From Anxiousness and A+ in Art to Being Me in Art Expression

During my high school days, art class was my favourite subject. It was my home where I felt safe, secure and a real sense of belonging. It was where I most felt comfortable and where I could be seen and recognised for my talent. At the time it gave me status and a feeling of worth; many accolades came my way from my family, friends at school and teachers for what I could do.

To keep the status and the momentum of making things, I felt like I had to be amazing at all facets of art. I would try all different types of mediums and styles and research endlessly, looking for more, more, more. It was a never-ending thirst for knowledge and more recognition.

If I stopped I felt like someone else would be waiting in the wings to take my place and that my golden ticket of belonging would be pulled from my grasp at any time. Without art, who was I in this vast world? Who would see me for who I thought I was? I wanted to be seen and honoured for my art, not for the truly amazing young woman I was within.

It was always about outside pursuits and not from what I held within that brought me glory, or so I thought at the time, but boy has that changed! I realised that I was consumed by making and creating art – being prolific at every aspect of this was what I strived for, it was what I lived for.

But what was I taking on in my body from these endless pursuits to be seen – was I truly living? What quality was I really bringing to my art?

During this time I was very anxious and my hands would shake quite considerably. I would use food as a distraction, to numb myself from the continual feeling of tiredness and anxiety I felt from the push to always be doing more; especially at dinner and after school when I would fill myself with a lot of carbohydrates or chocolate. My friends would always comment on how calm I always seemed, especially during exam periods or if we had a major assignment due, but internally I was a complete mess of nervous energy.

My level of anxiety and nervous energy continued well into my twenties when my body said enough is enough and I was diagnosed with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my right arm, which was due to my continual drive and force to be a someone that truly wasn’t me. This was when I found Universal Medicine and the lived wisdom of Serge Benhayon. I realised that from my continual drive and pressure to be recognised for my art I was actually pushing away all I really ever wanted, and that was to be seen for who I truly was.

The way to change that was simple, to truly love and recognise myself for whom I was. This opened up my whole way of being in and with the world. It was an ever-growing and undoing of old habits and choices that I peeled back bit by bit when I was ready to be honest with myself and my body.

With the continual loving support of some inspiring esoteric practitioners and the lived teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I changed the way I ate, gradually feeling into what worked and what didn’t. I now care for myself with a level of preciousness and depth of love I never knew possible, finding that through my own gentle breath my shaky hands have completely disappeared and so has my RSI. These beautiful changes have also flowed through into my art practice.

I no longer feel an attachment to what I make and only paint or draw when I feel to; there is no push or pressure to produce art because I am enough, and what I bring by just being me is simply amazing.

My art expression now comes through with a new light that flows from the stillness of my body in that moment. When I allow myself the space and truly feel what is there to be expressed, then painting and drawing open up a path of my life that is there to be shared with everyone. I feel that my art allows others to be inspired and shine their own unique essence too, in whatever ways they choose, and that is a pretty amazing sight to behold.

I now know that my love is an A+ and we all claim top marks in love no matter what, for simply just being ourselves. That definitely deserves many glorious shiny gold stars in my book.

I am forever inspired by the glorious shining star Serge Benhayon, and the many stars of Universal Medicine.

By Kelly Zarb, Retail Manager, Melbourne, Australia

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622 thoughts on “From Anxiousness and A+ in Art to Being Me in Art Expression

  1. This can be a common thing – that when we show a natural talent for something or when we enjoy it, we then either get pressured, or take on pressure to be good at it. We can then identify with it and the joy that was once there seems to have disappeared. It happens when we make it about the outcome and not the process. The joy is in the being while doing not in what the doing produces.

  2. What is shared here can be applied to any thing. I especially love the change in pushing herself to do art constantly to the steady solidness to feel when to express her beauty and love through art that Kelly has shared with us here.

  3. How much does our drive to be accepted in life really harm our body. No matter our flavor of drive, art, exercise, sport, horse riding, partying etc anything done with the push and drive talked about in this article takes our body to some point of stress. Whether that be RSI, or other injuries. Is it time to consider our body in the equation of life?

  4. Inspiration is on offer as a connection from within that is expressed outwards. It can only come from the inner connection and thank goodness for Universal Medicine and the Gentle Breath Meditation showing me how to reconnect with who I am.

  5. This is beautiful to read about, ‘I now care for myself with a level of preciousness and depth of love I never knew possible’, and the changes it has brought to your life.

  6. I had a similar thing with singing Kelly. I was recognised for my voice early in life and from then on used it as a way to feel accepted, valued, worthy of love (attention was my version of love then). I reached a point where there was no joy in it for me anymore – it was all about what others thought. After a number of years of this I stopped singing altogether and focused on me – my relationship with myself, and giving myself all the things I thought others gave me when I sang. I statrted singing again about 3 years ago , and although when I first started I could still feel the need for recognition, I now simply love singing for the pure, unrestrained joy of expressing in this way. This is all with heartfelt thanks to Serge, Miranda and Michael Benhayon and Chris James for their inspiration and dedication.

  7. The way that we have perverted any sort of creativity into competition striving, achieving, is so far from what the true purpose of expression is that no metaphor is worthy of such a dire dichotomy.

  8. ” finding that through my own gentle breath my shaky hands have completely disappeared and so has my RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) ” . This is so wonderful is it not amazing how dedication to being who one is, brings about the healing of what one is not.

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