Mental Awareness V Conscious Presence

I have been aware of practising conscious presence for a number of years now and had thought I had a handle on it (so to speak). Over many sunrises I became aware of different qualities I held within myself as I was doing things and this seemed to bring a whole other dimension to conscious presence that I had not really pondered on before.

My Conscious Presence was now starting to become more rich and fuller. This was a revelation for me in that I could clearly see that prior to this finding, I was actually practising Mental Awareness and not Conscious Presence.

Mental Awareness is the art of having one’s mind focused on whatever the task at hand is and not wandering off in any other direction toward a future or past event that leaves us more drained of energy than we really need to be.

Mental Awareness is just that though: I found myself still living in my head while my body was carrying out its function, even though my thoughts were in line with the function and my breath was gentle. As I went about the activities of my day there was this mental note taker making sure that I was ticking the boxes of Breath, Mind and Body. There was still a disconnection from my body.

Enter Conscious Presence: I found that being aware of my qualities made a great difference. I pondered on the idea and word Consciousness, and I could feel that it held much more than an awareness of my mind – it had everything to do with my whole body, every cell of my body.

I found that deepening my Presence was necessary to being more aware of my different qualities and to deepen my qualities I found that being aware of the consciousness through my whole body allowed me to feel and embody the quality.

I could now feel Conscious Presence through every particle and space of my being; as my breath draws it in, it feels like I am being filled with the Love of God and I found this makes all the difference. I feel into the word Consciousness and it invokes an all-encompassing/spherical quality. It is so much more than mental awareness.

In staying Consciously Present (as much as I can) there is no more note taking, I am able to feel me and just be. I feel my exquisite female qualities, Love, and the Divine Angel that I Am being more embodied and Lived. It feels more a Beauty-full connection between God, Soul, Myself and All.

With Love and Much Appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Dianne Hetherington, Angel of God 🙂 , Brisbane, Australia

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663 thoughts on “Mental Awareness V Conscious Presence

  1. Great blog Dianne. The use of the mind actually plays a very important part here, doesn’t it. We do need to make a mental choice to be present – to feel our hands as we type, or our feet as we walk for example. But that is merely a starting point, and from there, if we go into ‘trying’ or ‘forcing’, clearly we’ve lost it!
    But all great steps to take… I remember when first introduced to the concept of conscious presence by Serge Benhayon, that I really DID have to think about it – and keep returning to thinking about it, because I’d find myself spending whole swathes of my day immersed in this or that, and losing an indelible connection with my own body. My head could be on where I needed to go, or what was next to do, or stuck dwelling on an ‘issue’, with my body left ‘merrily’ (not really..) running on auto-pilot…
    So, the mental choice to return to feeling and connecting with my own body was – and ever-remains – a tool I will never belittle or let go.
    However, to be truly consciously present, from that initial mental choice, we then allow the body to be what informs us. The more present with my fingers typing for example, the more they will guide me about ‘how’ I’m typing, then how are my arms, my posture… What is the quality, effectively, that I am ‘doing’ anything in? I am with myself in what I’m doing?
    It’s been my experience also, that from this the magnificent fullness you describe can be truly felt as a bodily knowing. Through being consciously present and committing to allow this fullness of being so deeply with our own bodies, and not allowing the mind to run roughshod over our bodies, taking us every which way but here and now – we can indeed go deeper. We can experience the qualities of our true, divine being – in and through our bodies – such as our own inner stillness.
    But without our initial choice, and without a committed and lived way of building upon our ability to be so present, we are missing out on this – the truth of who we really are, known and lived in and through these bodies of ours.
    Who would have thought? (in a world so dominated by the mind’s drives and need for control)

    1. A very clear expansion on an already pumping blog Victoria. I was feeling while reading it that the mental choice and intention to be present is a necessary foundation from which to understand and feel the quality of this presence to then deepen it. In a session yesterday I connected to the tenderness and absolute preciousness that is within my body at all times, and now I have a more solid understanding of the quality I can bring to each movement through presence, yet mental choice still needs to be there to choose to move like that.

      1. It’s putting the mind to use in its ‘rightful place’, isn’t it Rachael. The conscious intent is an important step to ‘keep touch’ with our bodies – essential in fact, that the body can open up its infinite wisdom to us. Whether by feeling the precious amazingness (how beautiful that you experienced this) or the impact our way of living is having upon us, and the ‘ouch’ moment it may bring – it’s all there, in our bodies. The ultimate guide to living harmoniously (or not).

      2. Absolutely to both of you! There are steps to be taken and techniques to be implemented that need a choice. Like how to pick up and put down our keys or fill a glass of water. This simple act then serves as a reminder, a calling back, in times where we are less present. Slowly it becomes a more familiar way of being and I become aware of how jarring it is to the body when I don’t bring that much attention to the detail of how I am doing what I am doing.

  2. Conscious presence allows me to become aware of my body and how I am treating it, which then allows me to make more loving choices for myself.

  3. Feeling our body when we move and being aware of our movements is a great step for any time that we have been so disconnected from our body and living in our thoughts. Which is what we actually get taught at school. Once this is developed there comes a point where we question what is the quality in which we move, and what is the quality in which we hold or honour ourselves. When we bring quality to the picture this also allows the quality of our thoughts to change. If we choose to move in a gentle and considerate quality, ensuring that each breath and each movement is in honouring and respect of the gentle beings we are, then there reaches a point where there is no way we can have negative of self bashing thoughts, because we hold ourself in a respectful way that doesn’t allow this. Being with our body and choosing a quality in this presence is super powerful and one day the whole world will appreciate this and will be able to bring great change to nations.

  4. An awesome blog and follow on comments. I feel my bodily presence becoming more solid and expansive as I read. Healing and inspiration abound here.

  5. – I also have felt conscious presence as expansive and spacious, a full embodied presence… through every particle of my being. Very different to a mental exercise that feels limiting and quite controlled. Beautiful blog Dianne.

    1. I too feel conscious presence as an expanding, a stillness and steadiness in my body. A long way from the turmoil of mental activity that is very limited and exhaustive.

  6. I find if I mention being connected at the moment often people will say “oh like mindfulness” which i find interesting as my experience is that with conscious presence is that it has very little to do with my mind being full and much more with a deepening connection to my body.

  7. “Enter Conscious Presence: I found that being aware of my qualities made a great difference. I pondered on the idea and word Consciousness, and I could feel that it held much more than an awareness of my mind – it had everything to do with my whole body, every cell of my body.” A simple awareness of words such as these bring huge changes to our everyday world. Encompassing the all in our bodies only serves to help us feel the all around us too. The world would be a different place if we stopped to understand a few key words which mean so much more than we care to dismiss them with.

  8. This shows how cunning the mind is. Even when we think we are ‘there’ we can still be locked in our minds and not truly in our body. The difference is seemingly very small but the quality is millions of miles apart.

  9. As a very perceptive psychologist said to me once… what this process of reconnection with conscious presence, through the doorway of the gentle breath, is doing, is taking mindfulness out of the mental plane and back into the body… And this is what should be taught to every psychologist.

    1. Yes I have experienced the very big difference between mindfulness, which is still very much up in your head, and conscious presence that comes as a whole body awareness.

      1. And it is this whole body awareness that is so important, and yet it is just the start… Imagine that, something so amazing is simply the start of the reconnection to who we truly are.

  10. Beautifully said Dianne, I agree there is a certain quality that comes with conscious presence that is exquisite and connects us more deeply with God, humanity and ourselves.

  11. Again the Allegory of Plato’s Cave springs to mind… We have here is something that seems to tick the boxes are becoming conscious and aware and yet it is not… Is occupying one-dimension of a vast sphere that needs to be felt and embraced understood and connected with, and then we find the well which to drink which will truly satisfy the hitherto for unquenched first

  12. Around 30% of GPs in the UK medical system recommend that people have some sort of mindfulness/meditation… It really is mainstream now. And yet the extraordinary difference between true conscious presence and just giving the head full of monkeys in our head something to play with is profoundly different. Imagine if conscious presence was on the NHS!

      1. Well Debra stress-related illnesses costs the UK economy over £6 billion a year… And that’s just the UK yes you are right would cost relatively little to administer… Just a few right choices 🙂

  13. I find conscious presence is a dropping in and a surrender, and when I surrender it allows me to be in my essence and out of my head. the more I live in concious presence then the deeper the connection with myself becomes.

  14. Thank you Dianne for a beautiful sharing, I have been tricked at times, to think that when my mind is with what I am doing I am in conscious presence. It is so much more that just the mind paying attention but a whole body experience. As I sit here pondering on the words written I feel the beautiful flow of love flowing through every particle of my being.

  15. I found the first step in conscious presence was when I started to become aware of just how un-present I was. I then put out an inner call to be present. This is something I have been developing over years now and continue to deepen my awareness of. Lately I have been becoming more aware of how it is not only something that involves my whole body, but is also very much affected by how I move on a 24/7 basis.

  16. Your sharing on conscious presence as being a “whole body” experience Dianne feels like the missing link to me, now I understand on a deeper level what conscious presence is and feels like. Much appreciation and thanks Dianne.

  17. Being aware of my qualities does make a huge difference, bringing awareness of all that I bring supports me to appreciate myself and in this self-appreciation there is expansion and more presence.

  18. Thanks Dianne, you’ve explained the difference really clearly and brought to my awareness the fact that I do focus quite heavily on mental awareness. What you say makes perfect sense.

  19. Conscious presence invites an opportunity to be aware of the detail in our movements, not just the focus of the mind.

  20. Dianne, I know the mental awareness you speak of so well and indeed there is much about this now with the emphasis on mindfulness, yet it misses the quality of the presence which is exactly what conscious presence brings, it is so much more than mental awareness with our bodies, it is living and embodying our bodies and quality is key, when I approach doing things with a tenderness for instance how I am in my body is completely different and I feel true fullness and connection in all I do.

  21. Beautiful exploration Dianne, mental awareness is just one step, but nothing without the quality of our true presence and the awareness that comes with it.

  22. Once I began to understand and master conscious presence, I found it opens up to us an ever deepening ever expanding quality which lives inside us always, but rarely do we make space to allow that connection. It is that quality that then becomes our movement and our body starts to change as we bring that quality more and more into our lives.,… then our lives start to change also.

  23. The quality of us in our body rather than the mental quantity our mind is forever tempting us with.

  24. We are so used to living in parts – mind being engaged in one thought while the body is doing something else overriding what it is feeling – actually that’s what we get trained on at school and at work. Having our whole being at the same place at the same time feels totally expansive – and we have been missing out on that on our personal level, and so has the world.

  25. There is indeed a world of difference between a mental platform of awareness, and the delicious connection with the intelligence of our bodies that can be the foundation for a whole new paradigm of awareness.

  26. There is a vast difference experienced by the whole body when we are with ourselves in conscious presence and an expanding awareness as opposed to the limiting narrowness and control we use with mental awareness.

  27. I agree conscious presence is a whole body awareness, it’s when you feel every cell of your body communicating to you, very different to just focusing with your mind on something, which more fosters a disconnection to the body, rather than building a relationship with it.

  28. I remember when I first started becoming aware of conscious presence I would find that I had actually been very good at using mental awareness instead, the chatter in my head was still going on, and it took some time for me to be able to find conscious presence from within myself which meant moving from the quality of my body first.

  29. I have found that mental awareness keeps me focused within whatever job I am doing at the time, and conscious presence brings an awareness of all of me to what I am doing and everything around me to.

  30. Dianne, I love the way you have so clearly defined the difference between conscious presence as being a full bodied quality and mental awareness, which only keeps your mind-full.

  31. I hadn’t considered the difference between mental presence and conscious presence. Thank you for the simple questioning – I will be more aware of this as I head off to walk the dog!

  32. it really is such a great relief when we finally discover that there is something much more then mental awareness, which then becomes quite two-dimensional, as opposed to the multi dimensionality of conscious presents

  33. Understanding and discerning the difference between conscious presence and mental awareness is absolutely essential now… Because under the guise of something that is meant to be reconnecting us to something vital and enlivening is not doing that , but rather keeping one on the hamster wheel of the mental process.

  34. The effect on others when we are consciously present is Massive! To reflect to another that there is another way rather than being checked-out is priceless

  35. It is only through our bodies that we can live the Light of our Soul, as the activity of our minds is determined by the quality of connection we hold with our bodies. The union of our body and Soul is the vehicle through which the oneness of God is embodied, magnified and earthed – through living who we Divinely are.

    1. This is an excellent point Carola, it is indeed only through the body that the light of the soul can be lived. I lived for 37 years with no understanding of this, and no concept of the relationship with the body I would one day work consistently to slowly develop. My whole focus in life prior to becoming a student of Universal Medicine was to simply grasp as much as I could mentally. I gave no thought to the body at all and didnt see how it could possibly support me in any way, let alone be my greatest guide to how to live soulfully on earth.

  36. Lovely to re-read this blog this morning, and be reminded of the stark contrast between mindfulness and conscious presence. By bringing the whole body into the equation we are quite naturally more of ourselves… so simple.

  37. Interesting distinction between mental awareness and conscious presence.. I can be very focused on a task, and push through to get it all done, but if I’m not consciously present, I do this at the expense of my body – and end up feeling drained and sometimes resentful afterwards – and all because I chose to push through without paying attention to how my body was feeling. What I’m learning to appreciate is that it’s about quality first – when I do things with my whole body aware and aligned to what I’m doing, I actually have more energy afterwards, and there’s a joy in completing whatever needs to get done, rather than a frustration and resentment in ‘having to’ do it. And knowing the ripple effect of what I/we do matters, there is a call to be present in everything I do.

  38. Great blog Dianne. And it left me pondering as well. Do I practice mental awareness while I think that I am practicing conscious presence? And I had to admit that I do. I can be aware of what I am doing but not bring all my great and lovely qualities to it. So work to be done. Thanks for this story which took me out of an illusion and served as a stepping stone to evolve further.

  39. We don’t know what we don’t know. It is beautiful how there is more for us to surrender into and the process keeps deepening and we keep renewing how deeply settled we are in our body. And it allows us to appreciate where we are at as it is at this moment when we can see what we had before was not it.

  40. Dianne, your distinction on clarifying the there is that mental awareness but not true presence is great. As you say ‘there is no more note taking, I am able to feel me and just be.’, what I feel and understand reading today is that we stay the observer in mental awareness but we remain afloat from our bodies without feeling them whereas in conscious presence we are embodied and claimed in our bodies, in fully connection with them.

  41. I love how you speak about the quality of oneself, to get a feel of and start to live from one’s true quality. It brings a lightheartedness and flow into the practice of conscious presence.

  42. It is very different to be around someone who is mentally aware to someone who is consciously present, you feel much more held in the latter.

  43. “Mental Awareness is just that though: I found myself still living in my head while my body was carrying out its function, even though my thoughts were in line with the function and my breath was gentle. As I went about the activities of my day there was this mental note taker making sure that I was ticking the boxes of Breath, Mind and Body. There was still a disconnection from my body.” You have hit the nail on the head for me, the more I try to be present I am in fact in my head. I still try too much to be me, in this I’m gone, I’m disconnected from my body and my heart. People can say, just feel, it’s easy, but if you have lived life hardened and in the momentum of living from your head, it can feel some what tough at times.

  44. Thank you Dianne. Reading your article I felt myself connecting to a deeper conscious presence and connection with my inner being.

  45. I love your words here Dianne, “I found that deepening my Presence was necessary to being more aware of my different qualities and to deepen my qualities I found that being aware of the consciousness through my whole body allowed me to feel and embody the quality.” I found this to be the key, bringing awareness and aligning the mind with every movement allowed a flow and spaciousness to naturally unfold feeling the quality of the whole of my body and everything around me at the same time.

  46. Hello Dianne and nice dissection between the mental and the conscious thank you. “Conscious presence” is much more then a thought or an image, it’s a more than whole body experience. How does it look? It looks whatever way it needs to look and we need to have the flexibility to see it this way. We have many images of life and many of them halt the ‘what is needed’ and we set it up that way. More and more we realise that life isn’t about getting married, mortgages, work and yet it is all about that at the same time, confused? Life is about being conscious in it, present and deeply so. More so this is an ever expanding process that has no stop point, just another point of depth to go to. When does it ever end? It’s a never end.

  47. I love how it feels to be deeply present in my body- when deeply connected to myself the feeling is exquisite and lovely. I sometimes shut down my awareness though as I feel things i don’t want to feel. It has felt ‘easier’ to live in my head so to speak. I am slowly relearning how this has actually harmed me, and am ready to commit more fully in how I now choose to live with myself, because that supports me and everyone else around me.

  48. Dianne what you share here about the qualities you hold is GOLD. Feeling how lovely we are is everything. I am so blessed to be ready to appreciate my qualities much more deeply now, and this allows me to connect more deeply to conscious presence.

  49. I am now so inspired to look more deeply into the qualities I hold, and to love myself enough to connect to these qualities every single day. I am so glad we are regaining the love we need to be feeling for ourselves, in order to connect to these qualities.

  50. Mental awareness has a frontal focus which keeps us in our heads and therefore disconnected from the body. It’s an arrogant observer that may judge what it perceives. Conscious presence has, as you say Dianne, an all-encompassing/spherical quality which is a whole body experience so we are aware of our body and also of everything around us at the same time. There is a sense of allowing and receiving what is there without interpretation, filtering or reaction. There is no tension in it, no judgement and no imposition. There is a clarity that knows the truth of the situation.

  51. Wow I had never really understood the difference in this way but what you have shared here is a very simple and practical explanation of the difference between the two.

  52. Hmmm. Distinguishing mental awareness from conscious presence is one thing I have not actively observed in myself and my day but your wise tip Dianne of confirming and bringing our qualities to our presence is definitely vital in this process and a practice I know I really need to bring alive in my day.

  53. Great sharing Dianne, I have found that conscious presence brings me an awareness of my body, my surroundings and an awareness of others, and the more I live life through this presence the more expanded my awareness becomes.

  54. I love what you have shared here for the incredible power of conscious presence cannot be denied when it allows you to deepen not only your presence but a quality that can be embodied…. To feel like through every particle you are filled with the love of god as you breath in is just stunning and a gorgeous way to feel connected to both yourself and the whole together.

  55. To feel and move my body in the qualities that I am getting to know that are the real me is indeed confirming yet there are many steps I need to make to live in the consistency of being consciously present. A timely read blog and comments to support me to build on my relationship towards being consciously present with my body throughout the day. Thank you Dianne for sharing.

  56. So interesting to read how we can feel deluded into thinking ( there’s the clue) we are in conscious presence, but actually have mental awareness rather than feeling the quality we are in – true conscious presence. Great to re-read your blog Dianne.

  57. You describe very clearly Dianne, how mental awareness is in fact not it, and that we can consider that doing so is all that is needed, but we miss out, when we make it about quality then it’s a whole other dimension, it’s not just about having my mind with me as I type this now, but feeling the quality I hold just now as I type and that opens up a while other space and way of being. Thank you, I have clearly got to feel the difference now with mental awareness and conscious presence.

  58. I know I am consciously present when I can feel all of me in relation to all that surrounds me, when I feel this I know I am flowing in harmony with the universe.

  59. Ouch I can so relate to being a ‘mental note taker’ and the constant chatter in my head to try and keep me on track with being present with whatever activity I was undertaking. I often berated myself with self-talk like ‘there you go again wandering off in your mind etc’ and even though I could feel that there was something off about the way I was attempting to control what my mind was doing I did not share this with anyone else for a long time. As I have gradually started to feel more in my body I have naturally let go of the mental gymnastics and focused on the quality of my movements.This is still very much a work in progress for me but it is awesome to feel the expansion and flow when I truly connect and have no need to be in my head because I can feel what is the next true movement.

  60. ‘I could now feel Conscious Presence through every particle and space of my being; as my breath draws it in, it feels like I am being filled with the Love of God and I found this makes all the difference.’ Such a beautiful description of the expansiveness of Conscious Presence as opposed to the mind control of mental awareness. The current prevalence of mindfulness appears to answer our innate need for connection but will never be the solution so blogs like this are so needed to break this consciousness and show that there is a true way of being with our body rather than our mind.

  61. My mind is rather wayward and has a habit of going for a walk alone so needs a bit of discipline to be brought back to be with the rest of me, as the mind is very much a part of being consciously present after all.

  62. If we check out and disengage from life we then have no say over what we breathe in or allow into our bodies; that feeling that we’re so ‘out of it’ that the things we’re eating, choices we’re making and attitude is so far off what we’d naturally do it doesn’t make sense comes about because we essentially hands the reigns over to whomever or whatever wants them.

  63. I love how you describe the difference between mental awareness versus conscious presence. Having been a ‘head’ person I realise I often get caught up in the choice to stay with my body rather than an awareness of my quality. Great to re-read your blog today Dianne.

  64. I’ve found conscious presence becomes like a forever waterfall once its taped into. It’s a connection to the all that allows one to feel our connection to it, and how delicious it feels. I’ve also found it like every other aspect that we re-connect to, it takes a bit of mental help but once the foundation is laid it becomes a flow.

    1. I am still learning to be in conscious presence more and more throughout my day. I find I am in a huge percentage of my day in my mental awareness. Reading this blog and your comment Kim are awesome reminders to be in conscious presence as much as possible.

  65. Recently I’ve noticed how my mind can say it understands whats going on in life, yet to address the more challenging parts it doesn’t have any answers, only excuses, justifying and/or blaming. My body however seems to understand life far more than my mind, handling my life over to the feelings in my body is currently a slow process but every time I do the end result leaves me feeling supported in being more my lighter self.

  66. Love this dissection of the ways we can be present, it is being present through our body that we live full conscious presence not when we choose to be mentally aware of our movements.

  67. I read this afresh this morning and could feel there was yet more to learn from what you have written. What I am finding is the lessons we learn in life are not linear, we don’t learn something and tick it off. The repetitive nature of the sun going up and going down offers us an opportunity to bring greater quality to how we are doing what we are doing. A mental apporach has a timeline, conscious presence feels more like and expansion of the quality. There is never an end but a constant deepening of awareness to be accessed.

  68. Thank you Dianne. Just reading this I can feel that my mind baulks at the idea that it is not the sole receiver of consciousness. When I allow my body to lead the way I feel far more steady.

  69. I remember when I was experimenting with mindfulness and I never found any benefit from it at all as the mind chatter came back pretty thick and strong after trying it. Learning about conscious presence from Universal Medicine events has had a profound impact in my life and allows for a deeper connection with my body and an exquisite feeling reminding me of the oneness we are all from.

  70. I have found when I am occupied by my thoughts I easily forget things and easily make mistakes. But when I am aware of my body and my movements staying in conscious presence I feel the joy in what I do.

    1. So true Chan Ly, when I am not in my body I am far more likely to forget peoples names! I don’t know if it is related but it is an experiment in the making!!!

  71. Beautiful explanation of the difference between mental awareness and conscious presence. “I could now feel Conscious Presence through every particle and space of my being; as my breath draws it in, it feels like I am being filled with the Love of God and I found this makes all the difference.” Staying in connection with my body, not just trying to stop my mind from wandering off, makes all the difference for me..

  72. Add an awareness of our body to being present in what we are doing and it adds a whole new dimension, especially as I find being aware of my body helps me know what needs to be done next, whereas if I decide with my head it can lead me into trouble.

  73. I like your exploration here Dianne, thank you. It makes it clear for me that the more we practice conscious presence the more it becomes a bodily experience than a task from the head.

  74. Ahh I get it… mental awareness is the ability to drive a car and be focussed (I remember driving my car and be off in another world sometimes forgetting I was driving a car) and conscious awareness is a state where we are deeply connected with ourselves.

  75. I’ve often thought that by thinking about my body, I am connected to it. Only to realise that this isn’t it. The less I think about what it should feel or be like to connect to my body and just feel whatever is there, whether it’s temperature change or a numbness or whatever, the more deeply I feel connected to myself, and to everyone and everything else.

  76. There is a very distinct feeling between body presence and mind presence. Body you are in communion with God the mind your in separation.

  77. Mental awareness is the observer being there with all you do, but detached from it, where conscious presence is you feeling it all from the inside and the quality with how you are with this. It feels like we fill ourselves up when we are in conscious presence.

  78. When I am in mental awareness there is that running commentary of everything I am doing. In conscious presence there is no chatter or commentary. Only me and that quality in the body that at times feels greater than the body. That presence feels so much richer and more settling than the chatter of the mind which I am increasingly feeling disturbed by.

    1. Indeed Leigh, the chattering mind is actually very annoying and I am questioning why do we keep choosing this while we know conscious presence provides with entering that space of stillness within.

      1. I do wonder that too as I have felt the expansiveness of conscious presence and the restriction of mental awareness. First thing that comes to me is that we have invested in the mind being our safe place when in truth it is not. Can we let go despite everything we’ve invested into this lie?

      2. So actually what you say leigh, is that we may have an investment in the mental mind and in that are under valuing conscious presence, the bodily mind. What could be the reason for this investment as it does not sounds to be very wise thus must serve another purpose the purpose of individualism perhaps?

      3. Under valuing and under appreicating I would say. Or at least I can say this from my experience, Rather than trying to fight the individalism what about upping the appreciation of what conscious presence brings to the world

  79. The HOW factor is a big deal and allows space for the awareness of the energy that is actually moving us. How we move and how we are with ourselves etc. are all keys to establishing a relationship with our true and divine quality.

  80. Reading your blog today Dianne i found myself to really being able to grasp the depth of what you are presenting here. I now can feel mental awareness and conscious presence to be from complet different worlds as conscious presence connects to every cell of our body and with that with everything our bodies are connected with while mental awareness keeps us trapped in our small wandering mind instead.

  81. Rereading this blog again gave me the awareness that conscious presence is simply an awareness from our body and has nothing to do with what we call our intelligent mind. Instead it is the intelligence of our body that starts to speak loud and clear the universal mind it naturally is connected to.

  82. I am not sure we ever come to an end and ‘get there’ as it feels very linear to me. One of the blessings Universal Medicine has brought to my life is a reminder we are going home, returning to the love we walked away from.

  83. As I have continued to practice being present with my movements my awareness and experience of it has changed. It feels like something that can continue to deepen.

  84. That is an interesting article Dianne, as I am also practicing conscious presence. Seems that I am also practicing mental awareness than what you describe. Have to look deeper in what I am doing.

  85. Being present and aware of our body and its movements, with all we are doing, helps us to be aware of the quality we are living in, ‘I found that deepening my Presence was necessary to being more aware of my different qualities and to deepen my qualities I found that being aware of the consciousness through my whole body allowed me to feel and embody the quality.’

  86. Staying consciously present all the time is still a work in progress for me, it is a whole body experience so I am aware of my body and all around me at the same time.

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