Truth – Expressing in Full

Recently I had the opportunity to feel what it is like to not fully express my truth. I was in a situation where I had said part of what I felt to say, but I held back on what was there to be said in full. I held back because I was worried about how the other person might respond.

I thought it was my responsibility to not say too much, so the other person did not feel awkward about what was there to be said.

In holding back my full truth, I experienced a large amount of internal tension, confusion, a loss of confidence, and a feeling of frustration and anxiety. A lot of thoughts came up about what was right and wrong, such as:

  • Maybe what I have to say will upset the other person.
  • It may be confronting.
  • Is it my place to say anything?

In all of this I realised that the other person missed out on hearing my expression in full and instead got a watered down version of what I thought was best to say. So in the end we both missed out.

I missed out on expressing what was there to be shared and the insight this sharing could have brought us both. We both also missed out on the intimacy and fragility that arises between two people when they express their truth in full.

Is it possible that by holding back my expression, the other person then missed out on having the opportunity to connect to, and express in full what they felt to share?

I now have the understanding that it is so important to express in full so we can start the process of coming to a common understanding of the truth together, even if this may create some discomfort.

Although I know the truth, I have sometimes chosen to ignore it, or reacted when someone has exposed it to me. I now know, Truth is the same as Love. If I do not express in full, then the truth is I am not being loving with myself or another, and there is no sense in that.

In my experience, devastation comes from withholding the truth, no matter how innocent and well meaning it may be at the time.

I remember as a young child I was deeply hurt when I found out Santa Claus was not true. I felt that every adult in the world had lied to me; this made it hard for me to fully trust adults and what they told me

When not telling the truth there can appear to be a short term gain, such as not creating upset, which allows a more comforting scenario to play out – letting myself be liked rather than being the apparent bringer of upsetting news. The reason that short term gain is so short-lived is that the truth is always deeply felt, even if not consciously known.

I have come to a greater understanding of Love, truth and expression through the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom and The Hierarchy presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. These teachings have inspired much grace and beauty in my life.

 By Toni Steenson, Goonellabah, Australia

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  1. ‘… devastation comes from withholding the truth, no matter how innocent and well meaning it may be at the time.’ I have not always allowed myself to fully feel this, while in fact always feeling it, and I know this as I’ve been in many situations where I felt a truth and did not fully express it and in order not to feel that devastation I numbed myself, through drama, over-eating or whatever distraction served the purpose. All to not feel the devastation of having reneged on truth.

    1. Thank you for your comment Monica. It gives me a clearer understanding that whenever I hold back from expressing truth there are consequences; I can either feel the devastation from not expressing or I can bury it which leads to further complication where I create something to distract me from feeling the withholding of love that was to be expressed in the first place.

  2. Jet we know sometimes what ‘would be right’ to say/express but choose to not do so and so take control over our expression instead of letting it flow. Like I know it better. But in fact it is my sorrow-full-, fearful-thinking or arrogance which makes me hold back. And than everyone is missing out – as you say Toni.That does not mean that I say everything I know/feel/see – but what is needed to be said, what will serve us all. Thats true love. To not hold back just because I may get rejected.

    1. Absolutely Sandra, sometimes it is true to say nothing, which serves the person and in these situations I have honoured my self through a nomination of what could have been said. Then I feel everyone would be in the wisdom of their inner-most because nothing has been imposed when something needs not be said. Every situation is different and must be understood for the truth of what to say and when to say something.

  3. I know if I withhold the truth it feels heavy in my body, like a twisted knot in my stomach. There has been many occasions where I haven’t told the truth or the full truth and in this I feel the other person knew anyway when I wasn’t being truthful. Even though I thought I was getting away with something it felt like the lie carried with me in my body where ever I went.

  4. When we hold back the truth from someone – it’s like we are saying that they are not worth knowing the truth. I feel like it hurts both parties and causes an element of rejection. Speaking the truth allows everyone to come to the same point, it equalises us because we all have a relationship with it deep down.

    1. Very true Rachael, when truth is fully expressed there is such a level of transparency that allows everyone a full opportunity to embrace what is being presented, or not. Although if we perceive another cannot handle this level of transparency we are judging them and not actually presenting any true opportunity for anyone…

  5. I like how you describe what happened when you held back what was there to express, as it shows that the ‘negative’ thoughts come in afterwards, after we have not expressed our truth. It is like we decide to not stand in our fullness and then this part, that is not filled with our fullness/truth, is immediately filled with thoughts of doubt or the likes.

  6. I have learned that holding back on my expression is like putting a lid on a steamer, it builds up an inner pressure that leads to uncomfortable feelings in our body and eventually to illness and disease. We are designed to express in full and not to keep in that what is given through heaven for us to grow and expand from.

  7. Truth is always deeply felt if not consciously known – a truth for the ages and one we all know. It’s habitual to hold back I often find especially when I make it about me and my comfort (fitting in, being nice or liked) rather than what is there to be said. I feel very clearly in your sharing that in those scenarios what I am holding back is me and the connection and intimacy I could share with another, I am holding back my love.

  8. When we hold back truth we create a tension in the body. It is a tension that is constantly held until a moment is offered for us to express what needs to be said lovingly. I have often felt as to whether it was my place to speak up thinking it would be better it coming from another but when I am connected to me and steady in my livingness sometimes no matter who it is, it is me to deliver it. This is work in progress as I develop the relationship with myself.

    1. I’ve had this same feeling Caroline. I now realise that if I felt it then of course it was for me to say… sometimes another will still say it, then I can feel regret.

  9. I can relate to the anxiety in my body from not expressing in full, whether it be verbally, physical movements or how I dress, do my hair etc. Any form of holding back the real me, and not letting people in.

  10. It interesting to observe how holding back our truth affects not only ourselves and our bodies but it also greatly effects the other person. We are shutting down our connection to our truth, and our openness to connect with another in truth. We then miss out on deepening our connection to Love for ourselves and each other, the opportunity to learn and evolve, and as such the relationship to grow. The gift of expressing the truth is one that is not about being ‘nice’ or about making someone ‘feel good’, as the truth when expressed from the heart is the truth of who we all are in essence. It is the truth of Love.

  11. “Is it possible that by holding back my expression, the other person then missed out on having the opportunity to connect to, and express in full what they felt to share?” In addition to this, I can also feel how there is a judgement placed on the other person or an attempt to protect them from something, rather than to express in full without holding back and allow them the opportunity to feel the fullness of the expression. Any reaction following expression can then be addressed, however, to not be given the opportunity to receive the expression means that a judgement has been passed.

  12. What becomes clear is that we do know the truth but that we have very much learned not to speak it. So it is simply a relearning to express what is there to express in truth.

  13. The other day I expressed truthfully how another’s behaviour made me feel. I did this without emotion or attachment to any outcome. The other person was embarrassed and didn’t cope with my honesty, avoiding me for days and not looking at me. It was interesting because the way I felt was not a criticism, but the horrible event was something that person had been witness to. I found that with commitment to meeting this person and by being consistent, that our relationship was fine. I realised that this person’s past experience with emotional accusations flung around meant that they went into protection and I didn’t take this personally. It was lovely to continue to be open and to see that this then gave everyone an opportunity to feel how things can be different.

  14. I have held back from expressing fully for most of my life saying what I thought the other person wanted to hear, but I had not felt what this was doing to my body. There was a constant tension and anxiety of not supporting myself or the other person in saying fully everything that could be said.. On reflection I can see that the holding back was because of the hardness I would feel in my own body as I reacted to the situation. If I express my truth lovingly and supportively then there is no reaction in my body and if there is in the other person I can allow it to stay there without the guilt and self doubt that I would go into knowing I had caused the reaction in the first place.

  15. I love what you have shared here Toni, “the intimacy and fragility that arises between two people when they express in full.” When truth is expressed openly and accepted between both people the equality in connection and understanding is beautiful to feel.

  16. When we hold back from expressing our truth in full we are keeping ourselves and others from feeling whether our truth is equally in them.

  17. “Is it possible that by holding back my expression, the other person then missed out on having the opportunity to connect to, and express in full what they felt to share?” yes when we hold back expression our truth we hold others back too. When we speak our truth with our connection, we inspire others to speak the truth too.

  18. When we are not truthful with ourselves in the first place we cannot be true with someone else and don´t invite the other to be open, loving and sincere themselves; basically we choose safety over connection, protection over intimacy.

    1. So true Alex, if you want the other to be open, loving and sincere, first we most be that. So simple yet our ingrained habits can have us choosing the safety, which I fell into recently in a new experience and now I am feeling the big ouch from that!

  19. How common is it to hold back so we don’t hurt someone’s feelings? I’ve done it my whole life, and found out the hard way that this is not only untrue, but it also robs the other person of their opportunity to grow and evolve. Ultimately its a rather selfish thing to do, and we do it because it makes us more comfortable.

  20. It is amazing how our body immediately communicates to us the moment we choose to hold back from expressing our truth in full and how our body powerfully responds when we express from the truth of what we feel.

  21. Truth is something that is ontologically and energetically different from right and wrong, It dissolves any tension immediately. Yet, sometimes we choose to hold on to the tension that truth is called to dissolve. This happens when we assess whether is right or wrong to speak truth, that is, when we try to bring truth into the right and wrong realm; a realm it does not belong to.

  22. I have held in a lot of what I wanted to say since childhood, and this pattern continued into adulthood. One of the worst things about it is feeling blocked because of the withheld expression, and I’ve noticed how tiring it feels physically as well. When I do express and not hold back I feel such expansion, and each moment of true, connected expression beings more expansion and clarity. And it’s not just uncomfortable things we hold back, but also our love in expressing to one another.

  23. Oh this struck a chord…”When not telling the truth there can appear to be a short term gain, such as not creating upset, which allows a more comforting scenario to play out ” ummm tumbleweed moment…how often have I preferred that to the upset. Trouble is I will never know if the upset would actually ever have come because I never gave so many of these situations or people the opportunity not to be plastered with my pictured outcome eeeek, such humble pie being eaten right now!

  24. I have always felt that when we hold back from sharing and expressing the truth, it not only delays the inevitable process of growth and understanding but it adds unnecessary staring on our beloved bodies too. The one question I love to ponder is why do we hold back when we have so much to share and express? It not only deepens our relationships but makes our bodies feel oh so lovely too.

  25. It’s so true Toni. When we hold back expressing the words and actions that need to be shared when they need to be shared we all miss out.

  26. Expressing in truth is powerful and we can increase the volume of this by expressing even more when we bring understanding and the grace to allow another person just to be.

  27. “I now know, Truth is the same as Love. If I do not express in full, then the truth is I am not being loving with myself or another, and there is no sense in that.” So true. We have so many pictures of what love is and most of them include being always nice and sweet yet that is not all that love is and this does not mean to hold something that is true and needs to be said back. And with expressing truth it is important to express it in a way that is loving and that the person can understand.

  28. Whenever we hold back, the effect can be felt as a contraction in our body. A tightening and tensing of certain areas that we don’t like to feel and hence retreat into the mind and ignore what our body is saying.

  29. This is something that keeps coming up for me. And one of my reasons for not expressing in full is that I don’t always trust what I am feeling to be true and I pre-judge my expression to be judgmental. And because those situations are not rare, I already kind of set myself up for possible another case of ‘failure’ in expression, and there comes tension in my body even before I say anything, trying to ‘fix’ my expression issue. I can now feel how it is simply about not being in my essence to begin with for my true essence knows and is the truth and can only express with love.

  30. When we hold back our expression, not only does our body start to contract, it also feels awful. We have a responsibility not to hold back our full expression because we both get short changed from what there is to be shared, if we don’t express it.

    1. Our body shows us clearly through contraction when we don’t openly express. We loose the opportunity for us sharing ourselves in full and getting a reflection of another sharing themselves in full.

  31. Toni, this is very lovely to read, I have held back from expressing in full for many years, but am now starting to speak up and say what I feel, i notice that if I express in full without watering it down then I feel great in my body and what I have shared feels complete, if I water it down and try and change the truth often it does not come across clearly and the other person is left a little confused and it feels awful in my body.

  32. Expressing the truth is what is needed in every situation, but I also realise that sometimes it is not needed to be communicated verbally as it is not fully part of my Livingness and therefore would be felt as a love-less directive.

  33. This time by reading your blog I was get caught by the line about that ‘we will miss out on intimacy and fragility that arises between two people when they express their truth in full’. And I am getting a real body feeling of how it is to open up to another and let the other feel and see everything, to truly become transparent and also aware about what is going on in the other. This is so beautiful and a fragile feeling. But the intimacy we are all longing for is also something we protect us from – why? The hurts we try to avoid can not be healed by control and more protection screens. Fear is not a good advisor to come closer together. But where does the fear coming from? If I am strongly connected to who I am and belong to, I know what is going on and therefore there is no insecurity. So if I feel anxiety comes up – I can connect deeper to my inner stillness and with that: connecting to all, because we are all connected via our stillness. So in fact my connection to mankind, my going for intimacy gives me the strength and power to let my hurts heal and go. That is the opposite of how I ‘normally’ think it works….

  34. “I now know, Truth is the same as Love. ” This sentence stood out for me today We are not taught this – that harmony, stillness, joy, truth and love are all facets of God and we are sparks of God. However knowing and living this are two different things.

  35. not only is it hard when we hold back truth, or love or joy, but in fact the common human life that is sold supports this, and is made to look like that pleasures come in forms of DVD’s. sales, glorious food and special times with the ones we love (which is a small group). This falls far short of the expression of our Soul, which is made to be in everything we do, serving all to see the same.

  36. ‘We both also missed out on the intimacy and fragility that arises between two people when they express their truth in full.’ And this comes from not choosing to connect, connect with ourselves and make this our foundation and thus not able to connect and open up to others. To be intimate and fragile asks for letting people in and letting yourself out, I know this a joy to be and I am choosing to live this more and more by discarding ingrained behaviours like holding back and hiding etc.

  37. One thing I have come to realise is that not expressing is part of my making others more important than me instead of holding us both in equality. After all it’s good for my wellbeing to simply express how I feel, yet I make another’s comfort more important, so we both miss out on the opportunity to truly connect.

  38. What I am more aware of that if I hold back expressing truth my body feels heavy, as soon as I start to express my body feels lighter. So what is not expressed openly causes heaviness in the body, something I was not aware before, which caused pains in my body as I walked with unexpressed within me.

  39. I love how you say that expressing truth can start the process of coming to a common understanding together. Yes, it works both ways and so it can be very awakening when we are open to both expressing truth and receiving it. We can support each other in this way.

  40. I am certainly learning to express first, rather than concern myself of the outcome first, and then measure my expression to fit around that. Years and years of old habits to undo!

  41. Thank you for exposing the responsibility we have to express in full ‘so we can start the process of coming to a common understanding of the truth together, even if this may create some discomfort’. We have to play our part and express what is there to be said to support the expansion of any relationship and allow the other person to respond from where they are at. Letting go of trying to control outcomes allows us to express from our truth without our fearful editor cutting in and blocking the flow of our truthful expression.

  42. Lovingly expressing our truth is the most supportive thing we can do for ourselves and anyone else we are interacting with.

  43. At times we may believe truth is uncomfortable to feel, hear or express though it is actually very healing and empowering when we openly receive and express truth. It is evolving for both parties.

    1. Absolutely Victoria, truth is very evolving for both parties. I have been having so much of these experiences lately with family, friends and colleagues. What I have noticed as I express truth, the other feels it and they may not like it in that moment, but they have the strength to express where they are at and it gives them the opportunity to release what is going in there body, so an opportunity to evolve.

  44. Yes that is so true, the short term gain of not telling the whole truth for fear of a reaction always leads to further complication! Expression is everything and what we hold back poisons our body.

  45. Holding back our truth creates more harm than what we can imagine, as once it is felt in our bodies it is not ours to keep but to express it in full regardless of whether others choose to resist or accept the pull back to our soul.

  46. “The truth is always deeply felt, even if not consciously known.” When we hold back from expressing truth it is deeply felt by ourselves and others, as we put a judgement on what we should express and what we should hold back causing great tension in the body which we have to ignore or distract ourselves from to avoid acknowledging the fact that we have turned our back on truth.

  47. I have had so many experiences where I have held back from fully expressing. It was a way of life. To express in full is something new that I am getting better at. One thing I have observed is that I feel so much better for it. I don’t go away with a feeling of the words being stuck inside of me. The other thing is that people don’t normally react badly or in the way I used to imagine they would. The world still turns, and actually my relationships have improved because of it.

  48. Toni, I complete get what you mean, when we hold back our truth we deny ourselves and the other the love we truly are. We also feel the discomfort and dishonesty in our own body as will they. Yes truth sometimes hurts but it gives the opportunity for us to reflect and make more loving choices.

    1. Hi Amita, although the truth can be at times very confronting and challenging but to me it is always an opportunity for healing and in that never brings hurt, that is only what we do to ourselves when we ignore this truth and dig in our heals to protect the comfort we are in.

  49. If we have an attachment to certain images, an investment in life being a certain way, we may not like the transparency of truth as it exposes our untruths. Truth though is unifying.

  50. Truth is a loving response to start the healing process in every situation. When a lie is exposed and if there is a reaction it may well be that a conditional truth, which is a lie has now foundation and thus energetically a conditional truth does not hold water as far as being true energetically. Seeing everything is energy truth has to stand up and be energetically true so we all benefit equally.

  51. ‘If I do not express in full, then the truth is I am not being loving with myself or another, and there is no sense in that’. To not live in truth, is to not live in love with all, including thyself.

  52. Truth lights the way to the inner heart and brings others together through mutual essence, and also highlights that which is not true for us to feel and know.

  53. It is indeed confusing when we do not speak up and hold back that what lives in us. By not expressing it is not gone, instead it will fester within our bodies and will be the basis for future illness and disease in any way shape or form.

  54. It is interesting that we fear the reactions of others when we speak our truth and yet we know how very hurting lies are.

    1. It’s true Esther – why fear reaction when we are physically and energetically harming ourselves and another when we hold back truth? Truth is something that unifies us, connects us to a point of knowing that we are more than our physical form – so when people reject that, it is devastating, but that reaction shouldn’t change the way we express and hold others in the knowing that they are part of the same unifying truth.

  55. When I hold back my truth my whole body contricts and contracts and I feel uncomfortable and tense. It is interesting how much pain and discomfort we are prepared to put up with in an effort to not be in the spotlight.

  56. If we hold back the truth others don’t get the opportunity to grow or evolve and when we express in full we offer a powerful reflection that inspires and ignites others to also make this same choice.

  57. One of the main regrets on a persons death bed is everything they didn’t say to those they love. Same goes for those who’s loved ones have passed over – what is devastating is what wasn’t said or what was said but not said in truth.

  58. What you describe here we have come to see as normal – to measure and evaluate what we are saying and reinterpreting what we originally feel to say -, but as you have observed it is actually not and thus relearning to express our truth again is a blessing for us all.

  59. Withholding the truth does cause devastation.. do we allow our silence to do our talking for us, or take the risk, open up and share what we feel? When we look at why we hold back, the potential short-term discomfort doesn’t outweigh the longer-term costs of holding back. We know holding back harms us and others, so why do we still do it? Are we holding onto control and ‘the way we like to do things’ for our own benefit, and is this actually hurting us and others?

  60. Is it possible that by holding back my expression, the other person then missed out on having the opportunity to connect to, and express in full what they felt to share? Definitely, recently in a relationship I held back expressing all I was feeling and now dealing with the consequences of that now with much regret. That said, this experience has also served me to never again hold back my feelings and my truth to another.

  61. ‘In holding back my full truth, I experienced a large amount of internal tension, confusion, a loss of confidence, and a feeling of frustration and anxiety’. And when we do this on a consistent basis, is it little wonder that we become sick? All that is unexpressed builds up in the body and at some point has to be cleared and released for the body to function optimally and maintain all its systems in good order.

  62. I keep returning to this blog as I feel it is so supportive for me on this moment. What stood out for me today was the line: truth is always deeply felt, even if not consciously known.

  63. While we hold back the perception of what might happen turns into this huge, circulating mountain of what might, could and supposedly will happen. We shrink in fear of all these pictures but when we do express I’ve found the outcome to never match those scenarios in my head. Expressing how we feel is the most anticlimactic feeling and yet so freeing and beautiful.

  64. “Is it possible that by holding back my expression, the other person then missed out on having the opportunity to connect to, and express in full what they felt to share?” A very good point Toni. if we are so preoccupied by the part we play – me, me, me – then we miss out on what the other person, in addition to ourselves, could gain from us expressing in full.

  65. Having just attended phenomenal and awesome Level 4, Sacred Esoteric Healing course with Serge Benhayon, it has been very easy to feel the destructiveness on the body of holding back our expression, whether in movement, voice or even the quality of thoughts and communication with others.

  66. Toni you remind me of something key today that love is truth and truth held back or not expressed is not loving, thank you.

  67. I had a situation the other day where I expressed my truth, what I observed was how apologetic I wanted to be when I seen the reaction of the person receiving this. It allowed me to see how I have held back what is in my body to be shared not wanted to deal with the reaction of another.

  68. When we hold back the truth of what we can feel, we then walk around with this unexpressed expression and it feels like poison. Why do we hold back? Because we’re pre-judging how another person will take what we have to say, fearing we’ll upset the apple cart and upset them, instead of trusting that they can take it, and that maybe even their lives will be enhanced by hearing it. Learning that it’s never for us to judge, but always for us to deliver what is there to be said, with absolute truth and love, is a forever deepening process.

  69. What I am observing more and more in my bodies movements is when we hold back how we feel, what affect does this then have on our body? There is a very palpable feeling of tension particularly in my chest, neck or throat when I hold back what I feel to share. Showing me that when the truth is there to be shared it is felt and when we surrender and allow this expression to flow there is no right or wrong just the honesty of the moment, but if we hold back we also feel this and stress and tension usually ensues until we surrender to this movement and express how we feel too. Its a great learning to observe our movements and behaviours and uncover who we really are and what holds us back from this.

  70. A great point that if we are holding back in any way and not expressing what is there to be shared then we are not expressing truth and we are part of the lie.

    1. This was a real ouch moment for me when I felt the truth in this. Not only are we part of the lie but our body has to deal with the repercussion of holding back.

  71. One thing I am working on is accepting and living the fact that truth is not ours to hold back. It belongs to all, we are only the vessel that delivers it.

  72. There is so much investment in the responding that often outweighs the healing that is offered to all when we choose to express what is need in the moment.

  73. Keeping the peace and not wanting to rock the boat may sound good intentioned, but my experience is that lies, or half truths cause much confusion and more mess than the anticipated fall out that may come from expressing the whole truth. Often the reaction I imagine will come from expressing the truth never actually materialises, and even if it did, at least everyone knows where they stand with the truth.

  74. This simply means that holding back – simply has no truth and is about comforts, ideals and creation deviating us away from that which is natural to express. You can say that it is a need we put before it, one individual need that we think is more important than what might be actually real and true. I become to know inside my life, my choices and free willl – how much I have been playing this game of allowing the truth to be expressed through me – simply because I thought I had reason enough to put my individual needs before any other. This itself is without judgement – a hurtfull matter, as it is dismissive of the whole and separative to mankind to do so. This is my powerful realization recently – an awareness of my own acts in life – teaching that there is something I need to shift in life – making it about One, the whole of who we all are. Now that is something to start living.

  75. When we look for the cause of our illness, disease or dis-ease, tension, unrest etc what if it’s not just viruses or bacteria etc but the lack of expressing the love within us? I know for me this is certainly the case as I have felt what you described Toni. And expressing love doesn’t mean telling someone fluffy, smoochie things constantly but love can also hold steady and correct an unloving way/behaviour.

  76. There are consequences for us not expressing in full, for holding back the truth, ‘In holding back my full truth, I experienced a large amount of internal tension, confusion, a loss of confidence, and a feeling of frustration and anxiety.’

    1. The body won’t lie it will show us when we are not expressing our truth in some for or another. The body is constantly communicating to us all the time.

  77. Whilst it may appear harm-less to hold back it is in truth just as harm-full as a horrific murder or other such crime as the end result is just the same. We allow the lack of love to continue to lack.

  78. I absolutely agree how important it is for us to express the truth Toni and we each need to find our own personal way with this. If it has been a long time since we have voiced truth then when we start what we say can often come out in a sudden rush much like a hose that has been blocked and is now free of the obstruction. So while we need to ensure we are expressing in full, we also need to be careful not to soak the other person! This is a learning process for us all and it does not matter how much or how little we say so long as we feel truth in full and hold steady with this. Sometimes the silent holding of what is true speaks louder than any word can.

  79. Not expressing in full, not expressing our truth for whatever reason can feel quite horrible in our body, and also affect those we are not being truthful with, ‘In holding back my full truth, I experienced a large amount of internal tension, confusion, a loss of confidence, and a feeling of frustration and anxiety.’

  80. It’s so ironic that we hold back because we don’t want to make the other person feel awkward.. but in us holding back, they already feel awkward because they can feel that there’s something that we’re not expressing. When we disconnect from what we can feel by going off into our heads, we can’t feel whether there’s something to say or not. When we keep things simple and stay with what we can feel, there’s either something there for us to say, or not. Trusting that what we have to say is not even for us, but for the other, helps us to get over the fear and allow it out.

  81. Truth stands head and shoulders above those little white lies that keep us from feeling our essence. So expressing in a Loving way, which is being Truth-full is simply who we are.

    1. Absolutely expressing our truth is simply who we are from our essence. So connecting to this truth and allowing this essence to come out is the only way.

  82. It seems when we get caught thinking that it’s “my truth and I need to say it or express it” there comes a thing of me not doing something for myself or even someone else. When it comes to truth though isn’t it just one truth? So then if this is true then when you have something to say or express you are just sharing what everyone already has or knows, it’s not ‘yours’ in this way and you aren’t the carrier, more the deliverer. So if you hold back what is already there for us all to know then this again makes it all about you and has little to do with us because we all already know. Life as we have said in many ways for thousands of years is about energy first and so in this way truth is something to feel, we are all connected and so holding back something becomes about 1 and nothing truly to do with truth and us all.

  83. Not expressing the truth has consequences, it is our responsibility to express the truth with love, in whatever way that needs to be expressed, this may mean just observing with love, ‘In my experience, devastation comes from withholding the truth, no matter how innocent and well meaning it may be at the time.’

  84. I know that if I withhold truth my body feels heavy and a tension, it is there giving me the signals to speak my truth. When I express truth openly I feel lighter in my body and this allows others to have the opportunity to feel the same too.

  85. I find it excruciating to hold back and yet often do due to wanting to avoid the confrontation I think will ensue. It’s a no win situation and one I am step by baby step, working on letting go of.

  86. I find it easy in some instances to be open and present the truth, in full, but not so in others. It is this discrepancy that it is my responsibility to unravel until such time as it is only the full truth that I offer.

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