true leadership and how we can bring this quality to our everyday.

  21. When we work in true team work the magic is beautiful, there is a flow and purpose in the delivery.
    Everyone holds equal responsibility of completing the projects, together more is achieved. This is the beauty I have begun to see.

  22. Working together as a team is so important. “…what if our work and home environments functioned from the same selfless quality of leadership and teamwork that ants do?” Work and family environments would be transformed. You don’t see ants tussle in a leadership struggle to be top ant, or acting lesser than. They all pull together for the common good. No egos in ants!

  23. The ant so small a package yet so determined in its purpose to bring more in every waking hour. This blog hits the nail on the way we can often play small yet our purpose is too big. The difference is the quality we choose to work from that will either build team work or leave us in a pit of endless doubt and overwhelm. The ant is inspiring and this blog packs a great punch on how simple it truly can be.

  24. Having a true and common purpose is what is lacking in society. The Way of The Livingness restores this.

  25. Wow, how much can we learn from the ants and in general from what nature is reflecting to us. ‘The role of an ant may change with age and depending upon the needs of the colony they simply do what is needed and thus do not consider any role as less.’ It is only about purpose and coming there together, something we, as human beings, have not yet mastered.

  26. Last week I disturbed an ants nest while painting my garden fence and it was fascinating to see how they were living in such close confines and how they dealt in unison with my intrusion. We as humans have much to learn from the animal kingdom.

  27. It’s interesting that some ‘leaders’ they can be threatened by the very thought that a true leader nurtures leadership in others so everyone is able to live their potential in full. What I experience is that in my own capacity as a team leader or being part of a team lead by another, we flow and work as one when there is this openness to simply doing what is needed and not worrying about some artificial hierarchy that gets in the way of the purpose of the team.

  28. When we are open to truly learning about ourselves and life everything in life is there to support us to do so. In this way we can see and feel that we are never alone.

  29. It is beautiful to observe that ants simply work together not because of a leader who directs but simply because the leader emanates and the team members simply go about being in their fullness, doing what is needed and contributing to the whole.

  30. Marika I love being reminded of truth though the reflections in nature. If something that is seemingly less “intelligent” is actually acting with more harmony and intelligence then perhaps we are really living under a wrong form/version of intelligence. One that misses the whole.

  31. This is a beautiful sharing of the wonders of nature and to me evidence of how life can be lived when you align to true purpose and love, when this occurs you are equal to the universal intelligence and are pulsed forth from this, when their is no ‘self’ getting in the way magic is guaranteed.

  32. There’s so much we can learn by simply observing nature. Thank you very much for sharing your realization, Marika. There is a way to be – with no identification, no attachment, no individualization – just upholding a common purpose and in that, following the order.

  33. This really struck me today that I can create more opportunities to this…”to stay focused on purpose, to bring everyone with me in my team as equal leaders, and to support a way of working together where everyone was evolving”…thank you Marika for the inspiration.

  34. I always knew ants are way more intelligent than we gave them credit, I remember having a debate on the bus with a friend of mine a few years back who was convinced that ants are just ants, they don’t do anything special but just go about their day and of course we as human beings are more intelligent than them because we have a bigger brain – but boy how much we don’t know about nature and it’s work on this planet.

  35. I love this Marika. It beautifully signifies the ebb and flow of the universe. When we are all walking in purpose it becomes about movement in connection with the all, which is always about evolution.

  36. It’s ironic how we seem to see ourselves as such a highly intelligent species and yet the way we behave pales in so many ways to the attributes of the animal world. Your words here Marika remind me that the selfish, individual and separate way we carry on is not actually natural for us at all. In truth what we want and truly yearn for is already there underneath – as symbolised so beautifully by the ants under our feet.

  37. When we allow ourselves to truly lead, others also take up leading naturally, a team, a community, a city, a country, the world then knows the importance of every single part being equally crucial for the whole, no one is lesser or more superior.

    1. Imagine a workplace where everyone claimed this – where they were the leader in their role and they knew the importance of what they did and how they fitted in with the whole. Life is very fulfilling when we live this way.

  38. imagine if we could live like the ants, would it then too be possible to lift 20 times our own weight? A simple equation show the we then could lift 20 times 62kg (average body weight in the world) is 1240kg! Maybe we are able to once again build constructions like the great pyramids.

  39. I experience this in my work life – sometimes being the one who is washing up and cleaning the kitchen and at others making the difficult decisions or encouraging us all with a new vision or strategy and pretty much everything else in between. I love the diversity, that nothing is greater or lesser than the other, and that deep down its all about the quality you bring equally to every task no matter what it is.

  40. I love the joy and innocence of just seeing the beauty in the little details of nature. We tend to ignore these humble reflections and/or try to exploit natures qualities for humanities gain. Such as genetic engineering.

  41. I can’t imagine an ant taking time out to watch TV, being annoyed or frustrated with others who don’t pull their weight, or getting upset with something that is said. When you watch ants moving around it’s like they have a complete and absolute focus on purpose. They don’t let anything get in the way of transporting that crumb of food or piece of sand to where it’s needed to go. They don’t fluff around or pontificate – just put life into action. Watching this from above we can then see how them working so dedicatedly makes them naturally part of a bigger picture and team, without trying. Your words Marika make it clear to me that the same applies to you and me.

  42. There is a lot we can learn from nature and the way some animals cooperate. We humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species, but a lot of our behaviour does not demonstrate intelligence. In fact we are very destructive with ourselves and each other.

  43. Marika, this is superb, truly truly awesome and so inspirational – ANTS ! And how you write about them. Your observations truly make sense to true leadership.. And so, I find it more then interesting that seemingly nature has more in place of what leadership is then humanity. And we think that we are the most inteligecent species. I guess we must surrender and be honest that we are not.. Even though we are absolutely able to be in pure brotherhood and leadership with all. Yet we have to drop the arrogance and surrender more to all that is naturally given by God as we can see in nature. Loose the spirit drive to be ‘superior’ and ‘untouchable’ and become humble of what is truly required from us to be. Thank you Marika.

  44. Nature has so much to offer us, imagine what we humans could do if we worked together as these ants do, ‘Even though an ant is smaller than your finger nail, it can lift 20 times its own body weight and carry it for long distances back to its colony.’ Maybe we have part of an answer here as to how the pyramids were built.

  45. ‘They are able to work together harmoniously for the good and unity of the colony because this is their common goal and purpose’. Anything and everything is possible when we work together with a common purpose to care and support each other. The essence of accepting another or being accepted just for who we truly are expands our light.

  46. We so often think of leadership as telling others what to do, of being ‘in charge’ and having all the answers on hand. Yet what your sharing here and the ants show me Marika is that by totally committing to what we have to do, by playing our part in full, by putting aside what our selfish part thinks and working continually for the greater team, well this is the true hallmark of great leadership. Us living with purpose, dedicated to service, doing what we are given to do, its this simple and true.

  47. Just goes to show that size does not matter when the humble ant can teach human beings a lesson on how to work as a team.

  48. I watched some ants this weekend, they where enroute on a wall, there must have been about 3 metres of highway, of back and forth, it was incredible to watch the cooperation and consistency; I was inspired.

  49. Thanks for this great article Marika, ants are indeed very inspiring, ‘ They are able to work together harmoniously for the good and unity of the colony because this is their common goal and purpose, ‘ we have a lot to learn from ants.

  50. Marika I love reflecting on nature and what that shows us, what it inspires us and all the things we can learn from it. What if families, companies, communities, countries and humanity worked together like ants do. How much of a different world would we have today?

  51. “Every ant knows its role and carries out its task with commitment and without hesitation.”

    This is my #qotd (quote of the day) and I will use this as in my inspiration to conduct my tasks, thank you. I especially like the bit about …without hesitation…

  52. Ants and nature are incredible inspiration for pretty much every aspect of life, us humans would do well to become humble enough to see what is right in front of us.

  53. What I love about Ants is that they live for the purpose of the whole and not just what they individually get out of something, I do often wonder how different life would be like if we took the reflection that ants provide and made that part of our living way, everyday.

  54. The amazing reflections nature offer us can shows us an in depth snapshot of life in all it’s honesty and how we in turn can learn how to surrender to the cycles of life and expand from these sharing’s. A great blog Marika thank you.

  55. To watch ants in action is very inspiring, their teamwork, commitment, purpose, and more amazing qualities as highlighted in this blog, makes me ponder surely we are capable of so much more as human beings, ‘what if our work and home environments functioned from the same selfless quality of leadership and teamwork that ants do?’

  56. I love this idea that you present here Marika about shared leadership, no one’s role being more or less than another. Making life about quality and equality, all contributes to the harmony and flow of the whole.

    1. We are all part with of the whole so it makes sense that we would be harmonious being one together not a part trying to prove themselves etc. Life is so much simpler when we realise we are apart of a plan and that is absolutely about brotherhood.

  57. Great example Marika. My recent life closely corresponds to another animal in life – ‘the lone wolf’. This is where I pursue my own ideas and missions without involving anyone else, I push ahead like I am the only one walking this track, and if I have to work with others I try to shepherd them into working my way. The equality you describe with the ants here sounds so much simpler, effective and right to me. I’ve had my spell as a rogue member of the pack, and can feel it’s time we all need to work like we are one group, like the ants.

  58. Imagine if some ants stopped for a moment and got upset with the others. Consider what would take place if ant A took what ant B did personally. What if one of the ants got distracted and dispondent, sad and cut the other ants off? It’s pretty clear that their teamwork would disappear straight away. Now imagine what our relationships would be like if we no longer let these unloving things get in. Our productivity, unity and togetherness would be through the roof. Thank you Marika for this powerful natural metaphor for how we relate.

  59. As I was reading your awesome blog Marika, I was appreciating how every little creature in nature has a role and they do not seem to delay, get distracted by other things or their surroundings and go off track. They are all so committed to their role, to purpose and to their colony. Imagine if these magical little creatures in nature took on the delay tactics and disharmonious behaviours as humans, what would our surroundings and environment look like? I think there would be absolute chaos and our environment would probably not be habitable. So, this makes me question what impact are we as a race creating, how are our choices affecting our planet and the universe if we are not choosing to take responsibility for our role, not embracing our true purpose, delaying our evolution and not committing to each other and to brotherhood?

  60. Is it possible that we are projecting our ideals and beliefs onto nature. Is it possible that there are no leaders there are no teams. Is it possible that nature is at one with what needs to be done and have an intelligence of the agenda of this purpose and therefore there is no conflict or disagreement and there is hierarchy of understanding of purpose and therefore no comparison.

  61. I always avoided leadership as I didn’t want to ‘manage’ someone and it turns out my dislike of this is true as a leader doesn’t manage someone else they simply take the lead knowing they are equal to everyone else and that everyone else can support and lead also. We are so grand together.

  62. “Ant colonies don’t have leaders – yes there is the queen ant, but she doesn’t tell the other ants what to do and yet they are an extremely organised and productive species.” This to me is true Brotherhood where everyone works together for the greater whole. This doesn’t mean we don’t take the initiative and lead, but it is done by impulse, and a knowing that at that moment we are being offered the awareness/opportunity to follow through with something that will support everyone else in the task or project that everyone is working towards.

  63. There’s no need for the thousands of management books and courses out there. Just take a look at the footpath to see examples of true leadership in action. Leadership is not about bossing people around, it is about connecting to and living with purpose with love and truth as your foundation.

  64. During a radio interview about the film industry, a person shared that often it is the teams that get along the best that produce the best results. They may not be the ‘best in the industry’ but they get the results as there is a true sense of teamwork. I found that insightful to hear that the quality of the team is vitally important, and that the results are the end result of that. And not just the focus on the end result without how that is achieved.

  65. What a beautiful observation of true brotherhood, Marika, working together with such care in harmony. We can watch ants working with true purpose, getting their job done with no fuss and bother.

  66. Gosh…we could learn a thing or two from these ants! Purpose, no compromise, dedication, commitment and brotherhood. Imagine if we applied theses values across the board what the world would look like?

  67. A great leader is one that realises that they are an equally important part of a team in which anyone can lead at any time, but ultimately all are led and unified by a one purpose which is where the true power of teamwork comes alive.

  68. Yesterday on my morning walk there was quite a volcano on the footpath, one that was built by ants. It was about 5cm high and was really quite amazing. That is a lot of dirt to move by an ant. Then when you look around and see all the little ant piles, that a lot of earth moving. No ant could do that on their own nor could ants do what they do if they didn’t all work together. It’s the same with us – we can’t do what we do without being part of a much bigger team.

  69. I watched some ants recently break down a deceased cockroach in less than 24 hours, to nothing. Quite amazing really. Not only the way that they work together, but how they complete everything that they attend to. No crumb left unattended. Not only are ants a great reflection for team work and leadership, they are also a great reflection for completion and everything being completed with the same commitment and dedication as when they first began the task.

  70. A beautiful inspiration from ants to appreciate Marika and here for us all to see … i love it magical and real all at the same time .”what if our work and home environments functioned from the same selfless quality of leadership and teamwork that ants do?”

  71. Nature is absolutely an inspirational teacher – forever on task… it is up to us whether we show up to class and pay attention to what is before us.

  72. Super great article Marika, loved it. Humanity is constantly trying to figure out what leadership is about, writing complex books with just another theory, while all the time nature is reflecting how it should be done. Amazingly simple.

  73. Last summer I was on a walk and accidentally stepped on an ant hill which obviously destroyed a large part of it. Amazingly, when I came back around to that same spot only an hour or so later, the same ant hill looked like it was completely back to its original shape and one would never know I had stepped on part of it! The level of brotherhood in action and absolute focus in harmoniously working together to complete that task in that amount of time is really remarkable. If any one of those little guys got into an ego trip of “no, I’m too high of a rank to be doing clean-up work like that” or “I cleaned up the ant hill last time someone stepped on it, it’s your turn now!” the ant hill would still be a mess. We can certainly learn a lot from ants and other animals that are constantly providing messages to us about life.

  74. Marika, i just adore your wondrous post about ants; it inspires purpose for life: “Every ant knows its role and carries out its task with commitment and without hesitation”.

    1. Spot on Zofia, and I had to laugh as I imagined ants behaving like so many of us as humans where they get grumpy about doing a job or drag their feet or get distracted along the way…chaos would unfold and nothing would get done! A guaranteed disaster…

  75. I love how true teamwork is run with absolute equality and harmony because it is void of competitiveness, individuality and packed full with purpose and love.

  76. Where would we be without the simple and profound reflections from nature? Nearly everything we use and rely on comes from it and at times is inspired by it. We have much to appreciate about what nature reflects and shows us.

  77. We as a human race think we are the most intelligent creatures on this planet, but in many many things nature offers the reflection of how things should be done. Leadership being one of them.

  78. I feel it is absolutely key that the ants are all equal with each interchanging leadership. Also they are unquestioning everything is in the flow of purpose. We can learn a lot from Ants!

  79. Awesome observations Marika – and I was just contemplating about how the ant species would survive if they behaved like we do as human beings, and the clear answer is that there would be complete chaos in the ant world which would either have to stop or the ant world would cease to exist. Chaos is not designed for the survival of any species, and yet as human beings we overcome this stamping out of the species with how much we control the environment and everything around us to suit our needs (real or not), and thus as humans we have taken to chaos as a normal. But at the same time, we have everything in nature (such as the ants etc) reflecting to us that this is not a natural way for us to be. We have so much to learn from what is shown to us, and so much to actually put into practice. And one of the first things to learn is humbleness and the realisation that there is so much more to us than the eye can see, that this need to control and live without true collaboration and leadership is a facade for the true capacities that lie deep within waiting to be let out.

  80. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all team work came about with this approach: “I knew what I had to do – to stay focused on purpose, to bring everyone with me in my team as equal leaders, and to support a way of working together where everyone was evolving.”

  81. Nature is constantly reflecting a true way to live in Brotherhood with each other. A skein, or wedge, of geese flying high in the sky constantly share the responsibility of being the leader of the V formation and then allowing another to take their place in the lead.

  82. There is much for us to learn from nature and its symbolism; from your research, ants live cooperatively and in a mutually supportive way and every one of them, literally, puts their weight including the queen who lays this astounding number of eggs every day.

  83. Nature reflects so much to us. And this story of ants is so beautiful as it shows the power of working together – no need or ownership – just collaboration and support.

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