Mental Awareness V Conscious Presence

I have been aware of practising conscious presence for a number of years now and had thought I had a handle on it (so to speak). Over many sunrises I became aware of different qualities I held within myself as I was doing things and this seemed to bring a whole other dimension to conscious presence that I had not really pondered on before.

My Conscious Presence was now starting to become more rich and fuller. This was a revelation for me in that I could clearly see that prior to this finding, I was actually practising Mental Awareness and not Conscious Presence.

Mental Awareness is the art of having one’s mind focused on whatever the task at hand is and not wandering off in any other direction toward a future or past event that leaves us more drained of energy than we really need to be.

Mental Awareness is just that though: I found myself still living in my head while my body was carrying out its function, even though my thoughts were in line with the function and my breath was gentle. As I went about the activities of my day there was this mental note taker making sure that I was ticking the boxes of Breath, Mind and Body. There was still a disconnection from my body.

Enter Conscious Presence: I found that being aware of my qualities made a great difference. I pondered on the idea and word Consciousness, and I could feel that it held much more than an awareness of my mind – it had everything to do with my whole body, every cell of my body.

I found that deepening my Presence was necessary to being more aware of my different qualities and to deepen my qualities I found that being aware of the consciousness through my whole body allowed me to feel and embody the quality.

I could now feel Conscious Presence through every particle and space of my being; as my breath draws it in, it feels like I am being filled with the Love of God and I found this makes all the difference. I feel into the word Consciousness and it invokes an all-encompassing/spherical quality. It is so much more than mental awareness.

In staying Consciously Present (as much as I can) there is no more note taking, I am able to feel me and just be. I feel my exquisite female qualities, Love, and the Divine Angel that I Am being more embodied and Lived. It feels more a Beauty-full connection between God, Soul, Myself and All.

With Love and Much Appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Dianne Hetherington, Angel of God 🙂 , Brisbane, Australia

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697 thoughts on “Mental Awareness V Conscious Presence

  1. Thank you Dianne, I enjoyed reading of what you discovered as I feel I was locked into ‘getting it right’ regarding my approach to conscious presence which was quite functional, instead of truly enjoying my whole being and my body being together… and how fun and light that feels! Approaching anything with seriousness can be a way to obscure the truth.

  2. This is such a great explanation of the difference between mental awareness and conscious presence, energetically two very different ways of being that have us moving and living either from a part of us or all of us.

  3. There is something prescriptive and mechanical about the tick box approach often used in mental awareness, the driver is still very much the mind and it’s not really interested in connecting with and feeling the body, but more in controlling it, and still being in charge. Conscious presence is a whole body feeling, fully embracing all equally without being driven by the mind.

  4. “I pondered on the idea and word Consciousness, and I could feel that it held much more than an awareness of my mind – it had everything to do with my whole body, every cell of my body”. This is such a great article which is much needed with the proliferation of modalities and techniques that teach you to be present but are still doing this from the mind. Until your whole body is engaged, there is no true change or evolution.

  5. Unless I am connected to and get a sense of the bigger picture – multi-dimensionality through the connection to my body, bringing the qualities such as joy then I am not living in conscious presence. Conscious presence is the expansion of who I am – love in all my glory as opposed to the controlled focus of the mind where I think I am connected to my body and I am not… there is much I am exploring here in my day and reading this blog today is very timely. Thank you Dianne for sharing.

  6. This is a beautiful “I pondered on the idea and word Consciousness, and I could feel that it held much more than an awareness of my mind – it had everything to do with my whole body, every cell of my body.” I do agree concerning our whole body and it is clear that every cell vibrates and connects with something much grander and expansive than just our physical form.

  7. ‘I am able to feel me and just be’ and this sums it up, that to be consciously present is not a tick box exercise but one that embraces all of us, in each and every moment no matter what. There’s no trying or controlling just feeling us and all we are and observing, and there’s an understanding of all we are connected to and part of, a bigger wider whole.

  8. Distinguishing between mental awareness and conscious presence is hugely significant and I, too, have found it very profound to make the distinction and with it bringing a whole new and grander dimension to life.

  9. Thank you for a great sharing showing the difference between mental awareness and conscious presence, one is just a mental exercise that can tick the box the other has to do with our qualities, feeling ourselves from the inside out the love we are in every particle, a whole body intelligence.

    1. Yes, the ‘whole’ no part left out or not part of being consicoucely aware, the hands and toes are as much part of it as the head and heart, it incorporates the delicate follicles and cells. The breath we breathe is absolutely significant to how we perceive and feel life and when we breathe consciously aware and gentle we can feel connected to the all.

  10. This blog just brought me straight back from being in my head into my body, simply re-turning to the marker of connection with my body, I have left myself with before I went in my head. This is what I have practised and still do with being present as it all started with the Gentle Breath Meditation by Serge Benhayon. This is where I learned the difference between motion and stillness. And how to be more present with my movements, instead of constantly being in my head. So every now and then when I loose my presence, I sit or stand and do some Gentle Breath Meditation. It truly works, and feels so good to be back in my body. I recommend it to everyone. See:

  11. We can be very focused mentally, but still ignore our bodies. No wonder we can feel more drained as we allow our minds to override our body.

  12. I agree with what you are saying here Diane and have also experienced this for myself. There is a big difference between just living in the present and bringing my whole presence to the present moment.

  13. When the whole body participates, then we can recognise its previous absence in retrospect. We can feel its richness and wholesomeness in confirmation.

  14. Once we experience the grandness of conscious presence and how expansive it is, why would we ever go back to the limited and reduced way of using mental energy to get through life?

  15. When we are focused on the task at hand without the distraction of the mind pulling us back and forth to the past and future life is so much simpler.

  16. ‘There are no rules, things to do, or ways to be, there is only the willingness to love’.It has been a slow process for me to be consciously present I think most of it has been mental awareness with the missing ingredient of love , thank you for sharing the difference between mental awareness and conscious presence.

  17. Is is a continue practise to be present in the body as we mistly lived a long momentum of
    Living life from our mental level in our head.
    But worth iT a lot.
    The joy is found by being present with the body.

  18. Thank you Dianne for this clear distinction between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Learning to re-connect to my body was initially very challenging as my mind had always been very active in ‘functioning’ in a way that brought little awareness to the physical body and its constant communications to be more aware of the disregard I was living in.
    Attending Esoteric Yoga sessions (The Yoga of Stillness) was a pivotal point in re-connecting me back to my body through conscious presence and a bridge to return to know (remember) the innate stillness within.
    Read more about Esoteric Yoga –

  19. When we are doing mental awareness and it usually is a doing, a coldness in fact, and there is a separateness in how we treat the body, a lack of willing to be in the body; bringing quality in changes it, it becomes about how we move all of us and there’s no separation, a very different feeling and quality!

  20. We are in permanent movement. For that reason, we are accustomed to it and do not necessarily pay attention. It is only when we introduce quality into the equation that we connect with ourselves deeply and we can learn from, and enjoy, our own beauty.

  21. It is beautiful to feel how conscious presence involves the whole body and being, encompassing our universality and multi-dimensionality bring this quality to all we do, whereas mental awareness is isolated in the mind through which the awareness of the body and being is generally over-ridden and disregarded. I agree that with conscious presence that feeling of connection to all of who we are and are part of is far more confirming.

  22. It is so profoundly different to experience the connection with one’s body and one’s heart, and then to feel again the dense unforgiving unconnected feeling of the mental plane

  23. “In staying Consciously Present … , I am able to feel me and just be.” To just be, as simple as it sounds, is absolutely groundbreaking in a world where doing and achieving is all that counts.

  24. “I found that deepening my Presence was necessary to being more aware of my different qualities and to deepen my qualities I found that being aware of the consciousness through my whole body allowed me to feel and embody the quality.”
    This sentence absolutely holds an acceptance and appreciation of self that we all desperately desire, what it also offers is that it is up to each and every one of us to do for ourselves. The quality of and the qualities that we bring to this world are not to be underestimated, as each of us, living them brings about true loving change in ways that we may never know.

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