No Doubt

Sometimes I am aware of how much I doubt myself. It is definitely not there all the time, but then something happens and it is like a tsunami of doubt enters my mind. I start to doubt my decisions, my choices and second-guess everything I have done. As it sounds, it is actually very exhausting!

So I ask myself, why do I doubt me? Why has this doubt been allowed to enter?

Well, the first answer that rushes in is that “You weren’t being present, so you made that choice without really feeling what was needed.” This answer can sometimes take me to the doldrums of guilt and self-abuse. Yep, this just compounds the problem, making me feel even worse and more exhausted!

Then enters the voice of reason that makes a story out of anything and everything. This includes lots of complicated excuses and justifications to sort out the problem that was seemingly created, although it wasn’t really a problem in the first place. Phew, yep, still exhausted.

By this point, I am so tired and actually wondering what happened to me. This is the aftermath of the tsunami of doubt.

Then I remember to take a moment to stop, feel my body, feel my breath and most importantly, appreciate how amazingly beautiful I am. It helps if I am in front of the mirror because I can actually take a moment to look at myself and appreciate the sparkle in my eyes and see the beauty that I am feeling.

If I get stuck on the fact that I made a ‘wrong choice’, I am taken out by the tsunami. But when I accept that each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing then I can feel a deeper acceptance of myself. I am not perfect and making mistakes is a part of that, in that each mistake is an opportunity for learning.

Moreover, one person’s weaknesses are another’s strengths, so together we are each an important piece of the whole of humanity and if we appreciate each other we can work together in brotherhood without judgment or criticism.

I may do and say things that feel yucky sometimes, but all I have to do is feel without judgment how each choice affects my body and not go into the story of feeling bad or guilty about having made that choice.

I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.

By deeply appreciating who I am and the fact that all that I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices, I realise there is nothing to doubt and nothing to give myself a hard time about. There is just more to celebrate.

In celebration of the loving choices I have made and continue to make to my way of Livingness through the inspiration of the work of Serge Benhayon.

By Simone Lewis, BSc BTeach

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906 thoughts on “No Doubt

  1. Hello Simone and from my experience what we give the most time and power too is the thing that we be there for us. So wonder, entertain, think and try and pull apart doubt then this is what is at your finger tips the next time you are questioned by something. As you are saying feel the doubt but also appreciate simply being you. There is no job, no reward or accolade needed for you to appreciate all you are. Some may say it sounds silly or a waste of time but the next time you trip what would you like to catch you? Doubt or appreciation? Then it is up to you what you live in every moment, keeping in mind what you live is the glove that will catch you, this is a guarantee.

  2. Self doubt. A common theme in my life. Although, truth be told, I’m slowly knock this bad habit out the window. How often I make a choice, then allow doubt to set in, only to be confirmed by my choice at a later date. This process has helped me realise that my initial feelings are generally spot on, and the doubt is simply a waste of time and most certainly draining of my energy.

    1. Elodie, I loved reading your comment this evening as I observe how I allow doubt to set in, change to accommodate and then in retrospect realise that what I had originally felt was spot on. No doubt is my theme for tomorrow.

  3. “I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.”
    This is so true, yet we have sayings like ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ that hinder this understanding. It is time to reveal to the world that we (every single one of us) are beauty and grace beyond belief. Accept that we don’t live this way, yet. So, therefore we are blessed with constant experiences for us to feel how far from our true beauty we live, that encourage us to return to it again. This is a direct gift from God to everyone of us, every day.

  4. “I may do and say things that feel yucky sometimes, but all I have to do is feel without judgment how each choice affects my body and not go into the story of feeling bad or guilty about having made that choice.”
    When in self-doubt this for me is so supportive, to further stop the tsunami what I have found supportive is to re-confirm to myself what does feel true, what has time and time again proven to be true to my body. Like my hands feel cold when going out in winter without gloves. Coming back to what the body knows builds whereas focusing on the doubt spirals. Thank you Simone.

  5. Finding my way in life has brought me to the same place, where my choice to learn from what life presents, which has allowed me to evolve to the next point of evolution without judging. Thank you Simone, moving on through my ups and downs in life has been smoothed out thanks to what I learnt from reading your blog. I have found that the sooner I catch myself in a way that is self-loving the easier it is too quiet-en my second-guessing.

  6. Thank you for exposing doubt and the many strategies we use to beat us up, that, in the end do nothing but distract us from being present an enjoying life.

  7. Simone your blog beautifully covers doubt, from my own experience I have found self-doubt to often be the start of a downward spiral as I dig myself in further and further rather than letting go, and not bashing myself up. I now know that self-doubt creeps in when I am not being present, so all I need to do is bring myself back to me.

  8. I agree there is no need for doubt at all in life, everyone makes mistakes and everyone has things to learn and there is a lot of beauty in that. Doubts bring us down and keep us down, instead of allowing us to see the valuable lessons on offer, that once mastered allow us to move forward in a whole new way.

  9. I love that our strengths are another person’s weaknesses and our weaknesses are anothers strengths. Thus it makes total sense to me to pool our resources and unite to make a much more solid union for all.

  10. “I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.” This is such an important point Simone – so many of us (were taught) that if we get things wrong we are bad or not good enough. To turn this into the fact we can learn from every situation and turn crises into opportunities is a gift for humanity.

  11. It is so easy to find ourselves In a bad head space and then compound it repeatedly until the self doubt lies at our foundation. It is gorgeous and deeply empowering however to know that we can stop that at anytime through taking a moment to breathe, feel our body and appreciate ourselves and in knowing that there is an understanding and a lesson to be learnt through every choice and experience.

  12. We pick and choose and with that let our mind run wild, instead of living life as a whole and learn to make choices that we deep down know are true to us.

  13. “I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.” I love this Simone – very well worth remembering. Giving ourselves a hard time over ‘wrong’ choices only compounds feeling bad about ourselves. The question to be asked is what energy am I in that leads me to make those poor choices?

  14. It’s seems quite a revelation when understanding there are no mistakes – simply an opportunity to learn.
    It makes me ask why we are so uptight about a mistake – even a small one. What is it in us that we don’t simply observe what has happened and gently consider ‘how’ and move on with a fresh approach? It seems we can be embedded with thoughts that make us wrong and doubt our selves in a way that is harmful and sets us off on the our next move based on feeling all this, which in my experience then brings more of the same.

  15. Beautifully shared Simone. It is a powerful and revealing question to ask of ourselves as to where and how did the doubt comes in. As with this we firstly are accepting responsibility for our choices, and secondly we are willing to come to a deeper sense of truth. I find this empowering as what is offered is the opportunity to heal and let go of that which is obstructing me to deepening my connection with Soul, so that I walk in the shine of my light within, knowing without a doubt that this is who I am. As you have wisely said here ‘…there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.’ – the opportunity to be more of who we truly are.

  16. Thank you for breaking down the ‘steps’ of what happens when we let doubt in. It will help to observe more when I have it happening myself.

  17. I had had the fond imagination that I had somehow eliminated doubt. But that in itself is a picture, a false picture of how things are. All energy, thought, emotion is constantly passing through all of us and so doubt is always floating through there waiting fore you to hook onto it . . . which I did a couple of days ago when I sent something I had written to someone. I got a reply which implied that I wasn’t writing from hierarchy, and I felt dimmed by this pronouncement. I clocked all that – my own dimming– and brought myself back to self-value, but wasn’t fully healed until i re-opened my article and its beautiful powerful energy beamed out at me. Only then did doubt leave! But had I immediately read the other person I could have come back a lot sooner. Why did I hang onto this doubt about something that was untrue? It is a reaction because I di dnot want to feel the competition of the other person of who I am very fond.

  18. An expose on doubt and its very nuisance, as in the end once having allowed doubt in there will be only more doubt to follow. So it does come back to letting go of this stream of doubt and return to ourselves, as you describe connecting back to our whole body instead of lingering on thoughts and let them dictate us.

  19. It is very interesting to notice exactly what it is that triggers doubt. Sometimes it can another doubting us or our work and this can be a vulnerable point to look at for both people in the conversation. It can be jealousy from another that triggers a dimming of our light, but then that is the very reaction that we ourselves have to clock and say no to. Where is our value as a Son of God? We can still look at our work and re-assess, but we do not need to go into doubt energetically. Backing oneself is one of the most powerful things on earth.

  20. This is so true “we are each an important piece of the whole of humanity”, and we each bring our uniqueness to the world. No matter what our differences are, where we live, how old we are or our gender, we all are a necessary part of the whole. How boring life would be if we were all the same?

  21. Thank you Simone I can so relate to the ‘tsunami of doubt’ which envelopes my mind once I allow it in and how overwhelming and exhausting this is. Re-connecting to my body is always the answer but so often I take many twists and turns before I come to this point – it’s like in the panic of feeling overwhelmed by the doubt I completely lose myself. I have lived for so long with ever present raciness that dropping into the stillness of just breathing and feeling my body is still a work in progress but once I go there I can feel the doubt recede and my inner knowing of what is the next move returns.

  22. I love the play on words in the title – we so often justify a comment by prefacing it with ‘No doubt you will agree that…’ when we are trying to get someone on our side. Saying No to doubt is something I am practising and what I am now recognising is how often I have hidden behind my feelings of doubting my own knowing so that I do not have to speak up when I feel something is wrong. Saying No to doubt is empowering and leaves no need for manipulating others.

  23. The ‘tsunami of doubt’ is a very apt image for what plays out when we do not live the fullness of our true self. Thus it is our lack of self worth that is the door through which doubt enters. From here we have no control as to the depth of the wave we are then drowned in.

    1. Well said Liane. From experience and great learning, I can say that this is bang on… “it is our lack of self worth that is the door through which doubt enters.”
      And so our relationship with our worth, the depth to which we truly value ourselves, is the key to sealing the door.

  24. A dear wise friend has often said, “Be curious, not critical”. I don’t remember all the time, for I too have felt the tsunami of self-doubt you write of, but more often than not I do and it’s been an amazing support.

  25. When we bring in doubt, it is often followed by complication, when we acknowledge the choices we make, we have the ability to change our next choice, and therefore not get caught up in the self-doubt, but accept that there was another choice open to us, a great learning each time we observe what happens.

  26. A breath of fresh air this morning Simone. Thank you so much for the reminder that we have 2 ways to approach our mistakes, this is a great reminder of that “I am not perfect and making mistakes is a part of that, in that each mistake is an opportunity for learning.”

  27. To keep returning to this truth, that ‘there is never a right or wrong’ is essential, for there is so much we have bought into in this world. that would have us ever enchained in the illusion that we are ‘good or bad’ and ‘right or wrong’ – seeking to keep us trapped in the throes of self-judgement, condemnation and even false-glorification… and thus away from the acceptance of the true light and love of the soul, which judges nought, and thus holds no one as more or less (inclusive of ourselves).

  28. ‘There is never a right or wrong; there is only learning’. Spot on Simone and a such a beautiful reminder of me today, letting go of right and wrong allows for us to accept life more and to be in the simplicity and flow of life instead of trying to control it and complicate it.

  29. Oh do I know that “tsunami of doubt” so well, a tsunami that throughout my life would regularly roll on in crushing me beneath its weight, leaving me exhausted and lacking in the minutest bit of trust in myself. It actually began to roll on in yesterday so reading this today has been very timely and very supportive. I have decided that next time, and I’m sure there may be a next time, I am going to take myself straight to the mirror as you do and looking into my gorgeous eyes remind my beautiful self that there is no such thing as perfection or a mistake just life lessons to be learned, or not.

  30. “I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.”. The first choice is which source of energy are we aligned to? When I am plagued with self-doubt, the more attention I give to it, the more it grows. Giving myself some appreciation and focussing on that enables me to move on, away from the doubt.

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