No Doubt

Sometimes I am aware of how much I doubt myself. It is definitely not there all the time, but then something happens and it is like a tsunami of doubt enters my mind. I start to doubt my decisions, my choices and second-guess everything I have done. As it sounds, it is actually very exhausting!

So I ask myself, why do I doubt me? Why has this doubt been allowed to enter?

Well, the first answer that rushes in is that “You weren’t being present, so you made that choice without really feeling what was needed.” This answer can sometimes take me to the doldrums of guilt and self-abuse. Yep, this just compounds the problem, making me feel even worse and more exhausted!

Then enters the voice of reason that makes a story out of anything and everything. This includes lots of complicated excuses and justifications to sort out the problem that was seemingly created, although it wasn’t really a problem in the first place. Phew, yep, still exhausted.

By this point, I am so tired and actually wondering what happened to me. This is the aftermath of the tsunami of doubt.

Then I remember to take a moment to stop, feel my body, feel my breath and most importantly, appreciate how amazingly beautiful I am. It helps if I am in front of the mirror because I can actually take a moment to look at myself and appreciate the sparkle in my eyes and see the beauty that I am feeling.

If I get stuck on the fact that I made a ‘wrong choice’, I am taken out by the tsunami. But when I accept that each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing then I can feel a deeper acceptance of myself. I am not perfect and making mistakes is a part of that, in that each mistake is an opportunity for learning.

Moreover, one person’s weaknesses are another’s strengths, so together we are each an important piece of the whole of humanity and if we appreciate each other we can work together in brotherhood without judgment or criticism.

I may do and say things that feel yucky sometimes, but all I have to do is feel without judgment how each choice affects my body and not go into the story of feeling bad or guilty about having made that choice.

I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.

By deeply appreciating who I am and the fact that all that I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices, I realise there is nothing to doubt and nothing to give myself a hard time about. There is just more to celebrate.

In celebration of the loving choices I have made and continue to make to my way of Livingness through the inspiration of the work of Serge Benhayon.

By Simone Lewis, BSc BTeach

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1,115 thoughts on “No Doubt

  1. There is a whole lifestyle, a way of living that leads to the self doubt… that way of living leads us to numb ourselves so we can’t feel so clearly what is there to be felt… a ridiculous set up that leads naturally to self doubt.

  2. Key for me is to feel when something feels true or not in my body, when I do not allow myself to feel or avoid to feel the difference it is an opening for doubt, like you describe thoughts take over and I loose my connection with my body and become a ‘walking head’. Being aware and appreciate my feelings whatever they are, is going forwards with all of me.

  3. So do we allow the wobble, or go to the learning.. knowing that we do have a foundation to fall back on and we are imperfectly learning to be more. Or do we doubt and worry if we are ever going to ‘get it’? Always we have choices.

  4. Appreciation is a very important building block in our lives, one that knocks self-doubt into touch. And the thing with appreciation is that it offers us the space to open ourselves up in the world, rather than live in the contraction of the effects of doubt.

  5. Getting caught in that right/wrong thing is so exhausting. And what I can feel is how trying to be right is a cheap way out when we avoid responsibility for the choices we make, which only gives a momentary relief and does not settle or confirm us in truth we deeply know inside, so we become prone to doubt.

    1. You sure can Rik and I have found the same thing. When we honour and accept what we are observing and seeing the more everything makes sense and the less we get caught up in things and so the simpler life becomes. The wishy-washy doubt, the should I, shouldn’t I conversations with others or in our heads no longer are given any time. And then as you say we see things before they happen to give us an opportunity to be more of the love we are, so we do not have to wait for a disaster to occur.

  6. When we feel guilty for a choice we have made, we block ourselves from going deeper and being honest with ourselves as to why we made the choice.

    1. So true Alison, and we end end up going further away from the love we are with the self-bashing. And suddenly something minor becomes blown out of all proportion and seems unsurmountable.

  7. Giving ourselves the grace to learn and be a student of life totally wipes out the foundation we are used to standing on that feeds us the self doubt. Accepting that we are here to learn and return to our innate being that is connect to and knows the all is a shedding process of what is not of this. Learning along the way what is not our innate beauty is what lays the foundation to be all of this beauty.

  8. It only takes one moment of allowing a smidgen of doubt to sneak in to open the flood gates and the tsunami of doubt rolls on in. And after the tsunami comes and goes we are left with the tiredness and the wondering of what just happened. These days I am able, most of the time, to grab that first seed of doubt and knowing it’s actually not me stops the tsunami in its tracks. Then I take a moment to ask why that thought came in the first place; and there’s always a ready answer.

  9. Sometimes what I thought was self doubt was just a part of me holding back and not wanting to commit to life. A part of me wanted to hide for it thought it was safer than coming out and interacting with others….for fear of things going wrong or not going well. From this I can see that I had an idea already about how I wanted things to be even if it were as simple as for them to be harmonious. At that time I was separating from the love that I am and not allowing myself to be fully in my body, both feet on the ground, expressing in absolute honesty, being love and open to love.

  10. I have the feeling we are so used to doubt that we are often not even aware of the moments of doubt we have. Isn’t it in the end any moment where we do not stand a hundred percent beside ourself knowing and living the fullness and grandness that we are?

  11. I have discovered that my making little choices and building a routine based on those choices I start to feel a difference in my body, those choices then become part of my rhythm. My rhythm is part of my foundation so when I have a wobble I can feel my foundation holding me…it might be the bit that notices something didn’t feel so good. It really is simply love building on love.

    1. Yes.. there’s a simplicity involved with dealing and healing any of our so called issues- it means staying present and connected to what we can feel, and knowing that our thoughts, reactions and doubts are not us. When we’re connected to our soul we don’t feel any of that stuff. Just a solid simplicity and absolute knowing of who we are.

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